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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  July 6, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 6:00, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocks southern california. the fallout this morning from the massive quake. plus helicopters hovering over areas in alameda and contra costa counties, the work being done to -- what police just found in sunnyvale. it is 6:00 a.m. on this saturday, july 6th. i'm devon feely. >> i'm melissa caen. >> an easy day weatherwise today. not a whole lot of change from yesterday. ♪ before i get to the numbers, since you just heard, there was another earthquake in southern california. i want to show you briefly how and where that was felted. ♪ take a look at the map behind
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me here. any of the areas shaded in light blue and green are where ♪ people reported to the usgs they felt it. here in the bay area, last night a little after 8:00 p.m. this is how driving should feel. there were people in the south bay who said they felt this the tech-advanced nissan leaf. one. no damage here but a 7.1 coming the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. up from devon and alyssa in a ♪ second, in ridgecrest. as far as the way things look out there this morning, there are low, gray clouds to start this early july day and temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. pretty much where you would expect us to be for this time of year. we will go to 66 officially for the city today, a few patchy morning low clouds and the forecast across the rest of the bay area shows us we will be in the upper 80s inland. that's where we are going to have a noticeable change tomorrow. we are going to be as much as 10 degrees cooler inland tomorrow. more on that coming up in the complete forecast in a few minutes. for now, guys, back over to you. >> thanks. and now the latest developments on that 7.1 lebron's lakers will not be magnitude earthquake that hit the only tough opponent the
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southern california last night. warriors will face in l.a. governor gavin newsom has issued an emergency proclamation for san bernardino espn is reporting kawhi leonard county. >> he previously proclaimed a expected to sign with the los angeles clippers. state of emergency for kern they will acquire paul george via trade. to baseball. this adorable giants fan taking county after a magnitude 6.4 quake on the 4th of july. on the action. not so sure he cares about the that is a foreshock to the 7.1 score. san francisco trailing 3-1 in the first. bases loaded for kevin pillar. tremor around ridgecrest. the governor has put the operation center for the office the giants cut the deficit to of emergency services at its one. in the third the giants' alex highest level. the state is coordinating dickerson smashes this fastball mutual aid to local first to right. he homers in back-to-back games responders. >> the quake did last for some and the game is tied at three. time. it was felt wildly throughout, but in the 4th inning drew well, most of southern california and even as far pomeranz continues. he goes four, gives up six hits north here as sacramento. the shaking intensity was very and four earned runs. st. louis snaps san francisco's significant. >> there are some reports of four game win streak and go on fires connected to last night's to win by a final of 9-4. e thishome in as fans traveling on the ridgecrest. there is also new damage to road as oakland takes on the some buildings and there are reports of some minor injuries. seattle mariners. top of the seventh in this one, tied at two, chris davis on authorities have not revealed specific numbers but details
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third when ramone lauriano gets could emerge with daylight as b the ball deep enough for a sack situation. all the way in las vegas an fly. nba summer league basketball top of the 9th inning, okayed game was postponed when it looking for more insurance, started shaking last night. pinch hitter robbie grossman double deep to right. many fans started to head both dave and liriano score. towards the exit. the scoreboard of the speakers the athletics win by a final hanging from the ceiling were seen visibly swaying. >> i think we got another five-2, brett anderson gets his earthquake. >> yes. >> last night's quake was also ninth win of the season. felt in los angeles. here's a look at dodger stadium as the quake hit in the 4th 6:26. inning of the major league more from southern california baseball game. where a 7.1 magnitude that game did continue. >> and all of a sudden like the earthquake hit around 8:00 last night. as you know, you bring a dodgers i think were up and all bag or you pay the price. of a sudden like something but in san francisco the amount started shaking and we are you pay is about to jump. like, looking around and all of we will tell you how much. a sudden everyone is like, whoa. >> also in los angeles the quake was felt by news anchors at kcbs television. >> we are experiencing quite a bit of shaking. if you will give us a brief moment here, we are making sure that nothing is going to come down in the studio here. >> and it is going for a very s
