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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  July 22, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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big delays right now near the burling game caltrain station. chopper five is flying low on the scene. a person trespassing on the
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tracks has been fatally struck by a northbound train. this happen at the north lane crossing at 4:45. caltrain is morning commuters to expect up to 90 minute delays if they are going northbound. the southbound tracks have been cleared. there is a single track through that area right now. commuters at hayward park can expect delays for the time being until that investigation is completed. a fatality in berlin game. struck at 5:30, a peninsula city putting its money where its mouth is. it is trying to serve as an example where other cities fall short. >> kpix5 is live and here's
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more. >> reporter: east palo alto is in the midst of what you could call and affordable housing building boom. they are on track to build 500 units within five years. their message is to step it up. >> reporter: deacon moses miller has been living at this apartment unit for the past 30 years. so when the 79-year-old found out his one-bedroom one bathroom unit was getting renovated and his rent was staying the same and he was getting an elevator there was only one thing left to do. >> i am blessed. i know that i am. i thank the lord every day . >> reporter: in 1853-year-old complex next to highway 101 is about to get a facelift thanks to a grant award that will go on a frenzy of demolition, construction, and renovation.
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there will be a net gain of 91 affordable housing units with 14 homes set aside for critically needed units for the homeless, disabled, or minors in transition. >> 150 homes right here. >> reporter: the city manager says if all goes as planned, this property will have 150 apartments built in four years. east palo alto is halfway to his goal of building 500 affordable housing units in five years. >> this will not solve the housing crisis but we do more than our share. the other cities in the region and state will have to come together in a comprehensive way to address this. >> reporter: drain bay help this complex get built two years ago. he is the executive director of
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a nonprofit devoted to affordable housing. 40 presenting of housing has some kind of affordable housing measure attached to it. >> this is what we want to do and part of our responsibility to our community. we do not want to be the exclusive carriers of housing that is affordable to working families. we want everyone to step up. >> the other big component is sam has $200 million to get several omissions buses for an express route from here to's and bruno so people can get to jobs up and down the peninsula. live in east palo alto, kpix5 . oakland city officials say they were unaware that ice was flying detainees out of oakland
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international airport. they charted more than 1000 flights between 2010 and 2018. nearly 28,000 detainees despite oakland status as a sanctuary city. we are learning the identity of a driver involved in a deadly crash. she was arrested after allegedly running a red light in a tesla rental. a man was killed and his wife is hospitalized. a small vegetation fire has quickly grown to 45 acres. flames scorching rugged terrain forcing evacuations along highway 128 and closing a stretch of that road at grand canyon. containment is at 0%. firefighters are upgrading their communications. they will purchase equipment that can be mounted onto small
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trailers. >> this technology will provide that of which that gap should we experience in infrastructure failure in our communications regardless of the event whether a large natural disaster or otherwise. >> it will cost about $4 million. they can provide self-service and wi-fi when normal connections are down in an emergency. large fire virus may be the new normal and residents should prepare for power shutoffs. what if city regulations are sending in the way? here is what is preventing people from being fully prepared when those lights go out. >> reporter: marin county provides, his city is the key to business as usual even in times of emergency. >> reporter: he is a
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professional musician and a former firefighter. he worked on the oakland hills fire and he is fully committed to protecting his mill valley home from a wildfire. >> we had trees and bushes all along here that have been removed back. >> reporter: he has purchased the sprinkler device for on top of his rough. with png warning the power could be cut off for days, he was shocked when city hall would not allow him to install a fixed backup generator at his house. >> they refused to give me a permit based on the mathematical thought to, calculations of the noise. >> reporter: they are forbidden even for emergency use. there is interest everywhere in the backup system and in san rafael they have been getting a lot of inquiries from the public. the chief building official for the city admits in light of the
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new policies it may be time to revisit the codes regarding generators. >> i am thinking the ordinance that we are proposing might have language in there that would allow generators to be used under emergency situations but not on a daily basis. there would be a provision for the equipment to be tested. >> blake wishes mill valley would take the same approach. >> people are scared and people at city hall do not get it. >> reporter: the planning manager agrees and they are watching how other cities handle the matter. there were no plans to change the noise ordinance for generators to be installed. kpix5. the planning director adds the noise regulations are a matter of public preference. if there is enough outcry, the ordinance could be amended. a call to action in chinatown. last monday two elderly men
