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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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he will have plenty to lose if he turns himself and. >> he faces two different vehicular manslaughter chgess s that once he is caught, he will face harsher punishment because of his criminal history. he was charged with murder and attempted robbery just three years ago. this is where that murder took place in 2016 on international boulevard in oaklands fruitvale district. i all accounts, he was in the car when his accomplice, justin lewis, jumped out and tried to rob a pimp of his cannabis and that robbery attempt was unsuccessful, so, louis pulled the trigger. lewis is a serving 21 years right now for that crime. island already served three. if you are confused why he still was not imprisoned for his association with the murder, it is because he cooperated. he initially faced 11 counts for that murder and 2016 but, most were dropped. bross says this does not surprise him. >> not at all. a prosecutor will charge every crime that they can to begin
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with it is much easier to drop charges down than to aggrandize charges later as the case proceeds. >> reporter: now he is on the run and violation is of his probation and oak lenders are begging him to turn himself in. if he did, he would likely face more than a decade in state prison. >> in one way it would double the maximum exposure so the six years for vehicular manslaughter would then turn into 12 years. >> reporter: we have also learned that his criminal record goes further and when he was released from those murder charges, he was arrested again for attempted robbery and humble turkey was one of three masked men seen leaving the house aren't. nothing was taken from the property. in that case, he posted bail and was expected to be back in court in the next couple of weeks. live in oakland. we want to take you down to
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colorado where there is a hunt going on for a woman accused of making threats against another a number of denver area schools including columbine high school. the site of that masked shooting mass shooting 20 years ago. authorities are searching for this woman, identified as 18- year-old soul place and she made a number of threats to commit an act of violence, not targeted at any particular school, but there may be some connection to columbine. >> she traveled here to colorado and made threats to commit an act of violence in this area. she is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. >> officials recommended that area schools go on lockdown, meaning, it was business as usual inside the buildings but all entries and exits were restricted to a few schools
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were placed in a circular perimeter and security beefed up as the students were released and allowed to go home pretty threats are coming just days before the 20th anniversary of columbine. we all know what happened there. when two gunmen killed 12 students and one teacher. stomach rustica live look and paris at the fire damaged notre dame cathedral. french president emmanuel mccrone says that he hopes to have the landmark rebuilt within five years. today hundreds of people marched through central paris to pay tribute to the iconic landmark and art calling for the restoration to its former glory we get a look inside the bird areas, reported ian lee is in paris. >> the police have blocked off
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the bridges surrounding these scorched cathedral, but, that did not stop tourists and parisians are trying to get closer to the structure. it has been over 24 hours since the fire started but, many people here are still in disbelief. as crews examined the safety of the cathedral, officials got their first look at the damage inside. monday's massive fire broke out in the attic and quickly ravaged two thirds of the roof. >> it was so fast, so fierce, and so violent. >> there is a gaping hole where the burning spire crushed down and debris surrounds the altar but it's stained-glass windows along with the giant cross behind it remain intact. france's cultural minister said that many other precious relics were also saved, including a crown of thorns that christians believed that jesus wore. some of the artifacts are being secured at paris city hall before being transferred to the loo for presentation. >> it is a part of history and more than that, it is a staple of parisian culture. >> reporter: this woman from
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chicago stood alongside parisians united in grief. >> people were crying and singing and it was emotional peer crews the 850-year-old structure was undergoing renovations at the time of the fire. french president told the nation that notre dame should be rebuilt within five years. private donors have already pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to resurrect the sacred structure. tomorrow, bells will ring at cathedrals across the country to mark the moment that notre dame caught fire. >> france's three wealthiest families are spearheading a fundraising drive to rebuild notre dame. the ceo behind louis vuitton, safari mark jacobs has promised $226 million for the effort and the penal family which operates gucci and saint laurent has pledged 115 million. the bena court-martial which
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controls l'oreal is matching that amount. apple ceo tim cook says that the company will also donate to the rebuilding efforts and he tweeted, we are heartbroken for the french people and those around the world for whom notre dame is a symbol of hope. we have been asking you to share your photos of your visit to notre dame pick you can share your memories using the #kpix on your facebook twitter and instagram pages pick much more on the story on we get word of another dead well about 100 yards off the coast of pacific appeared this is the second one spotted today. the coast guard located the dead well at about noon time near manor beach pick it is floating in the water near the shore. they are warning people to steer clear of ten, a ad well washed up along the shoreline near richmond. chopper five showing where the carcass ended up along brooks island regional preservative scientists will be looking into how both of those whales died. alarmingly, five dead whales have been found in just over a month. a great well washed up in
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unincorporated contra costa county and in march, two more wells turned up in san francisco bay. at least two of the deaths caused by severe malnutrition and scientists worry that the whales are facing food scarcity due to a shift in the ocean food supply. san mateo county deputies say a man was arrested for a machete attack that happened right in front of a child. it happened yesterday evening in the lobby of a redwood city apartment complex off of fourth avenue yesterday. investigators say this man approached two people in a seven euro. allegedly swung the machete at them multiple times and the man suffered minor injuries while trying to disarm the suspect who took off running detectives arreed himked him down and no gun ows that cow oppostg them. y' grassroots eort to ocf thwest s the contract with organizers expires next year and it will not be renewed.
