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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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just to get on the lot. >> reporter: today the streets were virtually traffic free and at the new northern lot -- >> a lot better. when you get here it is empty so you can get inside. you don't have to be going around and around, trying to stay in the line. >> reporter: some drivers told us they had trouble finding the new waiting area and others may not know about it at all. >> most of the people don't t us know. i think lyft they did, but uber no. >> reporter: the airport says it is working on that and working to get the new laws listed on navigation systems like google maps and waze. now this was a light travel day at sfo, so this may not have been the most grueling test of the new system. >> you are right it could be related to the holidays, maybe traffic a little bit down today but ultimately this new lot that just opened this morning will more than double the capacity that we will have for uber and lyft drivers to presage their vehicles. so, we think it will help a lot on both ends of the airport.
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>> people can always take a cab from the curb. >> reporter: always an option that is right. to all my cabdriver friends were on me about not mentioning that on wednesday, you can still take a cab. maybe asking who is paying for all of this? the setting up of these lots and everything we have just shown you. well, the tnt companies pay fees to access the airport. that creates a pool of money, and then that money is used for operations like this. so that she and sees themselves are sort of funding the footwork and all the organization and the acquisition of space for this. now the big test is really going to be sunday. folks who left town for the long holiday weekend here will generally be coming back on sunday. that will be a big traffic day so you will have the airport and the folks down in millbrae specifically watching the streets to see if the new northern lot kind of curtails the traffic we will see. we are live here at sfo.
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wilson walker kpix5. turning now to yesterday's powerful earthquake in southern california. biggers aftershocks are keeping people on alert following the region's strongest shaking in nearly 20 years. yesterday's magnitude 6.4 quake struck in the mojave desert. about 150 miles northeast of los angeles. since then at least 1200 aftershocks have been recorded. the strongest, a magnitude 5.4 aftershock struck at 4:00 this morning. seismologists say there is a chance more powerful aftershocks could strike in the coming days. nicole comstock has the very latest from ridgecrest. >> reporter: there is broken glass all over the floor inside this mobile home in ridgecrest. the surgeon total of 20 years is now red tagged, and unsafe to live in after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. >> how could this have happened, we never dreamed it would happen. >> reporter: this is among the
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worst of the damage caused by the violent shaking caught on camera inside multiple businesses. the worst quake socal has seen in decades. >> they are letting us get our stuff out. >> reporter: unfortunately they cannot put this place back together. but some businesses can. >> we will be able to open the library. >> reporter: pre-much every book and said the ridgecrest library was thrown to the ground. the volunteers spent the day picking the backup. something to keep kate anderson's mind off the hundreds of aftershocks she has felt a sense. >> 4:00 this morning it was 5.4. and i dove under the table. >> reporter: it was a good place to keep the little ones occupy too. the seven-year-old twins put on a >> tolibrary fo summer reading and all i got was a silly soap. >> reporter: they left the serious stuff to the adults, house minority leader kevin mccarthy visited the mobile
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home park late this afternoon. bringing a dolly to help those forced to leave. >> we want to bring in paul deanno now. at least 1200 aftershocks, it could go on for a while but they are saying this was long overdue for that area? >> not the san andreas fault at the different fault line that we have not seen much activity in that area for a while. so let us put things in perspective. a magnitude 6 or greater is a significant earthquake. the last big one was the 2014 napa air quake this is the biggest one that southern california has seen in 20 years. more video of what happened yesterday. magnitude 6 or stronger to hit southern california was back in 1989. the 6.4 that southern california received yesterday may not be the biggest one in the series. it could've been what is called a foreshock. the usgs says there is about a one in 20 chance that an even bigger earthquake could hit that area within the next five or six days. >> the previous decade had had about eight magnitude 6? this
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has been an extremely quiet, abnormal time. this type of earthquake is much more normal. on the long run, we expect earthquakes of this size, it is not even 6 1/2. the long-term average is probably once every five or 10 years in southern california. >> only the usgs can say it is not even a 6 1/2. the folks in and around witchcraft to say that is plenty big a couple of questions that commonly after an earthquake of this size, does this relieve the pressure for future earthquakes? the answer is yes, but not to the point that any other big earthquake would be prevented by this 6.4 quake. a lot of people like to .2, was the earthquake weather. all the research i have seen on that, there is no such thing. there was no earthquake weather yesterday because it does not exist. and does this increase or decrease the chance we would have an earthquake here in northern california? has awoken things up relieve
