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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 12, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's friday, july 12th, 2019. this is the it's friday, july 12th, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." bracing for barry. millions of americans are in the storm's path as it gets ready to drench the region. which places will get hit the hardest. arrested again. singer r. kelly taken into custody on new federal charges including child pornography and obstruction of justice. and sudden drop. dozens of passengers were injured when their jumbo jet hit severe turbulence over the pacific ocean. >> and then it went bang, and the people just shot up.ewoom a
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headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning, tropical storm barry is closing in on louisiana. the biggest threat is not high winds but the rain and storm surge. the effects of barry are already being felt all along the gulf coast. the storm could be the first hurricane of the season. marc liverman is in new york. marc, i know people are preparing, but how are first responders preparing? >> well, anne-marie, rescue crews and guard troops are taking up a position around the state of louisiana, bracing for the arrival tonight or tomorrow morning. as to how big an impact we'll have, we're still a few hours away from knowing away for sure. the outer bands are now lapping at the louisiana coast. weend in the region. tss a seve
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the national weather service is using terms like life-threatening floods. >> barry is a system almost certain to send a deluge of water to the area. as much as 25 inches could fall in some places. >> there are three ways louisiana floods, storm surge, high rivers, and rain. we're going to have all three. >> the army corps of engineers believes the flooded mississippi will remain contained by the 20-foot levees that protect new orleans. still officials warn there are limits to what the levees and water pumps can do. >> we cannot pump o ur way out of the water levels and the water falls that are expected to hit the city of new orleans. we need you to understand this, and, again, be prepared to shelter in place. >> some residents are taking no chances with this storm.
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>> bring flashlights and things like that. that's the routine. this area right here, we've always got to evacuate. >> that man says no matter what damage barry inflicts on his home, he'll return because it's the only place he's ever lived. and late last night president trump declared a federal declaration of emergency for the state of louisiana. people in the area are reminded to keep three days of things on hand. we're talking batteries, water, and, of course, food, anne-marie. >> all good advice. thank you, marc. chief meteorologist scott padgett shows us where and when barry is expected to make landfall. >> good morning. after barry's taken the slow westward track, i expect today a more westward track and later tonight into the early morning
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hours tomorrow moving onshore in south central louisiana, getting very close here. downgrading to a tropical depression by sunday and continuing to rain itself out going toward the ohio river valley. my biggest concern, the flooding rains. know now, we talk a lot about the rains, but look at this. franklin, louisiana, possibly 15 inches of rain. baton rouge, possibly 10 inches of rain. here in this back area, possibly 20 inches of rain. on top of that, that's a lot of rain. so along with the rain, talking the winds driving the water onshore. so not only the rain but the winds driving that water onshore, something we need to be concerned about. scott et n singer r. kelly was arrested last night in chicago on new federal charges. he was indicted by a new grand jury on 13 counts including child pornography, insight minor
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to engage in criminal activity, and obstruction of justice. meanwhile sources tell cbs news kelly is facing a separate federal indictment in new york. the new york eastern district is expected to file charges today under the umbrella of racketeering. this year kelly was charged with more than 20 counts of sexual abuse. in an interview with "cbs this morning" co-host gayle king in march, he insisted the allegations against him were false. and president trump has dropped his plan to add a controversial citizenship to the 2020 census, but as paula reid explains, he has another way to find out who is a citizen and who isn't. >> it's essential we have a clear breakdown of the citizens and non-citizens that break down the numbers. >> president trump has a way to collect citizenship information from everyone in the u.s.
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>> we can ensure a new option o non-citizens. >> the order directs federal agencies to search databases for information on whether someone is in the u.s. legally. >> we think it will be far more accurate. >> the president moved to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census which critics argued would have discouraged undocumented citizens from participating. >> can you believe are you a citizen of the united states of america, sir, you can't ask that question. why. >> two weeks ago the supreme court blocked the administration's effort to add the question ruling the administration had not provided a justification for it. the government then began printing census forms without it, but president trump vowed to continue fighting. >> 15 to $20 billion and you're not allowed to ask them are you a citizen. we're fighting very hard against a system that's a very difficult system. >> for the president, continuing the battle for a citizenship count is politically advantageous.
