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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 24, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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breaking news, kpix 5 if there is please catch a carjacking suspect just moments ago. the hours long manhunt in san mateo county. and justin tonight, celebrations in the streets after the governor of puerto rico resigns. so what comes next? fire and heat. tonight the danger as temperatures rise across the bay area and >> heard of alpacas mauled and killed by two pit bulls and why some residents say they are concerned.>> good evening we have breaking news out of san mateo county tonight. a shelter in place was just
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lifted after an extensive manhunt. joe vazquez was there as police were able to take their suspect into custody just moments ago.>> reporter: a pretty wild night here. it begins with a carjacking and pistol whipping of an elderly woman and then today around 3:00, the suspects were spotted here in broadmoor near daly city. police spent most of the evening trying to track them down. helicopter with night vision from the san jose police department is flying over san mateo county tonight. there helping search for a carjacking suspect to police say attacked a man and woman yesterday evening and stole their toyota corolla. the robbery happened in san francisco at garfield and bixby streets. police city elderly woman was pistol whipped. police spotted the car tonight in daly city and a short chase ensued in the suspects crash their car and took off running and at one point authority say
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at least one of the men broke into a house in broadmoor to try and hide.>> we have one person in custody that we located in the wooded area behind the homes and he was hunkered down and we sent a perimeter in the k-9 unit and we took him into custody and there are indications that the second suspect is in the thicket as we have foot units searching and actively chasing them.>> reporter: moments ago the helicopter announced that it spotted the suspect and police raced around the corner and place the man in cuffs and took him into custody. the hours long shelter in place order has been lifted. took the police chief said this is a team effort in the san jose police department helicopter spotted the suspect in and they have these k-9 units from various departments here in the peninsula and they were able to track the guy down
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as he was hopping over backyard fences or trying to anyway toward the uncovered the police officers were able to cuffed him and bring him to justice. live cudjoe vazquez, tran05 firefighters are getting the upper hand at a grass fire in unincorporated santa clara county that scorched about 50 acres tearing through the foothills east of san jose in the diablo range. we have more on what fueled the blaze. >> reporter: this fire broke up, out in east foothill several miles up sierra road in this area has experienced 900 temperatures day after day for the past several weeks. it is hot. it is dry. the grass in this area is long after the winters rain and now baked by the summer sun. the good news is it appears the crews were able to quickly contain, control, and put this fire out before le spread to a large area or do any significant damage. in the east foothills, tran05
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they ordered for air tankers to battle the blaze from the air and you can see them there dumping fire retardant over the area. last check, the fire was 45% contained. it has been very hot, and very dry in the hills. >> warmest a since the second week of june and we hit the triple digits in a few spots and they include fairfield, pleasanton and cloverdale all 100 degrees or hotter, but of course if you live near the water you say 100 i was only at 70 today. 63 degrees and more than 10 in a mile separate those today and it won't be as wide tomorrow but a warm evening right now and still 80 degrees in concorde and 77 in livermore we have cooled down to the 50s in the santa rosa and 59 it sonoma county airport and coming up why we fall 10 degrees tomorrow and why the heat returned shortly thereafter. i will have it for you coming up. joyner morning team for the latest weather headlines and temperatures in your neighborhood starting at four: 30. new tonight, a santa cruz county neighborhood on edge after two pit bulls were mauled and killed -- mauled and killed
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a herd of alpacas. we spoke to the animals owner about the attack that has shocked the community. >> reporter: the loss of the alpacas here at the rocking horse ranch daycare felt not only by the owners and parents and children part the school but also by the community who set up the small memorial in memory of the five animals that died last tuesday.>> reporter: nancy knows she may lose tomorrow pack us. >> such a good mama. worried about your baby?'s >> reporter: snow white and her baby rosy. >> snow white had a chunk taken con e ys face in the middle the night. three adults, some that may have been pregnant as well as two baby alpacas were discovered that. only three escaped injuries. >> all of their moms were killed we don't know if the moms were protect them or if
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the boys were able to escape. >> reporter: nancy and her husband harvey have run the rocking horse ranch daycare for 32 years and they happen to be on vacation when the dogs somehow got into this fenced corral. >> she said it look like a war zone. >> reporter: the person you came to feed the alpacas found the bodies as well as the pit bulls still on the property. >> i was heartbroken. i felt so much for what the alpacas and what they went through. >> reporter: the attack left some parents concerned and nancy said county service officers return the dogs back to their owner. according to the santa cruz sentinel, the county is limited on what they can do in a case of animal on animal aggression. >> i feel for the owners of these dogs. i am sure that they never intended for this to happen but at the same time i really understand the community is concerned, and i think in terms of livestock, i think it is a reasonable concern. >> reporter: nancy is not taking any chances.>> let's go home. truck she keeps what's left of her heard in the locked pen.
