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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 23, 2019 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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>> pretty cool. >> beautiful. francisco francisco erwin galacea. see cbs this morning is coming up next. have great day. it's been three weeks, no word from i.c.e. yet. >> makes no sense. >> yeah. >> i'm talking about a new -- a viewers in the west and welcome proposed program from the to "cbs this morning." department of agriculture to testimony warning. reduce the number of american the justice department tells robert mueller to stay within families on food stamps. so after the great recession in boundaries during his appearance before congress tomorrow. 2007, 2008, the number of people the unusual ways lawmakers are on food stamps and the cost of prepping for the former special the program basically doubled. counsel's testimony. the proposal is to stop outrage intensifies in automatic enrollment which could puerto rico. police fire tear gas at tax cut three million family off thousands of protesters, the rolls. demanding the governor's the reason this is important, it gets to the heart of this immediate resignation. a pattern of misconduct. long-standing debate around how three students at morehouse welfare programs like this. college claim they reported there's a reputation that food sexual misconduct by staff and stamps have that they are nothing was done. and drone wars. generating fraud and they cbs news gets rare access to the discourage work. thera onpite missions enter where that's why there's a push to get people off of them. the ideas are old. around the globe to fight the latest said that the fraud terrorists. it's tuesday, july 23rd, rate is very low. people are not discouraged from 2019. here is today's eye opener, your working if they're on food
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world in 90 seconds. stamps. and the people who are going to be pushed off, the three million estimate, it's mostly children. that's the primary recipient of food stamps. so you know, all for saving demonstrations in puerto rico turning violent. money. if you -- if it can be done at hundreds of thousands of people filling the streets of san juan. >> puerto rico's governor is the government level. maybe this isn't the best way. defiant >> i'll go last. i'm start with present company >> i have made a decision i am excluded. there's a study -- i have to put not going to r run or seek re-election. a disclaimer -- that shows that way i can focus on the job at hand. ignoring your co-workers can >> the new prime minister of the help you avoid being tired and united kingdom. >> a former mayor of london and burning you out. why -- >> ignoring them. staunch supporter of brexit. >> ignoring them. they say every time you engage >> the justice department is warning robert mueller not to go with a co-worker it takes off 25 beyond his written conclusions when he testifies. minutes of productivity. you get distracted. >> hearing after hearing after it takes you more than 25 hearing. it's nonsense. minutes to refocus and get back >> president trump and to the task at hand. congressional lambeau fielders so they advise that you put in your headphones to send the signal that, you know, i don't have reached a $1.37 trillion feel like chatting with you. budget deal to avoid a government shutdown. that it's important to let your >> president trump rejecting brain catch its breath from time claims by iran that it arrested to time. you know, the world health organization just declared job burnout. they're saying don't interact with your co-workers. 17 spies crrecruited by the cia. just focus on your job because it takes you a while to recover. so i'm thinking next time,
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hundreds of thousands of people in new jersey lost power klaus, he's very chatty, i'll in flash flooding. stick in my headphones. >> to third, out there, out at second. a triple play. i don't like -- >> all that -- i don't like that. >> the first trailer for the new >> i don't think it's a good mr. rogers movie is out. idea. >> it's a good idea at all. >> the film stars tom hanks. >> if i'm stressed i want to ♪ it's a beautiful day in this chat with you. >> we're trying to get away with neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor will you be mine ♪ the work. vlad, come into the office here. >> and all that matters. >> did you see what happened >> today marks 18 days since last night? >> don't you want to hear all of asap rocky was put in jail after my stories? >> i do. that's -- a street fight in stockholm. >> maybe that's for me. >> at this rate if sweden keeps >> i come to work and him locked up longer he'll have everybody's going to have on to change the dollar sign in his their headphones. name to a euro. >> if that happens, you know you >> on "cbs this morning." got trouble -- >> president trump slamming the >> i totally disagree. >> i'm with you. leaders of puerto rico saying he to avoid burnout, do less work, is the best thing to happen to don't do less chatting. the island. >> i'm the best thing that ever >> i disagree. happened to puerto rico. the food and drug >> the best thing? i got two words for you. administration, moving on, is launching its first tv ads to ricky martin. fight vaping by teenagers. the fda's nearly $60 million initiative is called "the real okay? you, sir. you, sir. cost." this includes new commercials featuring street magician julius dein who uses tricks to educate you,sir, are livin the teens on the risk of
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e-cigarettes. >> can i borrow your vape? vidaa. i'm going to put it in your hand presented by toyot like this. watch the vape. here we go. s goces. you went from vaping to trying cigarettes. >> i did not see that joke boom. >> oh -- coming. i thought he was going to say you, sir, are no ricky martin. >> cool. >> boom. the way he said it. that was very good. >> oh. >> you're more likely to start smoking cigarettes. >> i don't want to hear that, but i hear it. >> don't want to hear it, but he hears it. the centers for disease control says more than one in five high knows how to put a button on something. >> very well delivered. school students and nearly one welcome to "cbs this morning." in 20 middle schoolers vape. vladimir duthiers is here because -- >> anthony mason is off. rarely is anthony mason off. for high school students that's about a 78% increase, wow, >> so true. he's chilling somewhere. we'll begin with this. between 2017 and 2018. we've got lots of news this morning for you including tomorrow and thursday a violence erupting overnight in house oversight subcommittee the streets of puerto rico after will look into the role of the hundreds of thousands turned out e-cigarette maker juul in this to call for the governor's teen nicotine epidemic. anti-vaping advocates and resignation. david begnaud will join us from representatives of juul are san juan in a moment. expected to give testimony. first former special counsel in a statement, a juul stimony tomorrow.ceived a warnel spokesperson said, quote, we share the subcommittee's concerns about youth vaping and welcome the opportunity to the justice department sent a appear and share information
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letter yesterday telling him to about our commitment to stick to the boundaries of his eliminate combustible cigarettes report, something he had already said he would do. and our aggressive president trump meanwhile left leading-actions to combat youth the door open to watching at least part of the hearing. usage. ctm correspondent anna werner >> no, i'm not going to be has been looking into the impact watching, probably. of teen vaping. maybe i'll see a little bit of and our dr. tara narula is a it. i'm not going to be watching cardiologist. good morning to you both. mueller, because you can't take the perfect people for this all of those bites out of the subject. tara, let's remind the people apple. we had no collusion, no outset, what are the known risks obstruction. of e-cigarettes very teenagers? >> nancy cordes is on capitol >> well, the beauty of these ads, as you saw, is that they're hill for us. telling kids this is not nancy, highly anticipated something that's cost-free or appearance by mueller. low risk. what can we expect? there can be devastating >> reporter: we know he is going to be making an opening consequences. and 80% of kids don't recognize statement, tony. we know the department of justice has not reviewed that that there can be harm. first and foremost, the statement. e-cigarettes can be a gateway to but in the letter that doj sent traditional cigarette use. to mueller last night, it sets kids use e-cigarettes, four times more likely to go on to out strict instructions for him, smoke traditional cigarettes. let's talk about the flick teen. telling him to stay within the the nicotine, one of the most boundaries of his report and addictive substances known to saying that he cannot discuss man, has effects on the the conduct of uncharged third adolescent brain which develops until the mid 20s. parties beyond what's already written in his report. it can affect memory and the letter goes on to call his learning. it can impact impulse control. it can increase the risk for testimony unnecessary and cites mood disorders, and it can prime
