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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  July 25, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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state warriors. it is thursday morning july 25 michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. time to check in with the thursday with forecast. i'm happy to say thursday will not be as hot as wednesday. we got into the hundreds for many in the locations. even though today we cool down a little, the real story is still the heat for the weekend. let me show you what it looks like. that is the view from the sales force tower looking towards the east. it is only 59 in san francisco. it is still 64. the morning feels very nice. the afternoon today, it will be okay for most of us. we go to 60 san francisco. if you look at the forecast across the rest of the bay area, 90 for for inland locations. we got into the low hundreds yesterday tomorrow back to the mid-90s. even though we cool down a little today, and you can see that is the top line in the
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headline, cooler today but a little above average, read the bottom line. the hundreds are coming for the weekend and for extra credit, the middle line which has a little bit of a side note thrown in here. maybe a small chance for a few isolated thunderstorms tomorrow morning. i will explain what that is about coming up. so far it is early and looking good. let's take a look at the bridges and the main thoroughfare starting with oakland. you can see the nimitz freeway moving along fine. no problems. even a bit of added volume. it is just past oracle arena. no problems to report. the bay bridge is also starting to pick up. the cash lanes are a little packed. we are fast tracking it through san francisco. no problems at all. this is only getting worse as the morning continues. the san mateo bridge looks really good. no problems here. you are moving along without an
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issue. the richmond san rafael bridge is better than that. emergency construction and play. for whatever reason, your travel time on the eastshore freeway is a little bit slower. i will check in on that and have the further updates, just ahead. >> dramatic video of an accident in san francisco. a crack car crashed into a fire hydrant at third street and carroll avenue. it happened at about 1:30 this morning. three people were injured in the accident and taken to the hospital. the damaged hydrant sent fountains of water 30 feet into the air and cause flooding in the area. the crews were able to turn off of the water leading to the hydrant. it appears no other vehicles were involved in the crash. protesters in puerto rico celebrated overnight after governor ricardo rosale had announced his resignation after
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nearly two weeks of intensive protest. the political upheaval was marked by crude and insulting chat messages between rosale and top advisors. and reid binion reports, the resignation is set to officially go into effect at the end of next week. >> reporter: crowds on the streets of old san juan cheering as a puerto rican governor announces his resignation. protesters had been eagerly awaiting the moment all day erupting into celebration after governor ricardo rosale is announcement came down shortly before midnight. the governor made the announcement in a video message on facebook. >> reporter: today sponsored an ounce i will be resigning from the position of governor friday, august 2, 2019 5 p.m. sparky indicated that staying on as governor was not a viable option.
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>> reporter: despite having the mandate of the people who elected me democratically, today i feel that remaining in this position represents a difficulty to continue the success it has that has been reached. the governance resignation comes more than a week a process of the puerto rican capital. those demonstrations erupting after the publication of hundreds of offensive group messages among rosale and the inner circle. the messages were released with were laced with fan profanity and homophobic and misogynistic language. even jokes for victims of hurricane maria. for some the resignation was not soon enough. lawmakers were poised to begin impeachment procedures practice the secretary wanda vazquez is expected to take over as governor with when the becomes official. reid binion, reporting. the scandel is one of numerous problems plaguing the island. puerto rico is in a 13 year recession dealing with a $70 billion that. nearly half 1 million of the people moved to the u.s. mainland, upset about things like pension cuts and school
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closures. crews making progress on a wild fire at the east san jose foothills rectifier began shortly after 5 yesterday afternoon and burned about 80 acres. calfire ordered for 18 caretakers to battle the fire through the air with fire retardant. at least one structure was damaged but at this point it is not clear if that was a home, or an out building. the fire is not threatening any other buildings and there are no evacuations or reports of injuries. he fire is 45 percent contained. crews from the milpitas and spring valley department have been assisting calfire. to suspects in a violent can't several cisco carjacking are in custody after an hours long manhunt and san mateo county. the arrested yesterday in broadmoor. police spotted the stolen car last night. a short chase ensued, but the suspects crashed the car and took off running. at one point authority say at least one of the men broke into a house and broadmoor and tried to hide. >> we had one person that we
