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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 12, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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utility companies pay for wildfire damage now and the governors death. what the legislation means for ratepayers. >> my actions were irresponsible, and dangerous. why a california police chief says that she needs to be held accountable for a stolen gun. san mateo getting rid of the red light cameras. why they are being forced to dismiss nearly 1000 citations. it is friday, july 12. good morning i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec. it is time to get a quick check on the weather forecast and the warm-up. we are going to be heating up, especially inland vicki daytime highs topping out in the low 90s. we will continue to our off into the weekend. here is a live look for the treasure island camera. county start to the day. froggy and patchy drizzle along
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the coast and parts of the bay this morning but we are going to be clearing out. the fog burning off heading to the day with sunshine. temperatures running in the mid to upper 50s and to about 60 degrees and here we go with our highs. 91 in concord. 93 in fairfield. 90 livermore. 83 and san jose. 72 and oakland forgiven 60s and 70s go and 63 in pacifica. enjoy the sunshine today and i will let you know how long this will last in the full forecast, coming up. it feels like i friday on the roadways. you main travel times are good to go. they are all in the green which is great news for those hitting the roads at 5:01. take a look. only about a 29 minute ride through the altamont pass. then cleared the obstruction in the westbound direction of 580. you are smooth sailing all the way over to the dublin interchange. 50 minutes the sort freeway. get there and out of the south bay on 101, a 35 minute ride
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despite the accident on the peninsula. the bay bridge metering lights not yet on. the cash line stacked up to the toll plaza, once you get through their, smooth sailing into san francisco, and you can see the headlights on the eastshore freeway thing along without a problem. the san mateo bridge is a little busier than just 15 minutes ago. not too many brake lights. you are looking good i am katie nelson. we are taking a live look at new orleans. we can actually see one of the local news crews along one of the city walls and you can see this is tropical storm barry coming towards new orleans right now. all of the waves crashing into the sea well. this is what was happening overnight. we are seeing large amounts of the flooding through new orleans and other parts of louisiana. the storm is only moving about five miles per hour, and is expected to make landfall either late tonight or early
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tomorrow morning. the slow progress could bring devastating funny flooding to louisiana, the panhandle and also mississippi. it could see up to 24 inches of rain with the storm. that is two feet of rain. 200 floodgates are already closed in new orleans, and the levees could be tested for the first time since hurricane katrina. at the live news desk, katie nelson. immigration attorneys confirming that the i.c.e. raise the president has been promising are already underway in santa clara and contra costa counties. this morning immigrants rights groups are preparing for the worst. jackie ward is live in san jose with how families are being reminded of their rights. >> reporter: the rapid response network project was created to protect the immigrant families and santa clara county and today the county is reiterating to the families that the hotline is available 24/7 for
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them to report any i.c.e. activity. if you were to call the number, they would dispatch somebody to respond to the scene and trained responders would get there. rapid responders are able to conduct legal observation and documentation that might be used to support the immigration case and if somebody is detained they will connect to to an immigration lawyer for governor governors and repeated peoples rights yesterday. suck when we talk about knowing your rights without a warrant, they do not have to open the door.>> department of homeland security told kpix the people being deported had the opportunity to claim demeter the country of origin. and where a family has been supportive as a child was a u.s. citizen, they say alien parents were ordered can elected to be removed with their children or without of their children, potentially selecting a family member or somebody they can trust to care with her child. if you living santa clara
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county and you want to know what the number is, it is on your screen. for 082-9011 for for. we reached out to i.c.e. for comment on the recent development and if you we have yet to hear back. in san jose, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> governor gavin newsom is expected to sign a new build a designed to help cover claims for future wildfires caused by utility commitment the bill had two different options. one a liquidity fund of about $10 million for costs that exceed insurance coverage. it would be financed by a bond sale with utility ratepayers covering the cost. is second option called an insurance fund and larger the pool of money to 21 billion. it combines bonds with matching contributions from utilities. would you have new numbers on the impact last years camp fire. according to a state server the town of paradise lost more than 90 percent of the population. the boeing 737 max chief is retiring. the embattled company says it
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was part of my plan before the to max crashes. still the investigation pushes on. joining us now is cbs news travel editor peter greenberg, joining us live. how will the 737 max investigation impact travel for the rest of the summer and beyond.>> it already has. you are dealing with united, american and southwest about 72 planes and told about the long- term aspects are this. the faa has not been able to recertify the plane. other regulatory agencies around the world are saying they will not wait for the faa. they will recertify on their own. the have been not trying to get consensus but they have not been able to do it. there boeing fight a battle for different fronts. for hundred pilot suing boeing for loss of compensation. of airlines making claims for loss of compensation and public confidence not to mention the wrongful death cases for the two crashes in indonesia and
