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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 24, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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a grass fire breaks out. the battle to save homes. a police sergeant has been, cameron taking a man in handcuffs and swimming his face into a car. the city is now facing a multimillion dollar civil rights lawsuit. plus the contra costa county teenager who saw flames and helped save two lives. >> she ran past the fire that was coming out of the garage. we are live with the new plan to deal with epic crowds at the chase center. why it won't cost you a dime. >> we understand everyone is concerned. the new kpix news at 7
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starts right now with the grass fire in santa clara county. i am ken bastida. >> i am veronica de la cruz. the fire now burning in the foothills east of san jose between sarah and filter road in the diablo range. this was taken from chopper 5 a few minutes ago. cal fire ordering four caretakers to battle the blaze. it has already burned 50 acres just within the past hour or so. as of right now, the fire is a zero containment. the fast-moving blaze already burning up 250 acres and one structure has been destroyed. black smoke can be seen throughout the santa clara valley. there have been no injuries and no evacuations to tell you about. is the temperature rises, the relative humidity drops. we did see that today with values down below 25 or 30%.
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hotspots around 100 degrees. clayton, 104. concord, 102. this heat has been away from the water. if you find yourself near san pablo bay, san francisco bay, the coastline, it is markedly cooler. 40 degrees cooler. in the financial district, it is 72 in san francisco right now. notice the lack of fog. san jose has a northwest breeze of 13 miles per hour. i will call it breezy around the fire conditions. a toasty 97 degrees currently in concord. tomorrow 10 degrees cooler. i will explain why and when 100 degree heat is likely to return. a bart update to tell you about. the lake merritt station has not reopened after a person was struck by a bart train. this happened a little before 6. a
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passenger took this photo. first responders tending to someone stuck under the train. there are still major delays and residual delays are expected across the system. tonight a call to oust some of palo alto's police staff starting from the top. that is after new surveillance video captures a controversial arrest. why some are saying officers crossed the line. >> reporter: the city of el out to has been's slapped with a federal civil lawsuit. the sergeant is being said by some he needs to go. >> in my view, he does not seem to be in this permission. >> reporter: a former judge and former independent police officer is outraged after watching the video of the arrest. that is the officer of accused him of driving with a suspended license.
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when alvarez asks him who was behind the wheel. >> how did you know who was driving? >> i didn't. >> reporter: a judge later dismissed the charges. nonetheless, he goes back into the house. that is when the officer calls for backup. >> come out. come out. >> reporter: several officers arriving kick down his door, drag him out, and arrest him. while he is in handcuffs, the surge is the sergeant slammed his head on the car. it cut his lip. officers are required to document any use of force, but in the police report, the sergeant wrote i put alvarez on the's car when he was handcuffed. no other force was used. >> he clearly knew the use of force was improper. why would he report something that was improper? in my view, that is a cover-up. >> reporter: one attorney played
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audio from the sergeant's own microphone that were disparaging remarks and mocks him. >> a low life. he had to look behind him. >> reporter: he has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit saying that the department is dishonest and unhealthy. >> is very clear that the palo alto police department as a whole suffers from a culture of violence, a culture of racism, a culture of homophobia, xenophobia. >> reporter: the city released a statement that says in part you should know we have procedures to in in contra costa county, a
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teenage girl is being called a hero. juliette goodrich reports that she jumped into action to help two elderly people escape from their burning home. >> reporter: despite all of the fire damage they you see behind me everyone inside at home made it out okay including two people in a wheelchair. that is thanks in part to the help of neighbors and firefighters. >> we heard this loud explosion. >> reporter: the fire started in the evening. 14-year-old abby was across the street , to humble to go on camera. she asked that we not show her face. >> at first, we thought it might have been gunshots. we came to the backyard. >> reporter: but then she saw smoke and realized her neighbor's home was on fire. another neighbor went inside the burning home to help rescue two people who were in wheelchairs. that is when abby rushed over to help them down the ramp. >> i grabbed onto the
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wheelchair from the other lady. i helped them both walked down the ramp. >> she ran past the fire that was coming out of the garage and helped get them down and make sure they were away from the fire. >> reporter: and then something you don't see every day. a firefighter recovering an american flag from inside the home. this man too emotional to talk to date on camera, showed us his father's flag, the flag untouched by fire still preserved in the glass case. >> my father was world war ii. >> reporter: while investigators try to find the cause of the fire, it is moments like this etched in the minds of everyone in this neighborhood in the instant lifesaving efforts of others. did you ever think you would do something like this, instantly help someone? >> i feel like most people should. i feel like it is something i would do. >> reporter: in india, juliette
