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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  July 29, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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a new development this afternoon in the deadly gilroy garlic festival shooting. please i have identified the suspect and we know that a six-
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year-old boy and 13 year old girl are among the victims. i am a michelle griego. >> i am alyssa came in for kenny choi. within the last couple of hours they go right police chief has confirmed 19-year-old santino william legan is the festival shooting the suspect pick this is video of him and his high school graduation at gilroy high taken by brian garcia films. the suspect was shot and killed by police. we have liked him covered on the victims occluding those in the hospital. first let's go to kiet do life in curate with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the big question is what about to the second suspect. police that they had multiple reports second person involved. but today's the chief said there were a lot of variations in the details to the reports after looking all night and much of the morning they found nothing and right now the chief said that they really do not know. >> reporter: the crime scene is more complex and expansive than it appears. 30 fbi agents have joined a large contingent of officers on the ground combing the area for
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evidence. as we find evidence and flag it, and market and map it, we are determining the crime scene is much more expansive than what we originally thought. it amounts to many acres. >> reporter: as law enforcement agents certain connected to the suspect we are learning more about to the police the is the shooter. 19-year-old santino legan. investigators that he bought the gun legally. and ask if weapon similar to an ak-47. scott smith he says that three officers were in the vicinity when they began shooting. >> soon as he saw the officers, he engaged the officers and fired at the officers with the rifle. i had three officers that engaged the suspect. despite the fact that they were outgunned with their handguns against a rifle, the three officers were able to fatally wound the suspect there uld have been more bloodshed, i believe, with the number of people in the small area that they were under. it is very fortunate they were able to engage them as quickly
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as it did a. >> reporter: he is a great neighbor native that lived away from the area. it is unclear where he was living at the time of the shooting. >> a principal concern at the plate point his motivation, ideological winnings leanings. with the affiliated with anyone, or any group. it still has to be ruled out and determined at this point. >> a lot of festivalgoers could have the car stuck out to their at the scene. police he will be that way for a couple of days. a huge crime scene with multiple roadblocks airspace is on lockdown. they say it will be that way for a couple of days. we are hearing there is some kind of a vigil planned for tonight. is happening at the only targeted town 10th street and 101 set for 6 p.m. today. 11 gilroy, kiet do . kpix 5. jackie ward is live outside the santa clara county medical center with new details on victims. >> reporter: of the seven
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people who were brought here to be treated for gunshot wounds, five are still here seeking medical attention for their injuries. one person was transferred to stanford and another discharge. 12-year-old leslie and his among the remaining gunshot victims recovering a santa clara county medical center. her sister described her as a timid, ty thomason to be seventh grader at moreland middle school who likes to draw and read. >> everybody was in front of the shooter. they were at some tables in front of the shooter, and they all thought him. thank god they did not get close to not to them. >> reporter: joy the spokesperson for santa clara county health system told us the seven gunshot victims who were treated range from age 12 to 69 years old. of the seven, five remain in santa clara valley medical center. one is listed in critical condition. one in serious, and one is fair. the other tuition to keep their
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status private. at the event was unfolding staff stepped up in a big way. >> people started showing up. people called in to see if they were needed. there was a great response by our staff who were part of the community and feeling that part as well. >> reporter: valley medical center says between their hospital and the hospital in gilroy 19 victims were treated and 11 for gunshot wounds. other people got grapes and bruises while trying to run to safety. three people died from their injuries and putting six-year- old stephen romero. his mother and grandmother were also injured. the grandmother is reportedly getting treatment at valley medical center while the moer was transferred to stanford. >> the other two people who were killed were a 13-year-old girl at a man in his 20s. live in san jose, jackie ward, kpix 5. we are ing from the uncle less stephen romero as of the family mourned his loss and states hopeful for the mothers recovery. >> he is a very outgoing boy. very well mannered.
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he was very empathetic. he was a good kid. the bullet that hit stephen in the back traveled to his body and hit her in the abdomen as well. >> a very devastating time for this family and you can see it is still a very active seen on possible ground. this video from earlier this morning showing the fbi and dozens of other law enforcement are still investigating the taped off festival. you can see the tenants are also scattered through the grounds and it is still not clear what people will be able to pick up their belongings that were left behind. we are hearing from people who are at the festival as shots were fired. one survivor described dodging bullets and helping others escape.>> i felt one of the bullets go over my head and we actually saw one of the bullets flyby. that is when we helped everyone get out of the way.
