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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 3, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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forecast. we are watching the sea breeze kicking, especially tomorrow. we will talk about in a few minutes. but here's a live look. is and it a pretty view. are floor director called us a cotton candy sunrise with the pink color. you can see the sales force tower popping up above the fog. temperatures are in the 50s. it is also a breezy start to the day heading through the afternoon. seasonal daytime highs, if not a little cooler than average. 82 in concord are high, 77 in san jose. oakland a high of 70. later on in the afternoon. the mid-sixties in san francisco and the low 60s in pacifica. we will talk about the independence they forecast in a few minutes. taking a look at the roads, we are keeping an eye on the multi-car crash. just west of the toll plaza the dumbarton bridge. one lane is blocked and it is flowing speeds down to 11 miles
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per hour. new crash westbound 4 at hillcrest avenue. one is walked in that area and speeds slowing to 20 miles per hour to keep it in mind if you're going in that area and south bay the crash southbound a 80s capital expressway. will nina vogt but not expecting speed too much. developing news on the peninsula. police are trying to find the person behind the shooting that shut down massive shopping mall last night it happened at the shops and 10 karen. jackie ward is live at the mall. the police department with the latest. >> reporter: we are actually in front of the san bruno police department. we are waiting for an update in the latest research on the shooter or shooters are still vet there tnesteus that they first heard gunfire shots just before 4 p.m. yesterday the shots shops. the suspension video captured by a shopper ran for safety inside of jcpenney.
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two young male victims rushed to services go general. one is in critical condition. the other is in serious, but stable condition. to others injured a connecting to the shooting treated and released witnesses told us about the panic that ensued once they heard someone shooting a gun. >> i was actually the food court. i was eating, i was sitting there and all of a sudden, we all heard gunshots. and everyone got up and started running. it was crazy. >> right now i cannot even think. i guess i cannot really believe it. >> as i mentioned earlier, they suspect or suspects are still out there this morning. the hunt continues i'm here, to oakland and police believe that have escaped using bart and that is why they are focusing on surveillance video specifically the 12th street station in oakland. they are taking a close look at
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that, because they believe the shooter got here and san bruno possibly got off at the 12th street. police armed with assault rifles evacuated the oakland stationed around 5. they had to shut it down to the public. they did not find the suspect but this is what it looked like on board of the train which was searched causing the 12th street station to be closed for hours practice internal station was closed for a while. the parking garage was also closed and everything that is open this morning, bart is back on schedule and the shops at the mall are expected to open at 10. this is the first chance that people can go back and and actually get their belongings. we are still waiting for an update from san bruno police. jackie ward, kpix 5. some shopper started recording other cell phones right after the shooting started. you can see dozens of people. some of them running for their lives, as police directs them to safety. some officers rushed in while others staked out the peinto the west.
