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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 26, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at seven. >> all i could see were flames high up in the air, embers . >> the questions night, was this arson after yet another east bay construction project is destroyed . >> the hottest weekend since early june is moving into the bay area, who hit tripled digits and how long it'll last? it is off to the races very quickly, dry grass conditions are ready to go . a six car pileup, southbay police officer injured. what went wrong during the friday evening commute? a huge change could be on the way for. but will concertgoers even notice? >> we want to make sure people have access to safe, test the products. kpix 5 news starts at 7:00 right now. a new east bay building site
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destroyed by fire. >> we are live with where that blaze happened on sanford avenue near the burke the border. ondrea? >> reporter: take a look behind me tonight, you can see the barricades are up, we learned a short time ago, atf and oakland fire, origin point for the fire was in the front of the building on the first floor. >> i am feeling very sad about the whole thing. >> reporter: this burned-out shell of what should've been a studio belongs to this man. tony wasn't . >> we were making fantastic studio spaces. we are expecting to find people who would do interesting things in there. we were going to keep the building, we are not selling it. reptile before 10 pm last night, flames erupted from the building . first i couldn't see, i
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knew there was a fire, there is a ton of smoke, walked out a little bit. embers arching over this building. all i could see was a stream of flames, high up in the air, embers. >> reporter: the fire took oakland fire crews, 45 minutes to knock down but not before putting on a show in the night sky. >> last night when we saw it, all the flames were extreme. because of the stick frame. it was incredible. >> reporter: this is at least the ninth housing construction project the burn in the east bay since 2012. investigators confiscated surveillance videos and are working with oakland fire to determine if this was arson? >> i don't know what to think about all these instances where they are burning down housing that we all need? i don't know if it is people anti-gentrification? >> reporter: as of right now we
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know the origin point of the fire but we do not know the cause or whether or not this was a case of arson or it started all on its own? tonight we're learning why a san jose police officer was arrested in sunnyvale. the ,48 officer was arrested on drug and weapons charges. it was a traffic stop that led to his arrest. another man was taken in allegedly selling drugs. somehow the investigation led back to officer tompkins. they searched his sunnyvale home and and covered uncovered illegal weapons and narcotics. they tell us that his office at the police department has also been search . tonight, police are investigating a six car pileup involving one other officers peer to happen originals medical center, several people are taken to the hospital . one of the drivers and the crash said the officers had his lights and sirens on before it all happened. >> as che inteectionput hili
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and sirens on, came through very cautiously. as soon as he got on this side of the median that's where he got struck. >> we were told no one was seriously injured . our other top story tonight, the heat, it could get downright uncomfortable for a lot of people. living in east bay especially, this is a live look, east bay looks to be the hottest location for the weekend. our chief meteorologist has more. we are expecting triple digits in some places but we haven't seen it in a few weeks? >> weekend we are looking at triple digits and one. 92 in san jose, 92 in napa. everybody is above average. above average means different things for different places. above average and pacifica is 70 degrees. the hottest weather is in our east bay, inland valleys.
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that is the one specific location where there is a heat advisory this weekend? this will be a two day stretch with a warm night in between. afternoon highs 98 to 104 degrees. overnight lows 65 to 70 degrees. will this be records? one spot in concord, if we it are forecasted high of 103, that will tie the record. talk about what happens on monday, it will be an abrupt change, that is coming up in a couple minutes. is temperatures rise, so to do concerns about fire. huge swaths of the east bay this weekend are expected to be hot, dry and very much at risk. >> it is off to the races very quickly. even with a slight breeze, dry grass conditions are ready to go. >> reporter: it is dry hillsides like these, golden brown in the summer sun, firefighters will keep a close eye this weekend is temperatures soar into the triple digits.
