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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 11, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7. s communities all across california take a hard look at their fire risk, what about the hills has already happened. >> my estimate is a doubling or tripling of the fuel load. >> every city fire department is going to have financial constraints. >> what is being done to protect the oakland hills from the next fire. what more can be done. the city is trying to protect neighbors here and how the neighbors, some of them are not willing to wait for help they are making their own disaster plans. they are absolutely going to happen, there are approximately 1 million people his cotry with removal orders. >> wrapping up the widespread immigration raids how local leaders are providing immigration or information for protection. the ghost ship warehouse master tenant takes the stand
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for his final day. >> this is the way the case ended up for the prosecution of. not with a bang but a whimper. the new kpix5 news at 7 starts now with a live, original report. growing fire danger in the oakland hills almost 30 years after historic firestorm. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> i am ken bastida. tonight, people who raised it to escape it back in 1991 are still telling horror stories. >> we saw the fire. in no time, like in five minutes it look like this. >> neighbors were trying to hose down the roof and my husband said you know, we need to get out really fast. >> now after two years of catastrophic fires here in california, people across the state are wondering if their community is next. >> that is certainly true in the oakland hills where wilson walker is live for us tonight.
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wilson? >> reporter: think about it, then 1991 fire was the benchmark fire in california for what? a quarter of a century. that was a generational event. until 2017. ink about how the california fire history books have just been completely rewritten since then. so what does the fire risk look like up here in these hills now? we went and asked a bunch of folks and look a lot of people have a lot of different opinions on this, have a look. >> we used to be able to see across the canyon, now you can't because the eucalyptus and the redwoods that have grown up. >> reporter: at the end of the long, narrow, winding roads perched on the very edge of oakland, jerry lives right on the city area at the wildland urban interface. >> this is all walking miller park down here. >> reporter: the city park just one piece of the region's open
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space and neighbor say it is a disaster waiting to happen. they point to years worth accumulating fuel loads right beside the adjoining neighborhoods. >> we don't even have a 30 foot break. >> reporter: nearly 30 years after the firestorm jerry does not see the danger of getting any more manageable appear. >> my estimate is a doubling or tripling of the fuel load in this canon canyon. >> we have deployed several hundred goats on this ridgeline basically create an upper-level fuel break here. >> reporter: vince is in charge of education management the oakland fire department. these goats are just one part of the city's million-dollar effort to reduce fire risk in these hills. but the city does not have an actual vegetation management plan, that, for now, is still a work in progress. >> we are basically trying to outline what it is we intend to do on an annual basis during the fire season and the mitigation practices that we will adopt and deploy in the future. >> but is not just fuel management that has people
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concerned. >> i will don't want you in there. >> reporter: neighbors also worry there is no plan for how to get people out of these hills, something approved chaotic and 91. they point to communities across the bay area that have been doing some evacuation education. oakland, so far, has not. >> and they don't talk about it. they say we can tell you because we don't know which way the fire is coming. and, why do other cities have plans? our answer to that is that there are so many roads people can take to get off the . >> reporter: sue piper has spent years trying to nudge the city towards a more aggressive fire safety program. she thinks the city's welfare budget should be doubled and, as were evacuating, -- >> if they are evacuating as a family or in a group so they can understand, again what the possible routes are, depending upon where the threat is coming from. >> glow sticks, goggles, flashlight. >> reporter: these two are taking matters into their own hands building up their own disaster command center to be
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staffed by the neighbors themselves. >> these are field supplies, gloves, tape the paint, masks. >> reporter: the idea in this garage is pretty simple. help cannot be counted on. >> people need to understand that and do what they can to be as prepared as they can. >> i lost my home in 1991, cannot wait for the calvary or the city or the fire department to come save you. >> reporter: while the city continues to draw up plans and search for more funding, a lot of neighbors are growing impatient. >> there is more to be done, quite honest. but, every government entity, every city fire department, fire district department is going to have financial constraints. >> get the money if it is necessary and prioritize it. >> reporter: just ask anyone here in 91. the risk is real and there's only a matter of time before the next fire.? everybody in the neighborhood needs to be informed. they may not want to do it but their lives are on the line if
