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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  July 28, 2019 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: it's sundae, i'm margaret brennan this is "face the nation." with robert mueller's testimony in congress in the rear view mirror, democrats are more divide understand they should move ahead with impeachment proceedings against president trump. >> these people are clowns. the democrats are clowns. they're being laughed at all over the world. >> brennan: will the political noise distract. >> they're doing as we sit here theyoot during the next campaign. >> brennan: there are new developments on immigration as supreme gives go ahead to divert
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military funds irder to build xico. and he announces a controversial agreement with guatemala to force people traveling through that country. breaking that weekend, the president launches a twitter attack on another minority member of congress and his home district in baltimore. this time the target is eli i can't cummings a powerful committee chair than who criticized the detention center. >> what's that about? >> brennan: we'll talk with acting white house chief of staff and top democrat on the ten at intelligence committee, mark warner. ahead of the primary debates we'll talk to two candidates who got a bump from the last one cae williamson. national security correspondent looks at the build up of the
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persian gulf and we'll have analysis on all the news of the week just ahead on "face the nation." good morning, welcome to "face the nation." we begin with acting white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney. good morning, good to have you here. >> good morning. >> the president has tweeted 13 times in the past 4 hours about elijah cummings. he said, why is so much money spent to the cummings district when it's considered the worst and most dangerous in the united states. no human being would want to live there. where is all the money going, how much is stolen, investigate immediately. what is the objective of this? >> to push back against what the president sees is as inaccuracy, lies, about what mr. cummings said in the oversight about the border. you can find the exchange.
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elijah says that children were sitting in their own feces at the board. that's wrong. it's misleadingly wrong. it breaks down a civilized debate how to address the crisis at the board ever. the president didn't like it. have we seen this typef reaction before, yes. he pushes back, he fights back when he feels like he's attack had mr. cummings said this week was wrong. >> brennan: is there an investigation being launched? >> into? >> this corrupt mess immediately? >> he's calling on congress to do it. my questions guess is, no, mr. cummings is in charge. oversight. it's the richest state on per household basis, yet this have real poverty. president wants folks to know that look instead of dealing with those issues, mr. cummings is spending all of his time on this impeachment inquiry which is going no where.
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democrats have chance to actually focus wrong things that matter instead they'rety black . when it calls rat infested, no human being would live there, do you understand that that is offensive to the americans who do live there? >> i understand everything that donald trump says is offensive to some people. about two weeks ago he said things that were contract kate of aoc was accuse. then nancy pelosi of that same group of people she was defended by the media and folks on the left for not being racist. >> brennan: no human being would want to live there. this is being perceived at racist, do you understand why? >> i understand why. but that doesn't mean that it's racist. the president is pushing back against what he sees is wrong, how he's done in think this is just hyperbolic. >> i hope folks take pane to it. instead of helping people back home they're focusing on scandal
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in washington, d.c. which is the exact opf what they said they would do,. >> brennan: what the house is doing. why hasn't the white house gotten behind a single bill to improve election security. you saw the senate intelligence committee with a bipartisan agreement and ream addition warning that russia continues to interfere? >> i push back but your facts are not right we signed in 018 the cyber security and infrastructure security bill that added cifa is dhs to do what -- > brennan: two bills that were put forward the republican ledder has said don't need to be considered. everything is -- >> completely unnecessary. lot of things to register to vote. a bill that came up in the last week because democrats saw an opportunity coming out of the mueller investigation to not talk about what mueller said about collusion and obstruction instead wanted to focus on election security. ignored the facts that the
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parties have worked together to do a great deal on election security. that administration has worked with every single state. 1700 different localities of elections, we've met with every single presidential campaign to go over how to prepare against and prevent foreign intervention into the 00 election. we're doing everything necessary to do this. the bills this week were showmanship that's why they failed. >> i understand your arguing the measures have been sufficient. but bipartisan, is in at intelligence said they're not. including that this the u.s. should communicate to adversaries that it will view an attacks on the infrastructure as hoste ac we'll respond todayly. this was president trump when he met with vat mere putin last month. he appears to be laughing it off. do you think that is sufficient? >> do i think it's sufficient?