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located in a wooded area behind the homes. he was hunker down and we brought in a k-9 unit. we were able to take him into custody. >> the second suspect was captured a bit later. police believe they were responsible for carjacking a man and a woman earlier in san francisco. a female victim, an elderly woman was pistol whipped. santa cruz county, a socal neighborhood on edge after two dogs were mauled and killed a herd of alpacas. nancy collins is two pit bulls attacked her alpacas lawsuits against her husband were away on vacation. five of them died and two are in critical condition. nancy and her husband run the rocking horse ranch daycare and she says the attack really upset the kids at the school and the entire community. they set up a small memorial for the animals that died. >> i was heartbroken. felt so much for the alpacas
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and with had gone through. they are part of our whole family. it has been hard. >> she says that the county animal service officers returned the dogs to their owner and according to the sentinel the county is limited on what they can do in the case of animal on animal aggression. nancy said she feels for the owner of the dogs, but she also understands the people who live around there are worried about another attack. someone was hit by a bart train and survive. this happened at the bart station last night just before 6:00. a writer took a photo of responders trying to talk to someone stuck in the tracks. the victim was pulled out alive, but no word on how the person is doing, how they got on the tracks. the bart station was closed causing major delays during the evening commute. it has since reopened. lifebook on capitol hill. robert morris congressional testimony getting mixed reaction. the white house claiming victory despite the former special counsel assertion that his report did not exonerate
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president trump. laura podesta explained what democrats are planning to do next. >> reporter: former special counsel robert mueller was on capitol hill yesterday summoned to answer questions about his nearly two-year long investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. the 70 four-year-old spent more than six hours testifying before the house judiciary and intelligence committees. robert mueller mostly referred lawmakers to the written report, or offered one word responses. >> what about total exoneration? do totally exonerate the president?>> no.>> you could charge the united states with obstruction after he left office? >> yes. >> reporter: the back-to-back earrings produced no revelations or insight into the probe. >> we had a very good day. the republican party, our country. there was no defense of what robert mueller was trying to defend. >> reporter: democrats say they
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are determined to uncover wrongdoing by the president. spot there is a cone of silence in the white house that is engaged in a massive cover-up and the obstruction of justice. >> reporter: now the house judiciary committee plans to ask a court to enforce a subpoena for testimony that issued to the former white house counsel don mccann. laura podesta, cbs news. bernie madoff asking president trump for a favor. wendy gillette has the story and more in today's money watch report. mixed day on wall street. the dow fell, but the other major index moved into record territory. the dow dropped 79 points during yesterday's training that session. the nasdaq game 70 to finish at an all-time high. the s&p 500 rose 14 setting the new record of its own. hours after facebook agreed to pay a $5 billion fine, the company released the quarterly earnings report. the social media giant posted
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$2.6 billion profit against nearly 17 billion in revenue. facebook is still the subject of a handful of investigations into the business practices and user privacy policies. bernie madoff wants to get out of prison early. the architect of the biggest ponzi scheme in history has asked president trump for comments he. in 2009 he was sentenced to 150 years in prison after pleading guilty to fraud, soft, and other charges for the justice department would only confirm that it received the request. that is your cbs money watch report. for more go to cbs money at the new york stock exchange, i am wendy gillette. popular word devices give inaccurate heart rate readings on people of color. that is according to a new study published by a health and medicine publication. the report says the heart rate sensors often use a green light that is more readily absorbed bite melanin. that is natural skin pigment.
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it is more prevalent in people with darker skin. in says the problem has persisted for a long time, but technology is getting better. spot the way that it works is that a lot of them use a green light, but tracks when there is more or less blood. and what they do is actually have increased the amount of light they are using and apple uses infrared on top of that. >> reporter: fitbit said in a statement to kpix 5, to achieve the most consistent performance we specially designed our optical system to emit greenlight to sufficient strength, to effectively penetrate darker skin. straightahead, dashcam monitors may be convenient, but a new study says they are a dangerous distraction. the age group at the highest risk behind the wheel. taking a live oak outside at the eastern span of the bay bridge. we are going to have a check on
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your thursday forecast, coming up.
