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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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critical condition after police >> that's why i did these say a speeding driver blew tables. i wanted them to sit through a red light and slammed into the couple in a crosswalk. >> and this is our corner. >> it happened just after 2:00 they know us. this is our corner. this afternoon at taylor and people come here and they know oh, they're here. >> reporter: hillary safrik and her friend come here three to o'farrell in the tenderloin. four times a month, but the kpix 5 katie nielsen is there taste was bittersweet today because this meal would be the now. katie? >> reporter: investigators are here at the scene. you can see them behind us and last. >> this has got to be killing you today. >> yes, it kills us. the evidence markers on the this is our last two days, our ground, what they're looking at right now are tire tracks from last two brunches at hog's. that tesla. you can also see the two cars >> this was really good food, involved in this crash. so it doesn't go well for the that minicooper and the black tesla. other restaurants. >> reporter: strait says he has now i spoke to the owner of the tesla not long ago. he said he rented it out to close because despite a through a woman through the get around happen yesterday loyal customer base, the afternoon. economics doesn't happen >> just the opposite of the anymore. most new restaurants are changing to counterservice only now that the minimum wage has message. that my car was not drivable, increased 85% since he opened and it's an accident. i didn't believe it. six years ago. >> reporter: according to san >> that's a huge impact. francisco police, the woman and this is why everybody is driving the tesla was speeding shifting to the concept up taylor street and rammed the because you just can't make
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red light at o'farrell. money like doing a full-service officers say as she drove thing. >> reporter: it seems in the through the intersection, the mini cooper, which had the restaurant business as in green light hit the tesla, society, the middle class is causing the tesla to spin vanishing. around through the crosswalk, he believes the bay area will hitting a husband and wife as be left with only expensive sit- they crossed the street. police are not releasing their down restaurants and those who names, but say the couple was sell cheaply with counter-style service. that could only change if somehow the price of real visiting san francisco from clovis, near fresno, and both estate can become more reasonable. were if their 50s. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. the couple were taken to san >> he says his immediate plans francisco general hospital are to sleep for a while and where the husband died and the then probably get back into the wife is in serious condition, restaurant business, although but was able to talk to he admits the next venture might not even be in investigators. california. >> it is very upsetting. he asked for an iced tea what do we have? 14 fatalities regarding the vehicle verses the bed in the city? and me and my officers are and left with a an eye patch. responding to these calls. it's becoming very upsetting. >> reporter: police do not believe drugs or alcohol were a >> you wouldn't think oakland would be a hub vi factor in the crash, but say tht has been for speed definitely was. years. if you think you needed to officers estimate the driver of water your plants to get them the tesla was going at least 45 to produce, think again. miles per hour through the intersection. >> when is the last time you watered these plants behind us? investigators do not know if
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>> ten years ago. you think oh this will never the tesla was in autonomous mode at the time of the crash, work and plants just thrive. but recovered the computer chip >> we'll show yoa whole new from the car that will hold that information as well as any take on california farming. that plus changes ahead in the weather as we look live out dash board camera video. now the driver of the mini towards sutro, the low cloud cooper as well as the driver of layer warming up for the bay. details coming up when we come that tesla were not injured in back. this crash. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches. investigators say as they continue the information, as they look at the information that they're able to get not only from the computer chip inside the tesla, but also the surveillance video from some of the surrounding hotels, only a couple of blocks from union square. we're right next to the hilton where they said the driver of that tesla could face criminal charges including manslaughter, back to you. >> it is a tragic. thank yo well amazingly no one was hurt when a car burst into flames outside macarthur tunnel this afternoon. the fire forced a complete shut down for about an hour. telling us he was headed south shortly after noon when his car
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caught fire. and despite the smoke and the traffic, he was able to walk away unscathed. he even helped evacuate everyone else. >> we started seeing the smoke come out of the car. and we were in the tunnel. we jumped out that car and we got everybody a got to the front of the tunnel, so nobody could get in. >> it caused big traffic jams, the richmond area. new details on a scary attempted assault at a south bay park. a woman says a man grabbed her from behind at creekside park in mountainview on friday night. he ran off when shcked screamed. but kpix kiet do tells us it is what he did later that got hirk alone, podcast. that's when the man came up and grabbed her from behind. >> this attack was very quick.
