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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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traffic just inching along at about eight miles per hour. very slow moving through oakland up to berkeley. again, chp is advising drivers to use eastbound 580 as an alternate route but the backup spilling over to both 580 and 880, we will continue to monitor the situation and the kpix 5. live in a news desk, andrea nakano. right now, there is a growing memorials remember the high school football player who was shot and killed outside a taco bell in livermore. police have released new photos of the suspect. detectives believe he is hiding somewhere in california. da lin spoke to the victim's family. he is live at the memorial in livermore. >> reporter: livermore police released four photos of the suspect jorge telliz, they believe this photo was taken on the day of the murder, and they want people to take a good look
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at this picture, to recognize the suspect here. and the victim's family is pleading with the suspect to turn himself in. >> if they have a caption right there, we have peace of mind. >> reporter: the victims grandfather says that the family wants justice. >> >> reporter: livermore police say 21-year-old jorge telliz shot and killed 16-year-old emmanuellelast week. investigators say the two knew each other and had an argument outside of a taco bell. >> it doesn't matter what color you are, what ethnicity, what background, but the weapons down. >> reporter: they believe that the fugitive is hiding somewhere in california. they say this photo was taken within a day or two of the murder. they want people to turn him in. this is the victim's stepgrandmother who did not want her face on tv. >> this was a child, a child. you know, he hadn't even lived yet. >> reporter: moseby was a popular student at livermore high school and a rising star of the junior varsity football team. >> he always tried to protect.
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>> he was a protector. >> he was even 16. trying to protect other kids, you know. >> reporter: moseby's funeral was yesterday. we understand this principle, his coach, his football coach and a lot of friends from livermore high school , they were in attendance yesterday. livermore police will make an announcement next week about reward money for outdoor information leading to an arrest and conviction. live in livermore, i am da lin. kpix 5. a developing story in the persian gulf as he ran iran seizes two british oriole tankers, the confrontation signals an escalation in the standoff between toronto and the west. tehran and the west. natalie brand with how the president is responding tonight, natalie? >> reporter: good evening, the president was asked by reporters if he's worried about a broader class with iran he said no but also warned the country not to do anything
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foolish. we have learned that u.s. central command now has patrol aircraft monitoring the situation in the strait of hormuz. britton's for mr. confirms that iranian authorities seized two vessels in the strait of hormuz. the british like oil tanker was captured first while traveling through international waters. less than an hour later a second british operated tanker was boarded and diverted. >> we are going to be speaking with the uk. and this only goes to show what i am saying about iran. trouble. nothing but trouble. >> reporter: word of the seizure comes amid heightened tensions in the persian gulf. u.s. central command and president trump are emphatic that the uss boxer took defensive action when an iranian drone got too close to the ship on thursday. >> we shot it down. >> reporter: buddy ron but iran state television says that the timestamp play claims that there room for that their drone was not destroyed.
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there are also new reports that the pentagon is planning to send another 500 troops to the region, specifically to an air base in saudi arabia. general frank mckenzie is the top ranked commander for the middle east trying to organize an international cartel of warships to escort oil tankers in and out of the gulf. >> we believe this is an international response probably not a united states responsibility but the united states is very happy to be a part of the solution. >> reporter: leaders from both countries say they do not want warmer friday president trump issued a new warning. >> we hope for their sake they do not do anything foolish. if they do, they will pay a price like nobody has ever. >> reporter: the president has set his redline is the loss of an american life. natalie brand, cbs news the pentagon. and secretary of state pompeo said today that iran needs to come to the table, meanwhile the president confirmed reports
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that senator rand paul is now involved in diplomatic talks to try to reduce tension. iranian's foreign minister said that he was meeting this week with some members of congress. dianne feinstein's office has said that the are not involved with the evening meetings this week but her office say she did speak with the iranian for mr. back in may. >> natalie brand at the white house, thank you so much. meanwhile the feud between president trump a mini minnesota congresswoman is heating up. esther trump is now defending his supporters just a day after saying he disagreed with their send her back chance against representative illhan omar. >> those are incredible people, those are incredible patriots, she is lucky to be where she is, let me tell you. and, the things that she has said a disgrace to our country. >> the president's remarks does hero's welcome after reading, minnesota. today mr. trump denied reports
