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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 4, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11, a 6.4 earthquake shakes southern california tonight. we visit the town at the epicenter of it all. a >> a new earthquake alert system finally on its way to the bay area. how a few seconds warning can save lives. >> 12 fires in just one hour. tonight, the quick response from firefighters battling blazes across contra costa county. >> we were with police when they found this, 200 pounds of illegal fireworks. the big bust, tonight. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> we begin with the continued
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fallout from that 6.4 magnitude quake near the town of ridgecrest about 150 miles northeast of los angeles. tonight, we have team coverage. >> we are in the town closest to the epicenter of the quake, trone, where residents are without the basics tonight. >> reporter: there have been a series of aftershocks here near the epicenter and 3.5 with the latest one, very unsettling. the good news here is though the electricity is back on. >> i am still a little shaken up. >> reporter: a lifelong resident of trone up so the earthquake that rocked her small town traumatized her. trone is very close to the epicenter. >> still worried about the after shocks and they are still saying we will have more. so this scary. >> it started shaking. the tv fell off of the wall. all three rooms of the house just caved in and shook the refrigerator into the middle of the kitchen. >> reporter: taurus traveling through trone a from death valley got the scare of a lifetime. >> people were like oh
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were scared. and really scared.>> people went outside and, you know, everything started flying. really scary. >> reporter: the earthquake knocked out power here and damaged some homes. ashley evans showed us these pictures of the inside of her trone a house. she was in her car with her two week old baby when the ground started violently shaking. >> i thought my tire pop because my car was going like this, and i went into the dirt and then i saw like the road had waves in it, and a truck coming was like hitting the bumps and then it stopped. and then i was like in front of the school in the whole school is going back and forth. >> reporter: ashley also showed us these photos and videos from businesses here in trone a and in ridgecrest. the eauak ste shelves and flung last bottles
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to the ground. on the highway outside of trone a, severe damage to the road. crews have already patched it up. for the folks who live here, it is now a waiting game for en the town will get back to normal. >> they told us to turn off our gas and everything. we did. it now we are just writing it out and hoping no more. >> reporter: there is a mineral plant here and there was some concern that the chemicals they use in that plant might leak out because of the earthquake, but firefighters here told us everything was taken care of because of safety precautions that are in place. tom wait, kpix 5. this showed items flying off the supermarket shelves and bottles littered the liquor store floor and tonight there have been more than 100 aftershocks in caltech warrants it may not be over. >> there is about a one in 20 chance of that this location will be having an even bigger earthquake within the next two days that we have not yet seen the biggest earthquake in the sequence. >> the governor has approved an emergency proclamation in kern county. specs the people got advance warning about the quake things to the new shake alert at.
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joe vazquez is live the and the bay area could have this soon? > reporter: right. they have been testing this thing for years and we just heard from usgs today that we will be getting this shake alert system on your phone here in app on your phone within months. they already have it in la and it worked today sort of.>> reporter: at the epicenter of today 6.4 quake, rattled houses, tds not to the floor. 170 miles away, in los angeles, people felt the shocks, but many were disappointed they were not alerted on their shake alert app. that is a new system designed like an amber alert on your phone that tells you if an earthquake has happened and strong shocks are headed your
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way. unless you are so far away, that you are shaking will be that strong. the apps lower threshold was set at 5.0, and this quake was weaker than that by the time he got to los angeles county, so no alert. earthquakes like shaking expected in two seconds. >> reporter: san franciscans who are testing the system in 2014 got less than 10 seconds warning when the 6.0 napa earthquake hit. officials say that is actually enough time to accomplish quite a bit. >> you want to realize we're not only having people do things but having things two things.>> reporter: the usgs said this shake alert system doesn't just alert people on their phones, it's artificial intelligence systems immediately send signals and fractions of a second from anything to train systems to fire departments for communal made, computer automated actions take place. so you can slow down that training close that water valve and open the firehouse door and the fire vehicles can get out and all that can happen in well under 10 seconds. >> reporter: the system also alerts hospitals to stop surgeries and airports to stop planes from taking off. >> the area is essentially ready to go care.