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the brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, >> reporter: a 30-year-old crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. homeless man cut the victim's mouth, trying to lift her the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. around. investigators say she kept her or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. wits about her and fought back. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. >> instincts kicked in, she how far would you go for a togo? began kicking, screaming, alerting a couple of passer- byes in the area. he got spooked and ran off. >> reporter: but then just a few hours later on the same police are looking for a street, someone called 911 to report a man prowling at some man who walked into a chick-fil- a diner and walked out with the apartments lurking around and store's ipad. workers told police the man peeping into windows. a sharp-eyed mountain view came in just before closing police officer spotted a man trying to leave the area. last saturday and ordered an detectives took him back to the iced tea. they were all out, but they brewed up another batch just station for questioning. for hip. well while they were doing that, he swiped an ipad that they say there was one the staff had had left on the undisclosed description. >> there was one thing in counter. police are now urging the man to do the right thing and turn particular the victim picked up on that when the officers himself in. it is never easy to find a detained martinez for the prowling, that helped. parking spot, but should be a detectives are very confident this is the same man. little easier in berkeley to >> i still feel very safe in the neighborhood. get a parking permit starting >> reporter: candace larson tries to stay aware of her tomorrow. city is launching a new online surroundings. avoids being at the park system for purchasing and
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especially the nearby stevens renewing residential permits creek trail by herself at instead of bumper stickers. night. license plates will tell >> should not wear headphones, traffic enforcement who is should always be looking around you to see who is in front of allowed to park where. residents have until august 31 you, who is behind, you those kinds of things because they to renew or sign up for a could happen fast. permit using a customized code >> reporter: in mountainview, kiet do, kpix 5. the city sent out by mail. >> tonight police in concord a new system could also be used are looking for a driver who ran over and killed a motorcyclist and fled the to pay fines. scene. it happened just after midnight silicon valley will be the on concord boulevard. capital of the country this the impact sent the motorcycle week. the industry association flying into a neighbor's fence. business summit, an expo kicked >> running over the guy, i off tomorrow in san jose. the three-day trade show will could understand, that's an accident. but running behind the scene, feature the hands-on workshops, that's the part that bugs me the worst. and that is a difficult part. speaker sessions, and 120,000 >> reporter: investigators say the biker was apparently trying square foot expo floor. to pass a r in has not been re that will run through wednesday and this entire exhibit and expo will be happening at the but anybody with information about the crash is urged to mchenry convention center. well a small, but hearty call the concord police band of california riders are department. the main drag through pleasant hill is back open this drying out the hottest of evening after a messy water the year still growing food without sprinkling a drop of pain break. it shut down contra costa water. it's an age-old technique that
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boulevard from doors drive to requires careful planning. vivian drive this morning only what it doesn't require though two blocks. is irrigation. it caused a major hassle for kpix 5 len ramirez shows us the drivers who had to detour through nearby neighborhoods. no word yet on what caused that surprising good results. >> well you take one look at break. evacuations are lifted in these green crops and find it hard to believe this is all san jose after an apparent gas done with the zero irrigation. leak triggered an explosion no water hoses, no drip lines, inside the apartment complex in fact, the only water that pool house. residents at the amberwood these crops have ever received is what came down as rain. apartment near townson park reported smelling gas and and that was months ago. hearing two blasts over 11:00 farmer jim leap does not have this morning. fortunately no one was injured. to dig deep to find on this >> we all could have gotten warm and dry july day. hurt. we were right there. >> right? there is just enough moisture >> and they did not hear. saved from the soil of the late >> it was scary. spring rain to keep them green >> reporter: firefighters decided to let the excess gas and growing. >> and that has nowhere to go. before going inside to use >> reporter: run his four-acre investigate. they believe some sort of school road farm using an problem developed with the ancient farming technique swimming pools heater. that's almost completely a popular oakland pub served its last brunch today. another victim of the bay unheard of anymore in california. it faing. area's tough business economy. >> we don't irrigate at all. kpix 5 john ramos was at the >> zero? >> zero. >> reporter: he grows weed and squash, beans and corn, plus
