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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  July 27, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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strauch a heat advisory is underway in the inland valleys. we will see the hottest temperatures this weekend. a san jose police officer arrested. the case involving drugs and weapons charges. fire destroys another construction project in the east bay. federal investigators are searching for a cause. help cameras may play a critical role. it is about 6 a.m. good morning. flock let's get started with the forecast. i am starting off with the ugly numbers and it will be focused on the inland valleys. it is not like anyone will
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experience the heat equally. if you take a look at the map, i have picked out the representative spots around the bay area where you can see how in the locations i conquered were 103. at the city for san francisco 70 for in the low 80s in oakland. 92 in san jose. the closer we get to the inland valley in the purple, and the center of high-pressure warming us up that is where you will feel it a little more. if you are looking at the areas that are under the heat advisory, it is only those areas. everywhere in yellow is where we are talking about here from concord, danville and livermore in the you are included. not at that will not be hot in rosa it will be noticeably hot, but it will not be like her records hunting hot. heat advisory goes until sunday at 11. we have two days of this to get there. the meantime in san francisco,
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you will say what he way. at 70 for, a deep marine layer. many of us waking up to low gray skies and that is what is keeping temperatures really well behaved. the closer you are to the bay, look at the forecast. 77 then you look inland. the heat advisory going until sunday. we are back with more of the details in a few minutes. you are bracing for the unpleasant weather forecast for lots of the the area. some temperatures expected to triple digits pigment livermore is one of the most notorious hotspots in the region and some folks are cooling off in public fountains yesterday. >> sunscreen and saying what. i am blessed with the the pool. supplied me with the flight breeze the dry gets grass conditions are ready to go. select heat advisory from 11 this morning at 11 tomorrow night. the high temperatures and dry conditions will keep firefighters on alert. firefighters are busy battling
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antenna grassfire the east side of mount diablo. it happened yesterday march creek road in clayton. according to the scott cotter cost of fire protection district the fire was caused accidentally the shooting range. >> a police officer has been arrested on narcotics and firearms related charges. johns hopkins was arrested shortly after the senate belt apartment safety officer served a search warrant at his home. investigators say the case began with a traffic enforcement stop in sunnyvale about three weeks ago. officers arrested another man. daniel hotel on suspicion of sale of narcotics. follow the investigation identified top and death a seconds up spec. he was arrested at his workplace were his locker was searched. >> we deftly wanted to take extra precautions. not just for ourselves but also for the community and for him. we know there were firearms involved. >> tompkins has been plate on
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pit placed on paid administrative leave of the department is also conducting an internal investigation. this comes as anotigthis mo yesterday's impact fully deployed the airbags inside a police cruiser and several cars piled up behind at north jackson avenue near regional medical center. one of the driver said in a crash describes what he saw right before impact. >> as he approached the intersection of what is lights and sirens on a cancer cautiously and dizziness he gave it to the median that is when he got through. >> nobody was injured but multiple people including the officer were taken to a hospital to be checked out. after a story about a long time some photographer arrested for allegedly sexually abusing young boys, the san mateo sheriffs office says several d raholdallegedly
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happened there as well as at his home in menlo park. the sheriffs office tells an ar in a pilot hit-and-run crash in san francisco. thursday's crash broke a milestone and ruptured a fire hydrant at third street and carroll avenue. and also for teenagers with serious injuries. police arrested a 19 woman identified as lynn vines. she has been booked for felony hit-and-run. construct police are trying to crack down several men who stole electronics from a ups driver in petaluma. the driver was unloading packages when two and and hoodies grabbed several boxes. is happened yesterday morning in front of a verizon store on kenilworth drive. the suspects jumped into a hyundai suv with a third man behind the wheel. the packages contained cell phones and smart watches. bay area police want your help fighting solo puppies. in san francisco, these multiple who were stolen from a shopping center on wednesday.
