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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 18, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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tonight at 11, dueling campaign stops at san francisco tonight. hear what bay area trump supporters have to say about the presidents st.
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ce they have tracked down the men behind a deadly pawnshop robbery. a survivor of the shooting tells about the ordeal. >> if i hear a gunshot if i go to a movie and there's a lot of gunshots, it affects me greatly.>> has elon musk created a medical miracle? the brain implant he said can help stroke victims and quadriplegics. that evening. in tonight for ken. a billionaire and the son of one both in san francisco tonight holding dueling campaign events in the 2020 race. the newest democratic hopeful, tom stier hit up the mission district while joe vazquez caught donald trump junior and an old money part of town.>> reporter: it was a fundraiser residence on hill. the main gas was the presidents
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own son donald trump junior . >> wonderl insan htendedth hi girlfriend who sawith taking questions. we are told by attendees that they both spoke at the fundraiser hosted by prominent san francisco socialite didi willsey and attendees say there were about 50 or so people in the room. we asked some of the donors what they thought of the presidents recent remarks telling some members of congress to go back to their home countries. statements that have been criticized for being racist. >> i think it is controversy that is not worth discussing. people who are viciously critical of our great nation maybe should think about why they are in this nation. >> what he said is go back and fix your country and go back and tell us how you did it.
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the mainstream media --tobe esi again. nobody's perfect. >> surprisingly there were no protesters tonight. likely because the location of the fundraiser was kept a secret. we weren't even sure was here until secret service agents asked us to stay out of donald trump junior's path. joe vazquez, kpix 5.>> across town the billionaire and former hedge fund manager visited manny's tonight and in addition to his campaign priorities he was also asked about president trump recent attacks on for congress women of color. >> i think he is trying to distract attention from his failed economic policies and in fact the failure of a cell presidency, but i think there is nothing lower in this world and going after people
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ra and he ove. gi >> he stepped up his attacks at a rally in north carolina just a day after the house voted to condemn the president for his racist remarks. mr. trump accuse the four congresswomen of supporting america's enemies. the crowd then chanted the words of his incendiary tweet, send her back.>> obviously, and importantly, omar has a history of launching vicious anti- somatic screams. >> send her back. center back. >> today articles of impeachment introduced by texas representative, al green, were shut down by a large majority, today's vote shows that among
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democrats in the house, support for impeachment has grown. the lone survivor of this deadly pawnshop robbery speaking out tonight after police announced they have cracked the case after two long years. we spoke with the victim who says what happened still haunts him to this day. >> reporter: police say the three men who stormed inside this pawnshop more than two years ago are now behind bars. an employee who was shot but made it out alive that day talks about the ordeal for the first time.>> i am haunted by it all. if i hear a gunshot. if i go to a movie and there's a loud gunshot, it affects me greatly. >> reporter: joshua poole remembers that day like it was yesterday. he was in a wheelchair at the time when three armed gunmen stormed inside the pawnshop. >> he shot minute burned and burned all the way through in the next thing i knew i am looking down in their tim is and he is gone, and that was
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the most chilling thing i have ever seen in my life. took in the video just released by police, you can see two masked men going in the pawnshop with guns drawn grabbing things and then running through the store and bolting out. >> they came in quickly and they knew what they were going to do. they shot a man that would've given them everything in the store. >> reporter: his friend, the pawnshop owner, timothy was shot and killed along with his love dog copper. he was married and had two children. >> they shot a dog that was old and everybody's best friend, copper. and they took away the father of two beautiful children and a wife that was meant to be. they were soulmates. truck more than 2 l later, police announced the arrest of two suspects after they collected enough evidence to seek arrest warrants. >> it is haunted me. and it will still haunt me, but just to know that they are
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caught in going to jail, god bless the police department. too city plans to see that justice is served for his friend. leo police say the three suspects are charged with murder, attempted murder, and robbery. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> one of the suspects was already behind bars for another robbery. a big plume of smoke over contra costa county had a lot of people asking tonight what was that. one neighbor shared this image with us and we also spotted the smoke hanging over the east bay from our sutro tower. it turns out it was from flaring up the chevron refinery and lasted for two hours before ending a short time ago. according to chevron, at no point did the flaring pose any environmental or health risk. it said the flaring is reportedly due to an upset at the process unit.