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half a dozen other fruits and veggies. >> you think oh, this will hog apothecary. never work and the plants just >> hog apothecary was one of thrive. they love it. the first to open, paving the >> it's a year-long process way for many others to follow. that involves growing cover but now that road has come to plants over winter and then an end as the restaurant is mowing and tilling the soil at just the right time in the calling it quits. the idea was just crazy enough spring to form a mulch that locks the moisture in the soil. >> when is the last time you to work. turn the corner, laundromat, and a working class watered these plants behind us? neighborhood into a high- >> ten years ago. quality restaurant and brew >> reporter: this is the exact pub. at hogs, the beers were local,prices were reasonable, and they didn't skimp on the opposite. california agri business relies heavily on irrigation, which has led to overdrawing of the food. succulent burgers, chicken and waffles, and the people ate it up. >> it's got the comfort food underground aquas. not only saves water, but seems feel of it, but they really add to supercharge the food with some unique flair to it. >> reporter: standing on his step stool like the conductor, flavor. >> dry fruits and vegetables taste better than irrigated leading gether over good food. crops. you get a concentration of sugars. >> reporter: he holds a degree from fresno state says there are drawbacks. yields tends to be smaller and it's risky. relying only on what mother nature gives. >> reporter: but he says the practice is catching on in
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cooler coastal valleys and on small-scale farms where growing food and preserving national resources could go hand in hand. in san juan, len ramirez, kpix 5. you know my dad ten miles from there in holster grows tomatoes every year that completely outdoes my tomatoes. now he waters the tomatoes, but it's something magical, my theory. as we take a look at the blue skies down south. actually looking towards the salesforce tower and the temperatures right now. 87 at concord. 87 at livermore. still warm in the east bay. san francisco 63. now we'll look at coit tower and alcatraz beyond. high pressure is finally beginning to nudge its way pack into california. it will warm things up inland. in fact already today the numbers came up 8 degrees in some spots. breezy tomorrow along the shoreline though. low clouds will pack back in with the sea breeze driving to the shore. we will stick to the peninsula. tomorrow, pull back.
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but most of us will have nothing, but sun for monday and a warming trend, so the temperatures inland, bump up a bit tomorrow. but right by the shoreline, you can combine it with the cool ocean temperatures and the sea breeze is going to keep the shoreline cool. tonight we'll get partly moving skies, some clouds by the shoreline, inland plenty of stars, warming up a little bit inland as it remains cloudy near the coast. but back in the mid-90s by midweek. giants taking on the cubs tomorrow at 6:45. partly sunny skies for that game tomorrow evening. and sfo if you're heading out of the bay area, partly cloudy skies. winds will come through the san bruno gap. high tomorrow about 72 at the airport. and in chicago, nice, 73. chicago in the 90s over the last weekend. cooled down out there. new york with the chance for some shocking weather. afternoon thunderstorms. overnight lows tonight in the mid-50s and the sun will be up tomorrow at 6:05 a.m. terms of the numbers will be coming up. tomorrow, concord hits 92
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degrees. san jose at 96. oakland very pleasant at 75 degrees. begin on the south bay with numbers at morgan hill as high as 92. over at los altos, 85 degrees. at the shore, half moon bay in pacifica in the mid-60s. over in the east bay the numbers in the low 90s. mid-90s if you go far enough east out to antioch, right along the strait though. vallejo hits 82 and 77. santa rosa warm at 86, but closer to the water at mill valley, 76 degrees. sausalito 73. highhighs tomorrow, extended forecast, looking for numbers to be mostly in the 90-degree range inland this week. a little bit warmer by the time you get to midweek. once we get there, we will keep it there all the way through next weekend. plenty of sunshine ahead except at the coast. that's weather. dennis, i know, buried somewhere in sports with some