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>> i think the chaos is purposeful. i think he wants to create peer. >> she's a former obama official who opposes asking the question. >> there's no question needed. all of the kind of ensuing noise from the trump administration -- >> even though the president said in his rose garden event he was not backing down, the justice department said it will inform the courts it will not include the quesion on the 2020 census. not what the president had hoped for. in an attempt to avoid jail, jeffrey epstein wants to make a deal. yesterday the 66-year-old asked a federal judge to allow him to use some of his substantial wealth as collateral. as details in a bail proposal filed with the court. it includes offering up his $77 million new york mansion and a private jet.
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the judge in the case will take up the bail hearing next week. a long distance flight took a frightening turn, leaving dozens of passengers injured after hitting severe turbulence. an air canada flight was traveling from vancouver to sydney, australia, yesterday when it encountered unforecasted turbulence at 36,000 feet two hours from hawaii. passengers not wearing seatbelts when went flies as chaos ensued. >> a girl hit the plastic overhead and snapped it and broke it. a stewardess was hurt when the trolley fell on top of them. >> some required hospitalization. the flight was diverted to honolulu, landing without further incident. coming up on the "morning news" now, the coast guard is >> and a possible cola
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that's video of a u.s. coast guard cutter chasing down a suspected drug-smuggling submarine in the pacific ocean. last month officers boarded the makeshift narco sub. inside, 17,000 pounds of cocaine. the seizure was one of more than a dozen operations since may. overall the coast guard seized 40,000 pounds of drugs. the street value was said to be $569 million. wow. so there may be a link between sugary drinks and cancer. and jared kushner may be forced to testify. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. politico reports the house judiciary voted to authorize 12 s&ps for 12 key people in the robert mueller report. the list includes jared kushner,
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former attorney general jeff sessions, and former national security adviser michael flynn. they also authorized subpoenas for executives. it's over hush money paid to women who had affairs with president trump. it's up to committee chairman jerry nadler to decide whether to issue the subpoenas. chronicle" says california lawmakers approved a measure requiring president trump and other candidates to release their tax returns from the last five years to get on the state primary election ballot. the bill is now in the hands of governor gavin newsome. a similar measure was vetoed two years ago by then governor jerry brown. is a spokesman for newsome did not say whether he would sign the bill. and "usa today" report shows that just a few sips of sugary sips of sugar per day increases the risks of cancer. a study in the british journal says drinking about 2.4 ounces
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here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. surveillance video from a nearby store captures the moment a kfc restaurant exploded in eden, north carolina. police say no one was inside the restaurant, which was destroyed. the only thing left standing was the sign outside. the explosion shook nearby homes. an investigation is under way to determine the cause. workers had reportedly smelled gas and called the gas company. on the "cbs moneywatch," the results of an investigation and why the price of avocados is out of control.
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diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> good morning, anne-marie. federal chair jerome powell said they're in a good place and they're prepared to do what it takes to keep it there. he made these comments before a house pam the previous day signaling a possible rate cut ahead. the dow and s&p 500 rallied on the news setting new record closes with the dow closing above the 27,000 level for the first time. by the close of trading the dow soared 227 points, the s&p 500 gained 6 points while the nasdaq actually lost 6 points. watch what you say. google is listening. they listen through google assisted devices such as google home and android software. google claims just a fraction are reviewed by humans tolaof
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evhenot using assistant. new finding revealed ford launched two vehicles and was selling them even though they knew they were defective. it shows the automaker received thousands of complaints about its fiesta and focus. festivas and focuses lose control on freeways and intersections. at least 1.5 million remain on the road. the number of people screened at airport check points last sunday set a new record as people returned home after a four-day holiday weekend. the tsa says officers screened nearly 2.8 million passengers and crew, beating the record from five days earlier over memorial day. and, no, you're not imagining it. the price of avocados really is spiking. for the first week of july, the
