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the night before the fatal fire december 1st, 2016. he said 33 people from the city and state stepped inside the warehouse and never told him it was dangerous. >> because he is such a weasel. he speaks around his answers. >> reporter: tough testimony for colleen dolan to listen to. her daughter, chelsea was one of 36 people who died in the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. >> i saw him the night of the fire. i saw him at 3:00 in the morning right up on a child's bicycle screaming at the top of his lungs the f word. and then he said all my stuff. while i am watching the building burn and my daughter is trapped inside all of her friends were trapped inside. and he is worried about his "stuff." it makes me sick. i think of that day and night. i think of him making excuses.
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>> reporter: now, coming up at 6 we will hear more from victims family members and a lot of tension in the courtroom. even between the attorneys. we'll have more coming up at 6. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix5. the search for a killer is underway in livermore after a 16-year-old was shot at a taco bell. please identify the suspect as jorge luis tellez. they consider him armed and dangerous. a swat team went to tellez's home to serve a search warrant. he wasn't there so they issued the arrest warrant. the shooting happened last night near stanley boulevard. the victim was found suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach and taken to the hospital and later died. >> it is not a random event. we know they were all associated with the suspect and the victim, they knew of each other. it sounds like it just started as those two met up and by coincidence, and engaged in a verbal altercation, which resulted in the suspect pulling a firearm and shooting there is
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no indication the shooting is gang-related. >> and contra costa county a small grass fire broke out. in antioch, chopper 5 this area. firefighters made swift work of it, and kept it to just an acre. they said a or they sent a controlled burn to stop a major fire from speculator. no word on how that started. a city in east contra costa county just suffered a new setback and the struggle to keep businesses open. the amc deer valley on lone tree way and antioch abruptly shut down of the weekend. community leaders believe being a commuter city contributed to the closure. da lin explains. >> reporter: they are clearing out all the equipment for this megaplex theater, close down for good after sunday night. moviegoers were surprised by the locked doors and assigns.
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>> that is a shame they are shutting down the whole theater. >> i am upset about it, i always come to this theater to see movies. >> there have been a lot of first dates and kisses that happened in this place. it will be a sentimental moment for a lot of people when the sign comes down. >> reporter: the building owners were told they were losing money because attendance had been dropping in recent years. the building owners had agreed it to split the $6.4 million needed to renovate the theater. but, two weeks ago he says amc broke off the agreement and decided to close it. >> attendance is down in these locations for our repeater, our restaurants. just due to the simple fact that our community spends so much time on the freeway. >> reporter: kent is a friend of the building owner and says many people in antioch spend 3- 4 hours round-trip for work. but the time they get home, they don't have time to go shop or watch a movie on weeknights. >> this is an older theater. it doesn't have the nice, new dolby cinema.
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it does not the nice, new seats. people were choosing other theaters. >> reporter: amc has two theaters within four miles. the mayor sean wright says amc chooses to keep its newer location. >> it is disappointing but it is an opportunity for us to find somebody willing to take advantage of the $6 million investment. >> reporter: some moviegoers a break blame crime. >> ever sent section 8 came here, a lot of stuff has changed. the quality of life, nobody wants to be here. you go downtown, there is nobody there. >> reporter: "later leaders say violent crime is down. >> yes, this shopping center had terrible problems eight years ago but there has not been a significant incident in years. >> reporter: the building owner says they will look for a different theater company to move in the mayor says he is all for that. in antioch, i am da lin . kpix5. we reached out this morning to amc for comment, but have yet to hear back.
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emeryville may rollback this month's boost to the minimum wage which is now the highest in the nation. on july 1st, the 2015 ordinance went into effect that increased the minimum wage to $16.30 an hour. up from $15 from before. but, after small restaurants argued the increase would put them out of business, the city made an exception for those with up to 55 employees. well, that caused the backlash and the increase could be rolled back for now. the emeryville city council is deciding whether or not to send the issue back to voters this november. the federal prosecutors are urging more women to come forward in the sexual abuse case against billionaire financier jeffrey epstein. it comes as a growing number of democrats, including senator feinstein are calling on president trump's labor secretary alexander acosta to resign. as for negotiating a secret plea deal for epstein in a earlier place. case. natalie brand joins us live from capitol hill, natalie? >> reporter:, the old florida case a drawing new scrutiny.