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please say the owner had arranged a sale of the parking lot and the suspect spun off with the a week else. oakland police are searching for this five-month- old french bulldog. she was stolen from her dog walker car also on wednesday. and 16th and cabell street in west oakland. muni was last seen wearing this pink harness. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. >> federal agents in oakland after a fire destroyed another construction site. this morning we are getting a new look at what was lost and thursday nights fire. these pictures are from the construction company performing the works, showing the progress on a that the owners it was meant to become a creative studio. it all went up in flames before 10:00 thursday night. this is at least the ninth construction fire the east bay sie anthis why the atf is on the scene to find out if the fire was also arson.>> i do not know what to think of all of these instances where they are burning down housing that we need. i don't tre star the first th
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determined. strike a man accused of faking his own death in monterey bay is under arrest after a month- long manhunt. u.s. marshals caught up with kim vincent avis yesterday in colorado springs. authorities say back in february he staged a disappearance. it turned out that he was out on bail as a serial rapist suspect in scotland. avis now faces an extradition hearing in colorado. >> lots of people heading to lake tahoe one of getting stuck in traffic to last night evening commute to because of a bomb threat. it turned out to be a bizarre hoax. highway 89 is finally back open after being shut down ld chain of events. slug we saw a couple of cars flying by. a couple of helicopters flying
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and taurus ell and police both watch as the el dorado county sheriffs office, chp and fbi searched for a woman reportedly threatening to harm herself. she was eventually stopped along the highway 89 above the vikings home near emerald bay. spot the vehicle pulled off of the road and stopped. when the female got out she said she had a bomb on her and threatened to harm police officers. >> reporter: the woman was taken into custody with a help of a beanbag gun and a suspicious device removed. the man with her took off running into the woods. sought the possible direction for the mail at large is down towards the water. >> authorities closed the road in the bomb squad was brought in. >> it was scary for my kids because a lot of the police officer said, come back up now we have to go in. there were guns out there. >> rena hughes and her family were tracked as the investigation unfolded. >> we parks up the helped after
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a certain point, we kept going. >> they were not alone. hundreds returned back are had to wait until the man was taken into custody authorities say no gun was found and neither was a bomb. 21-year-old alana blakemore being treated at an area hospital for possible drug ingestion. 24-year-old will be gregory was arrested here at the shopping center charged with resisting arrest. police do not have any idea about the relationship between the two of the. reporting and south lake tahoe, rachel wolf, kpix 5. eight people are confirmed dead, and dozens were injured after three strong earthquakes >> the northern philippines in the last 20 were hours. the quakes hit near sparsely populated i live in the early morning hours. developing seismology agency said the quakes had magnitudes of five point for, 5.9 and 5.7. the quakes caused substantial damage collapsing houses and
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waking people up. and many people have a gathering outdoors and feeling it is not safe to be inside of their homes. and one of the hardest hit areas, more than 2000 people are being advised not to return to their homes for now. strike three american athletes among 16 people injured after a deadly balcony collapse at a self-created nightclub. happened today the city the site of the championship. the nightclub next to the athletes village. from gus are two men from south korea. investigators are looking into whether the internal balcony was legal and have too many people are on it at the time of the collapse. the bay area home sales dropped to the lowest levels since the recession. what this means buyersan sellers. lands coul geir way. you know when you're at ross
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for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. bay area home sales have dropped to the lowest levels since the great recession and the biggest drops from last year were from contra costa and san francisco counties of nearly 22 percent. sales were down almost 15 percent from last year in santa clara and alameda counties. financial services company core logic did the study and says the slump comes despite low mortgage rates at a strong economy. core logic said inventory level
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in the bay area has gone from a sellers market to a more neutral market. >> this year fires are more relaxed and calm. they are going in and they are looking at the property. if they really limits, they will put an offer in. otherwise they are being particular. >> court logic said other factors include more renters staying put in more adult children living with their parents. santa cruz company is in hot water with the hindu community. it is all over these talks the swing images of the deity. lord ganesh. lawmakers are asking the company to pull it. it is there saying the lord is highly revered and hinduism and it is inappropriate to use it for sales. the company feels that we offer our sincere apology to the hindu community. we were inspired by the symbolism of prosperity and protection against adversity and it was not our intention to trivialize the hindu faith in any way. outside land brazing and
