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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. riing git temperatures and it's not over yet. i kind of always knew he was a bad guy. >> two bay area teens arrested in italy on suspicion of killing a police officer. we talked to their neighbors and classmates. plus, a scottish man accused of faking his own death in monterrey county to avoid rape charges is finally caught. where authorities found him hiding out. thanks for joining us, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. we begin with the scorching heat. inland areas are hitting or near triple beat e duin.
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families spent the day cooling off by wading in the pool or going down the water slide. >> so, just how hot did it get? here is meteorologist darin peck. >> look at the deep shades of purple visualizing where the real heat is. this is not an equal opportunity heat maker. 100 in concord. you go over the hill, it is only 82 in hayward. so if i show you the people under the heat advisory, it falls right in line with that map. every place in yellow. you are under the heat advisory for one more day. see the fine print? sunday will not be as bad as today. it will be hot enough where we
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need to stand guard for heat related health issues, if you feel lightheaded, assume it is related to the heat first and get into the air-conditioning. i'll have more on this in a few minutes. >> thank you. let's take a live look outside of oakland. there is an air quality advisory for the bay area this weekend. people may catch the smell of smoke from a wild fire burning in southern oregon. a spare the air alert is already in place because of the high temperatures. flames ripping through the home in san martin. the fire spread to nearby trailers and vegetation. the cause of the fire under investigation. tragedy, a police officer investigating a drug related theft was stabbed to death and the suspects are bay area teenagers.
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the victim is 35-year-old mario rega. the officer was a newlywed. da lin has the story. >> reporter: both teenage suspects graduated from tamalpais high school. both played varsity sports. the folks i talked to that know these two teenagers, they are not completely surprised. a couple of neighbors weren't too surprised about the allegation and the arrest. both suspects are 19 years old, vacationing in rome. finnigan elder. this happened on friday. the teens bought what they e wdpo the two bay area teens roughed up the seller and took his backpack. the police somehow got involved
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and tried to retrieve the backpack. they said that was when one of the two teens stabbed the officer eight times killing him. italian authorities said the officer had just gotten married last month and returned to work from his honeymoon. >> i have known him since he was born and i am shocked. >> reporter: most neighbors know finnegan elder as finn. he played football in sacred heart in san francisco. transferred later to tamalpais high. >> i don't see finn doing that. >> reporter: another neighbor wasn't too surprised about the arrest. saying elder was a troublemaker. looking at his instagram pictures it appears he came from a good family. the elder family expressed their condolences to the police officer saying we are shocked and dismayed at the events being reported but have very little independent information about the events. we have not had any
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icion with our son. >> always was a bit of a bad guy. >> reporter: this tamalpais high school student is talking about the second suspect. gabriel ntali. >> he came up in activities you wouldn't want your kids getting into. he has been known around town as a sort of delinquent character. >> reporter: according to a school website, natali played on the lacrosse team. he is not very active on social media. we went to his house. his family declined to comment on the story. >> the audacity of doing that in another country is frightening but i think it is disgusting to kill a police officer. when they are keeping yo safe. >> reporter: italian police found the murder weapon in the teens' hotel room and they they already confessed. so far, we understand, u.s.
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officials have not been able to talk to the teens in person. live in mill valley, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> it's not a good story in any account. a man accused of faking his own death in monterrey county is under arrest after a month long man hunt. marshals caught up with ken vincent evass in colorado springs. back in february, he staged a disappearance in carmel. his teenage son reported him as a possible drowning victim. but investigators found inconsistencies in the boy's story. now, he faces extradition hearings in colorado. two burglary suspects are under arrest on the peninsula after a wild chase through two cities. police believe they were dressing as utility workers to get access to people's property. brandon harper of stockton and david quinn of oakland were taken into custody shortly
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before noon yesterday. police spotted their black nissan on hillsdale boulevard in san mateo with paper plates. when officers tried to pull them over, they sped awayside swiping another car. they came to a stop in redwood city and one suspect surrendered. a police dog caught the other man about a mile away. authorities said the suspects had stolen property, fake utility, worker clothing as well as weapons and narcotics. >> several cities are getting an infusion of cash to combat car break-ins. >> reporter: several bay area cities have seen a dramatic spike in a number of break-ins. many of those police departments just don't have the money or the manpower to do much about it.
