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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  July 12, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the bay bridge. you can see a little bit more than yesterday at this time. it is friday, july 12 i'm anne makovec. >> i'm kenny choi. thank you for waking up with us as we get you ready for the day. that is the forecast from mary lee. synchronous it is friday and we are going to see plenty of sunshine heading through the afternoon. temperatures warmer compared to yesterday we can continue with the warming trend into the weekend. a cloudy start. temperatures in the 50s and 60s.: compared to yesterday. six in concord. 58 in oakland. the rumor coming in and the mid- 50s 60 in san jose and 53 forest and rosa. the low 90s in concord, as well as livermore. 83 in san jose. the low 70s and oakland. mid 60s in san francisco and
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the low to mid 60s along the coast. we will talk about the weekend forecast, coming up. we are tracking trouble spots early this morning, taking a look at the overall map. will be one accident northbound on 101 on the peninsula approaching the upper. you can see the accident in place. does not seem to be slowing anything down at this hour because the good news is it is early for the one commuted to be causing any trouble at this hour. adn oakland. there was a traffic alert with most lanes closed just north of here. they may have gotten it open everything looks good back to the overall map we are experiencing a little bit of trouble. the main trouble times are all in the green. it is good to go new video this morning of a water main break overnight in san francisco. it was right in front of the sales force tower. in the sales force terminal at
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first. this was around midnight last night. you can see all of the water shooting into the air, starting to flood drivers trying to make their way around the water main break has been kept, but there could be some work still going on later this morning. we still do not know what caused the water main break. back to you. the latest round of ice rates have already begun in the bay area. immigration attorneys confirming reports of ice raids in contra costa and santa clara counties over the last few days for it is now our expected intensities across the country starting sunday. the immigrant rights groups say they are preparing by making sure that people know their rights. >> you could not say anything. not to open the door to have rights in the knighted states>> immigrants rights from all over
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alameda county. they're planning a vigil to oppose the redheaded santa clara county rapid response network will discuss rights in an 11 am press conference. we have not heard back. and several branches of the aclu have filed a preemptive lawsuit senator, harrison 15 of her democratic colleagues have introduced a bill to block arrests from taken place in certain places of refuge such as schools, hospitals, courthouses into churches. you can watch for the latest of elements of a story throughout the day on our website, >> president trump has given up on getting a citizen to question on the 2020 census , and instead he said he will find out what he wants to know from existing federal records. >> we will utilize the f homela
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he, and the social security administration.>> is a directing agencies to hand over plan that the same department y hit-and-run that sent a two euro to the hyatt hospital. hector larios hit the child yesterday on reid avenue>> we arrived on the scene a child was unresponsive. we believe that point that the totals with an adult. the child ran just towards the history of announced to the at all and was struck a vehicle slightly tell taken to the hospital but was expected to survive. the suspect has a record of 40 why can convictions of the past six years. hey suect he was under the influence again yesterday. the city of san mateo. another break and ditching the red light cameras as far as was dismissing several citations one of the cameras
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malfunctioned it may. the city discovered a construction project at their coat saratoga and hillsdale inadvertently they altered the yellow light timing with one of the cameras they suspended the program they had no impact on the number of accidents over the years. the number of violations initially decreased when the program started. it began to increase overtime like he wants them to keep it despite the fact they are malfunctioning. you better if they fix it made sure they function properly and put them back in>> it will take 90 days for the red light program to run doubt during that time no new citations will be issued. start developing news out of the chicago disgraced entertainment r. kelly is arrested on federal sex trafficking tardis picking 52- year-old producer, and songwriter taken into custody
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last night by officers from the nypd and a rtpartment homeland security. r. kelly is charged with sex trafficking trying to include the case in atlanta and the child production case. he also faces a 13 count indictment in illinois. r. kelly has already pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual abuse against were women. three of whom were minors at the time. and be expected to hear more about the arrest in a press conference in just a few hours. the ghost ship warehouse trial is essentially over after the defense rested its case yesterday in the fourth and final they understand. derick almena admitted on the cross examination that he did not get permits for work that he had done at the building. he also said that he knew that it lacked basic fire safety systems like smoke detectors, and sprinklers.>> i think that my client did extrem very s.machine-gun cross- examination.>> the toeys argue
