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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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inland. the record high tomorrow for concord is 103. it is also our forecast for tomorrow that would tie a deadly daily record high. wispread highs anywhere from 98-104 degrees and it's not going to cool off that much at night either. mid to upper 60s for our overnight lows. that is for the weekend. pretty big changes for early next week, we'll talk about how quickly we cool down, that is coming up in a few minutes. >> reporter: i am devin fehely in livermore as the heat rises so too does the fire danger. huge swamps of it it will be hot and dry, and very much at risk. >> it is off to the races of very quickly, like you said even with a slight breeze, the dry grass conditions are ready to go. >> it is a dry held sites like these ones that bake old and probably the summer sun the firefighters will keep an close eye on this weekend as temperature store soar into the
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triple digits. >> there's usually three components, one is low humidity. the other is high winds and hea we expect to have two out of three of those this weekend. >> reporter: the fire marshal says the only thing we are missing from a perfect storm of summer fire danger is strong gusting winds. but with temperatures expecting to climb above 100 degrees in several inland areas, firefighters, and everyone else will be looking for ways to beat the heat. >> we have a lot of land in livermore, it is all dry. the likelihood of a fire, it is there. so, the more people i think that are mindful of that and try to do what they cannot to start fires i think that is my responsibility. two in downtown livermore families were already looking for a little relief cooling off in the ever popular fountains. >> sunscreen and just staying wet. we have a pool, thankfully, i'm glad for the pool, but literally went out and bought a $20 walmart pool for the front yard
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>> reporter: and this is a live look at the fountains in downtown livermore, the fire department says that if you do have to be outside if you have chores or work you have to do they urge you to try to do that as early as you can in the day when it is cooler. and they always remind you to drink a lot of water and to stay hydrated. in downtown livermore, devin fehely, kpix 5. want to get you back to our breaking news in san jose. that's a car pileup involving a police officer. >> mark sayer is there. and he just arrived on scene. what can you tell us at this point? >> we are at jackson and mckee just off 680 and east san jose. this is in the southbound direction of jackson. take a look at the pd squad car there is a push in there you'll see that the airbag and the squad car has completely deployed. we are told by san jose pd public relations officer that at least one officer that was in the vehicle has been transported to the hospital. for those of you know this area, another regional medical
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center which has a trauma center is literally directly across the street, no more than three or 400 feet from where this accident has occurred. we are told there are six vehicles involved in this, we do not have any details on the sequence of events, we don't know if the squad car was operating with lights and sirens. the lights are on right now, we thme of the accident or not. this occurred just before 4:00 at about 3:57 is what we are told. we have multiple police cars here investigating traffic. it is backed up here. this area is open over here, we are told the officer and at least one other driver were transported to the hospital. we are told, fortunately, no one has any life-threatening injuries as a result of this accident. that is the story here in east san jose back to you. i am ken bastida at the live news desk taking you to southern california. you heard devin fehely talking about expectation of fire because of the heat let us go
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to thousand oaks and show you what we have cooking there. fire crews battling a blaze dangerously close to a neighborhood. this is an area surrounded by homes and wooded hillsides, making it especially tough there. the flames, in some cases burning right up to the property lines. this fire was first reported about 4:00. it has scorched about four acres. it is now burning uphill and fire crews are settingdown road, doing water drops, calling in reinforcements to get a handle on those flames. temperatures spiked at 87 degrees in the area. luckily the fire crews say there isn't much wind in the area but structures are still threatened. it may be a precursor to what we could see in the bay area this weekend. a lot of high temperatures, and a lot of fuel out there. i do live news desk i am ken bastida. a grass fire came too close to comfort. spikinarer mes. chopper ewburn
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area east of interstate 880 and redwood parkway. the fire blackened about five acres before it reached the property lines of houses on the other side of the creek fire crews and mop up mode right now. this evening because of a two alarm fire that destroyed a construction site in oakland is still unknown. the blaze engulfed a half completed commercial building on stanford avenue near the work ugly border. andria borba is on the scene. federal investigators were there today. >> reporter: those federal investigators and oakland fire investigators have left for the day but take a look behind me there is security up tonight. fencing and barricades make sure that no one can get close to this building again. this afternoon what was once the woodframe skeleton was once was a blackened latticework into the blue sky. flames began lighting up the oakland sky just before 10 p.m. last night. >> at first i couldn't see,