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tell. the services go possible within the allowed to light up legally. last year organizers cornered often area calling it grasslands this year, organizers hours questing permits to allow marijuana sales and consumption. it would be scientifically tested and regulated and it would be used in a fenced in area separate from the rest of the festival. spot by regulating the sale and consumption of cannabis as local events, we are hoping to mitigate the need for the public to rely on unrelated sources. we want to make sure the people of access to safe and tested product.>> improvements are approved it would be the first time legal sale and consumption n odis the second day of the 41st annual gilroy garlic festival. it includes food, live entertainment and cooking
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competitions. people can enjoy all kinds of garlic dishes you garlic ice cream. the highlights include today's great garlic cookoff at 10 am. the vessel runs through tomorrow at christmas hill park. less than a check of the weather center. >> let's start off with the quick forecast. take a look at the numbers behind me. 97 will be the forecast, in case you had not heard. we have a hot weekend on our hands. let me show you what it looks like outside for the bay. this may be contradictory to what i said. that is a great start to the day. this is the camera looking back towards the bay bridge sitting right there. it is kind of their. a very thick marine layer is usually not something you would typically encounter when you're experiencing a heat wave. for those of us in the city and around the immediate bay it will not be that bad today. when we get up above these low clouds, look how pretty it is. from the top of the tower was
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one of the cables hanging down there. but a beautiful shot. let me show you what it looks like inland. this is what heat waves could look like. clear skies looking over dublin. dublin you are one of the areas today that is under a heat advisory. concord, it is 57 degrees for concord right now. 59 in san jose. if we take a look at the bay area as a whole and spotlight the representative numbers on here. 103 concord. 101 in livermore. 87 over the hill in hayward. the big difference is on this side of the hill from that side of the hill. look at the 70 for in san francisco. if i show you where the heat advisory is, it is where you would expect the areas that are in yellow, right through that part of the bay area. it goes until sunday at 11:00. we get through two days and if we give you an example on why we have concerns for concord, and livermore comedy daytime high at 103. the record today and concord is
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103. record-tying record-breaking heat in some cases. livermore, 101. the record for today is 100 to. just shy event to knock your message. 106 is the record. santa rosa going to 97 that messes the record by two. and you should be that. 89 is the record. in the bay, those of the daytime high. oakland going to anyone. a call far away it is for these numbers. for oakland it is 81. record is 92. a couple of degrees below it. palo alto 86. 96 is the record. quite the difference depending on where you are. let's get through the weekend. once we do that, the temperatures will come down and we are back to the mid-80s for daytime highs by the time we get to monday and tuesday. a lot of people have plans to run the marathon and we were talking about this before the newscast because i know melissa is running at and producer britney will be running it. if you are running a marathon
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on sunday, the city is the place to do it. when you start in the morning it will be the low 60s. that is a go. >> thank you. >> i'm just doing a half. instruct many runners, including myself will gather for the annual severance a scope marathon. the race will take runners around a loop of san francisco, briefly into marin county. the golden gate bridge the bridge district said it would not shut down car lanes because it is dangerous. runners will have to stay on the sidewalk. this video is from years past the shutdown several lanes on the bridge. this year there will be two different five case the runners can take part in and its course presents an iconic landmark like the golden gate bridge, fishman is worth like i don't
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know why i do this to myself. every year i get around here at izr at a terrible mistake ve forcing me so that i do hugely bears myself. >> anyone willing to run 13 miles at whatever pace, kudos. like i'm going to need it because it will be in the back of the pack. that is where you will find me. strike a quick check. here's what you can find the cheapest gas prices. today we are looking at gilroy. there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression.
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like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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good morning. have gone out and done it again. the giants. they are convinced they can be beat. case in point. nine innings are not enough. not in san diego. the former pottery skipper occurred giants skipper bruce the felt of the law. picked this one up the top third leave it to death of it to start is going. to clang off the wall to make this one went to that one, titu. he caught the ball holding the
6:24 am
baby with one hand. the giants wanted to -12 one half back to the wild car with three teams in front of them. the segway back to oakland. how about this for concentration. the in game interview. dumped the sunflower seeds. white is he the first baseman. there is are evidence. a sensational third inning catch. the eighth had a 2-1 lead at texas. they saw it does appear the rangers they put this wonder bread. they lost 5-2 and they dropped half a game out of the wildcard race. the segway to the nfl. the finer 49ers practice worst mes lot september a clean bill of health are the center this morning at the first training camp practice.