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good news. >> yeah, absolutely. another shake up on the giants roster. the youth movement will continue. and they went extras again. can the giants catch a break? we're up next. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's. it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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well say hello to the new giants starting pitcher and 3rd baseman zach green who had 23 home runs in sacramento. say good-bye to derek colin, designated for assignment while drew pomperanz sent to the bullpen. green and menez both northern california natives starting against the mets. first big inning, got some help from kevin pillar, makes a diving catch and the fly ball that will p , out j.d. davis to third to end the inning. the family loving the action right there. next inning, pillar camped out in this one. and the water for the first run
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of the game. two batters later, ahmed rosario will go to make it 2-0 new york that has allowed two runs, striking out six in five really impressive innings. the bottom of the 4th, 2-1, singling in his first at bat to tie up the game. 2-3 in his debut and his family, 60 plus just loving it. stayed that way all the way until the 12th inning. another rookie, he says everybody will be home with a game winning walk off. the giants, the third walk off of the series. they went 3-2. they've won eight out of their last nine and they are now 50-50. >> to win these close games, it does a lot for the clubs, it does. and the three we won, i mean they could have gone either way. >> just gives us more confidence, you know, the way we're playing, we're a bunch of grinders right now. it doesn't matter if we are going into extras or playing double headers. we want to go out to win and it's fun being a part of something like this. >> a's star, getting a pep talk
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before the game in minnesota. didn't appear to work though. the bottom of the second, matt kepler with the three-run shot to make it 4-0 twins. did not make it out of the 4th inning, but oakland rallies. chris herman doubles off the wall. mar win gonzalez trips trying to get the ball in. robbie grossman scores from first. we've got a tied game. after the pitch runner got to third on the pass ball, josh phegley scores on the fly. bottom of the ninth, liam hendricks pitching for the third straight day. former giant, triples off the right field wall. score the tieing run, first one for hendricks, allowing t walk- score. capping off the five rbi game from the twin's center fielder. minnesota will rally to win.
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ahead of tampa bay for the second wild card spot. the long-time yankees closer, rivera, headlines baseball's newest hall of fame class. joined by edgar martinez, lee smith. the late roy halladay, harrell baines and mike mucina who won the world series with the cardinals in 1988. >> thank you to my mom for convincing me to get back to my bike and get back to that first practice, for washing my stuff, making me launch, and for finally allowing me to stop taking piano lessons because it just wasn't working out. >> way to go mom. now there is a party in ireland tonight. they're all drinking from the jug. shane lowry appeared calm as he entered royal port rush with his daughter, iris. the rain and heavy winds made sunday the toughest round. matthew fitzpatrick couldn't wait for it to be over. his approach shot on 18 went
6:17 pm
off the green. fitzpatrick chased it down. he finished tied for 20th. and he had a frustrating day. a 5-over 76 and after hitting the approach, shot behind the grand stand and extends it also in the market for a new club. now back to lowry though, they weren't impressive for saturday's round of 63, but they didn't need to be. nobody in the final 12 groups would finish under par. they were so little on the back nine that when he was making the triumphant walk up 18, his name was already engrained on the jug. so he won by six strokes to take home the jug. joining as the only players from ireland to win a major title. >> and it's surreal, like i still can't believe it happened to me. i said i can't believe this is me standing here. and i can't believe this is mine, you know, it is just incredible. i've watched the opens since i was a little kid. to be named this spot is just incredible. >> wow. you need to see it.