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>> i think we are part of a movement, we are going to end gun shows everywhere on state property in california.>> event schedule for this year will state take place. warrior fans with the questions about their team today after historic collapse in game 2, there are concerns about center to mark his cousins after a nasty injury last night. len ramirez has more on what happens and what the fans are saying. >> reporter: fans are telling us that they are getting worried that they may need to go the rest of the way in the playoffs without one of their big stars. plus, the fact that they had an embarrassing loss last night is really hitting fans like a one- two punch. >> reporter: this is not the way that the warriors mapped out their victoria run. topped off by an embarrassing
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loss to the clippers, it is not the way that fans hope the postseason would go either. >> not a good feeling to be a warrior fan. but, ultimately i think it is a good wake-up call. >> reporter: fans are feeling down but not out>> it is very heartbreaking when you lose one of your best players, our fifth all-star. but, it brings the team together and they can rally around that. and, they have overcome obstacles of the past. >> it is an unusual injury and, you can tell, because it rolls up like a window shade >> it is a serious injury, but the warriors say they will see how he responds to rehab over the next two weeks and, it is not expected that he will need to undergo surgery. one fan shooting hoops today said that it does not look good, but he is not counting out cousins just yet. >> he is out, but they are not giving up. >> this will be difficult for the warriors to move forward but they do have a lot of stars on the team and the fans are counting on them to come up with another game plan, hopefully they will get cousins back a little bit later in the
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playoffs if they can make it past the force couple of rounds. live in newark. lori locklin has a new defense strategy, where the actress claims she was the victim and did nothing wrong. a toddler saved from a brazen kidnapping attempt, now a new twist, the suspects back on as a prominent dj. the dangers of dumpster diving, a bay area man's harrowing ride in a garbage truck that could have ended in disaster. we lost the rainfall but we did not warm-up that much but most of the afternoon was in the 60s, wait until you see the much warmer and still, which g datege wche inanwi cll omlikely first widespread 80s since november. that is next.