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the brain for addiction to other executive privilege as one of the reasons for these substances. nicotine can have cardiovascular boundaries, saying that the effects raising blood pressure executive branch needs to be protected tomorrow. and heart rate. mueller is going to take about the ultrafine particles can five hours' worth of questions damage the lungs. there have been carcinogens, from two back-to-back committees toxins, heavy metals found in tomorrow. the e-cigarettes. then we heard about the democrats are going explosion that's can happen. the accidental ingestion. >> they've always said all along detailn his report that they it was never targeted for kids. believe e would have led to you see flavors like obstruction of justice charges for anyone who was not a sitting president. strawberry-lemonade, strawberry those incidents had to do with milk, mango. the president's attempts to fire juul didn't have bubble gum and mueller and limit the scope of cotton candy, but others did. it seemed like it was deliberate the investigation and the for teenagers. president's public comments what will this fda push do now? about paul manafort and michael >> that's the question. if you talk to advocates and cohen. those comments, democrats parents groups who have set up believe, amounted to witness to oppose e-cigarettes and particularly juul, they will tell you that the fda has talked tampering. republicans are going to ask a good game but not done enough mueller about what they see as the bottom line here, the fact in terms of regulation. the report did not conclude that in fact, this month the campaign there was collusion between the for tobacco-free kids, which is trump campaign and russia. >> nancy, bob mueller has a a prime group going after reputation for being very well cigarette problems in general, prepared for this kind of thing had sued, and a judge had ruled but we also keep hearing about that the fda had to move up its preparation from lawmakers, mock
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hearings and the like. timelines for regulations of how unusual is that? these products. >> reporter: it is very unusual. you know, the products are lawmakers are notoriously bad at already on the market. they kind of got an exception, yes, you can be on the market, collaborating before hearings but we're going to take a look like this. at you. they don't like anyone telling you're going to have to submit them what to ask. applications sort of all the they're all looking for their fact in a sense, and advocates five minutes in the sun. but in this case, they're only and activists are saying, look, they're not moving fast enough. going to get one bite at the it's nice to put out tv ads, apple. robert mueller is not going to come back in two weeks to answer they don't think it's going to make a difference. questions that they missed the kids are already doing their own last time. they need to be strategic. social media, do it for juul, they need to cover all the all kind of juul-ing bases. they have to be prepared for experiments. and juul is the gorilla in the some very terse responses. market. >> you don't think the push will as one aide put it, robert make a difference? >> well, that -- you have to mueller never gives a ten-word listen to the parents deeming with the kids and the activists answer when a one-word answer will do. who are looking at teen they know a lot about his style addiction. what they'll tell you is, look, because he was fbi director for teens already know about it. it's already out there. 12 years. he has testified here on capitol and they believe, many of these kids that we spoke to in hill almost 90 times. interviews, believe, well, it's so he's got more experience in okay because it's less harmful than cigarettes. >> yeah. >> they have this impression settings like this than some of the lawmakers who are going to which is something that for be grilling him tomorrow. adults, it might be better than >> a lot of people are going to be tuning in. smoking an actual cigarette. maybe even president trump. but the teens have also kind of thank you very much. >> maybe. got than message and think there >> we will bring you robert >> i was looking at the cdc mueller's full testimony tomorrow morning in a cbs news
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numbers. we mentioned the 78 perce% in t special report. "cbs evening news" anchor norah using e-cigarettes 2017 two 2018. interesting there was not an increase in teen traditional o'donnell will lead our coverage cigarette use in that time. beginning at 5:15 p.m. pacific while the risk of going over to right here on cbs. >> i like the advice. the really bad, evil thing is never give a ten-word answer possible, doesn't seem like it's when one word will do. happening yet. good advice for some people i i'm interested from the know. breaking news from london anti-tobacco warriors from where a new prime minister was recent decades, those groups are named this morning. still around. are they heartened at least by boris johnson will officially that number? >> i don't think any of them who replace outgoing prime minister are trying to work on this problem are particularlyherented theresa may tomorrow. by anything -- particularly heartened by anything at this point. you'll hear them say there's an epidemic of teens using these >> reporter: it looks like a products. as you pointed out, tara, there landslide. a lot of people here are saying are all of these either real or this is a role boris johnson has potential health consequences. waited his entire life for and the leader of america's closest and addiction, the effect of nicotine on the young developing ally may be a familiar face to brain is -- is key to what many americans. they're looking at. and they're saying, you know, on by a quirk of british politics, this one, the horse got out of boris johnson was not elected by the general public but instead the barn. >> yeah. so tara, what can a parent do if chosen to lead by members of his own conservative party. they realize their kid is vaping? how do you know they are? making him a prime minister >> great question. voted in by less than 1% of the parents need to be educated electorate. about this.
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they need to have their eyes now, he replaces the beleagured wide open and be vigilant because these can be concealed. theresa may who is forced to they are can look like flash step aside after repeatedly drives. failing to deliver a deal for some parents said i found this in my kid's backpack for a month britain to leave the european and thought it was a toy. union. johnson has often stressed the they don't produce a lot of importance of having a close odor, don't have a lot of smoke. parents need to talk to kids in relationship with the u.s. and elementary school about the this change of leadership comes potential health risks of the at a critical time with the e-cigarettes. british tanker in the hands of they need to ask, are you using, why are you using. the iranians and both the if their kid is becoming british and american military addictioned, they need to help boosting up their presence in -- addicted, they need help them the region. and not punish them because this now, as former mayor of london, is a real addiction. johnson once accused president counsel themho trump of stupefying ignorance peer pressure. look for stomach aches, and being unfit for office, but headaches, changes in behavior, he has recently softened his lack of concentration, tone. irritability might prompt you to his brand of bombast brashness ask your kid is something going and, frankly, bad hair, has on. >> really good advice. great reporting. thank you both. earned him a reputation as >> i hope you went someplace something of a political renegade. fun. you look really tan. now, among his biggest you look good. challenges coming up of course,t >> i never had a tan like that in my life. >> you look good. there. it's not going to be easy. >> you know -- >> italian/indian blood. a number of top ministers have already said they'll resign the looks good on you. moment he takes office. >> great.
