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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 19, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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time. we learned the crime spree spans the bay area. strike the president is up early and already on twitter. has war of words with democratic congresswoman. it is friday, july 19 i michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00. yesterday we were talking a little bit of a cooldown. today a bit of a warm-up. we are looking at, going to the weekend, temperatures will be warming up for sure and we are starting off the day cool and mild. here is a life look with our sutro camera with low clouds and temperatures running in the mid to upper 50s and low 60s. was take you through the afternoon with seasonal daytime highs along the coast. cool and breezy in the low 60s for the bay the mid to upper 60s and the low 70s. we will have the clearing with mostly sunny skies and breezy near the water. and then locations in the low to mid 80s for plenty of sunshine. temperatures are even cooler in some spots this afternoon, but we are warming up. details on that are coming up.
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we are going to start with a trouble spot this morning. that is the san mateo bridge. there is an issue in the westbound direction approaching the toll plaza. the camera is looking just past the toll plaza but approaching here you are down super slow. you go from about 60 miles per hour down to just about 20 miles per hour approaching as a result of an accidenstfrom this live picture, you are moving along just fine. are just going to have the one brief slow down. east front, no problems. the richmond san rafael bridge, no problems. the arnold name closures as a result of emergency construction. it will just be smooth sailing for those of you headed into marin county. whether north or south, it is clear in both directions. take a look at the bay bridge. i'm anne makovec. we have some new video from san rafael where there was a fire in a garage overnight. this is in downtown san rafael on third and be street. and you can see the flames on the left-hand side of the
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screen as firefighters pulled up. this is video by the san rafael police department. a fire started at around 2:30 this morning. they were able to put it out with in about an hour. the investigation continues into the cause of the fire. going live to milpitas, another event we have been keeping our eye on. you can see the broken window where s.w.a.t. teams pulled into catch a suspect after a standoff that lasted under for hours. here is video from that. the suspect apparently involved in an assault with a deadly weapon. i knife at about 11:30 last night, and the s.w.a.t. team was able to track them down to the home, where they tried to negotiate and they used a flash bang grenades and as you can see, broke open the window to get them. is now under arrest. this was on temple drive until harris boulevard. waiting to hear more about the initial packet that sparked all of that. start developing a santa clara
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county. san jose police are investigating a suspicious death along the guadalupe river trail officers on routine patrol when they found a woman's body. the santa clara county corners office is working to determine who the woman was and how she died. in alameda county, police are on the hunt for a man wanted for allegedly killing a 16-year-old boy at a taco bell and livermore. police say this man, is on the run. the shooting happened july 8. police say he shot the victim in the abdomen after an argument. the victim later died at the hospital. investigator say the man is considered armed and dangerous. morgan hill police are searching for a group of beauty store burglars expect of hitting stores all over the bay area. the crooks swiped up to $5000 of perfume in less than a minute back on tuesday according to authorities this ulta beauty cochran wrote. the investigator say it is been
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help 18 times in the past 16 months not just by the same group of girls, but by other expects as well. >> they do not have morals. there's something lacking within themselves. spectra thieves have hit ulta beauty stores and services go. the east and south bay and along the peninsula. they say the salinas store was also recently hit. police say the crooks are difficult to track down because the getaway cars are other stolen or rentals. police have identified several of the suspects who already have warrants out for their arrest for similar crimes. >> if you are missing amazon packages, they may have been in a delivery van that was so stolen and contra costa county. the driver had just gotten out of his and and elsa brontk on thursday. last thursday when a man jumped in and took off. officers recovered a van the next day at arrested a suspected accomplice but so packages were gone.
