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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 22, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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deportation hub in the bay area. therefore we have learned that is been a hotspot for i.c.e. activity for years. a deadly hit and run in contra costa county. the search for a driver who ran over and killed a motorcyclist. 3b area lawmakers getting a chance to grow robert mueller when he takes the hot seat on capitol hill, this week.
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it is monday, july 22 i'm kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. let's go over to darren peck filling in for mary with a look at the forecast. it is monday. and i will start off with a dramatic view of what this looks like for some of us. look at how thick the fog is on the golden gate bridge. you will probably even get rained on if you go over the golden gate bridge or if you are making your way through the marin headlines. but that is not a good example of what of it is like for most of us. it is very thick. the bridge but it is really localized. if we take a look at the top of the sales force tower and look out across the other bridge, it is much more spotty. it is patchy at best and most of us are actually waking up to clear skies today. right around the bay or at the coast it is great. everybody else gets a bit of a break. that is looking south. as far as temperatures go there every her you would exthe city.
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are going to 68 in the city. that is where we were yesterday. look at the inland locations. 91 today. we will talk to you more about the inland heat and the forecast, coming up in a bit. we have some hotspots and one in particular slowing you down already. i hope these guys can get these cleared quickly. it will be bad news for those of you who commute over the bay bridge. let them into this trouble spot. there is a five car collision right there where northbound a 80 meets westbound 80 pretty much basically right outside of the maze. that is slowing things down onto the eastshore freeway. this is really early for your drivetime to be so slow. 40 miles an hour passing the berkeley into emeryville and in a slow going before you even get to berkeley. not really great as a result of a compounding problem. there was an earlier accident with one enclosed. if you are headed over the bay bridge, be prepared to keep checking in with us. you may need to give yourself extra time. cell phone 242 the lanes are
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blocked and slowing down their. i'm anne makovec and we have breaking news. the company equifax will now be paying up to $700 million after the big data breach you may rememb two years agthis nettth trade commission. data emillioople fwi failing to implement sufficient security measures. 300 million of the $700 million fine will go for free credit monitoring services for the people that were effective. some of them also receive payouts but it is unclear exactly how much. back to you. we are learning new details this morning about the driver accused in a deadly crosswalk crash in san francisco. the crash happened yesterday, just after 2 p.m. at taylor and o'farrell street in the tenderloin neighborhood. kpix 5's.lynn is live the intersection to explain what happened.
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>> reporter: san francisco police say the driver of the tesla was going in this direction, basically northbound taylor street. shsttwst that shthe d lighd wash crased a 39-year-old benjamin dean and severely injured his wife. police say the couple was visiting from clovis, for those of you not familiar, that is in the fresno area. police arrested the driver of the tesla. they state they she is 22 years old, and they do not think alcohol or drugs played a factor. they do believe that she was speeding. she is now facing a count of involuntary vehicular manslaughter, and running lot. >> it is very upsetting. what are we at. 14 or 15 fatalities regarding vehicle versus but in the city. me and my officers are responding to the calls. it is becoming very upsetting. block we understand that the driver went to put tesla through an app called to get a ramp.
