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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  July 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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across the state cities are overrun with rats. >> still, kiet do says california is moving to ban rat poison the. >> reporter: so this first on the public radar back in 2014 when the state band everyday consumers from using a very potent class of rat poison. here we are five years later and public awareness and anger about these poisons is an an all-time high. you are looking a video of a so- called fisher, with a concerned case of toxic doses. got sick after eating rodents that have had poison from themselves. wildlife experts have been finding traces of rat poison in the carcasses of predators for years. and in march of this year, a popular mountain lion known as p 47 was found dead in the hills above los angeles county. it showed he had six different rat poison compounds that contaminated his liver and he died a slow, agonizing death from internal bleeding. >> seeing him lying dead because of exposure to these
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toxic poisons, that is a very, very big wake-up call. >> reporter: allison says the death of p 47 was the tipping point for an all out rat poison ban statewide. they cleared the assembly earlier this summer by a wide margin. in a passes, 1788 with a ban so- called second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide with some exceptions. the problem with the ban is a some california cities are being overrun by rats. los angeles city hall, there was a typhus outbreak earlier this year when fleas carrying this is the disease were spread by rats that had invested a nearby homeless encampment. and some of them of the test control industry is sounding the alarm saying that if ab 1788 passes the rat population could be. the pest-control operators of california has lobbied for running buffer zones and near sensitive wildlife habitats and
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requiring the purchase of stickers in order to more tightly restrict the usage of the poisons. >> we need every tall tool possible to knockdown these populations. if you take an important tool at the toolbox, that leaves us with more challenges. >> you can kill as many as you like but if you still have something that is attracting rodents, open garbage, if you have anything that is attracting rodents, it doesn't matter how many you poison. there will still be more. >> reporter: ab 1788 has cleared the assembly. after the summer break it will head into sessions and committees. they could vote on an as early as end of the summer. live in san jose, kiet do kpix 5. a developing story in san francisco police investigating a road rage shooting that started around 3:00 with an incident between two cars along interstate 280. both drivers ended up pulling off the freeway. multiple shots were fired from one car into the other near broad street. the driver was not hit, nobody was injured. police are still looking for the suspect. here is a look at our other
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top stories at 5:30. a couple accused of teaming up to rob boutiques in downtown danville. >> the same suspects were caught on camera swiping goods and cottage and jewel antiques and win house. merchants have been warned to be on high alert. >> department of justice is opening a broad antitrust review of the tech sector, it comes as members of both card parties call for more scrutiny of big tech. it is unclear which companies are involved in the doj says it is only gathering information for now. tech stops stocks dropped on the news. the federal government was to set new rules for food stamps and take power away from states like california to determine who is eligible. thousands obey area will lose access to cow fresh. cal fresh. congress is expected to fight the movement. i am at the live news desk right now with a story that hits pretty close to home here at kpix 5. richmond police with an update today on the murder investigation involving an employee, a kpix 5 janitor who worked in our studio.
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the family of miguel ramirez joining police at a news conference in an effort to find those responsible. 56-year-old ramirez worked as a janitor, as i mentioned. at the studio here for years. he was killed back in may after being struck by a stray bullet outside his richmond home. family members say he had gone outside to get the mail. something everybody does every day. police say the shot was fired of blocks from where miguel was hit the nuke clue now, a dodge durango seen driving away from the scene. police had this to say about it. >> the fingerprints on the vehicle side driving towards the area. there are multiple gunshots exchanged. >> police added that one person that was in be questioned. and they are looking for other people who are involved this evening. a $10,000 reward is being
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offered. meantime miguel's warm personality and kind smile are still being missed every day here at kpix 5. we miss him and wish his family well. i do live news desk, am ken bastida. >> i hope they solve the case. a new twist in this case, documents reveal san francisco police failed to tell a judge of that their target was a journalist. police raided journalist brian carmody's home in may trying to discover who had leaked the death report a public defender jeff and dottie. a warrant to search his cell phone records reveals police identified him only as a videographer communications manager, not a journalist. the raid on his home spurred nationwide criticism as a violation of press freedom. libby schaaf to said today he is she is shocked to learn that isaac chartered flights in and out of oakland to deport residents. i started nearly 1000 private flight carrying over 40,000
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detainees. it all happened between 2010 and 2018 in and out of oakland international airport. the mayor claims that only the city, but the port of oakland officials also were kept in the dark >> it came as quite a surprise knowing our strong and unapologetic stance as a century city. i am pleased that port officials also were not happy to learn about this. they have reviewed all of oakland's x-ray policies and believes they have been in compliance.? the mayor says since efforts airports are so heavily regulated, there are no limits on what the information that they can receive on passengers and their identities. today, ice announced its agents arrested just 35 migrants in an operation targeting 2000. the raids were meant to target families who had been ordered removed by an immigration judge. the acting director said the arrest happened nationwide, but do not specify exactly where, or when.