6:18 pm
>> and he had missed the cut in the four previous british opens. >> wow. >> and not only did he make that cut, but he got the clear jug. good for him. >> a pretty good game day tonight. >> vern glenn will go one on one with bruce bouche. given the giants success, let's say they made the playoffs. >> okay. >> would he entertain one more year? >> i hope he would. is he coming into the station for this? >> no. vern has an excuse to be out at the giants facility. >> she's a big fan. >> very much. >> all right, thank you. all eyes will be on washington this week as robert mueller takes the hot seat on capitol hill. and three bay area lawmakers will be among those asking the questions. and plus a california couple is behind bars tonight accused of doing the unthinkable to the newborn baby they didn't want. and an intense arrest caught on camera as i.c.e. agents surround a california woman right in front of her home. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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our top story at 6:30, three bay area lawmakers will be doing some of the grilling when robert mueller takes the hot seat on capitol hill this week. the former special counsel will field questions from two house committees. >> kpix 5 political reporter, melissa caen, says they want to hear firsthand about his findings in the russia investigation. >> and there has been discussion about an appearance before congress, any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report. >> former special counsel robert mueller has made it very clear. he does not want to testify before congress. >> i do not believe it is
6:22 pm
appropriate for me to speak further about the investigation or to comment on the actions of the justice department or congress. >> reporter: and still two house committees have subpoenaed him, so mueller will appear at two hearings on wednesday. first will be the house judiciary committee. there be questioned by committee members including bay area representatives. >> we think it is very important for the american people to hear directly what the facts are. >> reporter: jerry adler of new york is the chairman of the committee. >> it is very substantial. the report supports substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. we have to present them or let mueller present those facts to the american people. and then see where we go from there. >> that first hearing is scheduled to last for three hours. then after a quick break, mueller will testify at another hearing at the house intelligence committee. bay area congressman eric swawell is on that exit tee. >> most americans haven't had
6:23 pm
the opportunity to read that report and it is a pretty dry prosecutorial work product. we want bob mueller to bring it to life, to talk about what's in that report. >> southern congressman adam schiff is the chairman of the intelligence committee. >> it's a pretty big huge set of facts involving a presidential campaign in a close race welcoming help from a hostile foreign power, not reporting it, but eagerly embracing it. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix 5. tonight we have learned i.c.e. used the oakland international airport to deport people for years. despite the city's sanctuary status. according to a report by the bay area news group, ice chartered about a thousandflights out of oakland between 2010 and 2018. the flights carried about 43,000 people including about 27,000 who were being deported and 16,000 being transferred to detention centers in other parts of the country. but it is apparently not going on any longer.
6:24 pm
i.c.e. told us in a statement that it made an internal operational decision to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of 2018. continued, "ice coordinates flight operations on the case- by-case basis." the agency does not share specific logistics, details pertaining to detailed transfers. >> yes, we care, we care. we care. >> well frantic moments in one los angeles neighborhood as ice agents took a woman into custody in front of her own home this morning. she had gone out to move her car when she was detained. neighbors think the agents had been waiting for her in an unmarked car. >> they closed their phones there and asked me noi said i a neighbor and i want to see if you have a notice from a judge. you cannot arrest this woman without it. >> reporter: the woman had come to the u.s. from guatemala when she was three years old. neighbors say she had been a permanent resident for years
6:25 pm
and had just applied for citizenship six months ago. an ice spokesperson declined to comment on this case specifically, and did not say why the woman was detained. late this afternoon puerto rico's embattled governor says he won't resign, but won't seek reelection either. reporter dave daniels shows us that's not good enough for protesters or presidential candidates. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i'm announcing i will not run for reelection as governor next year. >> reporter: not stepping down, puerto rico's governor announcing he's not running for re-election, but not bowing down to pressure as demonstrations intensify for his immediate resignation. >> that's not what we want. >> what do you want? >> we want him gone, that's it. >> reporter: the protests on the u.s. territory are now entering their second week. this weekend democratic representative joined the crowd. >> what they're doing here and calling out a corrupt government that's more interested in serving the rich and powerful rather than
6:26 pm
serving the people. >> reporter: she joins a chorus of calls from other presidential contenders, demanding he resign. the mass protest erupted after nearly 900 pages of private chats between the governor and his inner circle were leaked. the profanity laced, misogyniesic, and homophobic messages, targeting members of the media and celebrities. >> what this demonstrates is a lack of moral character. the part of the the governor and that he has lost the ability to lead. >> reporter: but demonstrators are also rallying against alleged government corruption. all this while the island deals with high poverty rates, crushing debt, and the ongoing recovery from hurricane maria. >> this government has been left to run wild with our economy, with the money. >> reporter: david daniel, kpix 5. >> and one day after iranian state police released video of seizing the oil tanker near the persian gulf, providing new details.