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>> thank you both. all right. a british artist is transforming tony? >> all right. charlie, i'll take it from here. 15 acres of california with thousands of lights. ahead in our new series thank you very much charlie d' "american wonders," we take you agata in london. the agreement does not address america's rising debt instead increases spending by hundreds of billions of dollars. the president promised to pay off the debt in eight years. have the lawmakers and the president given up on dealing with the debt? >> reporter: well, it seems like for now that is on hold. the parties don't agree on much these days but federal spending is touchy for everybody here because everyone likes to talk about keeping it in check but nobody wants to cut valuable programs. what we are seeing is all of them coming together in true washington fashion to borrow more money and kick the can down the road. this deal allows the government to do that until after the 2020 election. it suspends the debt ceiling and enar.s spending by ranm
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reic happy to seal in big you military increases while democrats protect domestic programs. president trump announced the deal on twitter saying there were no poison pills implying the deal had nothing in it he was opposed to. since democrats have agreed not to attach controversial policy measures to future spending bills. but deficit hawks say the u.s. debt around $22 trillion is a real concern. arguing future generations will pay the price. the president, republicans, and democrats have all railed against the debt in the past, but, gayle, it no longer seems to be a major issue for anyone at least for now. >> weijia, thank you.rcranto ri rosseo. ctrovsial isncdi gov ovnight thoussion and called for hicm to resign
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immediately. the demonstrations turned violent as protesters clashed with the police. now, many ran when the tear gas was fired into the crowd. david begnaud was right in the middle of the protests last night and joins us from san juan with the latest on this story. david, i guess the question now is how long have you heard how long we can expect this protest to continue? >> reporter: no, we haven't but i have asked protesters if they're getting tired and they say, not at all. in fact, every time the governor gives an interview like he did yesterday with fox it adds fuel to their fire. it was a wild and chaotic night. let me walk you through it. you got broken glass. this is the scene in many parts of san juan. there's new graffiti on the street. excuse us, sir. if you look at this vehicle, this is the car that caught fire last night. show the viewers if you can, that's the tear gas canister right there that led the back of this car to burn. in fact, on the ground this morning you can see some more of the canisters fired by pice. this robby is the gentleman whose car -- the car belongs to
7:12 am
him. he had been participating in the protest yesterday during the day but was with a friend last night when police fired tear gas at protesters and one canister landed in his vehicle. here's that video. it happened right around midnight. you see from about 50 yards away that tear gas canister come flying through the air and right into the back of that suv. tear gas was first deployed by police around 11:00 p.m. and that sent protesters running. the puerto rico police department resorted to force after plastic water bottles were continuously thrown at them but just a few trouble makers ended up ruining the night for a majority of peaceful people. we spoke to elliott rivera about why he is here protesting. >> just puerto ricans fighting for our rights. >> reporter: we noticed that the front line is filled with very young faces some as young as 15. this morning, we're launching a new summer series. i love the name, it's called
7:13 am
"american wonders." kania nunez is 21. majestic natural landscapes to why are you here? >> i'm here because i have a spectacular creations, every daughter and she needs a future, week we're going to take you to places that make america, well, a good future with good government. wonderful. set in a hillside in a central right now they are stealing our money. california city of paso robles >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of demonstrators is a field of lights. kicked off the week by shutting it's 15 acres filled with tiny down a major highway and the crowd size was massive. little light bulbs of vibrant colors. puerto ricans are frustrated this art installation comes about corruption, the debt alive for visitors only when crisis, and a slow recovery it's d c following hurricane maria. jamie yuccas is there with what they're also upset about leaked makes the spot so beautiful. chat messages where the governor i thought it was cool looking on and some of his associates made the screen. sexist and homophobic remarks how would you de and mocked constituents, >> reporter: i don't know, including those who died during gayle. beautiful, dazzling, immersive. hurricane maria. whatever you want to call it, >> i've seen the protests. this outdoor art installation known as the field of light has a sneaking little goal of trying >> reporter: on monday the governor apologized for the chat to get people to connect with language on fox news and said he was not going to run for nature using all this eye candy. re-election in 202 but also made from what we saw a couple of clear he has no plans to resign. weeks ago, seems to be working. >> we've made policy changes that are significant for women, for lgbtq. nature's beauty is highlighted everything t i with a little help from assume responsibility for.
7:14 am
i apologize. >> reporter: his refusal to technology. more than 58,000 solar powered leave has made popular puerto spheres shimmer and shine, ricans dumb founded and furious. >> this is the first time puerto winding through the fields in paso robles. >> my feeling is that this is ricans are united and if ricardo magic. >> well, the landscape is magic. >> reporter: this mesmerizing rossello doesn't resign today we installation is the work of have to do something about it. british artist bruce munro. >> i would say keep looking at >> reporter: he is a popular rapper who has been literally on nature, and all the answers are the front lines leading people to continue to protest daily. there for us to discover. >> reporter: the discovery puerto rico police have just begins in the early evening as arrived to take pictures of the vehicle that burned last night visitors gather for food and wayne and a stroll through the after police fired tear gas into field. the back of it. tony, i should tell you, first in daylight, then as the yesterday in the fox news sun goes down, the experience interview that ricardo rossello changes. >> it's what the world needs gave to shep smith, shep asked right now as we see all the him who on the island supports you? he kind of fumbled and couldn't beautiful light and potential name anybody and then he said and possibility. the mayor of san sebastian. >> reporter: the idea came to light a world away in uluru, we called the mayor of san sebastian and the mayor told cbs news he does not support the governor. australia, when he visited in >> wow. so the answer appears to be no support at this moment. 1992. this standstone considered incredible footage and reporting. david, thank you.