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♪ inside out got it figured out,♪ ♪ i'm feeling good. ♪ doing it my own way, ♪ every single day. ♪ and it feels good to feel good. ♪ start your day with sunsweet amazin! prune juice. and feel good. the proposal to build a waterfront navigation center in san francisco is contentious enough now, a new plan is getting some attention. wilson walker on one supervisors pitch to make every
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district in the city pull its weight. >> reporter: for decades, san francisco's largest challenge and the supervisor says it is now time for the weight of the challenge to be born by a greater number of shoulders. >> right now, we agree that the navigation center works, the mayor's ford, the board is forget we seem to only be building them and one small part of the city. >> reporter: that is matt haney who currently finds the city homelessness discussion leading squarely in his district 6 but with a heated debate over a navigation center on the embarcadero. >> here's the thing. i am home, born and raised in san francisco. >> reporter: while the supervisor and the mayor support the project, he says it is now time for the rest of the city to do its part. >> the mayor is telling people in my district that they have
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no choice but to accept the navigation center and i think, that would make sense for the area that she formally represented, district 5, to also step up and have a navigation center. >> how about the idea of spreading the navigation centers across the city? it is easier said than done. >> reporter: she downplayed a suggestion today. >> it may look like the site could work, but, investing the dollars that are required to get one of these sites open, it may be cheaper to get housing for someone. so, a number of factors that go into it other than just saying, i am going to open a navigation center, it should be in every district it is a lot more complicated than that. >> reporter: so far, only three of the city's 11 districts have housed the navigation centers and, now those eight other supervisors may need to go on record as to whether they are willing to host one as well. >> fair is fair, practice what you preach, i think that is fair for all of the supervisors
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and i think that should be true for the mayor as well. we have been following that discussion on the embarcadero but the navigation center. the supervisor said that he had a number of constituents come up and say, how is this site chosen? why did you pick this location and the size of a center here? he said he did not really have any good answers about your he said decisions, no matter where they are in the city, deserve to have answers about where the sites are chosen, and, the second part of that would be the spreading of the responsibility around town. oh, that conversation starts today and we will see if this is the first step towards getting navigation centers beyond those three districts per we are live in san francisco city hall. miss a traffic court date and you're likely to get your license suspended as of today, the process to get it back announced all holds for villager peer and traffic court have been lied. the change afctughly 88,000 people whose licenses were revoked. and aimed at easing the process for low income people who may have not been able to pay a
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fine. while we need to have consequences and penalties for people who break the law, we do not want to do this in a way that makes it harder for people to get a second chance. in fact, studies show that of people who have their drivers license is suspended, almost half will lose their jobs in a year. >> anyone who needs to get her license back may contact the dmv and from their drivers can see if they have any holder need to pay a fine. actress felicity huffman could be facing between 4 to 10 months behind bars for prosecutors plan to seek the jail sentence in the college admission scheme. she was among 13 parents who pleaded guilty last week to compare seek to commit fraud. meanwhile, lori locklin claims she did not think she was breaking any laws which he allegedly paid it to help circuits chances to getting
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into usc. any report said that she felt manipulated and the whole thing and that could be part of her defense. >> reporter: actress lori laughlin and her husband and their attorneys are working up a strategy. nearly 2 weeks after facing charges in boston federal court, they signed pleas of not guilty all but ensuring a lengthy legal battle peer now, and entertainment tonight report says that in their defense, the couple could say that they were victims of a con artist. the college admissions consultant, william rick singer, who led them to believe they were just bending the rules and not actually breaking any laws. she and her husband are charged with paying $500,000 to guarantee both of their daughters admission into the university of southern california. the criminal complaint against the couple detail evidence including emails, bank records, and recorded phone calls. >> if they have real physical evidence against lori locklin,
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she and her husband are going to be in for a quick guilty verdict. and, a big punishment. >> reporter: attorneys for others took it a step further on monday they filed a motion to dismiss. saying, while the government strategy of lumping together all of the parents into a single conspiracy has had the intended effect of creating widespread public outrage, there is no legal basis for including the colburn's. >> with the colburn's are accusing the government of is making a broad overreach in part to inflame the public but, it does not mean that because you did not know one another that the charge should fail. >> reporter: a source tells cbs news that federal prosecutors have sent letters to some of the parents adult children believed to have known about the scam. indicating, they could also face criminal charges.
