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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  May 30, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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warming trend is stalling a bit seat. >> alexa? >> amazon's alexa can delete this morning. but temperatures are looking hun recordings. users can simply say, alexa, delete what i said today. and recordings will be erased. about . to you. amazon has been under fire for we have a stronger sea breeze. recording when alexa hears your every word. that's why we're talking about low clouds, area of fog and alexa has not been asked to also patchy drizzle. let's take you out first delete the entire voice this morning, another trade recording. through the south bay. san jose, good morning to you set. and uber passengers are about with cloudy skies. to get booted for bad behavior. 56 now in san jose. head to 54 in concord. diane king hall has those i'm diane king hall. stories and more in today's oakland, livermore at 54. 51 in san francisco as well as forecast. a little drizzle to start this for santa rosa. money watch report. morning. >> a little cooler this average highs this time of morning. i think it bypassed today and year, mid-60s in san francisco. it was another down day on went to friday. upper 60s in oakland. with the weekend warmup. we are looking at a little bit wall street. investors were spooked by of a blip for today. mid-60s in san jose. another threat to stop exporting rare metals to the u.s. they are used to refine below average temperatures. oil and to manufacture going to be a cooler day. cooler temps. electronics and other goods. also clouds. starting off with patchy fog and drizzle. but that's going to change. forecasting 60, 62 in san mid- so thtumbled ll for today, we are looking at a cloudy start with our ocean 60s. beach camera. you can see temperatures
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will it's about 3 to 5 degrees running in the low to mid-50s at this hour. let's check the visibilities. so 2 1/2 miles at half moon head through the week. any uniled to bay, along the coast. and also looking at a mile and i'll have that weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. driverand customers alive. your weather forecasts are spot riders with a, quote, three-quarters for santa rosa on. not a happy friday. significantly below-average this weekend. happy thursday, though. rating may lose access. areas of fog. however, before that happens, patchy drizzle this morning. cloudy, cool and breezy start they'll be warned and offered close. we're getting there. to the day. 4:31. let's take a live look at our tips on back we'll see cooler temps as we traffic center, where we have head through the afternoon, with a stronger ze live pictures coming from the bay bridge this morning. we started to see a backup cool us off. e flue there. but not terrible at this hour. and there say slight chance for plenty of company, though, in a shower to the far north and that westbound direction. same thing with the san mateo bridge, that we aren't having brake lights. be sure to take extra time if in concord, 73 degrees. you're heading in the westbound normal time of year for you in concord. then we're going to rebound direction. eastbound direction, looks good. but according to this picture, into the mid-80s. friday, saturday, no 80s. going awfully bright. and the san mateo bridge, you are down to one lane over the bridge. down to two lanes before you get there, basically from beginning tomorrow through the next several days. sausalito on, you're doing traffic control because of here's the satellite and radar construction on the golden gate view. and this is a low-pressure bridge. but then once you get halfway system that will be close
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enough to us that we could see a few showers for our far across the you are good to go. inland communities as we head and drive times as well. through the afternoon. so on future cast, taking you that is good news. i'm katie nielsen at the through the day. we are looking at the clouds live news desk. hugging the coast. and parts of the bay. you're looking at pictures from looking at partly sunny skies downtown budapest, where right through mostly sunny for the now, rescue workers are still rest of us. looking for those missing after but check out santa rosa. the far north bay, could see a few spotty showers, santa rosa, a tour boat crash. that boat carrying a group of napa. that is a possibility a little closer to daon south korean tourists. it crashed on the danube river. agai tomo, lopartly sunny 21 are still missing. the cause of the crash under investigation. but witnesses say it was pouring down rain at the time a of the collision. so investigators are looking little warmer tomorrow. daytime highs today, low 60s in into the possibility that san francisco. low 70s for fremont, mountain visibility was very poor at the view, as well as san jose. 73 in concord, as well as time of that collision. also this morning, an toward livermore. and 77 for fairfield. daytime highs running anywhere earthquake off the coast of el from 3 to 5 degrees below average for this time of year. salvador. this has been a 6.2 magnitude as we go through the week. quake. check it out.