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ethiopia. chances are that you will not see the plane fly for the rest of the year. it will probably be recertified, but not fly again until the first quarter of next year. switching gears. we have been following the shocking deaths in the dominican republic over the summer. what are some of the new development regarding tours there? >> the tours are actually coming back because so many people were driven by price. 3 million people visit the dominican republic every year. we're talking about 10 or 11 perhaps unrelated death. they have not been able to prove eight connection. the forensic was is not back in has not been done properly. the last time i think there was a shell show on television and we will be waiting for a while to find out if there is a connection. likely there is not. the numbers are still not there. the bottom line is, if you are going down there there are questions you need to ask until the investigation is concluded. it may involve cleaning solvents at the hotel. secu milooking . the questis yowant to if you are going, was the last
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time i room is cleaned and was it cleaned with a cleaning solvent. second, how close is my room to any kind of insecticides that have been used on the grounds of the resort and third, when did you last inspected the many bars to make sure the bottles were properly capped and sealed. my advice is do not open the minibar. you do not want to spend that money. >> it is very expensive. on a lighter note, what are the travel deals.>> that is the good news. it has been this way all your long. u.s. dollar remain strong against so many foreign currencies a, against the british pound and the euro. against the south african and argentinian peso. and that is not just airfares and hotel rooms. that is local goods and services and what you'll pay for a taxi ride or a tube of toothpaste or a restaurant. right now it will that way throughout the rest of the year and you do not have to wait until the end of september when the kids are back in school. you can go now and you are in the buyers market. >> information. cbs news travel peter greenberg
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25. thank you much. a repeat dui offender has been arrested for hit-and-run that sent a toddler to the hospital in santa rosa. 47-year-old hector larios is facing felony hit-and-run and dui charges this morning. the collision happened yesterday afternoon. a white van hit the child on range avenue right by the coddington mall. witnesses rushed and to perform cpr into the two-year-old was taken to the hospital with major injuries. officers believe the suspect was under the influence of alcohol. police say the report dui convictions over the past six years at a child is expected to survive. the fbi offering a $5000 reward for information leading to a higher powered rifle stolen from an agents car. the semi automatic like this one was taken on wednesday night at the henneberger
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shocking center in oakland. you've got away with a loaded magazine and an official fbi jacket. meanwhile, the chief of police in san luis obispo is apologizing for leaving her service weapon behind in a restaurant bathroom. this is a surveillance image to use the restroom wednesday. left immediately without ordering anything. chief deanna said she realized the mistake within minutes. when she came back for the gun it was gone.>> my actions were irresponsible >> i'm so grateful for the preliminary investigation a child not find it. i was complacent and that is something you can never be with a firearm. specialty fund on to say that she fully expects to be disciplined. forever 21 is apologizing this morning after being accused of racial profiling at the store and the seven cisco union square.
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it happened earlier this week two bay area youth leader say they were accused of shoplifting despite shopping almost weekly and and spending thousands of dollars there. forever 21 says police were notified because of specific behaviors thing the shoppers were mixing and matching outside products with in-store merchandise, and that is what caused the confusion. forever 21 statement says we sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and are working with the mayors office, and the parties involved to learn from this experience and make it right. as we take this matter extremely seriously. the city of san mateo stepping on the brakes and ditching the red light cameras, as well as dismissing hundreds of citations after one of its cameras malfunctioned. back in may, the city discovered a construction project at saratoga and hillsdale inadvertently altering the yellow light timing of one of the cameras so they decided to suspend the program part but when they took a closer look, they found they had no impact on the number of accidents over the years that
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although the number of violations decreased when the program started, had to increase over time. >> i think getting rid of it is not a bad thing. is like you want them to keep it.>> yes. >> i think it would be better to fix it and make sure that they function properly and put them back in. socket will take about 90 days for the red light program to wind down. during that time, no new citations will be issued. warnings right now about shark sightings in half moon bay. we are cooler compared to yesterday morning. temperatures are running a few degrees cooler than yesterday. the 24-hour temperature chain starting off with cloudy skies and foggy conditions and even patchy drizzle. we talk about the clearing heading to the day and we will show you the future cast in a few minutes. most of the bridges are clear with the exception of the bay bridge. no surprise. the good news is it is in the yellow and not in the red.