6:25 am
the team did announce that would not plan the preseason opener. on the kpix 5 gave. he is good to go later this morning.>> it is official. we are good to go. it's like he has pumped to get off. he is ready to go. strike i'm happy where i am at. it was a successful center summer. sauk centre was the greatest. checkout the all-pro wide receiver antonio brown arrived yesterday and nap up.>> i am here in napa so like a butterfly, sting like a bee. site antonio brown loaded into camp. the team did announce the five- time all-pro was placed on the nonfocal injury list which means he will not be on the practice field later on when the team gets together for the first go around behind the
6:26 am
marriott at their training camp site. the coach comforted he landed the safety. strike is he okay? that is all i want to know. i expect a lot more drama from 84. expected more than a hot air balloon. i thought he might jump out of an airplane or peer shooting himself. he will add a lot of life to this organization. >> more readers and more 49ers the coming days. that is enough. i will see you later. >> if you are looking for something to do, some team members, including myself will be out of the oakland a's ballpark tomorrow skipping repair floats alongside players and coaches at the coliseum. the 20th annual event raises funds for juvenile diabetes research. the doors open at 10:30 also be served until 2:00. it will be a fun day for us. just wanted to mention that the
6:27 am
guy catching the home run ball is the husband of not a that used to to work at the station.>> our former weather person. that was her baby he was holding. there baby when he also cost of the ball. ahead of the next half hour, the trouble from the san francisco taxi drivers has gotten worse. the letters in the mail the drivers are terrified to open asking for large sums of money. >> the several cisco mayor tells us how she plans to draw the public back to a problematic park.
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welcome back. it is about 6:30. >> i'm melissa kane. let's start off with a check on the forecast with darren peck. heat advisory. that is the headline in the forecast. i wanted to start out by giving you the overview picking out some of the representative spots along the bay area to show you how this is not an equal opportunity he way. take a look at the numbers behind me. you can see the areas and purple offer to the east at 103 for concord and 101 fort livermore. quite warmer than the 92 in san jose. certainly warmer than i-74 in san francisco but they are
6:31 am
noticeably warmer than just over the hill in alameda county. look at hayward going to 87. the differences, you are away from the bay and you are losing out on the influence of the strong onshore flow the most of the rest of us have. those of us on this side of the hill, it will be sunshine, and heat, that is why this is the area highlighted in yellow. talk about the heat advisory going into effect this morning and it is not expire until sunday night at 11. we have to get through two days of this. meanwhile 70 for the city. partly cloudy skies in a very deep marine layer to start the day ranging in the upper 70s and low 80s will look at that one of three for inland locations. there is the heat advisory inland. staying close to average near the coast and 20 degrees cooler inland by the time we get to monday. i will be back with more of the rest of the forecast, coming up. >> several bay area cities are getting an infusion of cash to tackle a rash of car break-ins.
6:32 am
five cities will receive $750,000 each from a state surplus. the cities are san jose, santa clara, milpitas, vermont tacoma and newark. some of the cities have been seeing a record number of car break-ins. is now the extra money may go towards police overtime and public awareness campaigns. maybe are reaching to businesses near hot spots. supreme court ruling is clear the way for the trump administration she was the pentagon funds for the board wall. last night president trump posted on his twitter account big victory for the wall. a big win for border security and the rule of law. the decision came a five-for ruling yesterday. the court unfrozen $2.5 billion in defense department funding. they can start to replace sections of the barrier in arizona, california, and new mexico. house speaker nancy pelosi had this to say. the supreme court decision allowed president trump to defy the bipartisan role of congress
6:33 am
and proceed with contracts with believes of the dollars on the wall undermining the constitution and the law. >> getting a live look at capitol hill the cost democrats are pushing for access to grand jury evidence from the russia investigation. they say the material is crucial as a way whether to begin impeachment proceedings. yesterday attorneys for the house judiciary committee as a federal court to let them see evidence about two issues. first interactions between the trump campaign and russian agents. and second, alleged attempts by the president to have the special counsel robert mueller fired. we have the for several cisco mayor willie brown about robert mueller and if he was the same man at the hearing that mayor brown knew 20 years ago. not at all. as a matter fact time has taken its toll on him. he really has altered his conduct, and it is unfortunate because the democrats have placed so much. if they are in vegas it would
6:34 am
