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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 21, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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kpix5 news. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:00, a chaotic scene in san francisco after a tesla hits two tourists. what happened moments before the deadly crash. right now police have blocked off the area of taylor street in the city's tender loin. the couple was hit in the cross walk this afternoon. katie is live at the scene of the accident. >> reporter: brian, right now, can you actually see these investigators. they are still here at the scene collecting evidence. you can also see the car involved in this accident. the mini-cooper and also the
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black tesla. now, the tesla was actually a rental car. i talked with the owner a few minutes ago who said he rented out the tesla yesterday afternoon through the get around app. based on the surveillance video they've seen from nearby hotels, it looks like the woman driving the tesla was speeding up taylor street and ran the red light at o fairel. as she drove through the intersection, the tesla was broad sided by the mini cooper and caused the tesla to spin around and hit a couple who was walking in the cross walk. police say the husband and wife were visiting san francisco from clovis, which is near fresno and both were in their 50s. the husband has died. the wife is in serious condition at san francisco general hospital. >> it's very upsetting. what are we at now, 14 or 15 fatalities, involving vehicle
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visit ped in the city. it's becoming very upsetting. >> reporter: police do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in this crash, but say speed definitely was. officers estimate the driver tesla was going at least 45 miles per hour at the time of the crash. now, police say this actually could have been prevented just because of the speed. now, they are actually looking at some of the surveillance video from as we were talking about the hotels in the area. there were a lot of people out this afternoon not only because of the beautiful sunday afternoon, but we're only a few blocks from union square and this entire area is surrounded by hotels. just absolutely heart breaking to hear that the husband has died, the wife now in serious condition. >> do they have any information -- i understood you to say the tesla probably ran a red light and broad sided the mini.
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did they say if the tesla was in auto pilot or self-driving mode at the time of the crash? >> reporter: one of the officers said all of the teslas have a usb thumb drive and those investigators have already recovered that usb thumb drive. that's definitely something they're going to be looking at. also the driver told me this tesla is actually equipped with an on-board dash board camera. all of that video could also be on that usb drive as well. definitely something investigators will be using in this case. they said there actually could be criminal charges. the drivers of this tesla could be facing a charge. police are searching for the driver of a hit-and-run crash that left a motorcyclist dead. it happened in a residential neighborhood on concord boulevard just after midnight. on the dangerous moments
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leading up to this fatal collision. >> reporter: the guy who was riding the bike landed in the street about a hundred feet back in this direction. but the force of the impact and the bike's momentum carried it all the way here where it crashed through a white picket fence. >> i could see there was an accident. >> reporter: it was just after midnight and jeff rogers who had been preparing for bed moments before rushed outside. he found a motorcycle in his front yard. its rider was lying in the street. the seriousness of his injuries instantly apparent. >> i could tell the gentleman was not moving, not at natural angles. he was laying in a strange position. so didn't appear to be breathing or anything else. >> reporter: investigators say the man riding the motorcycle had tried to pass a car along this stretch of concord boulevard but instead clipped the back of the car and was
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thrown from his bike. that's when he was struck by a truck coming the other way. >> running away from the scene of a crime, what's that bugs me the worst. >> reporter: investigators say they are following up on leads and looking for the driver who fled the scene. if you have information about the case, you're urged to call the concord police department. in concord, kpix 5. other news, a car is in ruins after it caught fire this afternoon inside san francisco's mcarthur tunnel. it forced a brief shut down of the tunnel for about an hour. later the burnt out wreckage sat in an empty tunnel. the driver was able to walk away. says he also helped evacuate everyone else. >> we started seeing a little bit of smoke coming out of the car and were like we needed to pullover but we were already in the tunnel.
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we got everybody pushed over and went to the front of the tunnel and shut it off. >> you can imagine that shut down caused huge traffic jams. both northbound lanes are now reopened plus one lane headed south. an apparent gas leak triggered an explosion inside a pool house in san jose. at the amber wood apartments near trounce end park. that was after residents reported smelling gas. fortunately no one was injured. >> we all could have gotten hurt. we're right there. >> this is -- >> it was scary. >> well, crews decided to let the excess gas vent out of the pool house before going inside to investigate. pg&e says so far there is no disruption to gas service in the area. clean up is under way in pleasant hill after a water main break shut down a stretch
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of contra costa boulevard. distance of about two blocks. but it didn't cause a big hassle for driver who is had to be toured through nearby neighborhoods to get around the mess. let's take a live look now at capitol hill. special counsel robert mueller is set to testify before congress this week about his investigation into president trump and russian interference in the 2016 election. mueller will appear at two hearings on wednesday. first will be the house judiciary committee. there be questioned by committee members including bay area representatives. the first hearing is scheduled to last for three hours. >> we think it's very important for the american people to hear directly what the facts are. >> then after a quick break, mueller will testify at another hearing at the house intelligence committee. a day after iran released dramatic video of iran -- seizing a british oil tanker, a
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new audio recording reveals important details. >> reporter: this audio recording captures the moment before iranian revolutionary guard commandos seized a british oil tanker. >> all -- 360 degrees immediately over. >> reporter: a royal navy officer insist the ship continue its course in the strait of hormuz. >> under international law, your passage must not be impaired. >> reporter: the effort to avoid capture, the british oil tanker failed as shown in this dramatic video released today. released this footage sunday showing the seized tanker docked in an iranian port. none of the 23 crew members could be seen. they're apparently in iranian territory. >> iran is playing a very, very dangerous game.