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>> they are really a part of our whole family. it is been very hard. >> reporter: nancy estimates the lost in the tens of thousands of dollars and not just because of the ongoing vet bills but because of the potential money they could've made from the alpacas fiber or fleece. the lake merritt art station close tonight after person was struck by a train. this happened before 6:00 causing major delays during the evening commute. a writer took this photo of responders trying to talk to somebody who was stuck on the tracks. the victim was pulled out alive and no word yet on their condition or how they got on the tracks. berkeley police have arrested a man suspected of groping at least three women near the cal campus. ay apall d joe donald powell the s hibike and grab them. the attacks happened last week
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and two of them just minutes apart and he was taken into custody on suspicion of sexual battery and violating his probation. puerto rico's embattled governor is stepping down amid a growing political and personal scandal.'s decision comes after nearly 2 weeks of protest. tom hansen has the latest.>> reporter: puerto rico's governor, ricardo rossells, is stepping down. for nearly 2 weeks, thousands marched in the streets calling for him to leave office. the demonstrations followed the fbi's arrest of two former aides to the governor on fraud charges involving morean $15 milln infederal af hundre of ges of a group chat involving the governor were leaked. they included profane, homophobic, and sexist comments about political opponents and celebrities. some even mocked the hurricane
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victims of the island. adjudged you should search warrants for cell phones of the 12 people involved in the online chats. next in line for governor should've been his secretary of state but the controversy also forced his resignation. that means secretary of justice wanda vasquez will be the next governor of puerto rico. tom hansen, cbs news, new york. >> tonight, reactions to nearly 6 hours of testimony by a former special counsel robert mueller are predict delete mix. president trump is calling it a great day for republicans and for him personally. >> this is one of the worst performances in the history of our country.>> president trump taking a bit of a victory lap after robert mueller's testimony. this is before two congressional committees today. the 74-year-old special counsel primarily kept his testimony confined to his 248 page report. but democrats tried to get him to set the record straight. >> the president has repeatedly claimed that the report found there was no obstruction, and
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that it completely and totally exonerated him. but that is not what your report said, is it? >> correct. that is not what the report said. >> house republicans say his testimony was nothing new and that it is time to move on in their words. but democrats are still wrestling with whether to pursue impeachment.>> we want to have the strongest possible case to make a decision as to what path we will go down. >> no matter what this attorney general and the president of the united states try to say, the american people are smart enough to know what is in is not true.>> jerrold nadler says his panel will file lawsuits this week to obtain more information about the mueller report and to oenast ther white house counsel. a new study finds that popular wearable devices including apple watch and fit it may not be as effective when it comes to reading the heart rates of people of color. forever 21
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blasted over a free be. the customers accusing the retailer of fat shaming.>> they were in pursuit and -- there you go. >> boom. the explosive and to a wild california
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a fitness tracker flaw expose. some wearable devices may not be as accurate as you think they are. >> betty yu on the discovery involving heart rate and skin color. >> reporter: analyst say these and accurate readings on popular wearable devices that we see on so many people could be a byproduct of larger problems in the tech industry including unconscious bias. the heart rate sensors on the most popular wearable devices including apple and fit it, may
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not work as well for people of color according to a new study published by stack, a health and medicine publication. some users have complained about inaccurate readings from fit bit on reddit. >> scientific studies, any type of studies on humans, usually they are done with the majority, which is typically white people. and so when people of color you know, have the same issues that does scientific study is testing, then you won't see what were really affect them. >> reporter: the editor at large and sure said this problem has persisted for a long time, but the tech knowledge he is getting better. >> the way it works is a lot of them use a green light that then tracks when there is more blood it rest and may actually have increased the amount of light they use and some of them and then apple actually uses