7:15 am
we're following breaking sacr sacred. news from south korea where the u.s. ally says its war planes munro felt a revelation -- >> i felt an energy coming out confronted russian and chinese planes that approached its air of the floor of the desert. i had the idea that expressing space near takashima island. how you springfield an important south korea scrambled jets and part of -- how you feel is an said they fired 360 rounds of important part of ours. warning shots at a russian plane that it says entered its air >> reporter: after losing his father and turning 40, munro space. south korea identified the aircraft as two russian bombers, bought a home in england with a a russian surveillance plane, along with two chinese bombers. field behind it and refinanced it in order to build his first russia is insisting its planes field of light. i assume that was a difficult were over neutral waters. discussion with your wife? dangerous flash flooding is >> there wasn't a discussion at slamming the east coast this the time. and promise, i've never done morning as the region cools down from a deadly record-breaking this before. heat wave. the threat, which started my wife wasn't pleased when she monday, extends from tennessee saw the field sort of sporting to rhode island. at the height of yesterday's these flowers of light. storm more than 325,000 people she looked into the heavens and thought, oh, my god, what's he were without power in the done. so i did say i'm sorry, and mid-atlantic region. she's forgiven me. >> reporter: that's good. you're still married. >> we're still married, yes. >> reporter: intense storms pounded the northeast monday as millions were still reeling from yeah. >> reporter: he went back to days of relentless heat. uluru to create the first large-scale field of light which put him on the map as an artist. powerful winds and heavy over the last 15 years, he's
7:16 am
downpours set off car alarms in created whimsical scenes brooklyn and flash flooding quickly submerged city streets. including a blue moon, a some new yorkers were stranded sparkling sea of cds, even while others decided to brave knee high flooding. lollipops of light. torrential rain poured into subway stations and blocked here at send so-- at sensorio, highways during the evening rush. all lanes on the long island imaginations are running wild. expressway were closed when this >> they pop out so well woman took matters into her own hands. together. >> kind of saw emotions. wading out of her car and using >> reporter: like what? >> blue sad. a traffic cone to clear a clogged sewer grate. orange is frustrated. red is angry. pink is in golf ball sized hail fell in new jersey as intense winds downed >> we're children. >> reporter: the field of light, trees and power lines. a massive collection of fiber >> tree branches are falling all around me and i get to this one optic cables, is meant to telephone pole and this wire, i enhance the natural saw it snap right off the pole. surroundings. it's art that touches the soul. >> reporter: an 89-year-old man died in maryland when a tree >> might solve a few problems in fell on him in his driveway the world if we did a bit more during the storm. of this. >> reporter: and more of this is more heavy rain is expected this morning throughout the what munro is ready to do. northeast. for "cbs this morning," new lighten up the world with a york. >> don, thank you. the murder of an american memorable glow. woman and her australian the field is located halfway boyfriend in canada could be between los angeles and san connected to other crimes along francisco. so if you want to get here, it's a remote highway. about a 3.5 to 4-hour drive.
7:17 am
investigators have released this sketch of a person of interest it's opened wednesdays through in the killings of chynna deese sundays through january the 5th. it didn't stop anybody that distance from coming here. we had visitors the night we and lucas fowler. were here from minnesota and london. so vlad, gayle, tony, who can i nikki battiste shows why they get to jump in the car with me are not ruling out others. and come up next time? >> we want to come. >> be surrounded by pink. >> steven fowler is sending a desperate plea for information jack has it right. blue is sad. surrounding the deaths of his orange was frustrated. red is angry. son lucas and his girlfriend. david says pink is in love, and >> two young people who had then all the kids laugh because everything ahead of them, tragically murdered. love -- love is a good thing. beautiful what he's done there. >> love it. >> reporter: the young couple was wrapping up a two week long thanks. before we go, the tiny road trip through northern soccer fan warming hearts by british columbia when they were making a special connection with found shot to death last monday his hero. you're watching "cbs this by their broken down van. morning." of savings and service. newly released surveillance video shows the couple hugging at a gas station two days before their bodies were discovered. police also released this sketch of a person they say was seen talking to fowler. about 300 miles south in the same province several days later, police found a burning car belonging to two missing canadian teenagers.
7:18 am
during that investigation, the body of an older man was found a little over a mile away. police released this sketch of the victim, asking for help identifying him. >> this is unusual to have two major investigations undergoing of this nature in northern bc at the same time and so we recognize that there is a possibility that these could be linked. >> reporter: 48 hours has previously reported on a notorious, remote stretch of road near these crimes dubbed the highway of tears. at least 18 women in the last 40 years have disappeared or been found murdered along it. as authorities investigate whether any of these new cases might be related, the victims' friends and family want answers. >> he was such a friendly guy. he was going to people he didn't even know. he was kind to people he didn't even know. it is surreal. >> reporter: fowler's father is ca d the man found australia ah near the missing teens' car and
7:19 am
whether there was any connection. but given this highway's history it certainly makes you wonder. >> wow. 18 women along that highway over 40 years you said? >> 40 years. >> unbelievable. >> yes, it is. >> we have to wait and see. >> very suspicious and concerning but we don't know. thank you very much. allegations of sexual misconduct rock a well known, prestigious college in atlanta. ahead how a former student at morehouse used social media to help highlight accusat . goog back up to to the low 90s. cooler than yesterday and i am talking about inland location you can see on the map. 93 for concord and livermore. 85 in san jose. 67 in san francisco. and here's the 7-day forecast. and while the temperatures might go up or down a little bit over the next few days, they go up with meaning on saturday. we will go up to 97 for the daytime highs. it's going to be a hot weekend for inland location. everybody else should be nice.
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encounter" his hero. you in good hands? a viral photo she's justin tidd >> ahead, janet shamlian gets bumping arms with carson rare behind-the-scenes access to a base where american pilots pickett. they were both born without a left forearm or friend. operate american drones around they met this past spring after the world. >> reporter: this remote nevada carson was transferred to the desert is an hour from the orlando pride from seattle. closest town but increasingly it is a command center for his dad said meeting influential america's war on terror. we will take you there coming up people with limb differences has on "cbs this morning." changed their family's outlook on life. >> try not to get emotional about it. i'm sure -- from a family, it gives our family strength. >> joseph's family hopes it shows that what makes them this is not just a headache. different is not their arms but their design to be the best. this is not just a fever. >> yeah. >> i need some tissues. >> i know. the sds to joseph. this is not just the flu. you can do this, too, dude. it's meningitis b... that's great. that will d and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination.
