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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 27, 2019 2:07am-2:36am PDT

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wednesday. we have two days with a warm night between. where triple digits along the 680 corridor including concord at 103. fairfield is at 104, and spots hitting not 100 degrees will be and 92. oakland is at 80 degrees and san francisco is at 75 degrees. the inland valleys will see triple digit heat tomorrow. they are under a heat advisory. we have a warm night at 65 degrees or warmer, not tonight, but tomorrow. equality is taking a turn for the worse. the high pressure will compress pollution to the bottom of the atmosphere, where we live and breathe. the east bay and the south bay have on how the air quality tomorrow and sunday. the full forcast, including relief up to 20 degrees. we will find out when in a few minutes. with the weather heating up, this is what we do not want to see this weekend. fire crews battled a 10 acre grass fire on the east side of mount diablo inayton.
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according to the fire protection district, this was caused accidentally by the sheriff's shooting range. a san jose police officer is on the other side of the law, behind bars, facing drug and illegal weapons charges. we are learning how law enforcement worked together to take in one of their own. >> reporter: the officer was arrested today with the cooperation of the san jose police department, where he worked. this investigation began with a routine traffic stop three weeks ago in sunnyvale. 48-year-old officer john tompkins was arrested, shortly after sunnyvale department of public safety officers served a search warrant at his home. >> this is a tragic and sad event for our law-rc rorte tap dps officers ne wiin t past upleof days that tompkins was a police officer, and they determine the safest way to arrest him was at work, where his work area and
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locker were searched. >> we wanted to take extra precautions, not just for the officers involved, but the community and him. we know there were firearms involved. we also knew narcotics were involved. >> reporter: the started on july 11 at el camino real in sunnyvale, when an officer on routine patrol stopped a man namedtraffic violation. nonstop led to narcotics for sale. when search warrants were later executed on daniel ochoa's property, the alleged connection to officer thompson was it discovered. the exact relationship between the two men is not being disclosed. tompkins was charged with two felony counts of possession of narcotics with firearms. >> this is highly unusual. the fact of the matter is, officers are doing the right thing on a daily basis. >> reporterssstatent confng th officer kins is on admistrative
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ey have unched an alinveigatio reporting liin actownanotr car pile up . it is under investigation tonight. the impact fully deploy the airbags inside of the police cruiser. several vehicles piled up behind it near regional medical center. one of the drivers hit in the crash describes what he saw before impact. >> as he approached the intersection, yet lights on and sirens on. he came through cautiously. as soon as he got on the side of the median, that is when he was struck by the two cars. >> nobody was seriously hurt. multiple people, including the officer were taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> police made an arrest in a violet hit and run into inferences. the crash broke a mazda in two people and ruptured a fire hydrant at third and carroll in the bayview. a left 4 teenagers with serious injuries. police arrested a 19-year-old woman, identifiedinscernible ].e
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booked for felony hit-and-run. after our story last night about a longtime swim photographer, arrested for sexually abusing young boys, the sheriff's department now says that several more victims have come forward. the man worked at the recreation center. some of the abuse allegedly happened there, as well as at his home in menlo park. the sheriff's department tells us the additional victims will help with their case against him . he is out on bail tonight. police are trying to track down several men who robbie electronics from a ups driver. the driver was unloading packages when two men in hoodies grabbed several boxes. this happened before 11:00 this morning in front of a verizon store. the suspects jumped into an suv with a third man behind the wheel. the packages contained cell phones and watches.
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tonight, bay area police want your help finding stolen puppies. in san francisco, these puppies were stolen from a shopping center at 16th in the mission on wednesday. police say their owner arranged a sale on the parking lot, and the suspect's that off with the eight-week-old puppies. oakland police are looking for this french bulldog named yuni. she was still on from her dog walkers car on wednesday in west oakland. yuni was last seen wearing this pink harness. if you have information, police would like to hear from you. federal agents are on the ground in oakland after a fire destroyed yet another construction site. tonight, we are getting a new look at what was lost in last night lays. these photos are from the construction company performing the work. they show progress on a hunch that the owners said was meant to become a creative studio. it all went up in flames just before 10:00 last night. this is at least the ninth sin
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that is why today, the atf was on scene to find out if this was also arson. :i don't know what to think of these instances where there burning down housing that we all need. i don't know if it is people that are anti-gentrification, or what. >> to learn the fire started on the first floor right in front of the building. a definite cause has yet to be determined. a man accused of phasing faking his death is under arrest after a month long manhunt. they caught up with kim benson avis in colorado springs. authorities say back in february, he states a disappearance at monastery beach. it turns out he was out on bail as a serial suspect in the he now faanextradn ny are heading to e night.