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investigators are still looking for the packages along with the suspected carjack her, 48-year- old charles farmer. structured a rally in support of higher minimum wages are expected to take place in san jose and several other major u.s. cities. the site for rift 15 rallies targeting the restaurant picky san jose rally plan for noon outside of the mcdonald's in the plant shopping center.>> we work, we switch.>> the democratic house has approved legislation to prove the national minimum wage to $15 per hour. suck this bill on a genetti of work, economy and a pulse bedrock idea fairness in our country. the hard work deserves a decent wage. alive look at capitol hill. and minimum wage will not expected to pass the republican controlled senate. the national minimum wage is currently seven .25 an hour
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although many state and local government have higher minimums. in campaign 2020 the lineup is set for the next democratic primary debate. senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are on night one, night two features a rematch between the former vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris. the debates are set for july 30 and 31st. president trump lashed out on twitter again taking aim at the media and the congressman of color. the trump calling omar oh on paul mouth and he tries to distance himself between the center back onto his supporters chanted attic campaign rally in north carolina. >> it was quite a chance, and i felt a little bit badly about it. like yesterday the president told reporters that he disagrees with the chant message and even tried to stop by quickly resuming his speech. >> center back. center back. spec video showing a pause of
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almost 15 seconds at that point. white house advisors urged the president to soften the attacks on omar another progree lawmakers known as the uld o din violt. spec it is hard to believe she will not have a threatened coming out of the rally like that. the congressman omar received a heroes welcome upon return to minnesota. like when i said it was the presidents nightmare, you are watching it now. psych his nightmarish thing a somali immigrant refugee price to conquest >> the chairman of the congressional committee has spoken out against the center home chance. their discussing ways to provide the congress woman with extra security. tensions with iran after the u.s. navy brought down an iranian drone in the persian gulf. they say there are ready on
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patrol in the arabian sea and destroyed the iranian drone after presidfor comfort. this comes the same day a running state to be claimed the countries revolutionary guards were seized a foreign taker a few days ago south of the are on island. they claim it was smuggling 260 for thousand gallons of fuel through the straight. the u.s. fifth fleet has now stepped up patrols around the vital straight where a third of the world oil passes through each year. imagine in tampa cisco with explosive past that the center of an unusual eviction. the federal government has filed a lawsuit against bruce and alexander on. the longtime renters of the property on washington street. recent federal inspection found that the property needs a $5 million worth of repairs and the owens $5500 monthly rent is not enough to pay for these repairs. 8700 square-foot house is a former iranian consulate damaged by a bomb back in 1971.
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the property is owned by are on the custodian. te depart >> they have been model citizens for the city. they put their money and a lot money into renovating this place. >> the owens were unavailable to speak with kpix 5 and they plan to fight the infection. a hearing is set regarding the city of oakland antitrust lawsuit against the raiders and the nfl. after this coming season, the raiders are set to move to a new stadium in las vegas, which you're looking at now. the oakland lawsuit contends the raiders violated federal antitrust law by breaking a contract. oakland wants to recover tax revenues from the team that would be lost after the move. the u.s. justice department wants the federal court to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that the city lacks merit in the case. a freak accident kills two horses at the same california racetrack. what we are learning about the
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deadly collision. >> incredible new video overnight captures a man's daring escape from a high-rise on fire. we are starting off the day in some spots with clear skies. other locations with areas of fog. here is a live look at about back a can of the sunrise. we will talk about the clearing heading through the day, and weekend forecast, in just a few minutes. i am continuing to track your morning commute, but just to give you an idea of how it looks, take a look at the bay bridge. if this is a part of your morning commute, you have nothing to worry about. we will be right back. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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good friday morning. the weekend is almost here. we have a lot of great events going on across the bay area, and some of them if you're heading out to splashdown, the celebration saturday, the uss hornet in alameda looking at temperatures in the low 70s the
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low sunshine. the summerfest downtown menlo papland the 70s. son and clouds and the low to mourners gathered to remember the 33 victims of yesterday's arson attack. fire marked the deadliest in nearly 2 decades. witnesses say a 41-year-old man screamed, you die, before dousing the japanese animation studio with flammable liquid believed to be gasoline and setting it on fire. 36 people were injured included the suspect was recovering in the hospital. kyoto animation is not for the work on movies and tv. the mood was somber at san diego comic-con. psych it is shocking. i never heard this kind of stuff the past 25 years. selective educator say the suspect did not work at the studio, but it witness said the
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attacker complained that something of the his had been stolen, possibly by the company. a dangerous heatwave is taking over much of the nation, and it is expected to get worse over the weekend. more than 200 million people are under heat alerts from the central states, to the northeast. some animals are also having a tough time with wisconsin and a painting red panda at a zoo in virginia. and also the new york city triathlon scheduled for this sunday has been canceled for the first time in its history. organizers cited a forecast of oppressive heat and humidity. the saratoga race course has canceled its horse races tomorrow because of the heat wave. is the first time that has happened 13 years. necropsies will be performed on two horses in a collision at the delmar racetrack in san diego county. authorities that he horses make named charge a bunch and carson