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>> reporter: they say all the automated systems are already working in the bay area, and folks should be able to get that shake alert app on your phone sometime in the next six months. >> as long as all the testing goes as planned, at the end of the year, it is sounding promising for a lot of good things to happen. >> reporter: meanwhile, back in los angeles, you mentioned that it worked today, and that it is because it was below the threshold and it didn't alert people who had the system and that didn't sit well with a lot of folks in los angeles and they griped about it publicly and, in fact, tonight, the city of los angeles sent out a tweet said we hear you and we will lower the threshold, so essentially, if you hear the shocks, you expect something on your phone. and you say, wait a minute, i expected some kind of warning and they didn't get it.>> it is just software so they can adjusted and they will do that. we will have it in the next few
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months may be. reporting live from san francisco. thank you, joe. today's quake with the largest with an epicenter in southern california since 1999. the hector mind quake was a magnitude 7.1 that struck the mojave desert.>> make sure you are ready for the next event and it could happen here at any time. visit our website for a full list of what to pack in your earthquake kit.>> and join our morning team tomorrow for this developing story starting at 4:30. in contra costa county crews have their hands full responding to a dozen fires, all at the 9:00 hour. these are photos from one incident in pittsburgh. firefighters were able to knock down the fires quickly because they brought an extra cruise tonight. check out the scene in east oakland behind the coliseum. it was sped up obviously. us and as it got dark, the illegal fireworks started going off define the advanced warnings from police and
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firefighters. were alongside po tonight as they made fireworks busts in san leandro. >> reporter: it is pretty much the same story every year. an explosion of illegal fireworks come nightfall. tonight we took a ride with police and found out as daunting as it is to try to stop them, they are not giving up. >> reporter: the sun is still up in san leandro, and already the calls are rolling in. specs somebody is calling in a report right now and we're pretty much just around the corner. >> reporter: you can hear them popping off every few seconds. but when we get there,>> we are on the street right now where it is been reported. >> reporter: the people in this house deny having any fireworks. the lieutenant says despite having extra officers patrolling, and additional dispatchers answering phones, this is often how it is on the fourth of july. >> generally we drive away in the second we will run the corner, they are back out in the street again lighting more fireworks off even if we
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already confiscated some. >> reporter: that is exactly what happens. moments later -- >> the same house only this time -- he said these are the most difficult calls on july 4. set we are not able to identify who is actually lighting them off, we don't have any kind of criminal case, so the best thing we can do is just try to recover those fireworks. >> reporter: this guy gets of the warning. the big bust comes later in the evening when officers spotted an empty car and apart. >> they saw several blocks of fireworks inside. >> reporter: when we got to the police department, alameda county bomb squads are sorting to the stash. altogether about 200 pounds of fireworks recovered including these and they don't look like much, but it is a quarter of a stick of dynamite, highly combustible. also this is a/cracker. 16,000 fireworks in one.>> they are dangerous, and it can really hurt you. >> reporter: he said the best defense is getting as many of them possible off the streets, and making sure residents know what is legal and what is
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not.>> no fireworks here. you have the warning last year. i don't want to come back again tonight.>> justin carter video of people firing off illegal fireworks in san francisco's mission district despite numerous warnings from police. the snapshot video shows a group launching the pirate technics dangerously close to homes entire lines. >> you couldn't see the legal fireworks in san francisco tonight with too much fog, so here's the view from washington, dc. cincinnati ohio. chicago's navy pier, and you will see it in a minute, the arch at st. louis. it is just too bad, but that is the way it goes.
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chief meteorologist paul deanno with what is in the plans tomorrow. >> a pattern change beginning tonight which will lead to less fog by tomorrow morning and warmer weather. overnight lows tonight will be in the 50s. 55 in oakland and 56 in san jose and napa 53. tomorrow not that much warmer near the water, but sunnier. and we will not see a return of the low cloud cover tomorrow evening. we missed it by a day. oakland is at 72 in san francisco at 67 widespread 80s from concord to fairfield in the upper 80s and low 80s for san jose and napa and 88 tomorrow in santa rosa and will finish the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. president trump led his salute to america at the national mall in washington to celebrate fourth of july. critics are calling the event a shameless attempt to celebrate himself. >> today we come together as one nation with this very special salute to america. >> the event in the nations capital featured tanks and military vehicles and flyovers by the navy's blue angels. pageantry and applause and all branches of the armed forces were on president trump event generated days of intense criticism mostly from democrats and others who accuse him of politicizing independence day.
