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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 28, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a new twist in the case of two bay area teenagers accused of killing a police officer in italy. what happened before they confessed to the murder. hundreds of mourners and a strong showing of fellow officers gathered at a church today in rome to pay their respects to deputy brigadier mario cerciello rega . she escorted her husband's coffin into the chapel. he returned from his honeymoon days before being stabbed to death. 19-year-old finnegan lee elder and 18-year-old gabriel
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christian natale-hjorth. it is raising alarms about how the teens are being treated. >> reporter: obviously, a huge point of discussion in mill valley. in italy, the case has touched on hot topics. the case has become an incredibly passionate one for a number of reasons. >> first is the fate of the policeman. but there's also a political issue as well. the police say that the responsibility are the people from california. there's a lot of tension in italy concerning immigration . >> reporter: it seemed to be a point of our migration from africa. while the initial round of newspapers carried the photos of the officer, the italian press attained this photo of one of the suspects in police
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custody. >> gabriel christian natale- hjorth has a double citizenship. >> the bureau chief says the photo itself has become a controversy. >> this is a violation of their rights. >> reporter: the blindfold rose into police contact road racing questions about the prosecution of the alleged killer. the case is become emotional for many reasons. >> there is a lot of reaction in the united states as well. there's a lot of discussion in the judiciary system on the street. >> i know it has been a little while and the circumstances were quite different, but i
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imagine that that is naturally part of the discussion over there in the coverage of this case. >> yes, of course. it was a very emotional case. >> reporter: the amanda knox case is going to come up. in the last two minutes before this live shot a local walked by and told me she thought the boys were being framed. she said we have seen this before. a suggestion they are being framed. just about everything we are hearing about this case is coming from the police and the authorities in rome and italy. that might start to change next week when the family is said to be trying to make their way over there when it is time to go. at least we will get more feedback from the families involved and perhaps the u.s. embassy as well. all of this is mostly coming from the italian authorities.
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reaction in mill valley is stunned that two local high school graduates are in the middle of this. they express shock and we will see where the story goes from here. the funeral services for the slain officer will be tomorrow in rome. kpix5. >> a lot of information together. a family member has released a statement. thank you for your report. the elder family said we have not been able to communicate with our son since the phone call he made from the police station on july 26. we plan to go to rome as soon as the state department assures us we will be able to see our son. we are aware of the funeral services for deputy brigadier mario cerciello rega and want to be respectful of his family and friends . southern california and fire crews are on the 100 acre
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grass fire that has burned at least one home. forward progress has been slowed. video shows a wall of black smoke there a multi-million- dollar home. here is chopper video of crews showering down the ruins of this house. the hillside is burned and it looks like crews were able to save every house on the block except for that one. it is another hot day across the bay area. this is a live look from her dublin camera. here is more on how long it will last. >> not much longer. for tomorrow, it will be like it never happened. here are the clouds. you can see how we were pulling and that marine layer drifting across alcatraz. you do not see that in the worst heat waves. we sped it up to show you it is there. some of these temperatures were
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not pretty. if you pull out the representative locations, 88, san jose. look at livermore and concord where we were in the low 100s. and then over the hill in union city, 82. the real story for the heat continues to be those inland valleys. up into the diablo valley is very have a heat advisory until 11 pm tonight. we do have very good news for much of this week for everyone. i will show that in a few minutes. back to you. a live look out of san jose. five community cooling centers will remain open until 9 pm tonight. attorneys in the ghost ship warehouse trial will make their final cases tomorrow. the codefendants each face 36
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counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each person who died in the fire. the warehouse was illegally converted into a living space and lacked fire safety features. the defense argues the fire was an act of arson. the actual cause of the fire was never determined. the jury will begin its deliberations august 5. tomorrow immigrant advocates for conversion city hall to speak out against cooperation with ice in daly city. according to the advancing justice asian law caucus, police pulled a man over and asked him about his immigration status. they looked into his background and then they facilitated his transfer to ice. he is facing possible deportation to el salvador. officials say it was an isolated incident and police
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are being retrained to comply with california sanctuary law. a live look at the white house. president trump is facing backlash after posting tweets about maryland representative elijah cummings and his district including calling the congressman a racist. >> reporter: president trump double down and his attacks on maryland congressman elijah cummings and his baltimore district while defending himself. there is nothing racist in stating what most people know that elijah cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district in baltimore itself. widespread backlash continues to mount after the president on saturday called his district a disgusting rat and rodent infested mass where no human being would want to live. >> it is unbelievable we have a
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president of the united states who attacks american cities and americans. >> reporter: the headline reads better to have a few rats than to be one. on face the nation mick mulvaney said the tweets were not racist. >> the president is pushing back against what he has seen is wrong . >> reporter: he says he is reacting to comments about conditions of federal migrant detention centers. >> reporter: cummings had this recent exchange with kevin maga laney. >> were doing our level best. >> what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces? they cannot take a shower. come on, man. >> reporter: cumings is leading multiple investigations aimed at the president. nicole killian, cbs news, the white house. the director of national intelligence is stepping down.
