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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 22, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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between 2010 and 2018. carrying nearly 43,000 detainees to be deported or transferred to other detention centers. according to a new report by the mercury news. some people are saying it's in your backyard and so how is this going on for so many years when oakland is, they claimed, sanctuary city. >> you know, it's the federal government that you deal w they don't have to report to us and let us know what they are doing. >> reporter: ice said in a statement it made an internal operational decision to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of last year. ice also said it coordinates flight operations on a case-by- case basis and doesn't share specific logistic details on detainee transfers. the mayor's office released a statement saying they are currently looking into this activity to understand it and address it. . >> it appears as though people are being caught off guard. that being said, i think the voters and people of oakland
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are clear that there their city has policies in place and seems like they arvi. whoevemade the authorize that it seems like a clear violation of the laws and policies in place by the city of oakland. >> reporter: and so immigration advocates like the man who you heard from saying okay if the city now knows about it, it's not flying under the radar now. what are they going to do about it? i will have that story coming up at 6:00. in oakland juliette goodrich kpix5. at the same time the trump administration is acting to speed up deportation across the country. in fact, starting tomorrow, any undocumented immigrant who cannot prove they have been here for more than two years would be subject to expedited removal. now what does that mean? federal agents can arrest and deport them without a hearing before a judge. until now, this type of fast tracking applied to migrants who were in the u.s. for just few weeks. the aclu says it will challenge
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the new expand policy. . i am ken batista. cal fire battling this one near lake berryessa and scoreed of rugged terrain as you can see charring trees along the border of napa and lake counties. this sparked this afternoon. it turned from a small brush fire to about a 45 acre blaze and is still growing. some residents have been ordered to evacuate. these are homes mainly along highway 128. the fire broke out earlier near the intersection of highway 128ing with ak begannion road a stretch of highway that's closed in both directions fromming with ag canyon up to markly cove where the dam is there. closures are expected to last through the night. cal fire has called in full force to battle this one. it's hot up there. and in the past hour, chopper 5 captured the images of the air attack they are dropping
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fireretardant and choppers pulling from the lake and dropping water on that fire as it goes up hill. the fire, if it sounds familiar, that area that's exactly where the snell fire broke out last year. that one scorched nearly 2500 acres and threatened over 180 structures. of course, we will keep an eye on this one and give you the latest as we get it in. at the live news desk, back to you. >> thanks. ken mentioned fire crews having to deal with the heat. >> that's right paul deanno is looking ahead. >> it's going to be a week where it never warms up near the water but never cools down inland. part of that is the breeze. i want to show you for the heat and fire purpose a south wind in napa county running at 14 miles per hour. it's breezy but not windy. so, some okay news if you will for the fire fight will. look at the temperature spread. mid-90s concord and livermore.
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66 in san francisco. same sunday shine but the ocean influence keeps you 28 degrees cooler in san francisco compared to concord. just about everyone is warmer today compared to yesterday. it's 10 degrees warmer today in fairfield. it's 7 degrees warmer in both concord and san jose and 6 degrees warmer in napa. after a cool down tomorrow, we will have another warmup. we will talk about how hot things get inland coming up in the 7-day forecast. >> sounds good, thanks. a missing person's case in oakland has taken a turn. a 33 #-year-old man is accused of murdering his own grandmother. 71-year-old theola polk was seen last july 6th. investigation turned into homicide case and led police to arrest maurice washington, jr. the suspect facing murder charges with special circumstances of killing for financial gain. . the fire department now says it was a man who was killed when his car collided with an ace train in livermore
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this morning. chopper 5 flying over the scene at junction and ladd avenues ease of the ace train stations. they believe the guardrails were down and the crossing lights were flashing when the crash happened. in the pictures, you can see the front of the car caved in. no one on board the train was injured. but service was delayed for about an hour and a half. the second train arrived to transport passengers. the cause of the crash is under investigation. . i am joe vasquez live in the tenderloin the site of a fatal crash. you can see the orange markings. this this is war tesla came to rest after the crash. san francisco police released the name of the woman who was arrested. investigators say kelsey mariah cambridge was driving the tesla that killed a tourist from the central valley. it was their third wedding anniversary. benjamin and kelly dean of clovis enjoyed a visit to the ice cream museum. minute later, he lost his life. kelly is in the hospital fighting for hers. police say the driver of this