have been all in the house. and they would have lost. >> we will have more on that tomorrow morning right here>> president trump says cupertino- based apple will not get an exemption from tariffs that the was placed on chinese imports. the president posted apple will not be given tariff waiver relief for mac reports made in china. make them in the u.s. no tariffs. strike he slapped tariffs onto a $50 billion worth of chinese goods in an ongoing trade were. last week, amplify the request to exclude certain products such as components for his high- end desktop called the mac pro. the company says it can get the parts from anywhere else with the administration is not buying it.>> they have operations in china. he has encouraged tim cook, th ceo and theye mr. cook. he would like to see the apple
6:35 am
operations move. is up to mr. cook of the apple business. i know there was some talk that would moving production facilities to texas. i think if they do it it is a good thing.>> until now, apple has largely avoided the tariffs and increased cost for some american companies. members of both parties are vowing to work together to lower prescription drug prices. this after an emotional hearing on capitol hill. >> this committee hits home so much. >> reporter: yesterday, patients shared their struggles to pay for vital drwith the house oversight and reform committee. to describe the painful impact of skyrocketing drug races other physical and financial health. >> the drug cost more than my car payment. more than my business insurance. more than my food bill each month. >> we cannot pay any price the drug companies demand. >> democrats and republicans are looking at this very
6:36 am
closely. but just this week, the senate moved forward with legislation to lower drug prices and the house is working on its own belt to do the same. >> north korea claims a launched a high-tech muscle calling it a warning to the u.s. allied south korea. the photos released by north korea yesterday show kim jong- un watching the test fire the missile. it comes as south korea and the u.s. get ready for joint military exercises next month.>> the short range missiles and my relationship is very good and we will see what happens. they are short range missiles and many people have the missiles. >> secretary of state pompeo suggested at thursday's test was a negotiating tactic. we are getting new video of a multimillion dollar cocaine bust and a high-speed chase. suspected cocaine smugglers were seen throwing large bags from a boat in the eastern pacific. that is in oregon paste coast guard crew closing and. they eventually caught up with the drug boat and arrested nine
6:37 am
people. officials seized more the one pound of cocaine. 2300 pounds and the drugs are worth an estimated $350 million. >> now for a third time. a judge has dramatically slashed the amount of money awarded to a plaintiff who claims that round up weedkiller caused their cancer. alameda county judge tubular award to a husband and wife of livermore down to $86.7 million. of a and alberta diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma and sued monsanto. which is owned by bayer pharmaceuticals. two weeks ago, for mcgraw speaker groundskeeper also has a were cut down by a judge from 290 million to $70.5 million. maker insisted popular product is safe. so far, the epa agrees. san francisco taking steps to make it street safer the people who walk on them. the transportation agency recently installed plastic
6:38 am
traffic barriers between lanes on taylor street. the agency also installed sensors on the street to study how fast traffic is moving. so far there have been 14 pedestrian deaths. the latest was last sunday. the 39-year-old benjamin dean died after he was hit and killed on taylor and o'farrell street. he was hit by driver suspected of speeding and hitting running a red light. his wife was hit but his recovery. the driver is facing a vehicular manslaughter charge. the several cisco un plaza has extra farmers market. part of an effort by mayor london breed to make the area h farmers market on wednesdays and sundays. people in the neighborhood told the mayor they want to see more.>> all that they talk about is the farmers market and how they love the farmers market. i wanted to make sure that we provided an extension of that and an opportunity for local people to showcase their talent.
6:39 am
>> the new friday farmers market has more than just a food. there is also merchandise, arts and crafts. financial tech company square is one of the sponsors.>> the most exciting thing is that for an area that has some challenges, this is such a good example of the city, local partners and companies and small businesses coming together to revitalize the neighborhood. >> there three days farmers markets in the plaza but the mayor says she would like to see a permanent market. have drivers getting letters for full payment for balloon loan obtained to pay for taxi medallions. driver matt sutter said the letters were the first the cond was learnithat ane loans themselves had wen th letters to the bank and we are told they were bundled into a loan and told. slightly severalcide credit union acknowledged it has sold participation interest and some loans but by law they
6:40 am
say they cannot say how many, or to whom. still ahead, well watchers have never seen this before. pc line versus a humpback whale. what led up to this once-in-a- lifetime moments. >> and airport hot straight out of a movie plot. how a man managed to spend $40 million of gold in a matter of minutes.