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authorities who visited the warehouse before the deadly 2016 fire never told either defendant that it was unsafe, or that it needed to be brought up to code. the court will be back in session on monday morning for rebuttal evidence before the case goes to the jury. 4:30 seven and forever 21 is apologizing this morning after two youth group leaders say they were racially profiled with the storm san francisco square. youth leaders who are shopping with kids a mentor say they were accused of shoplifting just by shopping there almost weekly. forever 21 says police were notified because of specific behaviors, saying the shoppers were mixing and matching outside with and store merchandise and that is what caused the confusion. and forever 21 went on to say that we sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding. and we are working with the mayors office and the parties
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involved to learn from the experience and to make it right moon bay. that is a warning from officials this morning after multiple shark sightings their. find like this when it francis beats are urging beachgoers to urge use caution. san mateo sheriff department got more than one report from pilots who spotted the sharks from the air. despite the new warning, some surface continue to ride the waves yesterday and others were not taking any chances.>> it is a game changer for me. >> they are not in feeding well. what they are doing in the late afternoon is fighting the warmest water that they can't. just to warm up. >> marine biologists say that more and more sharks have been spotted along the coast these days. a group of more than a dozen great white sharks were captured the video on tuesday and santa cruz county. a big change coming to the cbs evening news on monday. that is what the former cbs this morning cohost norah
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o'donnell moves into her new role as maker anchor and managing editor of the nightly newscast. vladimir recently said that with the veteran journalist to it discuss what viewers can expect. >> reporter: norah o'donnell is ready to begin a new chapter as anchor and managing editor of the cbs evening news. >> it is incredibly exciting and humbling. >> reporter: she joins a legacy that includes the legendary cbs news anchor, walter cronkite. >> one of the things that he said is journalism makes democracy. i believe that more firmly than ever. i think people are hungry and craving on independent nonbiased fact-based source for news. >> reporter: o'donnell groban a military family which helped her understand that the news impacts real people. >> decisions made in washington, from the white house and congress in terms of setting men and women overseas, veterans benefits, mattered personally in our household. >> reporter: o'donnell has an
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extensive background covering politics, including serving as the cbs news chief white house correspondent. she says that the cbs news team is uniquely positioned to cover the 2020 presidential election. >> you have covered six presidential campaigns. this will be one for the ages. >> reporter: our goal is not to follow the news. we will break news. there will be entered in the with context, depth, and clarity like we have never had before. >> reporter: the two-time emmy winner has sat down with the president, princes, and the ceos and plans to continue getting the big interviews. >> why do you think that so many people feel comfortable talking to you, sitting down for an interview.>> trust and i am proud people feel like they can trust me. they will have a tough question and that is my job but hopefully they know that what might we do at cbs news is with integrity, and trust. and that ultimately is how we succeed. >> reporter: the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell begins on monday.
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the time checks it is for: 40. a major tropical storm headed straight for the gulf coast. it could strengthen into a hurricane before it makes landfall. the last minute craft as residents get ready for the storm to hit. strike a quick peek outside of the eastern span of the bay bridge. 53 degrees to start this friday morning.
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on the storm watch of this morning tropical storm very bearing down on states along the gulf coast. spec officials warning it may turn into a hurricane before he makes landfall. marc liverman reports.>> the outer bands of tropical storm barry are laughing at the edge of the louisiana coast. arrival signaled the start of what could be a calamitous weekend in the region.>> this is a significant severe weather event. and the national weather service is using terms like
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life-threatening floods. >> reporter: barry is a slow moving system that will almost certainly deliver a deluge of water of water. is much as 25 inches could rain some places. >> there are three ways louisiana floods. storm surge, hello rivers, and rain. we will have all free. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers believes the flood and ministry in mississippi will be maintained by the there are limits water pumps can do. but the water levels and waterfalls that are expected with the city of new orleans. we need you to understand this and be prepared to shelter in place. truck some residents are taking no chances with the storm. like you bring flashlightsthat. that is the routine.