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earthquake. 8:21 here on the air. we are experiencing very strong shaking. i think we need to get under the desk. >> we are going to go to break, be back after this. wow. >> one reporter recorded this video inside of her home in pasadena. lights hanging from the ceiling swayed back and forth in her kitchen and living room. and in anaheim visitors were taken by surprise at disneyland. this video was shot in the food court as that earthquake hit. and and last night's quake was also felt in parts of san jose and surrounding cities. it prompted an elevator to shut down at a condo complex. light fixtures swaying, doors opening and uttingand furniture shaking. they felt more of a rocking sensation rather than a shake and they say it lasted for what seemed like a couple of minutes. one construction worker was
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installing tile downtown yesterday evening when he says there are moments in life e an it felt like the tile saw was that leave a lasting impression. going to tip over and when i like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, went to my partner and says did or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you feel that? it was more like a rolling feeling, kind of like on a boat or something like that. you might remember new flavours, >> very scary and it makes us wonder here in northern or a view that defies all expectations. california, right, if it's going to trigger something here. >> a statement from governor these are the memories that stay with you, gavin newsom released last night reads in part, on behalf long after the moments have passed. of all californians, i offer my heartfelt support to those affected by tonight's earthquake near ridgecrest. for more information on how to honey, this gis ridiculously fast. prepare for a major earthquake, we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. go to, our website keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's. contains a list of what to pack the romeros. patels. the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right. in your at home earthquake kit. no one is going to have internet like this. pg&e is beginning aerial inspections of powerlines. xfinity makes keeping up with the joneses the goal is to reduce wildfire simple. easy. awesome. risk. want gig-speed internet? this helicopter took off on we've got you covered. buchanan field in concord yesterday to check on powerlines in contra costa and or check out our other amazing speed options. get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. alameda counties. pg&e has four helicopters equipped with flight detection click, call or visit a store today.
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and ranging on the an to manage vegetation after the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. >> this is not replacing ground inspections. it's enhancing. more than 25,000 miles of line using this lidar. >> you may see the helicopters flying fairly low, 300 to 400 feet in elevation to measure how far the vegetation is from studios, this is kpix5 news. >> welcome back. it's just about 6:30. distribution lines. good morning. d i'm messent dev. san jose police arrested a suspect wanted in a fatal hit- and-run crash involving a >>we have developing news so bicyclist. the victim was riding on curtner avenue yesterday when a california on edge after another powerful earthquake white ford hit him and sped shook the region last night. away. they found a 62-year-old this happened around 8:20 p.m., bicyclist lying in the road. he later died at the hospital. it was a magnitude 7.1 centered near the city of ridgecrest in police have not released the kern county. identities of the suspect or he was stronger than that 4th victim. we are learning more about of july tremor that hit the the man who assaulted officers same area. >> we have significant reports and other people thursday night at a bodega harbor subdivision. the suspect has now been of fires, structure fires,
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mostly as a result of gas leaks identified as 32-year-old bati or gas line breaks. there are gas line breaks coffey of san francisco. he consumed drugs and assaulted three people. he stole a car and took off. throughout the city. there are also reports of water officers tracked him down nearby and that's when he main breaks, power is out and communications is out to parts allegedly assaulted them provoking -- police in sunnyvale looking of the community. >> some pro basketball players for potential victims of experienced it as well all the identity theft after a skimming way in las vegas an nba summer device was discovered inside of a pub at a gas station. league game was postponed when according to the sunnyvale things started shaking last public safety department an night and many fans headed toward the exits. alert maintenance worker found >> it is on the same fault the skimming device at the 76 station on el camino real. system. it is larger, so we are extending up the little lake the thief was able to open the falls, it is still up in the pump and insert the device so owens valley. this earthquake is farther away it could go undetected. from the los angeles area. it was discovered on june 25th my expectation is that but could have been there for days or months. ridgecrest is having a >> i think you should get gas difficult time tonight. >> here's a photo of one of and not have to worry about your personal finance. >> investigators are urging those fires. a house in the city of anyone who bought gas at the 76 ridgecrest. there are also reports of new station to come forward if they structural damage to some buildings and reports of some find any evidence of credit
