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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  July 28, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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to our other viewers, what exactly did she tell you? thank you for repeating it over and over. >> first was the text, there was active shooting going on at the garlic festival. and she was very scared and she could hear the gunfire and there were people panicking and running toward the exits. they were trying to get people over to the amphitheater. police had them put their hands in the air and marched everybody out of the amphitheater toward the trail. she said there was more than one shooter. multiple. 11 people were down, then they
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told her later that i guess the police or somebody told her that there was actually about 20 people down. >> okay. so we'll definitely get that confirmed but obviously a number of people possibly injured, paramedics on the scene. escorting a lot of people to a safer area as in the case of your daughter. >> we need to quickly give you this programming note. if you're tuning in for "60 minutes," kpix 5 is currently providing live coverage of reports of multiple people down at christmas hill park in gilroy. the scene of the gilroy garlic festival. these reports are unconfirmed but bob's daughter was on scene when she texted her father and let him know that she had heard gunshots and saw a 3-year-old down and were waiting more official confirmation of what's happened. if you've tuned in for "60 minutes," it's being broadcast tonight on kbcw 44, cable 12.
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we're going to stay with coverage until we can figure out exactly what is happening at christmas hill park in gilroy. >> bob, we want to just circle back with you and appreciate your information you've been giving us. we understand your wife is still waiting for more information from your daughter who is in a safe location right now but she was in the gilroy garlic festival. she heard the gunshots and immediately was taken to a safer location with a number of other people, correct, bob? is that right? >> that is correct. >> and did she tell you at that time that they had heard reports that there was an active shooter or a number of active shooters? is that what you're hearing when she first reported it to you? >> yes, she first texted there was multiple shooters. the first text i got was about there being a 3-year-old child on the ground. >> those are some of the reports we're getting. obviously we're getting a lot of information on social media and we still want to clarify and get
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information from law enforcement but we know there was an active shooter and possibly still an active shooter at the gilroy garlic festival at the christmas hill park and we have video that we've been showing you of people running in a chaotic manner because they heard the gunshots and were being escorted to an amphitheater nearby or an elementary school and then we're also getting reports of numerous injuries and we don't have the official count and we don't know how many people or the severity of the injuries but we do know as you can see there, there are a number of paramedics and a number ofrriving to the agencies. and of course we do have crews that are arriving to the scene and we'll definitely bring you live updates just as soon as we can get that as well. again, this is video that you're looking at that was about an hour ago now as we look up at the clock, 7:03, of people running. they were running after they heard these gunshots in a
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chaotic manner because they were getting obviously to an area where they could be safe and clear. then as we're hearing your report from your daughter, she was probably in the mix there and taken to a safer location. when she called you, you didn't know why she was calling, correct? you were answering the phone thinking she was checking in? >> first thing she did was text us. i had just gotten out of a movie. her son actually called us, grandson, and said there was an emergency and she was texting. so we followed up on the text. >> what a call to get. if you don't mind repeating what she told you since we're trying to gather information and corroborate the best information to relay to everyone else. what exactly did she tell you, bob, when she called you? >> the last thing she said outside of her text was that the police were there escorting them out. i guess she can't talk on the phone now because she had them all put their hands up and march
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them out so she the phone. >> bob, are you on the way down to gilroy right now? >> no, we're just waiting for more information because i figured -- >> obviously she unfortunately was saying her battery was low but your wife is waiting for another phone call from her, is that correct, so we're not taking up a possible phone call into you, is that right? >> no, i'm just going to call her once i figure out where they're going to take them, she's going to have to come pick us up because my car is in the park. >> bob, thank you so much. i know you're definitely worried and so are we. we thank you for your time. we're going to let you take care of some family matters and stay in contact. you've got our social media. we were texting. let us know the outcome for you and we want to talk to another person at the area. we appreciate your time calling
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into our station. let's go to jean. are you on the line? jean, are you there by chance? we'll wait till we get jean on the line. in the meantime, if you're just tuning in, obviously we've gone to extended coverage and we'll be showing "60 minutes" at a later time because this takes precedent right now. we're covering breaking news. a shooting at the garlic festival. this happening in the last hour to hour and a half. at the christmas hill park. what you're looking at now are ambulance crews, paramedics. obviously aerial emergency crews there as there's been the possibility of an active shooter. possibly one or two. maybe more. we're waiting to get confirmation. a number possibly injured. we had a father call in saying