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this area right here we always have to evacuate. truck demand said no matter what damage barry influx on his home, he will return because it is the only place he has ever lived. marc liverman, cbs news. it looks like we have an on and fantastic forecast for the weekend. temperatures warming up heading through not just today but for the weekend temperatures are the warmest we have seen since the last several days and it has been so cool starting off in july. we are looking at temperatures above average for this time of year had a good weekend. with the warm if he wanted one whether you've got it. i want to talk about tropical storm barry in the gulf of mexico. it is really disorganized. the problem is how slow moving the system is. it is living at five miles per hour. we have hurricane watch is in effect along the louisiana coast and here is the latest were hurt for you on this. a tropical storm barry. the 50 mile-per-hour wind sustained with gusts up to 65.
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west northwest at five miles per hour. at this point, it looks like it will stay a tropical storm. the potential for impact cracking a dangerous storm surge and flooding possible with strong went. is a makes landfall along the louisiana coast with sustained wind at 70 miles per hour. hopefully it will not turn into a hurricane that is a possibility of house the living the storm is and we will be watching the storm. temperatures running in the mid to upper 50s at about 60 degrees. that is a lie look at the san jose camera. the ridge of high pressure building in from the desert southwest and with that, we see the temperatures on the rise today. a breezy afternoon along the coast and for parts of the bay, and inland they soar into the mid to upper 80s and low 90s. hearing on the futurecast,
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taking you hour-by-hour and you can see these on for inland locations for the seventh of go bay, a mix of sun and clouds along the coast. temperatures will be warmer compared to yesterday and as we head through the morning, clouds along the area for fog along the coast and the bay but not as extensive as what we are seeing. we are catching patchy drizzle this morning along the coast and for parts of the bay at the kickoff your friday. as we head through the afternoon, looking at 91 in concord. 93 in oakland. 90 in livermore. 83 in san jose. 72 in oakland. 66 for a high in san francisco. here is the seven-day forecast and it will heat up even more for your saturday. highs topping out in the mid- 90s for tomorrow. a little bit cooler on sunday, but still warm. and there we go with continuing with the cooldown from monday and tuesday of next week. it is a warm weekend and it is starting to heat up on the roadways at this hour. i'm tracking a couple of trouble spots it is early and they are not causing any major delays. we are seeing some issues in
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certain parts of the bay area, but mostly green. there is an accident on northbound one-to-one, right before san bruno avenue. luckily, this is early for the one-to-one commute in the northbound direction does not seem to be causing any delays. chp is on the scene and working to clear that. there is also an excellent westrock 244 that has been moved to the right shoulder. it is not affecting any delays in the commute direction. off to the altamont pass were you are so and go out of the tracy triangle out to 19 miles per hour. back up to a regular running speed to the dublin interchange. 84 in the westbound direction looks good at this hour. darling closures in effect the richmond san rafael bridge. it is a little bit early to for that to be causing any delays. northbound one-to-one from seminary to tiburon boulevard, there are also laying closures in effect untold 2 p.m.
