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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 9, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7 . the bay area city that has the highest minimum wage in the country is having second thoughts tonight. but why? they were in the middle of the wine country fires of 2017. and now, we know a little bit about what they picked up in their blood, what that means formerly all of us here in northern california. a land battle is brewing in santa clara county were real estate developers want to build a sand mine right here, but a local native american tribe says it is sacred land. in the new kpix5 news at 7 starts now with the effort to roll back emeryville's minimum wage. good evening i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. andria borba is live for us in
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emeryville. >> reporter: this is all about small business owners, particularly small restaurant owners with under 55 employees who say they cannot take this next increase in minimum wage. they are asking the city council for a pause on the increase minimum wage. this will be the second vote on the pause ordinance at the emeryville city council. small local restaurant owners like wayne boucher say they may have to lay off staff if the cost of payment has to go any higher and that is if they manage to stay open at all. >> it is hard when it went to $15 but we managed to struggle through that, i do not know about this. here is how it stands now, on july 1st the minimum wage increased the highest in the nation at $16.30 an hour. it had been at $15. the pause ordinance was given an exemption for restaurants under 50 employees. now, if this passes, this pause
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ordinance passes the city council tonight to stop the minimum wage increase, labor activists are ready, they have circulated petitions here in emeryville to put this on the ballot for voters to decide. so, there could be a vote here tonight to pause the minimum wage increase in emeryville. but that could all go to the voters in november. live in emeryville, andria borba, kpix5. >> thank you for that. today prosecutors got their chance to grill the key defendant in the ghost ship warehouse trial. master tenant at derick almena took the stand for cross- examination. this time, he laid blame on the landlord for the deadly warehouse fire. he says he asked for a sprinkler system, a side door, and for bars to be removed from the windows. but, his landlord refused. almena often appeared agitated and today's questioning after yesterday's emotional testimony that some of the victims families say they are not buying it. >> because he is such a weasel. he cannot, he speaks around his
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answers. i saw him the night of the fire. i saw him at 3:00 in the morning ride up on a child's bicycle screaming at the top of his lungs the f word. and that he said oh my stuff while i am watching the building burn and my daughter is trapped inside. >> meanwhile almena's defense attorney says the prosecution harassed his client. he said almena is an artist and answering questions directly could be difficult for him. a few new fears tonight of what firefighters were exposed to when they put out the state's worst wildfires last summer. wilson walker is in the fountain grove neighborhood of santa rosa. the scene of the devastating tubbs fire. >> reporter: they are the firefighters who came from san francisco to sonoma county to battle the october fire siege of 2017. when they got here of course it
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wasn't just the trees and shrubs on fire, it was entire neighborhoods. this firefighters found themselves on the front line of a new kind of fire and now they may be on the front lines of helping us all understand how these fires are affecting all of us. >> i think, you know what we see and firefighters that were deployed at that event. potentially has implications for the kinds of exposures that other people who were up there during that same period of time it might have experienced it. >> >> reporter: called up late sunday night of the mutual aid teams at that race to the fires that were racing across napa and counties and this firefighters were not carrying the kind of gear they would normally take into a burning home. >> right now our firefighters, they do not wear a bottle on air re breathing because ith they need to be mobile. >> reporter: the many homes lost by my count, maybe a dozen or so just on the stretch of road. the sun had just come up on the
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monday morning when i ran into this crews of san francisco firefighters. 149 of them started getting tested for toxin exposure three weeks after those wine country fires. >> we wanted to see what type of levels of various chemicals were in the blood and urine from the spire. >> >> reporter: the early results of level from firefighter gear to consumer products, while it is impossible to know where those toxins came from these firefighters were in proximity to thousands of burning structures. >> it is important to study them and it will be important to do more studies on the community members that actually live in these locations that are getting decimated by these urban interface fires. >> reporter: there you ha icationsven beyond the immediate fire zones. think of the smoke that descended on the bay area during the camp fire. california's new fire frontier delivering symmetrical new health concerns.
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>> we have a lot more work to do, as scientists, to really assess what kind of exposures people are facing and how to better protect them from exposure to toxic chemicals that ensue. this is just the first step and it is really primary data. in sonoma county, wilson walker kpix5. the search for a killer underway at 18 after 18 was shot and talk about. >> jorge luis tellez is the suspect and his armed and dangerous. the shooting happened last night near stanley bull daly boulevard. the victim was found suffering from a gunshot wound to his stomach, taken the hospital and later died. authorities say this was not a random act. >> is started as those two met up. by coincidence, and engaged in a verbal altercation which resulted in the suspect pulling a firearm and shooting the victim. the body of a missing american scientist was found on the greek island of crete. 59-year-old suzanne eaton, born in oakland and worked at the
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institute in germany. she was last seen a week ago while attending a conference. calling say she went out for a run and disappeared soon after. cause of death is still an under investigation. a car burglary victim mowed down at the legion of honor in san francisco as the suspect sped away. police say two men wearing gray hoodies and what have many a silver bmw were breaking into cars in the parking lot this afternoon. the victim was trying to take photos when things turned violent. >> a victim of the car burglary was attempted to take photographs of the suspect in the suspect vehicle. at which time the suspect vehicle struck the victim causing severe injuries. >> the victim was taken to san francisco general where their condition is currently not known. the fight over some big plans for a gravel mine on the southern edge of santa clara county is just getting started. >> those who say the land is sacred called the standing rock of the west. kiet do explains why.