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>> red flag warning is low humidity, high wind on high heat. expect to have two out of three of those this weekend. reptile the fire marshal says the only thing that will be missing this weekend from the perfect storm is strong, gusting winds. temperatures in the expected to climb above hundred degrees in several inland areas, firefighters and everyone else will be looking for ways to beat the heat. >> we have a lot of land here in livermore. it is all dry. likelihood of a fire is there. the more people that are mindful of that and try to do it they can, i think that is my responsibility. >> reporter: the fire department is urging people to stay out of the midday heat. they say if you have chores or work that you need to do, trying get it done as early as you can during the day. always remember to stay hydrated. for the third time a judge is dramatically cut down the amount of money awarded to plaintiffs who are blaming
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round up weedkiller for the cancer. an alameda county judge slashed and eye-popping to billion- dollar award to a couple from livermore. down to $87 million. the couple, both say that roundup cause there non- hodgkin's lymphoma. it is among the first of thousands of cases against monsanto which makes the pesticides. two weeks ago a former groundskeeper from vallejo also had his award cut down by a judge from 290 million to $79 million. on center insist that roundup is safe to use. so far the epa agrees. san francisco's plaza has an extra farmers market, part of an effort by san francisco mayor london breed to make that area more inviting. for years there has been a farmers market on wednesdays and sundays. people in the neighborhood have told the mayor, they want to see more. >> all they talk about is a farmers market and how they
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love the farmers market. i wanted to make sure that we provided an extension of that and an opportunity for local people to showcase their talents. >> the new fridays farmers market has more than food, there is also merchandise and arts and crafts. >> the most exciting thing about this, for an area that has some challenges, this is such a good example of the city and local partners in small businesses coming together to revitalize the neighborhood . new changes could be coming to outside lands in san francisco which could make the air a little smoky. we are in golden gate park. >> reporter: even though no original marijuana is legal it is still against the law to consume pot and public. san francisco is on the verge of making a major exception. marijuana has always been as common as the outside lands festival as the music.
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lester organizers cordoned off an area called grassland, to future cannabis products. this year san francisco city officials are considering granting permission to vendors to sell marijuana. if the permit goes through will be the first time that it would be allowed at a festival . >> we want to make sure that the committee feels that they are safe. >> reporter: melissa rodriguez, says the concept that it would be scientifically pretested unregulated and in the area where it would be consumed would be fenced in and clearly separate from the rest of the festival. regulation makes it safer. >> by regulating the sale and consumption of cannabis at local events where hoping to mitigate the need for the public to rely on unregulated sources. want to ensure that people have access to safe, tested product. >> i live in the haight, you could smell it for your peers >> reporter: is not surprised that he will be allowed to be smoked. >> no, it is not a surprise that it would be sold. just because, what is the difference? really?
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>> reporter: no final decisions have been made but the city has begun a process which involves public comment. if they are approved, permits could be issued within the first week of august, just in time for the festival. coming up next, a new oakland raider who made the grand entrance today. >> raider nation, excited to get to work. >> what did con coach have to say about his hot air balloon ride to practice? 49ers announcement today about jimmy preseason . a high-speed chase on the high seas. wait till you hear how much cocaine was compensated? from tragedy, new video that leaves your heart pounding.
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caught on camera tonight some intense moments at sea . >> drug dealers try to toss millions of dollars of cocaine overboard and into the water. it all happened last week, dozens of miles off the coast of san diego. it didn't take long for the coast guard to close in on
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those drug both. nine people were arrested. $350 million of drugs were seas . check this out, it is going to make you jump, a father snaps in action, seconds before his daughter would've been taken by that out-of-control truck. it is unclear what happened to the people inside that truck? an exciting day for bay area football fans, hitting the practice field. >> tomorrow before they hit the pads, i'm so glad that pro football is here. 49ers empire in santa clara, it is go time. all players have checked in for the first practice tomorrow morning. that includes quarterback jimmy, back under center for the first time since tearing up his knee last september. he is not taking any child chances. they announce he will not play in their preseason opener august 10 on kpix 5. but after
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participating he is clear for full practice early saturday morning. >> it is official, we are good to go . >> he has been pumped to get off and he is ready to go . >> i am happy where i am at. we had a very successful summer. >> then there is the raiders. that's where i was this morning's players reported in napa. all kinds of ways to get there. check this all-pro wide receiver. >> raider nation i am here, excited to get to work. float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. >> mohammed ali reference. that is antonio brown who floated into camp on his beautiful balloon. he was placed on nonfootball injury list. he will not be on the practice field tomorrow morning as camp begins. the coach was comforted he did land safely.