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welcome back. beware of sharks at half moon bay. that is the warning from officials this morning following will work for. signs like this one francis beach urging people to use
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caution. the san mateo county sheriffs department got several reports from pilots who spotted sharks from the air, despite the warnings, some surfers continue to ride the waves there yesterday but others were not taking any chances. >> the attacks are extremely rare and they are always kind of around. not particularly worried the one was recently started.the news showed up >> it is a game changer for me >> rain biologist more and more shocks along the coast more than a dozen great white sharks captured on video and santa cruz county. this morning we are learning more about the small plane stolen from the watsonville airport. investigators say it likely crashed in the ocean. this is video of the stolen cessna taxiing down the runway before the unscheduled department departure last month. the investigators know they 64- year-old hugo morissette the
5:17 am
controls of the plane. the family reported him missing on july 1. those who knew him say he was going through a tough time.>> he was really bond and he cannot find a job. and he started drinking a lot.>> it was an how he gained access to the plane, he was a member of a flying club based out of the airport for the club says the plane disappeared shortly after the requested to reserve it the day it was denied. we are rolling through a friday morning. how are the roadways looking?>> feels like a friday. we had some trouble spots out there but it seems things have calmed down a little bit. thank you for making my job easier. there are some orange and red spots and that is usually the usual place. for the most part it is in the green. isnot causing delays.
5:18 am
this one also in the clearing westmont to 42 off to the right hand shoulder. not causing any delays not all related to the crash. coming to altamont pass the dark times are so but not for very long. it is just a quick little slow down before you get back up to about 48 hours and and all the way to the dublin interchange kicks off on 680, all the way front of the screen there is a stall causing a delay as per far as elaine being blocked in the southbound direction. want to get past that, you are good to go. smooth sailing continuing out of sonoma. now to the written san rafael bridge were emergency construction with lane closures in effect. that is still and out 6:00 in the westbound direction. northbound 101 coming into mill valley, that at the the enclosures in the northbound direction. two lanes until 2 p.m. it is easy to remember.
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the main trouble times in the green with the exception of the altamont pass with 28 minutes. you know it is summer when we have the state. kicking off this weekend. it actually starts today and for the first weekend of the state fair, looking at highs in the upper 90s. if you're heading out there definitely drink water and put on the sunscreen, because he will need it. every year and looks forward to heading out to the state fair with the family. a great thing to do if you're heading out to this weekend. here is a life luck with the cam. the fog and see the clouds in the bay area. about that, the golden colors in the sky with the sun just about to rise. the temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and to about 60 degrees her temperatures a little cooler compared to yesterday. we definitely feel the difference. morning clouds and areas of fog. even patchy drizzle along the coast and parts of the bay. heading to the afternoon, enjoying the sunshine. we will have that clearing for all of us, for the coast and
5:20 am
the bay, it is sunny, mild, and breezy in the afternoon, and hot temperatures inland. the highs will be soaring into the low 90s for some of the warmest spot in and and our highest peak on saturday is a little bit cooler. sunday and into early next week. the high pressure is building in from the desert southwest. the dominant weather feature for us with the ridge strengthening and without is why we see temperatures on the rise over the next few days. i the future cast, hour-by- hour, you can see the clearing and as we go through tomorrow morning, some low clouds and areas of fog for the coast and for parts of the bay and looking at plenty of sunshine for saturday with senators the warmest that we have seen all week long. the daytime highs for today, around where we should be calm a if not warmer compared to average. for the south bay 83 in santa clara as well as for san jose. 89 in morgan hill. 86 for los gatos. check out the low 90s from
5:21 am
pleasant hill, concord, pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood, livermore, and pleasanton for the daytime highs in the afternoon. the low 70s in berkeley and alameda as well as for san leandro. the mid-sixties in san francisco. 90 in santa rosa and check out the mid-90s from lakeport and clear lake. here is the seven-day forecast and the all-important weekend forecast, looking at temperatures in the mid-90s for saturday inland. it is cooling down a little bit, but still hot in the low 90s sunday and then we go with senators a little cooler by early next week. back to you. coming up in today's healthwatch, new research putting the spotlight on kidney disease patients, and how americans want cigarettes to be less addictive. let's had outside. taking a live look at and no traffic on the golden gate bridge. 55 degrees in san francisco. poosh the new goop?" ( laughter ) also, are noises the new words? is "flurp" the new "clurb?" don't know what i'm talking