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they don't. >> reporter: as this conversation has been going on in the hills, oakland city council has been negotiating a budget and they have come up with a little bit more money for exactly this kind of fire prevention. sue piper wanted $2 million for fuel management, she will get it only for one year and in the funding levels go back to about where they are now. there will be more fire inspectors, but it is hard to wrap your head around how big the challenge is up here. it really is a challenge as large as the hills and as you know, fires don't really respect lines drawn on maps. they kind of go where they want to go. >> absolutely right. i was up there in 91 to cover that fire and everything behind you was completely burnt down to the ground. it was absolutely just nothing but ash. it is amazing to see how much of it has grown back. it is not just homes up there in the hills, you have parks, the lawrence berkeley national
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lab, all sorts of other buildings now. everything has grown backup. is there a plan for those types of places if another fire rose through that area? >> reporter: well, we have been talking about oakland, oakland and its level of preparedness, of course the driver further down the road as you mentioned there is berkeley, lawrence berkeley. at this direction and you have, you are heading out towards diablo and, again as you mentioned the problem is the size of the east bay hills. i think what you are going to see is a lot more coordination amongst all of these groups with the state and cal fire to try to come up with a larger, more comprehensive plan for all of this. we are live in oakland hills, wilson walker kpix5. >> hopefully it will not happen again. 3500 homes were destroyed in just a couple of days. thank you wils > thisju in from the fbi, a high-powered assault rifle, like this one, was stolen from
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an agent's vehicle last night from the hagan burger shopping center on edgewater drive. no word, obviously, who stole it. what it was doing in the vehicle. if you have any information call the fbi's san francisco office. we are following developing news in santa rosa police are investigating a hit and run that sent a toddler to the hospital. it happened around 2:30 this afternoon. police say a white van hit the child on ranger street near corning town mall. when officers arrived the two- year-old was unresponsive. the toddler's condition is still unclear at this point. please describe the suspect vehicle as an older model white van. warnings right now about shark sightings and half moon bay. the san mateo county sheriff's office says a several pilots spotted the great white swimming around this afternoon between the ritz-carlton and pillar point harbor. they were telling beachgoers to be extra careful. check this out, surfboards come flying off of a car right
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into a woman who was shooting video on the golden gate bridge. amazingly, she only had minor injuries and the driver did pull over. the highway patrol says it is a painful reminder to make sure things are tied down properly. tonight, fear spreading through cities in the bay area as ice is confirming its plans to arrest thousands of undocumented families. as soon as sunday. and while some of these people are panicking, others are protesting. this is the scene tonight in san francisco's financial district where activists blocked traffic on simpson street outside the ice offices using their bodies and a flatbed truck. that is where political reporter melissa caen joint is now with some details on these raids that could come this weekend. >> at the ice offices in san francisco protesters shut down part of simpson street to all traffic. >> reporter: that was for at least an hour. demanding the white house call off proposed immigration raids that can start as early as
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sunday. meanwhile, politicians are insisting that everyone be careful and know your rights. >> these families are heartbreaking members of our communities and our country. this brutal action will terrorize children and tear families apart. >> reporter: the new york times reports the raids will be be beginin sunday in 10 major cities, and take place over a couple of days. ice agents will target some 2000 illegal immigrants who have been through the immigration process who have not been through the immigration process and the judges issue them a final order of removal. today the department of homeland security told kpix5 the people being reported have had the opportunity to claim they fear returning to their country of origin. and, and families were a parent is being deported but has a child who is a u.s. citizen, "alien parents were ordered removed can elect to be removed with their children or without their children, potentially selecting a family member or someone they trust to care for their child." san francisco is one of the places listed as a target. >> we have a hotline if people