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were attacked and knocked unconscious. one of the victims was lifted up and thrown headfirst onto the ground before his watch was stolen. the three perpetrators remain at large. community leaders held a meeting saying this was the eighth violent attack targeting seniors in chinatown and something needs to change. >> the event that took place in this community are horrific and reprehensible and they cannot happen in chinatown or any other part of the city. >> police will increase patrols and are pushing their outreach and cameras will be installed along stockton street over the next few weeks. it appears there might be bad blood between kamala harris and taylor swift fans. over the weekend her husband posted a picture of her with
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other singers. swift is currently in a battle over the rights to her master recordings which braun now owns. angry fans later tweeted at here is writing i was so excited for you as a democratic candidate, but if you so choose to go to an event by scooter braun i can no longer hold onto my excitement and fate for you as a presidential candidate. >> another row, please do not do a fundraiser with scooter braun. you will lose a lot of votes. i want to support your the cannot if you associate with the bully and misogynist. #i stand with taylor. >> [ music ] >> swift claims that scooter braun bullied her for years and purchased the rights for his first six cell phones. so far, no official comment
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from swift about the fundraiser photo. we are asking you is the backlash justified? the shock for a family out fishing when a great white shark took their bait. l train announces big plans to expanded service. the rollout that could triple the number of riders frame and why it comes with a hefty price tag. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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in north carolina, a father of six killed in a freak accident has died a hero. his family decided to donate all of his organs to 55 people in need. authorities say the man died after a wave slammed into him while he played with his kids on the beach knocking him to the ground and breaking his neck. tom brady is facing criticism this evening after taking his six-year-old daughter cliff diving. he posted this video on friday shows him along with his daughter standing near the edge of that cliff before leaping into the water below. some fans are not too happy. they went on to call the stunt irresponsible parenting. another person said he was helping his daughter be brave. do you think this is bad parenting?
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way and on facebook, twitter, and instagram pages. a tweet about body shaming has prompted macy's to pull some controversial dinnerware. these plates were displayed in a macy's window and they are advertised as a humorous way to watch for two week. the larger portion is named mom jeans and the smallest portion is skinny jeans. some sided with her and others said they are just plates. hours later macy's tweeted out saying, we appreciate you sharing this with us and agree we missed the mark and it will be removed from all stores in macy's locations. a young boy went fishing with his family hoping to catch a big one, and wait till you see what took the bait. >> oh, my god. >> that is a great white shark that jumps out of the water to the fish off of the boys were.
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this happened in massachusetts. last month they spotted 12 white sharks within one week. >> yikes. >> that kid stood his ground. the kid is thinking we need a bigger boat. it is kind of crazy to think you were making your barbecue plans and figuring out how to cool down because the air conditioning has been on all day. 96 degrees. at the same time, look at the golden gate. it never got above the mid-60s and the fog never left the golden gate. 29 degrees cooler than concorde. plenty of fine communities in between those including san jose, fremont, and napa. it is interesting to see how we cool down to the same
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temperatures. we will all be in the mid-to upper 50s. let's check the reservoirs. people are using the water for their house, flower garden and yard. how was our water supply doing? how is it in july when it is not raining or snowing? 123% of average at lake shasta. 122% of average at lake oroville. so our water supply right now at least the surface water supply is two thumbs up. we still have snow melt coming down. i'd like to highlight a few things. if you're traveling to southern california, there is thunderstorm activity that typically arizona gets. perhaps even los angeles, orange county and san diego county getting a few thunderstorms. we will get alight on shore flow because of a low that will
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keep the breeze going. temperatures will be loner the water but the breeze will not make it inland so your temperatures will stay hot. and cloud cover only near the water. afternoon sunshine, less cloud cover and wednesday are hottest day of the week mainly inland. will the pattern change? i'm not looking at what is happening today. on thursday, the ridge is still there and the trough to our north and west. we will stay cool and anyone near the water but inland, hot. we will average 93 to 95 degrees later on this week. not as warm tomorrow. temperatures climb again toward the middle of the week. it sounds superhot. in san francisco, just 4 degrees above average.