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both horses wereon im extremely rare. i have been running tracks for 50 years and i think they probably seen about four. >> one jockey was briefly hospitalized for treatment of a minor back injury. new video out of santa clarita. firefighters carefully pulling a driver out of a windshield of a wrecked car overnight. rescuer say the car rolled over in canyon country just steps away from a fire station. i dog jumped managed to jump out of the rack. firefighters found near some stairs and rested to an animal hospital in an ambulance. it driver was taken to the hospital and the crash is under investigation. in philadelphia, choppers captured this man scaling down a high-rise to escape a fire. investigator say it started as a trash fire and traveled up the trash chute of the 19 story
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building. smoke filled the hallways, forcing everyone to evacuate. for residents and three police officers suffered injuries due to smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. as for the man scaling the building, he made it down safe. that is good to hear. spot that is incredible. like i was holding my breath just looking at the video. cycling it turns out well. he had a lot of arm strength to do that. and a career opportunity as a stunt double. >> that a super impressive. you know what else is impressive is the way the traffic looks and that is great. 6:17 and we are seeing very true few trouble spots for the one we are seeing are not causing any major delays. 280 northbound at north bound 1. it is a little bit for the interchange, but that is about it. no problems to report. was an earlier accident on 24 in the eastbound direction. you can see a little bit of slowing as you are heading out of oakland and headed east.
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but it looks like it has been cleared in the past couple of minutes. these two accident in the tracy triangle are actually in the eastbound directions. they are bad accident that they are causing quite a delay. the one that is causing a little bit of trouble is as you are coming 580 westbound. that is a carr fire. go ahead and keep driving as you are heading westbound this morning. once you get through their you're looking good towards the dublin interchange. there is a stall right there at novel 680. this is still in play and we are seeing quite a backup compounding kindness as you are approaching the toll plaza at the san mateo bridge to 22 miles per hour and even a little bit slower, and parts as you are getting their. taking a live look, once you get past it at the toll plaza, you're actually good to go. like a really pretty in this picture. at least you have that to enjoy headed to the westbound part of the peninsula. the richmond san rafael bridge starting to slow down as well. think it is it is friday. i am so happy that we are done
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with the work week. here is a live look. you can see low clouds out of their. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and the low 60s. concord 62. good morning to you. oakland at 60, looking at the upper 50s in the remark, san francisco, san jose, santa rosa in the mid-50s. the weather headlines and morning clouds are cool and mild temperatures. pleasant and seasonal day heading to the afternoon with clearing for friday afternoon. and warming up this weekend with plenty of summer sunshine. here's a satellite and radar view with two ridges of high pressure to the east. and me with a that a stronger seabreeze for us especially along the coast and for part of the bay. taking you hour-by-hour futurecast you see it clearing with sunshine. enjoy the temperatures again
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right around where we should be this time of year, if not a little bit cooler compared to yesterday and it is starting off the day tomorrow with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast. temperatures tomorrow are even warmer and they continue to warm up heading through the weekend. the sunrise at 6:02 and the sunset at a: 28. the daytime highs today, looking at seasonal highs, near normal. 83 in santa clara as well for you in san jose. anyone a morgan hill. 82 for sunnyvale and campbell. the mid 80s in antioch and brentwood. looking at 83 in pleasant hill. the upper 60s for berkeley. the low 70s in alameda and oakland as well as stanley san leandro. heating up into the low 90s clearly. if you're heading out to the giants game, the game day forecast the first pitch at 7:15. cool and breezy. may want to bring the jacket once again if you're heading to the game. you're going temperatures
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warming up as we go through the weekend. sunday is the warmest day out of the weekend. will are monday and tuesday and worming backup for the middle and end part of next week. coming up, these big burglars are only getting more breezy. what is behind the sun and bear break-ins. >> left check out this awesome shot of the city of san francisco. looking south. before we go to break, a quick check of our getaway gas. here is we can find the cheapest prices. today we are checking out redwood city. honey, this gig-speed internet
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6:20 for. residence tahoe on the
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lookout after a azak and. inspect the burglar was not interested and anything other than a ready-made mail. it was a black. wandering and past and outdoor garbage bin. and straight into city hall. the for a guided tour opened the screen door making a beeline straight to the kitchen where a very surprise cook found new company.>> besides changing the menu, they were changing other things. it is surprising. we heard a yahoo and a get out of here. >> oh boy. experts say there is a reason why we see more encounters. it could mean the bears are lifeooting area close to humanse from the north bay parking overnight. we're live at the scene of what was a police standoff in
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milpitas. it lasted for hours overnight and shut down traffic. the latest and what sparked it, next. let's take a life look outside before we go to break. the bay bridge toll plaza, 6:30 friday lights conditions, we will be right back. movie night! excuse me.