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are concerned, the number is 415-200-1548. >> reporter: the san francisco police chief said "we do not participate in immigration enforcement at all. >> if the call would come to us to assist with immigration enforcement we do not support that, we will not assist. >> reporter: earlier today the aclu along with several other organizations filed a lawsuit in new york asking a federal judge to halt the deportation. in san francisco, melissa caen kpix5. governor gavin newsom tweeted a video telling people to know their rights. >> i just want to say to folks that are anxious about a knock on the door, when we talk about knowing your rights, [ foreign language ]. without a warrant, you do not have to open the door. >> will keep an eye on what develops with the ice race this weekend. of course, you can find the
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latest on air and on our website. you can always check in at tonight the ghost ship trial reaching a pivotal point with key defendant there, not. the defense rested its case and andria borba has a look at day four of testimony. >> reporter: court we will be back in session on monday morning for rebuttal evidence but at this point the trial is essentially over. after another day on the stand, go shipmaster tenant derick almena finished being cross- examined by prosecutors and the defense rested in the case. tony serra, almena's defense attorney compared the cross- examination to water torture. >> same question over and over and over again. you know, methodology that the judge should have intervened on. >> reporter: his codefendant, max harris, never took the stand in his own defense. his attorney says alameda the december 2016 ng blaine deaths of 36 people inside the
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warehouse. by prosecuting harris and al mena. >> if the theory is what happened at the warehouse caused these deaths, then the people responsible should have been brought to trial in their entirety, in their totality, that did not happen. these men have never had a fair trial. >> reporter: also not making an appearance, the ghost ship owners or electricians who worked on the property. in red this afternoon prosecutors once again played body camera video from opd where almena was told he needed conditional use permit to run parties in the warehouse and got almena to admit he had not read off the paperwork on the house. >> this is not the case and the for the prosecution, not with a bang but a whimper. rep see closing arguments are scheduled for july 29th and are expected to last 3-4 days. the jury could be handed this case as soon as august witte. in oakland, andria borba kpix5.
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still to come, the bill involving wildfires is started by utility companies. it is now sitting on the governor's desk. was, some intense law enforcement on the high seas. wait until you hear what was inside that submarine. the city of oakland devoted to close on a homeless encampment near home depot. but you might not notice any difference. >> the closing of 37 that does not resolve the holding cameras on the other side? >> no it does not. that, plus the all- important weekend forecast and things are changing. we have it all coming up when we come back. just when you thought you were done painting...
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tonight the city of oakland is taking some steps towards cleaning up a homeless encampment near the home depot. >> susan simo has been following the story and shows us the fight is far from over. >> reporter: if you have been to the home depot in oakland's retail district you likely noticed several homeless encampment around the hardware store. last night oakland city council voted to do something about that. they're closing one of the encampment. but you might not notice any difference. that is because the one they voted to change is on 37th avenue. it is behind the hardware store, there are a couple of rvs there right now. they have to be out of there by
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july 23rd. but, the other larger encampment, the one you always see when you pull up to the store on alameda avenue? that has about 100 people in it, it is on private property and right now the city does not have an alternative place for them to go so they are going to stay. >> right now the city's response is weird to find another location. and, we are stuck at that. >> even if you move everybody from here, it is another location we will be at. and then you have to do it again, and again, and again, and again. so, that is not a solution. >> mayor libby schaaf has promised that all homeless encampment around this hardware store will be cleared out by the end of the summer. in oakland, susie simo, kpix5. switching gears onto the weather. it was just beautiful for most of the bay area, except if you are in the city and then the dust >> if you're 2000 feet of it was great. you are well above this. >> that is a pretty shot behind us, they closet.