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>> they need more help. >> reporter: the assemblyman hopes the money, 750,000 for san jose, santa clara, milpitas, will help put the brakes on car break-ins. >> we want to provide some additional funding for the pd. >> reporter: he was able to convince lawmaker to dip into the surplus. freeing up money for extra officers to battle what he describes as an epidemic of break-ins. >> i'm excited to have more capabilities in the police department. >> reporter: councilman johnny kanas says he's cautiously optimistic about what can be accomplished with one time grants but fears police will never truly make a dent in car break-ins unless there's a re- examination of recent criminal justice reforms which make the cases often classified as misdemeanors difficult to prosecute. >> i think a lot more need to be done at the state level. to make criminals, eysome puni
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>>eporr: he says he hope it is cities who get this money will use it to drive down the number of car break-ins. he says he can then use that data to convince his fellow lawmakers to fund the program for another year. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix5. coming up, horrific moments for southern california athletes celebrating a big win in south korea after a balcony collapses at a nightclub. plus, preparations now underway for the san francisco marathon. what you need to know if you plan to head into the city tomorrow.
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at least two people were killed when the upper floor of a nightclub collapsed south of seoul, south korea. cell phone video from inside the club shows how people were literally holding up the balcony before it gave way. more than a dozen people were injured including four american athletes who were competing at the world swimming championships. one of them, caylee gilchrist is from new york beach. she had a deep leg laceration. she underwent surgery at a nearby hospital. three of her teammates are recovering from minor injuries tonight. let's take a live look at the white house this evening. president trump's tweets are stirring another racial controversy. it comes as the president celebrates two victories when it comes to border security. kenneth craig has the details. >> reporter: president trump celebrated the supreme court decision letting him tap into pentagon funds for his southern
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border wall. he called it a big win for border security and the rule of law. friday's ruling cleared the way for the trump administration to use about $2.5 billion in defense department money for sections of the wall along the border with mexico. in a statement, house speaker nancy pelosi said the sedition undermines the constitution and the law. the trump administration also signed a deal friday with guatemala requiring migrants who travel through that country to seek asylum there instead of in the united states. >> we are sending a clear message to human smugglers and traffickers, that, your day is over. >> reporter: saturday, president trump also had a message for maryland representative elijah cummings who is overseeing investigations into inhumane conditions. in a series of tweets, he said cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the great men and women of
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border control when his baltimore district is far worse and more dangerous. democrats including presidential candidates joe biden and kamala harris are coming to defense, calling the president's tweets disgraceful and despicable. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. the spacex dragon successfully docked at the international space station bringing an interesting mix of cargo including a soccer ball and a pouchful of nickelodeon's green slime. it launched atop the spacex falcon 9 rocket. it was the 18th mission of its kind for elon musk's company and it was the first time the dragon capsule was reused for a third trip to space. one of the largest annual food extravaganzas is
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understood way this weekend. the garlic festival kicked off yesterday morning in gilroy. the festival started in 1979 promoting gilroy as the garlic capital of the world. it runs through sunday. up to 20,000 runners will hit the streets of san francisco for the annual marathon. the 26.2-mile course will take them through the precidio, across the golden gate and back and through golden gate park before finally returning to the start along the embarcadero, half marathoners can choose to run the northern or southern half of the course but they won't cross the bridge. closures will be in place. if you are driving in san francisco, good luck, plan ahead and give yourself some time. and darren peck joining us on the weekend. so, first and foremost, welcome. >> thank you very much. >> and now it's very hot out. >> it is very hot out there for many of us.
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but not for all of us. we did not get out of the 60s all day in sa and you can see the reason why over my shoulder. that is a strong surge of an on- shore flow, a beautiful time lapse of the marine layer clouds getting pushed right over alcatraz island. i love these views from the sales force tower. that was natural air- conditioning. we didn't get that over the hill. but many of news the city did. it wasn't even a warm day today. it was a totally average day in san francisco. we will take a welcome at how things are different from where they were 24 hours ago. we are two degrees yesterday. that shows you the strong arm shore flow. look at the green here with the purple here. it is 15 degrees warmer in fairfield now than it was yesterday. this is a perfect example of how this was not an even
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warmup. it certainly wasn't equal across the field. 12 degrees warmer in livermore. and the numbers just updated. 13. you can see the golden gate bridge just barely showing up. that shows you there is high pressure taking the marine layer and squashing it down. it is not even tall enough to get over the towers of the golden gate bridge. having said all that, i do not want to down play the fact we are dealing with significant heat inland. so, these are where the numbers stand at this point. you see where it says today, i have an asterisk mark. the official highs have not come in. this is where the thermometer shows us we have gone to. concord at 100. record for today is 103. we can do this for livermore as well. record in livermore is 102. doesn't mean we're not going to tie records today. i'm still waiting for the official update to come in. that will happen pretty shortly. but, these are where the numbers stand at this point. so i'm shores them to you.