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and authorities there warning we start to warm up friday into about a possible tsunami along the weekend. more sun and as we look ahead, the coastline there. no reports yet of any deaths or injuries. but of course, we'll keep you posted as this story develops. to next week. >> katie, thank you. there we go. by tuesday and wednesday. 4:33 now. happening today, the man >> thanks so much, mary. accused of slamming his car here at 4:47. we are starting to see at least into speeds in sunnyvale is set one trouble spot out there. hopefully not going to make too for a court hearing. much of an impact. isaiah joe peeples is expected but we are tracking it either way. let's start with the usual to appear before a judge in downtown san jose. suspect. this is the altamonte pass. investigators believe he 13 miles an hour there. targeted the pedestrians on el onto the tracy triangle. camino real last month with the slow a little bit. and soon. ou get back to a sp t intent of killing a family he thought was muslim. jeff rosen is expected to announce a decision on whether here is the spot80 to pursue hate crime charges against peeples. >> i trust jeff rosen. and so -- and i trust will law apian way. there is one lane but likely enforcement as well. two lanes blocked. so i think that if they don't you can see a little yellow think it is, then it must not behind that. it is slow and go there. they're in the process of be. trying to clear that out of the but nevertheless, we still need way so it doesn't affect your to do this work. >> eight people were injured in commute too badly. a little further south. last month's incident, everything seems to be moving including a 13-year-old girl right along. who remains ona san
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you do have company there. no brake lights, which is the good news at this hour. we are seeing the brake lights, francisco man. however, at the bay bridge this authorities say 35-year-old stephanie chang and her morning. especiallied this cash -- especially in the cash lanes. husband, 44-year-old douglas everything good to go. metering lights will be on here in the next hour or so. lomess -- lomez. they are accused of killing him san mateo bridge is relatively empty considering this time of and dismangling his body. morning. police credit getting a tip as no injuries to report as far as collisions or hazards am just regular old traffic headed they were fleeing to china. westbound this morning. eastbound direction looks good to go. a motive is still unknown. we are down to one lane across live look in berkeley, where police have been at the the golden gate bridge. scene of this crash all night there's traffic getting there. long and through the morning. where you're down to two lanes. a car hit a pedestrian. happened near the intersection as you go through sausalito. of sacramento and fairview that opens back up to a full streets, just after 9:00 last four lanes. and you are looking good, all night. police say the person was crossing the street when they of your bridges this morning are in the green. all right, emily. were hit. we've learned the driver did thank you. country star randy travis stop. the victim was rushed to the documents his career, setbacks and stroke in a new memoir. hospital. they're doing what they're doing this morning. the driver in this crash and san francisco native alley wong is back on net flix. did not stick around. you can see the silver suv
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there, slammed into a line of and michelle medina has more. parkedded cars. this was part of the rampage. police say the suv was stolen and that the driver was trying comedian alley wong stars to get away from officers. in a netflix comedy, always be this all happened outside ceio my baby, about a jilted d at one point, the suv hit a celebrity chef who moves home police civand and reconnects with her hitting a - childhood best friend, played threatening injuries. by randall parks. the car came up eddie street and hit a bunch of cars on the way up the street. it features sold sparks and and then hit some scaffolding. >> but i did see somebody lying on the ground. like sort of in the intersection. maybe new ones. it was pretty shocking. >> a female suspect was taken premieres on netflix. country music hall of game. into custody and hospitalized with nonlife-threatening the book talks about its rise injuries. a california mother is to country music. his struggle with anger and suing tesla. she claims her model x pinned alcohol, his stroke and how his her against the wall when she wife mary saved him. was 8 months pregnant. >> it's time to let people see tesla says it has evidence the randy travis from randy someone pressed the travis's point of view. accelerator. the harcor family purchased their brand new model x when and in his word. >> memoirs are in stores now.
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mallory was 8 months pregnant. >> i'm resigning. >> to go where? harchethe time of lawsuit alle >> nowhere. >> cbs is bringing the good fight to air this ss poor model x design is at spinofon the ju16th. fault. >> that's their whole argument that's your eye on is that this vehicle doesn't entertainment. operate like a normal car. michelle medina. it's so easy that a child that los angeles. is not even potty-trained can we're not going to fool somehow operate it and it around this morning. ahead. we're going to go to the great north. by the way, can anybody deputy full throttle. tell me the name of the nba >> tesla responded to harcor's letter. and said the vehicle was championship? put the cell phone downtown. operating as designed and don't look it up. responded appropriately to the dennis o'donnell from toronto. input supplied. albeit, in this case, some of we're going to hear from him on the day 1 of the finals. those inputs were reportedly coming from your client's young game 1. enough said. and a live look outside in son. the family's attorney said tesla had not turned over the san jose. we'll be right back. to simone, i leave the van gogh. car's diagnostic log. in houston, a foul ball hit at last night's astros game.
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a player fell to his knees and is later seen crying. >> this was the fourth moment in last night's cubs' game. when albert almora hit a bault, the ball strike a young girl. you can see how almora sees it and is distraught. >> the moment i hit it, i locked eyes on her. >> fans stopped during the to harrison, the wine collection. play. this woman covered her mouth with her hand. grace, you get the beach house, and almora fell to his knees. you can see the young fan in just don't leave the lights on, okay? tears but alert. to mateo, my favorite chair. she's being held by a man reports say is his father. she was reportedly taken to the to chris, the family recipes. hospital. it takes several minutes for to craig, this rock. almora, who appeared to be crying, to compose himself and to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. continue batting. later in the game, he went to the stands again, hoping for a the redwoods to the redheads. an update. he then broke down, a security the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. guard consoling him. the beaches to the bums. almora spoke after the game. and the fog to, who else, karl.