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oakland, 74. widespread mid-to upper 80s for the san ramon valley including 86 in dublin. mill valley, 80. 84, napa and petaluma. 94, clear lake. we are watching that fire and it will be hot air and it will be every day this week. inland highs stay in the 90s. at the coast, forget the 90s, we are talking low 60s. that is your kpix5 forecast. at two months old, she stopped breathing. a family comes face-to-face with the dispatcher that walked into cpr and save the their babies life.
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recently a nonprofit is celebrating its donors. not only is the organization saying thank you, students are expressing their gratitude too. >> reporter: this is what you see when a student is rising above scholar succeeds. the cap and gown, pomp and circumstance. what you do not see it the shoulders they are standing on. the donors who keep students rising above. tonight they are gathered here
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at salesforce for the scholars lease are sorry the event and a chance for a group of legacy donors to make the students they have helped get into college. >> college was not a word in my vocabulary. there was a lack of money. >> reporter: with the help of students rising above, he will be a freshman in the fall. >> i'd like to get into cybersecurity or visual architect. >> thanks to you i am the first of my college to graduate. >> she is now paying it forward and she is the salesforce administrator and data specialist. she says she would not be here without the people in this room. >> very early i got to meet the donors that make this happen. being where we can mingle with the people who truly support college access is really
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empowering. >> reporter: it is not just the scholars. the donors said it is the students to keep them inspired. >> it gives you good response to hear the students stories and challenges and how they stay focused on their goal and they are able to fulfill their dream of going to college that was something they would never be able to do. >> thank you once again from the bottoms of our hearts for all you do for us. >> to learn more about students rising above, go to /sra. a bay area pre-suspected of stealing nearly $100,000 in paris collections. a groundbreaking new chapter in cal fire aviation. cal fire's newest tool to battle wildfires.
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a heartwarming reunion for a 911 dispatcher that helps save an infant's life. back in may, this two-month- year-old baby stopped breathing. her father dialed 911 and cal fire dispatcher picked up the call and walk them through every step of infant cpr. she was put in a medically induced coma and then pulled through. >> i was blown away at no the family wanted to get together and have this experience and it is phenomenal. >> the baby is happy and healthy and sleepy. today we are getting a look at the first trailer for mr. roberts movie, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. >> [ singing ] >> tom hanks plays the american
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tv host fred rogers. it is a story of a reporter whose life changes after writing an article about him. he hosted the show from 1968 to 2001. the movie will open on november 22. our commute alert. a person hit and killed by a caltrain causing major delays. plus cal fire is going all out. crews race to contain a fire. it is the $25 billion project to make caltrain more like part. you might have to pay with it even if you don't use a service. kpix5 at 6:00 starts right now with an alert for caltrain writers. >> commute alert with major delays at the caltrain station after a person was hit and killed by a train.
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the person was trespassing on the tracks. the train is single trucking through the station. writers can expect delays up to 90 minutes and trains are single trucking through the burlingame station and all trains are boarding on the south track. firefighters are racing to control a brush fire burning near the lake. today temperatures hit in the 90s while flames scorched trees in that rugged terrain. the fire quickly grew to 45 acres in a matter of hours. it is forcing the evacuations on the sell side of highway 128. here is a closer look. flames broke out near highway 128 and rec canyon road east of st. helena. cal fire has called in of full contingents of battle the flames and very rugged terrain. fire crews are


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