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today's healthwatch, most adult in the country are offered requiring cigarette makers to lower nicotine levels in cigarettes. eight out of 10 smokers also agree. and reports as reducing nicotine in cigarettes and other tobacco products could help smokers quit and prevent others from getting hooks. new research questions whether too many infants have surgery for lip and tongue ties to help breast-feeding. the study for a massachusetts eye and ear infirmary looks at 150 newborns referred for surgery found after a comprehensive feeding evaluation, nearly 63 percent were able to breast-feed and avoid surgery. anu several cisco studies owes kidney disease patients
5:26 am
need more medical care. more than 30 million americans of chronic kidney disease and researchers say many suffer with uncontrolled blood pressure and diabetes for decades at a time. they say that primary care doctors need to make a better effort managing patients who also need multi specialty care teams. this is a day for all of the car collectors. it is collector car appreciation day. it is designated for people to admire the craftsmanship that is gone into auto manufacturing over the years. people but don't collector cars are encouraged to take theirs for a spin today. the are events in cities across the country including sacramento after the california automobile museum. the i.c.e. rates that president trump promised are already underway across the bay area and santa clara county is reminded the immigrant families how they can help.
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now at 5:30, i.c.e. rates underway and parts of the bay area. what we are learning from immigration attorneys, plus the action community activists are taking right now. >> president trump gives up on getting a citizenship question for the 2020 sentence. how he plans to use existing federal records to get the numbers he is looking for. passenger speaking out after intense turbulence left dozens injured on a flight that landed in hawaii. good morning, it is friday, july 12. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> i'm kenny choi. (check out the forecast. it is foggy right now, but sunny later on. i'm liking that. it will be beautiful as we are starting off with cloudy and foggy conditions with patchy drizzle, but do not worry because we warm up heading to the day with the sunshine. and joy it. here is a live look for the treasure island camera. the bay bridge with called sky.
5:31 am
temperatures warming up to above average for this time of year. right now in the mid to upper 50s at about 60 degrees. the microclimate forecast heading today. a mix of sun and clouds along the coast. breezy in the low 60s for the bay. the mid to upper 60s and low 70s. sunny and breezy and for inland locations in the mid to upper 80s and low 90s. sunny and heating up in lent. we will talk about the all- important weekend forecast, and i am excited about the weekend. i am so excited about the weekend and i am also excited about it because it feels like the weekend on the roadways. note drive times are in the red. only in together and that is pretty much to be expected for the altamont pass. even for that hour that is good. only a 31 minute right as you are coming to the altamont pass. nice smooth sailing. no issues to report heading towards the dublin interchange. highway for will take you about 50 minutes on the eastshore freeway to get to the maze on highway for itself. it will take you about 27 minutes to get to the eastshore
5:32 am
freeway. let's not talk about the south a. that will not start pickup. the bay bridge metering lights will pick up at the next couple of minutes. so far it seems like everything is good to go. let me double check quickly. chp is saying the metering lights are on and there is real- time traffic updates for you. looking good onto her past the toll plaza. it is starting to pick up at the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction. a few brake lights as well. 5:32 and right now i.c.e. rates promised by president trump are already underway across the bay area and contra costa, and santa clara county creating a lot of fear and immigrant communities. jackie ward is in san jose life with how families are being reminded of their rights. >> reporter: county officials and santa clara county want immigrant families to feel safe. they had this number set up that anyone could call 24 hours a day seven days a week. the rapid response network is a
5:33 am
defense a countywide number project that people can call and if somebody calls it the number, it is better to shows you how to assert your rights and dispatches trained responders to the site. rapid responders are able to conduct legal observation and documentation that may be used to support the immigration case and if somebody is detained they will help connect due to an immigration attorney. in a press conference yesterday, nancy pelosi shared her response to the new wave of raids. >> families belong together. every person in america has rights. these families are hard-working members of our communities and our country. this brutal action would terrorize children and tear families apart. inspected apartment of homeland security told kpix that people being deported have had the opportunity to claim that they fear returning to the country of origin and families where a parent is being deported but has a child is a u.s. citizen, they say alien parents that were ordered remove collected to be rich with their children
