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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  July 24, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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night sky. is wednesday, july 24. i michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. kenny is off. it is time to get a quick check on the weather forecast. >> it would be a little bit warmer than whatever it is on tuesday but you will notice this today particularly for inland spots. here is a look from the top of the salesforce tower. a little bit of the marine layer being held at the coast. it is 55 the city for san francisco. 2 degrees warmer in oakland. 57 in oakland. 51 in santa rosa. it is kind of chilly. beginning with the inland spots and clear spots overnight. if we look at where we are going, 70 in san francisco. that is a couple of degrees armor for the city. if we look at the rest of the bay area as a whole, ucd 96 degrees number for inland location. that is 30 three or four
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degrees warmer than yesterday and that is nothing when you look ahead towards the weekend. the bottom line said hundreds are coming inland this weekend her concord, livermore, going up to the 100 degree mark. i will show you what everyone is doing this we can. we are all going to notice the warm-up. it looks good. let's take a look at main drive times and bridges starting with the golden gate. at this hour in the northbound direction thoroughly enclosures and traffic troll place as the result of construction happening in the suicide barrier. basically you are down to one lane northbound. that will change shortly. the zipper cart will be in the case and that will open everything up southbound as well. it is not too busy for this time of the money. not many brake lights. he's found everything looks good to go. the papers reader delays are
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not i bet you are stacking up to the a 80 flyover. the fasttrack users have no problems and in the background you can see these are freeway headlights are av e ss. d even the live loom was just about an hour and former special counsel robert mueller takes the how the to capitol hill. he will answer questions about lawmakers about russian interference in the 2016 election and whether president trump obstructed justice. reporter explains white democrats are hoping for this morning and how they have been planning to grill the special counsel. >> reporter: former special counsel robert mueller will be on capitol hill today. testify before the house judiciary and intelligence committees. both hearings focus on what he found while investigating russian interference in the 2016 election. slot for many americans, learning what is on the report will be a revelation. >> reporter: robert mueller is a reluctant witness. the special counsel nearly two- year probe ended in may.
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the findings were published pag that did not identify evidence of a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia. however, it cited 10 instances of potential obstruction of justice involving the president. the apartment of justice that robert mueller eight that are asking to keep the testimony within the boundaries of the report. democrats are hoping to get more than that. so he owes the american people answers on important questions, like why he chose not to interview the president. >> reporter: the republicans of the president city robert mueller report is old news. suck i'm not watching.. it's like we have already heard from him. i don't how many times we wanted to see this movie. >> reporter: democrats agree to robert miller's request of the long-time deputy within today. but errands heavily will only be sworn in during the intelligence committee hearing. he will not be questioned by the judiciary committee. cbs news, washington.
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here is a lifelock inside of the capitol building right now. you can see the halls are bustling with a lot of people getting whether he for the hearing. trying to live from washington in the next half hour, just ahead of the testimony, cbs news will carry a special report around 5:15. you can watch it online. the u.s. justice department has opened an antitrust review of big tech companies including many in the silicon valley. the issue is whether tech giants that reportedly include apple, google, facebook, and amazon own too many pieces of the market and are harming competition. the main concern is whether the companies are stifling innovation by filing small startups and killing off potential rivals. the probe comes as some lawmakers and presidential candidates called for stricter regulations and possibly breaking up big tech companies. >> is the first time coming
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around. >> what is interesting is that tech is being demonized by democrats, including presidential candidates. but it is also being swiped at by the way health. the current president, anti- conservative forces in the republican party who feel like it is stifling free speech, in a way. spot google was the only company to provide a statement mentioning testimony at a recent house hearing but the company director of economic policy. item: testify google has helped reduce prices and expand consumer choices. >> the family of a richmond man making a desperate plea and an effort to help his find his killer. this is a tragedy that had home. 56-year-old miguel rodriguez worked for years as a janitor at the building. in the he returned home from work and was getting the mail and he was killed by a stray bullet. richmond police say it was the result of a gun battle along
