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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> you kept working? >> of course. >> you knew exactly what it was? >> absolutely. tty y yonu we live in california. >> i was at the post office and did not feel a thing >> reporter: how about your dog, to give you she was whimpering but she does that a lot so i don't think so. but it is possible. >> reporter: this was gracie's first earthquake. she thought it was a truck rolling to the hardware store. >> i was upstairs and just chilling and then the tv was shaking and i really wasn't sure what was happening. it felt like when i was driving through the store which i know isn't true but that is what it felt like. >> melissa works at this vet clinic and was on the phone at the time. >> it was just a role like really that is all it felt like. i didn't shake or anything like that. additionally the ground was rolling. >> did you stay put? get under the desk? >> reporter: no i was on the phone. so i was here. >> to the person who you're on the phone with it? >> yes, they did.
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>> reporter: the warnings and by animals. call us if you will a subtle warning. now are you prepared if that warning isn't so subtle next time? coming up at 6:00 we hear from some people who are prepared and let us find out if you are too. i am juliette goodrich, kpix5. i am andria borba at the u.s. the logical survey in menlo park. they received shakes reports from as far away as fresno and chico. now this afternoon's earthquake happened on the greenville fault with the epicenter just east of blackhawk. the quick shook on the greenville fault about eight miles below the surface of the earth and the strike slip fault with about five inches. the wesley geological survey says there is a one and 20, just slightly less than that or a 4% chance that the 4.3 quake was a foreshock to a larger event. >> is about a week after the earthquake itself in the vicinity of the original earthquake after that, the probabilities down too much
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smaller numbers and dk to near zero. >> reporter:, the greenville fault can accommodate an earthquake with a latitude of up to 6.9. but thus far, the largest quake on the fault has only been a 5.8 in 1980. here at the u.s. geological survey they do not expect that there is going to be any damage from this afternoon's earthquake and the following aftershocks. live at the usgs in menlo park, andria borba kpix5. this preschool in alameda county the drill the moment of the shaking ended kids at the school of imagination in livermore crossed the street to safety. the school says they enjoyed a nice walk on a beautiful day and soon returned to class. with a section on our website we can find earthquake resources and tips on how to get prepared, there's also a link to a simulation of 27.0 quake would look like on the hayward fault. headed to underneath
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quake. i am elizabeth cook at the live news desk. in san jose an unusual fire sparked inside this highway 87 overpass at willow road. reports of heavy smoke came just before noon today. the heat inside was so intense, it was over 700 degrees. san jose fire had to call for a specially trained help and wait for hours just to get inside. here is the scene now from the overpass. we are just learning investigators found no structural damage there. the photo was taken earlier when smoke was still pouring as you can see, there appears to be extensive damage to the other side of the bridge up. it took a while for crews to get a look inside the because of the heat >> via fire crews working up there and down here. a special confined space entry crew that has just made entry into the tunnel to go search for what is what is burning and to look for any victims that might be up there. again investigators found no
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structural damage, investigators say the fire may have been started by transients or people here living there. we did not they did find debris in the crawlspace, but still no word on how this fire started. here is a traffic map on northbound i 87 and willow street. >> reporter: we are told two lanes at 87 and willow street are still closed but they could reopen any time now. at the live news desk i am elizabeth cook. a fast-moving brush fire along highway four spread to a nearby storage facility. video from chopper five shows all the smoke pouring from the line of storage units. it is about 30 of them that one up in flames. this was one of two fires in the area, the other temporally close the connector lanes between highway 4 and interstate 680. contradictory testimony from the final witness in the trial involving the deadly goshen warehouse fire. oakland police officer hector chavez told the jury that he shut down a rave party at the warehouse nearly two years before the fire that took 36 lives.