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pressure? it has neither. our risk has remained, it is exactly the same now that it was yesterday or the day before or the day before. it didn't change anything for northern california. what about you likely, the stronger the earthquake, the longer the aftershocks take before they go away and the stronger they are. a magnitude 8 would have seven aftershocks, a magnitude 6 would have five aftershocks. this was a significant enough quake. there will be significant shakes for the next one or two months in southern california because of what happened. >> the usgs can only say, they are the only one to consider the chances of a bigger quake in all of california, 100%. we will have a bigger quake. >> ontological scale, which is not the stuff we deal with from day-to-day, the plates are moving, we are on a plate, it is as not stable below our feet as we take for granted. >> we have the big one down here. meanwhile in contra costa county a brush fire burned or
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broke out a little after 12:00 this afternoon. on the hilly area off franklin canyon road. chopper five was over the scene it scorched about six acres and was contained in a little over an hour. fire crews believe it may have been caused fireworks. illegal fireworks were seen all over the bay area yesterday. don ford tells us there were 37 reported fires last night in contra costa county. and many, if not all were related to fireworks. in >> reporter: for weeks leading up to the fourth of july, the fire department has been warning us of dangerous conditions. but apparently after last night's results, some people just don't get it. >> as soon as the sun starts to go down and people start letting off their fireworks and firecrackers, we just pretty much go from incident to incident. >> all night long? >> all night long.
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>> reporter: >> based on what we saw last night, the fourth of july, we are anticipating we may have a couple of tough nights. >> they say pictures are worth 1000 words as we gave you the pictures there and will try to recoup and recover from little technical problem but you get the idea it was very dangerous night out there. police and san bruno in hot pursuit of illegal fireworks all night as well. you know what? they weren't hard-to-find. after responding to nearly 150 calls for service they made a total of 21 arrest. they sees about 65 pounds of illegal fireworks. everybody arrested later
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released with a citation and that will cost to them $1000. some fireworks of a different kind on the streets of san francisco as activists march to house speaker nancy pelosi's district office, calling on congress to close immigration detention centers. a similar protest happened in washington, d.c. catherine johnson is there tonight and tells us president trump responded with renewed deportation threats. >> reporter: border patrol actions, compassion, and public trust are all being brought into question right now on capitol hill. this comes during one of the most challenging times in the agency's history. >> reporter: demonstrators called to abolish ice and
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agency headquarters on friday. >> a day after the fourth of july we see our government making people afraid. >> president trump says ice agents will soon begin the mass immigration roundups he previously delayed. >> let them call them raids, i said they came in illegally and we are bringing them out legally. >> reporter: the treatment of migrants living in the u.s. and on the border has come under scrutiny in the recent weeks. does it have lunch an internal investigation into social media post allegedly by cbd employees marking migrant deaths and bashing democrats. >> i haven't seen it, i will say this for certain members of congress say very bad things and lie and exaggerate. and border patrol people are tough people, they are not happy about it. >> reporter: capitol hill are expected to hear from top immigration officials next week about this controversial post and the growing crisis at the southern border. >> president trump created this problem without congressional support, i think the next president should take executive
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actions. >> reporter: a recent report by the homeland security's inspector general detailed severe overcrowding issues at cbd cbp facilities. they also described action of children with no access to showers. >> i have seen some of those places and they are run beautifully, they are clean, they are good, they do a great job. >> the place and the president is blaming the overcrowding on congressional democrats and want lawmakers to liver a conference of border security plan. house democrats have called for stricter oversight of the detention facilities along the border. it is something they even pushed but failed to get into the emergency border funding bill that the president assigned last week. >> catherin us in washington. a new twist in the battle over adding the citizenship question to the 2020 census. the justice department told a federal judge today to the trump administration is not giving up on that idea. and a new court filing, doj attorneys say they have been instructed to reevaluate all
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available options to add the citizenship question. this comes after the supreme court record rejected the rationale for the question. >> we can start the creek printing now and maybe do an addendum after we get a positive decision. we are working on a lot of things, including an executive order. >> critics argue the question could lead to an undercount in some states including california. that could affect federal funding and congressional districts. >> if you got oakland's i just cannot get any more brazen thing again. this driver started doing donuts, just for us when it saw our news band van, with the city plans to do to keep the problem from spinning totally out of control. a reminder you can watch the best of san francisco pride tomorrow night, 8:00 on our sister station kv cw right after saturday night kpix5 news at 11.