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if we can get the bart train. >> some of the people that we spoke with inside of the movie theater, did not hear anything and only found out what happened when they got outside intact their phones. >> this is a developing story as documented. stay with us on-air and online on a, for all of our updates. structured into florida where massive sinkhole has opened up at a construction site. this is a live look at the scene. that is massive. multiple work trucks have been sucked down into the whole. we do not know if anyone was in any of the vehicles and might be tracked inside of a vehicle inside of the whole but you can see that there is plenty of water around the area and it looks like maybe some of the ground underneath the peninsula has been compromised. we will keep an eye on the scene in orange county, florida throughout the rest of the show. rapid rise in car break-ins in one south bay city has
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police warning drivers, do not be the next victim. according to santa clara police, car break-ins searched 121.2 percent the first five months of this year, compared to last year. these are hitting large parking lot near freeways and expressways, that provide quick escape routes. the ricotta retail areas one of the hotspots in santa clara. >> such a, crime that has become almost expected when you park somewhere, which is not how you want to feel. i do not keep anything in my car. if they broken i would have shattered glass. i'm not even in my trunk. it sucks that i cannot feel safe in my neighborhood.>> police say they have seen a 50 percent decrease in the last couple of weeks. several suspected high-profile criminals have been arrested. the house oversight committee has scheduled a hearing to address the growing crisis at the southern border. the announcement came after these pictures surfaced from x
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in federal inspectors observed serious overcrowding and prolonged at five locations three weeks ago in a new report from the internal watchdog at the department of homeland security found the rio grande valley facilities were holding nearly 2700 children just last month. at three locations the kids had no access to showers, and many had limited access to a change of clothes or laundry facilities. the report shows migrants were held standing room only sells for a week at a time while others were confined for more than a month and overcrowded rooms. home at the curti officials acknowledged the report findings and described the situation at the border as an acute and worsening crisis. the houses hearing will take place july 12, dhs secretary kevin mcaleenan and the acting had accustomed border patrol mark morgan have both been invited to testify. the meantime a federal judge has blocked the trump administration attempt to keep thousands of asylum-seekers pa
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alto toward a nationwide protest yesterday, urging lawmakers to close the camps, calling the immigrant detention facilities inhumane. >> i feel like we are offering people something to do with their shattered hurts, the hear the news every day about these, and particularly the children. it is dire and horrific.>> house speaker, nancy pelosi sent a letter to the president, urging him to take steps to ensure the safety and care of migrant children, beyond the recent border funding bill. this morning california filmmakers on high alert after recent threat of bicycle race. they say president trump when his of mass deportations are causing immense fear in their community. slightly seniors are afraid to go to work. their frayed to be pulled over or deported. >> we want to know what the department, how they are working with i.c.e.
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we want to know that they are following the law. >> they say the fear is having an impact on their relationships with law enforcement. there were and if they report crimes, they will become targets themselves. meanwhile, the department of homeland security says it will not reveal details about enforcement actions out of concern for their own safety. the man accused of killing in oakland city councilwoman son is now in custody. the oakland city councilmember lynette gibson medical they need that you never really expected justice for her son, victor. back in march, the university of southern california student was gunned down your campus and yesterday, police arrested 23- year-old ivan hernandez in connection with the shooting. the councilwoman says even in her grief, she has compassion for the alleged killer. >> they tell me he is 23. and he should of been a college. he should have been been believed in and invested in. and failing that young man and
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that's community, we failed all young man and our community.>> police have not said anything at on any possible motive for the shooting. a decorated navy seal is returning to court after he was just acquitted of murdering and isis prisoner. a jury will decide of navy special operations chief edward gallagher will face jail time for the single charge he was convicted of. posing with the corpse of the 17-year-old militant. gallagher was found not guilty of shooting at civilians in separate incidents. a new lawsuit blaming gun manufacturers and dealers for the that the las vegas city. 58 people were killed when a man opened fire on an outdoor concert in 2017. now the family of one of the victims is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a to gunmakers and three dealers. it claims that a are 15 rifles can easily be modified to fire like automatic weapons. the lawsuit names colt and seven other gun manufacturers,