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chevron also says flaring is an important part of keeping the refinery running safely. authorities in japan are confirming that 12 people have died and more are still missing in a suspected arson. police have arrested a man that they say burst in kyoto animation studios and spread gasoline to set the fire. the blaze began around 1030 in the morning local time and now appears to have fully engulfed the building. dozens more have been injured in some critically. the famous studio is known for hits like lucky star and most of the production took place inside of that building. a dramatic rescue in the santa clara county. police officers pulled a homeless man from a burning band. police say officers try to rescue the man last tuesday but he refused and attempted to get back inside. and officer tased him and dragged him to safety. the victim was later taken to a hospital and will be okay. a pair of window washers working on a san francisco skth
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precarious position dangling from 10 stories in the air and nowhere to go. tonight, they are glad to be back on solid ground. >> we were up there for about four hours or so. >> what was that like? being up there? >> it was crazy. >> firefighters when they arrived had a razor letter, but it was about 4 feet short. eventually crews had to run inside the building and pulled a man to safety through an open window. firefighters say the rescue could have become a bit more complicated. >> rescue squad companies, we were on the roof and they were suited up and geared up and ready to rappel down. we will rappel down if we have an injury. we did not have an injury. >> both window washers declined medical treatment. police need your help tonight finding two stolen puppies. they are black and white border collie somewhere between five and eight weeks old. they were taken last week near the family martian richmond. east bay regional park police say the puppies are working dogs and the owner relies on them for his livelihood. in marin county, authorities are looking for this man, deputies
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say he broke into kes taling more than $25,000. if you recognize them, police want to hear from you. a woman is behind bars tonight in connection to a string of thefts in the north bay. they say 37-year-old kathryn roman is suspected of targeting local health clubs all over sonoma county. she allegedly would take purses from locker rooms and then use the credit cards inside the purchase gift cards. police say she has a history of theft related arrest dating back to 2010. this may be elon musks while this idea yet. he wants to put technology in your brain. could it be a medical miracle? set up with taurus? vandals take out their rage with spray paint.
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it sounds like science fiction, but tonight elon musk says he plans to make it a reality. he is creating a brain implant that merges our brains with artificial intelligence. >> we are in silicon valley with how the entrepreneur says that he can change lives. >> reporter: elon musk, the man behind the tesla in space x, is developing a brain implant that
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would connect to a computer or smart phone via bluetooth. he says he can coapp. the threads are very tiny. and there are a lot of them. >> reporter: is once again making headlines and giving hope to those like terry little. second that would change her life, i would absolutely welcome it. >> reporter: terry's mom suffered a stroke 20 years ago. >> it changed her life. she has been in a wheelchair since then and she has had extremely low quality of life since then.>> reporter: he said the startup he found it is developing a device with threads as small as a neuron that could repair motor function or provide a memory boost to cancer patients, quadriplegics, and stroke victims just to name a few. >> i think this is a very good purpose which is to cure important to seasons, diseases and help humanity's future. >> you can do it. is a genius. truck the ceo of joint venture silicon valley believes that if
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anybody can merge human beings with artificial intelligence, it is elon musk himself. >> this is a guy that is change the world as we know it with gsin bores tunnels through the earth and putting people on mars and getting now and your brain. >> the critics would say i don't want something in my brain that would gather data. >> there are a host of issues that would have to be addressed in these issues will take decades to address. >> we can question the way he gets there, but he is always thinking of ways to improve lives including electric cars. >> reporter: she owns the tesla and says her car is an example of how he is changing the world. now she hopes his brain implant will soon be able to help her mother. >> if that technology worked and it was something that gave me hope, i wish you would've