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it was marked by protest like this one thursday in front of the white house. >> in his speech president trump ran for more than two centuries of iconic moments in american history. in the audience he honored clarence henderson who took part in a sit in at greensboro, north carolina at the woolworth's lunch, and are there in 1960 in a moment that many say began the civil rights movement. the event still doesn't have a public price tag, but the flyovers alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars an hour. 2020 democratic presidential candidates hit the campaign trail for the fourth of july storming key primary states including iowa and new hampshire. the candidates got up close and personal with voters in their bid to base president trump
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next fall. national polls still show joe biden as the front runner with senators harris and elizabeth warren making gains among primary voters. on the fundraising front, president trump campaign says it has raised $54 million for his campaign war chest in the second quarter. south bend indiana mayor, pete buttigieg raised nearly 25 million just ahead of biden and sanders. >> what i am going to do is answer the questions i am asked and try to move the debate where i think the democratic party needs to go. >> we have just more grassroots enthusiasm than any campaign out there. we have over 1 million volunteers in this country. >> the democratic national convention taking place in milwaukee, wisconsin, and it is about one year away in the event officially kicks off the general election. a cold tycoon and self-made billionaire, one of seven people killed in a bahamas helicopter c
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here is some breaking news out of sonoma county want to get too. we are learning the sheriff's deputy has been involved in a shooting and has taken down an assault suspect in bodega bay. the suspect is also accused of stealing a car. this all happened just after 8:00 tonight at the bodega harbour subdivision. the deputy and the chp officers rushed to the scene after getting reports of a man who was assaulting people. they found multiple victims injured. the police tracked down a suspect who allegedly assaulted the police officers, anisthe de that suspect and victim's world transported to hosp>>fireinse stgarageand ar me
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broke out around 2:00 this afternoon on communications hill. the fire grew to 35 acres before firefighters got it contained. san jose skies are still lighting up with the legal fireworks tonight. some people are totally disregarding warnings from police. ray medina is there live for us on communication hill.>> reporter: we saw a legal fireworks being set off every few minutes for several hours. you can still hear some of it going on, but some say despite the warnings and the possible consequences, it won't stop them.>> reporter: before the sun even set, the streets were filled with families. and illegal fireworks. >> they are safe. everybody here, they clean up their mess. trip this was the scene last year the day after fourth of july. debris left behind and even
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damaged at least one car. this year, he armed himself with a broom. he doesn't agree that fireworks on the fourth should be against the law. >> for number of years we have been doing this now, and it is safe. it is a family oriented thing. >> it scares me when i think i see wodo in the wrong hands. >> we have seen them out there throwing fireworks, literally. i took video of them throwing fireworks up there. thank god nothing happened at the time. >> reporter: this year city leaders as well as firefighters reminded residents they could report their neighbors breaking
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the law by taking a picture of the person setting off fireworks and sending it in, or calling the fireworks hotline. >> god bless america. >> reporter: despite the push to curb the illegal activities, some say it is tradition, and not even the law will get in their way. >> this is a family thing. everybody cleans up their mess and everybody won't put their kids in danger. it is about getting together and family.>> reporter:, now, if you are caught with those you the fine could be up to $1000 here in san jose. if you're caught selling them, the fine could be up to $50,000. live in san jose, kpix 5. 1 billion or cold tycoon is among seven people killed in a helicopter crash in the bahamas. chris klein built a business empire in west virginia. his wife is also among the seven people killed. all of the americans. the helicopter was heading to fort lauderdale when it went down early today off the coast of big grand k island. authorities in the bahamas are investigating. switching gears back to the weather. folks are still skiing in lake tahoe. >> isn't that weird. skiing and fireworks on the same day. the snowpack is 80% above average and we had a wet winter and spring and snow in the mountains. now it is time to warm up on
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july 5. take a look outside right now. we are cloudy and foggy in san francisco word is 54 degrees and obviously one of the cool spots in concorde and livermore cool all evening and in the 60s in san jose 60 degrees in the records for july 4? the hottest ever was in livermore with one of five and back in nine teen 05 it hit 95 degrees in san francisco and obviously no or close today, but an all-time record high set in anchorage, alaska, today and it hit 90 degrees for the first time in that city's modern history. morgan hill won't even get that warm over the next few days despite the fact there warming up and sunny and 86 and 89 will be the high coming up on saturday. so what is going on? why did we get the change today because this low did not leave quick enough. the ridge did not get close to us quick enough and that will happen tomorrow with the low moving out of we get a more compressed marine layer and it won't push as far inland and
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the push won't be a strong from the ocean so the transition will warm us up a view degrees above average and we will see widespread morning clouds into the water and tomorrow early but tomorrow late the sunshine is back in the lack of cloud cover that stays over the ocean in san mateo county. and we get sunshine from start to finish on saturday as the ridge takes over the weather picture if you will. we get a warm but not hot northwest flow coming from the ocean which will keep temperatures very close to average for the next several days. the warmest days will be tomorrow and saturday but only a few degrees above average and onshore flow increases and we cool off starting sunday, temperatures running below average for the first half of next week. the highs tomorrow will be in the 80s, warmer than today in santa rosa 88 in fairfield 89 in sanaz 83. 78 gorgeous degrees in vallejo and san rafael 78 in redwood city 78. 76, mountain view, 67 seven cisco. the warmest weather we friday and saturday but cooler another water and 70s near the bay. we all cool off on sunday, and that will last through wednesday.