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especially from lawmakers here on capitol hill. secretary acosta has defended his handling of that past case for more than a decade ago. but on twitter he also said he is pleased that now new york prosecutors are bringing forward a new case based on new evidence. president trump also weighing in on epstein's today. >> i was not a fan of his. that i can tell you. >> reporter: president trump says he knew jeffrey epstein as a fixture in palm beach with the wealthy financier now facing new sex trafficking charges in new york, the president had no friendly words. >> i had a falling out with him a long time ago. i do not think i have spoken to him for 15 years. i wasn't a fan. >> reporter: epstein's past case in florida is renewing scrutiny around labor secretary alex acosta, who helped negotiate a secret plea deal for epstein in 2008 when he was a u.s. attorney in miami. >> you are talking about a long time ago and again it was a decision made, i think not by
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him bye-bye a lot of people. >> reporter: under that agreement epstein got immunity from federal prosecution, instead pleading guilty to lesser state charges. he spent just 13 months in jail and was allowed to leave the six days a week to work in an office. secretary acosta tweeting about the case on tuesday morning and said now that new evidence and additional testimony is available, the new york prosecution offers an important opportunity to more fully bring him to justice. but a growing number of democratic lawmakers are calling for acosta to resign. not only raising concern about the plea deal but think that acosta hid the agreement from the victims in the case. >> it is now impossible for anyone to have confidence in secretary acosta's ability to lead the department of labor. if he refuses to resign, president trump should fire him. >> reporter: president trump has defended acosta's performance as labor secretary but says he will be looking
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carefully at his handling of the epstein case. earlier this year, back in february, the department of justice opened an investigation into that past florida plea deal. we don't yet know when that will be complete meanwhile, both of california's senators harris and feinstein are calling for secretary acosta to resign. senator feinstein said in a statement that when acosta was nominated, she first raised her deep concerns over his handling of this case. she says her discomfort has only increased since these latest allegations. veronica? >> natalie brand life for us in washington. we appreciate it. thank you. campaign 2020. billionaire tom steyer made it official. he joined a large number of president are democrats running for president. >> if you think there is absolutely something critical, try as hard as you can and let the chips fall where they may and that is exactly where what i am doing. my name is tom steyer i am
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running for president. >> the little activist has been a leading voice and calls to imprint impeach president trump. they left that out of his announcement today. steyer says his biggest goals are reforming the postal system and taking on climate change. today president trump last out again at the british ambassador to the united states. he describes him in a tweet as "wacky and a pompous rule." this after leaked memos from the ambassador criticize the white house. one thing "we don't really believe trump's administration is going to become substantially more normal, less dysfunctional, less diplomatically clumsy and inept." and in another he said that president trump "radiates ma it clear how he feels about the comments made by the uk ambassador to the a right to make this frank
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assessment. >> i am ken bastida at the live news desk. i want to call your attention to the san rafael bridge. if you use that to get home, eastbound is a mess. in fact, chp has issued a alert for the san rafael bridge eastbound 580 that is the lower deck. all lanes are blocked right now due to a multiple multiple vehicle crash motorists are advised to expect long delays and to use alternate routes. no estimated time of reopening. we don't have any indication of injuries right now. but, a alert has been issued by the chp for eastbound 580 on the richmond san rafael bridge, all lanes are blocked and we will keep you updated. the live news desk, i am ken bastida, back to you. america remembers in the self-made millionaire who ran for president twice. how ross perot rose from poverty to become the most successful third-party candidate since teddy roosevelt. a showdown over the fate of christina southbay land. native americans joined forces
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with environmentalists to stop the most sacred site from being mined., and the stream accommodation heats up, the rival that just nabbed two of the most popular shows from netflix. might be so many where you are but look over the golden gate bridge. plenty of low clouds coming in. and, we are looking for changes by the time we get to the weekend. numbers back in the 90s, forecast is coming up.
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the kpix5 seven day forecast is sponsored by the santa cruz boardwalk. i am elizabeth cook, texas billionaire and former president of candidate ross perot has died. the 89-year-old passed away in his home after file following a battle with leukemia. over the decades perrault was known both in the business world and in u.s. politics. ross perot launched an independent bid for the white house in 1992. facing off against president george h.w. bush. the democratic challenger bill clinton.