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man held up in a south bay home overnight for hours. the massive response from police. firefighters jumping into action overnight as flames erupted in a north bay parking garage. good morning it is friday, july 19. i'm kenny choi. >> i michelle griego. time is 6:30. we made it. hallelujah. we are excited for the weekend ahead. it will be a beautiful weekend with plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming up. a pleasant day today, a little bit cooler, especially compared to the weekend. here is a live look, and it is a gray start on our treasure island camera looking at the bay bridge. a copy started temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and the low 60s. the inland locations are already catching some sunshine. along the coast, cool and breezy in the low 60s. for the bay in the mid to upper 60s and low 70s, we are going to have clearing with sunshine
6:31 am
for the bay and breezy conditions, especially near the water and the inland spot warming up to the low to mid 80s with plenty of sunshine. we will talk about the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. i'm tracking your main travel times as well as a british. let's get right out to and taking a live look at the san mateo bridge. this was an earlier trouble spot. they're in the process of clearing it. once you get past the toll plaza where the accident is, it is delayed getting their. once you are past it, you are going to go the westbound commute. no problems. only a few brake lights heading towards the peninsula. east found no problems looks like these guys are starting to clear. not the christ quit the case were it is also a little bit crowded as you are approaching the toll plaza. so getting there but once you get past the toll plaza you are moving along at a relatively good clip. drivetime across the richmond san rafael bridge is in the yellow.
6:32 am
you are fully in the green if you're passing the bay bridge. in case you did not realize that it was friday, take a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have no need to be on because hardly anyone as their. take a look at travel times. clearly friday as well. you are all in the green and all of your commutes. we are going live to milpitas. the scene of a s.w.a.t. team standoff. a barricaded suspect in the home, earlier this morning. until he s.w.a.t. team broke through the window, to get this guy out. he was wanted in an earlier assault with a deadly weapon. he allegedly attacked a woman with a knife near temple drive in calaveras boulevard. he just saw the flash bang grenades setting off, trying to get him out of the house safely. before as you can see here, they come and break through the window to rest in which they were able to do after about four hours, just before 4. we also have a video and from san rafael. this was taken by the san rafael police department of a
6:33 am
fire in a parking garage. this is in downtown san rafael at third and b street. it started at about 2:30 this morning, you can see the flames going pretty good with the firefighters arrived on the scene. they were able to put it out within about an hour. the investigation into the cause of the fire continues this morning. parts commuters can expect a dryer commute. water poured from the ceilings at the embarcadero station leaving the platform and tracks covered in puddles. was coming from the muni line 1 flora. minnie had been testing the fire suppression system overnight with the stations a drainage system malfunctioned. crews were out all day mopping up the puddles. other barton art muni stopped at the embarcadero station during the cleanup which meant writers experienced delays authorized the city. service went back to normal for the evening commute. uber and lyft drivers coming together to protest outside of the san francisco headquarters. writer drivers calling for
6:34 am
better pay, workplace protections, and asfit intensified over the california bill that could radically transform the industry. ap 5 classify gig workers as employees, and not as contractors. 85 is making its way through the state senate and companies uber and lyft have launched a campaign to defeat a. >> police investigating a road rage incident that led to an armed robbery and palo alto. authority say the suspect pulled out a gun and stole the victim cell phone yesterday at the stanford shopping center parking lot. investigators say the both of them got into an argument earlier that they before they pulled into the parking lot. police said he suspect also through coffee at the victim. new details a driver facing charges for rimming a police car and entering an officer in oakland. last week, officer set up traffic control poses the investigated a car crash that ended in a church. and then police say that a driver in a nearby hit and run
6:35 am