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the bay bridge metering lights are not on started to stack up in the cash lanes. if you have a fast track, you are fast tracking into the toll plaza and san francisco. started to get more busy on the san mateo bridge but you have plenty of room on the roadway in the westbound direction. eastbound, plenty of room. the golden gate bridge socket this morning. there is no fog advisory in effect. the zipper car has not been out and you are down to two lanes. they should be getting movie and a jiffy to get that opened up. and last but not least, the nimitz freeway looks good. there was an earlier alert that had lain close at seven. they have been able to move that as a result of a carr fire and everything seems to be moving right along. following the crossover a success of this old towne road. another viral country rap song tapping the music charts. spa cris martinez has your i an entertainment. ♪. by yourself no worries. follow after me. >> reporter: to get up from atlanta produce and artist blanco brown is number credits the hits old towne road for helping opened the door for
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his music. >> people heard the record and they were looking for something else close to it. it is the same vein trophy truck first went viral on social media driven by people posting their own version of brown's dance moves under the hashtag get up challenge. the big six star stars and the new action comedy stuber. body for coasters dave batista to the "guardians of the galaxy". at the films of a premier, a shut off the new physique but another actor would confirm or deny rumors the new look as far as possible superhero role. like i would be excited if the rumors were true. i would be so excited if the rumors are true we will model it out. >> reporter: stuber over the theaters today. that is there i an
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entertainment. cris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. let's get a live look of downtown san jose. 59 degrees this friday morning. we will be right back. atter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. we made it to friday and we will see plenty of sun heading through the afternoon. for the south bay, 83 for a high santa clara and san jose. 89 for morgan hill. 86 in los gatos. for antioch and for brentwood, tech and r an piurgh alln the low 90s heading to the day and also for pleasant hill, livermore,
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pleasanton. berkeley, alameda and oakland as well as for san leandro in the low 70s and mid 60s in san francisco. we are tracking a trouble spot in this is for those of you coming to the altamont pass and 4:30 for. there is some kind of an obstruction blocking one lane in the westbound direction of 580. as you're coming out of the tracy triangle, phone go through the altamont pass but you are back to a regular running speed. it is not seem to be effecting any delays or slowing anything down as he approached the dublin interchange for the dublin interchange looks good as does 84 in the westbound direction. you are good to go. forget about the title the warriors are barely in the conversation to contend for the western conference title now that russell westbrook is a member the rockets are qustion reportedly and a couple of first-round picks in a trade with the oklahoma city font letter. how do you like it? move westbrook and james harden spent three seasons together. they have 15 all-star selections and two mvp awards
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between them. while all of this is going on, steph curry is playing golf and hugging the former teammate at the driving range. it was the first time he reacted publicly to kevin durant departure. it if you cannot taste something good, do not say anything at all. suck i would like to look at what we accomplished, and focus on that. and be externally proud of this from that we have had. that we are going to have to re- create it >> well said. milton serena williams made quick work to become the oldest woman to reach a major final. 37-year-old dropped only three games in the street 10 when that lasted 59 minutes. serena will play monohull and saturday's final. she is going for her record time 24th career grand slam. in the baseball the giant up the second half of the day in
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milwaukee. seven games under 500. but only 5.5 back at the wildcard. and marty lori told me that trade chips like madison bumgarner could be around for a while. let syndicate within three of the wildcard into weeks. what would we do? sakata and how they are playing. i would stand pat. i don't taken this town this organization, that you can do to month of baseball and say, i am sorry we are going to trade everybody. >> now we aired the interview and i have derogatis tweets. even on local services got media, the a's get short shifted. it is never-ending. tony is right. the a's are hot. tony baloney looks something like this could when he treated me. the rangers beat the astros last night. scored for out of the five runs in the first inning with the highlight from me. check out the fan on the foul ball. he is holding his bullet. the ball hit the wall it. money went flying around like the armored truck on the
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freeway money for everybody and beer all around. the a's for another playoff birds. the astros bringing the a 7 of the standing. oakland is a game and a half. out of the wildcard and they will host the white sox tonight. and oakland. that is the latest in sports. have a great weekend. structurally minutes before 5:00. coming up, the summer travel tips and news and information. we are talking to the cbs news live in the next half hour. santa clara county is trying to protect the immigrant residents. it is reminding them of a hotline available. we will tell you what the number is, next. lp
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utility companies pay for wildfire damage now and the governors death. what the legislation means for ratepayers. >> my actions were irresponsible, and dangerous. why a california police chief says that she needs to be held accountable for a stolen gun. san mateo getting rid of the red light cameras. why they are being forced to dismiss nearly 1000 citations. it is friday, july 12. good morning i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec. it is time to get a quick check on the weather forecast and the warm-up. we are going to be heating up, especially inland vicki daytime highs topping out in the low 90s. we will continue to our off into the weekend. here is a live look for the treasure island camera. county start to the day. froggy and patchy drizzle along


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