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that his family advised him to distance himself from wednesday's chance when a supporter chanted the center >> advise you about the chant? >> false information it was big news. >> no, we talked about they did not advise it. they told me, by the way, what you are saying, take news. >> white house advisors have done the president to soften the attacks on the progressive lawmakers. some democrats say that they fear that the harsh talk could lead to violence. antitrust lawsuit against the raiders has hit a snag. a federal judge hearing the case said he is skeptical about the city's argument so far. melissa caen says the lawsuit is not over. >> >> reporter: the city of oakland nearly avoided a big loss today. the judge came close to throwing at the city's lawsuit against the nfl and every team in the nfl. he said the city's claims that
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they violated antitrust laws are loosey-goosey and he is skeptical about the city's other claims for breach of contract. >> they want honest and truthful with the city of oakland we came to negotiations to continue to be in oakland. >> reporter: the judge gave the city 45 days to submit a new complaint saying the city has to show that the nfl do not have a 32 team limits, oakland would still have a football team. oakland city attorney issued a statement saying "we are confident that we can file an amended complaint that will address the issues raised by the court. the judge also commented on the trend of cities and bidding wars for nfl teams. saying "i have my own personal feelings on whether this is good for the game or good for you misses how these or good for the country. adding "those are beside the two points at the moment." the raiders i try to begin the 2020 season in las vegas and in a new stadium.
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the city of oakland is not suing to keep the team. what they want is money. hundreds of millions of dollars. and, some fans want oakland to keep the raiders name. >> what that name means, it brings the most diverse culture together as one, under a blanket with no prejudice. an example 5 how we live and how we think. >> will think about antitrust laws they are created to promote competition and preserve competition. so, in a case like this where the team went to the city where they got the best deal, the judge said that is pretty much the definition of competition. >> reporter: you can see why it is that oakland has its work out for is moving forward and staying alive in this case. >> and they want to keep the raiders name they won 18 back there at some point and that is all way down the road. >> exactly. for now, for the next, at least a year or two we are probably going to be here without a team. >> thanks. one of the alleged gunman in san bruno's tanforan mall shooting made his first court appearance this afternoon.
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18-year-old deandra gant was arraigned on charges of attempted murder and conspiracy with bail set at $5 million. gant is due back in court in redwood city on august 5th. a total of four people are now under arrest from the shooting on july 2nd. police say two groups of teens opened fire on each other in the mall's second-floor sending shoppers into a panic. two teenage boys were wounded. after years of planning, danville has just approved a new townhome development. local lawmakers say it is a step that will chip away at the housing crisis but some neighbors have major reservations. susie steimle and the development site right off of 680 with details on the debate. >> reporter: danville is a small town of about 44,000 people. a lot of neighbors would like it to stay that way. but, they are facing increased pressure from the state to build and help the housing crisis. >> it has changed. and, it just seems to be
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getting worse. >> reporter: jeff o'connell says he moved to danville because it is a small town. now he says that is worried he is worried that is slipping away. today the town council voted to build 37 townhomes on a small parcel of land that is literally his backyard. he voiced concerns against it, but it passed unanimously. >> it is like talking to a brick wall. last meeting i said i felt like i was in the twilight zone. >> i think it is great news. >> reporter: the ceo of the denver area chamber of commerce said the restaurant in this town struggle to keep workers because they cannot afford danville prices. >> having a portion of this building and project being affordable housing, it helps our business is here. see i could see where the neighborhood would be a little bit concerned. >> reporter: mayor roberts is trying to keep both sides happy. he is also facing pressure from the state to increase density in a town that has not grown much over the years. >> we need housing for many
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income levels. and that is the hard part. we are trying to figure that out. >> reporter: jeff says the density around danville is already getting to him, making his commute to work miserable. >> two hours there, two hours back. if i go to san francisco, two hours there, two hours back. when is enough enough? >> reporter: senator scott weiner's bill has been tabled until january, but it would push for more high density builds, like this one, to be built near transit. and a lot of east bay communities, including danville, pushed against it for fear of losing local control. the mayor says he is not necessarily against sb 50, but a lot of the bills coming out of sacramento in regards to housing have him wear it. in danville, susie steimle, kpix 5. let us take a live look outside. sunshine on the bay area on that beautiful friday. temperatures will be creeping up a little bit. neurologist brian hackney is looking at the weekend warm-up