tried to get through and hit a marked suv with an officer inside. is charged with multiple felonies. oakland pommission announces that five officers should loude lose their jobs for deadly shooting. joshua was found unconscious last year in an alley between two houses and 40th street. police say that he pulled a gun as he woke up. they opened fire in response. the president of the police officers association now says the termination letters are unprecedented. it has been investigated by five different entities. police department, the executive force review board, the chief of police, the alameda county district attorney, and even the investigative arm of the police commission. the officers who went there, have all been exonerated. spot the officers will have a chance to appeal the commission decision and the head of the e coittee stssion inus e repoo moreeople
6:36 am
in custody in connection to the shooting at san bruno 10 friend. 18-year-old deandre gant was arrested in martinez, yesterday after allegedly leading police on a chase and a stolen car. he is now facing attempted murder and conspiracy charges. police say that two groups and teens opened fire on each other back on july 2, sending shoppers into a panic. he 14-year-old boy was also arrested in san francisco. he joins two other teens already in custody. >> protesters are taking action over a proposal to phase out coal shipment at a terminal in richmond. >> some residents are pushing for a ban but workers at the terminal say their jobs are under threat and an ordinance went before the planning commission last night. will gradually and storage and handling of coal at the richmond terminal.>> the ordinance gives at least three years and possibly longer for this facility to transition, to
6:37 am
clear commodities and not call because the community is getting health impact from coal. we all live in richmond. there is coal dust and it is impacting her health. we want a clean environment with cleaner jobs. but the ordinance would phase out petroleum of coke along with coal. there is a fast food fight contra costa county. it is over plans to open an all organic drive-through restaurant. here's a look at the proposed location for amy's kitchen. it is on second avenue and north main street walnut creek. this is what the restaurant would look like. amy's is a popular vegetarian fast food chain known for sustainable practices, but some neighbors say that the driver would make already congested traffic been worse. last night, the walnut creek planning commission held a public hearing. >> i'm worried about the fact the traffic is already pretty difficult to get from second onto north main and it will create more lines. >> we have heard a few things her neighbors about concerns
6:38 am
around traffic and we are doing our best to address those. >> in the meantime, in me says it has hiaiy concerns. are dead in the water and it is all because of an abandoned world war ii relic and the vallejo marina. take a look at this. this is the sherman decades-old troop ferryboat. now it is just an obstacle. retard fisherman doug wagner bought a barge to supplement his fixed income but not long after the city park it right by the exit. smaller ships can still pastor with the barge is just too big. for she was told fisherman was only going to be there for a couple of weeks but that was not the case. slightly brottier and they left a here. and two years and two months, they just stonewalled me. and they said we are working on it. spec the city has not responded yet, but the mayor has
6:39 am
reportedly said the vallejo is looking for bids to remove the vote. new video reveals how someone was able to hide in nearly 15 times of marijuana. officials in riverside county found in a legal grow operation in the honey oil lap and that is not all. they also found 37 guns and dogs at the site. 27 people were arrested. the dogs are okay and were taken in by the department of animal services. california crop is about to get sweeter and better for the environment. researchers at uc davis have created five new varieties of strawberries that use less water, fertilizer, and pesticides. it is healthier and tastier fruit. psych there are bigger opportunities to grow year- round. that is the goal. every week, and every month. it is continually pumping food out.>> researchers help the new surveys will hold the market that's all. strike a new facebook event flying out of control. construct a mob of people
6:40 am
considering a raid on the ufo capital of the world. that is the can't top all of it all of us is causing the internet to buzzed with excitement. one extraterrestrial shot 170 miles from the top-secret military base now picking up business all because of a joke that went viral on social media. >> people are just hungry for information, not only about area 51. >> it is something that people fantasize about.>> we wanted to remind you that it is illegal to trespass or even trying to enter area 51. the u.s. air force has any attempt is highly discouraged. start coming up, from space suits to sneakers. of velcro made it to the moon and back. >> a new take on an old classic. first look at the chevy corvette of the future. >> wall street opening up 10 minutes ago. the dow is starting off on a
6:41 am
decent note up about 96 point. we will get an update from jason brooks the financial reporter.