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along with shops in nevada and utah. tony will have more of e story on cbs this atne n'at e b in santa cruz county. she was caught on camera, carrying what looks like a rifle. beachgoers and took these photos of a woman walking down seacliff state beach on sunday. told her what dressed up to be a photo shoot real or fake. it is procted many to say that is not the right place to do it. >> what kind of message are you sending to the kids and families ? this is a family beach. >> santa cruz county sheriffs office at a got no calls, but openly carrying a gun, even if it is a replica, is not a good idea. happening today, the first court battle in the legal battle over the several cisco proposition c. the measure passed by voters last year to provide services and housing
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for thousands of homeless the city. the money is supposed to come from the several cisco the biggest corporations in tech companies but the three associations representing them are now suing.>> developing overnight, a jim beam whiskey warehouse burst into flames. what may have sparked this fire. new video of the desperate escape last years camp fire. what fire officials want you to learn. we are starting off the day with low clouds and areas of fog because of the sea breeze. it really kicks in tomorrow. here is a beautiful live look with the salesforce tower cam looking east of the sunrise. the forecast today as well as independence day, are coming up. if you're not sure where to watch the fireworks, we have you covered. we have a complete list for you on
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we are following breaking news right now in san leandro where crews are trying to stop a grass fire from spreading. and is along the railroad tracks near costco. this is just west of aed and it appears the fire started at a homeless encampment. firefighters say there was no damage to any buildings, and nobody was hurt. crews battling a major fire need to be met whiskey warehouse in kentucky. starting just before midnight and one building, and quickly spread to another. check out those of flames. it created a wall of fire, doing major destruction. at this point, no word on whether anyone was injured in the fires. >> local officials say a lightning strike may have sparked a. san jose man is under arrest accused of robbing pushing an 81-year-old woman. this is the suspect. 32-year-old jericho jones. they say a woman was exiting to
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her front door when police say jones pushed her back inside. he allegedly took her told julie and forced her into a closet. police said the woman was not seriously hurt, and they were able to track jones down. a man who went one almost $80 million in damages in the case of weedkiller, roundup, will now get less money as a san francisco judge said the jury is $75 million punitive damages award against monsanto could not stand. instead, the plaintiff, edwin hardeman will get $50 million or less. hardeman who suffers from non- hodgkin's lymphoma, was awarded the damages in march after cleaning roundup for his cancer. a jury found monsanto did not care whether the products caused cancer. this morning, never before seen video of evacuations during the deadly camp fire. you can see cars at a standstill at a highway in paradise and the dramatic dark
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orange glow surrounding a hospital. the footage was taken from several body cam and dash cams for different police agencies. last years devastating wildfire burned more than 80,000 structures and killed 86 people. the truck he police department is using the footage to urge everyone to be prepared for the upcoming fire season, and show how quickly conditions can turn deadly. it is the moment that the earth, moon, antiphon all lined up to block the view of the sun, from the earth. this was the site until a. there it is. the sky watchers marvel that is with protective glasses. annexed total solar eclipse will be december 14, 2020. if you have to see it, you will have to make a trip. it will only be visible in south america. that sounds like a good reason to plan a trip. >> let's go. >> a girls trip. >> south america. >> it is called the exploratory gave you a free look online. that was actually pretty cool. what is not cool are the
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accident in the bay area. it is the day before the holiday. we have been keeping an eye on this multicar crash right now. this is west of the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. one lane is blocked in that area. we have seen speeds really dipped down and they are still low at 14 miles per hour. we are taking a look at this crashed westmont for hillcrest avenue. the crash has moved on to the shoulder, but speeds are still pretty low in that area. 14 miles per hour. keep that in mind if you're heading onto highway for. taking a look at the south bay drive times. is looking pretty good this morning. all speed on the major roads there are in the green. or other travel times for the super commuters, you can see that things have slowed down a bit on 580 from tool for two 680 looking like a 36 minute drive and on highway for, 162 i 80, a 39 minute drive, but every thing else of