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his daughter was taken to a safer location. our producer is telling us we do possibly have another caller. we'll continue to wait till we get that. they obviously have a lot going on in their background too. >> just to tell you how all this unwound, at about 6:19 tonight we first received that video you saw that was posted on twitter of a number of people running from apparently a shooter in christmas hill park in gilroy, the scene of the gilroy garlic festival which has been around for the 40th year now. typically on a weekend in gilroy for this festival, it draws 100,000 people in all. at about 6:19, we goteo off of twitter of people running and then it didn't take long to find out that they were running because gunshots had been heard. then reports came in that there
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were people down as a result of the gunshots. none of this has been confirmed, by the way. bob's daughter, who was at the park, confirmed seeing a 3-year-old down. people were then herded into an amphitheater that's at christmas hill park and then they were being led away to nearby las animas elementary school, a little bit south of christmas hill park. it's kind of a hike through the woods. they've also accomplished a place for people to meet their loved ones at nearby gavilan junior college on santa theresa boulevard. it's a couple miles away. miller avenue which goes right into christmas hill park. that's the road you take in gilroy to get there has been shut down. traffic is a mess in the area. people are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. there's been reports of multiple shooters. it's all unconfirmed. we heard from bob that his daughter whose cell phone battery was running low was among those told to put their hands up. not that she's a suspect, they just want everybody's hands in
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plain sights herded away from the sounds of the gunshots into the amphitheater. she said she did see some wounded people. at the moment it's all unwinding, clearly something has happened because there are ambulances and helicopter, law enforcement and first responders on scene. we have our own reporters headed to the scene. as soon as we hear from them, you'll we the first to know. >> what you're looking at now is the paramedics and emergency crews arriving on scene. we're told the grounds have been evacuated. this is at the gilroy garlic festival. obviously police on scene and paramedics arriving as well. we did have bob on the phone. he called into our station when we learned his daughter was at the festival. she called in, texted her parents and called to let them know what had happened. she'd heard gunfire. she was running and paramedics
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escorting them and law enforcement to a safer area. unconfirmed reports are saying there were two active shooters and that's what they're looking for right now and they're trying to have everyone else in a secure location. a manhunt is underway. and until we get confirmation we're going to go with the fact that there's a situation down there, possibly an active shooter and that everyone in that area should be undercover and in a safe area as well. and we have heard that there were people injured because there were numerous shots fired. we're going to get clarification on exactly the extent of the injuries as well. >> and the last we hearderots te ,he we shooters, and obviously something happened, that there has been no word of those shooters so far having been apprehended. so last word we had as of a half hour ago is that there was still shooters on the loose and they were getting people out of
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christmas hill park asking people who know people who are at the festival to gather at nearby gavilan junior college for a hopeful reunion with their loved ones. miller avenue is closed. the road that heads to christmas hill park. you can see there they've got barricades set up stopping traffic. so it's not a good idea to head to the park. it's a better idea to head to gavilan or las animas elementary school. they got people who are immediately at the park from there to las animas. they'll take them to nearby gavilan junior college. >> the garlic festival is a three-day event. today is the last day. we did hear from bob earlier. bob, are you on the line again? >> hello? >> is this bob? >> yes, it is. >> thank you again for calling in. do you have an update possibly on how your daughter is doing or
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any new information since we last talked? bob, can you hear me? until we circle back with bob again, you're looking at pictures here. this is twitter video of people running in the crowd after shots fired. this is in the last 6:00 hour. so we've been bringing you breaking news of this shooting at the garlic festival. in christmas hill park. we've been talking to some people on the phone, primarily bob whose daughter was fefestival and texted her parents and said there's an emergency. i need to talk to you. they phoned in and had a conversation with her. she was saying they were being escorted out of the grounds, being told to have their hands above their heads so it was hard for her to talk to her father at
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the time but she did share that she had heard gunshots, that she had seen some injuries. she mentioned a child and there were reports of an active shooter. we've heard reports there were a couple active shooters but we want to go with what we heard from bob and reports from his daughter that there was an active shooter that the police were trying to apprehend. they've cleared the entire festival area right now so we do know that everyone who was in that park has now been told to either leave the area or go to safer locations and in that, as you can see from our video there, paramedics, emergency personnel arriving on scene to bebl tend to poible injuries or to make sure people are okay. let'go now to kit do who is at the scene. actually we're waiting for betty yu. we'll have reporters on the scene to bring us the latest
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information. but until we get that we want to bring you up to speed right now. there's been a shooting at the garlic festival. active shooter has been the initial report. we've been told through callers coming in and witness statements that multiple people were injured after reports of the shooting in gilroy, that there was a possible active shooter. we're still waiting for complete confirmation of that but we can tell you it was a chaotic scene and video fed into us of people running after reports of shots fired in the area. >> we heard about this about an hour ago when we first got video off twitter. slowly reports began trickling in ofho gunshots. there's been no confirmation of the number of victims or if the shooters have been apprehended, therefore making it still an active shooter scene. bob called in with reports that his daughter had heard gunshots and seen people down.