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this morning, distracted driving often involves smart phones but a new study finds seniors struggling with the technology built into the dashboard of minicars. spec as diane king hall reports the destruction increases the risk of an accident. >> reporter: infotainment systems have made it easier to find a favorite song, or navigate to an address. a new study from triple-a finds the screens can be extremely distracting. especially for seniors. selects a selecting navigation command. >> reporter: triple-a at the university of utah tested seniors several new cars as they tried to use the technology. >> drivers will shift their attention back and forth the driving task to the vehicle task. if they are taking especially long inside the cab it is risky. >> reporter: really murray says
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during testing, drivers aged 55 and older were up to eight seconds slower than millennials when using functions like calling and navigation. that added worth time of to places removing your eyes for just two seconds can double the risk of a crash. it is not just touch screens. voice commands can lead to distractions. and caused frustration. >> i have to pull over. >> reporter: safety experts say pulling over is actually a good idea. if the technology is getting too distracting any tasks like programming navigation should begin before you start driving. >> certainly there is a balance between the conveniences of the technology of force and the risk associated with it. >> reporter: safety advocates are encouraging car companies to change infotainment systems to make them less distracting. diane king hall, cbs news, new
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york. let's get a check on the weather. it is so close to the weekend.>> the weekend is the biggest issue in the forecast.>> what do you mean by issue? >> about 100 coming from inland locations. that is the issue that i got. with it come to places like concord and livermore and today is interesting because today will actually be noticeably cooler than yesterday. we are still above average for daytime highs. i think that says a lot about how hot yesterday was. the deep hundreds inland. so if i say the weekend has an issue, think back to wednesday. how does it feel in concord and livermore. that is what saturday's will feel like. thursday not much. these come down to the mid-90s. if we look at daytime highs. ninety six and comfort. 94e livermore. 91 in santa rosa. we go to 88 in san jose. the numbers are pretty much around average or a few degrees above. look at how much cooler than
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yesterday. a six degree drop for concord. 7 degrees cooler yesterday and livermore and 8 degrees cooler and napa. a little bit of a break warminup inthe a couple of other for today. the daytime highs for the bay. fremont at 82. hayward at 80. oakland at 76. we showed in san francisco coming in round 67 or 68 for the daytime high. you do not notice much of a change. for these locations, we met when we go to 82 degrees, 9 degrees cooler than yesterday. the same thing applies here. if you are in the east bay and alameda county, any of these locations, anywhere in the bay area, think back to yesterday afternoon. this comes as what saturday and sunday feels like meeting the he does coming back. here are some other numbers today. here is mountain view at 81. and we have pacifica on their only going to 66. one other thing to keep an eye on. you see all of the storms well off to the east.
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those will start getting pulled further into california. and by the time we go into very early tofor a closer look on the run through. we see some of the showers get pulled up into central and northern california and about as close as they get to us is probably just on the other side of the coast range. it is going to be close. at the top of the newscast when i said there was a small chance for an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow morning, this is what i'm talking about. the sky may look different. we get more unique and interesting clouds around here friday and if you're real sensitive to this, you may notice more humidity, particularly be further inland you are. what is the headline? the issue for the weekend. 100 for on saturday. 99 on sunday and go back to the upper 80s bite next week. i see the triple digits. i'm going to napa on saturday and it will be miserable but at least i will have wine to
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console me. no wind to console you this morning but you have coffee. a little bit of extra time to get it if you're heading out the door with a couple of exceptions. let's look at the travel spot. a little bit early for problems on the eastshore freeway. you are down to nine miles per hour off of highway for for whatever reason there is something blocking the folding, cutting boulevard. larry the process of clearing this. looks better than it did five minutes ago. this should be out of the way by the time you hit the roadways. give yourself extra time, just in case because of the issue. there is construction in place until 5:00 this morning. on eastbound and westbound 580 right before 13 coming into oakland. so and go. there should be back open, and clear by 5:00 this morning. if you are hitting the roadways you should be good by the time you make it there. there is a hazard, something blocking the slowly. this is the opposite commute eastbound highway for at san marco boulevard. it is not causing delays.