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the morning team will be up and adam tomorrow morning and join them for weather and traffic starting at 4:30. of course, but the fireworks, legal ones are finished, now the pattern changes and we get less soggy. >> of course. tomorrow will be crystal clear probably. >> actually it will. you are exact the right. coming up, the fourth of july treat for the lemurs today at the san francisco zoo. >> i wondered what they were doing. this is not a bed.
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well, you know, we are not the only ones who love a fourth of july picnic. >> that is right. just ask the lemurs at the san francisco zoo. they also love a picnic. this holiday means a very special treat. a juicy sweet watermelon. this guy even willing to walk a tight rope to enjoy. his little summer treat.
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>> and who wouldn't be? right? >> exactly. who doesn't love a watermelon? he was walking on a tight rope for one but we all of watermelon. coming up in sports, it looks like it won't be on his final destination in the oakland a's style
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♪ ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time.
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this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ for the oakland a's, a pretty common occurrence. they homered in each of their last eight games trying to make it nine straight this afternoon. for the game, bob melvin presented mack chapman with his all-star journey see in the twins up 1-0 in the first inning and he had the bases loaded and drives one into the gap but mariano races to make the catch and that play and the inning. the bottom of the fourth chris harmon delivers a two-out rbi single score and chris davis tying the game at one in harmon was forward before in the game. the next inning former giant singles off anderson and cruise scores to give minnesota 2-1 lead and anderson did not make it out of that inning.
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but oakland responds in marcus simeon leads off the bottom of the inning with a solo shot to tie the game at two and jump ahead to the bottom of the eight. oakland with a one one lead and simeon puts this game away for good. the fourth career grand slam there in a second home run of it in the 80s when it 7-2 and they are now eight games above 500 matching a season-high. >> it looks like andre and his time in memphis will be short according to a report. the grizzlies are trying to trade him with the mavericks and golden state's biggest rival houston showing the most interest. that is it.>> meghan markle watching serena williams at wimbledon. she dropped the first set but in the second set williams blastee and she took that one at 6-2 in the third set matchpoint for serena and she blows away with an ace and williams comes back to when in three sets 2-6, 6-2, and 6-4
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. >> joey chestnut going for his fourth straight win at the nathan's hot dog eating contest. he 871 hotdocs in 10 minutes. that was three short of the record and chest not set that last year. still chestnut crush the field eating the second-place finisher by 22 dogs to win the 12th mustard belt in the last 13 years. congratulations to him and his stomach. >> he looks like he is a bellyache in the video. i don't feel so good. >> apparently, 71 hotdocs will do that to you. >> he has the mustard belt though and that is all that matters. >>
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an unusual way to celebrate the fourth of july. and a t-shirt in the snow. some people even skied in swimsuits and shorts. the snow was not exactly pristine but it didn't really
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matter. the snow goers didn't seem to care. squaw valley is open until sunday. >> there you go. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> our next newscast is tomorrow morning at focalin 30. we leave you with one of the captioning sponsored by cbs >> february 9, 1964. television history. the beatles made their american debut on "the ed sullivan show." and now, on the same stage, exactly 50 years later-- plus five more years, three months, six days-- a new batch of mop- topped heartthrobs has landed. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: cassius clay and his spinning plates, everyone. thank you, cassius. ladies and gentlemen, tonight we've got a big, big show, and it continues. you may have heard there's a new musical craze sweeping the globe. these fellas are really something. they're called bts, and people
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are so excited, you can-- you can only call it beatus mania.


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