6:27 pm
here is cbs reporter, meg oliver. >> this recording captures the moment before iranian revolutionary guard commando seized an oil tanker. >> 360 degrees immediately. >> reporter: a royal navy officer insists the ship continue its course in the strait of hormuz. >> all conducting transit passage in an international strait. your passage must not be impaired. >> reporter: the efforts to avoid capture, the british oil tanker failed and shown this dramatic video iranian state police released saturday. the iranian revolutionary guard releasing this footage sunday, showing the seized tanker docked in an iranian port with the nation's flag on the bridge. none of the 23 crew members could be seen. they are apparently in iranian territory. >> iran is playing a very, very dangerous game. makes no sense that they would go after the u.k. they were trying to divide the u.s. from our friends and
6:28 pm
allies, but they are just uniting us. >> reporter: chuck schumer said on sunday the trump administration needs a plan. >> when an administration is forced to come to congress and the american people with a strategy, it really makes that strategy almost always better. >> reporter: last week president trump and u.s. central command said the military destroyed an iranian drone weeks after iran shot down a u.s. surveillance drone. after that incident, president trump called off a retaliatory strike at the last minute. meg oliver, cbs news. british officials reject iran's assertion that they captured the tanker in retaliation for the u.k.'s role in seizing another tanker suspected of carrying iranian oil to syria. that incident took place on july 4 off the coast. emerging after 9,000 years. but this archaeological gem will soon be buried again to
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two pg&e customers are trying to get a judge to throw out a new law designed to shore up the finances of major utilities if their equipment is implicated in future wildfires. their lawsuit claims the measure backed by governor newsom violates utility customers rights. but the plaintiff says that's because it makes it easier to raise electric rates to cover the wildfire costs. they want the judge overseeing pg&e's bankruptcy to strike it down. also aims to block plans to extend the existing feat on electric bills. california couple is behind bars tonight accused of strangling their baby to death just hours after he was born.
6:32 pm
it happened on friday at a hospital down in oxnard. police say the couple called staffers to their rooms, saying the newborn was unresponsive, but doctors and police later determined that the infant had been strangled. detectives say the couple later admitted that they didn't want the baby. they are each being held on a million dollars bond tonight. well the brutal heatwave gripping much of the country is blamed for at least six deaths this weekend including a hiker who collapsed on a trail in maryland. and also in new york today, families waited in line for hours just to get in the astoria public pool. the weather has been so oppressive, police departments from new york to boston, jokingly asked criminals to take it easy. >> we're kind of on high awareness right now. more people are talking, so we will take everything as safely as possible. >> the punishing heat will ease off the next couple of days,
6:33 pm
but the cooler weather could bring severe storms. humans aren't the only ones trying to beat the heat. zoos across the country have been coming up with creative ideas to keep their animals cool. speaking of chilly treats, it is the sweetest day of the year. today is national ice cream day. on this sunday, fountains creamery in oakland, serving up sundays, of course, but this year customers got a pretty sweet deal. now a black and tan sunday for $1.25. the promotion was to mark the ice cream parlors, 125 years in business. >> and probably about 35 years. we would try to come to this every year. we try and we came early this year. we came here early for breakfast. because we like coming here before the crowds. >> and good luck beating that one. they also had a party in the parking lot, complete with the petting zoo, face painting station, and a photo op with the official mascot the cow. all eyes were on the apollo
6:34 pm