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card fraud. minor injuries. new details about those 4th authorities have not given any of july side shows in oakland. specific numbers just yet. oakland police say about 200 but with daylight this morning people gathered at 42nd avenue crews will be better able to assess the situation. the quake was felt in many and 880 for the illegal parts of the state including the los angeles area. fireworks and side show. a reporter from kcbs tv 12 people were arrested, 17 vehicles towed and more than recorded this video inside her home in pasadena. >> i think we got another 100 citations issued for earthquake. >> yep, we definitely have an vehicle code violations. and a judge just ruled that a vote on san francisco's earthquake going on. >> the quake also affected a proposition c which was backed major league baseball in l.a. here's a look at the dodgers by salesforce ceo mark benning game against the padres as the quake hit in the 4th inning. hof was legitimate. that game did continue after prop six raised taxes on the city's biggest businesses to bring in hundreds of millions the shaking stopped. of dollars for homeless but news coverage on kcbs their studio. e to rattlingin services and housing. pro business organizations sued claiming that the city violated the state constitution by >> we are experienng quitea allowing prop c to pass with bit of shaking, if you will just a simple majority vote and give us a brief moment here, we are making sure that nothing is going to come down in the not a 2/3 majority. studio here. >> yeah. and it is going for quite a yesterday city attorney dennis herrera issued a statement saying, quote, we are pleased bit, everybody. that the court has confirmed it continues to rattle pretty that when voters act through strong here. >> 8:21 here on the air. the initiative process, a we are experiencing very strong simple majority vote is
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required and these decisions shaking. i think we need to get under the desk. >> we are going to go to break. are a victory for voters and a we will be right back after this. wow. victory for democracy. >> we will be right back. the california business >> in anaheim visitors were properties association president tells thhi caught off guard when things started shaking at disneyland. adstration will soon this video was shot in the food court at the earthquake hit. undocumented people living in 10 major cities after delaying >> here in the bay area there was some reports that it was those raids last month. felt in the bay and surrounding >> i don't call them raids. i say they came in illegally cities. we have had multiple calls to and we are bringing them out the newsroom from people legally. downtown. >> after the 4th of july >> the treatment of migrants living in the u.s. and at the earthquake, seismologists from border has come under scrutiny ologal surveysaida in recent weeks. stronger quake was a customs and border protection possibility in the coming says it has launched an days. >> there's about thate will be internal investigation into social media posts allegedly by six or larger earthquake in the coming days. an event of this size is going federal employees mocking to keep producing aftershocks migrants and batching for years so -- but the rates democrats. expected to hear from top immigration officials next week. >> president trump created this are going to decay with time just about every day goes on it's going to get cut probably problem without congressional support and i think the next significantly more. >> after last night's quake, president will end much of this california governor gavin newsom posted this on twitter, problem particularly in executive actions. quote, i have activated the cal >> a recent report by homeland