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master tenant derick almena testified last week that he did not allow raves at the building. almena and max harris are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the judge has scheduled closing arguments for july 29th. the jury will begin liberations on august 5th. federal authorities now in the east bay investigating a deadly helicopter crash. embers of a national transportation safety board have been at hayward executive airport since 8:00 this morning. they scoured what is known as taxiway z where 62-year-old wayne of sunnyvale was killed yesterday afternoon. he was teaching a student how to fly when their helicopter crashed on its side. chopper five pilot kevin eastman says the helicopter had controls on both sides, much like a student driver vehicle. >> something probably happened and he either did not take control fast enough, because that happens quite a bit. or, the student may have
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overpowered him. >> that you survived and was taken to the hospital, her condition is still unknown meantime the company civic helicopter has reportedly canceled all flying lessons. take a life of the capitol hill world house lawmakers and just voted on a resolution condemning some of president trump's tweet deadly brand live in washington for us with that final vote and all of the drama leading up to it. natalie? >> reporter: veronica let us start with the final vote count this evening. 240 to 187 with a four republicans joining democrats to vote for this resolution condemning the president's tweet as racist. >> the resolution. >> reporter: democrats have passed a resolution condemning tweet from president trump targeting four congresswoman of color. >> every single member of this institution, democratic and republican, to join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. >> will move on to engage in
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the work and matters of real substance and importance to the people of our country. rather than baseless name- calling and offensive lectures. >> reporter: the president continues to claim they said they called un-american and suggested they go back for more they can pick >> that is what they say about our country in my opinion they hate our country. and, that is not good, is not acceptable. >> the democratic house resolution quote "strongly condemns resident donald trump's racist comments that have legitimize an increased fear and hatred of the americans and people of color." >> i will not speculate about the motives or intentions of the president. but no one can dispute that the words he said and wrote were racist words. >> reporter: republican leaders called the house resolution politically motivated and urged their colleagues to vote against it. >> i want to make absolutely clear that our opposition to our
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colleagues and our socialist colleagues, has nothing to do with their gender, their religion, or with their race. it has to do to do with the content of their policies. >> reporter: several publicans who spoke out against the president's comments do not support the resolution. by cbs news' counts more than two dozen house republicans initially spoke out against the president's tweets but again only for republican members actually ended up voting with the democrats for this resolution. also interesting to know there was some intense procedural drama before this final vote with house republicans objecting to house speaker nancy pelosi's floor speech in which she called the president's comments racist. house republicans try to get her words removed from the record. but ultimately the democratic house voted against that motion.
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>> deadly brand life for us today on the capitol hill pick we appreciate your reporting, thank you. campaign 2020, pete buttigieg has now raised more money in california senator kamala harris here in her own state. he raised $3.75 million between april and the end of june. that is from californians who gave $200 or more. it compares with 3.18 million taken in by senator harris. pete buttigieg also raised the most from large dollar donors here in the bay .6illion over h according to bay area news group analysis. both pete the judge and kamala harris have gotten plenty of meet and greets with highrollers. they also raise plenty of small dollar donations online with those supporters making up just under half of the total whole. hull. meantime, senator elizabeth warren is getting support from tech workers. she came in second behind pete buttigieg and donations from employees of apple, facebook, google, alphabet, and amazon.
