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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 26, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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with ken bastida and veronica de la cruz. lastrup talk about the weather it is not that hot outside today but boy will not change for the upcoming weekend, how long our heat advisory lasts. another construction fire in oakland, this time we are taking a closer look at what the real live consequences are for the contractors putting these buildings up. in san francisco mayor london breed said she was a permanent new market right outside city hall. >> with the community to want to use it ever to come here it's always packed. kpix 5 news at 6 starts right now with some serious heat headed our way. that evening i am ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. live coverage on the hot we can ahead starting with paul deanno. paul? we're talking triple heat inland, we do that on wednesday without a heat advisory. what is the difference? the difference it'll be a two- to half-day event so you do not
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get a chance to cool off tomorrow night, and will be hot again for a second day coming up on sunday. today hot event, 100 degrees in our on inland spots. highs this weekend in a 680 quarter including fairfield, pleasanton and elderly back up to the state capital, all the way south to the hill east of san jose. some specific numbers for you, tomorrow high and fairfield one of 40 did that wednesday and will do it again saturday. pleasanton, this is not going to be all region hot event, it'll be cooler near the water. other heights, the lab san rafael 90, oakland 80 and san francisco tomorrow 75 degrees. talk about when the heat ends and who will be 15 degrees cooler as soon as monday coming up in a few minutes. there will not be any real breezes to bring relief and. it'll get hot, the light wins combined with the heat are a
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recipe for unhealthy air. spare the air alert is in effect through sunday. i'm devin fehely live in livermore were it'll be seriously and dangerously hot this weekend. and people are already getting serious about ways to keep cool. sometimes the simple things are still the best. with the triple digit temperatures expected this weekend. doesn't ring barefoot through a founder like a kid sound good? >> sunscreen and staying wet. we have a pool, i'm blessed for the pool, we literally went out and bought a $20 walmart pool for the front yard. >> is temperatures climbed into the 90s in downtown livermore, they are expected to exceed 100 degrees. people were already looking for a little relief. >> we are out for people, we want to be outdoors but if are going to be outdoors and in the triple digits, we are to build going to have long sleeves on, dressed in white. we like to hang out where the
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water is. >> reporter: it is not just keeping cool that's going to be a challenge this weekend. >> it is off to the races very quickly, and like you said with a slight breeze, the dry grass conditions are ready to go. >> reporter: it is dry hillsides like these that firefighters will keep a close eye on. does not take much for a fire to spark or for it to quickly spread. >> we covered nearly 250 square miles, that means nine guys on duty at any given time. >> reporter: the fire department really is encouraging people to try to avoid the mid-day sun and heat. they say there are things you have to do, toys chores or work they encourage you to do them as early and the day as possibly as you can and remember always to stay hydrated. and livermore, devin fehely, kpix 5. a fire burning on the east side of montelongo mount diablo is 90% contained, it burned a five acres of marsh creek road
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not far from where the road splits off. homeowners in the vallejo had a close call when a grass fire erupted nearby. chopper 5 flew over the area east of interstate 80 and redwood parkway. the fire only burned about three acres, but it got pretty close to some houses. breaking news on the south bay, were getting word that a san jose police officer was arrested this morning in sunnyvale, 38-year-old detective john thompkins is facing a drug and weapons charges. his arrest stemming from a traffic stop where another man was booked for selling drugs. somehow the investigation led back to thompkins. investigators searched his sunnyvale home and say the uncovered illegal narcotics and firearms. meanwhile, law enforcement source tells kpix 5 that thompkins pd was also searched as a part of the investigation. will have more details on the new the new kpix5 news at 7.