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tesla ran a red light at taylorand smashed into a mini cooper bounced off and ran over benjamin and kelly walking in the crosswalk. >> we have an emergency crisis in the neighborhood in downtown san francisco. our streets in that area are like freeways. >> reporter: 14 pedestrians and people on bicycles have been killed in san francisco so far this year. according to walk sf. san francisco's supervisor matt andy says there's a lot the city needs to do to make streets safer. >> get red light cameras. we can narrow the roads and take away a lane to slow down traffic. we can have better enforcement out there. we can get traffic safety officers out there. we can change the way the timing of the lights happen. >> there it is. >> reporter: police arrested the driver on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. investigators say alcohol and drugs did not play a factor. but they say she was speeding. the woman rented it through an app called get around according to the owner of the vehicle. >> there's message my car was not drivable and is in
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accident. >> reporter: it requires the renter to be at least 25. the driver was only 21 so it's not clar how she was able to access the vehicle. and just to be clear, you got to be at least 25 to rent a specialty vehicle with that app. the tesla being that specialty vehicle, and it does have an auto pilot mode, but police saythey are check the computer to see whether the partially self-driving mode was in effect at the time of the crash. reporting live, joe vasquez, kpix5. san francisco police say after two years, they have finally caught the person wanted in the hit-and-run death of a popular grocery store owner. authorities arrested 20-year-old eleasia fraise she includes laundry list of charges including gross vehicular man slighter and she is acuesed of killing gus vardakastanis she struck him with the car as he
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crossed the rolled back in september of 2017. gus was known for operating a group of local community markets around the city. his first the renowned hate ash berry market that opened in 1981. getting world congress and the president have announced a budget deal that appears to avert the threat of another government shut down this fall. will suspend the debt limit until mid-2021 and puts an end to automatic spending cuts that would have kicked in without a deal. now it's big week on capitol hill. former special council robert muler will testify before congress wednesday. mueller will appear before the house judiciary and intelligence committees three months since the release of his report on russia investigation. republicans say they will make it clear that the report is the final say on the matter. democrats plan to air what they call evidence of wrongdoing by the president. . kpix5 will have a special report for robert mueller's
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testimony. norah o'donnell will anchor the coverage starting 5 #:15 wednesday morning. we will be streaming it live on now in the meantime, president trump is staying on the offensive against four democratic congresswomen known as the squad. this morning, he tweeted the squad is a very racist group of troublemakers who are young, inexperienced and not very smart. so bad for our country. . >> they are pulling democrats way left. no one knows how to handle them i feel they are easy to handle. to me they are easy to heanld because they are out there. they are very bad for the country, absolutely. >> in a tweet last week the president told the women of color to go back from where they came from. now in a new cbs news poll, 87% of poll respondents say they see the country divided along racial lines. . >> a really dangerous ideology that is about otherring people dehumanizing others and we have to continue to fight back. . >> when asked about the president's go back tweet, 48%
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said they would describe it as racist. 34% said it was not racist. . there's new flash point in the showdown between the united states and iran. and now it's all about international espionage. iran says it broke up a cia spy ring and arrested 17 iranians recruited to collect information about the country's nuclear and military site. official claimed some recruits have already been sentenced to death. >> they lie a lot. >> reporter: at white house meeting with pakistan's prime minister president trump called iran a mixed up country. >> i read a report today about cia that is totally a false story. that's another lie they put out propaganda. >> reporter: latest back and forth adds growing tensions between the west and tehran. iranian state tv released video overnight that claims to show crew members of the british flag oil tanker that iran seized in the strait of hormuz on friday.
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a cameraman can be heard tellingthe men what to do. it's not clear if the 23 crew members were under threat. tehran accuses the crew of of various violations but britain claims it did nothing wrong. a radio recording captured the moment a british warship warned the iranians not to interfere with the tanker. >> knavey in their is british patrol ship plows confirm that you are not intending to violate international law by unlawfully attempting to bore the. >> reporter: while the they sitin an iranian port british leaders are holding emergency talks. seizure of the british vessels is two weeks after the uk's royal marines helped seize an iranian tanker off the coast of gi brator. they believe they carrying oil to syria in breach of sanctions. u.s. official say this is not the first time iran has claimed to uncover cia spies. . millions of people had the data breached and now a chance for pay back.
