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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 3, 2019 1:37am-2:11am PDT

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new video of shoppers roughing to safety with their hands up. the manhunt for the shooter inside
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the search. a rapid rise in car break- ins in santa clara, the hotspots that these are targeting and the new technology that tells them which car to break into. it's clear right now but how will the weather hold up for the fourth of july? we have your fireworks forecast the sound of gunfire terrified shoppers inside the mall in san bruno. we have live coverage with some late raking development. >> reporter: police are looking for 2 shooters and nobody has been arrested and what police believe is a target shooting. i'm standing outside the entrance closest to the food court where police say the shooting happened and in the last hour we have seen the forensic lab fromthsan mateo sheriffs office pull up, there
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is still crime tape around this side of the models property and we have seen a number of officers go in and out of the mall in the last hour. this shooting sends the mall into absolute chaos and here is the general. >> attention customers, please stay in the building.>> this snapchat caught by a customer who ran for safety. another worker shared the cell phone video after panic shoppers and employees led.>> a lot of people were panicking and didn't know what to do. the word is getting to safety. a lot of people running. i did the same, i start going to the nearest door.>> reporter: police say the shooting happened around 4:00 at the shop.
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>> we believe that those involved in the instance have fled the area and are hiding from us rather than posing a public safety threat at this point. we don't think this was a random act.>> 2 victims were hit with gunfire. medics rushed them to the hospital where one is in critical condition and the other is in serious but stable condition. two others were injured in connection with the shooting but they were treated at the scene. multiple witnesses described hearing the gunfire in and around the food court. >> i was actually in the food court, i was eating, sitting right there. suddenly we all heard gunshots. everybody got up and started running.>> it i guess i lybelieve
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it. >> reporter: linda took her grandsons to walk a movie at century theaters when a s.w.a.t. team evacuated them. officers locked down the parking garages to do systematic searches during the investigation. it's left dozens of people stuck for more than four hours. waiting to get their cars.>> i just waited around. a lot of waiting in the cold for about an hour and a half till about 630. i decided to go get a bite to eat and get out of the cold and now i'm just getting our car.>> police tell us there are several surveillance cameras around the mall so investigators will be coming through the video looking for any leads. the mall is expected to reopen at 10 am if you left anything inside
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>> we have some moments to show you tonight, the moments right after the shooting.>> reporter: this is video shot by kevin who went into the mall to buy a new cell phone plan. on his current cell phone he captured several dramatic moments like this, you can see dozens of people running for their lives. the police directing them to safety. he also shot video of packs of police officers barreling into the mall in an attempt to confront the shooters. at one point the armored vehicle gives the officers cover. a close look here highlights the rescue of one of the people injured. he was identified by police inside. >> one male was shot so far. >> reporter: then they identified another. others staked out the perimeter.
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>> minutes later police surrounded the station in oakland. we show you a lot of riders were afraid, one of the suspects was on the train. >> police armed with assault rifles evacuated the station around 5:00 this evening and shut it down to the public as they search the station and the train stopped there. this is what it looks like on board the train that was searched. one witness told us to duck for cover on this armed officers roaming the platform. authorities were searching for an active shooter. after being held on the train for a short time passengers were asked to exit with their hands up. one witness told us there were some tense terrifying moments.>> people were concerned there was an active shooter. a lady said what if he is on
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this train? like i don't want him on this train with me i t >> nobo was i reporter: were unconfirmed reports that police found some sort of weapon at one spoke to confirmed the nobody has been found. bart service is back to normal tonight but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. our morning team has to relate starting at 4:30. a lie look outside san jose, it's about to get really busy and they area airports have people jetting out of town for the fourth of july holiday weekend. for anyone else sticking around, we want to know are we going to be able to see the fireworks here along the coast? that's an nimore toward illud comi
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thursday evening. here's the forecast during the day. temperatures are near average, 60s at the coast and 70s near the bay, that's not the concern. the concern will be for thursday evening, low cloud cover and farm will work its way into andover san francisco for 10:00 thursday night. any fireworks shows inland, find clear skies. get closer to the water and there is an increasing chance there will be low cloud cover and it will be breezy on thursday evening. the full forecast is coming up. new@11:00, tonight a rapid rise in car break-ins, one s. bay city has police warning drivers not to be the next victim. it's easy to say right? we are in santa clara with the hotspots.