6:41 am
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6:43 am
a consumer reports warning and a potentially deadly form of bacteria found in some leafy greens. out of 280 for samples six were tainted with listeria. two samples are prepackaged and prewashed. the other fort worth loose heads or bunches.>> it does not necessarily remove bacteria. the bacteria can get socket to the leaves and adhere to the microscopic crevices.>> it is old for cosco and whole foods connecticut, new jersey, and new york. >> t-mobile and sprint have the go ahead but it is still not a done deal. the justice department approved the proposed merger yesterday. it allows the t-mobile to sprint an all-time transaction with 26 by third and fourth largest wireless companies would likely create a
6:44 am
formidable rival to at&t and verizon. soccer so a couple of hurdles left for this whole deal to finish one of the other things is that there is actually pressure from some states including new york and california to stop the deal because they are worried about what we have been talking about. the possibility prices rising. of competition being less powerful, and ultimately us as consumers losing out.>> attorney generals from 13 different states suing to block the proposed merger they say would violate antitrust laws and hurt consumers in the process. petition to change halloween to the last saturday of october is gaining momentum.>> over 82,000 people have signed a addition addressed to president trump. organizers say the goal is hasa the celebration only allowed the celebration to start earlier in the day but giving parents the chance to take
6:45 am
their kids trick or treating. that is an opportunity many miss out on the holiday follows the work week. this story is like the movies. a huge gold heist at a cargo terminal in brazil. he security fitted shows the suspects arriving in a police pickup truck. airport workers to move the gold into the car within a few minutes. they managed to take off with about $40 million worth of gold bars that were headed to new york and zérich. a spectacle that is rarely seen. auto camera and monterey bay. felix cortes spoke with marine biologist who snapped this once in a lifetime photo. >> i get to see a lot of crazy stuff. >> reporter: chase decker was the marine biologist and photographer for sanctuary cruises when he got this spectacular image of a sea lion inside of a humpback whale moth. specter a lot of people that do not see a whale. it is the fact that they could
6:46 am
see something so amazing and all of my years of doing this. it is mind blowing. psych thanks ray cruises out of moss landing watching a pot of humpbacks on a feeding frenzy with the peak break act nature happened.>> i was looking behind the lens. i was hoping i got a and i was just so static. i captured a moment i would never see again. >> decker posted the photo on facebook and it has gone viral. there are internet naysayers. like this is clearly photoshop here clearly taken on a dock the steel is put to the whales mouth. >> reporter: come back whales do not eat the lights. decker says there are also hundreds of sea lions in the feeding frenzy in this unlucky sea line to knock it out of the way quick enough for the humpback and swim up to lunch feet. weather will went back down, the sea lions from off. suspect they may have ptsd but there are a lot worse things to
6:47 am
worry about. there is a lot more that being the whales mouth for a few seconds. decker is getting worldwide attention for the photo and national geographic is interested in writing an article about it. strike your is a way to cut down on fire danger. goats are helping to keep east bay hillside clear head of the sea. brian you and found this group getting it's full of the storage open space and want to creep. other herds have been hired to go across the oakland hills. let's get a check of the weather. where pointing out to great- looking skies. the opposite of what you expect to see on a when lling you it it wil be that bad the ba rely seit, our roof and when we look on top of it for
6:48 am
the camera, you can see it is a pretty classic day as far as a good search of the marine layers. there is a lot of onshore in the clouds are covering most of the bay. at that is a good sign for those of us who have direct access to the golden gate and the opening to the coast. those of us do not comment like it dublin, this is the view in the tri-valley. this will be a hot day and it will be very different than it will be on the other side of the hill. right now it is 57 concord. you're not noticing a whole lot of the warm-up yet on the east side. 2 degrees warmer in concord. that is going to change. see how the areas in here are highlighted in yellow and we are where the heat advisory is. it goes into effect this morning and stays in effect until sunday at 11 and we also have to make sure your taken care on two fronts. the heat of the bad air
6:49 am