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7:24 am
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7:26 am
. this is a kpix5 news morning update. good morning. it's 7:26. good morning here at 8:57 i am michelle griego. from your real-time traffic chp is searching for gunman who center. that is to look at some of your opened fire on interstate 808 main drive times. during rush hour traffic last night near the 98th avenue commute not too terrible out of the south bay, back on the exit. two men were hurt but will be yellow in 181. in the red on 280 and 87 but okay. no word on the motive. and a car struck and killed these are still some 25 minute a pedestrian in sonoma county early this morning on petaluma commute. the san mateo bridge is slow hill road in santa rosa after going in the westbound direction. no issues to report, just midnight. the driver is not injured. police are investigating. regular reshad. east front is a little busier road closures remain in effect this morning due to a but not terrible., and the rush wild fire in a remote part of and the normal free weight 27 minutes on 31 of 580, 24 still napa county. as of last night, the canyon looks good that is in the fire near lake berryessa burned yellow. want to get to the bay bridge you are slow and go pretty much from the maison maze on, as 55 acres but crews upped containment to 60%. news updates throughout the day well as onto the 880 a flyover, as well as the richmond, on your favorite platforms somewhere fail bridge. including our website san rafael bridge. looking at quite the ross has the brands you want for back to school. impressive blanket of low and it feels even better when you find them for less. clouds when you look at this
7:27 am
scene from the top of the tower, however it is fairly at ross. yes for less. localized to the city and peninsula and if a small part honey, this gis ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's. the romeros. patels. the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right. no one is going to have internet like this. of the east bay. everybody else is looking at a xfinity makes keeping up with the joneses pretty sunny day to start and simple. easy. awesome. that means we have more warm temperatures coming our way. we'll see numbers back up into want gig-speed internet? the mid to low 90s for daytime we've got you covered. highs inland. 83 in concord and livermore. or check out our other amazing speed options. 86 santa rosa. 85 san jose. looking ahead in the seven day forecast, those numbers climb a get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. little higher for the weekend. click, call or visit a store today. and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross 97 degrees day showing up for saturday, that is quickly going ooooohhhh! to become a headline in the game on! weather forecast. now, that's yes for less. the heat coming back for saturday and sunday for inland spots. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. . good morning here 579:28 from the real trial traffic center. main travel times this morning,
7:28 am
good news is they are not absolutely terrible. starting with the east bay travel times only one of them is in the red and that's highway to the mcarthur maze. 580 looks good as do 24. that's only in the yellow. now once you get to the maze you hit this. that's the slow down from the maze to the toll plaza. and then once you are through there, you are good to go into san francisco darren. look at the daytime highs today and see that even though they are hot inland, numbers are cooler than they were yesterday. it's low 90s and again, for concord, livermore going to 9 3. we will top out at 86 in santa roadsa. and 67 in san francisco. oakland is going to 74. and we are going to keep doing the same numbers for the rest of the workweek. warming up for the weekend. wayne: whoo! oh, snap! jonathan: say what? - let's make a deal, wayne! wayne: you're going to tokyo. tiffany: more cars! jonathan: a new jaguar! - big deal! wayne: $75,000!
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7:30 am
7:30 on "ctm." here's what's happening this morning. >> we're going to unite this amazing country. >> brexit champion boris johnson will become the u.k.'s newest prime minister. >> our goal is to get the truth, the facts to the american people. washington prepares for former special counsel robert mueller to testify before congress. >> i'm not going to be watching probably. maybe i'll see a little bit of it. i'm not going to be watching. protesters in puerto rico say they won't stop until the governor steps down. plus, a rare look inside the u.s. drone program that's fighting overseas with pilots on american soil. >> every day i get to go home and spend time with my wife and daughter. and we'll take you to the field of light to see a magical art installation that comes alive at night. >> it's what the world needs
7:31 am
right now. you see all the beautiful light and potential and possibility. >> like that. >> i do, too. >> possibilities right now -- >> i like the title of that, guys, "american wonders." i like that. >> infinite possibilities. >> i like it, i'm tony dokoupil. there is gayle king. vladimir duthiers is here because anthony mason has some well-deserved time off. >> yes, he does. >> good to be here. we begin with an administrator at morehouse college has been put on leave an a former student's accusations of sexual misconduct. michael keefe posted a twitter about the alleged conduct of assistant dean and interim housing director demarcus crews. at least two more students have come forward with allegations against faculty members when they say the school also ignored. mark strassmann is at the all-male college in atlanta. mark, you spoke to one of the accusers. what did he tell you? >> reporter: his name is michael
7:32 am
key. he says he took his frustrations to social media because morehouse refused to deal with him and wants to ensure all schools take care of students. >> he always targets freshmen. i see it every day. it sickens me. >> reporter: michael key said demarcus crews repeatedly hit on him. >> my freshman year, he used to do [ bleep ] hugging me, pinching on my cheeks. >> reporter: he complained to morehouse and says nothing was dne. morehouse has a problem? >> definitely. there's definitely a problem, definitely. >> reporter: what is that problem? >> 100%. predatory behavior. >> reporter: it's adults on students? >> on students, yes. >> reporter: another student re-tweeted key's post last week and shared a video saying crews had also targeted him. >> i didn't feel comfortable at morehouse. >> reporter: morehouse is investigating the sexual misconduct allegations and has placed crews on unpaid leave. key says the college ignored his
7:33 am
complaint until his tweet went viral. in january, 2018, he filed a title ix complaint through the department of education. the federal law protects students against sexual harassment. nothing happened for a year and a half? >> a year and a half. it was a terrible, terrible year and a half. i didn't know what to do. i was following the system. i thought title xi was going to be there for me. i went into deep depression, grades started falling. >> reporter: you continued to run into crews -- >> i saw him every day, all day every day. he's -- our campus is small. >> reporter: another former morehouse student has sued the college and several staff members. he asked us to conceal his identity. he claims former assistant professor robert peterson physically and sexually assaulted him in 2015 while studying abroad in brazil. >> he grabbed my thigh and moved his hands toward my inner leg and up toward my private area, close.
7:34 am
and -- and in brazil, he tried to, like, man handle me a little, and choke me, grabbed me by the arm. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs news, peterson called the allegations false and exaggerated and said "none of this happened." >> we need to get rid of the facades. we need to tell people what's going on. that's the only way this school can be the best it can be. >> reporter: key has left morehouse and is looking for a new school. we got a statement from morehouse that said the school is committed to providing a safe environment, free from sexual misconduct and discrimination. we'll investigate and respond swiftly. as for crews, gayle, he never got back to us. >> all right. i'm sure morehouse is listening with both ears how if they weren't before. thank you so much, mark. an ins look at the nerve center for u.s. air force drone missions
7:35 am
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7:39 am
remotely piloted aircraft are getting new attention amid reports iran shot down a u.s. navy drone last month and the u.s. downed an iranian drone last week. many of the drones flown overseas are piloted from a military base here in the united states. janet shamlian got a rare behind-the-scenes look at those operations, and she joins us now from creech air force base in nevada. what's it like out there? >> reporter: good morning. well, creech is deep in the desert. it's about an hour's drive from las vegas. when you get here, this is what you'll find -- a hangar filled with the aircraft fleet of drones. that, by the way, is a term the military does not love.