5:34 am
or without their children, potentially selecting a family member or some the they trust to care for their file. if you live in santa clara county into it is right of the screen. for 08290, 11 for for. we reached out to i.c.e. to comment on the recent development with the rates and we have yet to hear back. live in san jose, jackie ward. the raids come as president trump backed out for the plan to try to put a citizenship question on the 2020 sentence and instead yesterday in the rose garden helpline a new executive order it directs agencies to head over citizenship information to the commerce department, separate from the senses. the president that he still wants to find out how many noncitizens are living in the u.s.>> are you a citizen of the united states of america? og, i am sorry. i cannot answer that question. and that is after spending billions and billions of dollars. expecting to order pierced to
5:35 am
be based on a plan to the commerce department announced last year. a democratic lawmaker here in california try to forced mr. trump to release his tax returns for a bill clearing both houses yesterday requires presidential candidates to put out five years a returns to get the names on the primary ballot. governor gavin newsom is expected to sign it. the measure could spark another legal fight between california and the trump administration. the republicans say the bill is unconstitutional. i'm kate nielsen at the live news desk. strong wind and rain already hitting new orleans from tropical storm barry. this is a live not far from downtown new orleans and what we are seeing their is a lot of the storm surge. severe weather has already caused some flooding in parts of the city. we have seen people getting through the both and kayaks because the roads are
5:36 am
already flooded. the storm is only moving about five miles per hour because it is so slow-moving it could bring more than two feet of rain to louisiana and parts of florida and mississippi when the storm officially makes landfall either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. president trump has already declared a federal emergency for louisiana. i.c.e. is actually leased a statement saying that they will not be targeting any of the undocumented families who were evacuated or going to any of the shelters as a seek refuge from the storm. at the live news desk, kate nielsen. back to you. developing news out of chicago. singer r kelly who was already facing sexual abuse charges was arrested last night on new federal sex crime charges. according to the u.s. attorneys office, the new 13 count federal indictment includes charges of child pornography, enticement of a minor, and obstruction of justice. r. kelly has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual abuse
5:37 am
against for women. three of whom were minors at the time. he pleaded not guilty in february, and was released on bail. we expect to hear more from kelly's attorney in about an hour. terror board and air canada flight. at least 35 passengers were injured yesterday when intense turbulence rocked this plane, forcing it to land in honolulu. after leaving vancouver, passengers on the city bound plane were forced to turn around. they flew two more hours, finally making an emergency landing in hawaii. over 280 people were on board the plane and the pilot turbulence cost oxygen masks to drop from overhead. several passengers described the moment when the plane suddenly dropped. slot the plane just sank and then flew up. lady in front of us, i do not think she had her seatbelt on. she hit the ceiling. spec the low ceiling. it seems the girl had to the plastic overhead and actually
5:38 am
snapped and broke it. the oxygen mask came down. >> nine passengers were taken to the hospital. most with minor injuries. one flight attendant was also seen wearing a neck brace. taking a live look at sfo or some companies have been hit with massive fines after two plumbers are poisoned by carbon monoxide at the airport. officials had happened back in december when the workers were replacing underground pipes for airline caterer gate gourmet. they cited the caterer $18,000 for failing to communicate hazards. the agency also finds the plumbers company, latta reader router and forming more than $50,000 for eight violations. just a week after two large earthquake shook southern california separatist goes mayor is pushing to get her city ready for the big one. mayor london breed signed to put nearly $630 million bond before voters. breed said the money would be
5:39 am
used to retrofit and shore up critical infrastructure like police and fire stations. she says the bond with save lives when bione strikes hoesrers in h next year. next time you dip a chip into guacamole the main ingredient getting more expensive these days. the avocado industry analysts say wholesale and retail prices of avocado are about double what they were just a year ago. the reasons, a growing global demand and an expected seasonal dip in production in both california and new mexico. and less say president trump recent tariffs have not contributed to the current avocado price hike. >> president trump weighing and a cryptocurrency. we will have that story and more from diane king hall in the friday morning cbs money watch report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we start with a recap of stocks.