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according to the app, driver who rents a specialty car such as a tesla must be at least 25 years old at. at this point, we do not know how she obtained the car, or if someone else rented the car for the 22-year-old driver. now this area, this intersection is only about three blocks away from union square. it is a very busy area. and if in fact she was speeding, this is not the place to be. very busy with a lot of cars and pedestrians. we continue to monitor the injured woman. last we talked, she had life- threatening injuries. live in san francisco, kpix 5. taking a live look at oakland international airport, or i.c.e. has been flying in and out tens of thousands of detained immigrants according to new reports from the mercury news. the report found the i.c.e. chartered thousand flights between 2010 and 2018. flights continue despite the oakland sent to area said the
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policy. about 43,000 detainees were deported or transferred to the airport to other detention centers. the oakland sanctuary city policy bars any city department and cooperating with enforcement of federal civil immigration laws. >> it is hard to blame the city of oakland on that's, but it is terrible to hear that. such a diverse area, and the fact they're targeting the area and deporting people straight from the airport is depressing. >> the marital spokesperson telling kpix 5 the office is looking into the matter to understand and address it. i.c.e. has discontinued charter flights out of oakland international since october of last year. now from los angeles where a new video shows i.c.e. agents apprehending one of their intended targets.>> we are neighbors. we care. >> the woman was taken into custody yesterday and neighbors say she had gone out to move her car. they think the agents had been waiting for her in an unmarked
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car.>> they closed their and they asked me to not intervene. they say i am an enabler and i want to see if you have an order from the judge. you cannot arrested this one without it.>> the woman came to the u.s. from guatemala when she was three years old her neighbors say she had been living in la for years and had applied for citizenship. and i.c.e. spokesperson did not comment on the specific case and would not say why the woman was detained. a really to give people the right to vote in california ballot measure would give tens of thousands of people who served their time who to vote in local, state and federal elections. supporters say it will make votingeasier and more inclusive. behind bars. the right to vote rally is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. at the san francisco city hall. police in concord are looking for a driver ran over
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and killed a motorcyclist and fled the scene. it happened on saturday, just after midnight on concord boulevard. the motorcyclist clipped another car and was lying on the road when he was run over by a car traveling in the opposite direction. the impact sent the water cycle flying into a neighbors fence. witnesses say the driver briefly stopped, and sped away. >> running over the guy, i could understand. but running away from the scene of the crime is the part that bothers me the most. that is the difficult part. >> the bikers name has not been released. anyone with information about the crash is urged to call concorde police. a fire inside the san francisco macarthur tunnel. the fire forced a complete shutdown of the tunnel for about an hour. the fire broke out yesterday shortly after noon and the car was heading south. the burned out fortunately the driver was able to walk away from the scene. he said that he also helped evacuate everyone else.>> we
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started seeing a little smoke and we were going to pull over but we were already in the tunnel. asthe car and we got everyone pushed over. we went to the front of the tunnel and cut it off so nobody could get in. >> the shutdown caused traffic jams in the richmond district. nobody was hurt. >> president trump adding new fuel to the fight against for freshman democratic house members. all for are women of color. over the weekend, the president tweeted, i do not believe that the for congressman are capable of loving our country. he appears to be using them as a reelection strategy to make their liberal views the face of the democratic party. the white house senior advisor stephen miller says that mr. trump is taking on the congressman because he believes they want to make america socialist.>> these for congressman detest america as it exists, and as it is currently coucted. don' tbe president anymore. he wants to pick and choose who
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he is a president to and that is not a president. >> some democrats he previously avoided calling the president a racist, say they are no longer willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but he insists he does not have a racist bone in his body. robert mueller is set to testify on capitol hill as we take a live look this morning. the former special counsel will field questions from two house committees. democratic lawmakers say they want to hear from robert mueller. had about the conclusions of his arrest investigation. they say it is partly because the president and attorney general keep it misleading the public about what robert mueller found the report. he has made it clear that he prefers to not testify but he has received two subpoena requiring him to appear. suck since most have not had the opportunity to read the report, and it is a pretty dry prosecutorial worker product, we want robert mueller to bring it to life. to talk about what is in the
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report. >> on wednesday morning, robert mueller goes before the house judiciary committee represented the zoe lofgren and eric swallow from the bay area. later that they robert mueller testified to the intelligence committee including eric swallow and congressman jackie spear. hawaii's highest peak could be home to a new telescope, but not of the locals can help it. why activists are opposing construction. this started a warm-up over the weekend. if your inland, your most certainly did. the rest of us, maybe not much. i will talk about how highway go in some places, and why the rest of us maybe do not change much at all. i'm tracking one of the main trouble spots this morning. it is early for the eastshore freeway but at 5:11 it is the drivetime already 27 minutes from highway 4 to the maze due to an accident at the maze. i'm keeping track on this and other commute times, just ahead.