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infrared on top of all that.>> reporter: the report said that greenlight is more readily absorbed by melanin which is a natural skin pigment more prevalent in people with darker skin. fitbit said in a statement to kpix 5 in part, to achieve the most consistent performance, specifically designed our optical system to omit greenlight as sufficient strength to effectively penetrate darker skin. in san francisco, betty yu. tran05 >> we reached out to apple for comment and we have yet to hear back. tonight, facebook paying a record $5 billion fine over privacy violations.>> reporter: for years facebook misled millions of americans about how it was sharing and using their data. >> in his own words, facebook ceo prefers to move fast and break things up for this reason it was clear that we needed to
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erect speed bumps requiring both mr. zuckerberg and facebook to slow down and take care with consumer privacy. >> the tech giant has agreed to take some new steps to protect the private information of its users and facebook will create an independent privacy committee and the members along with ceo mark zuckerberg must report quarterly to the ftc that they are in compliance, or they will face civil or criminal penalties. zuckerberg responded writing this, we have a responsibility to protect people's privacy. we already work hard to live up to this responsibility, but now we are going to set a completely new standard for our industry. facebook also announced the settlement of another federal investigation with the sec and the company will pay an additional $100 million after failing to reveal its privacy violations to its investors. san francisco needs new housing, but some parts of the city always say no. now, a nonprofit wants everyone to pitch in.>> don't look away. don't walk by.>> call it, yes,
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in my backyard. it is a campaign led by tipping point community to challenge lawmakers to build 100 units of affordable housing in every district. right now, most projects are concentrated on the east side of the city.>> it is not okay for just a few neighborhoods to bear the runt of the responsibility for a crisis that affects all of us and when the politicians see they have a community behind them that wants to solve this problem, they will be bolder and they will know that we have their backs. >> the goal of the all in campaign is the house 11,000 people in the next two years. dozens our companies and back in the push including google and airbnb. there you go. something exploded inside the vehicle. >> new video tonight. boom goes the truck being chased by the lapd. it explodes into flames in the
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middle of an inglewood street the less. police believe the truck was stolen in the middle of the drama. and a suspect was also taken into custody. a teenage girl is being called a hero. she, rather than sit there and look at it, jumped into action and save to of her neighbors from a burning building and a home in antioch. the rescue was no easy task. 114-year-old abby saw smoke across the street, she ran inside the burning building to help her to neighbors in wheelchairs. abby says that she wheeled them out of the house to safety.>> i grabbed onto the wheelchair from the other lady and then i helped them both walked down the ramp. >> she ran past the fire that was coming out of the garage and kind of helped get them down and make sure they were away from the fire. >> also salvaged from that home is this american flag still
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reserved in its original glass case. the man said to belong to his dad who fought in world war ii. tonight, the cause of this fire is still under investigation. forever 21 is facing backlash tonight from a furious customer. some online orders and some shoppers accusing the retailer of that shimming. >> reporter: eight user posted a photo of an atkins bar that was sent with her size 8 teen genes when she was ordering online. the user tweeted the clothing company, what are you trying to tell me? i am fat? lose weight x the question of is did non-plus size women get the bars as well. we spoke to emily a shopper and mother. >> i can't believe it is not illegal to do that. we have enough issues with social media and body image and specific the girls. took another person tweeted that i bought a swimsuit online from forever 21 and they sent an atkins bar along with it and
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thank you for reminding me that i don't have a beach ready body. this shopper also saw the tweets online. >> if you didn't ask for it, it is no one's position to tell you what you should be doing.>> reporter: what should you send instead ? >> i wouldn't send anything. i don't think it is there place to be making comments in other people's bodies. >> reporter: not everyone agreed the low-carb bars were offensive. another person wrote on twitter, promoting healthy eating and i don't see a problem with that. and forever 21 told cnn that the retailer sometimes sends freebies with all orders but has stopped sending the atkins bars and apologizes to their customers. earlier this week macy's pulled these plates off the shelf that outlined portions to eat for wearing mom jeans, favorite jeans and skinny jeans after some people complained of body shaming. >> it wasn't right. >> it is not about nutrition