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you can see as well as we therew enforcement on scene and so something is happening at this, the closing day of the garlic festival down in gilroy. they have already set up centers nearby where they've taken people who were at christmas hill park, led them apparently on trails through the woods out to las animas that is nearby and finally to the junior college on santa theresa boulevard. miller avenue is shut down. people apparently have been evacuated from the park. i can't remember anything remotely like this happening at the garlic festival. but all that changed about "60 minutes" ago. as you can imagine, betty yu is in the newsroom about 6:00 tonight. gilroy being 50 miles south of san francisco. it will take betty a while to get down there. kit do on the way as well. the hospital in gilroy if needed
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are nearby. gilroy is a town of 50,000 people. fairly compact. so the emergency services are nearby. the police station is down the street on 6th street as i remember. once the reports of gunfire ringing out at christmas hill park were received. and it didn't take long to round people up even while asking them to keep their hands up, rounding them up into an amphitheater and trying to get them away from where the shooting was happening. but still 60 minutes into this, we don't have confirmation of number of shooters, number of people who may have been wounded or killed. you've been following what social media has been saying. >> personal social media, that sort of thing. you get information and it's information that i'm not ready to report or say anything like that. what we can say right now is there's been an active shooter,
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multiple people down at the gilroy garlic festival. a number of people reporting that they were there or they've had a friend there. this is what they've heard. we don't report this is what they've heard. until we know for sure, we do know there was an active shooter or a shooting at the scene. we have video showing people running and also we've learned that one of our viewers' daughters was attending and she contacted her father to let him know that she heard gunshots and that she also saw and witnessed people down and she was told with a number of people to go to a safer location, put their hands up and walk or run. i'm not sure what the jazz of it was. but to go to this location where they are now. and he was waiting to get more information and we're certainly circle back to it. >> do have to take just a moment for as ridiculous as it is, a programming note, to let you know if you're tuning in for
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"60 minutes," we are broadcasting "60 minutes" on our sister station on kbcw cable channel 12, channel 44 in case you're wondering what happened instead. kpix 5 is going to stay on this story. apparent shooting at christmas hill park at the end of the gilroy garlic festival, which reports began trickling in exactly 60 minutes ago with video of people fleeing apparently the sound of gunshots ringing out in the park as this festival, the 40th of the gilroy garlic festival which began in 1979 was beginning to wrap up for the weekend when all this apparently began to unwind, people being herded out of the park with their hands up so police could see them in plain view. apparently being led down a trail. christmas hill park used to be on the outskirts of gilroy. the people from the park, in order to clear them out,
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apparently to zero in on the people doing the shooting, the person or the people. then set up a place where if you want to meet your loved ones, people you knew who were at the festival. this is the video i'm talking about. the very first video from twitter that came out of this. people were being taken out of the park. at the moment that's all we know. there hasn't been confirmation on numbers of shooters, number of people down or if the park has been completely evacuated or if the shooter or shooters have been apprehended by law enforcement. >> if you're just joining us again, we'll be showing "60 mites" at a later time. the shooting at a garlic festival and this was reported to us in the 6:00 hour. we've received this video that came in. people running after reports of hearing gunshots and we did have a viewer call in to us.