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president trump said last week that the raids were "very successful.". governor newsom announced changes to the troubled dmv including the first report by his reinvention strike team. it outlines more than 100 new remote kiosks which will begin operating by the middle of next month. a pilot program for the use of credit cards and field offices and an upgrade to the dmv website. there is also a warning, long wait times are for real id processing. >> the systems that underlie, to hold up the department of motor vehicles. the architecture, the technology. it is byzantine, it is technology that predates. >> the governor also per promise a marketing campaign that many offices, many are open on saturday. not all, but many. to improve services on dmv offices will close tomorrow until one in the afternoon for real id training.
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berkeley plans to be the next city to offer a safe parking site for people living in their rvs. tonight the city council will consider two proposals. one offers people who live in their cars a two-week parking permit for a fee to cover the city's cost. another set up a safe parking site on a privately owned parking lot. the berkeley marina was originally considered a location a year after dozens of rvs were evicted there and that is now off the table. tonight, richmond's mayor will introduce a bill to restrict the sale of e cigarettes in the city. the initiative outlines a stronger age rules to limit access to children and teens, if it is approved the restriction would be in place until e cigarettes have been reviewed by the fda. today, senator kamala harris helped introduce a bill that would decriminalize and tax marijuana at the federal level. the proposal would authorize a 5% sales tax on pot and pot products. the revenue would be used to
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generate funds for job training. substance abuse treatment, literacy programs and other services. the bill would also create a process to expunge past federal pot convictions and it would allow immigrants to no longer be subject to deportation based on a minor marijuana offense. the bill is expected to face major obstacles with republicans. 9/11 first responders suffering illnesses linked to ground zero are now one step closer to relief. today the senator voted to reauthorize the 9/11 victim compensation fund. if signed by the president it will provide financial support to cover healthcare bills of four thousand the first responders and survivors of the 2001 terrorist attacks. >> your loss, painful as they are are not in vain. to them >> today you know all of you, this country stands with you. >> officials say 200 firefighters have died since 9/11 due to health complications from the recovery and cleanup. president trump expects to sign the bill on friday. the senate also confirming mark
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esper as the secretary defense with a 90 half a 8 vote. he was sworn in hours later by a supreme court justice at the white house. two teenagers previously reported missing in canada are now the suspects in the deaths of a young couple and in the death of another man. tonight those teenagers are still on the run. >> today police released these new images of 19-year-old kam mcleod and 18-year-old bryer schmegelsky. >> we believe that they are likely continuing to travel. but we do not have a possible destination, we can now confirm they were last seen driving a gray 2011 toyota rav4. >> police believe they may be behind the killing of an american woman and her australian boyfriend. >> it is a love story that ended tragically. >> reporter: stephen fowler is sending a desperate plea for information surrounding the deaths of his son lucas and
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lucas' girlfriend, north carolina native chynna noelle deese. >> two young people with everything ahead of them. tragically murdered. >> the young couple was wrapping up a two-week long road trip through northern british columbia when they were found shot to death last monday by their broken down van. newly released surveillance video shows the couple hugging at a gas station two days before their bodies were discovered. about 300 miles south, in the same province, several days later, police found a burning car longing to the two canadian teenagers. during that investigation the body of an older man was found a little over a mile away. police released the sketch of the victim, asking for help identifying him. >> this investigation is very complex. and ever evolving. investigators continue to follow up on tips and reviewing the physical and digital evidence collected. i am sharing information. >> 48 hours as previously reported on a notorious remote stretch of road near these crimes dubbed the highway of
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tears. at least 18 women, in the last 40 years have disappeared or been found murdered along it. now the two teenagers stopped communicating with her family several days ago. they are now believed to be somewhere in saskatchewan. police are warning people not to approach them, as they are considered dangerous. coming up a teenager shows incredible bravery. how he jumped into action to save his six-year-old neighbor from a dog attack. and an untouched, in alberta for in-n-out burger lying in the middle of a new york street. the internet is asking how to get there? coming up all-new at 6, another power outage on china treasure island. this is the ninth of this year. this evening, we asked what is going on? - hey, mike.