7:40 am
they prefer remotely piloted aircraft. whatever you call it, the reaper, this plane specifically, which has been in the headlines lately, has become an all-star in the military's war on terror. hours before first flight, engines fuel up. final checks are made, and the reaper is out to the runway. >> i see it. >> reporter: the team at the controls is a mile away in a room that's effectively the plane's cockpit. this is the aircraft they're flying across the nevada desert. they'll soon be navigating a similar reaper in the skies above hot spots around the globe without ever leaving the states. this islots. thts insre training to fly missions all over the world. 600 pilots and 350 sensor or camera operators work in teams around the clock. >> the air conditioning unit --
7:41 am
>> reporter: averaging six air strikes and 1,000 combat hours every day. >> the act of taking a human life, supporting on the ground, is as stressful as was in '16. >> reporter: major price is a combatant in the sky. >> right now i could turn the laid or and fire another missile. >> reporter: sometimes dropping hellfire missiles or precision-guided bombs on high-value targets. >> our job is to be in the test >> he says being close to home makes them a better pilot. >> even though i might get home at weird hours, i get to go home and spend time with my wife and daughter. >> are the missions themselves are classified. >> this is able to provide 360 degrees of rotation. >> reporter: so are other capabilities of the reaper, but here's what the air force will say. they are protected against threats to try jam the signal
7:42 am
between pilot and plane. as aviators patrol the sky, without ever leaving the ground. it takes about a year to train one of these pilots. australia, spain, france all use this to train. and the uk's royal air force stations its pilots here. they live here and they use the cockpits to fly their planes out of here. their drones out of here. gayle? >> wow, janet, thank you very much. >> really interesting. first of all, i didn't realize how big those things are. >> me too, yeah. >> you hear the guy saying good-bye to his daughter and steps into that cockpit they have in the desert, he's at war. i mean, between your bed at home and the war zone is like that. >> i've been in awe of how young our service members are. they are so sanlttalented but m are just in their 20s. >> yeah, difficult. >> janet, thank you. that was fascinating. still ahead, why macy's is pulling a line of tablewear from
7:43 am
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7:47 am
here's "cbs this morning's" saturday co-host michelle miller. >> good morning. a lot going on. here are a few stories that we think you'll be talking about today. the senate is expected to vote on legislation later today that would permanently finance the september 11th victims
7:48 am
compensation fund. the measure strongly support by comedian and activist jon stewart passed a house vote earlier this month. the bipartisan bill would ensure the fund provides money to those who have illnesses or injuries linked to toxins after the 2001 terror attacks. that's. >> that's got to pass today. he has shamed them into doing something. i think rightful you so. >> yeah -- rightfully so. >> yeah, two this blocked the vote -- >> 200 members died. >> that's right. >> after 9/11. >> only 353 died during the attacks. >> right. wow. >> michelle, your old hometown, new orleans, lost an icon. >> the music world is grieving. cbs new orleans facility wwl reports the entire entertainment community is mourning the death of musician art neville.
7:49 am
♪ >> the singer and keyboardist nicknamed poppa funk was part of a storied new orleans plan that helped define the city's music for decades. he performed with his siblings as part of the neville brothers band and found him in the meters. i knew him as the funky meter. he died at his home yesterday surrounded by family. neville was 81 years old -- >> you probably knew him -- >> i did. my first jazz fest, you know, he was so kind. they would always close jazz fest. 15 consecutive years. you know he has -- there were five brothers in all, a sister, three children, one of whom is in the industry with us. >> i saw -- >> phil neville. condolences go out to them. >> sad day in new orleans. >> it is. ♪ >> loved it. he will be missed. what apparently will not be missed is -- >> can you believe this? oh, my gosh. mace's is now apologizing after
7:50 am
a line of plates meant to help with portion control led to complaints of body shaming. allie ward posted this on twitter. portion sizes -- this got me. labeled as skinny jeans, favorite jeans, or mom jeans. what am i supposed to wear -- come on. many took to twitter calling the messaging toxic and harmful. in response, macy's said it, quote, missed the mark on the product on and will remove it from all its locations. you think? >> i had a big eye roll about that. i just thought, number one, you control what you put on your plate. i actually thought it was cute. was thinking maybe i would order the plates. i thought it was a fun idea. >> portion control does matter. and i wonder would people be as outraged if instead of things like diabetes or heart health or, you know -- >> how about just gender neutral? will. >> there are people -- >> that's a good point. >> there are serious issues with people and eating. >> and mothers, new moms.