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time for a look at what coming up later and cbs this morning. anthony mason joined us from new york. good morning. happy friday. rising tensions with iran. the only tv network traveling with the military top commander in the middle east. with the ongoing standard means for our troops. and in the eye and miniseries we show you the best ways to improve your credit score, and also we headed to the mound with coach drake. is gm tells us how the six-year- old kalamazoo coach is the team secret weapon. spec he looks like a tough coach. sake has a determine walked to the mound. spec we will se7.thank
6:45 am
you. stock market ended on a high note yesterday. will continue today. joining us as a radio financial reporter, jason brooks. good morning. good morning. microsoft doing a lot of heavy lifting for the stock market. had a record quarter revenue. over $33 billion profit that more than $13 billion. it is the is your cloud business continues to do the heavy lifting making of over one third of the revenue in the quarter and the company expects the good times to keep rolling. microsoft trading at a record high, it is over $1 trillion in value. it is the most valuable company in the u.s. and its ears are up another two percent. it is a big help to the stock market which got a boost late in yesterday's session when john william stead it is a good time to cut rates and to do so before there are bad economic
6:46 am
size. the market expecting the central and the end of the month. so far so good for the market. let's go to the big board and see how you are doing. the dow is up over 70 points at the nasdaq gaining 31. the s&p up seven point. netflix is down another half a percent after plunging 10 percent yesterday. thank you. happening the the celebration for apollo 11 above the uss hornet doctrine alameda. ships flight deck will turn into a special overnight stargazing platform. moon gazers will get to walk the same vessel that they fully cover the moon walker's after the came back down to earth. in the meantime, the countdown begins for splashdown 50, celebrating the uss recovery mission. tomorrow's moon bass will feature food trucks over a dozen vendors, presentations from those who helped in the recovery mission, and a moonwalk from the apollo 16
6:47 am
mission. di apollo 11. that is on our website. go to from babies diapers to the toolshed, most americans have grown up using velcro. >> same product helped. and astronauts make it to the moon. when neil armstrong took the first steps on the moon, it was a giant leap for velcro as well. the velcro ceo bob woodruff reminding the world that the hook and loop fastener played a big role in the mission.>> it held the gloves on and held their shoes on. good healthy watch on, and it was on the holding portions of the air tank to the back of the spacesuit. >> from there, the sky was the limit for the brand. the decades since the moon landings, velcro has made its way into multiple household products. the number one consumer use is securing diapers. >> for us, velcro very important because that is how we secure our microphones.>>
6:48 am
there is no way. spec velcro holds that together. it is crazy out there looks like friday lights. i know. pretty excited. take a look at this. that is why. the bay bridge, it is hardly any people at the bay bridge this morning. there is one issue you have to pass by there someone with a flat tire but the bridge is on it and they are changing the entire form and considering how few people there are the bridge, take a look at this. not many problems. you see that right there at treasure island a little bit slow pulling into san francisco, but nothing bad. as for the accident, is is right there. it looks like it is on 280 n. it is actually off on third street and the fifth street exit is affected. heads up if headed north in the city this morning. you may encounter a little bit of a photo. all the way to the south bay,
6:49 am
there is an accident on the left hand is older. that is blocked right there and northbound 101. you are down to seven miles per hour as you are pulling into san jose on 11 northbound. the considering that it is friday, hopefully it will not compound the problem. this exit here in the tracy triangle is actually in the eastbound direction. you can see in the wake of that, i don't know if csp has it categorized incorrectly, but it was really starting to slow things down in the westbound direction a 580 approaching the tracy triangle to go through the altamont pass. might want to give yourself extra time. that is an accident that turned into a carr fire. once you get past their you are fine. smooth sailing. with the exception of the san mateo bridge. if you are headed there, i do so as soon as you hop off of the nimitz freeway due to an excellent at the toll plaza. your speeds are so backed up all the way. want to get through the toll plaza, you're looking a little better but not great. you can still see brake lights in the westbound direction with plenty of volume and the
6:50 am
commute. the eastbound is not a problem at all. with a richmond san rafael bridge is starting to stack up and it is slow and delayed. it looks like there is some reason to have a tow truck off to the side. it they are not reporting any issues at this hour. once you get through the toll plaza, on to the bridge 101 southbound and northbound are good. the main travel times are in the green with the exception of the altamont pass. that actually is down to 30 minutes. we are starting off the day in some spots, already with the sunshine. san jose, good morning. under blue skies. right now in san jose, it is 59 degrees. 59 in livermore. 15 eight in san francisco. looking at the low 60s in concord, and oakland. good morning to you. the mid-50s in santa rosa. the weather headlines, and morning low clouds along the coast into parts of the bay. cool to mild temperatures and a pleasant had with seasonal daytime highs clearing this afternoon. we continue to warm heading
6:51 am
into the weekend with plenty of center sunshine. we low pressure system to the north and will continue to pass to the east. a ridge of high pressure to the west, and also to the east across the the to the desert southwest. it will usher in the strong onshore flow with us and with it the sea breeze along the coast and for part of the bay the breeze kicking into the 20 miles per hour clearing for all of us on the futurecast in the afternoon looking at low clouds and ears of ocalan because in parts of the bay. part temperature is will be warmer compared to the day continue with the warm up as we head into funny. the daytime highs are looking at near normal highs, in concord and a little bit cooler bay we go, 83 is had a clara as well as for san jose. 81 morgan hill.
