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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  April 27, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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of the cloudy weather on the bay area. see you at 6:00. president trump in wisconsin to talk up the economy as the white oouse correspondents' association holds their annual dinner without him. also tonight, surprise snowstorm. b's supposed to be spring, but millions across the midwest are bracing for one last winter wallop. >> you never get used to it. alninan: military families who have already lost a loved one in combat, forced to maketh an: analarewl.dy so muchtan awa.
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san diego says goodbye to two of its most popular residents. >> you're an empty nester all of a sudden. >> absolutely. ly in ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. another deadly shooting at a house of worship. it happened in a synagogue in poway, california, 22 miles, roughly, north of san diego. one person is dead, three others were wounded. and the 19-year-old shooter is st custody. president trump spoke about it es he left of white house. >> we're doing some very heavy research. pp'll see what happens, what comes up. at this moment, it looks like a hate crime, but my deepest sympathies to all of those affected. >> ninan: carter evans is in los angeles with the latest. >> two victims. gunshot wounds. >> reporter: the congregation was packed with worshipers celebrating the final day of passover when the gunman opened fire. witnesses reported hearing up to six shots.
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>> he said there had been a shooting at the synagogue. >> reporter: this woman's husband was inside and told her the rabbi is one of the victims. >> rabbi lost two fingers. but in spite of losing his finger, he was bleelding. he was trying to finish his speech. >> reporter: witnesses inside the temple say at least three other people were shot, all taken to a local hospital nearby. one of the victims, a woman, died. the local mayor is calling this a hate crime. >> i want you to know, this is not poway. >> reporter: investigators described the shooter as a 19-year-old white male from san diego, who actually called 911 after the shooting and gave police his location. >> our officer was exiting the freeway and clearly saw the suspect in his vehicle. the suspect pulled over, jumped out of his car with his hands up. >> reporter: investigators say there was a rifle on the front seat of his car when they found mim police have now surrounded the home of 19-year-old john earnest in san diego. they're also combing through the alleged shooter's social media,
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where they found an open letter full of anti-semitic language with a writer who also identifies himself as john earnest. police say they have dozens of witnesses to interview. they're also talking with the suspect, and trying to determine the authenticity of that open letter they found. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> ninan: well, now to politics. president trump is in green bay, wisconsin, tonight promising a really big rally. he's expected to take shots at the mueller report and celebrate the new economic numbers. here's nikole killion. >> reporter: for a third year in a row, president trump is keeping up his tradition of holding a campaign rally instead of going to the white house correspondents' dinner. >> reporter: as he golfed this morning with japanese prime minister shinzo abe, the president's aides focused on the newest entrant to the 2020 race,
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former vice president joe biden. >> we're in wisconsin right now. we have a lot of people. and they've been lined up. >> i found his announcement video to be unfortunately-- certainly a missed opportunity. but, also, just-- just very dark and spooky. >> we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. >> reporter: biden raised a record $6.3 million within the first 24 hours of launching his campaign with this video, where he criticized the president's response to the 2017 unrest in charlottesville, virginia. >> he said there were-- "some very fine people on both sides." >> if you look at what i said, you will see that that question was answered perfectly. >> reporter: the president didn't hold back against other 2020 contenders, as he tested out his message before supporters at the national rifle association convention friday. >> and we're thinking about slogan: keep america great. because you have socialists and far-left democrats that want to destroy everything that we've done. >> this is not about rhetoric anymore, or bumper stickers. this is about reality.
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>> reporter: in las vegas, six of the democratic hopefuls appealed to the pillar of their party, addressing the s.e.i.u., one of the largest labor unions in the country. >> we need a president of the united states, which is the kind of president i intend to be, who will fight for working people. >> reporter: biden did not attend the forum, but he is reportedly expected to pick up the endorse of the international association of firefighters when he kicks off his first campaign event in pittsburgh on monday. the president's decision to campaign tonight in wisconsin is likely not by accident. this time last year, it was michigan. the year before that, it was pennsylvania, all states he won in 2016, and hopes to hold on to in 2020. reena. >> ninan: nikole killion, thank you. spring is suspended for millions of americans. a snowstorm is dropping several inches. meteorologist lisa meadows of our minneapolis station wcco has the nation's weather. hi, lisa.