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chancellor street and there were multiple witnesses, but few have come forward. video from a neighborhood surveillance camera shows two witnesses taking cover as gunfire erupts and it shows a car that police say was involved in the student. the gunfire happened between people in the car and somebody standing on the street and there is a $10,000 reward for leads leading to the arrest and the charging of the suspects. spec at least to get the peace of mind that justice was hurt.>> the has turned up leads. the week after the shooting the arrested the man driving the car, but they had to let him go because of eating state law. >> we know this person was involved. we know the person had the car and we cannot press charges against the person because we are looking for evidence. >> reporter: richmond police sergeant eric pomeroy said senate bill 1437 makes it difficult to charge getaway car drivers and other compasses unless the person was the
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actual killer pick the bill was co-authored by two state senators birth democrat republican joel anderson of san diego county into signed last year by governor jerry brown. a gunman opened fire in san francisco after a freeway fight is still on the loose. police say two drivers were involved in some sort of road rage argument onto 80 and pulled off on ingleside heights. one of the drivers fired multiple shots at the other hitting the vehicle. the driver was not hurt. also chp wants to know who has been aiming projectiles as cars on one-to-one. the gunfire rang out along the freeway hitting two cars in the printable area. that is a monterey county. this comes as the hb investigates a string of cars being hit by projectiles. at least 25 incidents have been reported since last year. bullets have been added to the list. one of the victims describe the terrifying moments.>> suddenly i heard this noise and it was
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really loud. and i assumed that my tire exploded. >> it was more of a boom. and i realized i was being shot at, and i just kind of docs and hoped for the best. >> turner bus was also hit by a projectile monday night. chp is increasing patrols along that stretch of highway. >> the berkeley city leaders are when plans to provide safe rv parking. this comes after killing a proposal to provide two-week permits. some people also voiced concerns last night city council meeting.>> i routinely see them in the neighborhood and frequently encounter humid waste and trash. >> i made my rv for my personal safety. spec it is hard to be on the streets and for people the house this to say do not let these people be here. what of these people were to say to not let those people have houses. how would you feel?
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select the berkeley city leaders say they are working with other cities and the county to get funding and land for safe rv parking site for the council members are also discussing possible lot at the marina despite tabling the plan earlier this week. >> offices will be closed for special training this morning after governor gavin newsom outlined changes to the embattled agency yesterday. these include a reinvention strike team is a permanent director for the dmv. >> most do not know at least it is 62 locations on saturdays. the utilization is low because people do not know. siu realize that we need a marketing campaign. we did not have one. we are investing in a marketing campaign. sought to improve services, more than 5000 employees will get special training. the dmv office will reopen 1 and employees learn how to deal with real id processing tinnitus. and new practices on delivering better customer service.
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a high school student has become one of the other people to undergo gender reassignment surgery. >> kenneth craig has more on the long and challenging journey. >> reporter: at 17 years old emily tressa finally feels fully herself. select the that you have been waiting for. stroke last month should become one of the youngest parts patients in the country to undergo gender reassignment surgery. >> for me it feels like i finally fully complete. >> reporter: emily was born a boy but she said she has only known she is a girl.>> i used to look at the girl in the mirror and said am i the only person that feels like this. truck as a child she changed her name and started dressing as a girl, first at home later at school.>> i just had the biggest fear of being judged. truck with parents support and under the care of doctors and
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psychologists, emily eventually started taking hormone blockers to prevent male puberty and then ushered into develop a female body. >> emily is a pioneer because she is at the forefront of this new generation of young kids, adolescents, who are realizing what they are much earlier in life, and are able to transition before puberty. >> reporter: the doctor performed the reassignment surgery at mount sinai hospital in new york, creating female anatomy that is fully functional. his team has completed 1200 various operations. spec have they come in far as the actual surgery, yes. >> reporter: fe chaing surgery given the alarming rate of suicide among transgender youth. families mother said her only fear is what would happen if she tried to hold emily back. >> we saw the unhappy boy and we saw the happy girl. i do knew the statistics.