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he has held the job for two years acting as a link between the administration and the republican establishment. mr. trump says he will nominate john radcliffe of texas and he has frequently defended the president including during last week's house testimony by robert mueller. coming up, and overturned taker leaking fuel and causing problems in marin county. chaos at a block party in new york after gunfire arrives sending people running for cover. the search for the shooter. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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wow. look at that. th stbound lanes showing a
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traffic mess. there are reports of a person running along the westbound lanes is that is why they close it down for the time being. if you're headed into the city, this is what you were up against. we will find out the situation. >> that is out of flat dead stop. first responders are still at the scene in marin county where a truck overturned this morning. john ramose tells us it is a road the truck should never have been using. >> reporter: the truck was heading to port reyes and the driver decided to take lucas road. a bad idea. lucas valley road has hairpin turns and posted signs saying trucks over 36 feet long are prohibited. when the 50 foot long take a reach this curve there was not enough room to keep the rear tires on the road. >> the trailer ended up going down the hill overturning in the process.
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>> reporter: the overturned truck began leaking gasoline into the soil of the creek bed causing an army of firefighters to respond. >> it is holding approximately 6700 gallons of fuel. it has been contained within the vessel itself which is a blessing . >> reporter: officials believe a couple hundred gallons could have seat doubt and crews laid out types downstream to create camps to capture and contain the spill gas. state wildlife officials say most of it will evaporate with some residual chemicals could still exist. >> once the situation is stabilized and we can get cleanup crews into the creek, we will establish cleanup and points. basically the standard to where we want this bill to be cleaned up to. >> reporter: another gas truck arrived and hoses were attached to siphon the fuel from the
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overturned taker. and then comes the process of pulling the whole thing back up onto the road which will take hours. >> it is technical from the position of having to remove a large vehicle like that. the hazards do not end until we go home safely. >> reporter: fish and game says they will have to figure out how much was built and how feasible it will be to remove contaminated dirt. kpix5. lucas valley road will be closed until the operation is completed. there is no word on whether the truck driver will be cited to extract in new york gunfire broke out at a festival leaving one dead and injuring 11 others. it happened during the old- timers block party last night just as celebrations for coming to an end. a 38-year-old man died from a gunshot wound to the head. six of the injured have been released from the hospital.
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more than 80,000 kaiser permanente workers will begin voting on whether to walk off the job. if author writes, it would be the biggest since the teamsters strike of 1997. workers are demanding more money, better benefits and demand against staffing shortages. doerun is here now and it is heating up in certain spots. you are promising a cool down. >> this will look good when we show you how different monday and tuesday will feel and i am talking about tomorrow. you can see those low clouds drifting there over alcatraz. low clouds, keep doing your job there and get your friends. here is a good overview on today. 73, in the city. 103, livermore. i am waiting for the latest
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numbers to come out but these are pretty much spot on. look how much better it was in at 79. east bay cities of concord, let's come in for a closer look and i'd like to spot the details of how different parts of the bay area felt from others. concord at 101. pleasant hill, 98. while likely, 101. 101, clayton. antioch is closer to the water so 98 there. antioch got off easier than anyone else. let's go south to the tri- valley. the further inland you go, 102 in livermore to 82 in keyword. that is quite the spread. there is your classic view of what the microclimates can be light.