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that turned e rrho hi open rig now after being shut down for five hours. reporter rachel wolf is reporting on the chain of events. >> we saw cars flying by. some helicopters were flying around as well. we saw police boats in the water. >> reporter: locals and tourists watched as the el dorado sheriff's office, chp and fbi searched for a woman who was threatening to harm herself. :she claimed she has a bone to her chest. >> reporter: she was stopped on highway 89 near emerald bay. >> the vehicle pulled up the road and stopped. when the people got out, she said she had a bomb on her. she threatened to harm peace te taken intoy lp oanba e man o the woods.
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>> the meal is done for the water. >> reporter: s brought in. >> it was scary for my kids. many of the police officers said come back out now, we have to go. there were guns out and everything. >> reporter: this woman and her family were trapped as the investigation unfolded. >> we parked up the hill. at a certain point, we could not go any further. >> reporter: they were not alone. hundreds were turned back or had to wait until the man was taken into custody at another location. authorities say no gun was found, and neither was a bomb. alana blake byrne is being treated for possible drug ingestion. the 24-year-old coby gregory was arrested at the release shopping center. he is being charged with resisting arrest. people do not have any idea about the relationship between twrepoing in lake tahoe, rachel wolf, kpix 5. tonight, a close up in court really has cleared the
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way for the trump administration to use billions of dollars in pentagon funding to repair the border wall. tonight, president trump tweeted this. wow, big victory on the wall. a big win for border security and the rule of law. >> that decision came in a very narrow ruling today. the court unfrozen 2 1/2 billion dollars in department funding. that means that workers are to replace existing sections of the barrier in arizona, california, and new mexico. how speaking nancy pelosi says the supreme court to allow president trump to defy the bipartisan will of the congress, and proceed with contracts to spend billions of dollars on his wall undermines the constitution and the law. coming up, a june swoon. bay area home sales tumbled to pre-rest session levels. bay area cities get
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millions of dollars to stop a car break an epidemic. how will they use the money to protect you? ac line versus a humpback whale? what led up to tonight, the percentage of bay area home sales has
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the biggest drops were in san francisco at 22%. was a most 15% in alameda and santa clara counties. we are finding out the housing market has finally hit a wall. >> reporter: one e. bay broker tells us that last year's red- hot real estate market here in the east bay has not been able to sustain itself. overall, there are more homes on the market now, and prices have slumped a bit. these folks are moving into their new home this evening. they are first-time homebuyers and closed on this three bedroom two bathroom townhome in fremont at $790,000. they paid $25,000 over asking. >> it is about the location and shut a work perspective, i can gon joseor san
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francisco. >> reporter: realtors say the home sold in one week, and received three offered. overall, june home sales in the bay area where the lowest for that month in 11 years, according to new data from core logic. people think, the sky is falling. it is not. this guy is not falling. we are not in the same place we were in 2007 when we had bad loans. that is what created that. this is just an adjustment. >> reporter: she says there is plenty of activity. the market is more gentle. core logic says despite low mortgage rates and a strong economy, bay area home sales this june dropped nearly 13% below june 2018 >> last year was a frenzy. people were jumping in and getting whatever they could. this year, buyers are more relaxed and calm. they are going in . if they lov
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it, they put an offer in. otherwise, they're more particular.>> reporter: the inventory level has gone from a sellers market to it a neutral market according to core logic. we hope the prices don't drop more. now we have the house. >> reporter: she says in the east bay, pleasanton, and alameda remain strong housing markets. several bay area cities are getting an infusion of cash to tackle a rash of car break-ins. five cities will receive $750,000 each from a state surplus. san jose, santa clara, fremont, and newark, some places have seen record numbers of car break-ins. the extra money might go to police overtime, or public awareness campaigns. they are looking to give outreach to businesses near the
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hotspots. a company is in hot water with the hindu community. it is all over the sox. they display images of a hindu deity. hindu leaders are calling for the company to pull the socks. they say that the lord is highly revered in hinduism, and it is inappropriate to use him for commercial sales. the company's ceo told us, we offer our sincerest apology to the hindu community. we were inspired by the symbolism of prosperity and protection against adversity. it was not our intention to trivialize the hindu faith in any way. a new video out of san diego showing the coast guard unloading the spoils of a multimillion dollar cocaine bust. the coast guard seized the cocaine while chasing smugglers off of the eastern pacific ocean last week. there were caught on camera dumping bags, and throwing them over the side of that craft. in all, more than 26 pounds of
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cocaine was offloaded today. the drugs are estimated to be worth $350 million. new at 11:00, a spectacle that is rarely, if ever seen on camera in the monterey bay. ecthe marine biologist who snapped a once-in-a-lifetime photo. >> i see a lot of crazy stuff, but never this. >> reporter: chased decker with the marine biologist and photographer for sanctuary cruises when he got this spectacular image of a sea lion inside of a humpback whale's mouth. >> many people haven't even seen a whale. to see something so amazing, i have never seen anything like this. it is mind blowing.>> reporter: sanctuary cruises was watching hump whales when the freak of nature happened. >> i hope they got the photo. i thought, i got it. i was so ecstatic.