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this morning, cleanup is underway at the site of the new jersey home where a crane toppled over. officials blaming a quick moving storm that took everyone by surprise. witnesses say this happened after; 30 last night. heavy rain and strong wind was so intense it twisted the crane over at a construction site and came crashing down on the third floor of a home where seven
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women lived. all of them are students at rutgers university. amazingly, nobody was home at the time.>> i thought that i was brought out of the house it happened probably 30 minutes after i walked out. it makes me feel like i am meant to be here. i'm blessed because i was supposed to be laying right there. >> no injuries have been reported. power outages left the neighborhood in the dark. the unrest continues in puerto rico despite a puerto rican governor announcing he will not run for reelection next year. the governor also says he is resigning as the new progressive parties president but he did not say he was resigned as governor, upsetting protesters who have been calling him to do so. the announcement allows protest over homophobic and misogynistic private chat inter-inner circ ek. protest continue against the construction of a new telescope on top of the hawaii
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volcano. a dormant volcano is the highest peak in hawaii and many hawaiians consider it sacred ground circuit is been a week in the based base of the volcano. accusations flew over the weekend with the hawaii governor saying that protests are getting out of hand. spots are reports of drugs and alcohol use. spot there is absolutely no sign of drugs or alcohol.>> before you give your statement about what is going on, you really should be here first so that you can provide accurate information. >> the governor has left the big island and state officials say they are ready to make arrests if and when they are ordered to do so. >> today the dangerous heatwave across the country is expected to be coming to a close. for the past three ysr mafeser re than 100 million people
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across the country. at least six are dead. some families waited in a line that snaked around the block, just to get into a new york city public pool. the weather has been so oppressive that police departments from new york to austin jokingly asked criminals to take it easy. suck we are kind of in high alert. i do not like to beef up the fact that we have had heat waves before. this seems more out of the ordinary>> in addition to the he to, the humidity made it feel even hotter. >> in washington dc, fire and ems took at least 11 people to the hospitals for heat related illnesses yesterday and the department says has responded to 64 related calls since thursday. let's get a check on the traffic. how are the roads looking. there are hotspots and they are in unfortunate spots. we are talking about the maze. a five car pileup mostly moved to the right hand side. let's get into the trouble spot. you can see it as early. the drive speed is actually probably a little short tickets
5:18 am
is 27 minutes from highway for to the maze. it will be a little longer, closer to half an hour. just to give you a frame of reference, this drive is usually only a 14 or 15 minute drive of the eastshore freeway. you are double the speed and this will be a compounding problem if they cannot clear this up. heads up for those of you using the eastshore freeway as your commute into the city. you need to give yourself extra time. i don't think this is going anywhere. they're still doing recovery work on an early accident saslaw 242 at concord avenue at least one lane as box. speed in the red hopping off of highway for headed to concord. there is another accident blocking the ramp on 680 southbound but that will be a better option for those of you heading on highway for and you are trying to get to 24. the earlier accident watching southbound 101 and marin, that has been cleared.
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you are looking good. no problems at all. there are two issues westmont 580. those of you coming through the altamont pass. there is a fire at grant line and there is also an accident blocking one lane. out of the tracy triangle. i want to get through that and past the issues europe's to 62 miles per hour. with golden gate bridge and low visibility. we are starting to get this week off and it will fee quite to visit for many of us compared to what it did the last one. maybe you noticed over the weekend, it started warming up in the and. let me give you the comparison. here are the daytime highs. picking out five inland locations for concord, santa rosa, livermore and san jose 91 concord. 90 in santa rosa. 91 in livermore. that is only a few days earlier than yesterday but we have only started this. it really started saturday and i think a better comparison, instead of showing you that we are anywhere from 2 to 8 degrees warmer than yesterday, let me show you the comparison with saturday. and you see how the numbers on this column really changed,
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just from two days ago when we hit 91 concord, that is 11 degrees warmer than two days ago and where we left off last week on friday, 90 in santa rosa. 30 degrees warmer than saturday and for san jose we are 6 degrees warmer than where we left off. where we were mop, it is not quite as noticeable. from fremont, hayward oakland we were only 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday as we ended last week and started the weekend. the warm-up started yesterday and now we have pretty much done most of it with yesterday. we continue to see the daytime highs coming in the low 90s for inland locations. 91 for livermore and concord. we will stay in the 80s for many areas in the bay. but oakland you go to 75. fremont at 80. 82 in san rafael and 90 in santa rosa. the good news is, we heard
5:21 am
earlier that they are getting a break from the heat wave back east. now we are going to feel the warm-up. look at all of the blues. i will get out of the way. look at the blues for the eastern half of the country. that shows a high degree of confidence that temperatures are below average in the long- range forecast for them. we are under the red bull's-eye and the red bull's-eye shows us a high degree of confidence that our temperatures will stay above average once he gets through with the seven-day forecast in a few days beyond it. if you look at the numbers on the top line, those are inland locations. in the low 90s today. we are in the mid-90s by the weekend. everyone else, you do not have noticed the change in the low to mid 70s. coming up in today's top health stories, a new study shows why some children do not do well in kindergarten. and us to how many more pregnant women are using marijuana. let's take a look outside before we go to break as we take a live look from the sales force tower camera.
