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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 22, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00, breaking news in alameda county. a portion of 880 is shut down because the police act 70. justice for a bay area family two years later. how authorities track down a driver they believe hit and killed the owner of a popular grocery store. how a car crash revealed he may have stolen nearly $100,000. oakland leaders caught up part about deportation flights it went on for years. howard flew under the radar. we begin with breaking news out of oakland during the evening commute. >> here is a live look at 8righ
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chopper five. the northbound lanes are closed because of police activity. a few moments ago we saw investigators walking across the freeway looking on the pavement for evidence. we have calls out to the chp for more information. we have a reporter on the way and we will bring you any latebreaking developments there. closure for the family of gus's community market. >> were going to ondrea without the investigators were able to track the hit and run suspect down. >> it was september 22, 2017. speeding driver. the 57-year-old founder of multiple grocery stores and produce outlets was struck down and is prime. >> he was an amazing guy and
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permanent fixture in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the investigation into who hit and killed gus remain quiet until last tuesday. the u.s. marshal service picked up alicia and stopped him after getting a lead beyond the vague description of the silver sedan. >> they pop up right after and sometimes not until much later. we had the good fortune of getting some leads in this case that led to an arrest. >> his death case is one of many similar ones on the logs right now. >> these ongoing investigations take on a lot and it is rough warning to see some resolution to these cases. there are so many of them but we do try and get every investigation seen through to the end. >> while the suspect has been arrested, s.f.p.d. is asking anyone with
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information to contact them. i'm at the site of a fatal collision. you can see the orange marking where a tesla came to rest after the crash. investigators say kelsey mccambridge was behind the wheel to kill the tourist from the central valley. >> reporter: it was the third wedding anniversary. they enjoyed a visit to the ice cream museum and minutes later benjamin lost his life and kelly is fighting for her life. this person smashed into a mini cooper and bounced off and ran over benjamin and kelly. >> we do have a crisis in this neighborhood in that downtown san francisco. >> 14 people on bicycles have been killed so far this year according to walk sf. >> matt haney says there is a lot the city needs to do to
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make the streets safer. >> we can get red light cameras and arrow the roads and take down the lane to slow down traffic. we can get traffic safety the officers out there. >> reporter: police arrested the driver on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. she rented the tesla through an app that requires a renter to be 25 and the driver was only 21. it is not clear how she access the vehicle. to be clear, you've got to be 25 to rent a specialty car. police are checking the computer to see whether it was in autopilot a partially self driving mode. they are not sure if it was engaged at the time of the crash. kpix5. cal fire crews are trying to get a handle on e fire ne the lake. it has scorched 45 acres in a matter of hours. here is a closer look at where the flames are burning.
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this is east of st. helena and the highway is closed in both directions after markley cove. there are evacuations on the south side of the highway. they are attacking it from the air and dumping fire retardant and water. we will continue to monitor their progress and road closures will last throughout the night. the weather around the fire is hot and dry. wind has not big a huge issue. between 10 to 15 miles per hour up the day. we are talking about heat and we likely will for a good chunk of the week. close to the water, it is 55 right now in chrissy field with the 22 mile-per-hour breeze. pacifica, 59. clayton, 5 degrees shy of 100 or 1 degree per mile for almost
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all 38 miles. 66, san francisco. concord, 89 degrees. we will continue through the weekend talk about how this temperature spread continues. in alameda county tonight, the fire department says it was a man who was killed when his car collided with a trained in livermore today. this was at junction and lad avenues east of the ace train station. investigators believe the guard rails were down. they believe the crossing lights were flashing at the time. in these pictures you can see the front of the car involved was completely caved in. nobody was on board. a second train arrived to transport passengers. the cause of the cross is under investigation. caltrain has ambitious
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goals to make it more like part. it envisions extensions a more frequent service. caltrain hopes to be fully electrified by 2022 and wants to build extensions to run from gilroy to the trans bay terminal by 2029 and eight trains would arrive each hour including a next breath train every 15 minutes. >> you can just show up to the station and there will be a very predictable all day service with faster trips and better connections. >> if they could do it quicker i would be all for it. >> this could mean more than double ridership and the entire project has a $25, $25 billion price tag. we now know that ice has chartered flights to deport or transfer thousands of people out of the country. those flights went on for nearly a decade until just last
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fall. the city has a well-publicized policy not to cooperate with immigration authorities. julia goodrich says officials were apparently completely in the dark about what was going on. >> reporter:
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a priest is accused of stealing nearly $100,000 from several churches. we learned why he may never face a judge.