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the degree. taking a look at the richmond san rafael bridge, a few cars and just kind of slope to the toll plaza but not bad making their way across the span. that is a look at traffic. we are starting off the day with patchy fog. you can see that on our camera looking north of the fog rolling in because of the onshore flow. temperatures are: the 50s, this morning. the mid-50s from concord oakland to, livermore, several cisco and san jose. 50 degrees for santa rosa. let's check the went to because it is a breezy start out of the west and the southwest. the sea breeze a, 14 mile-per- hour wind in several cisco, also for you and san ramon, 15 mile-per-hour wind in concorde and looking at southwesterly wind at 80 mile-per-hour wind fairfield. here is the satellite and radar view. a ridge of high pressure to the south in the area of low pressure to the north. inactive weather pattern to the
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north, with storms. you looking at a lot of rain for the pacific northwest ushering in that onshore flow. and it does kick in a little bit more with the stronger sea breeze tomorrow. i will show you how it will affect your july 4 in just a moment her glad to take you through today first. futurecast hour-by-hour you can headinthrougthe day tomorrow morning, starting off with low clouds and areas of fog. we could see patchy drizzle for tomorrow morning along the coast into the clearing for most of us as a clouds pushback to the coast tomorrow and the afternoon july 4, if you have the barbecue plans, to anything outdoors, it looks great. for tomorrow, we are looking at patchy fog. low clouds moving along the coast and the several cisco bay. he we are the futurecast at 10 pm. low clouds are likely returning to 8 p.m. and 10 pm. watch that closely. we have the fisherman is worth fireworks show for tomorrow
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night. sunrise and 5:52 and the sunset at 8:30 5 pm. e closer to e we should be this time of year, if not, a little cooler than average. for the south bay, 77 for you in santa clara the afternoon and also for san jose. 82 for a high in morgan hill. e upper 70s in danville, looking at the daytime highs in the upper 60s alameda, 70 for oakland the upper 60s for san leandro. the mid-sixties several cisco. upper 70s in petaluma and the mid-eighties for ukiah, lakeport, and clear lake. robert l as well and july 4 for crest suitable mod farook forecast for the bay area, in san francisco looking at a 6 p.m. the mid-sixties the upper 50s and 9 p.m. with areas of fog for the freshman swarf forecast for tomorrow night. there we are with high pressure building and friday and into the weekend with highs inland, the low 90s by saturday and sunday. it is just about 6:22.
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team usa makes history who they will face in the world cup finals. taking alive look outside from our tower camera. look at that beautiful shot of the bay and the golden gate bridge in the distance with all of the clouds. 6:22 this wednesday morning. we will be right back.. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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strike the incredible save sealed the deal for team usa women. they are headed to the world cup final. alex morgan scored taking the 2- 1 leave yesterday the held on. team usa will play the winner of today's game either in the netherlands or sweden on
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sunday. >> police in san bruno r ootesh the mall shooting yesterday remain out there. research extends from here to oakland and we will give you a timeline of what happened, next. ok, so, we live with at&t.
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grassfire and alameda county workers came out>> the
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was out on whoever opened fire in a crowded san bruno lobby deletes police had to go on as a search is present to oakland. >> it is wednesday, july 3. anne makovec in for kenny. >> michelle griego. that's a check in with mary with a look at the weather, the day before the holiday. the all-important july 4 forecast. the lovely ladies and good morning looking east at mount diablo above the fog. i gorgeous start to the day. we are tracking low clouds and areas of fog. many clear skies and spots with the sea breeze kicking and. temperatures running at the 50s. let's take you through the day with the forecast for the coast low 60s for the bay. the mid to upper 60s and low 70s, for locations in the low to mid 80s. seasonal, if not it a bit cooler than average, today. talk about the onshore flow kicking in tomorrow, and how in
6:31 am
day the bay area, coming up. >> hopefully we can see the fireworks. what is going on including at the dumbarton bridge, just west of the toll plaza. thursday multicar crash you been keeping an eye on that is really slowing speeds in the area 21 miles per hour now you're hearing of a second crash and the backup. now, speeds are gaining a little momentum. that is pretty good for people in that area. in a crash northbound a 80 broadway landlocked in that area, and speas are very slow down to 14 miles per hour taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza were traffic is stacked up a, moving along nicely across the span of the bridge check for you, looks like everything and it is in the yellow. you can see the bay bridge there and also the san mateo bridge, and the los beats are b
6:32 am
20 minutes across the span. we are following breaking news and family underwear cruise trying to stop a grass fire from spreading on the railroad tracks it appears the fire started have a homeless encampment. firefighters say is now damage to any buildings, and nobody was hurt. i'm jackie ward, live in december you know how investigating and the shooting on a happened yesterday. begin the on the map that the sobs log side interstate 280 at one-to-one. we are waiting period in date from police but the last time we spoke to them said the hottest a lot of from the suspect and suspects involved in the shooting. the search stretches from here to open multiple guns everyone running captured by a shopper ran for a shopper inside tracy jcpenney. to victims rushed to several
