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itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or aq new rolling of a deadly bart stabbing. a judge says the suspect is fit to stand trial. good afternoon and thank you for joining us i'm kenny choi.>> i michelle griego. let's get to emily the with details of the live news desk.
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this makes a huge difference in how the trial progresses forward. a judge has decided that jon kyl is competent and able to stand trial. remember he has the transient accused of killing 18-year-old mia wilson. he stabbed her to death. the accusers say. he also is accused of entering her sister with a knife at the macarthur bart station. judge may the ruling today based on three doctors reports. one doctor said that he was unfit to stand trial. another said that he was fit to stand trial in a third made no decisions and judge kramer ultimately ended up fighting with the doctor that said jon kyl is fit to stand trial. as a result, the trial will progress forward. have set a date for john to make a plea. this will happen august 2. we did reached out to the public defender and she said that while the judge ruled he is competent enough to stand trial, it is not a comment on
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what his mental health was at the time of the crime. the next phase is moving forward august 2 and you can count on kpix 5 to be there. at the live news desk, emily turner, back to you. leo police made three arrests a robbery murder case that happened more than 2.5 years ago. jackie ward with the details on the lengthy investigation. after more than two years, leo police collected enough evidence to select arrest warrants for three suspect. 20 your two-year-old cash is nelson. and 21-year-old elijah summarize her all police custody. all of them have been charged with murder, attempted murder, and robbery. on december 20, 2016, vallejo police responded to a robbery upon advantage on springs road. there they found store owner timothy cook fatally shot and a store employee in a wheelchair who had also been shot. the employee survived, but still refuse medical treatment, to the state for his injuries. police say the suspect also
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already killed a dog, hopper. in surveillance video just released this morning you can see two masked men going into the shops with guns drawn. the grab something, run to the store and quickly leave. cash is nothing was arrested at the state prison where he is currently serving a sentence for a robbery in yolo county. the other two suspects were arrested here in vallejo. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> anyone with information about the crime is encouraged to call the police department. breaking news. a 19 year legal struggle over but involving three bay area counties is finally over. paint makers sherwin-williams, cut agra and nl industries as well as san francisco, parent santa clara, alameda m.o. santos counties have agreed to a $305 million settlement today. so the money will be used to cleanup lead paint on thousands of older homes. contra costa county, a1 awestruck and killed on interstate 580 this money. chopper 5 reichlieu over the scene.
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chb said it happened around 5:40 on the eastbound lanes. for two hours the lanes were diverted off of the freeway at harbor way, but the leads have since reopened. it is not clear why the woman is on the freeway, and an investigation is underway. some writers telling us the commute on the dublin pleasanton line was chaotic. us after what they are calling major delays and multiple trains did not show up this morning. commuters shared these pictures on social media around 7:30 this morning saying the trains were a no-show for at least half an hour and that the platform became very crowded. that when a train showed up it was packed. bart says the announcements of equipment failures were made at the center and due to problems in the daly city yarde, they could have dispatched a dublin pleasanton bound train right away. richmond police are searching for the suspect involved in a deadly shooting. officers responded to 18th and chance site around 11:00. police say the shooting happened close to her several other shootings happened in may. >> officers responded to a shot
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spotter activation. a system to help us notify when gunshots are fired. once they arrived, they found the victim who had multiple gunshot wounds. selected victim later died at the hospital. the persons identity has not been released. this is richmond 10th homicide this year. stark officers had a busy morning with a carjacking spanning two bay area cities. the started just after 2 am on john street in san francisco. police say the suspect stole a parked car from a couple. officers and gave chase, but canceled the pursuit after losing sight of a driver. chb later spotted the stolen car and chasing the suspect into oakland, where they were arrested. open was the latest city to ban the use of facial recognition technology. the city is the third in the country to do so. shining san francisco which became the first. late last night the city council unanimously approved the been during initial voter council members need to give
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final approval was the experts call it bias in florida and they say it off and met misidentifies women and people of color. new talk of impeachment in washington after house democrats approved a resolution against president trump street the calling them racist. natalie brand reports that the president event holding back. the resolution is adopted. truck democrat celebrating passage of a resolution condemning president trump for telling lawmakers of color to go back from where they came. 12 republicans decry the claims of racism and called the vote a political stunt. but we can be doing so much more. and we should be doing so much better. truck texas congressman al green has introduced articles of impeachment against the president. spot this is a bifurcated process. he was found guilty yesterday. i supported it. today we take a punishment. >> i have all of the respective
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the world for mr. green. we have six committees following the facts in terms of any abuse of power, obstruction of justice an arrest. >> nancy pelosi has repeatedly said she is not ready to move forward with impeachment proceedings as one of several areas were she and before freshman known as the squad disagree. >> i am apologetic about it. i am definitely going to push forward and saying we have to impeach them. >> reporter: the group tells cbs this morning, gayle king, they get to sit there with speaker pelosi to discuss their differences. >> that does not mean that we fundamentally disagree, or fundamentally disrespect each other's position and power and ability to be here. truck president trump is working to frame the spot as representing all democrats, tweeting they are now the top most visible members of the house democrats, who are wedded to this bitterness and hate and the president hinted that he will keep up the tax at a campaign rally tonight.