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news it was a fire. >> there was a ton of smoke when i walked a little bit and the embers were literally arching over this building, all i could see was a stream of flames high up in the air. >> reporter: the building was going to be nine live work loft spaces and the project was about 50% complete. according to the co-owner tony wilson. >> the framing was all completed and we were looking forward to finishing it. but now we are looking for to cleaning it up. >> reporter: this is the ninth fire at a housing construction site in the east bay since 2012. for that reason oakland fire investigators have called and in asking for an assistant from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, in case like in previous cases, this was arson. >> they have identified origin. first floor in the front. however, a particular cause has yet to be identified. >> reporter: coming up new
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tonight on kpix 5 news at 6, we will take a closer look at what the real dollar consequences of all these fires at construction sites. and that is the insurance. will take a closer look at what on at what underwriters are now requiring to ensure any construction project in the bay area. live in oakland, andria borba, kpix 5. fire crews also not done a house fire in san jose that left 15 people without a home. fire crews tell us the fire started outside of the home on marsh street . and then spread to the attic. no word yet on a cause, no injuries reported. the red cross will work to find temporary housing for the displaced. now for a for third time the judge is dramatically slashed the amount of money awarded to a plaintiff who blames roundup weed killer for their cancer. an alameda county judge sliced into billion-dollar award down to $86.7 million. alba and alberta were both diagnosed with non-hodgkin's
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lymphoma. soon, the maker of roundup owned by baer pharmaceuticals. as to the two weeks ago a former groundskeeper from vallejo also had his award cut down by a judge from 290 million to $78.5 million. the maker of roundup insist the popular product is safe. so far the epa agrees. this just in the supreme court has cleared the way for the trump administration to build the border wall using money from the pentagon. the $2.5 billion earmarked for the defense department can be used to start construction on parts of the wall. although the legal battle continues to make its way through the appeals process. the court voted 5-4 along ideological lines. opponents argue the white house had no constitutional authority to redirect money that was appropriated by congress. earlier today president trump signed an agreement on asylum with guatemala. the safety third party country
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agreement is a part of the strategy for reducing the flow of migrants at the u.s. southern border. >> today we are sending a clear message to human smugglers and traffickers that your day is over. and, we are investing in the future of guatemala. the safety of migrants and their families, will protect the rights of those with legitimate claims and and the widespread abuse of the system and the crippling crisis on our border. >> reporter: under the agreement migrants traveling from countries like health would have to claim asylum there. as they continue their journey to the u.s. without doing so, they would be sent back to guatemala. also on capitol hill nancy pelosi sought to bridge the divide in her party with the outspoken freshman congresswoman known as aoc. >> reporter: it was all smiles this morning after representative alexandria ocasio-cortez met with speaker pelosi in her office on capitol
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hill. aoc has unsettled democratic establishment sent her to upset win over a new york incumbent by pushing for a green new deal. and sometimes a voting against her party's leadership. earlier this month of the divisions exploded into public view. aoc accused pelosi of disrespecting her and three other progressive congresswoman of color known as the squad. this parent reveals a powerful generational and ideological divide as the party tries to unify before the 2020 election. but speaking with reporters after the meeting pelosi sought to downplay their differences. >> reporter: do you think you're able to bury the hatchet with alexandria ocasio-cortez in your meeting? >> i do not think there was any hatchet. you are like in a family and your family you have your differences but you're still a family. >> reporter: and will cause you cortez had little to say about
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what took place in the meeting, she says her opinions were respected. the meeting comes after president trump singled out the squad which his now infamous "go back to it." them across say that only unify their party. north korea claims it launched a high-tech missile calling it a warning. these photos released by north korea show kim jong-un watching the test fire on the misfire on the missiles. it comes as we get ready for joint military exercises next month. >> short range missiles and my relationship is very good with chairman kim and we will see what happens but they are short range missiles. may people have those missiles. >> mike pompeo also suggested thursday's test was a negotiating tactic. in the meantime u.s. officials confirm that iran has launched a plastic missile on wednesday. the launch comes amidst heightened tensions between iran and the rest especially over oil shipments to the persian gulf. if you love a pro football
