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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00, a fire ends up getting dangerously close to home and ends up killing more than two dozen animals. >> i know one of my guys just has died. >> plus a bizarre police chase. what happened when the driver dressed as a clown decided to sit on the roof of his car. and as we remember with pride when apollo put the first man on the moon, good evening. >> we begin tonight with what started as a fire in an apartment building that ended up killing dozens of chickens. >> in pay point with what happened. >> this was a two alarm
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vegetation fire that threatened some apartments but firefighters were able to stop it from advancing. unfortunately the fire killed about 30 animals that belonged to one owner. >> flames and thick smoke filled the air in bay point this afternoon. a man visiting shared this video. firefighters were able to knock down the fire by late afternoon but it was too late to save chickens and a prized rooster. >> i come here every day with my husband and try to feed them but now that. one of my best roosters has died. it's devastating, you know. i couldn't check them all. >> the owner sprayed down wha o coop and carried out their charred remains. silva had raised them for eggs. >> it's sad to see all these fires happening. i never expected it to be near
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my home. >> the fire tore through a few backyards but did not cause any major damage. the district has not yet determined a cause. in bay point, betty. the mother of the youngest suspect in the mall shooting is defending her son. the mother who goes by the name says san police got it wrong and her son was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. he was booked into the youth services center on suspicion of convicted murder. >> he's a victim in this situation. how did they turn it around and say he was a suspect. my husband. >> detectives say the boy was not a shooter but helped one of the actual shooter. he said detectives have not interviewed him. new tonight developers are
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revealing an ambitious man to fight the housing crunch on. they want to build apartments but as skip x5's andrea reports, it could take decades and not everybody is thrilled about it. >> in the midst of a housing crisis one developer wants to turn this parking lot into more homes. >> the views of the bay from robert crown memorial beach are worth a million bucks and are currently enjoyed by a car wash. the own owner of the would like to change that with a plan to add more than 1200 units. part of the reason why call it the amazon effect. >> these are some of the earliest renderings of the the plans are early on. there is still no environmental
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planning report. it hasn't hit the planning commission and at least 50% of them would have to be set aside for. >> the other category that i'm interested in is what we call that missing middle. so you have an income that doesn't qualify you for affordable housing but yet you can't afford. >> this isn't a swift moving project with -- full completion in 2045. the retail shops are part of the reason why. >> there are leases on all of the various businesses so jamestown, i am told, doesn't want to go in and break leases because that so ey wi wa until leases are coming up for renewal and choose not to renew them. >> the worry wasn't about adding new housing but a
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congestion problem. even with another ferry landing and bike bridges coming. >> absolutely not enough affordable housing. you have to look at location and how much of a good thing can you fit in a small space. i just look at congestion and traffic is already a pain. >> even if it was apartments there are already 1200 people on the island. >> caller: zoning laws would have to change and at this point doesn't even have a date for the planning. tonight residents are divided on the plan to help the homeless population. the district supervisor is eyeing a parking lo ants tturn itfor the homeless. it would have 24 hour, stetted
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instead hundreds of residents attended a meeting. you have seen car chases before but you have never seen one like this. officers were pursuing a black bmw. the driver stood up and sat on the roof of his car. and on top of it he is wearing a green wig and a halloween mask. and it all ended where the suspect helped cover a man in the sand and surrendered. and if you think that was odd there's a new video of a plane stunt as a plane prepared for take off a man was caught on camera climbing on to the wing. the airline said he tried to get in the cabin. passengers called before security arrived. the towering sales force has completely changed the san francisco skyline and the
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architect who designed it has died. died yesterday at his home in connecticut. he not only designed san francisco's tallest building but iconic buildings around the world like the pacific design center in la. meanwhile you might end up on the led display on the top of the sales force tower. it will soon right now it features a sequence of clouds and birds. the image of pedestrians will be blurry. the changes are expected this fall. i bet that won't be distracting. trying to do their part to combat -- star chef is about to open on the first floor of the sales force tower. she is leading the charge on
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this. there will be no disposable containers. how many restaurants have plastic containers, we don't know. none of her packages will hold fish or other ingredients. now have some of the nation's toughest restrictions on food wear. why the british prime minister says iran is on a dangerous path. plus when humans first set foot on the moon. there are new plans again to return and go beyond. and mayor getting a taste of hollywood. what popular show he shows up in. that plus changes in the weather as we head into next week. forecast and the rest coming up when we come back.