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>> is he okay, that is all i want to know? >> i expect a lot more drama. i expect a lot more than a hot air balloon. i thought he might jump out of an airplane and parachute here himself. but he is going to add a lot of life to this organization. >> he is lucky he landed like he did, something could've happened with the balloon? >> he plays football, he gets hit all the time . >> i bet he had to do that in more than one take . >> he popped out of the basket like. >> number 84 will not participate in practice tomorrow . guess who will be there? for his reps? his camera? uncle vernon, 915 on the practice field. pads on? >> pads off. >> brain on . >> camera on . we are looking at the
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forecast. it is going to be hot this weekend. napa and santa clara, it is not going to be crazy hot in either location but it will be in the 90s. it is going to be warm out there. 680 corridor, about 100 degrees tomorrow. livermore, 91 today, forecast for you is 101. morgan hill will be close to 100 , fremont, san jose in the 80s, oakland 73. san francisco, foggy. a lot of fog rolling through this city. 66 was your high today. 69 in san francisco, 59 for redwood city. a couple cooler spots for you this weekend. it will be hot inland, if you want to watch the san francisco marathon sunday morning. mainly clear and mild, we will be in the low 60s. the berkeley kite festival will be warmer than average. mid 70s, that is where you will be in berkeley on sunday. why are we hot? still talking about not that warm near the water? in the summer time, this ridges
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high-pressure will go to the north. but the case this time, ridge of high pressure to the south this time of year most often. that will bake inland communities but we still get a light onshore flow so temperatures near the water will be cooler. cloud cover over this city right now. sunday, less cloud cover in the morning, earlier sunshine, equally as warm. temperatures ranging from 70 to about 100 degrees on sunday. next week, 15 degree temperature drop on monday. low pressure to the north gets closer and that ridge of high pressure leave southern california. we get more of an onshore flow and simply changing the wind direction getting more that ocean influence will cool us down 15 to 20 degrees. monday will be much cooler than the weekend. it will be a hot we can inland, saturday and sunday 90 to 104
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degrees. low 70s at the coast, above average but much cooler. everybody cools down next . san jose, 92 degree high tomorrow 10 degrees above average, not a record but hot. campbell will hit 94, morgan hill 99, redwood city 90 degrees, half moon bay 70 degrees. danville 101, antioch, one of three, livermore 101, fairfield 104. petaluma 92 degrees tomorrow, oakland 81 degrees that is warmer in the city. richmond 77 degrees, mill valley 80 degrees. cloverdale 101, ukiah toasty. it will be a warm night leading to another hot day. monday and tuesday, look at the change, 15 degrees cooler inland, barely hitting 70 near the water. we cool down even more coming up on tuesday. today hot snap inland, above 100 degrees, both saturday and sunday. back to you. >> can is looking forward. presidp now has
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here is what you miss if you're just getting home. indiana newlyweds lucky to be alive after plunging down a dormant volcano on his honeymoon. a rope along the hiking trail snapped sending the man tumbling 50 feet into the volcano in the caribbean. his wife managed to help them out of that crater, taking nearly four hours to reach cell phone service for help, he fractured his skull but doctors expect him to make a full recovery . >> i am so grateful that he was able to make it back up and his injuries were not worse. >> tonight the white house is working to restart stalled nuclear talks to north korea. even they testfired other short
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range missile. there is no warning the horror beforehand. that means their technology is improving . trump administration now has the green light to use pentagon funds for the border wall. narrow 5 to 4 ruling, supreme court lifted a freeze on 2 1/2 billion dollars in defense department funds. this means work and start to replace sections of the barrier in arizona, california and new mexico. president donald j. trump says that apple will not get an exemption from tariffs of the u.s. is placed on chinese imports. apple will not be getting tariff waiver or relief from mac pro parts that are made in china, make them in the usa, no tariffs. apple says it cannot get crucial parts for it's pro desktop from anywhere else. ministration officials say the company should figure out a way to make them in the united states . t-mobile and sprint teaming up after $26 billion merger.
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it they will now own about 30% of the wireless market. for now, the customer should notice no changes because the deal still has a couple final hurdles to clear. >> what they are essentially doing, they are going to build a fourth wireless carrier. now it is going to be at&t, verizon, sprint, t-mobile and dish. >> this one straight out of the movies, surveillance video shows a bunch of robbers in brazil, dressed as federal ce o looking police vehicle to haul away about $40 million in gold. it happened at a cargo terminal at the airport in sco paulo. they pulled guns on workers who then loaded up the gold for them. that robbery crew, still on the loose tonight . speaking of the movies, why you will soon want to head to monterey for a chance to feel almost exactly like bond, james
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bond. movie night! excuse me.
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all right! what are we watching? living with directv has been a learning experience. let's see what's on tv. directv satellite powers activate! you're kidding. yeah. that's not how that works at all. can you show us streaming apps? sorry. my remote doesn't do voice commands. i guess you could say i'm a little bit old school. lamar, can you dim the lights? stop living with directv. find all of your favorites faster with the xfinity x1 voice remote. it is something many of us have dreamed of driving. now you can actually own a james bond car . >> snow shadow gray, 65 aston
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martin. that is the car, it is going up for auction at so the bees in monterey. it is expected to fetch between four and $6 million. all the gadgets are identical to the one that 007 drove in the film, goldfinger. >> wear is q? >> machine gun and everything on the back . that will do it for the news at seven. for more news, sports and weather in the meantime, go to our website,
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