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it makes no sense they would go after the uk. >> reporter: chuck schumer said sunday the trump administration needs a plan. >> when an administration is forced to come to congress and the american people with a strategy, it really make that is strategy almost always better. >> reporter: last week, president trump and u.s. central commands the military destroyed an iranian drone weeks after iran shot down a u.s. surveillance drone. after that incident, president trump called up a retaliatory strike at the last minute. meg oliver, cbs news. i.c.e. to deport thousands of immigrants. >> plus this man wanted for stealing from a chick-fil-a. how he managed to trick employees and get away. >> that plus the all important forecast has some changes in the future as we have coit tower in the foreground and that constant reminder to be on
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your best behavior, alcatraz. be right back.
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new revelations about i.c.e. in the bay area. a report shows the feds use oakland international airport for years to deport people even though oakland is a sanctuary city. i.c.e. chartered nearly a thousand flights out of oakland between 2010 and 2018. those flights carried nearly 43,000 people. that includes about 27,000 who were being deported and 16,000 being transferred to detention centers in other parts of the
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country. oakland officials are now looking into whether those flights violated the city's policy not to cooperate with immigration enforcement operations. the federal agency says in a statement, i.c.e. made an internal operational decision to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of 2018. i.c.e. coordinates flights on a case by case basis. paul krassner, 1960s counter-culture figure and cofounder of the yippies has died. the yippies were known as the youth international parties. they were notorious for stunts like running a pig for president. he was an advocate ea drug use. he was 87. police in vacaville are looking for a man who stole an ipad from a chick-fil-a. it happened about a week ago.
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the man was the last customer that night. police say while workers were busy making his drink, the suspect grabbed the company's ipad that had been left out on the counter. anyone with information is asked to call police. it's never easy finding parking, but the city of berkeley is hoping to make the process less stressful. the city is launching a new online system for issuing residential permits. license plates will tell officials who is allowed to park where. using a customized code the city sent out by mail. the system can be used to pay fines. this evening, we're getting a look at a new shark species that emits light. take a look. the newly discovered species is a tiny subset of sharks dubbed the american pocket shark. the sharks are described as a species of kite fin fish that
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have a light-emitting pocket organ near its front fin. only two pocket sharks have ever been captured. on the subject of sharks, new video to show you of a surprise and close encounter of a great white shark. >> oh, my god! i got it on video! >> well, that's always important. how did they know it's a great white shark? not entirely sure. but apparently the shark gave -- this was a father and son fishing group -- quite the scare. this is in cape cod yesterday. it bit the fish in half and then back into the water. all right, on to australia where one guy blasted off, yep, in a jet pack. david is a real-life rocket man. this weekend he successfully sailed past the sydney house opera house, putting on a 5- minushow before sticking the
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landing. >> actually landed on -- i landed right here where i wanted it. that's not going to blow us up. >> i'm glad to hear that. >> if you want one of your own, you'll need a lot of money and a little patience. it took about 10 years of trial and error to build at a cost of about half a million dollars. apparently we're scouring the globe for news of the weird. >> it's -- water cooler kind of thing. >> okay. i'll bring us back down. >> please do. blue skies around the bay, except for right at the shoreline. and as you see, looking toward the sales force tower,ify clouds tonight, but otherwise a beautiful finish to the weekend. the numbers, 87 in concord. only 63 in san francisco. typical summer time fred with santa rosa at 80 degrees and san jose at 78. speaking of, there is san jose
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as a plane floats in to land at the airport down there. there will be a little bit of a warming trend. high pressure begins to reemerge over california. it will be warm and yet continue breezy right along the shoreline. future cast does show low clouds will be packing in along the peninsula, but clear skies inland. you'll have starry skies inland tonight. and surface wind profile shows temperatures inland will bump up a little tomorrow. at the same time, pretty big sea breeze as the coastline remains cloudy and relatively cool. clouds by the coast, partly moony skies. warm up tomorrow. inland highs in 90 degrees by midweek. the giants are taking on the cubs tomorrow. it will be partly sunny and 60 degrees. good night for a baseball game. sfo, partly cloudy for tomorrow. 10 to 20 miles an right
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through the san bruno gap. overnight lows tonight, it will be nice. temperatures will be in the mid- 50s. sun will be up at 605. high temperature forecast shows san francisco at 69, concord at 92 and san jose at 86. oakland's at 75 degrees. so the numbers are close to average and a little warmer in palo alto. 79 degrees, 87 at campbell and 92 degrees at morgan hill. in the east bay, mid-80s, hop over to the heat, brentwood, -- low 80s. little bit warmer in santa rosa at 86. and warm as per usual in ukiah and cloverdale. little bit of a warming trend takes us the mid-90s by wednesday, thursday and friday, but we have to wait for it. it will be a couple of mild
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days in the interim and then the 90s inland for the latter half of the week. somebody walked e studios and i think it's dennis. >> another shake up on the roster. youth movement continues. and-- can the giants catch a break against the mets? sports next.