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headed 20 years ago. >> reporter: elon musk hopes to have the brain implant inside a patients had by late next year. kpix 5. it is making the rounds on social media. tonight, popular face app may aid you even more when you hear about its new privacy concerns. face app is russn based company called wireless lab. it allows users to upload a picture and have it all to their faces to look older or younger. but cyber security experts warn you don't know what could be happening to your photos identity after you grab the app permission to install on your phone.>> it is not just getting your picture. they say they can access your contact information, even the cookies. when you download that app, your opening your device for them to just harvest everything. second statement they say the accept requests from users for removing the data. a federal judge tonight has ordered the fda to speed up the process and handing over critical documents in the case against elizabeth holmes. the disgraced founder said regulators are holding millions of documents that create her defense. the fda previously said it could take up to six months to
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turn over the information. they now have 75 days to do so. homes in the former president are accused of carrying out a multi-million-dollar scheme to defraud investors, patients, doctors. sexual assault charges against kevin spacey have been dropped after the man who accused him backed out of the case. the accuser claims he was 18 when he got drunk and was groped by spacey at the bar where he worked as a bus boy in nantucket. he said they hit the skids wouldn't he refused to testify about deleted text messages. the actors legal team said those text would exonerate the oscar-winning actor. the accuser's attorney had this to say quote my client and his family have shown an enormous amount of courage under difficult circumstances. one vandal tonight of the central coast is using a famous landmark to make your messag
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clea sur. those of the words painted in big gold letters at the bixby bridge parking lot. it comes just days after he group hung a large banner over the famous spot with the same message the area often becomes congested well people stopped to visit the iconic bridge. while some understand the message, others think tourism is necessary.>> it is for everyone here. tourists -- you should be able to come and visit. nobody is doing that much harm to it, so it is understandable, but if they want, a place to thrive and businesses to thrive, they do need to have the tourists come.>> reporter: the group who hung the sign said it is not behind the recent case of and of the. tonight the chp is investigating. a rescue group tonight said more than 100 baby birds need your help to survive. take a look at them. dozens of these little babies snow egrets and black
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crowned night heron's were saved after a tree fell in downtown oakland. international bird rescue says it needs donations and volunteers for their hospital in fairfield to keep these little guys healthy. the group says they also rescued 17 eggs that need round- the-clock intensive care. new video to show you shows the moment dozens of people work to rescue a pot of stranded whales at a beach in georgia. take a look. people were waist deep working together to turn the 20 foot long mammals around. dozens of wills were there and 12 of them became beached. the others were stuck in shallow water.>> we had two guys on the tail and we had two girls on the one side and then to guys on the other side. >> it felt great. >> it was awesome. >> officials are taking a closer look at the two wills that died to figure out what happened. ryan a us and watching our
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forecast. >> i am watching it and approaching the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon, the 50th anniversary this weekend. as we approach it, a few interesting things you probably didn't know about everything surrounding apollo 11 so we are here to put liz and veronica on the spot by asking them, a year before the landing on the moon, 1968, which of these things actually happen in 1968? the apollo 10 mission to the moon was aborted and that is why we got to apollo 11. or neil armstrong nearly died within training and came within two seconds of death in 1968. or number three, a small asteroid actually hit the moon and was visible from earth.>> b. >> let's just give everyone a chance will think about this. >> can i google it? >> no. >> it is 93 degrees. you can use this for your