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good monday morning.
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for those of you who use the bay bridge and the eastshore freeway, for your commute, listen up. give yourself extra time. it is already doubly drivetime as a result of a five traffic collision. let's pass the collision as well as the issue with sand in the slow lane. the fire department is in route to the massive five car pileup. will keep an eye on that and let you know how it will effect your main commute times, coming up. in today's healthwatch, a new study finds women in northern california are using marijuana more frequently, before and during pregnancy. researchers observed data for more than three or 60,000 pregnancies from 2009 through 2017. they say daily usage doubled for women in the year before pregnancy. in a report from the american academy so that too many children start to the guard without the social emotional behavior skills needed to that most supportive will help children help with
5:26 am
their feeling sick indicate with others. >> the number of adult diagnosed with under the age of 50 increased over the last decade. the finding for researchers in the research of austin. the study shows african- american and hispanic young adults are being diagnosed the most. researchers suggest regular screenings. a families close encounter with a great white shark. they were reeling in a fish when this happened. >> i got on video. >> shark gave the group on a fishing trip quite the scare at cape cod bay. look at the. he said i'm out of here. one of the boys and a woman were reeling in a fish the great white jumped out of the water. a bit the fish in half and it jumped back into the water. we are keeping an eye on a fire that continues to burn in culver city at a $.99 only store. the latest from the scene, next.
5:27 am
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. parking could it easier in one east bay city. the new online system rolling out today. cannabis connoisseurs gathering in the bay area for a national expo. president trump taking time away from politics to help an american rapper get out of a swedish prison. is monday, july 22 i'm kenny choi. it's like i'm michelle griego. let's get over to darren. i cannot believe it is monday. let me help with any dispositions about a this being monday. look at how pretty it is outside. this is from the camera that
5:31 am
sits on top of the sales force tower. the sunrise is coming up in about three minutes. you have the pretty orange color out there. now that we have looked at how pretty the colors are, look here. that is a patch of marine layer. low stratus clouds sitting over the east bay. it is not foggy on the ground but you are looking at low- grade clouds a similar story from the camera looking back towards the sales force tower and that is what it looks like at the golden gate bridge. you are socked in. very few places look like that this morning. most of us are actually waking up at two relatively clear skies. particularly in the south and inland. it is clear like it looks up above and we are in the mid 60s and many locations. 68 today. officially for the city a degree or two warmer than yesterday. i want you to look inland locations. 91 degrees for inland spots. i will talk to you about the warm-up coming up in a bit. not great use for those using the east bay freeway.
5:32 am
we are starting to see a serious accident with compounding problems. it is a really early for you to be in the red for your travel time on the eastshore freeway. that is 31 minutes. pretty much double what it normally is this time of the morning. you are also right in the altamont pass. there are accident affecting issues. one of these on the altamont pass grant line the westbound direction. onto the bay bridge with the metering lights are on before you get to where this live picture is. there is a five car traffic collision. the fire department is on the scene with an injury involved. it is causing major delays as you approach the maze. it will slow you down. this is definitely a case of the mondays. give yourself extra time if you're coming on the eastshore freeway towards the bay bridge. this is the golden gate bridge. i'm telling you because you cannot see it and visibility issues are making things slow and following on the san mateo r i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. we are keeping an eye -- actually we are looking at video of a fire that is going on, the altamont pass. it is 580 near mountain house.
5:33 am
and grant line road. this is breaking and we are just looking at it right now. we have chopper 5 headed to the scene. this is a video that we found from snap chat in alameda county. the fire continues to burn out of control. it looks like a grass fire. it does not look like it is threatening any structures. and to what we are saying earlier taking a look set a fire that has burning for about 3.5 hours at a $.99 store. part of a wall has cocollapsed that as well. this is a stubborn fire and even think what you could find at a $.99 store. there were combustible mateand their.