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>> reporter: we are just weeks away from a major milestone regarding a proposed sand mine here at the santa clara san benito border. the environmental impact report is due out in a couple of weeks regarding the 320 acre project on old cattle grazing land off of highway 101 called sergeant ranch. now, the owners of the 6600 acre property say that 320 acre proposed sand mine makes 5% of the overall size of the property. it will create two dozen jobs, generate $3 million in tax revenue every year and provide much-needed construction materials for the bay area's growth. >> by using the 5% of this 320 acres as a sand quarry, we can sell the remaining part of the ranch to the other 6200 acres or so for conservation purposes. >> reporter: but this tribe says building a sand mine would taint the land and destroy their heritage and traditions. >> the sand and gravel mine proposal will result in sacred
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hills being reduced to an open pit in the ground. we call on santa clara county to deny the permit. >> reporter: it is due out in a couple of weeks, the public will then have 60 days to respond and then the santa clara county board of supervisors will vote on the project. near gilmore, kiet do, kpix5. up next to a kpix5 original reports. >> he was only five, how can a dog get heart failure? >> was a mystery, there had to be something else going on. >> i am juliette goodrich, coming up a california that is saying be careful about what you feed your dog. a popular diet may be harmful to their health. >> they are saying it is a real issue. >> there have been a lot of first dates and first kisses that happened in this place? this megaplex just shut down and contra costa county now down to one last amc theater. showing some very gray skies tonight. across the golden gate bridge, and yet there is prospects for something completely different by the weekend.
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the forecast when we come back.
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a disturbing mystery about a severe heart disease in dogs may be linked to a popular diet. >> tonight, an exclusive interview. the researcher who reported the cases to federal investigators is now speaking out.
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>> kpix5's juliette goodrich has our original report. >> nearly half the dog food market in the u.s. is grain free. but, the surgeon ingredients in this diet do more harm than good? according to one that you better think twice before you feed it to fido, or in this case -- >> the fda warning is saying this is a real issue. >> reporter: dr. josh stern of uc davis is pleased with the new fda report. >> they went as far as to name the diets of concern, which is hugely helpful for the pet owning public to go ahead and try to avoid this problem in their pets. >> goodbye. >> reporter: last year we introduced you four of stern's for a patient. baker who lives in the east bay. >> he is my buddy is what he is, he is like my child. >> reporter: as well as suvo reef and fiji who live near silicon valley. >> they are part of my family, they are my family now.
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>> reporter: these goldens all developed a life running her condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy. or dcm for short. dcm can lead to heart failure, even sudden cardiac death. the dogs had no history of heart disease. >> he was only five, how could a heart dog get heart failure? it was a mystery to had to be something else going on. >> reporter: the dogs had something else in common. >> peas, garbanzo beans, a lot of lentils, green peas, things like that. >> they all ate a grain free diet that contained high levels of peas and lentils. lab test revealed some of the dogs also had low levels of taurine in their blood. and amino acid critical for heart health. the good news? dr. stern and his team discovered the heart disease was reversible. >> low and behold we change their diet and added supplements to their diet they got better. >> reporter: in the past few years stern saw a dramatic surge in cases of dcm in dogs eating a similar diet. he contacted the fda.