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goodrich, kpix 5. heading to the chase center for warriors games, maybe concerts. the team wants to pay for your muni ride to get there. >> as andria borba found out, not everyone is convinced it will help ease the traffic. a free ride, though. >> reporter: a free ride is a free ride. the t line runs right behind me. the warriors are hoping that fans of the game and concerts alike choose to use that instead of getting in their cars and driving down here. what happens when you shove at least 18,000 people into mission bay? >> the traffic is going to be gridlock. >> reporter: that is the worry of the people who live near the nearly completed chase center. the warriors have a plan they hope will help. free muni and train passes with people with any tickets to an
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event at the chase center. >> it will be based on attendance numbers. they will do serve count every year. they will give us an estimated number. >> reporter: sf mta spokesperson erica kato shows how will work. /your ticket on paper or on phone and walk on through. patients on staff are concerned that the lure of free transit won't be enough. >> it is bad enough to find a parking lot here in the family section. at all this to that, and will be never ending traffic. >> maybe for some people, but not the people who should move in. >> reporter: the chase center opens in september. that is a month after the cancer city moves to mission bay adding even more people. coming up next, the hottest
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team in baseball do it again? the highlight from today's afternoon battle at oracle park. why steph curry's uber rating has a lot of people talking. you say you support affordable housing. would you put it in writing? a nonprofit wanted to. we will tell you why coming up. 75 degrees in san francisco today, making it the warmest day in the city in a month and a half. coming up, we will talk about why we cool down 10 degrees tomorrow and friday will gain those 10 degrees back this weekend.
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations.
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these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. i am susie steimle in san francisco where a nonprofit is asking you to sign a petition saying you want affordable housing right where you live. daniel is asking san franciscans to stop shoe gazing and start asking for affordable housing in your neighborhood. >> don't look away. don't walk by. >> reporter: his nonprofit, tipping point community, just watched an all in campaign that challenges san francisco's in every neighborhood to sign a petition saying they want to help the homeless now. >> it's not okay for just a
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couple of neighborhoods to bear the brunt of responsibility. it affects all of us. >> reporter: you can think of it as the anti-nimby movement. there are 268 affordable housing projects in the pipeline in san francisco. most of those are concentrated in the east side of the city. this petition asks that each district builds something. more than 50 companies, including airbnb and google, are backing the all in campaign. >> when the politicians see that their community wants to solve this problem, they will be boulder, and they will know we have their backs. >> reporter: the official launch of this all-in campaign is tomorrow morning 11 am. in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. it was a great day for baseball. sadly enough, both bay area teams came up empty-handed. >> i'm upset.
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>> i know you are. you won't stop talking about it. >> thank you. >> let's get the details. let me continue the suspense if i may. the giants ended their home stands today. you've got to wonder, will there be new faces when the team returns following the trade deadline in about a week. today, birds of a feather looking for a sweet. chicago hit three home runs off of rookie tyler beatty. san francisco is 2.5 games behind the wildcard. they are looking forward to a day of rest. >> just the stretch we just went through with the doubleheader and all the extra innings, it has been a lot of fun. today was a tough one. we feel really good. we need this off day in a bad way. check out this young a's fan . at least he appeared to be in
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a's fan. he walked back to his seat and took off his shirt, and he was a double agent i will long. verlander continues. he is not loss to oakland since 2013. houston wins 4-2. we talk about the giants maybe trading bumgardner or didn't different players. it is the a's who might be the more active local team within the next several days. stay tuned. >> thank you, dennis. july on track to be the hottest month on record. certainly the extreme heat is being felt in parts of the united states and parts of europe right now. climate scientists say it is just the latest sign that our overall climate is warming. the previous hottest month was
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july 2017. >> we actually hit 100 today, right? >> about a dozen degrees above average. 87 is the average high. 100 is significantly above average. we got there today. 104 in our hottest spot. the warmest spot i could find was clayton at 104. these are the airport official temperatures. san jose 92. fremont, you had 93. napa 96. triple digits at the airport about livermore and concord. san francisco, standard city five -- 75 is the hottest we have seen in a while. we have to check the pollen count. i heard a few more costs and reasons. looking at the pollen count climbing into the medium range. we judge this on a 1-12 scale. it will be between 5 and 6 on saturday and sunday. sonoma national is one of many events going on. the sonoma raceway should be sunny, warm to a heart with
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upper a's to low 90s. the gilroy garlic festival. this guy is famous. cooking up garlic. garlic ice cream. you may want to go for the garlic ice cream because it will be 96 in gilroy this weekend. sunny and hot. if it is the garlic festival, they expect nothing else. a ridge of high pressure to our south and east. that was the culprit for why it was so hot today. notice cloud cover across southern california and offshore. it will work its way up the coastline and over the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. it will not be as warm tomorrow. also because of an increase in community because that somewhat tropical air working into the bay area. the increase in stickiness will also prevent warming. from some of you inland you will go from 101 down to 90. future cast tomorrow morning, minimal cloud cover. watch the clouds bills. regular clouds.