6:33 am
cisco male the other end serious but stable. the other injured in connection to the shooting released at the scene. police believe the shooters are shooters escaped. taking a close look at surveillance video. taking a look from the 12th street bart station. possibly get off at 12th street. police armed assault rifles they shut it down to the public for hours and they did not find their suspect. this is what it looks like i'm part of the train which cost the 12th street station to be closed for hours. black people were concerned there is an active shooter at the moment. they said the cops would come one by one. in the kind of explained. she said, what if he is on the train. i want him on the train. i want him to get shot. but the san bruno bart station
6:34 am
also had to be closed for hours as was the parking lot. was just a method that seemed to never and the people involved with the mall open this morning at 10. that is the first chance people have to go back inside and get belongings they quickly had to ditch as they were running. we expect to hear an update from police later this morning. live in san bruno, jackie ward, kpix 5. is final preparations underway for the fourth of july celebration the nations capital. overnight, two military vehicles are parked close to the lincoln memorial and several more including two tanks spotted in a washington railyard. president trump city vehicles will be stationed outside of the fourth of july celebration. but he has not set exactly how they will be used for the takes will stay in place the national mall so they will not tear up local roads while air force one, marine one, the b-2 bomber fighter jet, and the blue angels all take to the skies. suck we are going to have a great fourth of july washington
6:35 am
dc like no other. selected president decided to put large-scale military parade ever since he the they celebrat the president will deliver his speech from the lincoln memorial. the white house and republican national committee getting vip access to favorite friends and colleagues. suck i'm glad he is doing it. i like him as a president. is doing a lot of things that i think should have been done a long time ago. >> of someone wants to show off their toys, show them off. it is military stuff. nobody like that. >> the white house is not saying how much of the event will cause cost taxpayers, but according to the washington post, the national park service is diverting nearly $2.5 million to help foot the bill. the 2020 census forms are now being printed without a question about citizenship. the trump adtion habaed dn on tt
6:36 am
delay the count after losing a case before the was supreme court's for the california attorney general is celebrating the successful end of a long struggle. >> this is a major win against this administration. our families, friends, neighbors and loved ones can stand up and be counted without fear. >> more than 200 companies are urging the u.s. supreme court is to recognize the federal civil rights law outlaws discrimination against gay and transgender employees in the workplace. the companies including amazon and google argue that bias against lgbtq people is a form of illegal sex determination. the justices will hear arguments in october. the number of kindergartens in california without up-to- date vaccinations is dropping. the most 10 percent of kindergartners were not fully vaccinated in 2013 but the number fell to just under five percent in 2017 after state laws were tightened. and two second mental area
6:37 am
pediatricians are under investigation for granting questionable medical exemptions. doctors michael allen and kelly sutton accused of issuing exemptions to kids whose parents simply didn't want to get them vaccinated. the one mother is defending doctor sutton thing medical acceptance were not just handed out to her kids. >> it was a very competent of process, where she knew my children. she understood our family history. she understood my concerns about previous vaccine situations. >> this comes amid new data that nearly 102nd mental county schools do not have vaccination rates higher enough to receive immunity against the measles. disturbing new information from seattle children's hospital. at least six patients have developed infections from mold since the beginning of last year. one patient died because of it. the hospital revealed the cases yesterday. the infections were caused by
6:38 am
common mold in the air, which poses a risk to people with weakened immune immune systems. all 14 of the hospital main operating rooms have been closed since may because of the problem. hospital officials blame the air filtration system. new details on his expected serial rapist a sacrament account account with the same technology that led to an arrest in the golden state killer case. 3030 telling how they secretly snatched the suspects dna. >> i actually ended up recovering some dna evidence at a restaurant, based on a request from the sacramento police department. >> mark manteuffel is a suspect in a series of violent rape cases in the early 90s. he had worked in two federal prisons for two decades and at second mental state university. the fbi said the narrow the pool of possible suspects by matching dna from the crime scene into dna from a public database. investigators say they confirmed
6:39 am