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>> i have lived the american dream. i came from a modest background, nobody has been luckier than i have been. >> reporter: he grew up in texico to texas in the depression era. his first job was delivering newspapers on the back of a pony. perrault's served in the navy and the mccamey top salesman for ibm. he later founded electronic data systems and sold the computer services company in 1984. earning billions. >> candidate is ross perot. the issue? is the national debt. perrault got into the 1992 presidential race on a platform of balancing the budget and ending the outsourcing of u.s. jobs. clinton won the election and some republicans blamed perrault forbush's loss. he'd had 19% of the vote, the largest percentage ever for a third-party candidate. and then ran again in 1996. perrault received a special award for the government administration in 2009 for his work on veterans issues.
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he continued to speak out against unchecked federal spending. >> the american people are good, but they have a government that is a mess. >> reporter: perrault was diagnosed with leukemia in february. in a statement, the profamily remembered their patriarch as a "true american patriot, and a man of rare vision, principle, and deep compassion. in 1979 perrault financed perot financed a way to free two employees being held in iran, the story was turned into a book and then a movie. and just about 45 minutes from now, kaiser will hold a memorial for a doctor killed in a fiery crash in dublin. that victim has been identified as 29-year-old ethan sellers. he was a physician at the kaiser permanente vallejo medical center who had just graduated from his residency. this happened on the fourth of july when his r smashed into a poity it veered off the roadway, struck
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the pole in the center divide and then burst into flames. his passenger also died, the cause of the crash is still under investigation. nurses in santa clara county hit the picket lines this morning demanding better care for patients and for themselves. dressed in red they lined up at regional medical center in good samaritan hospital in san jose holding signs, nursing nurses ascii management and facilities to address turnover rates and focus on retaining staff they say it affects the patient's in the long run. >> i am hoping that the hospital can see how important it is to the nurses. that this contract is important to us. the patient care is important to us. that the nurses who have seniority do not leave it because they are needed here in this hospital and in this community. >> the nurses went back to work today and 9 a.m. we reached out to the hospital for comment but have not heard
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back. >> for bay area airports will receive millions of dollars in federal funding to make runway improvement in other repairs. the u.s. transition secretary announced today that sfo gets the largest grant nationwide at $14.6 million. it is meant for improvements like runway reconstruction. oakland international we at 3.5 million. the money will be used to update the runways there. and buchanan field in concord will get 3.7 million. it is for runway and runway lighting rehab. livermore municipal airport will receive more than $291,000 for taxi way reconstruction. >> the demand for air transportation is high, and continues to increase. in this type of funding helps us stay out in front of that demand and prepare for the future as the industry continues to grow. >> the money is a part of a third wave of a total $3 billion in airport improvement funding for airports nationwide. and contra costa county an overturned big rig forced the closure of a busy interstate 680 offramp for hours. take a look, the big rig
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blocked all lanes at bollinger canyon road. crews responded at about noon, the exit closed off to northbound traffic as they work to remove that big rig. lanes did reopen just about an hour ago. meantime, caltrain is making progress along highway 101 and marin county. crews have begun electrical work to remove the ramp metering project. we first reported on the subject back in 2017. metering lights were installed but never turned on. the project aimed at reducing traffic congestion and ran out of money. as of now, drivers can expect to see temporary closures along 101 on ramps. lights expected to come online spring of 2020. >> we are doing now they look at the forecast. it is a beautiful day out there. >> depending upon where you are at. >> that is a good point. judy is in the eye of the weather beholder. >> i have seen some of those tower cams. i think this looks gorgeous, look at this. >> that looks good. >> [ laughter ].