7:51 am
come on. >> i know all that. but -- >> body shaming is a real thing. >> okay. all right. >> we're split here on this. we're split. >> i thought macy's should have kept the plates. >> they could have taken the courage -- courageous stance to say if you don't like it, don't buy the plates. >> yes. >> snap, i like that. and we're getting a closer look at the transformation of tom hanks into mr. rogers for the upcoming film "a beautiful day in the neighborhood." take a look. ♪ it's a beautiful day in in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor would you be mine ♪ ♪ could you be mine ♪ please won't you be my neighbor ♪ >> aww. >> pretty close. >> yeah. >> so happy. >> so this movie focuses on the
7:52 am
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7:56 am
. this is a kpix5 news morning update. . >> good morning. it's 7:56 i am kenny choi. a power outage on treasure island. pg&e is in route. no word on the cause or when power will be restored. stay with kpix5 for the updates. and chp is searching for the gunman who opened fire a dan. they survived and the motive is not clear. it was a deadly night on the cal train tracks on peninsula. there were two fatal collisions about 3 hours apart. officials say the victims in burlingame and mountain view were trespassing. news updates throughout the day on your favorite plat forels including the website, it's less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
7:57 am
and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. . good morning here at 7:58 from the rule time traffic center i am tracking your commute times. let's start with the south bay now. those ride types of are in the red. this is full on hot and heavy south bay commute you are slow
7:58 am
and go 15 minutes on 101. okay on 85. 280, 23 minutes and 15 minutes on 87. let's look live out to the san mateo bridge where it's a slow car in the westbound direction. eastbound direction, you are good to go. let's lastly check in on east bay travel times where the east shore freeway and 580 are in the red. you are still in the yellow so all right on 24. . going to warm into the low 90s inland. a little better than yesterday if you look at the number for d yesterday. so at least a move down a few degrees. we will stay here for few days and go up a little and down a little. but the real story is the warmup for the weekend. you can see the numbers that take a spike on saturday. as we go up to 97 inland in the mid-90s on sunday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday diswrjuly 23'd, 20. welcome back to "cbs this morning." millions of americans will watch special counsel robert mueller's blockbuster testimony tomorrow. the key questions and what mueller is likely to say. we already know that. plus our eye on money series, find out if you're eligible for the $700 million equifax settlement. first today's eye-opener. >> former special counsel robert mueller received a warning ahead of his highly anticipated congressional testimony tomorrow. >> the letter that doj sent sets out strict instructions for him telling him to stay within the boundaries of his all right. >> a lot of people here saying this is a role boris johnson has waited his entire life for. the leader of america's closest
8:01 am
allies may be a familiar face to americans. >> what we're seeing is all coming together in true washington fashion to borrow more money and kick the can down the road. >> have asked protesters if they are getting tired and they say not at all. in fact, every time the governor gives an interview, it adds fuel to their fire. it was a wild and chaotic night. >> dangerous flooding slamming the east coast as it cools down from a record breaking heat wave. a new study finds more pregnant women turning to marijuana to deal with morning sickness. >> just a few yea they are like, should we be giving this to cancer patients? now it's how high will the baby get. that's how it works. anything you give a mom you give the fetus too. you don't want a high fetus. i can feel him eating doritos. >> eye-opener presented by toyota. let's go places. >> the weather footage, i hear
8:02 am
you got caught up in weather. >> can i tell you a weather story. shout out to the team at wtb in charlotte, north carolina. that's where i got off yesterday, came back. we circled for three hours, tony, three hurst in the air and then couldn't land in new york but landed to philadelphia. took the trains, planes, trains, automobiles. that's the story. the big thing there is we landed safely. the people there are so, so nice. they are big supporters of us, we're big supporters of them. nice way to spend the afternoon before mother nature speakervened. scott, kim, brigida, a lot of nice people. alex. i could name everybody. really nice, southern hospitality is no joke at wbtv. shout out to them. >> i'm tony dokoupil, this is gayle king and vladimir duthiers is here. >> surprised to be here.
8:03 am
>> we're going to begin with this, president trump says he'll watch a little bit ofcial counsel robert mueller's highly anticipated testimony tomorrow. cbs news learned mueller composed an opening statement. that statement has not been reviewed by the justice department. >> the testimony will be mueller's 89th appearance before congress. as in past experience he will bring a no nonas soon as and cautious approach to answering questions. here is a look. >> do you have any different information from that? >> i would have to go back and determine. >> were you aware those mosques were started by -- >> i would expect to get this memorandum would be accommodated. >> mr. mueller, that doesn't answer the question at all. >> paula reid has been reporting on the mueller investigation u thetable. appointed in may of >> thi most people on both sides of the aisle will be glued to
8:04 am
their tvs with a bowl of there, nonsense, cautious. will he be different tomorrow, do you think? >> absolutely not. you're going to hear yes, no, i direct you to page 134 of volume 2. that's why for the lawmakers it's all about the questions. that's how they are going to get their point across. they need to pack their questions with whatever facts they want to highlight. really all they are going to get is a yes, no. >> is this an attempt to get an audio book version of the report. >> absolutely. >> most people haven't read the report. >> exactly. only about 3% of the americans read the report. i'm in the 3%. >> a lot of lawmakers haven't read it either. >> exactly. they have just skimmed it. here you have the opportunity to hear from him. if a lot of people expect him to narrate his report, they will be sorely disappointed. i don't think you'll get a lot of clarity in the hearing. yes, no answers and rj letter s robert mueller telling him to stick to his report during the
8:05 am
testimony, can he legally do >> he asked for this advice. he asked whether there were any limitations to what he could say. you don't need to tell him stick to the four corners of his report. he said, look, i hope i don't have to talk about this again. if i do, i'm just going to stick to the report. like telling a plant not to move. he didn't need the letter. if there's a question he waves the letter and says doj says i can't matestify beyond the repo. >> is there an upside for democrats or republicans? >> both sides have an opportunity here. democrats can really try to drill down on the president's fitness for office on these questions of obstruction or whether the president was tryin this hearing. here is how. pack your question with quotes from the text messages between peter strzok and lisa page, having an extramarital affair
8:06 am
but difficuscouraging. it's a lot easier to understand bias than nuance of obstruction of justice. republicans could really sow some seeds of doubt about the origin if they craft the questions correctly. >> is the president worried? >> he is. i don't know if he should. i asked him about this ten days ago, said what would you like to hear from robert mueller. he got pretty agitated. launched into typical talking points, no bites at the apple, no collusion, he didn't tell me no obstruction. deep in the weeds, make a decision, up to rod rosenstein, he knows there's ambiguity here and some political danger for him. >> very interesting. >> we've all been to the must-see tv category for a lot of people. thank you, paula. really good to see you in person. "cbs this morning" will i bring you live coverage tomorrow me
8:07 am
norah is leading the coverage on that. all right. cbs news is getting a rare look at the u.s. military's fight against remnants of isis inside syria. our david martin is the only tv coordinator with general frank makenzie top commander, traveling in the region. they visited u.s. forces in syria. >> reporter an american black hawk helicopter lands on sun blasted syria. a small part of the nearly 1,000 u.s. troops still in syria, still hunting for isis. cbs news flew in here with general frank makenzie, commander of u.s. forces in the middle east. >> david, clearly we're still in ceria, working with our partners here to complete back clearing and finish off isis in euphrates river valley, east of euphrates river. those operations are continuing and continuing with good effect. >> the main u.s. base and supply hub for operations in syria is located in the north where a
8:08 am
runway long enough to handle jet transports had 12 flights scheduled the day we were there. in southern syria, a dry lake bed serves as the airstrip for remote outpost. it looks like a remake of a mad max movie. it's not the end of the earth, troops like to say, but you can see it from here. we asked general makenzie what troops are doing here. >> just inside southern syria, the u.s. forces here involved with our partners carrying on the fight to finish isis off. >> operating out of this compound which still bears the scars of previous ballotses, u.s. special forces travel to more remote outposts to enlist local tribes in the hunt for isis. 1,000 troops may not seem like a lot until you see all that it takes to support them. the ospreys that took us out of syria had to refuel in midair in
8:09 am
order to make it. it's been eight trps out of syria. all you have to do is look around and you can see they are not going anywhere any time soon. for "cbs this morning," david martin in southeast syria. >> all right. david martin, thank you. just hours after appearing only on "cbs this morning" singer r. kelly's crisis manager resigned. in a statement to cbs news, darrell johnson said he's stepping down for, quote, personal reasons, and he did not elaborate. >> that's right. yesterday on ctm johnson made headlines when he said he would not leave his 20 something daughter alone with anyone accused of being a pedophile. r. kelly is charged william assaulting young girls. >> would you leave your daughter with r. kelly. >> i wouldn't leave my taught with anybody accused of pedophilia.