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>> reporter: it started with the car accident and a man carrying more than $18,000 in cash and now a catholic parish is trying to understand what seems to be a stunning breach of trust. >> i have known him for over 20 years. it is shocking and sad. i feel sad. just the situation he is in right now . >> reporter: father oscar ds a priest of 25 years. further investigation fell more money in an office in the pastor's home and the total value of more than $95,000. a statement says the pastor admitted he had taken the collection bags and had been doing so for some time. parishioners set this was a complete shock. >> he was going to marry us
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next month. now we are in the process of finding another priest to marry yes. >> the bishop explained the decision not to pursue criminal prosecution and suggested that the way in which the donation money was collected and lack of clear record taking may make it impossible to ever know how much money was taken. santa rosa police say they will look at anymore evidence if it is presented to them. struck back to that story we began to tell you about earlier. ice has been chartering flights to deport or transfer thousands of people. those flights went on for nearly a decade. julia goodrich says oakland officials were in the dark about what was going on. >> reporter: council members admitting they had no idea there were deportation flights happening at oakland international airport. for years it flew under the
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radar. >> reporter: so it was news to all of you. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: larry reed acknowledging that the airport is of my counsel district and i have never known those flights were occurring. in a two year time span more than 4000 mexican nationals were flown out of the oakland airport to san diego to be buster walked across the border and ice chartered nearly 1000 flights in and out of oakland international airport between 2010 and 2018 carrying nearly 43,000 detainees to be transferred to other detention centers according to a new report by the mercury news. >> reporter: some people are saying this is in your own backyard and how can this be going on for so many years? >> the federal government you're dealing with. they don't have to report to us and let us know what they are doing.
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>> it appears as though people are being caught off guard. i think the people are clear that their city has policies in place and it seems like they are being violated. it seems like a clear violation of laws and policies in place by the city of oakland. >> reporter: ice said they discontinued the flights last october. the mayor's office says they are looking into this and want to know how it was under the radar. one peninsula city is trying to serve as an example on how other cities fall a little bit short. east palo alto is building up to 500 affordable housing units within five years. the light tree apartments is a big part of that and will soon have over 91 ta $20 million grant. 14 homes will be set aside for minors who are homeless and the
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disabled. community leaders are calling on other bay area cities to make the same commitment. >> we do not see it as a burden. it is part of responsibility and we want everyone to step up. >> according to a non-prophet, 40% of the city's housing projects include some kind of affordable housing measure. large wildfires may be the new normal in the bay area and residents will need to be ready if they have to lose power. there are regulations that prevent residents from being fully prepared. in mill valley the noise ordinance will not allow fixed generators even for emergency use. >> they refused to give me the permit based on the noise factor. >> mill valley's planning director agrees there needs to be an amendment and they are
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watching how other communities handle the issue. brutal heatwave scorching over half the country. there is a giant line with dozens of people seeking refuge in an olympic size swimming pool. bostonians have experienced their hottest we can ever recorded in the history of the planet. our chief meteorologist with what we can expect here in the bay area. >> if you want he typically in july we have it. if you want cold, we are the coldest spot in the country. so which way do you want to go? this is going to be one of those weeks. it will be seven straight days. if you want hot weather, go ease. if you want colder, go west. half moon bay, 65 degrees. folks in areas that would love to have a 65 eyayright
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now. the hotspot was conquered at 96 degrees or 31 degrees warmer than half moon bay. tonight, 50s. let's check our bay area reservoirs. we don't get rain or thunderstorms except for snowmelt. we are using a lot of water so how are those banks of water doing? 23% above average, shasta lake. 18% above average in folsom late. our water supply is doing quite well despite the fact that we are in the rainfall deficit until the rainfall comes back. a big ridge of high pressure compressing the marine layer. this is why we are cold at the coast. low-pressure west of portland and seattle keeping the onshore breeze going. at the same time we have a reason why it is hot. we have a reason why it is cool
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for part of our viewing area. some of you will be in's wetter weather with some of you will be wondering what you were going to barbecue tomorrow night. inland it will be hot. at the coast we will be cloudy. on wednesday, less cloud cover in the morning and that will be our warmest day. toward the end of the week, future cast says not much is going to change. thursday that rich is still though and that temperature spread will be huge with 30 degrees or more. in the temperatures will climb toward the middle of the week. all of this is close to what should happen. it should be cooler in san francisco. we are close to those tomorrow. sunnyvale, 83. danville, 87. hot but not as hot as today in pleasanton. novato, 83.