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britain's foreign minister says iran is on a dangerous path after it seized a british flag ship. it is now -- iran released footage of the tanker seized yesterday in the straight of. the top u.s. commander says the ship was fired upon, boarded and then taken into iranian custody. frank mckenzie says the ship is
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deep in iranian waters. says was flying a -- a few hours later a u.s. ship went through the straight with fighter jets overhead. the u.s. now has destroyers at each end of the straight and they are prepared to intervene if an american ship in attacked. on this date in 1969 the first to set foot on the moon. apollo 11 was a defining human achievement. it made people -- man walking on the moon astounded the earth, including this 19-year- old living in london. >> we sat back and marveled and i thought, one day i'll be an astronaut. >> instead became a bill billionaire. but his space company plans to turn other people into astronauts. >> i think without the
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inspiration of apollo 11, the gal act tick wouldn't exist today. the government is not interested in mange -- making people astronauts so we thought, let's do it. at 40,000 feet mother ship air launches a second ship that rockets to just beyond the boundary of space, 62 miles above earth. a ticket cost, and 600 people, including many in this group have prepaid in full. >> this is a lifelong dream to go to space. >> a 58-year-old floor floridian. >> i want to have that overview of that experience. >> blue origin's is -- the rocket returns and minutes later the capsule follows. blue origin's owner is -- the
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amazon founder. >> the only reason we can do the things we can do today is because we are in fact standing on the shoulders of giants. all those things that came before will make it possible to go do these beautiful things. >> branson hoped for a maiden launch a decade ago. neither company has launched a single paying. >> space definitely is hard. we have had our tears, we have had our joys but the joys have been fantastic. >> in al a meet a, some of the people who helped bring the -- the hornet helped recover the astronauts after they splashed down 900 miles south of hawaii on july 24, 196 #. today people return to the ship to share
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their memories. that included an en jen ear so the capsule was able to safely reenter the earth's atmosphere. >> everybody was working together to beat the russians to the moon. >> everybody that was working on the project and that includes hundreds of thousands of people felt they had something invested into helping america. >> one former hornet crew man has a particularly interesting story to tell. we will hear from him that's coming up. also another celebration happened at the space and science center in, adults lifted their children to touch a moon hanging. they also took pictures of a moon rock and stuck their heads through a space helmet. some kids planted themselves on to. >> and if america ever goes
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back to the moon it promises to be a very different mission from apollo. because the ultimate destination would be mars. the moon can be used as a steppingstone to mars. any can use -- plans to get humans to mars date back to the reagan administration. and every time the cost of it has quashed the plan. >> i figured right now we would be on mars. so it's kind of been a lull since the space shuttle stopped. >> frankly have been a little disappointed. we were able to. >> yeah, we were all together on it back then. at nasa's request the president has added $1.6 billion for is new budget. it would cost tons more. for a look at the bay area's contributions go to our
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website,. mayor makes an appearance in hbo's silicone valley. the show is known for poking fun at the tech industry and the latest string on the show was the mayor. shared this photo. he wrote on his facebook post that he's not quitting his day job but he had a great time jumping in with the cast and crew. a heat wave is scorching much of the country right now. it's killed at least 6 people, millions of americans from texas to maine are trying to stay cool. in indianapolis police officers performed wellness checks on the homeless handing waves like >> these heat waves are a symptom. is warming.a theoretical thing. the impacts of climate change
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are happening right now right here. >> we are going to have our first test in a minute. i collect newspapers, of course. i just wanted to show you what newspapers around the country look like. that was the new york times headline the day after the man walked on the moon. the chronicle said man on the moon. as for the examiner. the examiner said descent into history. right under the fold of this paper is a story that was also a huge headline. didn't have anything to do with the moon mission, okay. in fact it was such a big story they made a feature film out of the story just last year. your goal is to tell me what is the big story right under the fold of this newspaper. don't tell me now. okay. >> let's go out and have a look at the west. we have clear skies with ocean beach looking beautiful tonight
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and the great highway. right now 63 degrees in liver more. it's 61 and in san francisco 59 and there is san francisco. low clouds hanging over the city. liver more 81 and the satellite showing that high pressure is going to reassert itself somewhat over southern california and that will affect us. the pressure comes up a little bit. low clouds will move back in tonight. high clouds as you can see later in the day as well could make for a pretty sun set tomorrow night. so here's the summation. low clouds thicken and spread inland tonight. it will be a degree or two higher and then 92 degrees. giants taking on the mets tomorrow. temperature 65 degrees. 63 with some low clouds, then there's the california state fair in sack omit and the sacramento and summer fair.