5:40 am
wall street with a record on hopes of a future red cut. the tech sector stalled. the dog jumped 227 points for the record. the nasdaq drops 6. the s&p 500 gained six. the u.s. budget deficit disorder to the treasury department bleeding other nations balance sheet climbed to more than $747 billion in the first nine months of the year. soon tacked on another 8 billion for the shore. the deficit widened despite president trump imposing tariffs on certain imports. president trump is expressing skepticism about the wisdom of investing a cryptocurrency. on twitter last night, mr. trump wrote, on recoleta crypto assets can facilitate unlawful behavior including drug trade and other illegal acty alsblted crypto plan adding that is only one real currency. slightly plant-based craze is taken to the city. fill us in on this. sounds like crazy but
5:41 am
impossible foods trying to reduce a fish grown from cells for the research team working to create if it's labor using the same proteins used for the established meatless products. that is part of the companies ambitious plans to create a line of replacements for all animal-based food by 2035. >> i have been trying to convince my coanchor and over here to eat more fish. with it may have a chance with this new product. >> i guess. i don't know if i tried this one. i'm all for, i tried the meatless burger, but defenseless fish may be where t ec trealal is better thing. "the lion king" hall cbs money>> i would rather do the fake fish at the end of the real fish. and the meatless burger is actually pretty good. the time is a 5:41.
5:42 am
>> one kfc restaurant a little extra christie this morning. we show you the moment it exploded. a cloudy and foggy start today and also patchy drizzle this morning. as we go through the afternoon, we have clearing. i will show you hour-by-hour and the future cast with the clearing will happen where you are. and it's one kfc which makes it easy for fried chicken. sorry for the terrible joke. europe 5:42 we are tracking an accident on the peninsula. for the rest of the commute times are coming up.
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crews in hawaii battling a 3000 acre wildfire on the island of maui. the fire began yesterday and some former sugarcane fields in central maui. thousands of people have been forced to evacuate and some highways are closed down in place have been diverted from khalili airport to honolulu. so far no reports of injuries or buildings burned. new video showing the dramatic moments a kfc restaurant suddenly explodes. we are waiting for it. the screen all of a sudden went white and that was the explosion. the debris starts raining down as you can see and the restaurant has basically disappeared. is happened just before 1 a.m. yesterday near raleigh, nc and here is a look the aftermath, according to police and employees said they smelled gas for the closing of the
5:46 am
restaurant. people living as far as two miles away said they felt the blast rocked their homes. amazingly, nobody was injured and the restaurant was a close. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. this morning there is a mystery in the vermont state house gardens. earlier this week, capital police got a report of how import marijuana plants growing in the flower beds. police found 30 for the plans and removed them. the chief said that the plant are not part of the state horticultural plan. select the bids are maintained as you could see very well the buildings and general services. they had no how to run the flower bed. it is an impressive display every year but i don't think they included this in the annual rollout. selected cities police chief says they do not plan to test the plant there is nobody prose marijuana. the chief says they have made similar discoveries in the
5:47 am
garden beds in previous years. speaking of flowershe he next way to spend an afternoon. you can play the piano or listen to music surrounded by nature. this is going on at the san francisco botanical gardens rick this year the car piano festival is marking the fifth anniversary, you are able to check out 12 different panels but are placed in some of the gardens most beautiful locations. the only cost for the nature concert hall experience as a price of regular admission to the garden. it is such a unique thing. is like san francisco. >> do they have piano players on hand? it's like they do have players. >> it is organic. a lot of times there is nobody playing and you could walk up and just play. like i used to play the piano
5:48 am
competitively.>> all the way up to high school. in high school my only competitor for the state competition was a sixth grader. and >> did you win? it's like i one and the poor guy cried and that is still sitting on my parents piano. >> we want to hear mary plant the gardens. you win if you are hitting the road race. it looks pretty good out there for only a couple of trouble spots i'm tracking 5:48 looking at the overall map. it is not too much red. mostly green letters him into the new accident just into the traffic center. one lane is blocked do to next that i found 880 at 262 mission boulevard. the a little bit of fun but nothing terrible. you are good to go want to get past and around the accident. this one still in play this one a while for the san bruno. the northbound 101 commute it i
5:49 am