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your time has arrived. players have reported in, and the raiders. by any transportation possible. i do mean in a. we will explain this moving picture and a jiffy. another dramatic drug bust, how some suspected cocaine smugglers tried to toss the evidence as agents closed the an asteroid that could've wiped out a city just whizzed past earth. how come scientists didn't see it coming? there are moments in life
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that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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the brewpub chicken new hwith grilled chicken,. crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? i am ken bastida at the live news desk. we have another prior burning here in the bay area. this time let us check this one out near marsh creek road. the backside of mount diablo is a 3-5 acre grass fire that was a burning there. we are getting some still photos and from contra costa fire. he responded first. they called and help from cal fire to try to get this thing before it had a chance to run a hill. a fire was burning near the mill creek detention center. there is a road there. and the fire was burning up a
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slope. fire crews were able to contain it it's about 90% contained right now. there are some home scattered to the area and some ranches but nobody has to evacuate at this point. people are still being asked to avoid the area. at the live news desk i am ken bastida. 49er fans eager to see cornerback jimmy grappler play again will have to wait a few weeks. the team says he has fully recovered from a knee injury, but he will not play any first preseason game on august 10th. vern glenn was more on these developments. >> they open for business today. the first practice is tomorrow morning. they want to move it along slowly. it is a marathon, not a sprint. so, all right, the health issue obviously. what they hope is in their rearview mirror. specially a quarterback jimmy grappler will be back there for
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the first time since tearing up his knee last september. for practice tomorrow, but, the team has announced he will not play in the preseason opener on kpix 5. no fear, after for dissipating in an off-season minicamp. coach kyle shanahan said number 10 is a okay. >> he was dead, he was doing seven on seven for all the otas. he has been pumped to get off. i know he's ready to go. >> then there is the raiders. that is where i was this morning as players reported in napa, all kinds of ways to get there. check this all-pro wide receiver. >> raider nation i am here. time to get to work float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. >> that is antonio brown who floated into camp on his beautiful balloon. the five-time was placed with a nonfootball injury list. he will not be on the practice
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field tomorrow with the rest of his team. as kevin begins, coach jon gruden was comforted that he did land safely. >> is he okay that is all i want to know? i expect a lot more drama number 84. i expected a little more than a hot air balloon., i thought he might jump out of an airplane and parachute himself here, he's going to add a lot of life to this organization. >> if he is not on the practice field tomorrow, uncle vernon will be on the practice field tomorrow. the rest of the team will go through the reps to get it going. >> is not just hot air, he is the hot air and the balloon. yes he is. we are asking you, do you think the niners should play it safe and have jimmy g set out? the entire preseason or get him back in just as soon as
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possible. your thoughts on our facebook, twitter and instagram pages. to new video of a high- speed chase at sea. this was a multimillion dollar cocaine bust caught on camera. suspected cocaine's smugglers were seen throwing a large bag from the boat as the coast guard closed and it all happened in international waters of the eastern pacific. the boat tried to escape but the coast guard caught up with them. nine people were arrested. and all they seized 2300 pounds of cocaine with an estimated $350 million. >> long arm of the law. this week had a very close call with an asteroid large enough to wipe out a city. to make it even scarier sciences say they had no idea it was coming at us. the asteroid dubbed 2019 okay came hurling. thank you we are okay. hurling towards us at a speed of 15 miles per second. that was before flying pastor. astronomers say it came within 46,000 miles, that is one fifth the distance between the earth and the moon and in celestial
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terms it is a close call. scientists admits they had no idea the giant rock was headed our way. they chalk it up to the fact that the astrid came from the direction of the sun. it makes bonding with telescopes rather difficult and became visible only a few t. >> i use that excuse my plated center field and little leaguers. i just couldn't see it. i couldn't catch that coach. a little more at stake when we talk about astrid that can take out a city. there it is, we survived. it will be hot this weekend. we are in the 100s in our inland valleys like we were wednesday, except this time it will last two days and sunday above 100. enjoy the cool weather while we have it. 88 degrees in concord, 87 livermore, up to 15 degrees hotter tomorrow and it's really not chilly today. 64 and a foggy in san francisco, 75 tomorrow, san jose, you are going to be in the 90s tomorrow. change is coming 24 hours from