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say hello to the new giants
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starting pitcher and third baseman who had 23 home runs in sacramento. say goodbye to derek, designated for assignment while drew was sent to the bullpen and the new faces paid immediate dividends. green and himmen easy both northern california natives. got help from center fielder kevin pillar. end the inning and his family, gotta love it. next inning, pillar can't help with this one though. pitch into mccovey cove for the first home run of the game. 2-0 new york. allowed two runs and struck out 6 in 5 innings. pretty good. bottom of the 5th, now 2-1, green -- buster posey to tie
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the game. stayed tied all the way until the 12th. another rookie sends everybody at oracle park home with a graham-winning home run. they win 3-2. they've won 8 of their last 9. they are now 50 and 50. >> to win these close games, it does a lot for our club. it did. they could have gone either way. >> gives us hoar confidence. the way we're playing, we're a bunch of grinders right now. we want to go out and win. it's fun being part of something like this. pep talk before the game in minnesota. didn't appear to work. bottom of the second, max kepler -- did not make it out of the 4th inning, but oakland rallies.
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8th inning, chris herman doubles off the wall. gonzalez trips trying to get the ball and robby scores for first. we got a tie ball game. josh deep enough to score beretto. oakland has the 6-5 lead. liam pitching for the third straight day. former giant triples off the right field wall. scores the tying run. first run that hennedric has allowed from 20 and two thirds innings. capping off a 5 rbi game for the twins' center fielder. oakland is now one game ahead of tampa bay for the second wild card spot. long-time yankees closer riverra head lined baseball's newest hall of fame clays. he was joined by edcar martinez
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and mike messina. >> thank you to my mom for convincing me to get back on my bike and go back to that first practice. for washing my stuff, for making me lunch and for finally allowing me to stop taking piano lessons because it just wasn't working out. there is a party in ireland. they're all drinking from the jug, especially the guy that owns. shane lowry remained calm as he entered with his daughter iris. sunday was the toughest round by far of the week. matthew fitzpatrick couldn't wait for it to be over. he finished tied for 20th. hernick had a frustrating day of his own. and he needs a new golf club. you get fined for that by the
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way. back to lowry, it wasn't as impressive as saturday's opening round. didn't need to be. 12 groups finished under par today. there was so little drama on the back 9 that when lowry was making the triumphant walk up to 18, his name was already making its way on the jug. he joins herrington as the only players from ireland to win a major. >> i still can't believe it's happening to me. i can't believe this is me. i can't believe this is mine, you know. it's just incredible. i've watched opens since i was a little kid and to be named champion golfer of the year is just incredible. >> lowry missed a cut at 4 straight british opens. >> does he kind of have home advantage? >> absolutely, but 200 miles from him. be right back.
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we got the scoop on one of the best annual sunday traditions. >> today is national ice creamed it. today is the busiest day of the year for tenton's creamery in oakland. serving up black and tan sundaes for $1.25. the line stretched around the block for this sweet deal.
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>> 125 years? wow. >> fenton's used to have a great crab sandwich. did you know that? >> i can only think about ice cream right now. see you back here at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: records fall as a deadly heat wave keeps its grip on much of the country. tens of millions suffer. >> hot, like it can make you sweat hot. >> quijano: with a new weather threat on the horizon-- >> it will be another night of record-breaking digits. >> quijano: also tonight, military buildup. david martin reports on u.s. plans if tensions with iran turn into a war. president trump digs in with new attacks on four democratic congresswomen of color despite charges his rhetoric is racist. no joke. a man dressed as a clown takes police on a slow-speed chase in southern california ending, where else, at the beach. and a ballerina's fight against
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scoliosis takes center stage. >> giving up was not an ti


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