the man was her suspect by retrieving an item he left behind had a restaurant and comparing that to the crime scene dna. a federal jury has found san jose police officers used excessive force with a shot and killed a man back in 2016. police have been called to the home of 18-year-old anthony nunez were he was suffering a suicidal breakdown. officer say he pointed the gun at them before he he opened fire, but a witness testified that it never happened. you to ruled in favor of nunez family. like it was very hard. i was really crying only for his mom and his family, but for our family. >> according to the mercury news, the jury recommended a $2.6 million award to the teens state. a follow-up hearing is scheduled for next week. just about 20 minutes before 7:00. toyota expands the pre-is a recall. according to the la times, the automaker is including previous models made in 2018, to an
6:40 am
earlier recall. toyota pulled almost hundred thousand princes in 2014 because of a defect the electronic power system. according to the times, tell you executive testified on monday that even after the recall, the hybrid failed on as many as 20,000 cars. meanwhile, a southern california toyota dealer is suing toyota. he alleges the company retaliated against his dealerships after sounding the alarm about the problem. tightening security at bars may mean giving up privacy. the new id check raising concerns. a man gets a ticket ticket for writing at the hov lane. why his passenger to not count. the market opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board. the dow is up 56 points. we will get an update from the financial reporter, jason brooks.
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and watchdog claim of a ticking time bomb inside border detention facilities. new photos reveal severe overcrowding plus leading pediatrician describes the horrific conditions. that kids are living in and she said she thought with her own eyes. new details on how president trump is changing up the fourth of july in washington. let's just say in evolves a couple of takes. fake meat, like the product made at impossible foods and redwood city. is exporting a popularity and popping up fast food chains. we will take a look at how safe it is. it is actually healthier the on the real thing. we will see you at 7:00. i know redwood city because i went to menlo atherton which is in menlo park. i know the area very well. >> you know it very well. would you try one of these
6:45 am
burgers? or have you? >> yes, i have. and let's just say that i love a good piece of meat. i am not there yet. i know people swear by it but i'm not there yet. i love a juicy burger. >> i'm with you on that.>> i needed to tie it. we will see you. have a good fourth of july. >> i will see you. thank you. i will be here. are you working tomorrow? >> i am working tomorrow also. i guess i will see you. all right. >> i will see you tomorrow.>> you know that i have to argue with you about the meat.>> i know. >> so much better for the environment. >> you been trying to get me to eat the meat. tesla shareholder celebrating potentially huge merger in silicon valley.>> joining me is the financial reporter jason. good morning. and lots of news out of silicon valley. broadcom reportedly in advanced talks to buy symantec. there is no price tag
6:46 am
associated with the potential deal, but a red bush analyst says could be anywhere of the range of $16-$18 billion, that would be a sign of san jose- based broadcom doubling down on software after purchasing ca technologies last year for nearly $90 billion. stairs in my tribute symantec are up about 50 percent in the early going today. tesla was good news for shareholders. the company topped a delivery record of the second quarter and more than 95,000 wall street has been anticipating the number for weeks. does provide hope for path to profitability which has been a big question and 2019. tesla stock up five percent in the early going. a lot of economic news antithetical the first time in a plymouth claim telling by 8000 to 221,000. left to go to the report. the market closes early today for the holiday, at 10 a.m. pacific. right now the dow is up 65 points with ge cord territoat
6:47 am
2981. >> jason brooks. thank you. many bar patrons in sacramento concerned about the privacy this morning. some popular bars and restaurants in the california capital being forced to collect customers personal information. the venue scales irradiance stores information for up to 30 days 50 technology called patron scan is meant to keep both bar patrons and employees safe, but some people say it is unnecessary. >> some reason he gained the reputation of not being a safe place, that would not be good for the economy or good for jobs. >> i do not want my information out there. we do not want to be on the radar anymore than we are. >> right now the rule only applies to venues that offer entertainment like live music or dancing. less than half the city bars under the category. highway patrol officer has an unusual reminder for
6:48 am
drivers. >> transporting a corpse apparently does not qualify you for the carpool lane. cam video caught the traffic stop when a driver pulled over this minivan what he noticed the driver was sold solo. the driver pointed to the back and asked, does he count? the officer informed the driver that these people do not count he left the driver off with just a warning. suck i hope he was working for a funeral home.>> with this would be transpiring. >> he tried. it failed. we have a traffic alert we needed to get to. this is a traffic alert southbound a 80 near west tennyson road. for lanes are blocked in the area. three cars are involved in the crash and blocking for lanes. you can see that traffic has pretty much just stopped getting to about two miles per hour. can keep an eye on that area.