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>> reporter: car break-ins are up 121% in the first half of this year compared to the same time last year and that parking lots near expressways and freeways have become the hotspots. now thieves are using new technology to tell them which car to break into.>> it's devastating and makes you a lot more wary.>> reporter: anthony said it took only seconds to break into his car. >> they and don't even realize it. it's such a common crime that it has become expected when you park somewhere which is not the way you want to feel. >> reporter: unfortunately he is right. santa clara police in the first five months of the year said car break-ins increased 121.2% compared to the same time last year. thieves are hitting large parking lots near freeways and expressways that make quick escape routes. natalie says she has watched victims come back to their cars only to find shattered glass.>> i definitely check when i leave
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myself in the car. >> the best thing is your trunk but even then you don't know.>> reporter: these are now using apps and bluetooth technology that can tell them if there is a laptop and a car. to make matters worse investigators say the criminals drive at high rates of speed because they know officers won't pursue them. police say they have seen a decrease in the last couple weeks with the arrest of several suspected high-profile criminals. still they want business owners and customers to avoid being the next victim.>> i don't keep anything in my car. all they have is shattered glass it just sucks i can't feel safe in my own neighborhood. >> reporter: as for recent arrests several agencies helped make those, the santa clara police says ever since then they have noticed a 50% drop in the crime. tonight we are getting a clear picture of the growing crisis at the southern
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border. these are pictures from surprise visits inside border south texas. federal inspectors observed serious overcrowding and prolonged detention at five locations just three weeks ago. a report from the offi inector general says in june facilities were holding nearly 2700 children. at the relocation children had no access to showers and many had limited access to a change of clothes or laundry facilities. the report shows margins held it only stands for a week at a time while others are only confined for more than a month in overcrowded rooms. the department of homeland security acknowledge the reports findings and describe the situation as quote an acute and worsening crisis. protesters in san francisco urged lawmakers to close the
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camps. claiming the immigrant detention facilities are inhumane. >> i feel like were offering people to do something with their shattered hearts when they hear the news every day, it is dire and terrific.>> the house speaker also sent a letter outlining several steps beyond the recent border funding bill to ensure the safety and care of migrant children. the 2020 census forms are being printed without including the question about citizenship. the trump administration backs down on that thread to delay the account after losing a case before the u.s. supreme court. the rolling was applauded by the california attorney general.>> this is a major win against this administration. our families and friends and neighbors can now step up >> the attorney general also called the situation a win for
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the nation and democracy. coming up a bay area city council women son was murdered. the arrest that she never expected.>> he was america's promise. googles massive groundbreaking in the nevada desert.