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natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill. start house speaker pelosi will likely avoid a vote on impeachment by either tabling the bill or setting it back to a committee. we will have much more of the story coming up on the news at 5:00 and online on families of the 737 crash victims are testified for the first time on capitol hill. 346 people died in two recent crashes involving the 737 max in indonesia and ethiopia. the parents of 24 your victim shared their painful testimony before the house transportation committee testified alongside of them was a canadian man who lost his entire family on flight 300 to that fell from the sky. select the family's demand the 737 max 8 be fully recertified as a new plan because it is too different from the original certified plane. we demand the similar training be required.
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>> the investigators believe that i felt a sense are triggered the planes anti-stall system, pushing the plane into a dive in both cases. boeing engineers are working to resolve design issues with the 737 max. airlines is a the ground to construct into 2020. the mexican drug lord known else i chabot was sentenced to life in u.s. prison today. as tom hanson reports, he also spoke publicly for the first time since his arrest. before being handed a life sentence with no parole, i'll chaba guzman addressed the court through an interpreter, the 62-year-old described his stay at a manhattan jail as torture, saying, have been forced to drink unsanitary water. i've been denied access to fresh air and sunlight. the only sunlight that i have comes through in the air vent. the judge was unfazed and ordered guzman to pay the government $12.6 billion in restitution. psych the sentence is significant and it is well deserved. it means that never again will i'll chaba guzman poor poison
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over the borders, making billions well innocent lives are lost. truck defense lawyers are planning to appeal. they say he did not receive a fair trial. spot the case was simply an inquisition. it was a show trial. >> reporter: el chapo was convicted in february on multiple conspiracy charges linked to drug trafficking. during a three-month trial, prosecutors portrayed guzman as a brutal drug kingpin who sent hundreds of tons of drugs to the u.s. and caused the deaths of dozens to protect his smuggling routes. the video shows him tormenting and associate tied to a tree. guzman has been held under tight security since his extradition in 2017. he managed to escape twice for mexican prisons, the second time he slipped away through a secret hat in his cell. chaba will likely be sent to the "supermacs" prison in colorado. no one has escaped from the prison in 1990 for. tom hanson, cbs news, brooklyn,
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new york. >> we just talk to a bay area police chief saying farewell. or impact in a career spanning more than three decades. it sounds like science fiction, but here about the idea a lot muskets floating regarding your brain and machines. we are watching the sky clear and temperatures arising this afternoon. i will let you know how warm it will get where you are, and when you will see the cooldown, in just a few minutes.