quality. let's do comparisons for how this will play out. we are going to 103 a concord. it will be 99 tomorrow. call fast at this will change on monday. we will be back into the mid- 80s. let's take other examples closer to the bay. san jose will be a hot day at 92. 9 degrees above average. it is not like you are threatening records we are going to be tying our breaking records on the other side of the hill. your back down to 79 by next week. oakland, 70 the average. 81 today but you're right back to 70 by money. ev yonor the hevisoe two things mind. 11 degrees above average and it is a spare the air they. the air quality will not be great and once the marine layer clears out it will be warm and in san francisco, 70 for is a warm day. 66 is in the average but this will not be anything like the dune heat wave. everybody got it. we were well into the 90s going into san francisco. we are staying in the 70s with
6:50 am
this one. it is not an equal warm-up. san rafael is 92. fremont will be 97. napa at 91 and pacifica 70. a 70 degree beach day or if you wanted to go towards alameda the park street are in wine it is 70. here is the seven-day forecast with the cooldown early next week. that is something to look forward to. we have to go very hot days to get through this weekend, particularly inland. back to you. struct the training camp opens today and we are counting down to the first 49er preseason game on august 10. >> kpix 5 is the exclusive home forsea attend 11 preseason workouts at the practice facility. organizer say mark your calendaugust 7. succulent impact beyond the field human amazing ambassador for the team fans go to camp everybody that
6:51 am
walks in the door begin a special gift. >> preseason workouts seem very popular. weekend tickets are already sold out. the niners hold of the first full practice this afternoon. the math struggle is real for many students. how a couple of bay area teenagers are simple find the equation. they are this week's jefferson award winners.
6:52 am
>> when i tell is struggling with math at the last word they may use it to describe it is fun. is allen martin reports this week's jefferson award
6:53 am
winners decided to help your students by creating fun math for kids. >> reporter: it is summertime and my nyack and mondays could be taking it easy.>> i like spending time with these kids. >> reporter: the two 17-year- olds are teaching the younger students math. >> long story short i had nothing better to do over the summer and i did like math and i saw myself doing a good job so i figured why not give it a shot. >> reporter: when they were in seventh grade childhood friend saw a need for math tutoring. in 2015, they formed fun math for kids and started teaching a handful of younger students at a single san jose library branch. since then the organization has expanded into half a dozen librhithar1500 students like alexis guerrero. >> i struggle because i do not
6:54 am
get some things. >> reporter: he says the class is equipping him with math skills he will need in seventh grade. socket is multiplication. and you need that to do math. that is the big part.>> kamaya and demond jesus spent five hours prepping and teaching the free dropping classes. they fund the program themselves using library workspace and affordable basics like paper and pencils. but it is the personal connection with the kids they teach that they say keeps him committed to fun math for kids. like a lot of kids grow. how much they are going and math. >> for making math tutoring accessible, free, and fun, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to my nyack and main, 5.
6:55 am
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it is time for a look at this mornings top stories. a san jose police officer has been arrested on narcotics and firearms related charges. john hopkins was arrested yesterday morning shortly after signing the department of public safety officer served a search warrant at his home. the sdpd said thompkins joolice investigating a six car pileup
6:57 am
that included an officer. it happened at north jackson avenue and mckee road. several people including an officer were transported to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. no word on how it happened. the san mateo county sheriffs office says summer moore victims have come forward after randy haldeman was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing yoga boys. he worked at the ladera recreation center as a sold photographer. some of the abuse allegedly happened there as well as his home in menlo park. federal agents are investigating a two alarm fire in oakland that broke at thursday night and destroyed a commercial construction site. the atf is looking into what started the blaze that comes after a series of suspicious construction fires in the area. in heat advisory for the inland valleys. concord and livermore are among the cities expected to hit triple digits today. a three-day spare the air alert has also been declared through sunday for parts of alameda, contra costa, and santa ar counties.
6:58 am
e go hand-in-hand. we get the e aly.te hurts ti ai the highe in and it not the bet innd to t ist you are in the immediate a there is a strong enough onshore flow not only helping to cool this down but to bring in cleaner air from the coast. that is a limited part of the bay area. the rest of us go easy. is time it a morning. thank you for watching kpix 5 news , this morning.
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