8:10 am
>> you're defending r. kelly but saying you wouldn't leave your daughter with him. >> i wouldn't leave my daughter with anyone that's accused of being a pedophile. >> r. kelly is currently held without bond after sex crime charges in new york. you could almost say it was the case of the crisis manager creating a crisis. i talked to darrell last night, he said he was not asked to step down. he's stepping down for personal reasons, reasons he believes he could become a distraction to r. kelly's case. he believes in r. kelly and he believes in this whole process and says at the he said of the day the courts will decide. but no one asked him to leave, he said. >> it's like he came to a realization at our table what was being alleged. all of a sudden it dawned on him. >> equifax agreed to the largest ever settlement for a data breach. ahead, how to know if you're eligible for a
8:11 am
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. . it's tuesday, we look at familiar eaffecting americans.
8:17 am
this morning -- affecting americans. this morning we are focusing on an agreement by the credit monitoring company equifax. it will pay up to $700 million after a data breach in 2017. up to $425 million of that would establish a fund to compensate consumers. about 147 million people, nearly half the country's population, had their personal and financial information exposed. equifax admits no wrongdoing, and a federal court still needs to sign off on the settlement. so to find out if you are eligible for a payout, we are joined by cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. good to see you. >> good morning. >> there settlement, if it's approved by the courts who will be eligible? >> again, of the 147 million people, some of them don't even know they were impacted. way back when, almost two years ago when the breachrr u wereouraged to go on hey, ir . a lot of people did it, but many didn't. equifax followed up, they mailed
8:18 am
notices, you were impacted. a lot of people blew it off. so what we really are wanting to do here is encourage people to stay on top of this story. go to because there will be a tool available that will let you know whether you are impacted by this credit breach. >> i'm amazed at settlements like this how much money companies have sitting around, $700 million, we'll do that. so if people do not come forward and stay on top of it, does that mean equifax will keep the money? >> well, it's up to the $700 million depending on how many people jump into the pool. but there's interesting details about what you could be entitled to. free credit monitoring for up to, say, ten years, whether through other credit monitoring companies or equifax. there's also a restoration of your identity so that is a really important component. that means if your identity was compromised, people -- they will help you get things back on inkt
8:19 am
attention, up to $20,000 if you can prove that this equifax breach actually damaged you. that could be including maybe time spent, maybe it's your identity was used to do something else. that $20,000 per person is getting a lot of attention now. >> people are rechecking their records. >> yeah. >> how has this affected their business? >> it's interesting because when equifax first announced this, the stock prices tumbled, it has since come back. you mentioned they have $700 million sitting around. they had already put $690 million set aside. here's the critical portion of this part of the question -- nothing in the credit monitoring and reporting businesses has substantively changed. i think consumer advocates are upset about that. >> meaning your data is still or could be potentially compromised. >> that's exactly right. they want them to beef the systems up. but i'm not sure they have. as consumers, what does that mean? it means we have to be vigilant. and that means you keep an eye
8:20 am
on it. >> how difficult it would be to prove that i was breached? if i'm at home look at you now -- >> i think it is basically very difficult to understand whether or not that breach -- let's assume you were breached, that it was used for nefarious reasons. that's why this $20,000 is going to be elusive. i don't think a lot of people will be able to prove they were damaged financially. we'll stay on this, i promise. ftc.g, sign up for the e-mail alerts. >> got a lot done there. thanks. >> jamie yuccas met the artist using light to bring people closer to nature. >> reporter: i think what's so special about you is you put so much feeling into your art. >> how you feel and expressing how you feel is really an important point. a really prime opportunity to come here and just be in a space, take a breath, and just be here. >> be here. i like how he talks.
8:21 am
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you can do it without fingersticks. a young street magician stars in new commercials to fight the teenage vaping epidemic. ahead, the fda's $60 millionand i vaping campaign and -- million anti-vaping campaign and whether it will help stop kids from vaping. your local news is coming up. this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> i am kenny choi.
8:25 am
chp is searching for the gunman who opened fire on interstate 880 during rush hour traffic last night during the 98th avenue exit. two men were injured and no word yet on a meditative. a car hit and killed a pedestrian early this morning in santa rosa just after midnight. the driver is not injured and police are investigating and road closures remain in effect due to a wildfire in a remote part of napa county. the canyon fire had burned more than 60 acres with containment up to 60%. we will have updates about the day on your favorite platforms including our website at
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. let's get a look at some of your commute times across the bay area starting with the south bay and you are in the red on the 101 heading 20 6/8 your interchange and also on 280 from 680. 85 and 87 and those are only in yellow. you are slow across the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction with no brake lights or issues to report and is starting to get busier in the eastbound direction as well and you are in the red on the eastshore freeway as well as on 580 from 238 toward the maze and highway 22 two walnut creek still looks good. you are slow and go all of the way to the toll plaza and then you are moving along at a better speed. the daytime highs have some
8:28 am
subtle differences from yesterday if you look at the daytime highs or the locations inland. it is mid-90s yesterday so there is a 3 degree drop spots in the mid-80s or the bay and 74 in oakland. looking at the seven-day forecast hold the line here with low 90s for the next few days and then the warm- up for the weekend with 97 degrees on saturday and 95 on sunday. everybody else is pretty much experiencing the same kind of day and we will stay in the mid-80s throughout the back.
8:29 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's that time to bring you some mo the stories tha we get to ck
8:30 am
you're going first. >> so i saw this story, it was first reported by the "dallas morning news" about a young 18-year-old u.s. citizen who was born in dallas, texas. he was picked up by border patrol agents. he office his way to a college soccer game, tryout. he's been held in federal custody for three weeks. even though he provided a birth certificate, he provided a texas i.d. card, he provided a social security number. check out this graphic. all of his documentation. we have reached out to i.c.e. and cvp, we have not heard back. they have not commented. why this struck me, guys, is because i'm an american citizen born in this country. my parents were not. could this happen to me? >> potentially it could. i was reading a story, his brother, i believe, who's one year younger is not an american picked up. it seems as though officials don't believe that the brothers would have a split destiny in terms of --
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