11 crew 50 years ago during their historic journey to the moon. >> but a few days later, the navy seal from the u.s.s. hornet briefly stole the spotlight. >> they jumped if their water and swam up to do my job and that the rest is history. >> it certainly is. the subtle statement he made with the whole world watching. and nobody wants the middle seat on the plane, but this new design could actually change that. and that plus. changes in the weather. what happened to the forecast when we come back. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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archaeologists are coming through an incredible find just outside jerusalem. a 9,000-year-old village that's providing a wealth of information about the stone age. >> what you see here is a building. we are inside of a large womb over 9,000 years old. >> no one had had any idea that it was there until jerusalem needed a new highway. but in this part of the world an archaeological survey comes first. they were stunned to find the remains of a city home to as many as 3,000 people. cnn reporter michael holmes shows us the layout is much more advanced than you might
6:38 pm
think for a stone age civilization. >> one of the most remarkable things about this site is how old it is. only city planning if you would like. house, house, house, line ways between the houses, and here the equivalent of one of the main roads. >> it will take years to survey and catalog the sites. after that some of it will be preserved for tourism and study, but the rest of the 9,000-year-old city will disappear again. beneath a new highway. it's the seat no one wants on the plane, but being stuck in the middle could soon be a little less awful. a colorado-based start up is working on the major redesign that would stagger economy rows instead of all three seats being side by side. the middle seat would be slightly behind the aisle and window seats, also slightly lower and the armrest would be double tiered to give everyone some elbow run, so far no word on whether any airline actually plans to try it.
6:39 pm
neat even more space? you could just be like this guy and travel by jet pack. he's a real life rocket man. this weekend he successfully sailed past the opera house, putting on the five-minute show before sticking the landing. and speaking to reporters as he would cool his jets. >> well, actually they landed on the spot, sorry, guys, landed right here when i wanted to, that's not going to blow us up. don't worry about that. >> i'm glad to hear about that. >> yeah. >> the jet pack could propel him at 150 miles per hour. but if you want one of your own, you'll need a lot of money and a little patience. it took about ten years of trial and error to build at a cost of about half a million dollars. all right, new video of a family's close encounter with a great white shark. they were reeling in a fish when this happened. caught on video as it happened yesterday. no one was hurt, but the shark
6:40 pm
bit the family's catch in half. >> that's my lunch is what the shark was trying to say. it's mine. as we've got the blue skies around the bay area, fairly light winds as we close out on sunday afternoon. winds are up about 10 to 15 miles an hour. not a big deal. plenty of sunshine around as we look towards the salesforce tower. right now concord with 87 degrees still. san francisco though just 63. in santa rosa 80. in san jose 77. so we look out over coit tower. alcatraz tops center. and here is what's happening. high pressure is going to gently build in over california. it will warm things up inland in a bit, but the shoreline will remain breezy with low clouds that will move in to the shoreline tonight. the bay area up through point rays in the lighthouse. and then sunshine later on in the day, not beach weather, but plenty of sunshine inland. so numbers will come up a little bit tomorrow. if you are in the east, south, north bay, but right along the
6:41 pm
shoreline that cool ocean temperature combining with a pretty good sea breeze will mean it will be cooler close to the coast. well that's midsummer in the bay area. partly sunny tonight. cloudy near the coast and inland highs, creep towards 90s as the giants will take on the cubs tomorrow night. we'll have partly sunny skies and the game time tomorrow at 6:45 p.m. not a bad night for baseball games. heading out of the bay area, sfo partly cloudy skies. a number tomorrow by tomorrow afternoon, 72 degrees and if you are heading to new york, well you push out all that hot air and then you're replacing it with relatively cooler anthe relt thundetorms,o you ulaid ge tough our t there after the heatwave that they have had. overnight lows tonight, temperatures in the 50s. 51 in santa rosa and 59 for san jose. daytime highs for tomorrow, close to average, but beginning to creep up inland. concord will hit 92. and in san jose 86 degrees. in oakland 75.