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oes state operation center to its highest level. security's department inspector the state is coordinating mutual aid to local first general detailed overcrowded issues at border patrol responders. and for more on last night's facilities. the president blames that shaking, let's hear from our overcrowding on congressional democrats and wants lawmakers meteorologist darren pick. to deliver a comprehensive >> a couple of people reported to the usgs they could feel border security plan. meanwhile, president trump is still trying to insert a last night's, the one that happened at 8:00, the 7.1 in citizenship question into the the south bay. no damage here, obviously, but 2020 census. strong enough this time that yesterday he said his this one was actually felt by administration is weighing its those of us here in the bay options and he may issue an area. here's a little perspective on executive order. his administration says that this one. you see the red dot down there? they need to know who is lawfully in the u.s. so that all right. the text tells you this they can identify who are the earthquake happened 10.6 miles northeast from the little town voters. the critics argue that the question could lead to an of ridgecrest. if you're not too familiar with undercount in some states this part of california, i including california and that think the better perspective is could affect federal funding to tell you that that and congressional districts. the time now is 6:10. earthquake as the crow flies is coming up, how fun and games is increasing graduation rates at about 600 miles frus and a university with success at some people still felt it in students' fingertips. plus near triple-digit heat is smashing records in the coldest state in the country. san jose. there's your time stamp, 8:19 last now. as you now know, this has not
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been an isolated earthquake. if we look back at the last 24 hours, keep your eye on all the red dots that have shown up in the last 24 hours, each one indicating an earthquake that has happened. the smaller the dot, the weaker the intensity. pause it here at 8:00 because that is when the 7.1 will happen, 8:19 to be specific and it did not happen in an isolated fashion. even when we hit the 7.1, there were others of sizable intensity. the usgs is saying it's possible we could see another one of that magnitude they are saying it's more likely we won't. so you could say there's a 110th chance we could have another 7.0 magnitude down here. we need to stay on guard. we will keep you updated as wi mothe recastyou. a brush fire that broke out in contra costa county is under investigation this morning. it burned along the hillside on franklin canyon road in
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martinez yesterday, scorched 6 acres. they believe it was caused by fireworks and worried people will be setting off more fireworks throughout the weekend. >> we are concerned there's probably still a lot of illegal fireworks out there and we are concerned that there may be more fires like we had last night, tonight and tomorrow night. >> so far contra costa fire has responded to at least 38 fires blamed on illegal fireworks. though fireworks were banned in contra costa county, it didn't stop people from shooting them off. fire department officials say they have been warnitomany people have ignored those warnings. >> and as soon as the sun starts to go down and people start letting off their fireworks and firecrackers, we just pretty much go from incident to incident and they could be -- >> all night long? >> all night long. >> contra costa fire has extra staff and engines and trucks on standby to be ready through the rest of the 4th of july weekend. and three bay area women are accused of robbing a store
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in vacaville and then crashing their car trying to get away. now, here is what is left of their vehicle and another vehicle that police say these women hit after fleeing a traffic stop on highway 505. the suspects took off on foot but were quickly arrested. we are told that two of the women are from san leandro and the other is from an founhundre ofdollarwo clothing anthr ca bve that sawomen stole nearly of sunglasses from a store in a new ride share lot is now napa just hours earlier. opened at san francisco airport. a 25-cent increase for the goal is to relieve grocery store bags could go into effect in san francisco if congestion caused by uber and a proposal is approved on lyft drivers lining up for monday. the legislation is by pickups. on the north side near the cell supervisor valerie brown would phone lot with 244 spots, more also ban plastic bags used for than double the size of the old fruit and vegetables and bulk lot. yesterday we saw airport crews still doing some last minute items. she argues that raising the lane striping. existing bag fee would reduce sfo's solution to congestion visible bag use and cut down on created some confusion among ride share drivers. >> most of the people don't waste. if approved the changes would take effect in july of 2020.