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his daughter was at the garlic festival. she called in to tell them what she had seen and heard. she'd heard gunshots and seen what appeared to be derfbl people down. whether that means they were down covering up or possibly injured, we don't have exact confirmation on that. what we do know is that time when those shots rang out, those people were taken immediately to a staging area and a safe place to go. it says a reunification center at the college area. we're going to hold back on what we've seen on social media or hearing second hand and just bring you the information that
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we do know. and we do know the park has been closed, everyone evacuated out of the area and it is an active crime scene as they try to apprehend possibly a shooter or shooters in the area. >> we did have on the air, if it's possible to re-air some of the interview. in the meantime, you can see the response by helicopter. law enforcement heading both with ambulance and police vehicles. miller avenue is closed. miller avenue is the main way you get to christmas hill park. it's also on the way to gavilan college. that's what people are doing in order to be reunited with folks they knew were at the festival.
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the festival usually attracts about 100,000 people over the course of the weekend so there's a lot of people at the park when the festival happens last weekend of every july, there apparently were a lot of people there too as we've seen in the videos we've been showing you which have been very sparse but the information coming out has been sparse. no word from law enforcement if they'll have a press conference in connection to what's happened but obviously they have their hands full. as do we. we have two reporters on the way. kit do and betty yu are expected to be there momentarily. we'll let you know what they see and hear and what they know. in the meantime, all we know is this. at about 6:19 tonight, shots rang out. we heard reports of shots ringing out south of downtown gilroy on miller avenue. the end of the gilroy garlic festival. the shots rang out. people evacuated. they were herded up into the amphitheater in the park and led
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to a nearby elementary school in las animas. they were told to go with their hands up. there had been reports of multiple shooters but none of this is confirmed and we don't have any confirmation of the number of people who may have been wounded or worse by the shooting. as soon as we have the numbers associated with it, we'll let you know. >> absolutely. i was just reading back when bob initially reached out to us and he was saying my daughter was there and she called us by phone and saying she was being escorted to an amphitheater at the time when this initially happened. she said she'd heard gunshots and seen a small child down. i've seen numerous reports of that and that they were escorted, told to have their hands up above their head as they walked to a safer ground and she obviously sounded very upset and shaken and bob was just there to be able to take
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her call and find out what was going on with his daughter at the time. >> we just a statement released on twitter by the gilroy police department. it reads this: the hearts of gilroy pd and entire community go out to the victims of today's shooting at the garlic festival. the scene is still active. if you're looking for a loved one, please go to the reunification center at gavilan college at parking lot b. the reunification center south and west of the town. southbound miller for those of you watching in gilroy. southbound miller is closed heading out of christmas hill park in the wake of the active shooting situation at the gilroy garlic festival. uvas parkway and 10th street on the south part of town remain open heading out of the park toward northbound 101. there's a 10th street exit off 101 and gilroy. they're asking people to take
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10th street. then head north or south from there. miller is closed there. traffic is a mess as you can imagine. we'll continue to go with our breaking news coverage. >> i want to mention we have a number of reporters heading to the scene. joe vasquez is heading to the hospital. and we also have i believe kit do is heading to the reunification area where family members are being brought together again if they're worried about their loved ones.
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the band was playing the last song. it was all of a sudden. i heard to the right of us towards the stage there was what i thought was firecrackers. but i knew it was gunfire. people were quickly on the ground everywhere. after that we stay down for a brief period of time. he was still shooting. i tried to identify where he was coming from 50 or 60 yards from the right. there were people selling stuff
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and he was shooting from their. that is where i saw him. he came out and started running behind the stage. >> what were your initial thoughts? you thought it was initially fireworks and then it became clear that it was in active shooter. what did you do? >> we just threw ourselves on the ground. >> i can imagine what you went through. it's hard to believe that you would be able to note whether someone was hit. were you just an self- preservation mode? >> i thought i saw somebody. it could've been somebody that
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fell from running. i cannot say. >> we are getting reports that the shooter is still at large. there were some injuries. and we have a reporter headed to the hospital. the video you're looking at right now is people fleeing the scene. a very dusty area. a lot of people leaving the gilroy garlic festival. i saw a lot of people on the pavement running out of the area. a woman in a baby in a stroller. you can see the people leaving the area. when you hopped on the bus, and must've been a number of people trying to get out of there? >> it happened so fast. >> other people heard the gunshots? did they see similar things? >> i don't think the people
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came from where we came. we really didn't know that it was a gunshots. they were scared . a lot of people were confused. >> this is a three day festival. with a number of people there. the last day of the festival you are obviously in jointed there with your wife and thought that it was a seemingly safe. until this came about? >> it was nice. we were just listening to the band. we were just getting ready to leave. it was closing at 6 pm. >> from where you were sitting, were you just watching the band?