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i'm anne makovec and san mateo are the cities top cop is announcing her retirement, effective this december. the stop is more than just a career. it is really a calling. truck chief susan mannheim are ending a career that spans more than three decades. she began san mateo said chief in 2000 is credited with modernizing the department while focusing on community policing and keeping kids out of the juvenile justice system. >> if we can get upstream, we can really prevent a lot of future prisoners, and criminals. >> reporter: mannheim are came to san mateo after rising through the ranks of the san francisco police department. she was the first woman to serve as president of the california police chiefs association. a mentor to many. >> if you put your all into the profession and you try really hard, and you are good and you try to stay go to, you get tremendous support. >> reporter: under her leadership, the san mateo
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police department earned national acclaim for innovative crime prevention, juvenile and homeless outreach that were adopted throughout the country. as for what is next -- >> want to take a couple of months off and decompress to be a grandma. black the city launching a nationwide search the process is expected to last several months. and san mateo, anne makovec, kpix 5. taking a life look at the big board seeing how the stock market is doing. the dow is down 56 points. new numbers this afternoon so u.s. overdose deaths declined for the first time in nearly 3 decades. we are getting a look at how many painkillers flooded the nation at the height of the opioid crisis. kenneth craig breaks it all down. >> reporter: drug companies for communities across the nation with a staggering number of powerful and addictive painkillers as the opioid epidemic entered its darkest days. 76 billion pills between 2006
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and 2012. according to a washington post analysis of the the i-8 data. the crisis led to nearly 100,000 deaths during the same time period. debbie spencer was one of them debbie's son spencer was one of them. he died of a heroin overdose in 2012. in 2017 has mother told us he she blames oxycontin and the maker, purdue pharma. she says that is where the addiction began. select oxycontin and heroin has taken such a toll on our family. for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: the warfield live in everett, washington. one of the first of many communities to take drugmakers to court for allegedly fueling the epidemic. the new da data shows purdue, the maker of painkiller oxycontin, was a fourth biggest manufacture turning 2.5 billion pills the leading drugmaker was
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mulling cuts with nearly 28.9 billion pills. west virginia received the highest concentration of pills. more than 66 per person, per year. it also had the highest opioid death rate during the same time period. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. stark cbs news reached out to the drug manufacturers listed. only purdue pharma responded saying the opioid crisis is a complex societal problem putting blame on one party undermines the efforts of those trying to address the crisis. elon musk a me to connect the human brain with a computer interface. he says the version one neuron -sized threads and microprocessor chips help people with brain and spinal cord injuries. long-term goal is to allow humans to connect with artificial intelligence technology.>> are very tiny said that that are about a 10th
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of the cross-sectional area of the human hair. are extremely tiny threads. the interface to the chp is wireless. you have no wires poking out of your head. they are very important. so it is basically a bluetooth to your phone. >> neural lincoln seeking the fda approval. elon musk said testing should be done before the end of next year. a good time for a check of the forecast. >> a beautiful afternoon. here's a live look at the sales force power camera, looking east with guys in the bay bridge for his mount diablo. temperatures warming up this afternoon. 80 in concord. upper 60s in oakland. over 70s in livermore. the mid-seventies in san jose and upper 70s for santa rosa. they're definitely not as wendy compared to yesterday afternoon. we have the strong sea breeze
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yesterday. 10 mile-per-hour wind out of the north and redwood city. seven for pleasanton. 10 mile-per-hour wind out of the north northwest in concord and 7 for antioch. big difference in terms of the wind tricky low pressure system added upper trough of low pressure looking to push to the east and that means lighter onshore flow today and without, said he warmer temperatures. going through the rest of the afternoon, we continue to see the sunshine. enjoy it. temperatures to the for degrees above average for this time of year. for tomorrow, we will have is stronger sea breeze starting to kick in. the low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and for parts of the bait tomorrow morning. the sunshine with daytime highs will be cooler tomorrow, and especially friday. the sunset 8:30 of the sunrise at the: 41. daytime highs today, a little warmer compared to yesterday. 89 in concord. 90 in fairfield.
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80 livermore. 84 for san jose. 70 for in oakland for the upper 60s in san francisco. the mid-sixties or pacifica. here is the forecast going through the work week and into the work week. temperatures calling down thursday and friday and rebounding and warming backup into the weekend, and into early next week. a bit of a warm-up, cooling down and warming backup. the roller coaster ride continues. still ahead, not making emoji is more diverse. what apple is adding to devices to make it more inclusive.
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parents noticing at first when shopping for the babies. >> for the first time ever, huggies featuring dads undertaker pet diaper packaging. the company came up with several designs featuring men on the front and center with babies. the company said dads have an important role in the family and wants to make sure they are equally celebrated. today is world emoji day and to celebrate, both apple and google are adding about 60 new emoji the coming months.
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apple says the images will include the food, animal, :-) choices. it is adding disability thing to motives with prosthetic limbs and even a guy death. apple is updating the holding hands and motives to include 75 possible combinations skin tones, and genders. if you have a consumer plausible problem or question you can email us. consumer watch at or call the helpline. we will be right back.
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in alki after every area police officer turned over an illegal immigrant to i.c.e. for driving without a license. accordance but whether he violated california sanctuary law. we will have that story and more coming up at 5. >> that will do it for us and for news at noon. it is wednesday. more than halfway done. it comes to that. >> >> :-). have a great afternoon
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