5:34 am
what investigators are now on scene to try to figure out how the fire started. on the altamont pass. standby for hopefully live pictures from topper 5, coming up. we are learning new details this morning i driver accused of plowing into two pedestrians in san francisco, killing one of them. the crash happened yesterday after 2 p.m. at taylor and o'farrell street in the tenderloin neighborhood. adult lynn is live intersection to explain what happened. >> reporter: san francisco police say the driver of a tesla was going this way. this one-way street. the northbound of taylor ally ran at the red light and was broadsided by a mini cooper that is when she lost control and hit two pedestrians. the crash 39-year-old benjamin dean at the really injured his wife police say the couple was
5:35 am
visiting from clovis, down in the fresno area. police arrested the driver of the tesla. they say she is 22 years old. they do not think alcohol or drugs play a factor. she is facing account of vehicular manslaughter and running the light. we understand the driver rented the tesla through an app called get around. here is the actual owner.>> i'm not mad at the driver or the renter. actually might be able to pray for her. she is now in a difficult situation. s.w.a.t. according to the app, a driver her rents a specialty car must be at least 25 years old. at this point, we do not know if someone else rented the car for the 22-year-old, or how she obtained the vehicle. any time we cover a crash related to tesla, folks are asking whether the car was in south driving mode. and that is what physical police are investigating. right now we are in the early
5:36 am
stages of the investigation. they are saying the woman was speeding and she was driving at least 15 or 20 miles faster than the posted speed limits. live in san francisco, doll and, kpix 5. it should be little bit easier for people in berkeley to get a parking permit. the city is launching a new online system for purchasing and renewing residential permits. set of over six are stickers, license plates without traffic enforcement who is allowed to park where. residents have until august 31 to renew or sign up for a permit using a customized code the city sent by mail. the new system could also be used to pay fines. silicon valley will be the cannabis capital of the company. country. the six annual cannabis business summit kicks off in san jose. the tradeshow will feature hands on workshops, speaker sessions and it would hundred 20,000 square foot expo. it runs through wednesday at the mchenry convention center.
5:37 am
fire crews in portugal battling the first major wildfire of the season. officials say about 20 people are hurt including eight firefighters. nearly 1800 firefighters are struggling to contain the flames. it is burning near dozens of villages in the central reason the fire first started saturday. eight people are hurt after a lightning >> florida beat. one bolt directly hit a man in his 40s, sending him into cardiac arrest, and leaving him into critical condition. this is what the beach looks like yesterday afternoon before storms rolled in. firefighters say the lighting near a restaurant. witnesses reported seeing the people either falling or being thrown when the lighting . >> we hoped he was going to make it. his girlfriend was right next to him on the floor and she was completely traumatized.
5:38 am
i was just hoping he would make it. >> of the eight people injured, five were taken to the hospital. the three others refused treatment. firefighters say this should be a reminder to take cover during thunderstorms. >> the moon after a technical snag delayed by a week. the india prop called is due to land in september. the mission sets the stage for something much bigger living in the an astronaut in space by 2022. so far only three countries have managed to land a spacecraft on the moon. united states, the former soviet union, and china. >> president trump is working to help release the wrapper from sweetest custody after video caught him getting violent. over the weekend, the president tweeted, we just had a very good call with the sweetest prime minister who assured me that american citizen would be treated fairly. a short him that he was not a flight risk and offered to vouch for his bail, or an alternative. the wrapper has been in a swedish prison since july 3 after the fight was caught on camera. the clip from tmz shows a the ground moments before own
5:39 am
the wrapper was seen in a separate video and had this to say. >> we do not want to fight you. were not trying to go to jail. we do not want problems with these boys. >> the lawyer claims the fight was an act of self-defense and singer justin bieber tweeted president trump that he appreciates him, but can you also let the kids out of cages. investors are keeping a close eye when he gillette the new york stock exchange with this morning money watch report. stocks pulled back from record highs last week. the dow fell 68 point friday and the nasdaq lost 60 and the s&p 18 points. it is still up 80 percent so far this year. investors watch big-name company set to release quarterly earnings the lineup includes amazon, tesla, facebook and viewing.