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and turning now to campaign know about it, uber didn't let 2020, presidential candidate kamala harris will be on the campaign trail again, this time in new orleans. yesterday she was in iowa and us know. i think lyft did. during a town hall she >> they want to get it on delivered an impassioned call google maps and waze so it's easier to find. this morning new images of for gun control. >> there are supposed leaders the rescue efforts after a dorm in washington, d.c. who have room explosion at the university of nevada. at least eight people were failed to have the courage to injured in yesterday's explosion in reno. reject a false choice which it partially collapsed the building and windows, you can suggests you're either for the see there, were blown out, there were piles of debris want to take everyone's guns scattered around on the ground away. fine if you want to go hunting, and on top of cars. the explosion was also felt in but we need reasonable gun wsin nearby dorms. >> watching tv and like just, including universal background checks and a renewal of the boom, like it felt like something hit the house is what assault weapons ban. i thought because some of my >> meanwhile, harris has found herself trailing the stuff fell so i go outside and frontrunners when it comes to fundraising. her campaign has announced that there's people out there and you see a plume of smoke and it raised just about $12 million in the second then it just spread. fundraising quarter which ended >> the university says that a mechanical failure caused the last weekend. explosion. new this morning, for a she raised $2 million after her performance at the democratic debate and harris' campaign significant number of college says that it raised money for students success can be touch
6:15 am
and go. more than 279,000 supporters. so here's how the democrats cbs reporter jeff nguyen shows us a new game putting stack up for q2. graduation within reach. >> reporter: angel salvador was spending five hours a day on a south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg topped all the public bus to get to class and candidates in the second quarter with 24.8 million, senator bernie sanders was a losing precious time he would close second followed by joe biden and then senator harris. typically use to study. >> it was stressful and difficult. >> reporter: so much so, he contemplated dropping out of so kpix5 asked former san francisco mayor willie brown if cal state university dominguez harris is now a target now she is polling so well. >> because she is only two hills. in 2017 more than 27% of the class dropped out. >> and you start racking up points back and absolutely she is always been a target. it was a target that kept the t points. >> reporter: so the university is testing a pilot program called charge on. she now is maybe on the horizon it's a web and texting campaign that uses gaming skills to alone. >> but you don't spend too much guide students through time on op research on somebody who is in fourth or fifth or academic, financial and even sixth place which is where she health concerns. >> how to deal with stress, has been hovering prior to the debate. now she is up there in the one, taking care of yourself, there's one about like helping two, three spot she is one of you with your resume. >> reporter: the program is expa the lesser known entities so definitely targeting of her. >> we will have more on that tomorrow morning at 6:00 here it to more campuses in the on kpix5. a strong jobs report for future. >> if you can support a first the month of june is out.
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generation student in the labor department says 224,000 jobs were created last persisting through the first semester of college, their month. the unemployment rate is at likelihood of graduating goes 3.7%. it went up a 10th of a percent up substantially. >> reporter: it feels like a as more people started looking game by offering points every for work. time a student uses it. and the bay area's tech they can earn gift cards and boom continues to grow with employment numbers surpassing the peak of the dot-com days. other rewards. the ultimate prize, $1000 the latest stats show this scholarship. angel salvador was one of the region now has 835,000 people big winners. working in the tech sector, >> so what did you do with your scholarship money? >> i got a car. that's nearly 117,000 higher than in the year 2000 and >> reporter: students in the program say it's powerful because help is at their that's when the dot-com boom hit its height. the job hot spots have also fingertips 24/7. >> it gives me strength to be shifted a bit, santa clara county has given up more of its able to continue pushing and share of the pie to san mateo d pushing so that in the end i can graduate from this institution with my major in tomorrow is the n'soccer, t political science. >> reporter: which angel says team is gearing up to take on is an absolute game changer. the netherlands for the title. jeff nguyen, cbs news, carson, the team has edged past spain, knocked off france and broke california. 90 degrees is pretty common english hearts. for parts of the bay area tomorrow morning they will take on a country that's only been during the summer months but in the world cup once before. it's not common in alaska and if team u.s.a.
6:17 am