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very close to average. numbers will be in the low 80s in the south bay for morgan hill. in the north bay a few low clouds and 78. finally around, again in the 90s and the extended forecast, more of the same, slight warming trend takes us to 90 degrees by thursday. what was the other huge story? >> 1969. >> right around the moon landing. the day before the moon landing. >> and there was a movie on it recently. okay. >> can't see it from out there. the headline is this, ted kennedy, when he drove off that bridge. huge story happened the same time as the moon landing. and from that ladies and gentlemen, andrea. all right, coming up in sports. the giants bat starting to cool off and the slows i havely --
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the as didn't neild a winning streak to get into playoff contention because they have been pretty much there all along. they matt chapman returns from an ankle injury. fouling a pitch off his leg he does stay in the game. minnesota led but connect for back-to-back homeruns in the span of 4 pitches oakland had a 3-2 lied. bottom of the inning watches a solo shot lands in the second deck in left field to tie the game at 3 and jump to the 9th.
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the twins up by 1. grounder goes off the first baseman's glove and into right field. can a and score. bottom 9, minnesota loads the bases but mitch hits it right to marcus to start a game ending play. oakland wins, they have won 8 of their last 9 and have two leads for the second wild card spot. and this crew out on the water pretty much excited about the giants winning streak. jeff mcneal hits one off the top of the foul pole. a 2 run shot to make it 4-0. then the next inning, pete alonzo crushes the 4 pi 3 run blast. his 33rd of the year and new york hit 4 homeruns in the game and they. still to come the author of the book on kevin durant shares his
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no tiger woods and more importantly for those in northern ireland roy mcelroy didn't make the cut but another is on the leader board. clearly northern ireland better known for its waves out there. tommy fleet wood started the day one shot back. an eagle on 5. has the third lowest score of the day carting a 66. shane lowery came into the day tied for the lead hitting for, the ball rolls to within a few feet. he made a birdie putt to retake the lead. then moving on to the 17th hole his chip shot comes to within a couple of feet to set up his third birdie. shot the lowest score of the ek take a 4 shot lead going into sundays. his total score of 197 is the
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lowest in for the final round expect bad weather. the earthquakes looking for their third straight win tonight tied at 1 in the 34th minute. bounces around a bit and it comes back to who scorjune 8. t quakes win. they have won 5 of their last 6 and for the first time in 4 years they have won back-to- back road wins. to the nba kevin durant's addition to leave came with a surprise. but not to, he believes durant's relationship with his ex teammates away from the court factored into his decision to sign with brooklyn. >> you don't have time to be making new friends, right. especially new best friends. right. so he ends up having a child and gets a serious girlfriend. married with a child and clay is the only single one.
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clay is just clay, right. he just does whatever he wants. i do feel like he tried to make a connection. he wanted to make a connection and the jets didn't line up like based on where their lines were. tracked him from when he was a child. you can see the full interview on game day tomorrow. >> very interested. i never mentioned that jim -- died. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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