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san jose police officer among the injured in the six car pileup near regional medical center. several other people also taken to the hospital to be checked out. we were told no one had any life-threatening injuries. >> there was a fire that destroyed a have completed commercial. the feds are now investigating a fire. it destroyed a half completed commercial building near the earth in the book berkeley berkeley border. we have andria borba line at the scene and she tells us it is the latest in a string of suspicious fires. >> reporter: take a look at what is left of the scene behind me. we just learned a short time ago from oakland fire and atf investigators they have found an origin point on the fire that's on the first floor in don't have a cause yet. g, ey atf investigators were once again on the ground in the east
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bay looking at a fire at a housing construction site. >> i think it is a shame, they were building really nice lofts it would've been housing for people. >> reporter: the fate of nine fires in housing construction sites in the east bay since 2012 driving up the cost of building in one key way. insurance. typically the building owner does not take out insurance until the building is complete leaving the burden on the general contractor. according to epic brokers insurance companies are starting to tighten requirements on woodframe construction projects in the bay area and in particular asking for on-site security procedures, security cameras, and guards. before underwriting a policy. the owner of this nine unit loft project had security cameras. >> catch the maybe but not going to put our building back. >> that video is not in the hands of oakland fire and atf investigators love to make the derminatn befoinsunce mocadod out and work
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can begin again. >> framing was all completed and we were looking forward to finishing it. now we are looking for to cleaning it up >> >> reporter: i'm told very soon considering the number of fires in the east bay at these construction sites, that all the things that we have listed in the story ahead, the security guards, the cameras, all of those things could become absolutely standard for any contractor to get a construction insurance to build a contract like this. live in oakland, andria borba, kpix 5. meanwhile 15 people in san jose need a place to stay tonight after their home burned down. investors think that fire started outside the home on marsh street, spread to the attic. no word yet on the cause, but r a long road ahead. >> a significant amount urlf. and then the water damage,
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smoke damage it'll be a lengthy cleanup and then read building efforts for the family. >> the red cross will work to find those residents temporary housing. it has been a five arrest in connection with a cold case murder. the 17-year-old victim was stabbed to death in december of 2017 near 680 and allen rock. the time police got there, the suspect had scattered but weren't on the run for long run for long. four were arrested for unrelated crimes and have since been linked to the murder. they currently range in age from 15 to 18 years old. now, the fifth suspect, 20-year- old was arrested yesterday in everett washington. he is charged with first-degree murder, along with three of the others. on the other suspect, who is still a juvenile is charged as new at 6 and three members of a sonoma county family are dead after their small plane went down in nebraska. this happened wednesday in the northwestern city of chadron.
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that is a beach 55 aircraft crashed not far from the airport there. federal investigators are looking into what may have gone wrong. the plane was registered to 61- year-old damon brown's of the area. he and 60-year-old sarah brown died on impact. along with 25-year-old duncan brown of forest. the chp says the driver of this audi was underneath the influence when she slammed into a construction zone on highway four. thankfully there were no workers there. the 24-year-old billie jean beam of san francisco was arrested for dui. san francisco taking new steps to make the streets safer for people who walk them. as of mta sfmta recently installed these a practice plastic traffic barriers between lanes on taylor street, the agency also installed sensors on the street to study exactly how fast traffic is moving. so far this year there have been 14 pedestrian deaths, the
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latest was last sunday. 39-year-old benjamin dean was killed. he was hit at taylor and ferrell by a driver suspected of speeding and running a red light. his wife, kelly, also hit but is recovering. the driver is facing a vehicular manslaughter charge. new at 6, they're try to put the public back any public plaza. was a cane on the mayor's plan to make a gathering space more inviting. >> reporter: we are here at u.n. plaza, which is right across from city hall and it is not always a pleasant place to walk through. but, vendors like alfieri farms comes out every wednesday and sunday to sell their wares. now you can add friday to the list, it is an effort the mayor says she would like to see you around. in >> the vibe here is great today, i'm really excited to be here.