6:49 am
northbound aed on broadway, one minus blocked and speeds are slowing in that area as well. 12 miles per hour, even down to 10 miles per hour. taking alive look out at 880 and you can see the residual effect of the last crash we are talking about where traffic is really backed up right now, passed the coliseum. we are checking this crash was found 84 the toll plaza. have been looking at this earlier crash was of the toll plaza in early one from the backup for the earlier crash. speeds are still down about 12 miles per hour the southbound drive times working all morning long. even during the rush hour commute. here are the troubled times. super commuters slowing down 580 from a 680 looking like a 36 minute drive, and highway for mac from 160 to 80, is a 43 minute drive. that is a look at the traffic
6:50 am
at the let's take a look at the weather because it is looking beautiful. >> it is a spectacular day across the bay area a nice summer day. afternoon sunshine and enjoyed. here is a look at the salesforce tower camera looking south and you can see low clouds out there. also we are looking at blue skies. the temperatures are in the 50s this morning using seven in concord looking oakland at 56. for the for in livermore. the school 53. 56 in san jose at about 50 for santa rosa. daytime highs will be seasonal, if not a little bit below average this time of year. the weather headlines, cool and breezy start to the day. low clouds with areas of fog with the onshore flow. sunny and mild conditions, not just for today but tomorrow as well with july 4, it looks nice with mild conditions. with the onshore flow kicking in a little bit more the stronger sea breeze tomorrow. i will let you know how it will affect the july 4 for tomorrow.
6:51 am
some clouds around for these differences go fireworks show tomorrow night. i was so futurecast in a moment. here is the satellite and the rater. the ridge of high pressure to the south and up to the north. an area of low pressure bring the ring and started to the pacific northwest your connection weather pattern to the north. that is drying in the onshore flow in the bay area. clearing going through the daily futurecast, taking you hour-by-hour, here we are at 4 p.m. with the son ty. tomorrow morning with the stronger sea breeze in the cloud areas of fog along the coast, could actually see patchy drizzle along the coast in the clouds pull back to the coast. most of us see the sunshine tomorrow, in the afternoon, and tomorrow night if you're heading out to the fishman spore for the fireworks show tomorrow night, we are going to see low clouds and patchy fog develop along the coast and for the salmon fiscal bay alek minassian and that means between 9:52 pm we could see the low clouds develop.
6:52 am
be watching that closely as we have the fireworks show tomorrow. good news here. the low to medium over the next several days and hopefully you're almost done with allergy season. the sunrise at 5:52 of this on saturday, 35. daytime highs in the upper 70s and the low to mid 80s saudi seven in san jose. 82 in concord. 84 for a hello in fairfield. 70 in oakland. mid-sixties in san francisco and the low 60s for pacifica. for the july 4 a forecast, seasonably mild with fun for most of us. for other locations across the bay area, the fireworks forecast for the coast tomorrow and the afternoon, the upper 50s for the 50 bait the low 60s the locations mainly clear skies in the 70s for independence day. the fireworks shows. as we go through friday and into the weekend high pressure strengthens and tempers were up with plenty of sunshine.