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we were just sitting on the hay bales. >> how far away from the shooter were you? 50-60 yards. >> must've been a horrifying experience. i can only imagine. i'm glad that you and your wife got out okay. and you're back home now. >> we are getting reports from law enforcement. they are busy with this active the scene. they are saying that a number of people have been injured, and some have been taken to the hospital. will be going live to joe vazquez in just a minute. i'm sure that your priority was safety. when you heard the gunshots did it go into the crowd? did you see injured people? were they just ducking for cover?
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>> i didn't see or hear people. he wasn't shooting at people on the front. he was shooting on the side. i didn't hear people from where we were running. >> was there in active presence of law enforcement? or were you just trying to clear out as quickly as you could and head home? >> i saw the police coming when we went towards the gate. >> was there much police presence at the festival before this happened? >> i think so. yes, we saw police all the time on horses. >> if you're just tuning in. we
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are staying with the continuing coverage. a breaking news story. and active situation in gilroy. you can see the video there. there was a reported shooting at the garlic festival. everyone cleared out. after they heard and saw a gun men firing shots. whether it be in the crowd, or to the side of the stage. at that moment is when peter and the number people cleared out. people evacuating the area. some people were taken to an amphitheater. now we are seeing that gavilan college is a location for reunification. two victims have been transported to valley medical center. it is still an active scene.
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law enforcement is still looking for what could be in active shooter. they have cleared the area. there were earlier reports of somewhere near the creek bed. definitely a man hunt for this active shooter. >> there's a lot of affiliates that you can disappear into. the park is still a park. and it is fairly wooded. >> behind the stands there were trees and foliage. when i saw him running he was running away from the scene. >> that's frightening. apparently someone is looking for this guy. who fired 25 shots and disappeared out of the park.
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they could be anywhere. that is an unsettling thought. it happened around 5:40 pm? >> yes. >> we understood that in the wake of this that they were rushing people into the amphitheater? >> we are getting reports coming in about security. somebody was there earlier. they reached out and said that they were alarmed that they barely checked her bag as they walked in. he was asked if he had up pocketknife. they did have a medical detector.
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also what was it like for you when you walked into the festival for security measures? >> i don't think he came that way. you would've been able to get a gun in the way i came through. and m-16 oren assault weapon. >> this is live the pictures. our crew is on the scene and we will be hearing from our reporters there as well. we are continuing the coverage. ishecan see the location. photograthing tobring us latest happened. peter used online?
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>> yes. someone said that they thought the suspect was dressed in camouflage? with a yellow bandanna. and the homemade ak-47. >> you saw what look like. was he dressed in camouflage? >> i thought he had something green on. i don't know if he was wearing camouflage. >> what was your initial reaction. you and your wife went to safety. you were there when most shots rang out. you said initially that it was pretty calm. that you acted in a calm manner. at what point did you realize that we need to get out of here.
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what point did the crowd feel they needed to get out there? >> most of people stayed and lay behind the hay. we were probably the first that ran. i looked and saw him where he was it was running towards safety. i know he was not running in our direction, about 60 yards from us. >> the probable duration of the shooting. your impression was 25 shots that happened quickly my 10 or 15 seconds. >> maximum
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>> as far as you know it was just the burst of gunfire and then the shooter took off into the foliage. and people surrounding the stage took off in the opposite direction. >> there was an initial round and when he got up there was another round and he ran off that's where people are obviously looking for him you mentioned that there was security there were armed metal detectors when you walked in. so how he was able to get in is clearly anyone's guess >> we had a bag and they thoroughly searched that. i don't see how he could've gone through the normal gates >> not if it was a ak-47. >> they were using one's?