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she says that she wants to break up the big tech companies to fight for its power. some democratic presidential candidates are revealing their healthcare proposals. today senator kamala harris revealed her plan. it would cut prices for prescription drugs, tax drugmakers are selling above the fair price and give the department of health and human services authority to set a fair price for dog drugs on the basis of average cost. yesterday joe biden unveiled his health care plan it is based on president obama's a formal care act. there would be a public option allowing people to buy into a program similar to medicare. it would allow american to import cheaper drugs from overseas. the plan will cost $750 billion over 10 years. tomorrow senator bernie sanders is expected to reveal his health care plan medicare for all. the south bay street get the dubious distinction, the spot dubbed the most dangerous intersection and where most indicate san jose drivers are
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going. when the alleged victims of jeffrey epstein says he will not get away this time. her message to other potential victims of abuse. >> liftoff we have left off. >> 50 years since the giant leap for mankind. the bay area celebrates one of the greatest moments in space history. how local scientists help make the apollo 11 mission happen. meanwhile, back here on planet earth they did get a little cooler for some of us today inland. santa rosa, you were in the mid- 90s again today. i will show you how we are going to get some help and bring the numbers down a little bit here as we go towards the end of this week coming up in the forecast. ♪
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crash involving this ac transit bus and a car in union city. the bus also collided with a tree. this happened at these roads at 4:30 this morning. fire officials say both the drivers and three bus passengers were all taken to the hospital. they are all expected to be okay. one other unoccupied car was also involved. the cause of the crash underneath investigation. one group crunching the numbers and coming up with locations where you are most likely to get into a crash or even be killed. now the city looked and nearly 4500 intersections and found the most dangerous is mclaughlin avenue and story road. during the five years of data gathered, there were 34 crashes and 45 injuries, but no deaths. the area with the most fatalities is alan rock, where they nearly saw 600 intersections with more than 1000 accidents in them. >> this many people running red lights, they are in a hurry and they know if they miss this light, it is another three or
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four minutes. waiting for the next. they will take the chance and run it. >> the study found just 65 intersections have five times the average number of collisions analyst to work on the new study hope their findings improve traffic safety by raising awareness. a heads up for drivers on highway 4. chopper five was overhead as the chp launched a crackdown. it started early this morning with officers looking for carpal violators. then officers switched their focus to people speeding. chp was posting to twitter pictures of people caught going as fast as 100 miles an hour. authorities in riverside county say they have recovered the body of a worker killed in a house explosion. this view from above shows the home that was destroyed yesterday. all that is left are piles of debris. investigators say the contractor who was killed punctured a service line, a gas service line. if you other people injured in the blast. some have now been released for
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the hospital. at least four properties nearby are red tagged. r. kelly pleaded not guilty to federal sex crime charges in a chicago courtroom today. kelly was arrested on thursday night. indictments stemming from illinois and new york claim the grammy-winning singer had sex with underage girls and intimidated witnesses and bought their silence. he is also accused of playing paying thousands of dollars to recover videotapes of himself emitting sexual acts with minors. his lawyer denies the allegations. >> r. kelly has made hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars over the years that he knows nothing about, nothing about. he has been robbed of everything by his handlers. >> a federal judge ruled in court today that the singer will remain in jail without bond as he awaits trial. billionaire jeffrey epstein's accuser spoke out today as a federal judge decides whether or not to grant him bail. 31-year-old courtney wilde says epstein began the abuse in florida when she was just 14
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years old. >> i was sexually abused by jeffrey epstein as a child, this is no surprise that jeffrey epstein was also sexually abusing girls in new york. he did everywhere. >> the 66-year-old is being held without bail on federal charges that he sexually abused minors in his new york mansion and a florida estate in the early 2000. now, in 2008, he cut a secret plea deal with u.s. prosecutors to avoid similar charges. wild says that epstein is dangerous and should remain behind bars until he goes to trial. she wants more victims to come forward. >> if you were a victim of jeffrey epstein, then you know what i know, he will never stop sexually abusing children until he is in jail. >> epting's lawyers say he has not committed a crime since pleading guilty to charges ting prostitution more than a decade ago. if convicted he faces up to 45 years in prison. is ever cisco supervisor proposing an anti-racism
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resolution aimed at the retail forever 21. it comes in the wake of an incident earlier this month where to bay area with youth leaders were accused of shoplifting while on an outing with teenage interns. supervisor is introducing the resolution at today's meeting repudiating racism calling out the forever one incident and other incidences of racial profiling. 21's issued this statement saying in part "we sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and are working with the mayor's office and the parties involved to learn from this experience and make it right as we take this matter extremely seriously. >> key slopes going to close july 28th adjust shy of a record long season. this year just tie with the longest on record. as the sierra ski resort was really hoping to stay open into august after record-breaking