coming to the altamont pass, these are the early risers pretty super commuters that get down to about 12 miles per hour coming into the altamont pass and then once you're past it, you are in the green and good to go towards the dublin interchange. we are now starting to see a little bit of flowing in the westbound direction of 84 coming into sentinel. the main travel times are in the green with the exception of the altamont pass. the commute is still only a 33 minute ride. it is not bad. clearly a friday light for everyone. if you are on the eastshore freeway highway 4 or 101, taking a live look to the bay bridge where metering lights are on, here are not backed up that badly. it looks good for a friday. the san mateo bridge is lighter than usual. still like to considered you are in heading in the westbound direction. there is westbound traffic. the eastbound looks good in the richmond san rafael bridge is started to get busy. speaking of the north bay it is hot and have to move this weekend. you need any more helpers.>> i will be there. it is going to be a hot weekend especially in the north bay as
5:50 am
we see temperatures rising as to go through the next few days. here's a beautiful live look at the embarcadero blue view from john. you can see the cloudy skies their. here is a live look with the camera with the local starting off the day with the golden colors above the fog. we are looking at the temperatures in the mid to upper 50s at around 60 degrees. temperatures cooler compared to yesterday morning. some morning low clouds and areas of fog even patchy drizzle along the coast and for parts of the bay. cutting through the afternoon, we will have the sunshine once again. the coast, and the bay, mild and breezy conditions in the afternoon. hot inland in the low 90s for the daytime highs today. we will catch the sunshine for and cooler weather begins sunday, and into early next week. the ridge of high pressure
5:51 am
continues to build in from the desert southwest, and that will be the dominant whether future for us. that is why we are going to be warming up over the next few days. as we go hour-by-hour on the futurecast, you can see in the afternoon the clearing. at 4 p.m., the sunshine for the san francisco bay, as well as inland locations with a mix of sun and clouds along the coast. tomorrow morning, some low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and part of the bay. heading through the afternoon, but the of sunshine for saturday and sunday for the warmest day of the week. the senreiso 5:57. daytime highs for today, 91 to concord. 93 in fairfield. 90 in livermore. 83 in san jose. the low 70s in oakland. mid-sixties in san francisco and 63 in pacifica. daytime highs are above average time of year. heading out to the aids walk in seven cisco sunday at the golden gate park. partly sunny skies with temperatures in the low 60s for the event. here we go with the event seven- day forecast temperature is heating up a saturday. still warm and sunny sunday
5:52 am
with go there we go with the cold on into early next week an unusual citation and eight and a traffic stop this week. police found a young child not in a booster seat, but sitting on top of a case of beer. this was in the canadian province of ontario. utah there was not injured, and the driver was issued a citation for not properly securing a child in the car. it sound like something that would happen in wisconsin, where i am from. and >> what not to do. coming up, it was sink or swim at the san francisco zoo. the newest member of the penguin colony gotz an important lesson in how to penguin. honey, this gig-speed internet
5:53 am
is ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's. the romeros. patels. the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right. no one is going to have internet like this. xfinity makes keeping up with the joneses simple. easy. awesome. want gig-speed internet? we've got you covered. or check out our other amazing speed options. get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today.
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welcome back. volunteers have come to the rescue of any survey animal shelter were dozens of dogs have the flu. staffers were overwhelmed when five flu cases at the oakland animal shelter turned into 150. volunteers from across the state and even arizona are taking over. shelters staff can get back to regular duties. sacrament of base nonprofit red rover organized the help.>> some bay area penguins are learning how to swim. take a look. to-month-old chicks splashing around the san francisco zoo easy to help the model the way
5:56 am
currently attending the school teaching them the basics of becoming the penguins. select definitely the cutest video. as governor newsome prepares to sign a bill to deal with future wildfires, new statistics paint a shocking picture of the scope of california's deadliest blaze. i.c.e. raise continue across the bay area and here in santa clara county, they are reminding immigrant families how they can help. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
5:57 am
it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
5:58 am
5:59 am
, demonstration that migrant detention centers as ice rates get under way in contra costa governor newsome signing a building on how utility companies will deal with
6:00 am
wildfires at a comes at a huge cost. morning at thank you for joining us. it is friday, july 12. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec. is a beautiful friday around the bay and here is merrily with the weather. that is right. a gorgeous day across the bay area with the sunshine and check out this spectacular sunrise on the future can. it looks like a painting and we are looking at the low cloud and fog action. but above that, the lovely sunrise. temperatures are running cooler compared to yesterday morning in the 50s and about 60 degrees for san jose. the mid-fifties in san francisco at livermore. the low 50s in santa rosa and the upper 50s in concorde. taking you through the day, temperatures warmer compared to yesterday. the coast. ge at this time of g breezy and the lo60s. for the bay to upper 60s s with d upper


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