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and we knew we would much rather have a live daughter than a dead son. >> reporter: emily has become an activist and uses social media to let others know they are not alone. >> >> it is okay to be you are present by yourself. >> reporter: kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> some experts say there are many barriers for transgender period people when it comes to accessing appropriate care.>> they said that can contribute to long-term health problems. not your typical food offerings. a behind the scenes look at the unique eats at the warriors new arena. taking a live luck this il we will be right back.
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something unique restaurants headed to the area and around the chase center
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arena and san francisco. >> dumpling time is one more than one of a dozen restaurants open year-round at thrive city outside of the chase center. the warriors say they chose a diverse group of local restaurant to add to the growing neighborhood. this friday, mission bay will welcome test craft brewery, little creatures to the neighborhood, located across from oracle park serving signature beers and the restaurant will feature australian and american classics. spec it wasn't until he started to dive in and have a look at the various areas we could be in that we worked out that this really was becoming an entertainment hub. >> construction is 95 percent complete the chase center and thrive city. they will open under a rolling basis over the course of a year. giants fans can start to enjoy this stuff as a baseball stat continues. >> i will take dumplings and australian beer. spec it was making me hungry.
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if you're going to the open coliseum it is peanuts and beer, and you will like it. you can get a lot of stuff there. we are going to be warmer in someplace like 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. let me show you what it looks like the camera that looks above at all. this is from the top of the tower and we are looking back down into the city. some of the locations here which have a few low clouds hovering over san francisco. this is the only place where we would wake up this morning and we will have the low clouds to look at. looking out towards the west. everyone else is clear. the temperatures in some spots arc chili. 21 in santa rosa. grab a sweater or jacket before you step outside. oakland is 57. 60 want to conquer. a 10 degrees difference from two of the inland locations. conquered, you will top the list in terms of heat for the weekend. concord and livermore.
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i have 100 degree temperatures in the forecast for saturday and sunday. here is the marine layer this morning. there is not much, but you can see that it is just hugging the coast. that is why i say everyone is making up to clear skies. talk about today. here are the inland numbers. i want you to look at the column on the right. or so then the actual daytime highs because it is the column on the right that shows you how different it will fear. san jose at 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. 88. it was 80 yesterday. santa rosa is 5 degrees warmer. livermore will be for resort and for concord and napa a one degree difference. let's do this for the bay. hayward, oakland, and fremont you are 6 degrees warmer than yesterday. haywood will be 80. oakland 77 and fremont 84. the thing that matters is the difference in terms of the increase. let me show you where the real issue comes in looking at the seven-day forecast, the top line for the inland locations
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and the weekend in particular is where the concern start to come in. especially looking at the rest of the week, we are pretty much staying low to mid 90s. we cool down a little thursday and friday but then we really >>. we go from 91 friday to 100 saturday and sunday. a similar story for the bay it will be the mid-70s and the low 80s upper 70s and mid 80s and the coast has a 70 degree day on saturday. it will be hot this weekend. not as hot as the june weekday but noticeably hotter than what we have had for the last six weeks. r ive looks ovl y areama picture for how the entire commuters. for the most part we are looking good. the only thing we'll talk about is the what advisory for the san mateo bridge.