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i captured a moment i will it has gone viral. there are internet naysayers. >> people keep saying this is photo shop. i'm getting a lot of that. >> reporter: humpback whales do not eat sea lions. they eat krill and small fish. decker also said there were hundreds of sea lions in the feeding frenzy. this unlucky sea lion did not get out of the way fast enough when a humpback whale jumped back up to feed. when the whale went down, the sea lion swam off. >> it might have some ptsd, but honestly, there are worse things to worry about. with the sharks and work is in the bay, it has more on its mind than being in a whale's mouth for a few minutes. >> it was busy and that part of the ocean. that was elects cortez reported . national geographic is interested in writing an
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article. we are looking at the forecast. the heat is on. inland, the heat will be on 104 degrees. we have an interesting picture. this is the top of the sales force tower, sticking about the low cloud layer. it is running at 1000 feet. we have a cooldown. livermore and concord is in the mid 60s. san francisco is at 56. santa rosa is at 54 degrees. concorde is dropping to 64 degrees. mountain view is 64 degrees. you want to cool off for the weekend? come watch the san francisco marathon. the brave souls are running 26.2 miles this weekend. it is clear and mild on sunday morning with lows in the 60s. berkeley kite festival at the berkeley marina, tomorrow and sunday. we have sunshine and warm for berkeley. it is not worn by inland standards. we have mid and upper 80s in
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fremont. that is not a record. it is 15 degrees above average. we have sunshine on sunday. why are we getting hot? we have a rigid high-pressure centering itself over southern california. we are warming up the atmosphere. the ridges are off to the south. we have an onshore breeze. at the coast you will be warmer. san francisco will be warmer at 75 degrees. temperatures are temperate near the water. we have low cloud cover tomorrow. inland, you are sunny and hot. on sunday, everyone gets sunshine from start to finish. the heat lasts for two days. on monday, the ridge slides to the east to open the door for an onshore flow. as the ridge leaves, takes the hot weather with it. we have relief ne the coast. niwarmthan avermo fair ccord, and livermore is in the 90s. we have 88 degrees in fremont.
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80 in oakland and 75 in san francisco. by monday, we are 15 degrees cooler. tuesday and wednesday, we will state near average. wake up to the latest forecast tomorrow morning. we will talk about the inland heat starting at 6:00 in the morning. it will be pretty toasty. >> i love it. it is a couple of days. it cools off. it is perfect. some are calling this the great grasshopper invasion of 2019. coming up, what is bringing thousands of insects to the
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people in sin city are hoping that it will not stay in vegas. this is a video of thousands of insects descending on the vegas strip. the grasshoppers invaded las vegas of the last week. they are apparently there due to the wet spring season in southern nevada. experts are saying, the grasshoppers will only stick around for a couple more weeks. no grasshoppers here. we have sports at 11:00. what a night. guess who has a record of 11 noan a th a you will talk about
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baseball up top. the giants are convinced that they cannot be beat. in nine innings, it was not enough in san diego. the padres skipper of 12 years, felt the love. he picked up top third, and open of the scoring. it was 1-0 to san francisco. this will want to the 11th inning. it was tied at 1 until pablo smashed the ball, and it was caught by a giants fan while holding his baby. they are three teams ahead, oh
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man, what a catch! let's go to the a's and rangers. this requires concentration. this is an in game interview while being dunked with sunflower seeds. why is olson in for the golden glove? he had the lead disappearing. in the eighth inning, willie calhoun crushed one. the a's lost 5-2. they dropped a half game out of the wild- card race. in the meantime, the 49ers, this is the worst of times for jimmy garoppolo. he had a knee injury in kansas city. it is all over now. jimmy garoppolo is back with a clean bill of health. it is a go time. this is the first training camp practice. announced he will not play in the season opener on august 10. he is good to go early saturday morning. >> it is officially official. it is good to go.