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what to know about claiming your share of a massive equifax settlement. >> and a highway rescue fit forhollywood. the incredible way a group of strangers worked together to flip a truck and save the driver. >> bay area city stepping up to make a dent in the housing crisis. the affordable building boom and how it could be a model for other cities.
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. tenses of thousands of proat the timeers flood the streets of puerto rico promising not to stop until the governor resigns. the sea of protesters shut down the main highway that links san juan the rest of the island. today is the 10th straight day of demonstrations. it was spurred by a leaked social media chat between the governor and members of his inner circle. it contained derogatory comments about political opponents, women, gays and even
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hurricane victims. . >> hundreds of thousands of people using their voice as the most important weapon, and there's one and one kind which means you have to go. . >> the scandal prompted the resignation of several officials including puerto rico's secretary of state and chief financial officer. for now, the governor says he will not resign. but he has said he will not seek reelection. . scary moments for driver when the car flips over along a busy illinois highway. take a look at that. good samaritans rushed over to help this along interstate 88 earlier today. that truck flipped over after one of the tires blew out. several people worked together to flip the truck back over onto its side. they broke the windshield to free the man inside. we are told amazingly, the driver is going to be okay. . 15 million californians may be he will ilis to get eligible to get their money back in a
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data breach with he cany faction. there was a $700 million setent settlement after the breach displaced the information of several customers. now the credit monitoring agency agreed to pay up to $425 million for consumers who were financially harmed. it could be as much as 20,000 dollars a claim. . >> when that data is compromised, our data is compromised. and it's not just the breach of security. it's a breach of public trust. . >> he canny faction will provide at least 10 years of free credit monitoring in at least 7 years of free services for restoring stolen identities. to fine out more about filing a claim, head to the website at . this just in nasa says christopher craft the space agency's furs flight directordied. the scientist was 95 years old.
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his death comes two days after the 50th anniversary of the apollo moon landing mission. craft was known for his role in helping build the nation's space program. he joined the agency in 1958. astronaut neil armstrong called him the man who was the control in mission control. craft also made key decisions in launching spacecrafts. . in washington, d.c., special honors today for the late supreme court justice john paul stevens. body of the retired justice is lying in repose at the great hall of the supreme court where he served for nearly 35 years. he died last week at 99 years old after comply cages from the stroke. in the last few minutes, we saw speaker of the house nancy pelosi ng her respects. earlier today, the president and first lady went by and also honored the retired justice. former and current justices honoring the col heying who they say was famously known for his civility and plain
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spokenness. >> he was a brilliant man. with extraordinary legal gifts and talents which he combined with a deep devotion to the rule of law. >> justis cagen repleased him after he retire. torment late justice will be late to rest at arlington national cemetery. at least two deaths blamed on the extreme heat in parts of the country over the we be end. and now thunderstorms are threatening millions of people from tennessee to new england with heavy rain and flash flooding. in colorado and ohio, fast moving water inundated roads and backyards over the weekend. powerful wind brought down trees from minnesota to michigan damaging homes and causing power outages for hundreds of thousands of people. in new jersey, the construction crane sliced through a bedroom. . and in clearwater florida, city officials say lightning injured 8 people on the beach. one critically. the dangerous weather followed two days of stifling heat in
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cities like memphis, raleigh and boston. and in new york city, and neighboring westchester county, as many as 50,000 customers lost electricity at one point last night. well, hopefully welcome back by the way. paul, hopefully they are getting a break because we have it perfect. >> we have a nice spread of temperatures and yes this is the dry season. we do dry season very dry. average rainfall in san francisco for the month of july is zero. and always a good reminder when you see video of thunderstorms any time you hear thunder even if you think it's 50 miles away, if you hear it, it's close enough to get you. bring yourself and the kids inside any time you hear thunder. maybe you are heading up to the sierra which can get thunderstorms during the summertime. let's look at the summertime temperatures spread. which is wide. 94 concor 66 in san francisco. but i hear there's something hot in san francisco. it's the baseball team. giants are rolling. taking on the cubs. that will be a challenge. let's hope they keep things rocking. 6:45 first pitch it will be seasonably breezy and cool. 62 degrees with clear skies at the beginning of our baseball
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game tonight. upper 50s for vallejo. concord and san jose. 53 the low in santa rosa. rise is 6:05. and let's talk about that heat inland. tomorrow we take one step back alamo you hit 90 today. you will not hit 90 tomorrow. still above average for way high of 88. two steps forward with temperatures on wednesday with a high of 93 # degrees. our high resolution satellite will show you that yes, in alamo, and livermore and san jose not cloud in the sky all day long. right along the coastline from about about a san diegoa bay and down to santa cruz you have been cloudy all day long. you have not received any sunshine. so it's interesting to see not only the temperature difference, but sometimes the cloud cover difference from place to place here in the bay area. all happening at one time. this particular pattern, ridge of high pressure over northern arizona and the four corners. not moving. this low west of seattle not moving. this is the perfect pattern for heat only inland. you will stay in the 60s at the coast.