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last july, the fda began its investigation. >> they were very forthcoming to put out updates. >> reporter: the latest update, more than 500 reports of dcm in a wide range of dog breeds. nearly 30 different types, all ages, sizes, and weights. more than 90% eight grain free diets. and 93% of the foods contained peas and/or lentils as a main ingredient. at this time, the fda is not advising pet owners to switch diets, but to talk to their vet if they have any concerns. dr. stern however takes a firmer line. >> if you are feeding a diet that showed up in the fda list of most associated diets with this condition, then you need to think twice about that. talk with their veterinarian and see about adding their dogs tested for cardiomyopathy. >> we tested several of the companies who made the food on the list, in general they said there is no scientific evidence, even from the fda
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that directly links their diet, surgeon ingredients, or any dog's diet to dcm. one company said the problem is genetic. that these dogs inherited or were simply bored with the problem. stern says that those remarks are unfortunate. >> we are seeing those companies try and discredit the science and move in the same direction that we saw the tobacco industry use many decades ago. the link between lung cancer and smoking was first revealed. the pet owning public is not going to stand for that. >> reporter: as for the four goldens? most are almost back to full health. here is a photo of baker elevating the fourth of july. the fda continues to investigate and so does dr. stern he is involved in a controlled multicenter study looking at dcm and diets and a variety of dog breeds. in the east bay, juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> for the full fda report, statements by the companies making the food, and a special web extra on the golden ienersgot the
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word out go to our website for the full weather report, the full fog of date. we have a brian hackney alongside. and there is no waiting for this you get it right now but >> absolutely and you get what you paid for. >> [ laughter ]. we have fog and low clouds streaming to the golden gate, down in san jose a few high clouds up top, it is looking nice down in santa clara county. the highs today manage a few tics upward on the thermometer scale. concord and 83, morgan hill 81. and santa rosa 78. oakland 70 today. this low pressure that has been slowly moving toward the shoreline is finally going to move up into the pacific northwest and it will lift up and over the top of a building high pressure in the desert southwest. the high pressure that you see down here will expand, come over the west coast and it it does high pressure builds and the temperatures will follow suit. on futurecast you can see the low clouds fill in and then move back to the shoreline. and then once again, as the day goes on they moved back and
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then they come back in tomorrow night. so, it is just the usual push and pull of the fog. the difference is that tonight it will be extensive, tomorrow it will be extensive. the time you get a thursday not as extensive as it was. that will help the warming trend by the time we had 20 weekend. so we get the usual fog and low clouds in the morning. it will be extensive again tomorrow, but temperatures recover to near seasonal by wednesday as well. we are a little bit below average and then will go above average inland by the weekend. pollen reports. we are finding the allergens are a little bit down in the atmosphere. so they are at work, those leafy new plans, the transplant from eurasia, they will be up a bit. but, the general allergy levels are down the overnight lows in the 50s, daytime highs tomorrow not bad. close to seasonal averages. 66 in the city, 84 in concord, 81% is a and 72 in oakland. in the south wayne tomorrow plenty of sunshine and 81 at
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sunnyvale, cupertino at 82, and then you will find some overcast to start with. it will be fairly persistently cloudy on the west side of the peninsula. 84 degrees at concord, 83 at pittsburgh and 85 at antioch. back to the mid-80s and parts of the inland areas. 82 for santa rosa. beautiful catalina 78 degrees, nevada at 80 and, 78. we will be in the mid-80s tomorrow. 73. in the extended forecast of the usual night and early morning low clouds give way to sunshine in most of the bay area, except right along the ocean and as we get was the weekend, even that will begin to thin out as a high-pressure building over the west coast. numbers get pushed into the mid- 90s inland. by the time we hit the weekend. not going the great beach weather but if you're looking for two more sunshine we have more on topic. >> sounds good, thank you bright.
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coming up next, the newest democrats take a dive into the presidential race. plus what president trump said about his labor secretary tonight. the secret plea deal he is accused of dishing out. a city in contra costa county just lost it first run movie theater. we willand isfeature plan for this megaplex. plus, a new look at the extensive damage face. coming up, all knew at 11:00 tonight, coaches calling foul. how they say one alameda county school district is discriminating against female athletes. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. here is what you missed when you're just getting home, tonight your prosecutors want billionaire jeffrey epstein to stay in custody while he waits for a bail hearing on sex trafficking charges. and another big development, democrats want labor secretary alex acosta to step down for helping epstein get a secret plea deal in 2008. when acosta was a u.s. attorney in florida. the white house is looking into it. >> i can only say this from what i know, and what i do know is that he has been a really great secretary of labor. the rest of it, we will have to look at, will have to look at it very carefully. tributes are pouring in
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tonight for ross perot. the self-made texas billionaire and philanthropist passed away after a battle with leukemia. he was 89 years old. my name is tom steyer i am running for president. >> you heard it the bay area billionaire tom steyer is the newest residential candidate. this morning the announcement adds him to the list of about two dozen other democrats in the running. tonight, the usgs says aftershocks were the big earthquakes in southern california are finally dying down. the probability of another large earthquake is decreasing. vic comes of the back to back earthquake in kern and sammartino counties will soon receive federal help. the white house approved governor newsom's request today. >> check out this new picture of the usgs examining a massive surface crack near the epicenter. in this picture, you can actually see some of the big cracks in the earth from space.
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antioch's first and only first run movie theater is close tonight catching many people by surprise. da lin is there. >> reporter: amc deer valley 16 shirted last movie sunday night. neighbors say they are losing businesses because antioch is a commuter town. >> i am kind of upset about it i always come to the theater to see movies. >> the building owners as amc told them they were losing money because attendance had been dropping in recent years. the building owner says he and amc had agreed to spend $6 million to renovate the theater. but, two weeks ago he says amc broke off the agreement and decided to close up. >> attendance is really down in these locations, for movie theaters, for our restaurants. just due to the simple fact that our community spends so much time on the freeway. >> the building owner says he will look for a different theater company to move in. and antioch, i am da lin. kpix5. coming up next, a huge name
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and entertainment just teamed up with a bay area marijuana company.
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rap mogul jay-z just
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announced he is partnering with san jose-based marijuana company, caliva. >> he just signed a multi-year deal were his role will be chief brand strategist. that means will be a huge part of caliva's creative direction and marketing efforts. joe montana is venture capital firm invested $75 million in caliva earlier this year. thank you for watching at 7. >> we will be back at 11:00. for more news and weather you can always had to have a good night. in
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