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this video sparking outrage in new york. it shows nypd officers getting water dumped on the multiple times. those officers in new york's harlem neighborhood as they made an arrest on lakers hurled water and other objects for them, the video has gone viral's barking spheres of backlash on both sides. some for their contempt of police, other saying the video is disgusting and appalling. the permit chief tweeted every new yorker must show mr. respect for cops. >> a six-year-old boy attacked by a dog in texas is safe and all things to his teen neighbor
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who jumped into action. >> his heroic actions were all caught on camera, we want to warn you the video may be difficult to watch. >> reporter: the attack can be seen from several different angles. the dog went straight for six euros mason who is playing in the driveway. >> my son was just laying on the ground. he is six. he kind of knows what to do, but he has never been put in a situation like that. >> reporter: mason's mom says she can hear the screams when their 19-year-old neighbor happened to be outside. >> as soon as i noticed i just ran over there without thinking and i did not know how, but i knew had to get the dog off of the boy. >> in the video he can be seen running directly towards the dog. the pitbull eventually focuses in on brown, giving mason a chance to run inside. >> all i see is my son running up to me and he has got his hand on his head, and there is blood coming down and everything. >> reporter: mason was bitten on the back of his head, a cut
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requiring several staples. he also has several bruises on his face. brad was injured as well, in the video you can see be seen running back to his house, the dog throwing him to the ground. >> i look back, my shoes came off, i tripped and fell. the dog was on top of me before i knew it. i knew that i had to keep his mouth away from me. >> reporter: brown has a cut to his hand, but will he be okay. his mom is says that he is lucky that brown stepped up and acted like a true hero. >> there is nothing i could do, but just say thank you. >> absolutely amazing. that was bill reporting there. the dog has been surrendered to animal control and the owner has been cited. google has settled a lawsuit accusing the company of discriminating against older workers. the lawsuit says the average google worker was just 29 years old, compared to a nationwide average of 41 years old and the tech industry. plaintiffs will receive a minimum payout of $11,500, plus any lost wages determined on a
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case-by-case basis. any settlement totaling $11 million. google admits no wrongdoing in this settlement and not denies hiring on the basis of age. nearly one year after the transit center closed for repairs ac transit sentence service is returning. they will roll in august 11th. community and golden transit bus service also will start earlier this month. every open july 31st after lengthy repairs were finished on two cracked steel beams. 50 years ago tomorrow a historic splashdown took place in the pacific ocean. the roads on the safe return of the american astronaut to and walked on the moon. anks to ollo 11. ebration the lessons we learned about the moon, our planet and our selves change our future. >> seeing what is happened on the moon is a key to understanding our world
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the aftershocks keep coming. now caltech seismologist says he has calculated more than 80,000 in the ridgecrest area since the back to quakes earlier this month. despite the ongoing adult usgs
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is the chance of another quick attitude seven or higher has a low probability. >> the only shark we are getting is going from one client microclimate to another. >> it can be pretty stark. a lot of people drive a lot. you can see the traffic around here. you know a lot of folks are on the road. if you are leaving half moon bay and you forgot your jacket, you are a little bit upset about that. if you're going home to concord, forget a jacket, you may want to wear something without sleeves. any five degrees is the high today and concord. 63 and half moon bay. 32 degree temperature spread which gets even wider tomorrow. san jose nice day sunshine, 81 degrees and afternoon clouds coming up. san francisco 64. speaking of san francisco. the last time downtown san francisco was warmer than 73 degrees? that was 40 days ago. it has been 40 days since san francisco has hit 74 degrees or
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warmer. that is kind of strange when your 90s everyday and land but in san francisco you cannot get it above above 73. pollen count creeping back up into the fours and fives. not a moderate high or high but higher than it has been over the past couple of weeks. if you are suffering from allergies you may have resurfaced an amount of times you are sniffling. it'll still be there and probably for the next week or two at a minimum. lots of thunderstorms. it is las vegas, phoenix, tucson, flagstaff, palm springs this afternoon. just east of los angeles a few storm driving around. to see a high-pressure dome centered somewhere around we call the four corners of the four states where they come together in the desert southwest. what happens with a pattern like this? a strong area of low pressure to our northwest, we will get hot weather inland because of the influence of this, but the lows to our north and west keep a tiny onshore flow going which will keep temperatures down near the water.