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as we head toward friday, more robust cloud cover along the coastline which will last through the afternoon and evening. future cast now for the weekend, the ridge that is a were arizona moves closer to us. as he gets closer, we are warming up once again. if you hit 100 today, it is a good likelihood you will do it again saturday and sunday. clear with patchy fog at the coast tonight. a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. cloudier. it will be more humid tomorrow. that is why highs will not be as hot. san jose, 84. 2 degrees above average. fremont 82. 93 in antioch. only 67 in san francisco tomorrow. san leandro, 72. nevada and sonoma 84. clear lake tomorrow, 97 degrees. we keep the clouds on friday. sunny and hotter. we all cool down for the first half of next week. no rain, but some clouds moving through tomorrow and not as hot. that is your forecast. something exploded inside
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the vehicle. >> man. new video coming in tonight. a truck being chased by the lapd. there he goes. and explodes into flames in the middle of a street in inglewood. police believe the truck was stolen. in the midst of all that drama, they got the suspect taken into custody. coming up tomorrow night at 7, tenants with rent control in san francisco are fighting to say. >> they say our temperatures are pricing them out of their affordable apartments by taking on to their rent a whole laundry list of expenses, even the cost of the mortgage and the property taxes. >> the impact is increasing rent way beyond the control a tenant expects. double-digit rent increases. >> why some face runaway rent increases. coming up next, the new privacy protections at facebook.
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the message behind just sort find. a he today on capitol hill what president trump had to stay after robert mueller's grilling. why every single dmv office in the state of california was forced to close down for a few hours today.
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i am veronica de la cruz. here is what you missed if you are just getting home. firefighters in santa clara county are trying to get a handle on a fast-moving grass fire. it is in the diablo range. right now it is 0% contained.
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chopper 5 will over it moments ago. the blackened hills indicating just how large it has grown. the blaze already burning 50 acres. right now we are told there are no injuries and no evacuations. robert mueller's long- awaited testimony to congress put his russia investigation on the record and his invitation on the line. >> what about total exoneration? can you totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> under department of justice policy, the president could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice after he leaves office, correct? >> president trump proclaimed victory after the hearing fails to deliver any bombshells. >> robert mueller specifically testified that he did exonerate you. >> he totally voted because he does not have the right to exonerate. this was one of the worst performances in the history of our country. facebook getting slapped
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with a $5 billion final four privacy violations. the tech giant reached a settlement with the federal trade commission today. it comes after an investigation found that the company ms. campbell's the personal information of millions of users. a straight right training shut down all dmv offices today. during the four hour closure, authorities got a refresher on real id processing. they also got a pep talk a customer service ahead of anticipated summer search. some headed in early to beat the long lines were taken by surprised. >> with a happy with that? no. very disappointed. >> people take days off work and schedule around getting here to the dmv. a lot of stuff you can't do online. i'm trying to get my real id. you can't do that online. >> state officials say the real id process is part of the reason why lines have gotten worse. you will need it beginning october 2020. uber drivers take notice. don't be surprised if you find steph curry in your back seat.
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in a 21 questions interview by house of highlights, the warriors star revealed he has a 4.8 review on uber. that is out of 5 stars. he jokingly said he doesn't know who only gave him 4 stars, but he is going to go find him. he also says he uses a fake name when he calls up a ride. >> interesting. coming up next, look strikes twice at 711. the search tonight for two, two bay area lottery winners.
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are you thinking of buying a lottery ticket? you may want to stop at a 7- eleven store in the south bay. >> for the second time in the last two weeks, a winning ticket number was sold here. this one is off of alum rock avenue. it is worth more than will million dollars. the 7-eleven off barr park also sold a winning ticket last week. >> and get a blue raspberry slurpie. see you at 11 pm. [beeping]
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] >> steve! steve: come on now. thank y'all. i appreciate it. how y'all? thank you, folks. i appreciate that. thank y'all. yeah, i do. thank you, folks. got a good one today, folks. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000 from jacksonville, arkansas, it's the champs, it's the brown family. [cheering and applause] uh-oh. from my hometown, cleveland, ohio, it's the mosley family! come on, cleveland.


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