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>> reporter: touring the new farmers market at u.n. plaza, london breed acknowledged the area needs more events like this. >> the whole point is we know there have been a number of challenges at civic center. and, a lot of people walk through this area, sometimes it is not a pleasant place to walk through. >> reporter: for years and has been a farmers market on wednesdays and sundays and people in the neighborhood say they want to stay in the neighborhood. >> all people talk about is the farmers market and how much they love the farmers market. i wanted to make sure we provided an extension of that and an opportunity for local people to showcase their talent. >> reporter: the new friday farmers market isn't just for food, though there is plenty of that, there's also merchandise and plot arts and crafts. even some you can do yourself. one of the sponsors of the market is tech company square. >> the most exciting thing is that for an area with challenges this is such a good example of the city and local partners and coming together to revitalize the neighborhood. >> reporter: now there are three days of but she would
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like to see a permanent market >> i went to tel aviv that is pretty much a permanent part of the city, that everyone who visits the city, they go to that. we can create the same environment right here in san francisco. >> >> reporter: folks behind the etsy and diy station say they plan to be here to the end of september. that could change depending upon the success of this friday farmers market. in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix 5. festivals and marijuana go hand in hand in san francisco, but they've always been outside the law. now, outside lands could make it legal. and, high drama on the high seas. drug runners dumping the goods overboard with the coast guard in hot pursuit. talk about making an entrance. the oakland raider who should up to training camp in a hot air balloon.
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new at 6, there could be something different on the menu at this year's outside lands. joe vazquez is live at golden gate park. >> reporter: recreational marijuana now legal in the state of california. but, technically it is still illegal to consume it in public. the city of san francisco is on the verge of making an exception to that rule. marijuana has always been as common at the outside lands festival as the music last year organizers cordoned off an area called grasslands which featured cannabis products.
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this year, san francisco city officials are considering granting permission to vendors . to sell marijuana if the parent goes through it'll be the first time in san francisco the sale and consumption of marijuana would be allowed at a festival. >> we want to make sure the community feels that they are safe. >> reporter: melissa rodriguez director of the city's office of cannabis says the concept is we would be scientifically pretested and regulated in the area it would be consumed would be separate from the rest of the festival. regulation makes it safer. >> by regulating the sale and consumption or we are hoping to make it a need for the public to rely on unregulated sources. safe, tested the product. >> you can smell it for years. >> reporter: michelle lives in the area, it's not a surprise to you that marijuana would be allowed to be smoked two >> no. it is not a surprise that it would be sold, just because, what is the difference really?
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>> reporter: no final decisions have been made yet, the city has begun a process, which includes public comment. if they end up approving, then these vendors could get the green light by the first week of august, just in time for outside lands. reporting live, joe vazquez, kpix 5. were getting new video of a multimillion dollar cocaine bus bust and high-speed chase all at sea, cocaine smugglers were seen throwing larger bags from a boat in the eastern pacific as an organ based coast guard crew zoomed in. they eventually caught up with the boat arresting nine people and seizing more than one ton of cocaine. 2300 pounds to be exact. the drugs are worth an estimated $350 million. here is one way to cut down the fire danger. goats. helping to keep east bay hillsides clear ahead of this weekend's heat. brian you and found this group getting its phil at the shell
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ridge open space and ones creek. other herds have been hired to munch their way across the hills. >> that's not a bad idea. >> a lot of goats this weekend. >> it sounds kind of funny, whenever i see the video i get a little chuckle, they eat so much. the grass is gone in like three hours. >> seriously. >> there is the pre-goat fire danger and the postcode, there is a difference. >> don't cook there. >> we are going to go outside. if you don't like hot weather in lent, get outside and barbecue tonight. concorde it's only 86, livermore 85. chilly in san francisco, 64 degrees. everybody warms up at the hot stuff is reserved in lent tomorrow and sunday. temptress will hit 100 degrees, if not hotter. then in concord 62, 60 in mountain view, and 54 in santa rosa. still thunderstorms in the sierra leaving the greater
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tahoe area. heading up toward truckee there's one new lightning bolt over the past 50 minutes heading away from us, no thunderstorm threat here. there's a threat of a big smell of garlic in gilroy. but the garlic festival is going on this weekend, it will be sunny and hot, 97 degrees. what about areas not involved in this heat advisory? that is the 680 corridor. inland communities above 100 degrees. in fremont, you're going to hit 88, that is warm to hot for you. sunny and very warm tomorrow and nearly as warm on sunday with a high of 86 degrees, 75 in san francisco. cool image to show you, the flow typically goes north to south along the coastline. we've had some speed bumps, if you will. the causes what are called coastal eddies you can see the counterclockwise flow. part of the reason why it is so hard to shake the clouds along san mateo county and san francisco, you have been cloudy all day long for as the rest of the bay area has not seen a single cloud, that is the small
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picture. big picture is big ridge sitting over southern california next couple of days. inland communities will bake with little relief coming from the ocean. clouds hugging the coastline. so many everywhere else and then sunny by tomorrow afternoon. i'm extending less cloud cover on sunday morning another sunny and hot day in lent coming up sunday afternoon. weather headlines, it will be hot in lent. relief near the coast, the september and october were everybody heats up, this is not the case. nights will be warm as well. lows in the mid to upper 60s and it'll be markedly cooler as the ocean breeze does return on monday. tomorrow is not monday, it'll be a hot one. napa 92, concord 103. 80 in oakland, 75 in san francisco. your extended forecast, we will be 15 degrees cooler on monday, once we get cooler i do not hea near the water and 70s and 80s in lent. sports settling in at 6, pro football fans it is that time of year again. your favorite players have descended to training camps.