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google. concorde 93 in san jose 85 in fremont 85 and those of the highest today and not as warm tomorrow but right now it is still warm in concorde it is in the mid-70s. in oakland it is 63 in san francisco it is 61 degrees. high-pressure weakening a bit as the low heads south that will bring in a few low clouds and it will certainly bring cooler temperatures. the pollen report is actually looking pretty good. the allergens and atmosphere are down to a fairly low level. tonight we will be down to the 50s. tomorrow the numbers will be a little bit below average. so the numbers are coming down and all the way to 83 in morgan hill and 76 at fremont. and we will be in the low to mid 80s inland and that is cooler than it has been. as we have a lookup in santa rosa, 82 degrees and 74 in san rafael and clear lake in the 90s. the forecast. a few cool days and we warm up into the weekend and into early next week. now, what is the answer to the
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question?>> may 6, 1968. >> veronica, you are not supposed to be looking this up. >> you know, before i looked it up, liz and i did say that b was the correct answer. >> you are right. and that is actually it and let's watch what happened. they had to get to moon using the vehicle and you'll armstrong is in control of the thingy practiced on. and -- we have the video? not bad. >> there it is. now, they have to practice in houston and areas practicing. but something goes terribly wrong. watch this. may 6, 1968 and boom and watch what happens. two seconds later. where is he
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? where is neil armstrong? he is parachuting to the ground. look at how close he came. he ejects and hits the ground. that is how close we came to losing him in 1968. >> he had watched some of his best friends during the training process died. >> yes. sure. in the apollo 8 thing in january. absolutely. so we did make it by that much. very nicely done.>> scary moments. >> sure was. but ultimately we made it. >> good job. >> 50 years ago this friday, at one: 18 this afternoon pacific time astronauts walked in the moon. >> that was certainly not the only history being made. the shadow of the golden gate bridge, and american president came to the bay area from campus unrest to the counterculture. 1969 is packed with history. one event was a free rock concert called altamonte. >> is this going to be woodstock west? >> know it will be san francisco.>> not exactly what happened here. the bay area 50 years ago and that is
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check this out. a trip to the carwash ends with a trip to the hospital. surveillance video shows a driver mistakenly hitting the gas instead of the break. csub nearly had two men and sent people flying into a river new jersey. a passenger was taken to the hospital with amazingly minor injuries. coming up in sports, a successful road trip for the giants and tonight the orange
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the giants come home tomorrow, but there is another good thing they finished off a six and one road trip with a scored nearly 9 runs per game. this is cooling off the colorado fans that they couldn't cool off the giants. they were four minus in the 5th and they give him a lead with eight to run blast in the rockies tied it, but then in the 6th inning, donovan's goes deep with a 6-5 lead and they win it seven minus and they get the four-game sweep in denver since 2011. the eighth and the mariners homer bailey making his debut in green and gold allowed two runs in six innings and struck
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out ton the 4th inning market clubs the first of this first two home runs off former a tommy malone and they left the park six times today. were up five and tim beckham looking to put a dent in that lead and he should've aimed it away from him because another brilliant defensive play mbas when 10-2 in their sixth straight. pumps the green passed away at the rate of 85 and grew up in richmond. named pomc by his mother who actually never told him the meaning. >> i didn't know my name until he went to school. really didn't. i saw it on the report card. >> a few things from them. pomc will be remembered for breaking the color barrier in boston. the red sox or the team in the big leagues to integrate and he
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faced the same sort of pressure jackie robinson faced in new york 12 years earlier. teammate ted williams one of the first friends in the big leagues. >> the sportswriter said u.s. ted and what you think ted went for his throat , not physically. but he cussed him out and told him off and told him not ever ask him something like that. >> what do you think i think. you know. that made in my friend. really. >> he played in the big leagues for five seasons. >> the british open teed off just an hour ago in north ireland and for the first time in 68 years. the local guy had the honor of the first tee shot and he made the most of it with a birdie putt on the first hole anyone the open and 2011 and is leading currently at two under. >> they are calling this the biggest sporting event in that
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country ever
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> our next newscast is bright and early tomorrow morning at 4:30. brian will be watching. >> i am setting my alarm already. i will actually google it. >> stay up (gentle music)
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