6:42 pm
down on the south bay with plenty of sunshine after a few low clouds tomorrow morning and then 84 degrees at santa clara. 86 in san jose. over in the east bay the numbers will be warm, but not that bad. temperatures about 93 at pittsburgh and in san ramon. 88 degrees. north bay looks good. and the wine country will be 84 degrees. sonoma 82 and santa rosa 86 and in oakland 75. 95 degrees at lakeport, 94 with a few low clouds and warm 90 degrees by midweek. we'll talk splashdowns when we come back. stay tuned. this story is something.
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6:45 pm
landing astronauts on the moon was one thing, but getting them back was quite another. >> it was indeed, a separate set of challenges after eight days in space and they screamed through earth's atmosphere, bobbed in the pacific and the first they saw on their return, remembers opening up their hatch on july 24, 1969. >> we choose to go to the moon and do the other thing, not because they are easy, but because they are high. >> as they ignited the support and they also spark the interest of the junior high school student from wisconsin.
6:46 pm
>> that was unbelievable at the time that they are talking about going to the moon. >> years later when he became a navy seal serving in vietnam, he had no idea that he would one day be playing a part in apollo history. >> and i didn't know it, that our under water team would be called up upon to risk apollo 10 and 11. >> kennedy's goal was finally realized. >> lift off, we have a lift off. lift off on apollo 11. >> eagle landed on the moon and armstrong took his famous first step. >> it is one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. >> but then four days later. apollo 11 splashed out of the pacific ocean 900 miles southwest. the primary recovery ship was on route as the helicopter carried them to the capsule.
6:47 pm
and it was a moment that he remembers like it was yesterday. >> i'm standing in the door and i know history is about to happen. and the world is watching. i feel my heart pounding, i'm excited as can be with the first guy in the water and i realize that my job is to stabilize it and i jump in the waters, swim up, do my job and the rest is history. >> armstrong was the first man on the moon and he was the first human they saw back on earth. >> and they swam up to see if they were okay and they gave me a thumbs up. i relayed it to the helicopter above and that had a massive doctor. >> and the world watching. >> that was a statement ring the 1960s, during the controversial war in vietnam. and i wanted to have an
6:48 pm
opportunity to get that sign once or twice out there and that is what we did. >> after the capsule was stabilized, the isolation suits were brought to the astronauts as a safeguard. >> no one really knew what was on the moon, but there weren't any dangerous germs, but if there would have been or if we had a name for it, we will call it the lunatic. and for those people who think the moon landing was fake. >> well, there were nine ships out there and on those ships, 54 aircrafts. it was all the personnel that was involved with 450,000 people behind computers that would develop in all of this. we should all get the academy award for asking. returning to the u.s.s. hornet 50 years later. >> bringing back a lot of memories, where it was a very m
6:49 pm
excited to be a part of it, something that i will never forget. >> neither will we. that was the headline across the country after the splash was a success and only eight days. i'll tell you what, did you know that when they sailed to hawaii, they had to present a custom declaration? no joke when they would list it as cargo, what they brought back, moon rocks. >> yes, they brought back. 47 pounds. signaling the thumbs up. thanks for watching. 60 minutes is next. >> we'll see you at 11:00 tonight. [beeping]
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now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> more than 100 lives were lost to hurricanes last year, and billions will be spent to try to repair the dmaage. it's a new normal in the era of super-storms. but this dutchman, from a city below sea level, says there's a solution for america-- invest and innovate, or pay later. >> there's a national flood insurance program that is going bankrupt. you pay disaster bills every year. and the rebuilding, it's costing a lot of money. it's wasted. ( ticking ) >> you're a professor at one of the finest law schools in the
6:53 pm
country. is that something that you thought you would be able to do?
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