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for napa, 96 degrees today. the record was 89. so napa going to break the record for today. let me show you what happens next. concord, you were really feeling the worst of the heat. if you look at the cooldown, this will be dramatic. we are going to go from 100 today to 85 monday. in between now and monday, we still have a sunday to get through. which while not as hot as today will still be hot. there is san jose. you are also going to get that cooldown after tomorrow. we are only seven degrees above average for today in san jose. oakland, similar trend here. it is like nothing ever happened. we will take a look ahead to the cooldown. i spotlighted that for much of next week. the thing i want to impress upon you is if you are inland, you are not out of the woods yet, but you are almost there. vern, what's going on in teyou,
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lot to talk about. if you're into the raiders. and the 49ers. both made some noise on day one of trading camp. and, we have the moving pictures to prove it. reaction, too.
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nfl up top. friday, they reported. today, practice. at all 32 training camps. this, the 49ers at their santa clara headquarter, 2019 edition. coming up on your screen, that's linebacker dee ford. signed to the off season to attack the quarterback. the general manager john lynch spoke about the investment and was asked of the old topic, expectations. >> definitely embrace it. every defense, the heart and soul is up front. at least you want it to be.
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we understand what the expectations are. this is the time to do it. >> what are the expectations you have of yourself? >> work, every day. >> shoulder's kind of sore because i toted my camera this morning to the raiders. 9:15 roll call in napa. got to stretch out with this workout with derek karr. coach john grudin was all fired up. running the drills. 21 new free agents on this team. so this team got a nice jolt. where does the optimism start? the veteran quarterback. >> we dati, lao first. whatwe are doing now is laying the good foundation with good solid people. and, in my heart, i definitely
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believe that they believe we can win. that what they think, we could feed everybody. right? when you feel that and that goes out in the other meeting rooms, not just the quarterback saying that every day, that carries way more weight. hey, the best of national hot rod association is in sonoma. again. that means nhra king john fore is 70 years young and still beating these kids. he liked an even 150 by the end of the weekend. that's easier said than done. >> this sport is very humbling. you will be on top one day and on the bottom the next. and i learned that, take your punches in the nose and love it >> letthri for
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seyearold in petaluma. and, she is one of the 12 best skateboarders in the world. tamena stess. she's an eighth grader. she is headed to the x games next week in minneapolis. x games, extreme games. the grandest stage there is in skateboarding. and get this. she did it coming back from a broken arm! >> i think it honestly kind of helped me. not that i needed it. not that i wanted to break my arm. but, it kind of motivated me. this year, i'm in it. yes. >> you're in it. >> i'm ready. >> not only that, it gets better. if the olympics started today, she would be on the team! that sport is part of the 2020
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olympic games. >> does it begin with your dad building it in your backyard? >> i have seen picture of her on a skateboard. in diapers. so she goes back that far. >> way back. >> she is bad. >> there you go. good luck to her. >> and we'll be right back.
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the march of the penguins took place at the san francisco zoo today. and here is jules to tell you about it. >> about a thousand people came to watch them. the penguins just graduated from the zoo's fish school where they learned how to eat whole fish, swim, and socialize with their caretakers. the san francisco zoo is home to the largest colony of magelannic penguins. >> i saw these penguins in the wild. they come up and they peck you in the ankles. they are basically saying get out. >> feed me. >> take your camera and lead. once again, a special thank you to darren peck. we is joining us on the weekends. and we needed you. >> and i'll be here tomorrow and the weekends after that too. but specifically tomorrow, we are not out of the heat yet, so
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hang in there. >> well, welcome. >> the new guy buys dinner. >> that too. we'll see you at 6:00 for a full hour of the news. thanks for watching. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: tonight, another war of words. president trump on the attack nsainst another democratic member of congress. how the high-profile lawmaker is tsponding to this latest barrage of insults. police say two american teens admit to killing a military ad police officer in rome. what investigators believe led to the deadly confrontation. a balcony collapses at a orghtclub in south korea, and ou're learning about the four americans among those hurt. teotesters remain defiant for an eighth weekend. riot police clash with demonstrators in the streets of hong kong. >> reporter: people here are angry and they've come out in force, and they're defying the government. >> ninan: and a dramatic story
5:31 pm
of survival.


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