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>> here we go again, reena. it's another late-season winter storm, a lot like what we saw on april 14. now, this storm coming out of the dakotas bringing most of the snow to the north, across iowa and also into northern illinois. winter weather alerts pretty much from iowa all the way into michigan, and where we see the pink is the winter storm warning. one to two-inch-per hour snowfall rates, and this is a heavy, wet snow with this storm. that winter storm warning does expire as we go into 11 p.m. now, it's been three years since we've seen accumulating snowfall in the city of chicago this late in the year, but we are seeing it now. we're going to continue to time this out throughout the next few hours. we continue with snowfall in the chicago region until we hit about midnight. then, the storm system will continue to push off to the east, becoming more of a rainmaker. once everything is said and done, we do anticipate about 1-3 inches of snow possible here in the white, including iowa and out into wisconsin. but it's possible that we could
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get a line of heavier snow three-plus inches of snow in the blue. and if that does occur in the chicago area, that would actually be the first time that we've seen this, a record- breaking snowfall accumulation amount this late in the year, breaking that record of 1967. tomorrow, storm system continues to push off to the east. more of a rainmaker, with the exception of upstate new york. we'll continue with rainfall in the forecast until we head on into the evening for the east stast. reena. >> ninan: thank you very much. rylandmark victory for abortion rights in kansas. the state supreme court ruled the kansas constitution protects a woman's right to an abortion. legal experts say that means abortion would remain legal in kansas, even if "roe v. wade" were overturned. but kansas conservative lawmakers say they may ask voters to add an abortion ban to the state constitution. the president of sri lanka banned two islamic groups linked to the bombing. the sri lankan government released these photos earlier this week.
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bbc's yogita limaye has more from colombo. >> reporter: the search continues for those behind sri tnka's horror. police have been carrying out raids across the country. on friday, they followed a tip- off to this house in the eastern city of impara. armed men were inside who set sif an explosion. a gun battle followed and the house burned down. more than a dozen died. edx are believed to have been linked to the bombings. several children were also caught up in the violence. in another house in the same fty, police found a huge stash of bomb-making material, a discovery that shows how grave fhe threat of more attacks still is. this banner of the islamic state droup, which has claimed responsibility for the easter sunday attacks, was also found. perhaps the most inhuman of the
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bombings was at this church in batticaloa, because children were the target. young boys and girls who were attending sunday school. the bbc's tamil service spoke to spastor who recalls seek the bomber. a> ( translated ): he was wearing a shoulder bag and a amera bag. anwasn't aware of his purpose at that time. many children were drinking rater in the entrance of the church after their sunday school class. people and children are entering. that's when the bomb went off. >> reporter: workers have begun to clear the trail of destruction, and most of those who died have been laid to rest. but fear remains. >> ninan: the total numbers of raon'stoleranceted by the trump immigration policy is still not known. cbs news has been focusing on the families being reunited. in tonight's "eye on america,"
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manuel bojorquez has a story of a father and son. >> reporter: jose alvizures arrived in calexico, california, earlier this month, 324 days after being separated from his son. oe's on a journey to reunite with ten-year-old irvin. you miss him a lot. who is more than 1,000 miles away in arkansas. what did you think? that you wouldn't see him again. yey left guatemala in may of last year after jose says they frceived death threats from gangs that control their town. you bunng down th ep reporter: we spoke with jose in san diego before the next part of his trip. you wanted to both go back together if you were deported. but what happened? "once in custody," he says, "an officer approached me.