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>> they just look through our bags. >> we are showing video. and we are repeating the video. this is what we have right now. for viewers tuning in this is what we have initially coming in and what we have seen on the social media as well right here you look at the crowd this is after the active shooting incident. a little number of law enforcement at the scene. as we have been learning it's in active scene. they are actively looking for the gunman. at the same time there is critical care happening at the hospitals nearby. we do not know how many people been taken to the hospital. but there have been some reported injuries. early on a father called into the station, his daughter was there, and she
7:52 pm
reported seeing a number of people down. peter you said that people were down taking cover to stay safe. it's hard to say if they were injured or trying to stay in one place staying out of the range of the fire. we have yet to know about that. if i can ask you. there was a large crowd, was everyone running at the same time? as we are seeing here people were taking off? >> this is not where we were. where we were everybody was throwing themselves on the ground. >> immediately when the shooting started. he was not shooting directly at us. >> where there people where he was shooting? was are still a crowd there? >> there was quite a few people
7:53 pm
sitting and eating at the benches. >> you are there with your wife as well? both of you are thankfully home safe. you had some recollection of what he look like. were getting reports that the suspect was wearing camouflage, and possibly a beard. we do know that it is still in active scene in the area and law enforcement is there trying to track him down, trying to get everyone to safety and reunite loved ones with their family members. >> we should remind you, if you are wondering how many were injured or worse we do not know. they have not released any numbers. there has been nothing official. we seem to be narrowing down on a single gunman. a couple of bursts of gunfire from an automatic weapon. any fled the scene.
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he still considered an active shooter. law enforcement has not yet tracked him down. it's not far from the residential area. we saw live picture a few minutes ago. it look like it was parked in a nearby road, there is a residential neighborhood right next to christmas hill park. and then there's the school were some people were initially evacuated to. in terms of number of wounded, number of gunmen, we do not know yet. >> if we backtrack to when we first initially got this information. we learned that police were responding to the gilroy garlic festival at 5:30 pm to an active shooting. from their video was being shown on social media people running and fleeing. we are making sure to verify that information. as it has
7:55 pm
unfolded from the callers coming in. there was an active shooting. it is an active scene. these are live pictures from our cameras. >> i can tell you where that is. that's at the high school on christmas hill park. that line that you had a moment ago show those mutant emergency vehicles parked there at the gilroy high school. >> that is the location for reunification. a lot of people were taken there. they may be using it. >> this video is coming into us. this was the scene when people
7:56 pm
were leaving the area. with people running after the active shooting. reports coming in in the 5 pm hour. and you were there. when you saw and heard the shots ring out. at first you weren't sure what to think of it? thought maybe it was fireworks, but it was an active shooter. you and your wife immediately, and calmly got out of the area with a number of people. who were able to get on a bus and get home. as you are looking at this now, and it is sinking in. you can see that the active shooter had a beard, possibly wearing camouflage. can you give us a little more detail if you have it? >> i don't know if i can add anything else. it went very
7:57 pm
quickly. we were all obviously in shock. i am surprised that i actually saw him. i told my wife we need to go, i knew he wasn't going to hit us from where we were. >> we also want to reiterate what gilroy police told us. they have confirmed that the hearts of the police department go out to the victims of the shooting at the garlic festival. the scene is still active. if you're looking for a loved one go to the reunification
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center. some people were transported to the hospital. there were some injuries. as you can see video uploaded on the social media. those cases showing people running. kind of a chaotic scene. there was some audio of what may have sounded like shots. and obviously peter you heard it firsthand. a number of shots fired? >> yes. >> the sum up what has happened. a few people who were there or had relatives there. around 5:40 pm. the 40th anniversary of the garlic festival. in the last 20 minutes. shots rang out near the right side of the stage. firing out at 25 shots.
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peter got himself and his wife into a bus. they went onto the bus with her hands up to make sure that they were not shooters. other people were taken through the wooded area to nearby elementary school. police say if you have loved ones at the park that you need to meet up with him at gavilan college. we have betty yu arriving and we will have live reports as soon as she is ready. but first let's go to liz cook. >> i just heard that the corner
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is headed to the scene unconfirmed fatalities and injuries. we are learning that two possible victims are at valley medical center. the corner is headed to the scene at the gilroy garlic festival. a woman named joy tweeted out that she wanted to thank the festival worker used her van and got people out. i did get her name. but she did everything possible to help others. another family member just ran from the festival because of an


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