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and health but about portion control to be a certain size and it is really sad. truck in sherman oaks, crystal crews, tran05 weather tonight. where rarely do we get micro temperature spread before midnight. we are right now. it is still 80 degrees in concorde and down to 59 degrees in santa rosa. 210 temperature spread just about 20 minutes before midnight and that is somewhat uncommon. 77 is cool but not much fog was 61 and they are dropping to 56 tonight and mountain view and fremont is 61 and sonoma this weekend the races are going on saturday and sunday and sunshine with low 90s and the garlic is going on again and it is always going on have a festival in gilroy. sunny and hot just like they like it at 96 degrees. will have to run for the garlic ice cream. i am told it is better than it sounds. a ridge of high pressure off to the east and as it moves closer, it will drop some more humid air from the south which is harder to warm throughout the day and also it will drop some cloud cover in both of those limiting fact there's and
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it will drop the inland highs by 10 or 12 degrees tomorrow and not really much is changing except for those two factors and that will be enough to take those 102 readings and dropped to 90 degrees. still above average in the cloud cover roles in in the morning and this the current tomorrow afternoon will be mostly cloudy and some of that cloud cover will last through friday with an isolated rumble of thunder possible especially south of morgan hill over the mountains late tomorrow night into friday morning and then the ridge gets closer centered over southern california and the humidity is gone and the routes are gone and we will warm up again with someone hundreds inland saturday and sunday so cloudier and stickier tomorrow and not as warm and watch out for the isolated rumble of thunder possible to the south on friday morning and the 100s are back both saturday and sunday. the highs tomorrow are cooler inland and napa down to 83 concord, 90, in san jose. the cloudy stickier is with us for a few days in the sunshine and hot weather inland is back for the weekend.
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right in the middle of that has been a young pitcher tyler beatty who is been on fire in july and what is good for the goose is good for the gander. not today, however. the 1st inning javier tattooed the fastball to the top of the bleachers and it was 1-0 cubs and in the 3rd chris bryant took the to run lesson three long balls for the chicago cubs and off of beatty and first time that happened all your and 4-1 giants in the bottom of the ninth >> and brandon bell representing the tying run and it could be, it could be, the final out. giants lose and they still take 2 to 3 but the way things are going, who expected that all to go out?>> we are finishing really really tough closer there and we get the time run out there and he had it pretty good but even at that time, in
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the dugout, you feel something good is going to happen.>> the a's just get smoked by the astros, don't they quick 2-1. josi took a deep to center and ramon is not catching that with a two-run shot in 4-1 astros and more than enough for that man and justin in the sixth inning one under an 11 strikeouts he has not lost to oakland since 2013. houston wednesday 4-2. >> sharks fans, washington nationals are stealing your material. i have the proof in the top five.>> ♪ the whole bark park is doing it. everybody is doing it. at number four, jack's defensive back reported today that in an armored tank truck
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in the not-so-subtle weight of ramsey telling the world he wants a new contract and almost 14 million. the indians and jay should've been filed but toronto makes the catch and cleveland is a winner. it number two, this play reminded me of chris and tito fuentes back in the 70s. remember them? look at that. that is florence freedom in kentucky. and that number one the clippers introduced a new player paul george and leonard. and owner steve was excited and demanded that everybody else be as well.>> be cool. come on. get up. come on, get up. if you are as psyched as i am. get up. >> he was really psyched
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> you're watching c-span 3. is everything okay? up next, our continuing coverage of robert mueller's testimony. >> the fact that you ran it out two years means you perpetuated injustice. >> stephen: if i could just-- if i could just jump in here. mr. chairman, stephen colbert. mr. mueller, over here. hey-oh! woo! woo! macaw! macaw! marco! marco! okay! bring it in. bring the eyeballs this way. there you go. and good. ( laughter ) firstly, sir, i just thumped the


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