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for us. >> i wanted to do something that would at least help our frame of mind in terms of what warm weather is first checking into where it is really going to be warm the next few days. you have heard about the heat wave they are having back east. on saturday it will be a scorcher for the eastern half of the country. the heat index tomorrow, combining the forecast high and the humidity, it will feel like 102 in memphis, 110 in dc, could you imagine being in new york? where it feels like 107? our warming trend is not nearly as dramatic. and simple cisco the average is 66 and four tomorrow we will be at 66. oakland will be a scorching one degree above average and conquered will actually be below average tomorrow. and, so, with these cool thoughts in mind, in just a few moments all have everybody's numbers for the weekend, which
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does look great in the bay area, that'll be in a few minutes. >> i will get my down jacket ready. coming up we are learning more about the victim of a deadly bike crash and the south bay. a neighbor's heartbreaking memories of a san jose father, hit and killed on his ride. a wild chase in southern california comes to a dramatic and at a shopping mall. there is a bay area connection to the crew taken away in handcuffs. calling all warrior super fans with some useful talent. how you could be a part of the game entertainment. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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the brewpub chicken new hwith grilled chicken,. fnk's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? take a look at how a long standoff ended in milpitas earlier this morning. police had to break a window to get access to a home on north temple drive. the man inside was wanted for lunging at a woman with a knife. now we are told she was not hurt. the man was taken into custody without further incident. it turns out there is a bay area connection to a dangerous high-speed chase in southern california today. check out the black car weaving in and out of lanes on an l.a.
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county freeway. police said the robbery suspects inside, they are a part of a burglary crew from oakland who come down to socal to k into cars. they sideswiped at least one car on the freeway. the chase ended when the suspects pulled into the parking lot of a sherman oaks galleria and the officers formed the area with their guns drawn. three people were arrested. as ellie reporter jeff tells us, police were on to these guys. >> reporter: the lapd has been telling this crew and a member or a number of other crews for a wild and have been a number of burglary crews from the bay area that would drive down to l.a. on the weekends to break into cars and steel. they have seen a significant spike in the wilshire area. as well as the mid city area as well. >> this cell phone video of one of the suspects being taken into custody, police are still searching for one member of this alleged robbery crew. back here in the bay area,
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demonstrators lined up outside of a mcdonald in support of higher minimum wages. it is all a part of the fight for 15 rally calling for minimum wage to reach $15 nationwide. the rally is specifically targeting mcdonald's restaurants , the city of san jose does pay $15 an hour for minimum wage. but, the point of the rally is to support that for all cities. some say the minimum wage increase is not what workers want, it is what they need. >> $15 means that they can put food on the table for their children, that they can afford to buy clothes for their children, and that they can pay medical expenses for their children. >> reporter: and washington the democratic-controlled house has approved legislation to raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour. the minimum wage bill is not expected to pass the republican-
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controlled senate. another sign of a red-hot economy, a new report finds employers in the bay area at a nearly 13,000 jobs last month adding the total a job amount of jobs in the region to more than 4 million. santa clara county led the upswing in employment adding 3800 physicians positions.. san francisco and san mateo county added some 3500 jobs, and parts of the east bay gained 3200. a strong earthquake brought brought the greek capital of athens trapping people in elevators and sparking power outages. the shaking knocked things off counters and sent residents running out into the street. athens officials say their preliminary magnud5.its 1.wa wa authorities are still inspecting areas close to the epicenter. there are reports that some buildings collapsed in western athens.
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so far no reports of any deaths or serious injury. as brian mentioned earlier, much of the country is suffering through a blistering heat wave. get this, tomorrow in washington, d.c. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel as hot as death valley. only stickier. it is the same story across much of the midwest as well. the weather service says more than 100 local heat records will be broken tomorrow. electric utilities are working worried about outages. they are urging residents to do their part. >> be safe, check on each other, conserve energy where you can. >> you go out and you feel like you are hitting a wall of heat and like you are in an oven the whole time. it is pretty brutal. >> even at night, forecasters say temperatures will struggle to drop below 80 degrees. the summer scorcher is expected to let up, finally, early next week. >> meantime mother nature's air- conditioning kicking in here. >> kicking in for us, we do not get the humidity because of the rocky mountains and the sierra.