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both barry at sites are just ahead.
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bay area nfl of top. man, it feels great to say that. first, the raiders. among the crappy ways for players to report to training camp, this is a first. >> i am here in napa it is time to get to work. float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. >> that is antonio brown who floated into camp on his beautiful balloon. the five-time all-pro wide receiver today was placed on the nonfootball injury list. he will not be on the practice field tomorrow morning as camp begins. coach jon gruden was comforted
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that he did land safely. >> is he okay, that is all i want to know. i expect a lot more drama from number 84. i expect a little more than a hot air balloon. i thought he might jump out of an airplane and parachute here himself. but, he is going to add a lot of life to this organization. >> he certainly is. it is go time. those players have checked in for their first practice tomorrow morning. that includes quarterback jimmy groff a little back for the first time since tearing up his knee last september. they are not taking any chances, the team announced he will not play in their preseason opener august 10th on kpix 5. but, after participating in off-season minicamp, he is cleared for full practice early saturday morning. it is officially official. we are good to go,
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>> has been pumped to get off, he's ready to go. >> i'm really happy with where i am at, is a very successful summer. >> segway, warrior news, broadcaster switch. the former warriors player will slide in as tv analyst for the upcoming games this season. what about jim barnett? he moves over to the radio side. barnett, another former warriors player has been the broadcaster since 1984. any best of national hot rod association in sonoma again that means the nhra king 70 years younger, he is still beating these kids in the funny car division he has a record of 149 career winds. like an even 150, easier said than done. >> this sport is very humbling. you'll be on top one day and the bottom the next. and i have learned that, take your punches in the nose and love it. but, what i really love is
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going 330 miles an hour. >> on to mount rushmore of hot rod dragracing, you can catch him all weekend in sonoma. a's and giants, moving pictures pictures. cbs evening news is coming up next. >> norah o'donnell here with a preview. democrats on the house judiciary committee take a major step towards impeachment proceedings against the president. an american tourist who went to visit every country in the world is released after being detained in syria. leave it to steve hartman to find the best place for bad advice that will leave you smiling. that is tonight here, on the cbs evening news.
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scientist at the lawrence
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berkeley lab, you wonder what they do up there right? they are busy. rewriting the laws of attraction. ski they are busy. they have created liquids magnets. use a modified 3-d printer to make the small circular blobs and are hoping it leads to a new class of devices like artificial cells to deliver targeted cancer therapy, or, shape shifting liquid robot that might adapt to their surroundings. lots of good stuff going on. >> i don't get it. in >> vern has the answer hill xfinity after the break. thank you for watching, cbs evening news is back in is coming up next. back in 30 minutes with the new kpix5 news at 7.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, syria releases a tourist from st. louis, but other americans, including a journalist, are still being held. olso tonight, democrats take a step toward impeaching the waesident. >> we are exercising our full article one authority. >> o'donnell: the speaker meets onne a.o.c. and declares everything a-o.k. >> reporter: do you think you were able to bury the hatchet with congresswoman ocasio- trtez? >> i don't think there was any aatchet. >> o'donnell: racial hatred: vandals repeatedly target an icon of the civil rights onvement. the dangers of vaping, how it landed eight teens in the hospital with severe lung damage. and steve hartman with folks offering free advice for all it's worth.


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