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>> i am talking about this one. the one behind. >> oh. >> finally big >> that one. >> don't you love that? okay, that is from the top of the sales force tower can pick an indication the fog is moving in. >> what a difference a 45 miles makes, will get to san jose, plenty of blue down there. the numbers today because of the fog close to the shoreline things and not warm up a whole heck of a lot but inland it bumped up a little bit. oakland 68, livermore 74 and san francisco 63 degrees. san jose 73 and santa rosa 73 as well. here is what is happening. visibility a bit of a contrast, close to the golden gate bridge. as we just saw, the visibility is pretty lousy but if you go inland, and to the south and the north bay around 10 miles. not too bad. some haze hanging around. low pressure is going to get the imperial elbow. this will be lifted up to the north and the east, out of the west coast, but it is going to
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be a slow process so it will not happen overnight, but nevertheless high-pressure that you can see in the bottom right- hand corner of your screen down there. it is going to be building up, and is it does the temperature spilled up as well it was friday and saturday. futurecast shows the low clouds but inland and then they come back to the shoreline during the day. and then tomorrow night they will be pushing back inland. it is the usual ebb and flow. low clouds on his extensive tomorrow night. as the day goes on tomorrow, that is where they go. it is fog and then son and then fog and then some. nothing unusual about that but the tendency will be towards less fog. as we gets worse thursday, friday and saturday. a bit of a modest warming trend coming in by late week but it will eventually land is in the 90s and light. overnight lows tonight? 57 degrees in san raphael. and 60 degrees at concord. 58 at livermore and 59 degrees in san jose. tomorrow, the numbers will mostly be about 80 degrees in napa and 82 in santa rosa. along the shoreline will be in
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the mid 60s. in the extended forecast we are looking for the usual night and early morning low clouds. and they will slowly begin to dissipate and as a result we get temperatures first in the mid-80s tomorrow. then in the low 90s thursday, then in the mid-90s by friday and saturday and sunday. still going warm around the bay shoreline, only in the low to mid 70s though as we are getting closer to the beach, the numbers are going to be cooler. only in the 60s, and the warming trend effects mostly just in the inland areas. but, that is summertime for you in the bay area. the 30 degrees read. veronica, alan it is coming up. >> not too bad. thank you. coming up, old-school media companies fighting for a piece of the streaming pie. have netflix and just lost out on two of its most popular shows.
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well, they will be there for you, just not on netflix. the popular series "friends" ditching the streaming service for hbo. warnermedia is taking all the old episodes of the show to its new streaming service, hbo max, which will combine content from hbo and other properties like cnn, tnt, cartoon network and looney tunes. the service starts in 2020, see you have until next year to relive the 90s on netflix.
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virgin galactic is going public. they want to enter the stock market by the end of the year. the company, founded by sir richard branson just struck a deal with the social capital company. the company is taking a 49% stake in branson's endeavor. virgin galactic has taken the lead in the race for space tourism but this is a stiff competition from elon musk's space ax and blue origin. marin county get a near full rollout of 5g. it is designed to ease neighbors concerns about the possible health impact. >> also straight ahead instagram goes after cyber bullies. the new tool to help protect users from nasty comments.
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thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy? itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or that leave therea lasting impression.
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like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. you are wanting kpix5 news at 5:30. now at 5:30, uproar over a huge sand and gravel mind and for slant to carry santa clara
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county that some call the standing rock of the west. good evening i'm allen martin. >> i am veronica de la cruz. a huge cattle ranch wants to build a giant sand and gravel mine but not everybody wants to see a hole open up in this unspoiled piece of earth. >> kiet do at the site of that one tribe considers sacred. >> reporter: yes, we are live at a place the developers call sergeant ranjit. this is a potential source of construction materials, jobs, and millions of dollars in tax revenue. but to the tribe, this is sacred land, a place they call." you have probably driven by a countless times on highway 101 and didn't even know it. nestled along the santa clara san benito county border is a stretch of land that is a throwback and time. and this tribe wants to keep it that way. speaking at a united nations
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meeting last year, this man, or valentina lopez, chairman of the tribal band says that they used place at the big head for millennia big >> for thousands of years and hundreds of generations, they can ceremonies will have are held there. the ceremonies were for healing, renewing, to making balance in the four seasons and so much more. it is the most sacred site. >> reporter: but now the new owners want to build a 320 acre sand mine in the corner of a strolling 660 a cattle ranch with the promise to restore the land to its native state at the end of the 30 year lifespan. they said that by mining just 5% of the range they can better protect the rest of it as open space. >> we can sell the remaining part of the ranch, the other 6200 acres or so for conservation purposes. >> reporter: the project will reportedly create two dozen


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