parts of that state are baking wins against the netherlands it will join germany as the only team to win twice in a row. under record high atwhen the fans can watch the final from the stadium in san jose, it is thermometer hit 90 degrees free but you need to reserve a beating the previous high of 85 spot online. the title game starts at 8:00 degrees in 1969. the heat combined with dry a.m. and still ahead, last conditions is actually raising the risk for wildfires there. month's heatwave took a serious about 100 miles north of toll on certain sea life. the devastating discovery just anchorage one wildfire forced some people to evacuate and off the northern california another fire filled the air coast. and a reminder, we will have a look back at the best of with haze which was tough for pride at the pride parade runners in the marathon. the national weather service tonight at 8:00 on kbcw and says high ocean temperatures are part of the reason for the record heat. again right here at 11:35 on >> you can't buy a fan in alaska right now so you are kpix5. we will be right back. going to have to stay in the shade. >> gosh, we are loving the heat. we are in shirts and shorts. >> anchorage even cancelled its 4th of july fireworks because of the extreme heat. let's get a check on whether we are going to have extreme heat here in the bay area. >> we are getting a break. here at home it's the typical start to a day in early july. look at the low, gray clouds
6:18 am
sitting over the golden gate bridge. the way this weekend is going to play out, the day you're going to notice the change will be tomorrow, specifically for inland locations and it's not what you're thinking. we are going to cool down even more from where we are going to be today. and today is going to be a nice day, pretty much average for today. tomorrow inland locations which will be in the upper 80s today will go down into the low 80s. i don't think we will notice much difference here near the coast or through the bay. we are going to keep the low, gray clouds around and that pretty much keeps the weather slow and steady. show you another couple views. it's not just the golden gate but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, bridge that has low, gray to keep me moving the way i was made to. clouds. the same view for the rest of the bay. can't tell from this shot because we are looking at the it nourishes and strengthens airport here in san jose, but my joints for the long term. plenty of low grade clouds down osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium. here as well and haziness to the sky. have you noticed that over the last 24 hours? some haziness in the sky, not just leftover smoke from the fireworks display from two nights ago. we have been pulling in light
6:19 am
smoke from wildfires, one burning to the east of the bay on the west side of the san joaquin valley and the other one way up on the far north edge of the state. they are not major fires but enough that we are getting haze in the sky. no air quality issues down at the gravesse. the sky looks like a mess. some of it's marine layer, some of it's smoke. when you add it all together it just looks like soup in the sky, a good example. that's the camera above dublin looking back off towards the east. yes, low gray clouds here as well and maybe a little bit of smoke mixed in in the upper levels. it feels like you would expect right now. that means it's 54 in the city for san francisco, 55 in san jose, oakland 57. it's 49 in santa rosa so a bit cooler out there to start the day. i want to show you how far inland the marine layer is, that's napa. pretty much the entire napa valley has a finger of low, gray clouds that's worked in for you guys. most of the other places are looking at a typical start to the day. you can see how far the low
6:20 am
clouds have come in. the city has got it, we know san jose is looking at it as well and inland as well. if we play this through the rest of the morning, the clouds burn back. by the time we get to 9:00 most of us are looking at sunshine and even by the time we get into the early afternoon, the peninsula and city will also get mainly sunny. we are going to keep low, gray because more and more people have been living in clouds at the coast for today but the rest of us get into a their vehicles. and according to a new report, san francisco's homeless sunny scenario. remember i said it will cool population is 17% higher than two years ago. and people who seem to have down inland tomorrow? jobs are living in their cars by perhaps as much as seven to and rvs and the number just keeps going up. 10 dailies. this is tomorrow morning, a mayor london breed says it's whole separate layer of clouds important to build more moves in. giving us a bit of a shade. affordable housing as soon as possible. a larger system going to allow the state of california made a deal to pay off the cooler air to work its way into the bay area. for the rest of us, there's not student loans of 247 doctors, the price tag $58.6 million. enough of a change that we that's nearly a quarter of a notice a big difference. this is the middle of the day million dollars each. tomorrow on sunday. now in exchange the physicians committed to serving a greater percentage of people covered by there is plenty of low, gray clouds at the coast and probably over the city. this is why the temperatures medi-cal. the sacramento bee reports those who accepted the deal aren't changing one way or the other. the stuff doesn't allow a big agreed that medi-cal patients will make up 30% of their swing.