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>> you can see what is happening in the tar behind us and also what is happening with the marine layer as we head outside and have a look at the golden gate bridge is coming back through again as it wants to do. overcast skies crossing that span and numbers are reflecting all of this. the high today warm inland, cool along the coast. san francisco managed a 64 degrees and concorde 90. santa rosa 86 and in redwood city it was 81 degrees. here is how it looks, high pressure is now building and strongly over the west coast. southland will be warming up. a ridge builds and temperatures follow suit. we do have the breezes along the shoreline though. as long as they have those breezy conditions we will make a cool coastline. the inland areas will be reaching the low 90s on friday. coast in the bay stay mild, afternoon breeze, the highs will peak on saturday and then there is a cooling trend coming in on sunday. a lot going on this weekend, here is an idea for something to do. the art and wine festival, very
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pleasant weather it will be sunny and 79 degrees. the stern grove festival if you want ultracool not only the music but the temperatures, it is 61. and, overnight lows tonight will be in the 50s and 60s, 60 f fairfield, down to 37 degrees in oakland and in the city we get down to 57 degrees. tomorrow morning three minutes before six is sunrise. here's how it looks, the numbers are beginning to edge above average in san francisco. 66 tomorrow. 91 in concord, san jose 83 and oakland 72. down in the south bay plenty of sunshine and the numbers come up a little bit tomorrow. a little bit warmer. los altos 78. 82 in sunnyvale. over in the east bay, if you low clouds start out and then the numbers are going to be in the upper 80s and if you low 90s. in a three a travis air force base and 92 at antioch. for the north bay mid 80s and close to the shoreline only the 60s. 87 ical luma and 85 for novato. 90s for ukiah and clearlake and
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lakeport. in the extended forecast we have low clouds moving in again tonight but take heart, sunshine comes early tomorrow. warm spots in the mid-90s through sunday and then it will begin to cool down when we get into monday, tuesday and wednesday. so a little bit down, a little bit up, a little bit down again, it is not unlike life itself. >> so true. up next, what happened during president trump's most social media summit today in washington. tropical weather battering the gulf coast tonight. the bay area family who cut their visit short. a daring drug bust in the oakland open pacific all caught on camera. the shocking things they found inside that submarine. in a battle over a flamethrower. tonight, between elon musk and the brother of an infamous drug lord. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go.
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. here is what you missed if you're just getting home, a bill to help utility companies if they are blamed for a future catastrophic wildfire is now on the governor's desk. the bill create a fund of $21 billion that could help companies like pg&e. pay claims levied against them. it also requires utilities in the state to spend $5 billion on safety improvements. the governor is expected to sign it tomorrow. onto storm watch, new orleans is bracing for a tropical storm that has already brought pounding rain. tropical storm barry is expected to reach landfall on saturday and could possibly be a hurricane the time it touches down. 10-15 inches of rain are expected in some areas. new orleans is not planning to evacuate what people are being told to stay inside and out of
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flooded streets. a san francisco family visiting the region is heading home early. >> we were going to stay until saturday but going to leave tomorrow just to make sure we are safe. president trump hosted a social media summit at the white house today. the event at aimed at hearing concerns about so-called social media bias. in a tweet today the president hinted at possible action against social media companies for dishonesty and discrimination. >> free speech is a bedrock of american life, our constitutional rights must be fiercely protected. and i want you to know that we will always have your back. that was a member of the u.s. coast guard jumping into action after a recent drug bust in the pacific. officials say they found more than 17,000 pounds of cocaine inside that submarine from south america. and a feud over these flamethrowers tonight between
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elon musk and the brother of late drug lord pablo escobar. roberto escobar is suing elon musk claiming he stole his flamethrower idea. after meeting with one of his engineers a couple of years ago, you can see the similarities, both are being sold online. today, must responded to the controversy and sarcastically tweeted it is not a flamethrower mr. mr. escobar. a company known for using hundreds of high tech robot is now investing in the exact opposite.
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forget robot amazon says it is investing in its human workforce. >> it wants to spend $700 million to train 100,000 workers with new tech skills. the idea is to help them move into higher-paying jobs. a different move because in recent years amazon has invested tons of money and robotics. maybe a trend? we will see. thank you for watching at 7. >> will be back at 11 for more news. in the meantime ia's. the romeros. patels. the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right. no one is going to have internet like this. xfinity makes keeping up with the joneses simple. easy. awesome. want gig-speed internet? we've got you covered. or check out our other amazing speed options. get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months.
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