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if we do not have the rocky mountains, weather in california would be totally different because we too would tap into the gulf humidity, it would be out here but the mountains prevent most of that and it also helps that we have some bone chilling water offshore. the combo means that we have a mild weekend in the bay area, thank you mother nature. as he looked from the salesforce tower building up to pier 30 the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, home of the high dive bar nearby. not that i would know. as we have a look right now concord 79, oakland 72, livermore 83, san francisco 67, san jose 81, and then giants taking on the meds tonight. it will be manly mainly clear at 67, and that's only a few hours away so we pretty much a draw a beat on that forecast. the high is moving a little closer to california, the ebb and flow. so, it'll warm up a little bit in most spots but some places will be a bit cooler and much
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of it depends on this, low clouds afloat into the bay area and have been doing so since memorial. they will be doing it tonight fairly extensive but then will pull it back, things clear out. less extensive coverage with the low clouds means the shoreline might warm up a little bit. here are the headlines, some night fog and clouds. it will stay seasonable tomorrow, close to average. a little bit warmer inland on sunday, nothing dramatic. we will head out to the town that clayton built because of the coal mining boom, it was almost named ryan's hill . for john clayton to own the land out there, and the mayor of clayton in the middle of the 19th century flipped a coin because they both wanted to name the town after themselves. john clayton won, it could've been ryansville. with just the flip of a coin. splashdown 50 celebration, apollo lands on the moon tomorrow. then it splashes down into the pacific on july 24th and that is the carrier that picked it up, the uss hornet. you can go out and visit it
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this weekend, bigger festivities planned. and a lot of music, stern grove festival as usual 63 degrees. high temperatures with santa rosa 76, napa at 84. the extended forecast we are looking for readings in the mid- 80s on saturday. and then sunday, 90 degrees. numbers will jump inland as we get into the next week and the bay is would be mighty nice. the weekend looks pretty good too. make your plans now. let me give you the extended, extended. it does not change much. >> [ laughter ] thank you ride. coming up, could you soon see yourself on top of the salesforce tower? how the artist thin ubep, ndarh speaking.
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50 years ago today, apollo 11 reached the moon. the crews safely entered into lunar orbit. the following day two u.s. astronauts would make the giant leap for mankind. today, apollo 11 astronaut buzz aldrin and michael collins at the white house. they were joined by the family of the late neil armstrong in the oval office. president trump spoke about the direction of american space exploration once again to the moon and then mars. to commemorate this historic milestone, the u.s. postal service revealed these new stamp designs, one features a photograph of apollo 11 astronaut buzz aldrin in his spacesuit on the surface of the moon. the image on the other stamp shows the moon, that small dot
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indicates where the lunar module landed. now after landing on the mo alan the pacific ocean. they were picked up by the crew of the uss hornet. the aircraft is now permanently docked in alameda as a floating museum. you can be a part of the splashdown 50 celebration tomorrow from 10 a.m.-4:00 p.m. we have a special section on our website dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission. just go to we live look at the salesforce tower in san francisco. the l.e.d. light show at the top that flashes across the skyline is reportedly in store for a big change. right now there is a sequence of clouds flying across the big screen up there. the chronicle reports that it will soon feature snippets of life recorded around san francisco instead. one camera on e plaza also expected to show blurry images of pedestrians.
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the change is expected this fall. good news for all warriors super fans. there may be a gig for you. the team plans to expand its entertainment program for the next season. it wants bay area residents to be a part of that. the warriors are looking for fans who can play an instrument, saying, wrap. those chosen will attend home games at a discounted rate and leave or lead in chance and cheers. coming up tonight at 5:30, tearful memories of the san jose bicyclists killed on a ride with his friend. the tragedy that took one life and forever altered another. parents worn qarn their kids could be sent to foster care if they do not pay their lunch debts, the school district hammered for what some call a callous letter. auc professor signed a petition criticizing turkey's army and is now charged with spreading terrorist propaganda. he is defending his right to free speech.
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