6:52 am
daytime highs 82 in antioch as well as brentwood looking at the mid-eighties for livermore. 83 for pleasant hill. 84 monica dean. the upper 60s in berkeley. the low 70s and alameda oakland, and san leandro. the mid-sixties in sausalito and for san francisco and the low 90s in ukiah, lakeport and for clear lake heading out to splashdown 50 celebration, tomorrow, the uss hornet and alameda, looking at plenty of sunshine the low 70s and there we go with the seven-day forecast. temperatures warming up through the weekend. sunday will be the warmest day out of the weekend, with plenty of sunshine. a little bit cooler monday and tuesday and worming backup for the middle to the end of next week. here's michelle with details on a cool ride. ladies and gentlemen. the all-new 2020 but engine corvette. >> look at this ride. classic car with a new spin. general motors unveiled the eighth generation of the
6:53 am
chevrolet corvette. they say the 2020 addition of the seat. that is the largesch53. the corvckn go 0 to 60 in less than three seconds.>> the time now is 6:53. a bay area beauty store robbed eight times. police say the suspect crime spree covers a lot more ground. we are live at the scene of an overnight police standoff, where they were trying to arrest a man suspected in an assault with a deadly weapon. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. i'm anne makovec going live to milpitas at a home where a suspect in a knife attack was holdup overnight for about four hours, until the s.w.a.t. team broke the window.
6:57 am
some of the video trying to get him out of the house. they were setting up flash bang grenades. and apparently he was involved in a knife attack. he was a suspect in one on tumble drive in calaveras at around 11:30. he went into hiding at this home. for they tried for for hours to get him out. he is now under arrest. back to you. time for a look at this morning top stories. a strong earthquake struck greece. the usgs measured it as a magnitude 5.3. construct near the capital city of athens. there were no initial reports of any major injuries or damage. fire damaged a parking garage in san rafael this fir spotted this fire building over the garage while on third and be streets. police called in around 2:30. a few minutes later firefighters knocked it down. no word on whether anyone is injured. >> morgan hill police searching for a group of parties beauty store burglary is.
6:58 am
their suspected of hitting alternate beauty stores in san francisco, the east and south play. they say be feeling the store was also recently hit. today rallies in support by higher minimum wages had to take place in san jose and several other major u.s. cities. the fight for 15 rallies targeting mcdonald's restaurants. the san jose rally plan for noon thursday mcdonald's the plant shopping center. hearing thoughts regarding the city of oakland antitrust lawsuit against the raiders and the nfl. the suit contends that the raiders riley the federal law by breaking a contract and moving to las vegas. the u.s. justice department said the cities case lacks merit. left take a live look out to the bay bridge where there are approximately 12 people coming through the platter. enjoy your friday commute into san francisco. you have nothing to worry about if that is part of the bridge. not the case at the san mateo bridge. you are a little bit slower and more congested. not too many brake lights and not as bad as usual heading
6:59 am
into the peninsula. same thing at the san rafael bridge where things are starting to slow down approaching the toll plaza. once you get to the toll plaza, you're good to go and north or south bound on one-to-one. a beautiful afternoon heading to the day. starting off with gray skies and the treasure island camera low clouds that clears with after nguyen sunshine. data by seasonal pleasant and 82 in concord 80 fort fairfield as well as livermore. 83 in san jose. 71 and oakland and the mid- sixties for san francisco. there we go, continuing to warm up through the weekend. the mid-80s, the mid to upper 80s inland on saturday. we are talking about 90 percent of our warmest spot inland on sunday. sunday is the warmest day out of the began to plenty of fun and cooler the start next week. but still fantastic weather. >> we do not want to talk about
7:00 am
money. >> is to take a live look outside once again. spec cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day.


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