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snowfall earlier this year. >> who doesn't love a little skiing in the summertime? couldn't they move one of those piles around i want to slopes so we could break the record? >> they will have to waterski and i think they've artie had that show that they do. let me show you the view from the camera that sits on top of the sales force tower this is our exclusive view looking across the bay area, what is missing? look at the sky there is not a cloud in it. even looking the other way. i cannot find, cannot show you much yet but just like last night the clouds are going to build back in as we get toward sunset. and then they will cloud over the city and the bay and that pattern actually did help cool us down a little bit. look at concord it is 85. if you look at santa rosa and 91, we hit 95 again today in santa rosa. no help there but in concord we got the number a few degrees cooler than we were yesterday. it was a subtle drop. and everybody else closer towards the water and that view
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you do not really notice much of a change at all. the game about to start. mariners are in town playing the a's. that is when you start at 7:07. it'll be 65 for the first pitch and it will be a beautiful evening. it will stay mainly clear, is not clear for the entire game. the by the later innings you may see some of those clouds streaming in through the gate. you can see the leading edge of it right now are looking at the high-resolution satellite because it is harder to find any crowds right clouds right now. but, using the most detailed satellite view you can see them right there. that is the very beginning of what in about three or four hours will turn into a more widespread marine layer that will then take over the bay area once again. here is the futurecast that plays overnight, the time we get to 6 a.m., we have got them filling most of the bay and working there tried with work their way up into the set so that half of the naponee valley. we got some light rain. will probably get more light rain tomorrow along the coast and i mean really light, just enough to say it misted a
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little, if you're up this morning, and along the coast, you notice that we will do it again. another good sign and we could be going away, at least we are not warming up. this is a pattern that will keep temperatures well behaved and the next few days light by thursday and friday, give us more notable drop. cloud and fog tonight, going to be pretty seasonable tomorrow for wednesday. and we get a little cooler as we get past midweek. nothing to see here, we are staying in the upper 50s, very typical for this time of the year. 89 in concord, 89 in santa rosa. let us get you out of the 90s it'll be close. 89, let us keep our fingers crossed. looks like we may get some improvement but in general the spot is 91 for tomorrow and then you can see have a job going into friday. only to warm back up again going into the weekend. second half of sunday we are up in the low 90s and early next week back where we are now. we are just kind of writing the study. there is no real dramatic
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squeeze in our weather. were a little above average but not like we have a heat wave here and we are not getting anything drastically cool. thank you. you can forget the limo or even the party bus. why one bay area couple decided to take their whole wedding party on bart.
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tonight, berkeley coach switch off the gas to make all new homes all electric.
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from water heaters to stoves. tonight the city council will vote on a band a plan to pass band gas appliances from homes. it is key to reducing the carbon emissions. homes and buildings accorded for a account for a quarter of the state pollution. this electric appliances are safer and more affordable. city leaders voting to make san francisco a more border friendly zone, the are making an expansion of little electric vehicle charging station and parking lots. the legislation will be introduced later today. the part of a bigger roadmap to achieve 100% emissions free transportation by the year 2040. one couple putting a modern twist on the traditional wedding style chariot. >> this is absolutely awesome. >> the two made it to their wedding by taking bart. take a look at this the transit company posted these photos to its facebook page. newlyweds laura and jeremy took
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the dublin train saturday from san francisco to oakland. bridesmaids and groomsmen also tagged along. the new couple says they want to avoid traffic and opt for a more eco-friendly means of transportation. we are heading into the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission. tonight, it will take a look back at the bay area contributions to that hick stork moment. historic moment. facebook defends its new digital currency on capitol hill, in response to questions, can the social network be trusted with your money? after years of backlash, why netflix has decided to cut a controversial scene from its popular show "13 reasons why"
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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you are watching kpix5 news at 5:30. now at 5:30. america preparing to celebrate
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one of the greatest achievements in human history. today apollo 11 landed on the moon taking that giant leap for mankind. good evening i'm allen martin. >> i am veronica de la cruz. the bay area played a role in the historic day and right now crewmembers and astronauts helped make it all happen on alameda and they are talking together for the first time in years about the lunar landing. the so-called recovery specialist. the young men who sailed on board the uss hornet headache played a key role 50 years ago. they help to recover the apollo 11 capsule after it splashed down in the pacific ocean following the moon mission. some are back on board the ship tonight, they are meeting over video phone with apollo astronauts and a tracking crew from australia. we are looking at life picture right now. the men, including astronauts michael collins, reminisced about the teamwork it took to pull off this mission. >> it was very exciting to watch the fireball and then have the command module coming down right next to us. we had the best seats in


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