6:53 am
my saturday and sunday, highs are inland in the low 90s. in about an hour, we expected to get an update from san bruno police about the continued investigation on yesterday's shooting that sent two to the hospital. just when you thought you were done painting...
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6:56 am
i'm jackie ward. live in several were the investigation following is a shooting continues. police say the shooter shooters are still out there this morning. witnesses say they have heard the first of gunfire shot just before 4 yesterday afternoon. that sent them running in a panic. we have snap chat video captured by a shopper that ran for safety inside of dc pending. to young male victims were rust to san francisco general where one was listed in critical condition. the other in serious the condition, but they will. to others entered a connection were treated and released at the scene. police believed the shooter may have used barter to escape. that is why investors are taking a close look at
6:57 am
surveillance video. specifically focusing on the oakland 12th street bart station. they believe the shooter going on at san bruno possibly got off at 12th street. police armed with assault rifles had to evacuate the oakland station right in the middle of commuting hours. they shut it down to the public and they do not find their suspect. this is what look like on board of the trade that was searched, which cost of the 12th street station to be closed. the san bruno station had to be closed for hours as well, the parking garage was also close. bart is back up and running at both stations. the mall is opening a 10 am. that is peoples first opportunity to get their belongings they had 2 yesterday. the san bruno police department is updating the media are 8 a.m. this morning. jackie ward, kpix 5. it is time for a look at this mornings top stories. crews in san leandro trying to stop a grass fire from
6:58 am
spreading along the railroad tracks near costco, west of a 80. it appears the fire started at a homeless encampment. firefighters say there was no damage to any buildings and nobody was hurt. according to santa clara, police cut a break and break and searched hundred 21.2 percent compared to last year. these are heading large parking lot near freeways and expressways that provides quick escape routes. in a few hours, the first court hearing for san francisco's proposition c is set to happen. the measure will provide services for thousands of homeless people with money from the cities biggest corporations. the companies are now suing. a federal judge has blocked the trump administration is attempted to lock up asylum- seekers while they pursue their cases. the judge ruled the migrants are entitled to bond hearings and the chances to be released from custody, under the constitution. two terry vehicles parked closer to the lincoln memorial in dc and several more including two takes spotted in a railyard. more the traffic alert in hayward, just south of 92. south found a 80, west tennyson
6:59 am
wrote. for lanes are blocked at three cars involved. unfortunately, the corner has been called to the scene, indicating that this has turned deadly. you can see that speeds are slowing down in some cases at 13 miles per hour. and deadly crash, southbound a 80 at west tennyson wrote. we are taking a look at the other crash northbound a 80 at broadway. will nine is blocked because of the crash and speed are slow in that area as well. this other crash, one more before we go. west lawn 84 the toll plaza. lanes are blocked and slow speeds in that area. a beautiful look with our salesforce the tower camera, looking north. you can see the golding gait and patchy fog heading to the day. seasonal daytime highs in the upper 70s and low to mid 80s inland. 82 for a hello in concord. 70 in oakland. the mid 60s in san francisco and we will keep that going for the death of july 4. the stronger onshore flow for
7:00 am
thursday end of the high pressure building and. we will warm up friday and into the weekend. >> we will be able to see fireworks? >> we should. >> you never know until the last minute. thank you for watching. have a great day. good morning to you, our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." ticking time bomb. overcrowded border facilities put migrants and agents at risk, according to homeland security's own watchdog report. a top pediatrician tells us what she saw. plus democratic presidential candidate julian castro comes here to studio 57. las vegas lawsuit. the parents of a woman killed in america's worst gun massacre in modern history sue the company that made those guns and the dealers who sold them. >> our daughter is dead. someone should be held responsible. july 4th salutes president trump's plan for the nation's


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