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you are pretty much good to go. i will zoom in to some trouble spot. there is a truck fire southbound 880 as marina. the box truck caught fire. there on the team with the fire department trying to get that out of the way. it does not lock does not look like it is causing any delays. the richmond san rafael bridge construction in effect until 5:00 this morning. the east and westbound directions. is causing not causing any delays or slowdown. you should not be put back on your timeline. now through the altamont pass, to see the purple, there is an accident listed. that is why i've got it but i think it has been cleared. in the meantime i'm trying to get with chp. but it could be construction. full closer in the eastbound direction at 580. speeds are up zero. the opposite direction that is what we are looking at. you are looking good. not a problem. the solace we are going is 27
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miles per hour as you exit the tracy title heading towards the lanes have been fixed. you are all the way open in the southbound direction and the construction at the northbound direction has been cleared. there still flashing like midspan. i'm not sure what that is about. i will check in with them, and the next couple of minutes. the san mateo bridge looks good. it looks like even a little more clear than it was about 15 minutes ago. no brake lights to report as no problems at all. the bay bridge metering lights are not yet on but you have plenty of company. a major milestone for jenny on the block and iconic story heading to the theaters. >> daniel bacchus has the ion entertainment. took the first trailer for harriet, the biopic chronicling the life of harriet tubman shows the journey turner owned freedom before she led enslaved
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people to the underground railroad. cynthia arrival stars as harriet tubman scheduled to arrive in theaters november 1. >> reporter: to celebrate lucille ball spirit they i love lucy, a celebration hits theaters to a cinema event on august 6. fans will be able to see five classic episodes in never before seen material. what happens to your personal information when you share through the keyboard, they follow the personal journeys of those involved in the cambridge analytical facebook data scandal. spa credit card swipes and web searches. locations and bikes are all collected in real time into $1 trillion a year industry. >> reporter: you could see the documentary on netflix and in theaters today. >> reporter: jennifer lopez is blowing 50 candles on her birthday cake. she has been celebrating the big day on her it's my party to
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are making the final stop in miami july 26. that is the ion entertainment. tonya bacchus, cbs news, los angeles. 230 drillers and they both went to extra innings and the giants fans the baumgartner of the giants uniform for the last time. what is next? here is a live look outside before we go to the break. this is the city of san jose. it is wednesday morning. we will be right back.
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is now way the can trade madison bumgarner. they have become the best orient baseball. had to put the question. to bruce before last nights game. >> let me hear your thoughts on the possibility it may be his
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last start. >> i have not thought about. he is saying the same thing. we are doing a lot of good things right now, and that is all the team is thinking about. like it may be, but the scouts for the yankees and red sox washing baumgartner against chicago did not disappoint her down goes david. he pushed out seven and allowed three once and seven innings for a 4-3 lee peck the next and in tommy watkins holy deleted jason heyward tying a sigonella taking the went off of the board. pablo is here. over five in the 13th inning. and to the words of the great you cannot tell it goodbye. the giants fourth walkoff the last six games. two games of of 500 and staying two games back at the wild-card race. the heroics did not stop with the giant. they got left off in houston just in time. the left in the ninth inning. a 2-1 the. the first one matt olson crashes the goal three run home
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run. 21st of the year and is have a d- to ad. and not finish it off. he gave up a sacrifice fly, and the game goes into extra innings. the 11th inning. ramon finds left heel the corner. also scores in oakland woods 4- 3 and in the words of the late great bill king, holy toledo. hill still eating bite 2 at the wild-card race. there clinging to a 2-1 read against the base 226 matt kapler looks like a game- winner, but aaron hicks is superman. incredible dive and catch up to and it. winning a real picture when. the gratis report to training camp friday aunt the receiver antonio brown looks ready. he seven-time pro bowler, trained by catching a brick with one hand, using the other hand to slap his trainers hand. he did all while wearing a
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loafer. the man, the receiver is coming to a stadium you. e openg ni press conference is this friday. who is ready for some football? forgot our walks. we need to do something like that. he made it look easy. start coming up, robert mueller is expected to shed new light on has russia investigation. we are live on capitol hill with what we can expect to hear from his testimony. shorter lines at the local dmv office. at least that is the goal. they're closing down for half a day to read train their staff.
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we are live on capitol hill where and just a 30 minute we hear from the special counsel
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robert mueller, what questions about the russian investigation and democrats want answered. shutting down to shape up. why dmv offices across the bay area are closed. months after an employee shot and killed, new heartbreak for his family. the state law that forced police to let the suspect go. good morning it is wednesday july 24 i michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. and he has the morning off and it sound like a lovely morning to have off. darren peck has the weather forecast. it is a nice one and it is just warmer for some of us. and some of us will notice this a lot. let me start off by showing you what it looks like the top of the sales force camera if you're looking at the screen, there are just a few clouds showing up along the coast. the cameras looking west from the city all past the tower and out over the ocean beach. this is the only place you will find low clouds. may be a few over the city but everyone else is


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