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a judge ruled today that proposition c, the one that was spearheaded here in san francisco by salesforce ceo marc benioff, is legitimate and can move forward. the rulings mark a major development in what is likely to be an ongoing fight. rob c, if you remember back in 2018 was passed in november. it raised taxes on the city's biggest businesses and would bring in as much as $300 million by some estimates to be put to use to help the homeless population. the city attorney issued a statement today saying we are pleased the quote the court has confirmed with voters actively initiate process a simple majority vote is required. these decisions are a victory for voters and a victory for
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democracy. we have reached out to san francisco mayor london breed for some reaction to this, we have not heard back just yet. i do live news desk i am ken bastida. a man is dead after the suv he was running and crashed into an embankment on mount hamilton. chp says the vehicle plunged off the side of mount hamilton road just before midnight. firefighters had to use cables to hoist the suv out of the ditch. the driver told officers they were leaving a restaurant and heading downhill when the range rover drifted. this happened near allen rock road, just outside of san jose. officers determined that the driver, 36-year-old latoya phillips, was under the influence of alcohol. she was arrested for felony dui. police in santa clara are looking for a suspect in a shooting at great america. it happened around 9:40 last night. police say a fight broke out in the area leading up to the medical to metal detectors at the park entrance.
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one person fired a shot hurting a person at a scene they were treated on site for minor injuries. the unidentified gunmen email he fled the scene. firefighters in san jose a couple of boys playing with fireworks sparked a near disaster on the court last night. multiple trees and at least one car caught fire. firefighters were able to save the home. in this essay teenagers are playing with fireworks on the street when one exploded. >> some little kid passing by and needed to fireworks and down the street. they thought it would be funny and unfortunately, they actually caught it on fire. duffy there were no reports of injuries, no word at this point of any arrest. i am or our melissa caen spent the day in the neighborhood and to have more press ahead at 6:00. on the fire watch pg&e is trying to reduce wildfire risk using helicopters like that when sitting there, it took off from buchanan field in concord this morning.
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it is inspecting powerlines in contra costa and alameda counties. now pg&e has four of these helicopters equipped with a light detection and lidar technology that can measure how close the vegetation is to the distribution lines. >> we are also getting information on any kind of patterns, and he risks, so that we know if there is any vegetation that has the potential risk of falling into our lines. after this pg&e will use the helicopters in san mateo and santa clara counties and then napa, celano and marin county's. the project got started back in april and should be complete by the end of august if the weather cooperates. add wine to the list of things impacted by climate change. warmer spring seasons are bringing more humid air and rain to europe. that means winemakers increasingly have to use pesticides to ward off past and diseases. your ping groups, including chardonnay, riesling, and pinot noir are more delicate and
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often need several doses of pesticides. >> you know the delicate grapes. >> they are i tried to grow some. it is harder than it looks. >> they are very diva-ish. >> the animals love them. humans haven't had a chance to try them yet. interesting weather weekend and that tomorrow will be a really warm day and you're thinking i cannot get outside tomorrow, i'll get outside sunday but it could be up to 15 degrees cooler in a couple of spots. although by the pendulum swing back and forth with temperature coming up this weekend. let us look outside, pick your climate with the 60s, the 70s, the 80s and the 90s like your favorite radio station perhaps a. concord near the warm spot and 91, santa rosa in the 80s, oakland, san jose in the 70s and of course typically san francisco in the 60s with low clouds poised to move back into night. oakland 55, sam rockwell 55. i see this a lot but it's always interesting to see how far apart our temperatures get