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you will stay in the 70s near the bay. i was little bit above average. but nowhere close to what we call heat. but inland, with the pattern of the very light onshore flow and compressed marine layer, your temperatures will stay hot. you were hot today and will stay in the 90s all week. low cloud cover and fog. yes. near the water. sunshine in the afternoon. and watch wednesday though less cloud cover wednesday likely the warmest or hot of the day of the week. so fog, manual along the coast tomorrow morning. won't be at hot tomorrow. above average and inland, you're the one spot that will get hot. you will stay hot. 90s are likely wednesday all the way into and through the weekend. so where will the 90s be tomorrow. 90 in fairfield. 09 livermore and 91 in concord. not as hot as today but above average. 84 san hoe say. 84 napa. 84 vallejo. 72 in oakland. 62 in pacifica and 67 in san francisco. your extended forecast, we got hotter on wednesday. staying in the 90s inland all the way through the weekend. but look at temperatures near the water. now not 90s or 80s barely the
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70s and at the coast you remain in the 60s. let's go out to dennis. . >> yeah beautiful weather out here as well, paul. giants and cubs two of the hottest teams in the majorleagues after the all star break. doing battle tonight. bruce's reaction coming up who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance?
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. giants are on a hot streak after struggling early in the
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season. they won 15 of the last 18 games and are 9-2 since the all streak break. >> kpix5 denes dennis o'donnell joining us from oracle park. cubbies, huh, dennis? >> well, you remember that old song be a believer in giants fever? well you can dust off that record. they are talking wild cardpossibility for the giants once again. coming off 3 thrilling victories over the new york mets. . >> 3-2 pitch. here it is. lifted to left. hit well. mcneal back at the wall. it's out of here. . >> the home run it was the giants third walk off in 4 days for the walk off with win. first time since 2003. san francisco is 14-3 in july. and enter play tonight 2 1/2 behind the brewers for second
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wild card spot. can you compare the season to any other season that you recall in which the team seemed to be in transition, new general manager and new faces a. losing team that is suddenly in the pennant rate. >> offhand, no. there's been a lot of changes. you know, where we were a couple months ago and, of course, the last couple years amazing what the guys have done and now they have played their way into playing important games. . >> i asked bruce bochy the question and i've been covering the team three decades and i doesn't recall a season like this. giants giving up for dead are back in the playoff race. giants and cubs tonight two of the hottest teams in baseball since the all star break. i will be here all night. hot dogs, beer, come on out. >> on you? better be. . >> oh i didn't say that.
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>> i figured. i was going for broke, you know. shoot for the moon since the apollo was there. >> thank you. >> keep wishing. . coming up at 5:30, east palo alto is building like crazy. no not tech campus or multi million dollar homes. we are talking about affordable houses at pace that is shaming other cities in the bay area. clear. >> i am john ram muse in marin county. people are being urged to prepare for blackouts during awild fire some city codes are preventing people from keeping the lights on. we will have that story. . >> kamala harris what she did this weekend that has her getting slammed by fans of taylor swift.
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big delays right now near the burling game caltrain station. chopper five is flying low on


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