6:21 am
for inland locations tomorrow we will notice that change. caseload for the next five show you what that looks like years. and a bay area ranch that's in the seven-day forecast. bigger than the city of oakland if you take a look at that top has just hit the market. it can be yours for only $72 line, 88 today for inland locations, turns into 82 tomorrow and then 80 by monday. million. the n3 cattle company ranch so this is a great looking spans four counties including large expanses of santa clara forecast for early july. now look at the end of it. and alameda along with portions we are going to warm back up by of san joaquin and stanislaus. the end of next week. the more than 50,000-acre it's not like a heatwave coming property sits on undeveloped our way, but expect it to be land that includes grassy meadows and flush hillsides and warmer when we end this more than 200 miles of private roads for hiking. according to the real estate workweek. ford now selling a listing agent, the right buyer is someone who, quote, wants to supercar. the price is $1.2 million. the company is selling 45 units relive the old west. the sizzling heat that we of the new ford gt mck2. saw here in the bay area last month did more than just make the car features 700-horsepower us uncomfortable. and has two racing seats, roll kpix5's wilson walker reports it killed off entire mussel cage and performance computer. bets along the coast, roasting it is intended for track use the sea creatures in their own only. 15-year-old coco gauff is shells. keeping her historic wimbledon >> reporter: it was the second week of june when we were sweating out the heatwave. run alive. turns out the heat was particularly brutal for a whole
6:22 am
lot of residents here along the northern california coast. >> were you holding your >> we have seen smaller mussel breath? die-offs in the past. you can exhale. >> at times gauff got emotional i have been working here for yesterday as her parents about 15 years but nothing of cheered her on. after being down in the first this extent. >> reporter: at the heatwave's peak the temperature here was set, she staved off two match points to get the win. about 77 degrees, warm for earlier this week she beat bodega bay but downright hot tennis legend venus williams for the mussels left to bake in and she now moves on to the the sun for hours when the tide round of 16. coming up in sports, big went out. >> interestingly, the mussels news out of the nba as the experienced much higher temperatures because they are biggest free agent left on the close to the rock and they are market may have a new landing dark shells and so the mussels were experiencing temperatures spot. and the giants trying to carry over the momentum from that were probably around 105 san diego as they come back to degrees fahrenheit. >> reporter: maybe not hot enough to consider them ready oracle park to face the cards. to serve but certainly hot it's all coming up. enough to kill them in large numbers. they burst open much like they would in a pot and that is bad news for all sorts of species out here. >> there are lots of animals that use the mussel bed for habitat so when the mussels are impacted, you affect all the other species in the area. >> reporter: jackie is a research director at the uc
6:23 am
davis bodega marine lab. it happened in their own back yard. they could be telling one part of a larger story. >> climate scientists believe that extreme heat events will become more likely. unfortunately we are getting to the point where, you know, we could be experiencing air temperatures that cause that to >>orr: the laboratory has reached out along the coast to see if it's happened anywhere else and they have gotten confirmed reports from point reyes to north of fort bragg and considering the extent of the weather, the die-off may have been larger than that. in bodega bay, wilson walker, kpix5. let's get a check of our weather with darren peck in the weather center. >> bring us back home and start off by first showing you what it looks like in san jose this morning. looking down at the airport. looks hazy here. we have got low grade clouds that have shown up and a little bit of smoke drifting into the bay area from a wildfire burning off to our east in the central valley but san jose, i wanted to show you first
6:24 am
because this was the location more than anywhere else in the bay area anyway where people actually reported to the usgs that, hey, we do think we felt even if it was just minor, we felt some shaking from last night's 7.1 earthquake that happened at 8:19 at night in southeastern california and. usgs keeps track of all of that stuff and they will put out a beautiful map that gives us an idea of exactly where this was felt. we take a look at where the epicenter of this earthquake was over here, 600 miles from us. all the areas on the map that are color coded are where people reported they felt the e felt very light. but still, look at all the reports that come in from the south bay. san jose you are at the heart of it but it wasn't only down here in san jose. reports coming in from people on the other side of the golden gate bridge up in marin saying we think we felt light shaking. it wasn't significant. there's no damage here. but if you think you felt something last night at 8:19, you are not alone. you can see that from the map.