5:40 am
nearly a $5 million after-tax charge against second-quarter earnings because of the 737 max planes her clients of directv customers can no longer watch the favorite shows following a dispute between the network and the provider over fees. cbs owned tv stations has been removed from the directv platforms more than a dozen cities across the country contract negotiations between the network and owner at&t breakdown over fees and streaming rights cbs directing viewers upset about the outage to the website, keep disney had quite a weekend at the box office. of us g" running into the box office over the weekend. live action join beyonci and seth rogen brought in $185 million at the north american box office. marvel spiderman far from home
5:41 am
made 21 million and disney's "toy story 4" brought in 14.6 million this is a big record because it is the biggest opening for any film in july. so i thinking at the box office once again. wanted to let in new york city this morning. thank you so much.>> i saw "the lion king" friday. >> what did you like better? select the first one, but there were remake was not bad. creating bridezilla. why dozens of soon to be married couples are scrambling to find any wedding venue. the childhood nostalgia runs deep on the first "the lion king" movie. look at the view behind me. sunrise happened a couple of minutes ago. it will be a beautiful day for most of us. for some of us, you're stuck under the great blanket. i will show you the difference. i'm tracking delays and by some, i mean pretty serious delays. take a look at the eastshore freeway.
5:42 am
the drivetime is 29 minutes. that is significantly longer as a result of a five car pileup. we hope they can clear it soon. honey, this gig-speed internet
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this morning, some brides and grooms who thought their wedding was all set, are scrambling. the got notice the venue is closing and they could be out thousands of dollars. the company, noel corpas 42 bigger facilities nationwide. recently filed for bankruptcy and is now closing numerous banquet halls. weddings scheduled in november
5:45 am
and later on are all impacted. one michigan bride said she paid more than $7000 for the venue. said the venue is only giving her $2800 back for the closure.>> we spent long days and nights working hard to earn the money. so we can afford to have a wedding and have our special day with family and friends. select the company released a statement blaming the closure on a landlord for not renewing the lease under its terms but it makes no mention of bankruptcy and it does not explain how the deposits are determined. a popular oakland pub has served its last brunch another victim of the bay area tough business environment. hugs apothecary with one of the first tokeland in a district in oakland. the beers were local and the prices were reasonable. despite a loyal customer base, hogs had to call it quits because it was hard to cope with rising rents. the owner says the minimum wage has increased by 85 percent since the open to the public
5:46 am
six years ago. >> that is a huge impact and that is why everyone has shifted to the other concept. you just cannot make money by doing a full-service thing.>> he says his immediate plans are to sleep for a while, and then probably get back into the restaurant business. although he admits the next venture may not be in california. >> defendant creamery and oakland is celebrating a milestone. it also happened to be national ice cream date yesterday. this year, customers got a pretty sweet deal. a black and tan sunday for $1.25. not bad. the promotion goes to mark the as compiler 125 years in business. >> was going about 35 years and we try to come to this every year. we came early this year. li the crowds. kfast. cl hadrty of ofalmaetwipetting zoo, a faopth
5:47 am
wasn't jpeople celebrating national ice cream day, they also got to put it as treats. they were put in waffle cones for many of the residents including the red panda, and the barnyard animals. another sweet celebration on prince george's birthday. prince george alexandra louis turned six years old. had the palace released a new series of photos to mark the occasion prince george's the oldest daughter of prince william and the duchess of cambridge. he is third in line for the british throne. we have to get right into the traffic alerts. we have several. it is a bad situation let's start with the bay bridge where there was the issue. the major issue with a five car pileup. it is really slowing down your main travel times. this is a new traffic alert. this is northbound 880 it is a
5:48 am
carr fire. the traffic alert lanes are closed have video of that here in a minute but let's go back to the bay bridge. this right here is where there is an excellent northbound a 80 the process of trying to get out of the way. as you can see, your speeds are the red out of the maze. adorned all the way up to the eastshore freeway. it is at least half an hour from how i for to the may trick you will need to give yourself extra time this morning. this accident 242 soft moat a concord avenue at lane >> so slowing things down of highway 40 for. because the early accident is clear. over at the altamont pass there is a carr fire down to 11 miles per hour once you get past that you are okay. 71 miles per hour and in the green approaching the dublin interchange. a little bit slow and go in the westbound direction of 84. get thbegivery chuted at thnt i
5:49 am
the westbound direction. not a soul as it could be at this point, but the good news is eastbound looks pretty good. no problems of their. the richmond san rafael bridge, let me pop that up. that actually looks a little bit slow at this hour, heading in the westbound direction. want to get past that, you're good to go looking north and southbound on one-to-one but just to remind you, so and go in the short for we in the westbound direction as well as the nimitz freeway due to the traffic alert. if you are in the immediate bay you have to go high to be above the clouds. that is what we are going to do. this is the camera and that is mount diablo all the way out to the inland valley. just a beautiful spot. color in the skies and sunrise at 6:0 for. is going to set any: 26 but here we are about 40 minutes away from sunrise and doesn't the sky look like it as pretty as the view it's often the
5:50 am
distance with the orange, look at this here. that is the marine layer in the east bay. it is unique how we have a bit of an opening over the western span of the bay bridge. if you want to see the eastern span i can show you it from our camera. this is what it looks like under the stuff we were just looking at. this is pretty localized. i could show the outline of who has the low grade house and who doesn't. right in through the gate and right along the bay. the bay bridge we were just looking out, there is treasure island and that is the area and gray. this is not going to last longer most of us waking up to clear skies. let me change your perspective. let me go to the tri-valley where it is clear and i will use you as my example for how different the state will be for inland locations compared to those knew the bay. i will switch the bay here's the high-resolution temperature forecast showing you deeper shades of red forward the heat will be. 91 in livermore. 88 pleasanton.