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so was not as thin little wisp over alcatraz, there is a cold lunch off of the coast. you can see that little bank sitting off the peninsula. if we play this forward on future cast, watch what happens. by the time we've gotten to 7 am tomorrow, not only have we got low clouds over the bay, but they will be over the tri- valley. this is why i say things will get so much better. look where we are going for concord. mid-80s. for oakland, it hasn't been too terribly hot, but yesterday you were 13 degrees above average. tomorrow, you will be average. so that is what i mean when i say the rest of the week will look so much better. look at the temperatures for the bay. mid-60s and we will have temperatures along the coast
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coming into the low 60s. how is this for an improvement? one place included in those hot locations was napa and that is where vern is going to check in with this now to tell us what he is doing in napa right now. a live shot in the shade. why am i here? i go where the nfl training camps go. the team we are focusing on from here, they were silver and black. how was that for a hint? back in a few.
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football background and we are in not, napa, the sign of the raiders. we are day two of training camp. these fellows are running up and down the field. antonio brown finally made his presence felt on the football till, field. once he passed the physical, he joined the team today. a live practice with the napa heat. he was part of the off-season roster overall. they've got 21 new free agents. the raiders are banking on improvement from both sides of the ball. defense allowed the most points in the field last year and they hope to factor ran the
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turnaround. >> this group hasn't done anything yet and we've got a lot more to prove. this team right here did not lose. this team right here hasn't lost anything. going into it, that is how you have to look at it. really, everything you want is in front of you. that is how we look at it. we've taken a lot of [ bleep ]. >> we segue to bruce bochy. the final game he is managing in san diego. the padres are in 1-0. they ripped one down and it was fair. two runs were scored. he went 4-5 with two doubles. and madison baumgartner, hunter renfroe hit a three one shot to the upper deck and they gave up four runs in seven innings but
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they did get the win. donovan solano drove in ago i can't with the blooper to right- center. san francisco had 16 minutes. a big day at the plate. bigger with the glove. the giants have gone to beat the padres 7-6. two point back games back of a wildcard race. marcus is a bay area product. the bottom of this 6th. a shot off of the wall. matt olson trotted home and there was a go ahead ryan mac. they went up 4-2. the rangers answered and really calhoun a drive just out of reach. the bottom of the 9th, he did deliver. a single to right.
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wow. how about the trying run? the rangers wanted him to load the bases. he delivered a walk to drive in the winning run. they reclaim self-assertion of the second wildcard playoff spot. and from that, how about some golf? you would've thought it was a major tournament the way he played. he set himself up to take the outright lead and he never looked back, folks. he began the day one stroke behind tory mcelroy. when the saint jude invitational by three strokes. bernhard langer was a
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victorious champion. and we go from that to this dropping in our laps as far as the videos go. a cycle list enjoying champagne can only made one thing. the end of the tour de france. 22-year-old enjoyed the ride to paris as he became the youngest winner since the world war ii and first colombian to take home that coveted yellow jersey. >> how about trevor bauer. he threw the ball over the wall in centerfield. the manager was not impressed. he removed him from the game and told him to get in the duck out. kansas city beat cleveland 9-6. and what is the message at
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home? keep your cool no matter where you are. on camera with a live shot or at a baseball game making a bonehead decision. we are coming back at 6 pm with more raiders. >> i thought, it i thought your feet were in the pool. i guess that wasn't what you meant. >> we've got jim flanagan keeping his cool. shake the camera, jim. >> no pool. we will be right back.
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captioning spons captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ we will see you in 30 minutes. >> quijano: baltimore and beyond fight back. president trump is denounced for as latest twitter attacks. >> being down in an american rity only for personal political gain is something that should be beneath the office of the president. >> quijano: the white house defends them, insisting he's not racist. >> this is being perceived as racist, do you understand why? >> i understand why but that doesn't mean it's racist. >> quijano: also tonight, new details about two americans accused of murder in rome. pro-democracy protests intensify in hong kong. so does the violence. paying it forward: an arkansas mom goes on a spontaneous shoe- shopping spree. with plans to donate them all. a deep dive into the waters off florida, to see scientists trying to save a natural treasure.


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