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in oakland city councilwoman son is accused.>> she has compassion for her son suspicions keller.>> i did not think this day would come. >> reporter: lynette never expected justice. >> absolutely thought this case would be unsolved. most of our cases go better unsolved.>> the other was a student at usc, talented drummer. the >> reporter: a bright light stuck out when he was shot. an innocent bystander caught in under corruption of gang violence. >> he was not a homicide statistic he was america's is he was our hope and i still can't fathom that such a
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beautiful light has been taken from us.>> reporter: today, news that lynette ivan hernandez, a suspected gang member is believed to be one of three suspects. the tip came after this.>> were going to say something. >> reporter: others spent hours spreading the word about his death, pleading for information leading to an arrest. now even in her grief, a crusader against gun violence and a founder of the department of violence prevention looks at the suspected killer and sees the bigger picture. >> did tell me hin colle. and fairly thin
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that community tomy man. a federal jury has reached a verdict in favor of the family of a man who was shot and killed by san jose police. the jury found that officers used excessive force against the 18-year-old back in 2016. police responded to the victims home where he was suffering a suicidal breakdown. officers say he held a gun at them but one activist says that is not true.>> it was very hard. >> a recommended million award to the teenagers of the state. new video of a bold robbery at a jewelry store,
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surveillance camera captured for masked men throwing a rock through a glass door. once inside they break through the glass display cases using sledgehammers. the thieves took several items to four than fleeing in a vehicle described as a gold mercedes.>> it was about 56 seconds from the time that the rock went through the door to the time that they left the building. we consider that fairly sophisticated in the sense that they knew not to be in the building for long. >> the suspect might be limited links to other bay area burglaries. they are encouraging other stores to remove merchandise from display cabinets before they close. delivery records were shattered today come the companies stock jumped about 7% in aftermarket trading. tesla says it's delivered over 95,000 cars during the second quarter. successful production numbers surpassed the previous record of nearly 91,000 deliveries at the end of last year.
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the company has struggled in recent months to transport some of those vehicles worldwide. just broke ground on a big new data center in the nevada desert. state leaders joined google officials to the site of the first applicable data center in henderson. the facility will serve billions of internet users around the world. once the 600 million our facility opens there will be at least 50 full-time jobs, google hopes to start operations sometime next year. sunflower farmers in solano county say tourists are taking their cell fees way too far. >> we will have 50 or 60 people here at one time and they think it's okay to walk to the fields.>> some flowers are blooming and tourists are noticing.
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in san francisco it is 50 degrees not but you are going to cool down rapidly after midnight for a low 55, redwood city 54 and san francisco 13 degrees cooler than inland temperature. 13 degrees cooler than anchorage alaska, a record high in anchorage of 78, they will likely set an all-time record high of 87 degrees in anchorage. low pressure is passing by even though we are not receiving the rain, we are receiving a breeze. light to moderate breeze from the ocean that will keep temperatures and check and prevent us from getting anything resembling a heat wave. watch the change from tomorrow
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cloud cover is pushing inland thursday morning, and for treats in the afternoon and comes back pretty quickly thursday evening. we will show you that forecast calling for all that white which is low cloud cover above the area and specifically san francisco between eight and 10:00 on thursday. not a guarantee but an increasing likelihood come thursday night. some clouds will be around for the fireworks in the city and of course sunnier on friday. san jose 77, some very pleasant and not hot not cold, 76 in san francisco. we begin warming up in friday the warmest days will likely be saturday and sunday, mid-80s to
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low 90s inland and upper 60s to low 70s near the bay. this particular pattern will likely keep low clouds around b clouds.
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after bringing a free-agent power hitter in the off-season the giants were going to fall back on their original plan but something has gone into the orange and black, the giants have scored 23 runs in the last two games. tonight in the second inning the giann er the left field wall but he was not done yet for the night in the fifth
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inning the giants are up by two and long gloria crushes this home run into the upper deck of the western supply company, that's the 19th career multi- home run game as the giants win tonight before. the in the fourth and the bases are loaded and his first game he gets a call monster home run and that is take a 6-3 lead. second inning mark tries to give them a little bit more pressure here. a solo shot to the left, the 136 home run before the all- star break which is a franchise record, they hang on to win this one 8-6. 31st minute of
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this one, the birthday girl takes the lead. alice morgan scores on the header. she celebrated her 30th birthday with a the 79th minute ellen looks to tie it up again but lisa meyer picks up the save and team usa beats england 2-1 to advance in the final where they will play either sweden or netherlands. the golden state warriors will reportedly sign willie stein, he averaged 12 points and eight rebounds with the kings last season and glenn robinson has agreed to a two-year deal giving golden state some depth. robinson wins the slam dunk contest but only played 27 games in the last two seasons.>> if you are seven feet tall you are good. they will feed you
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