5:51 am
87 in san ramon. watch what happens when we go over the health, and to the east bay. now we are looking at temperatures in the 70s. 75 in oakland. 70 haywood. 80 in fremont. but the difference gets bigger. if we keep going here towards the peninsula, and shades of yellow and green we are in the 60s. san mateo goes to 77. 65 in pacifica. let me show you one mark ronson cross section. from concord 91 all the way 259 at ocean beach. you really see the spread. that is just a slice of the bay area. let's get everyone else on here. santa rosa here your and i. san jose 85. fairfield is a warm spot going to 92. we know it is going to be hot and inland today. we are going to stay like that, not much change. in fact, what happened is, we start warming the numbers up by the middle of the week going into the weekend. so those are the mid-90s by wednesday, and it will stay that way going into the weekend. while it will be hot inland,
5:52 am
the rest of us that do not notice much of a change, just like the crossbred of the temperatures i showed you. it is in the low to mid 70s all week. that is no big deal. we will see it was more later. elton john would be impressed by this real-life rocket man ahead how long it has taken the entrepreneur to fly into orbit. here's a live look from chopper 5 over the accident on a 80 in san leandro. it is a multicar accident and a carr fire. you can see fire crews are out there trying to clean up the lanes. three lanes are closed and emily will have more on that, in just a moment. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo.
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good morning. we are following this traffic alert this morning. chopper 5 ever the nimitz freeway. northbound a 80 as you approach the san mateo bridge at this morning. not sure what that debris is, but there was a three car accident. one of the vehicles caught fire and the fire department is on the scene. it looks like all those lanes are blocked. chp said one lane was open. i do not see that happening. it looks like all lanes are blocked as this are as a result of this accident. take a look as it is panning out. the delays behind that, you are not moving. it says for miles an hour but what we just saw it is about zero miles per hour. you need to give yourself extra time, or hop over to 230 in
5:56 am
take a northbound. it a slowing things down in the southbound direction. as well as people are slowing down to look. to not do it. if you can afford it you will cause more delays. and will keep an eye and this as well as trouble spots. on the 50th anniversary of neil armstrong walking on the moon, an australian on the printer took part in a different type of orbit. >> some call him a real-life rocket man. david likes to travel by jet pack and this weekend he successfully sailed past the sydney opera house putting on a five minute show before sticking the landing. the jet pack can propel him at 150 miles per hour i.c.e. agents operating out of oakland international for years. this morning, the things we cities mayor response. strike a husband-and-wife here in the city and hit by a car were apparently celebrating their wedding anniversary. this morning, the husband is that is the the wife has life-
5:57 am
threatening injuries.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
a carr fire create a. at a 80. this is a life look at the traffic mess strike a brush fire getting spirit altamont pass latest on the firefight. >> new developments overnight and into the rental car crash. we learn the driver did not need to the companies posted age requirement. safe haven for i.c.e. agents. how a bay area century city became a hub for deportation. a cool start to the weekend despite the were moving ahead. despite the change. this is monday. i'm kenny choi. >> i michelle griego. >> good news


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