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now. if you want to catch a chilly game in oakland to today it will be saturday and sunday mostly clear 67 degrees game two against the rangers tonight. the 60s vallejo an alternate view. 56 in san francisco. do you really want to warm up? you can get the hot temperatures in gilroy and then just eat a lot of garlic stuff. they have fried garlic, garlic ice cream. this a great festival, please enjoy it, it is always hot in gilroy for the garlic festival and will be once again this weekend. microclimate forecast you are getting warm, close to, if not hitting 90 degrees tomorrow and almost as warm on sunday. you are not a part of the heat advisory but if you're not used to temperatures like this, take it easy, drink some water tomorrow and also sunday temperatures well into the 80s. to talk about something cool i was up on the other side of the screen here. we call them coastal eddies is a counterclockwise flow that you see sitting off the coastline. this is why some days you just never see any sunshine in half moon bay or pacifica because we have these little swirls of clouds as the flow comes north
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along the water. what hits places like point raised it causes poor circulation, and the circulation keeps the onshore flow going right at the coast. you stay cloudy and chilly all day long will and bill speaks with sunshine. those with acute nuances of the bay area. big picture, forget forget about the coastal eddies is all about this guy a big struggle ridge of high pressure which will build over to california this weekend and that's why tomorrow that we get coastal fog and you're going to warm up super quickly, rightly in the 90s hitting 102, 104 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening everybody gets sunshine. notice the lack of cloud cover at the coast on sunday where highs may hit 70 degrees at the beach both weekends. we are hot inland. if you do want to cool down to be above average at the beach but 30-35 degrees cooler. night will be warmer than average so you aren't getting much relief. if you have air conditioning running during the day, it may still be running at night and will be markedly kern cooler starting monday with the ocean
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breeze returning. on hundred is likely in fairfield, concord, pleasant hill, alamo, livermore, dublin, all the 680 corridor towns. napa and vallejo you'll be hot, 92. san jose you will hit 92, oakland up to 80, santa rosa 98 degrees and then 75 your high tomorrow for san francisco. a couple degrees cooler on sunday, you will not notice the difference, it will feel just as hot. monday, tuesday and wednesday you will notice the difference. we are just bypassing the 90s, go above 100 all the way down to 87 in our hottest inland spots. that is a 15 degree drop and will actually be cooler than average as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. cooler weather is coming but with hot weekend inland. an airport heist straight out of a movie plot. how gunmen managed to steal $40 million worth of gold in a matter of minutes.
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the story like something you would see in a movie, a huge old heist at an airport cargo terminal in brazil. video shows the footage of the suspects arriving in a pickup truck. the masked men. exit the vehicle. force him to move the gold into the vehicle, and then within the next few minutes, they managed to take off with about $40 million worth of gold bars headed for new york and not anymore. a british soccer star set up for a teammate in a big way. came as the two after they
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were confronted by attackers. an arsenal player tweeted out this picture after protecting a teammate against two carjackers, they pulled up on mopeds while the group was inside the car, his teammate jumped in and fought them off. in the aftermath he tweeted out, i think we are fine. also getting some stunning video in. this is from peru. a father saved his daughter from an out-of-control bus. take a look the man grabs his daughter and pulls her through the doorway as the budge come sweeping and. it is crashing right there, they were standing moments ago. ose call. >> coming up at 5:30, the problem for san francisco tasking taxi drivers just got worse. two drivers are fearing for their lives this is everything they worked for. >> even more worry and concern. the letters that have shaken the already rattled san francisco taxi industry. >> i was completely freaked out because i knew we were entirely wrong. a horrific honeymoon puts these newlyweds to the test how the group survived a fall into
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. now at 5:30, a bombshell for an industry that is already a little shellshocked. letters that have the city's taxi drivers are terrified to at eveng i veronicde la cruz. >> i am allen martin. those letters received are calling for full repayment of the medallion loads. as will wilson walker shows us those are sums of money the drivers simply cannot pay. >> reporter: is the latest wrinkle in the long dark saga that is the meltdown of the san francisco taxi industry. your number in the early chapters we have drivers u om a of work to $250,000 for those once precious medallions. >> 25 years i have done this job i've always comply with the rules and regulations. >> enter ridesharing. >> is like $1 million, now it is worth this.


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