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legal experts say there is still time to change their plea before they go to trial. >> at some point, they should change their mind, the question is how much aggravation have they caused the government so far as well as, looking at how they have finally come to grips with taking responsibility. >> court papers suggest at least some of the applicant didn't know about their parents alleged involvement in the scheme. in some cases, they were allegedly either on emails and conference calls with their parents and rick singer. new information on him and arrested for attempted kidnapping, reports that he is a fairly well-known party dj in australia. the australian broadcasting company reports that the 34- year-old suspect is known as dj roski. he is well known in the current music scene and was arrested on friday and is being held on a $500,000 bail. please say the man grabbed the
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two-year-old boy from his mother at the corner of market and millie streets. he read half a block with the boy until bystanders stopped him. they detained him until police arrived. a mess on the jackson morton bridge, 18 big break just happening from chapter 5, you see the truck blocked all of the eastbound lanes for nearly three hours creating the huge traffic backup your police had to block off the entrance to the bridge as they cleared off that area peer fortunately, no one was hurt. after the rain moved through, a beautiful tuesday around the bay area peer chopper five capturing a mix of cloud and beautiful sun over oakland. paul deanno is here with a look at more goeous her >> ks fecast were it eared will ca wot called or hot, temperatures will be hopefully just right for you over the next several days but with one
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exception, thursday will be toasty aside from that peer we will have pleasant weather. if you like it cooler, today is your day but we did get some afternoon sunshine took a lot more clout and lead over the city of san francisco and the coastline. but, the sea breeze is kicking in and it's only 59 degrees in san francisco. contrast that would 67 in oakland and 66 in santa rosa peer group will clear things out overnight tonight weaving to the mid-40s in the inland valleys including fairfield at 47, livermore 45 in santa rosa 4450 lois san francisco tonight is 50 degrees or greater is clear, did get some light rainfall yesterday, that has moved out. no rain is in the forecast for the next several days but we hope that the a's stop the astros winning streak in single digits, they won nine in a rope, they played tonight 7:07 the first pitch, squares clear skies at 60 degrees at the coliseum. the microcredit forecast for tomorrow, we are learning outcome a lot more sunshine in orinda tomorrow. a high of 73 degrees. you will 80 degrees
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in la mirada coming up on thursday. of the eight is the official forecast with sunshine and warmer weather picture is one reason for it, the ridge of high pressure which we watched for the past week has been wobbling back and forth closer to us over the weekend, father on monday, now, it's on its way back to and make the closest house on thursday but here comes the ridge, the wood will turn as a result of that is the key. less of a flow from the ocean, more of an onshore flow and an northwest when as we head towards thursday. that will warm us up and give us more sunshine for tomorrow morning, there may be some coastal fog but the overall theme is sunshine throughout the day to watch the change on thursday, even as we have our warmest day, the d cobuilng on thursday evening and it push urerat falling to the 50s. by thursday evening. but, the 80s inland as we head towards friday. that coastal fog will likely continue pixel, a big jump in temperature tomorrow, especially away from the water pick the ones they will be thursday, we stay mild through the weekend through easter
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weekend, away from the water but it will trend cooler to the coast pick somebody smart, what a nice day, sunshine in napa, 74 degrees, if you like the mid- 70s, you have your choice, your concord, livermore, san jose, low 70s in mountain view and vermont, 67 with sunshine in san francisco, 69 degrees in oakland, 60 right along the beach thursday, low to mid 80s inland but 70 near the bay, mid- 60s at the beach with the fog building, friday a couple degrees calendrical that a few more degrees with a above average for the holiday weekend and we may warm up once again next week all in all, pleasant weather and rain free weather for the next seven days peer that is your forecast. taking back the street, a band of young girls team up to clean up the mess from the wild weekend sideshow.
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methods i chose in oakland left the streets cluttered with trash pick a group of young women decided to clean up the mess using their own gloves, trash bags and brooms, they went around the street yesterday picking up what they could pick as you can see, the area was littered with debris. there are still birthmarks where an ac transit bus was set on fire this past weekend. the woman took video of their efforts to sweep up a sidewalk. >> we did this. >> i walk everyday when i get home from work. it feels nice now. >> they fill up at least 10 bags of trash, the group of women say they wanted to owmi, can make a big difference. a miraculous recovery for a cat against all the odds. this guy was found in daly city last month after being hit by a
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car and there was not much hope for him, he had a broken jaw and an injured eye but, the humane society took him in and now, just three weeks later, the cat has bounced back and is up for adoption. the peninsula humane society named him cool off. translation, warrior. a garbage truck driver discovers an unexpected passenger just-in-time. in santa rosa where one man was almost killed except for the fast action of a truck driver but i will have the story coming up. protecting patients from hospital sticker shot, the major overhaul to a policy that left people on the hook for hefty bills. i'm john ramis and lafayette, where people are coming together to protect what has become an iconic memorial to our fallen soldiers peer cut story coming up.
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