6:25 am
here's the start of the day. doesn't this look like a typical beginning for us in early july. we have got plenty of low grade clouds coming in through the golden gate but as we look farther inland that's the view over the trivalley. that's the camera over dublin and, yes, there is low stratas here, a little bit of the marine layer gotten in and it's mixing with some smoke coming in from the wildfire burning off to the east of the bay area. the sky looks like a mess. we are going to get rid of the low grade clouds and should start clearing out some of the smoke today because that fire is 90% contained. and the air quality should get better and the sky is going to look prettier. that's the drill on today. here are today's daytime high right where we should be for this time of year, mid to upper 80s midland and in the mid-60s to mid to upper 70s across the bay. if we watch how tomorrow is going to be different, watch by the time we get into the late morning and early afternoon, you're going to see a whole different kind of cloud. this is not the marine layer. those are higher clouds coming in from a weak weather system to our north. we are going to start out the
6:26 am
day tomorrow, it will be cloudy for everybody. not low grade clouds, but midlevel clouds that are going to give us shade and because of this, we are going to be anywhere from seven to 10 degrees cooler tomorrow, on sunday, for inland locations. thanks to the clouds and this system coming our way, sunday is different than saturday. for everybody else, the weekend is pretty much wash and repeat. watch what happens in the seven- day forecast, we are going to go 69 today for the bay, 66 tomorrow. you don't notice a difference. but 88 today to 82 inland tomorrow. you will notice that difference. so the further away you are from the influence of the marine layer, you are going to get a cooldown for sunday and then even more on monday. rest of this week looks pretty nice until you get to the end of it and then a warming trend that will bring us up into the low 90s by friday for inland locations. not a heatwave but going to feel warmer than the next two days. guys, back over to you. >> thanks, darren. turns out that costco members are joining the club
6:27 am
not just for bulk food and household items but for fashion as well. according to a report from fast company, sales of clothes and shoes at costco have increased 9% yearly for the past four years, that is more than food and electronic sales. brand names like jessica simpson and calvin klein are sold at discount prices. a sculpture of king tut has a new owner. the bust auctioned off for $6 million in london and that's despite protests from cairo that the relic may have stolen decades ago. egyptian officials demanded that the auction be called off but the auction house says it is impossible to trace back thousands of evidce eptn thorities that it was stolen. and still ahead, helping former inmates once they are released. how a bay area man has made it
6:28 am
his mission.
6:29 am
6:30 am
will be gutting getting out and prison and have a support reentry system available to them. >> it is the passion of team figueroa. a san francisco based parole agent supervisor who admits even he had doubts about whether or not it would work when he was put in charge of rolling it out nine years ago. >> i was one of those guys that never believed in redemption. >> parolees had their doubts too. >> they couldn't believe we were trying to rehabilitate them, help them go back and be successful in the community. >> he and his team stayed true to prnn's mission, providing
6:31 am
valuable life skills like money management, job placement and addiction recovery support. they have served 700 parolees and an amazing 95% have stayed out of jail. parole administrator steve lynn credits martine's commitment. >> separating themselves than other people, deeply cares about what he does. >> if you do the job of -- >> couldn't agree more. >> so for providing a way for former inmates to gain life skills and stay out of the correctional system, this week's jefferson award in the martin,pix5. to martine tblarps
6:32 am
6:33 am
time for a look at this morning's top stories. >> the big story, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that rocked much of southern california last night. the epicenter was near ridgecrest in kern county, the same site as the big 4th of july quake and there are reports of some fires and structural damage, power outages and minor injuries. and as you can see here, item falling off the shelves. a stretch of highway 178 is still closed due to a rock slide and the shaking was felt as far as las vegas, los angeles, even san jose. police in sunnyvale are looking for potential victims of identity theft after a skimming device was discovered inside of a pump at a gas station. investigators urge anyone who bought gas at the 76 station at
6:34 am
el camino and wolf road to contact them if they find any evidence of credit card fraud. and sfo has opened a new parking lot where uber and lyft drivers can wait to pick up passengers. it's on the north side of the airport near the cell phone lot and the idea is to relieve congestion caused by ride share drivers that line up on millbrae avenue. san jose police have arrested a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run crash involving a bicyclist. was enigators say the viim er t him and sped away. the bicyclist later died at the hospital. and illegal fireworks are blamed for 38 fires in contra costa county. these are photos from one incident in pittsburg. fire crews are worried that people still have plenty of unused fireworks to shoot off this weekend. as far as the weather is concerned, it's going to be just like yesterday today. so that means we are going to be sitting right around 70 for much of the bay, we will be in the mid to upper 70s the
6:35 am
further south and inland you get but by the time you get to the trivalley or places like concord we will be in the upper 80s today. it is time for us to call it a morning. thank you for watching kpix5 news this morning. >> we are be right back here tomorrow morning at 6:00. >> enjoy your saturday.
6:36 am
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