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during the day and look at how close they get at night. only four degrees is separating everyone. concord 56, san jose 56 degrees. weekend time, you're halfway through a holiday weekend but here are a few things you can do on saturday and sunday. maybe the marin county fair, it is in san rafael, the warmer day of the two will likely make it into the low 80s and beautiful marin county if you like things on the cool side, cools with the jazz and the music and cool when it comes to temperature that is the festival for you on sunday. it will be brisk and breezy, even drizzling out with low cloud cover and cool conditions in the 60s and san francisco. you can see the temperature change in a city like walnut creek, you made it to the upper 80s today. you will make it to the upper 80s tomorrow with lots of sunshine for start to finish. the low clouds make it to walnut creek and there will be much cooler, not even hitting 80 degrees coming up on sunday. cooler weather for the 7/2 of the weekend. here is why, it has been abnormally wet in the pacific northwest, you would think 700 miles away, call your friends in seattle and say i hope you
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get sunny soon. trust this has an impact on our weather because when the low passes to our north cracks of the onshore breeze actively makes the marine layer deeper is that the better chance of moving inland. he said that several times of the past couple weeks and will see it again on sunday went to gets chilly it will stay chili for about three or four days. tomorrow morning, minimal cloud cover, lots of blue sky in the afternoon. this is saturday, watch the change. your television screen or smartphone that is sunday morning. here comes the cloud cover and then we will even with sunshine in the afternoon temperatures much cooler. pretty profound weather trained coming up between saturday and sunday. once again the sunrise, warmer day is saturday. and in the first half of next week will stay kind of like sunday on the cool side of average. napa 80, livermore 87, the warm spot. 66 answer for cisco, big timber to drop on sunday. even cooler on monday, not even hitting 70 degrees on the bay. we'll warm back up to average by wednesday and get a couple degrees warmer than that next thursday and friday. that is you are kpix5 forecast.
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miss america phenom just wrapped up another win at wimbledon. i mounting an incredible comeback to advance to the round of 16. should i mention she is not even 16?
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit she has done it again, 15- year-old corey coco gauff gives her historical wimbledon run alive after a come from behind
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rally. >> i love mom and dad. at one point she got emotional as her parents probably cheered her on. after being down the first set, the young american sensation saved off to match points. earlier this week she made headlines when she be tennis legend venus williams with today's victory, she now advances to wimbledon around 16. >> exciting stuff. the u.s. women's soccer team is just days away from battling benevolence up for the world cup title. the team is already edged past spain, knocked out host nation france, and boat broke english hearts. on sunday morning it will take on a country that has only been to the world cup once before. the team usa wins against the
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netherlands it will join germany as the only team to win twice in a row. bay area fans can watch the final from the stadium in san jose, it is free, but you need to reserve a spot online. here is a strange moment for you come here we are in east oakland doing a story about the sideshows that happen off of a 80 including a large one last night when all of a sudden a car pulls right up in front of our photographer and starts doing doughnuts. is this fun as the participants claim? or is it recklessness? what is the city doing about it. in tune and, my report is coming up. in plus, a huge spike in san francisco homeless count, but it is not because more people are living on the streets, we will explain. last month's heat wave took a serious toll on certain sea life. the indiovery just off the northern california coast.
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thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years?
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is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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you are watching kpix5 news at 5:30. now at 5:30, a wild scene on the streets of oakland. police move in but participants say this is all in fun. good evening i'm allen martin. >> i am elizabeth cook. joe vazquez is where sideshows were happening as he was whispering this reporting the story today. >> reporter: i am under highway 880 and his intersection behind me is what they call the pit. you can see a black into the pavement is from cars burning the rubber and spinning round and round. here are some other evidence from last nighpay. the package of borders, illegal fireworks. this video from a man who did not want to be identified shows the fourth of july fireworks shooting into the night's sky as cars do doughnuts with


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