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we get those big temperature spread for it is 60 at the coast and in close to 100 or even hitting 100 this weekend inland. not much cloud cover tomorrow morning. the afternoon will be even sunnier at the coast where you may make it to the mid 60s. look at the cloud cover increasing on thursday. will not see thunderstorms or showers, but the northern fringe of some the moisture to our south will get to us in the form of some cloud cover thursday afternoon. futurecast coming up friday into the weekend, the ridge slides a bit to the west. that means more of an influence in our weather and what is a big summertime ridge of high pressure that means warmer or hotter weather which we will have inland coming up this weekend. fog lesson last night but still there. warm up on wednesday, mid to upper 90s as we head towards the weekend inland. concord 96 tomorrow, 90 degrees above average. san jose almost 290 degrees. san mateo up to 81, danville 94, antioch 98. getting warmer. alameda 75 degrees that is warm for you compared to the past
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couple of days. mill valley will hit 82, petaluma 89 degrees. port, 99 and cloverdale 97. exited forecast we stay in the 90s and land until sunday, what happens? a couple of degrees hotter could see our 100 and most inland spots. and then we will stay seasonably cool but still above average with highs in the 60s and 70s near the water through the weekend into next week, that is your forecast. >> very nice, thank you so much. still ahead at 6 one bay area city seeing a huge spike in homelessness. we will break down the numbers. an aggressive scroll squirrel terrorizes a neighborhood, now the search is on to find her. in lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. oh! under 7? (announcer) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (announcer) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. it is a mouthwatering mystery on the streets of new york city. california native spotted an entire in and out burger left on the streets in queens. he says it was all there.
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two patties. not a bite taken out of it and the weird part, there are no in- n-out locations in new york or anywhere nearby for that matter. it is not clear how the burger got there or how it was left intact. maybe the rats prefer five guys? in-n-out says it was not some sort of a marketing stunt. can you believe it?? that is it for the news at 5. kpix 5 news at 6 begins now. not once, twice, but 3w9 times now the power has gone out here on treasure island just this year. the bad news? it might not get any more reliable anytime soon. new dashcam video showing the moments before a horrific crash and san francisco. a pedestrian killed, and now new calls for safer streets. word on how a standoff ends in the oakland hills. kpix 5 news at 6 starts now with what has become a new norm on treasure island. power outages. good evening i'm ken bastida. i >> i am veronica de la cruz and for elizabeth cook.
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wilson walker said the island frequent power problems are becoming a way of life wilson? >> reporter: here on treasure island where the power went out briefly this morning. the mechanical failures here on the island, and this was not the first time. >> know it is not, we have gotten kind of used to it. we are kind of, leave our lights and everything ready to go out here. >> reporter: this morning's outage lasted about 45 minutes blamed on equipment failure on the island, and it was the ninth outage here this year. >> my understanding is sometimes siegel's seagulls hit the transformers and knock them out, but, the time they went out for 13 hours, i did not understand the explanation for that at all. >> it is important to note that the infrastructure out there is about 60-80 years old and has a useful life of about 30-40. >> reporter: the san francisco public utility manages the infrastructure owned


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