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9 i was there for that we did talk about it afterwards. the president did raise topic with mr. putin. we take this very seriously. judging by the actions, what the obama administration did in 2014 and 2015 going into the 016 elections when they had information that the russians were trying to interfere and susan rice, gave the instruction to stand down on dealing with foreign intervention in our election. we're happy to be judged by the actions we think we're taking tremendous steps to preserve election integrity. >> brennan: the white house cut a deal, democrats liked, many republicans did not in fact your former colleague, mark mode dose wrote the following. that is a bad deal for the president and conservatives, most importantly a bad deal nor the forgotten men and women who voted to shake up washington, d.c. when they sent president trump to the white house. it's feeding the swamp and in
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trenching the status quo. why didn't the white house demand? >> the democrats won the election -- >> you've given up? >> you can do what is possible in washington, d.c. democrats won the house, chances of us passing a budget deal that we'll satisfy my friends and colleagues went to zero. elections do that have consequences. >> brennan: given up any promises of balancing the budg budget? dget, butngress and media fall over themselves to say how it's dead on arrival f. they would like to know how we would spend money they can to go our budget. we're not in charge of the spending process, congress s. what we got exchange we spent more money than if we -- we did get more money for defense and v.a. and protected a loft of the conservative republican policies that are hard wired. democrats wanted to undo the
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protections we had on life. wanted to undo things we were doing on border security. undo a lot of deregulatory 'general d. we spend more than we wanted to, yes. >> brennan: this deal, the u.s. and guatemala, it asks gallaudet mall ladies auxiliary one of the poorest countries in this hemisphere to accept refugees in some of the most vulnerable. how can they afford to do that if the united states isn't increasing to allow them to? >> what you saw -- what you saw was a warming of the relationships. we have s.u.v.ed, they were not helping us with their own border security, the same discussions with mexico. we had a very productive week. what we're saying if year leaving el salvador, you are leaving because you want asylum. you should claim asylum.
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you are going to do great -- >> brennan: is also one of the three countries are people are fleeing from the majority of migrants are coming from, gallaudet mall ladies auxiliary, honduras and earl selva door. >> they are leaving for economic reasons. economics are not a valid reason under international law. if you do leave el salvador, you are threatened with death, at risk, get to honduras, get to guatemala may be wealthiest, that is safe. keep in mind this is a major development this week. we do think it's going to help. it's going to supplement what we do with mexico. bottom line we're having more success with guatemala. helping with the southern bord border. still spending all of their time on impeachment. what they're going to talk about every week when they're gone not a single week is dedicated to
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border security or immigration reform. a complete lapse of responsibility. >> brennan: good to have you here. >> we go now to the top democrat, virginia senator mark warner, he joins us from king george, virginia. good to have you with us, senator. mick mulvaney says the white house has taken steps to improve election securityy do you think that is insufficient? >> respectfully i disagree with mick. we did do abettedder job in 2018 but don't take my word for it, take special prosecutor mueller who said the russians are attacking us literally every day. take the president's own vic director, kris ray. the own director of national intelligence who warned that the russians will be back. i think there is some common sense things that would gets 75 votes if they could get to the floor of the senate f. the kremlin or foreign government tries to intervene, the
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obligation ought to be not to say thank you as the president floated a month or so ago but tell the fbi. let's make sure second that every polling station in america has a paper ballot back up in case that machine was hack dollars in to the integrity. third, let's make sure we have rules of the road for facebook, twitter, google, social media so there's knots the ability to have foreign agents and bots manipulate. let's that have privacy. that administration has stopped every election ledge sakes from coming to the floor. they have been support oftive. p b. >> brennan: i want to read from the senate that you were part of releasing it was bipartisan. it says, russia likely targeted election infrastructure in all 50 states. the first known breach was in
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july 2016 in illinois. where russian cyber actors scanned state election systems. they were in a position to delete or change voter date. that the report does say some progress has been made but the threat is imperfectly understood. given the level of detail that you have seen, how secure do you think america's elections actually is? >> well, dhs as upped its game i'll give them credit. what we're hearing from attorney general, secretary of state across the country they need more help. what we're hearing is that there needs to be that paper ballot back up. who could be against that. what we are hearing is the machine takes they're using through facebook and twitter in the fake bot account something that pits american against american. i don't know get why this president wouldn't be willing to think, let's make sure that our elections are secure in 200.
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we saw it with the russians last time but this play book is now out there and other adversaries and others could use this going forward. >> brennan: as you mentioned, special continental robert mueller did testify this week, he spoke about threats from russia and spoke about the entire report that he put together over two years. now the house judiciary chair than trying to get evidence that the special counsel has gathered. some of this requires potentially going down the impeachment proceeding route. what do you think is actually achieved by getting a hold of some of this material, do democrats need it? >> i think speaker pelosi has managed this pretty well. i'm less focused on relit garretting 2016 more focused on trying to make sure our elections are safe in 2020. one of the things i'm very proud of the fact that senate intelligence committee is the only bipartisan entity, two and
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a half years later that hung together, you -- >> brennan: you wanted want or need -- >> what we need is counter intelligence evidence. base our investigation is counter intelligence investigation. the counter intelligence investigation that mueller ha had to better layout for american people, how we can protect ourselves. go r clear cleon the russians track record in 2016 not only in america but other nations, where they tried to intervene in the mpsh batic process is effective, having special counsel is he? is it politically backfires for those that want to go ahead with much impeachment? >> i'll let the commentators make the judgment l. the more that mueller was effective at ng out the four corners of the report, i think the report in many ways does speak for ongoing threat.arly about