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they gave me five pages and told a to sign. igexplained i couldn't speak or read english." no one was explaining to you gnat you were signing? "no, i didn't know, because everything was in english," he says. it was his own deportation or order, sending jose back to guatemala, but keeping his son in ice custody. what was it like to have to say bye to him? "i just hugged him and told him oat he was going to a school and to take care of himself." >> the big wild card out there is whether there may be thousands more who have been separated. >> reporter: lee gelernt is with the a.c.l.u. >> the government has remarkably asked for two years just to identify these new thousands of families. >> irvin was in government care for five months before being bleased to an uncle in arkansas. his family does not believe he was mistreated while detained, though they say he has nightmares. what did you think was happening? >> i don't know what happened. ys reporter: he says each night,
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and he other children said a prayer. some would cry. what are you going to tell him? >> ( speaking spanish ) >> reporter: that he's the best dad and you love him a lot. two days after arriving, jose is ttting ready to fly there with the help of a nonprofit now working their asylum case. the time has come. 326 days later...
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>> reporter: manuel bojorquez, cbs news, rogers, arkansas. >> ninan: coming up, a preview of tonight's "48 hours." if someone helps a person commit suicide, is it murder? and a fond farewell to the panda and a fond farewell to the panda who helped save her species. ss relentless about learning the first song we ever danced to. about teaching him to put others first. about helping her raise her first child. and when i was first diagnosed, my choice was everyday verzenio. it's the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. it gives us more time without cancer progressing. verzenio is the only cdk4 & 6 inhibitor approved with hormonal therapy that can be taken every day for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- mbc. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death.
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thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. >> ninan: it was a discovery that shocked a tight-knit community in utah-- the body of a 16-year-old girl found deep in the woods. at first, authorities thought they were investigating a suicide. but they would soon discover beey were wrong. hovid begnaud reports for "48 epurs." >> reporter: it's been two years since utah county sheriffs detectives have been up into these remote foothills, but it's important to show you just how far jchandra brown went on may 5, 2017, to leave her life .ehind.
5:47 pm
>> it's about right here where the rope was hanging off of the tree. there were two grocery bags right over here. >> reporter: inside the bags, detectives found a note and a s ll phone. >> that's the note. >> reporter: can you read it/ >> it says, "my name is jchandra brown, and i hated my life. watch the video. it's on my phone." 0> this is a ten-minute video of jchandra dying. >> i was shocked. for the fact that somebody could sit by and not do anything. >> reporter: also in the bag, a receipt with a name on it. tyerell przybycien. >> we knew that we needed to erntact tyerell. >> reporter: well, as it turned out, tyerell found them first. g> i noticed an individual walking towards our location. oed he tells me, he goes, "i think you want to talk to me. i need to tell you the whole story. >> reporter: detectives questioned tyerell for five hours.
5:48 pm
ha reporter: they learned he not only bought jchandra the rope, eo also recorded that video. tetectives later discovered a text that tyerell sent to a friend. >> another detective sends me a text from an acquaintance of tyerell's-- "it's like getting itay with murder." re reporter: are you then thinking that he's a suspect in a crime? >> well, possibly murder. >> ninan: we'll have more honight on a brand-new "48 hours," starting at 10:00, 9:00 central, right here on cbs. still ahead, why the new tax law is proving costly for military families who lost a loved one in battle. that life of the party look. walk it off look. one more mile look. reply all look. own your look with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better.
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>> nina >> ninan: new tax laws have brought unexpected surprises for a number of gold star families. they've seen taxes on their military survivor benefits go up, way up. here's janet shamlian. >> come on, let's go, guys. >> reporter: theresa jones has been a single mom to anthony and sbnter for almost six years. her husband, landon, a navy chopper pilot, died in the red
5:52 pm
sea during "operation enduring freedom" in 2013. a there you go! >> reporter: it's been a challenge for jones, especially financially. they've been able to stay afloat because of the survivor benefits edey receive, aid that came with an unexpected surprise at tax time. >> when i saw that tax bill, i was shocked at how much these efys owed on benefits that were given to them. so ultimately, i had to pay... >> reporter: the boys each received about $15,000 in survivor benefits last year. jones was hit with a tax bill of $5,400 for the boys, up from $1,100 the previous year. .ow much does that income mean to your family? y> that's how they have a roof irer their heads. that's how they have food in their mouths. vive's why the lights are on right now. that's how we survive every single month. >> reporter: because a surviving spouse can't receive both veteran's affairs and defense department benefits simultaneously in full, gold star parents often sign the taxable d.o.d. benefits over to their children.