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and the altamont pass, the orange and red is not very broad heading westbound towards the bay area. your down to 90 miles per hour. once you get throughout your backup to a regular running speed looking good to the dublin interchange. tiffany had a she is putting a spotlight on funny women on netflix and a new lead actress taking over on amazon homecoming. >> cris martinez had her eye on entertainment. >> reporter: tiffany had us is bringing laughs to netflix. the comedian will host a standup comedy special called tiffany had us presents, they ready. the half-hour episodes spotlight women and comment featuring comedians personally chosen for the show. the episodes start streaming on netflix next month. lifetime planning a follow- up to the emmy nominated series surviving r. kelly which examined allegations of sexual misconduct against the army singer.
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the network is producing another four-part series called surviving r. kelly aftermath which will include interviews from some legs victims. r. kelly is currently in custody on federal sex assault charges. the next season of the amazon homecoming will feature a new lead. janelle monae will headline season 2 of a psychological thriller drama. she succeeds julia roberts who starred in the shows first season. she will play a woman who finds herself floating in a canoe with no memory of how she got there, lucius. that is your eye on entertainment. cris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. you want a ticket to see the clippers play. you will not believe what their on9. another walk off the works at oracle, coming up. here is a live look outside. this is in san jose.
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for: 51 this thursday morning. we will be right back.
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right in the middle of the giants winning stretch has been a young pitcher, tyler beatty who has been on fire in july and what is good for the goose is good for the gander. at the bar, not yesterday. the first inning, the tattoo. the fastball to the top of the bleachers. 1-0 todd. into the third, chris took them deep 42-1 plastic the three long ball for chicago the first time it is happened. 4-1 giants the bottom of the ninth. brandon representing the time. is it enough. no. giants are still taking two out
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of three the way things are going, and other game-winning home run. >> really tough and to get the time run up and bell hit it pretty good. really at that time the dugout you feel something good. it is going to happen. >> the ace does get smoked by a 2-1 houston for the fifth inning. day took chris beth a deep to centerfield. 4-1 astros. that is enough. justin verlander six innings. was not last since 2013. qustion went for -2. the washington nationals were still in your material. i have the proof in the top five.
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>> ♪. mommy shark. >> everybody's doing it. >> the fourth, jalen ramsey showed up to training camp in an armored truck. his way of saywant a new contract. tronto lotus oriole makes the catch. cleveland, a winner in the game. second, the play reminded me of chris tito fuentes back in the 1970s. the giants fans, longtime fans. you know what i'm talking about. the clippers introduced the new players, paul george and kawhi leonard and steve ballmer was excited and demanded that everyone else be also.>> it is pretty cool. >> come on.
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got up. get up if you are as psyched as i am. >> steve is the richest owner of the history of sports at $50 billion. a stanford dropout. how do you like it. i am dennis. see you tonight. coming up, the potential dangers love a popular weedkiller have been well documented but this morning, new study reveals how much it affects children. a nonprofit in tampa cisco wants every person who lives in the city to step up and take responsibility for the homeless crisis.
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dale's little girl is heading to college. luckily her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit a nasty car wreck after his car slams into a fire hydrant.
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from riot to dancing. protesters celebrating overnight in puerto rico the governor agrees to step down. a plan in the bay area city. a nonprofit pushes every neighborhood to build affordable units in just two years. it is thursday, july 26 i michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. and he has a morning off. is time to get to the darren peck for a look at the hot weather forecast. i like the way you stress it. today and tomorrow are kind of like two days of a reprieve. it was hot yesterday. will be hot saturday. friday we cool down. let me show you what it looks like. clear skies from the top of the field floors camera. clear skies from the camera. not looking at the low-grade clouds. and said we have limited high- level clouds those are the kind you will probably not notice. as far as the temperatures at this point,


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