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>> were you scared? >> i thought for sure i was going to get shot. he kept looking at myself because we were rates there.>> when the bullets go over what kind of noise?>> like a buzzing sound. you just feel the wind. you can feel it go over.>> witnesses tell us the gunshots sounded like fireworks. they say the f started with the found kept going and people ran for their lives. some even jumped over bodies to escape. >> president trump spoke out on the deadly shooting. spec we grieve for their families and ask of god will comfort them with his overflowing mercy and grace. we are praying for those recovering for those of the hospital. we think the brave members of law enforcement they never let us down. who swiftly killed the shooter. we affirm our national will to answer violence with the courage, determination, and resolve of what american family.>> a democratic potential candidate kamala harris weighing and for the
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deadly on the deadly mass shooting calling it a tragedy all around. >> it just keeps happening in the country and the families are in deep pain. i want to express my sorrow for them and think the first responders who turned out to secure the fair at the ground and to make sure that nobody else was harmed, or exposed to harm but it is tragic. there is no other way to describe it. >> be sure to stay with kpix 5 for the latest developments of the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. we will have updates of the news at 5 and always on our website, taking place today, closing arguments the ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland. codefendant jacob and anne pierce each faced 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. that is one for each person who died in the 2016 fire. it prosecutor says the warehouse had been illegally converted into a living space
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and lacked basic safety features but the defense argues the fire was an act of arson. the official cause of the fire was never determined. a strike vote is underway where more than eight or thousand kaiser permanente workers could walk off of the job. they are demanding more money, better benefits and a solid plan to combat staffing shortages. they have been working without a contract since september. talks broke down earlier this month. lucas valley road has reopened after if you'll take her overturned. this happened yesterday, but first responders were still on the scene earlier today. they were trying to offload the remaining fuel in the taker. strep president trump signed a bill that 9/11 first responders and families have been fighting for. earlier today survivors and families surrounded mr. trump as he signed into law an extension of the september 11 victim compensation fund through 2092. the money benefits first responders who became second from deadly toxins while searching the rubble for
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victims after the 2001 terror attacks. >> today we come together as one nation to support our september 11 heroes, to care for their families and to renew our eternal vow, never, ever forget. >> it should not have taken so long. it should not have been a fight. >> more than 40,000 people have applied to the fund. strep president trump is in a fight with the house oversight committee investigating the trump administration. the president used twitter to take a methodical democratic congressman elijah cummings in the city he that represents baltimore. no killian has details from the white house. 12 president trump is escalating attacks and a democratic congressman elijah cummings and his hometown of baltimore in more than a dozen tweets and retreats president trump called cummings a brutal bill bully and told him to focus on his dangerous and filthy district. the president described it as a disgusting rest and rodent infested mass where no human being would want to live.>> put the tree down and shot. >> reporter: former chairman
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michael steele revit l sharpton came to congressman cummings defense in baltimore this morning.>> he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color. >> reporter: the president insists his tweets are not racist pointing out senator bernie sanders wants described baltimore as like a third world country. this weekend cummings told cbs news i will not be distracted from doing everything that i can't uplift the lives of the people in baltimore. as chairman of the house recite committee congressman cummings is leading several investigations, looking into the trump administration actions, the president finances. acting white house chief of staff nick mulvaney says the president tweets are his way of fighting back. >> does the president become biblically? absolutely. we have seen this reaction from him before and he will again because he pushes back any fights back when he feel ck. what mr. cummings said was wrong. truck cummings and border protection detention facilities during a recent congressional
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oversight hearing. >> a child sitting in their own feces. cannot take a shower. >> reporter: just last week, cummings committee authorized a subpoena for all work-related text and emails from the personal account of the president son-in-law, and daughter. nicole killian, cbs news, the white house. we continue to follow the investigation into the deadly gilroy garlic festival shootings. new details about the weapon used in the rampage. questions about how two teen order suspects from the bay area are being treated in italy as a stands accused of killing a police officer. it is much cooler across the bay area thanks to the onshore flow. here is they live look at the treasure island camera. the clouds are still in the sky and we are watching the clouds started to break up. we will talk about how we are looking ahead for the rest of the work week. details on that are coming up.