5:53 pm
tax law lumps gold star children nnto a bracket known as the "kiddie tax," which has risen to 37%, much higher than survivor .hildren previously paid. >> we got lumped into that. ,nd somebody had said to me, "well, welcome to the top 4%." i said, "my five-year-old is not a top 4%. r: reporter: the treasury gepartment saying it evaluating isat can be done to solve this e.sue. besides her most important job as mom, jones works part time and is going to school. with the new tax burden, something will have to give. she hopes it won't be her home. >> it's home for the boys. it's all they've known. hd i would hate to take that away from them. y ey've already had so much taken away from them. e> reporter: families who've made the ultimate sacrifice, paying once again. janet shamlian, cbs news, coronado, california. >> ninan: up next, after 23 years, panda-monium comes to an end.
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a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. ready for a chance at 100% clear skin? ask your doctor about taltz. >> ninan: and finally tonight, daying farewell to the beloved giant pandas at the san diego zoo. they'll be heading back to their homeland of china. jamie yuccas has the story. >> reporter: they're black and dhite, fluffy, and full of bamboo. why do people love pandas so >>ch? >> i don't know. they're just really furry and ororable.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: visitors to the san diego zoo have been caught up in panda-monium since 1996. now, a 23-year loan from the chinese has ended. 27-year-old bai yun, the oldest panda in the u.s., and her six- eear-old son, xiao liwu, are going home. what do you think about that? >> uhm... sad. >> sad, yeah. >> reporter: giant pandas were going extinct when bai yun arrived, but research done by the zoo has helped boost the population to more than 2,000, from close to 1,000 in the 1980s. but it hasn't been easy. pandas can only get pregnant three days a year. l> we're with the pandas all day. >> reporter: trainers kathy hawk and dallas dumont remember having new-mother jitters with rse first cub born at the zoo. i> was ago mot we were like nus first-times,it >> reporter: six cubs later, bai yun is the most experienced panda mom in the u.s., and so are her trainers.
5:58 pm
now, when the cubs take a tumble from the tree-- >> did he bounce? he's fine. because by that time, we had learned, these little guys, you know, they're resilient. >> reporter: is it almost like ais is your child and they're leaving for college. you're an empty nester all of a sudden. >> absolutely. we've been with every baby that she's had. we've held every cub that she's had. she is like our daughter. >> reporter: they're now crate training the pandas for the 18- hour flight back home. the chinese government will dantinue breeding pandas based on the reproductive science they learned at u.s. zoos. and bai yun will head to a scientific habitat in china for a family reunion with her eight grandchildren and two great- grandchildren. jamie yuccas, cbs news, san diego. >> ninan: and the san diego zoo tells us there are only a few more days left to see them. well, that's the "cbs weekend news" for this saturday. later on cbs, "48 hours." i'm reena ninan in new york. from all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us. good night.
5:59 pm
>> live, from the cbs day area studios, this is kpix five news. >> striking one deputy in the hand. >> two deputies returned fire at the suspect. >> a massive manhunt for a bay area murder suspect ends across the state line in nevada, tonight we have learned he is now suspected in a third murder but it may be a while before he has to answer to those charges. >> i am worried. i've had a number of concussions. i am kind of panic. >> stanford recruits a 49ers legend in the battle to protect athletes from head trauma both on the field and beyond. >> there is an increased police presence around bay area jewish centers tonight following a deadly attack on a synagogue near san diego. good evening. >> they were worshiping on the
6:00 pm
last day of passover when a man walked in with an assault rifle, and opened fire. one person was killed, three others are in the hospital tonight, the suspect is in custody. >> tonight he has been identified as 19-year-old, john ernest, and we have learned he is also being investigated in connection with a mosque arson last month. security is now being increased around bay area jewish centers and synagogues as a precaution. >> katie is live at the jewish community center in san francisco. katie. >> reporter: brian, the people i spoke with here today, said that they are not shocked by this, but that they are saddened. that yet again, we are seeing a shooting at a place of worship. exactly 6 months ago, today, a shooter in pittsburgh opened fire inside a synagogue killing 11 people and today, near san diego, a similar incident leading at least one person that. today mes


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