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cloverdale, 92. your extended forecast, warmer weather in the. near the water, highs in the 60s and barely 70 degrees. that why temperature spread we will have all week long. 50 years ago this wednesday and palm those as well. his grandfather was involved in this one. an historic splashdown that took place in the pacific ocean. from a military salute to office workers pouring out into the streets, the bay area burst into celebration thanks to apollo 11. the lessons we learn changed our future. >> seeing what has happened on the moon is the key to understanding our own history. >> find out the lessons from the landing tomorrow night right here on the new kpix5 news at seven a clock p.m.
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here is what you missed if you're just getting home. breaking news on i-80.
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let's take a live look from our oakland airport cam. all northbound lanes south of hagan burger road are blocked to police activity. this has been going on for at least 30 minutes. earlier this evening we saw investigators walking across the freeway looking for evidence. traffic has been backed up for miles and miles and we are getting word from the chp the estimated time of opening is at least two hours from now. tensions are escalating between the u.s., great britain and iran. today a new claim says it broke up a cia spy ring and arrested 17 of iranians recruited to collect information. officials claim some recruits have been sentenced to death. president trump says it is a lie. president trump is staying on the offensive against the
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squad. he tweeted quote the squad is a very racist group of troublemakers who were young, inexperienced and not very smart. >> they are pulling the democrats way left. i feel they are easy to handle. they are just out there. they are very bad for our country. >> a dangerous ideology about dehumanizing others. we have to continue to fight back. >> when asked specifically about his go back tweet, 59% of americans say they disagree with the tweet. four out of five republicans say they agree with the content of his tweet. over to puerto rico for a massive sea of protesters have caresiation main highwa their governor. there was a leak of vulgar chat messages and allegations of corruption. the governor is trying to come
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tensions by announcing he will not seek reelection but he stopped short of resigning. that did not appease puerto ricans that want him gone and immediately . echo fax has agreed to pay the largest settlement for a hack that exposed the private information of nearly half of all american consumers. they agreed to a settlement of a to $700 million including $425 million for consumers financially heart. echo fax has forced out top executives and invested in new technology. in costa rica alcohol with methanol has killed 19 people. with names like molotov. liquors a sometimes dilute the products with increase profit m raise the alcohol content.
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still ahead, a bay area bar is getting a prestigious award. were you can go to taste the best cocktails, get this, in the world.
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a bay area bar was just awarded best cocktail menu in the world.
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>> trick dog in the mission district announces the winner for the annual spirited award on saturday. the popular bar beat out three others and they were all on the east coast. originality and creativity of design, content meaning range of spirits in specialty cocktails and diversity of cocktail styles. >> it is a reason to work saturdays. >> we could've covered that one. thank you so much for watching at 7:00. we will be back here at 11:00. for more news and weather, had to . you know where can is going.
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