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>> just praying. and i'm speechless. i'm at a loss of words. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, being a father, two boys am. on one condition. >> he said when the child feels that you do everything in your power well enough, he wants to reach out to her. >> with god willing, i'll be to preserve and protect them. able to have a relationship with this girl for the rest of my life. contro >> the astros sending a statement saying we send our entire thoughts and prayers to >>houston orts talkradio, 0, tweeting ou according tosources, the young child was awake, responsive and taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons. the child is expected to be okay, thank goodness. a live look at capitol hill now, where lawmakers are still reeling from special counsel robert mueller's response to the investigation. he said president trump was still not cleared and congress
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could use the evidence to gather for impeachment. he made it clear he has not exonerated president trump of obstruction of justice. >> if we had confidence that orni, evody. the president clearly did not have the nba finals. commit a crime, we would have it is finally here. said so. the constitution requires a process, other than the asonecord. that's why the raptors get to criminal justice system to host the warriors tonight to open up the chase for the larry formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing. o'brien trophy, given to the mueller cited a justice league champs. here's dennis o'donnell from the north. department policy that prohibits charging a >> hello, everybody from significant president with the toronto. it was media day today, at crime. he said he hoped the first time speaking with the president would be his last. skosha arena. for the warriors, old hat. for the toronto raptors, it was >> this only added to impeach. a whole new deal. >> they said it would be some media. this is not some media. mueller's words amounted to this is insane. impeachment referral. however, nancy pelosi said >> are you excited to have a democrats will continue to threesome? >> for a what? investigate. >> you don't bring impeachment unless you have all of the >> you know, three in a row. facts for the strongest possible case, so that the president is held accountable. >> oh, three peat. >> she weigwhilclub >> it wae pton the
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receiving incling this san francisco. she also called for the mueller report to be made public withou ate warrio will be playing niyone thethatsothing. in the nba state finals for the fifth time in as many years. you n't re se they gathered in oakland. they got up close and personal o wouldnt wouldn't nt to be p with the warriors' western conference trophies. now, some are wondering, though, is there as much excitement in oakland this time raptors? we'll find out if cousins around? >> perhaps a combination of the team leaving for san francisco plays some basketball. and the team routinely going deep into the play-offs, might in toronto, with the warriors, be having an impact. dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. >> on a scale of yea to meh. who was waving that flag? how about patriots head coach bill belichick. >> whatever. maybe i think. i don't think they care about hosting st. louis plus. it, man. i haven't heard too many people talk about it. game that went to overtime >> maybe i've just gotten used to it. before blues carl gutterson and it's exciting. >> well, it for went to win it. blues' ever, final cup win. granted, right? for many, the enthusiasm has 3-2. st. louis had been 0-13 in
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faded. >> they have something cup final games. grab a snack untangible. that's oakland. that team reflects this. ge and aesrd >> the warriors and raptors is 11th inning. set this evening at 6:00 and it was jonathan lukeroy who broke it open. pacific time. maybe kpix 5 dennis o'donnell will have more. booted from uber. and we're not talking about hey, this giants fan happy in drivers. coming up, what some passengers are doing to get kicked off the miami. and marlins' pinch hitter, neil app. and let's take another live walker, doubled down the right field line, gave the marlins the lead. look outside. this time from our treasure they went on to win, 4-2. the island cam on the bay bridge giants have lost 7 straight. this thursday morning. it will be right back. hey, in golf. hey, that's stanford's brandon woo, in fayetteville arkansas. he won his batch. put the finishing touches 9th ncaa championship. and from there, they played lights out. first ncaa ground since 2007. shout out, head coach conrad
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ray, who played collegiately with stanford, with tiger woods. playing in ohio. starting today. hopefully through the weekend. that's enough. see you later. time now is 4:56. coming up in our next half hour. build more housing or no deal. this morning, stanford university, facing an ultimatum. how it could stop plans to expand. plus, a man accused of intentionally running over people in a crosswalk here in sunnyvale is facing a judge for the first time today. deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants dedeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than some mediocre cereal. that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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now at 5:00, breaking news overnight. a tour boat slams into another and capsizes in seven seconds. this morning, 21 people are missing and the latest from hungary. plus, he's accused of intentionally driving into a group of people he thought were
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muslim. this morning, will this man be charged withe nals begin in tor tonight. just don't think about playing any drake music. no. at least until this is all over. >> just e-40. >> e-40, mc hammer, who saturday other guy. good morning. it's thursday may 30th. i'm michelle griego. >> sunny and dry. starting off with a little rain. >> that's right. we are looking at patchy fog, patchy drizzle. a cool, cloudy and breezy start. but things will be changing for tomorrow. and into the weekend. with a big warmup in store for us there is a slight chance of a shower for the north bay and east bay. other than that, most of us are going to see cool s. e more we head through the afternoon. we're look at breezy conditions along the coast in the upper 50s and cool. for the bay,
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