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>> he is pumped and ready to go. >> i am happyi am at. it was a successful summer. all right. let's talk about the oakland raiders. let's look at antonio brown. see how he arrived today. >> raider nation, i am here in napa. it is time to get to work, baby. float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. >> he did float into camp via a hot air balloon. they announced that the five- time all-pro was laced on the nonfootball injury list. he will not be on the practice field tomorrow with the team. as camp gains, the coach was comforted that he did land safely. >> is he okay? that is all i want to know. [ laughter ]i do expect a lot more drama from number 84. i expected more than a hot air balloon. i thought he might jump out of an airplane and parachute here
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himself. he will add a lot of light to this organization. >> antonio brown may not participate in practice tomorrow, your uncle vern will be ready to go, suited up with a camera, and gear pointed at the players running up and down the field. the things i do for kpix 5. >> make sure you get the hot air balloon and make the
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. have a great weekend, stay cool, it will be a warm one out there. good night. (gentle music) - tonight i wanna ask you a very tough question. have you ever in your adult life looked in the mirror and thought you know, i really figured that my life would have turned out better? if so, you are not alone. this is larry king and over the past 60 years i've interviewed presidents, billionaires, and world-changers. but in today's uncertain times, when it comes to making money and living a truly successful life, this may be the most important interview you'll ever watch. today we're in the company of a phenomenal success story.
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dean graziosi is a multi-millionaire, new york times best selling author, and a world-renowned business superstar father of two. what's even more remarkable is dean grew up in a dysfunctional home, lived in a trailer park, and barely got out of high school. and tonight we're gonna discuss his hot new book millionaire success habits. plus, he'll share the exact little shifts that you can make immediately. implement them in your life to quickly position yourself to make more money and thrive from today's uncertain times. (intense music) dean, it's great having you here. according to the latest statistics, you own over $20 million in real estate, you have nearly a million fans following you online, and you're married and seem to be a full time dad. how do you do all that? - well first off, thanks for having me here. it obviously didn't start there, you know.
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in fact, just a couple weeks ago i went upstate new york, this little town where i grew up, and i took my cellphone and i kinda went down memory lane. i went to the trailer park i lived at and the exact trailer i lived in with my mom and she probably worked three jobs to make $90 a week. i went to the house where me and my dad lived in a bathroom, literally almost a year's worth... a little electric heater that kept us warm. i went to the garage i worked out of. and at that phase in my life, that time in my life, i just thought that was who i was. i didn't go to college, i had dyslexia, i didn't have money, of course it takes money to make money. i had all these beliefs, but i kinda had this epiphany, if you would call it. i realized that wealthy people, happy people, successful people had different habits than what my family had, what my friends had, and the people who just worried about money and scarcity all the time. all of a sudden i started adopting these habits larry, and in my mid-20s i literally became a millionaire and i went on to create great companies. and it's amazing having the fancy cars and the house of my dreams and flying around in private jets
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t i just wanna tell you the true definition of success. and success means something different for all of us, but for me, when i got money out of the way, i get to coach my son's little league, i get to go to every dance recital, i get to take off in the middle of the day and play with my kids, to be the best dad ever, he b shapof my life.ff in the middle of the day and when you realize that it's just these small shifts in your habits, it's what made me obsessed, i have to write this book and get these secrets out to the world. - a lot of people are nervous with the new trump presidency. is this a good time to be focusing on building wealth? - all times are the perfect time to be focusing on wealth. let's just face it, if you can cut a check for a problem, that problem goes away. if you can take care of your family, your children, retire your spouse, retire your parents, that you deserve, when you can cut a check for a problem, the problem goes away. here's the thing, this trump thing was insanity and half the country was ready to jump off a bridge
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and i just wanted to reach out and tell everybody don't let the outside world effect you so much. don't be thermometer of life, be the thermostat, right? during depressions, more millionaires are made during depressions. warren buffet says when people are scared, be greedy. when people are greedy, be scared. this isn't a time to be small, this is a time to get the habits, get the strategies, get the tools and skyrocket and take advantage of this time in history. i know i'm obsessing with habits, but again, like i said in the beginning, when i shared my story, when i had the epiphany and realized the difference between me being okay, me getting by, me doing okay, and me living an abundant life was the shift in habits. and i'll share more specific ones here today. - you have money now and people may look at you and think, he doesn't understand where i am and the challenges i face. - i knew what it was like to live in a trailer park, to live in a bathroom with my dad. i know what it's like to have nothing, not have lunch money, but i also know what it's like to break through that,
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