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wholesale price of the fruit from mexico soared compared to the same time last year. the average retail price jumped from $1.17 to $2.10. rising demand, smaller crops from california growers in a decade and lower season in mexico are to blame. anne-marie. >> add that to the fact that usually you have about five minutes of perfect time to eat your avocado, at least the ones i buy, it seems like. it goes from not ripe to rotten. >> exactly. you've got to get in and get out of the produce section. >> seriously. >> seriously. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thank you so much, diane. have a great weekend. >> you too. still to come. new details and possible suspects in the investigation into the death of an american scientist. possible suspects in the investigation into the death of an american scientist. c dermatitis, you feel like you're itching all the time.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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the country. disorder in the court. a fight broke out yesterday in a courtroom in youngstown, ohio, during a hearing to sentence a man who confessed to murdering his ex-girlfriend. two of the victim's sons tried to jump their mother's killer. one of the sons was hit with the deputy's taser, and both were arrested. police in greece are investigating the possibility of t 59-year-old suzanne eaton was discovered monday inside a world
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war ii nazi bunker on the isle of greece. greece tells cbs news she was murdered by suffocation. they say there were also knife wounds, but that has not been confirmed. eaton had been living in germany and was in greece to attend a conference. cbs news has learned that trump administration's long suspected roundup of undocumented immigrant families will begin on sunday. i.c.e. will focus on at least 10,000 cities. mayors in several cities including chicago, los angeles, san francisco, and oakland are telling their police departments not to cooperate with the raids. the operation was proposed last month but then postponed by president trump. he had pushed democrats to make an immigration reform deal or expect deportations. lawmakers including republicans have expressed concern. >> to me it's not cruel. it's reenforcing the rule of law. but i prefer not to go down that route if we can find a deal. >> several immigration legal service groups have filed a lawsuit against the trump administration to try and stop the deportation. coming up first on "cbs this
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our top story this morning. tropical storm barry is making its presence felt along parts of the gulf coast. it could strengthen to a hurricane tonight. the biggest threat comes from flooding rain and storm surge. yesterday president trump issued a federal declaration of emergency for louisiana. and singer r. kelly was arrested last night in chicago on new federal charges. he was indicted by a federal grand jury on 13 counts including child pornography, entitlement of a minor to engage in criminal activity, and obstruct of justice. meanwhile law enforcement judges tell cbs news kelly is facing a separate indictment in new york. starting monday an exciting
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change is coming to the cbs evening news. former "cbs this morning" co-host norah o'donnell moves into her new roll as managing editor and anchor of the "cbs evening news." >> norah o'donnell is ready to begin a new chapter as anchor and managing editor of the "cbs evening news." >> it's incredibly exciting and humbling. >> she joins a legacy that includes legendary walter cronkite. >> one of the things he said is journalism is what makes democracy work. i believe that more than ever. i think people are hungry for and craving for independent nonbiased fact-based source for news. >> o'donnell grew up in a military family that helps her understand news impacts people. >> decisions made from washington and the white house in terms of sending women and
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overseas, veterans matters personally in our household. >> o'donnell has an extensive background including serving as the chief white house correspondent. she said the news team is uniquely positioned to cover the 2020 election. >> you've covered six presidential campaigns. >> right. >> this one is going to be golden for the ages. >> our goal is not to follow the news but break news. there's going to be a sense of urgency and depth and clarity like we've never had before. >> the two-time emmy winner has sat down with presidents, princes, and ceos, and plans to continue getting big interviews. >> why do you think so many people feel comfortable in talking to you, sitting down and talking with you? >> trust. i'm proud they feel leak they know they can trust me. they're going to get a tough question. that's my job. hopefully we do it with cbs news is we do it with integrity and we do it with
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trust, and that's ultimately how we succeed. >> the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell begins monday. vladimir duthiers, cbs news, new york. coming up first on "cbs this morning," democratic presidential candidate amy klobuchar unveils a major new proposal to help seniors and their families. plus a rare glimpse inside a facility at the johnson space center that houses samples of the moon's surface. mark strassmann takes us inside. >> and it's one of the fastest growing spirit brands in american history. michelle miller brings us behind the veens to uncle nearest whiskey. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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good morning. and now at 4:30, looking live at
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the bay bridge. you can see a little bit more than yesterday at this time. it is friday, july 12 i'm anne makovec. >> i'm kenny choi. thank you for waking up with us as we get you ready for the day. that is the forecast from mary lee. synchronous it is friday and we are going to see plenty of sunshine heading through the afternoon. temperatures warmer compared to yesterday we can continue with the warming trend into the weekend. a cloudy start. temperatures in the 50s and 60s.: compared to yesterday. six in concord. 58 in oakland. the rumor coming in and the mid- 50s 60 in san jose and 53 forest and rosa. the low 90s in concord, as well as livermore. 83 in san jose. the low 70s and oakland. mid 60s in san francisco and the low to mid 60s along the coast. we will talk about the


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