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we are learning more about yesterday's garlic festival shooting in gilroy that left for people that, including the suspected gunman. police now say officers were able to take down the gunman, less than a minute after gunshots the first ring out. the suspect was armed with an assault rifle.
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the victims are described as a six-year-old boy, 13-year-old girl, and a man in his 20s. their identities have not been released. more than 20 law enforcement agencies responded to the shooting. >> we do not have a motive for the shooting yet. we did have reports of a potential second suspect. we do not have any confirmation that any second suspect it did any shooting. but we are certainly investigating all leads. >> authorities also say the assault rifle was legally purchased in nevada earlier this month. the suspected gunman, 19-year- old santino legan is believed to about it. the san jose bishop oscar cantu announced today a bilingual vigil for victims, survivors, and first responders taking place tonight at 7:00 at st. mary's parish 11th street in gilroy. the photo the recently surfaced raising questions about how these two teenage murder suspects from the bay area are being treated in rome. they could face life in prison if convicted of killing a police officer. last week city palm reports that the officer was hailed as a hero at his funeral today. truck mourners applauded as the
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casket of a slain italian police officer arrived for his funeral naples. the mass was held in the same church mario cerciello rega was married just six weeks ago. the 35-year-old officer was stabbed to death friday all investigating the theft of a backpack and a possible drug deal. two american teens from california are under arrest for the crime. gabriel christian gabriel natale-hjorth and finnegan lee elder who police say confessed during interrogation. the arrest warrant details how elder pull out a knife, striking the officer multiple times and that gabriel natale- hjorth denies the the night. somebody can be charge for murder even if they were not want to carry out the killing. italian police are also investigating this photo showing gabriel natale-hjorth blindfold before his the italy interior minister said the only
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victim to cry for is the officer. city palm, cbs news, london.>> elders family told cbs news they have had no contact with their son since friday but they have been in touch with the u.s. state department. let's get a check on the weather with mary lee a bit of a cooldown today. a relief from the heat. temperatures much cooler compared to yesterday and we are catching some sunshine with the oakland airport camera. you can see blue skies. temperatures from 77 in concord and while a san jose. both 60s in oakland. looking at and 77 for the remark. cooler in san francisco with the cloud cover in place at 57 and the mid-70s for santa rosa. her is a 24-hour temperature change and you can see that many locations are much cooler,
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compared to yesterday. fort lewis cooler at half moon bay. 11 for nevada. for oakland, 12 degrees cooler concord within the last 20 for hours. 25 degrees cooler in fairfield. in livermore. santa rosa looked a bit warmer. to yesterday at this time. the ridge of high pressure pushing to the east the upper level low dropping south bringing the onshore flow our way and with that stronger sea breeze, we the temperatures a little bit cooler, even for tomorrow. taking you hour-by-hour on the futurecast, heading to the rest of the afternoon, you can see the cloud cover pushing back to the coast. through tomorrow morning, another morning of low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and for parts of the bay. even in the locations for patchy drizzle temperatures will be even colder the sunset tonight 8:21 and the sunset as a: 11. daytime highs looking at the
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mid-80s 77 in san jose. mid-sixties to for san francisco. here is a seven-day forecast and what you can expect a little bit cooler for tuesday temperatures at or slightly below average with high temperature building and for the end of the workweek into the work week. looking at temperature similar and heading back to the weekends relying on mom and dad for casper the number of millennials also getting an allowance. and what their parents are paying for
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the world largest drug maker buying the maker of the epipen. pfizer says it is buying mylan in an all stock a deal. the merger would combine the tender billion-dollar genetic pharmaceutical company with advisors on generic off patent business. pfizer shareholders were on more than 50 percent of the new company and the deal is expected to close in the middle of next year. a new survey finds nearly half. 46 percent of millennials
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a monthly handout from their parents. the biggest items that parents are paying for include cell phones, groceries, and rent. also the survey, roughly 1/3 say they do not expect to be able to buy a house in their lifetime. let's go live to wall street and get a look at the big board. it looks like the dow is up about 33 or 30 for points at this moment. if you have a consumer problem or question, emails. consumer watch on or call the hotline , we will be right back.
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coming up, we have complete coverage of the gilroy garlic festival shooting including the latest update from police this afternoon. plus moronta victims an investigation into the suspects potential motive. that is it for kpix 5 news at noon. the bold and beautiful is next. >> allen and veronica will see you at a 5. you can always go online on have a great afternoon.
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