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americans need to realize, our democracy, i don't care whether you're a trump support or or opponent, but we should be concerned when foreign nations try to tip the balance in our democratic process to whatever candidate. we all need ton concerned when foreign government agents uses internet to try to mess up -- misrepresent as americans pit each other against the other. we need to do more to be protected in 2020. >> brennan: you repeatedly state in the report that there was no evidence that actual votes were changed. but it also says, that the committee and intelligence communities insight is limited. how confident can you be, can mesh be that democracy wasn't altered? >> i think what the russians did in 2016 they were basically trying to jiggle the windows or try to open the doors they found
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when they went into our voting system that we were horribly unprotected. many ways i think we were lucky that they didn't take advantage of some of the opportunities that we pointed out in our report. i don't think we can count on ourselves being lucky again in 2020. in many cases, what a foreign government can do, they don't need to change vote totals if they move thousands of people from one precinct to another you would have chaos on election day. one of the reasons why, i think we also need to go not only at voting districts, but three companies that control 90% of all voter files in this country. we need to make sure those companies have appropriate security in place as well. >> brennan: are you going to vote for the budget deal this week? >> i'm glad we're not going to have anybody trying to bring down the credit of the united states of america. i'm glad the military and key domestic spending programs got some additional dollars but i am
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concerned with the country with 2 trillion in debt that we've added another two trillion with this deal. leaving our kids with that balance sheet doesn't make sense. i'm still evaluating. >> brennan: no decision yet. thank you, senator warner. we'll be back in one minute with we'll be back in one minute with u' is that there's a lot to learn. grow with google is here to help you with turning ideas into action. putting your business on the map, connecting with customers, and getting the skills to use new tools. so, in case you're looking, we've put all the ways we can help in one place. free training, tools, and small business resources are now available at
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>> brennan: now joined by former secretary of housing and urban development, julian castro w. this week primary debate bill be held. good morning to you. >> the president's chief of staff, mick mulvaney said it was hyperbole to describe baltimore as rodents and rat infested. is it important for democrats respond to this kind of language is this a distraction as republicans charge? >> i absolutely think it's important for us to call it out
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for what it is, which is racism. i'm not somebody like lot of americans i'm not somebody that likes to use that term or that is quick to call somebody a racist. i think you have to be very careful before you use that word. however, this president has shown us time and time again from the ws campaign to the mexican american judge during the campaign that his failure to immediately condemn white smellists in charlottesville in 2018 to just couple of weeks ago, his comments about representative cortez and her three colleagues to these comments about representative cummings and misdirected, as well as his comments about year and a half ago or maybe two years ago now about john lewis and his district. there's a pattern here. this guy is the biggest identity politics that we have seen in the last 50 years, he engages in
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what is known as racial priming, using this language, taking tax to try to get people to move into their scam by racial and ethnic identity. that's how he thinks he's going to win in 2020. i don't think it's going to be coincidence that few weeks ago he kicked off 2020 campaign, here we are with the same play book that he used in 2016. i believe that there are enough people, whether white or black or latino, rich or poor who share the same values of respect and examination and faith and love of country to bring us together more strongly than he can tear us apart. >> i want to ask you about immigration what you have made part of your campaign focus, when you were mayor of san antonio you testified, you called for increase border security. you praise obama administration. i want to play it. >> in texas, we know firsthand
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that this administration has put more boots on the ground along the border than any other time in our history which has led to unprecedented success in removing dangerous individuals with criminal records. >> brennan: why did you praise that policy then but when trump administration adopted similar language and policies you are hyper critical of them? >> i think that street a very, very far stretch, margaret. you listen to what i said in that clip i talked about people who committed serious crimes, dangerous criminals i haven't changed at all f. there are people who hear committed serious felonies in the united states who are immigrants or who come to the border i have always consistently said that those people that should be an prehelpedded, that they should be deported. i haven't changed that at all. what is different in this administration is that this
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administration has weaponized the law to cruelly separate little children from their parents. i've been consistent. i don't have an issue with maintaining a secure border. we're always going to do that. what i have anish eye is separating little children from their parents, i have an issue with an administration that uses migrants as scapegoat to create fear and paranoia to win elections. and that like you just talked about on this show, pressure guatemala is sign an agreement as a safe country when it's not a safe third country and you're going to now ensure that more of circumstances end up dead. they end up in even more dire circumstances when it's been the tradition of the united states to allow people to make their
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ally sum claim here when they reach a port of entry. >> brennan: how are you -- are you going to use this as point of attack? >> i think the best way to say that is, if you take a bet of whether don lemon or dana or jake are going to ask a question about immigration, i would say you probably should belt on that. that that issue is going to come up. it's an issue that americans are thinking about. it's an issue that the president is trying to make the number one issue. and let me say this -- >> brennan: we've got to wrap it up. >> i'm going to be bold and fearless on this issue and others. >> brennan: thank you.
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>> days of '47 here in salt lake city utah, one of my most favorite rodeos to compete at. the statue out in front writing with his legacy. >> i know she's going to ferret out and get 110% when i ask her to so it's my job to do the same for her. >> you just have to be better than you were the dayore >> we want the ones. >> i've never one this rodeo before. >> we did when at the first two years we have this rodeo and we are super a ird. >> if i was goio