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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 29, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right not seven. >> this is nothing that you would ever would see in your life, ever. >> a teenage girl, a recent college grad, and a little boy in a bounce house. >> he just turned six in june. he was a great kid. >> all gunned down. >> he had an ak-47. this is insane. >> only in america. >> i just remember hearing bullets flying past me. >> investigators say they're still looking for a motive in the shooting. police are looking for answers in some strange media posts. >> we don't understand what would make him do it. kpix 5 news at 7:00, starts
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now. >> we are learning more about the victims and the 19-year-old shooter. families were enjoying the final day of the gilroy garlic festival when a sudden eruption of gunfire sent them running for their lives. >> i am in the area and it sounds like gunfire. people are running. >> it looks like the subject might be wearing a camouflage hat. he has a long rifle. >> three people did not make it out alive. a six-year-old stephen romero. any 13-year-old girl both from santa fe, and a 25-year-old 's parish inilroy, where vigiis just getting underway. and another vigil underway about and hour ago at police headquarters, this is where
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kpix 5 begins our team coverage. >> reporter: we are here at the visual gathering at city hall, a very large crowd. i cannot even begin to tell you what the garlic festival means to the people of gilroy. what's your, they open up the town, everybody comes out to volunteer, to raise money for needy programs and nonprofits. the hundreds, possibly thousands of people i here today, this is evidence that gilroy is 30. today it is looking more like a war zone. heavily armed officers, patrolling the creek bed at the expense of crime scene. neighbors are still on lockdown. there still stunned about a dog and try to process what just happened to their small town. >> is come out of the door and i heard pop, pop. >> reporter: she was working a booth and was right in the middle of it. >> i saw the shooter, i said i'm going to go beat them up. and then all of a sudden i saw him, run, run.
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i was running in the same direction that they were. >> reporter: she said the shooter with down quickly and she saw him facedown, bleeding. >> they had a gun to his head. >> reporter: in a massive crime scene, several acres. as the search continues for a possible second shooter. parts of dozens of festivalgoers are still stuck inside. she lives in sacramento and is burning up cash taking uber back and forth to the granting and renting hotel rooms as she waits for her car. >> i don't know what we are going to do. >> reporter: people say that it feels like the event has lost its innocence. >> you don't get is going to happen here. >> reporter: the mayor promised to help the victims however they could. >> the gilroy community will mourn. we will get through. >> reporter: earlier today the fbi put out it anonymous morning. shootings like this are happening every week.
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in gilroy, kpix 5. and i am at stanford medical university, worse and is a mother is being treated for gunshot wounds. she is one of three members of the same family. they were all hit by gunfire. the other victims including her mother, who is treated at valley medical center in and is a and her six-year-old, who unfortunately doctors were not able to save. >> the right now we are just trying to keep it together. >> reporter: family members at this home are dealing with the unspeakable tragedy of losing a child. a six-year-old, stephen romero. plus the shooting of his mother and his grandmother, all who were enjoying the garlic festival before the shots ring out. >> he was a really good kid. he just turned six in june. >> reporter: this is the boys nephew, who says that stephen and his mother were shot with
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the same bullet. i understand that it hit him in the back and traveled through his body and hit his mom. >> reporter: the mother was also shot in the hand and is undergoing surgery to reattach fingers, according to family members. the boys grandmother is also being treated for gunshot wounds and is expected to survive. today the workers of the mother gathered for a vigil outside of social services, where she is a social worker. >> it really is a shock that it is actually here on our doorstep. for our work and family, our community. >> reporter: stephen was known as a fun-loving fixture of the neighborhood. is a senseless crime. >> reporter: he was the youngest victim, but only by seven years. a 13-year-old was also fatally struck by gunfire. a gofundme page has been set up to help her family with funeral expenses. >> reporter: back here live at
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stanford university medical center were family members told us that will be about one week before they know whether or not they will be able to save some of the fingers of her hands. reporting live at stanford, kpix 5. >> told us of the victims was just 25 years old. he was a recent college graduate from new york. he was visiting california with his girlfriend. of the 11 people who were wounded, eight are still the hospital this evening. fiber at the clara valley medical center. two at stanford and one is that sent is a regional. among the wounded is a 12-year- old, who was about to start seventh grade. she is in stable condition after being shot in the leg. >> also tonight we are hearing some incredible stories of survival from two friends who came face-to-face with the gunman. >> i just remember hearing bullets. i remember feeling the heat. at that point, suth i wast.
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>> it is nothing that you would ever want to senior life. >> when it impacts you in your real life, you are in survival mode. i just got to get out of here. >> the three friends were sitting 15 to 20 feet away when the gunman opened fire. one of the victims was hit multiple times, but miraculously, the wounds were all minor wins. the other survivor was hit by bullet fragments on his calf. >> today investigators wore bullet proof vest as they searched his home. santino legan was a recent graduate. >> reporter: the gunman grew up in this middle-class, upper- middle-class neighborhood in gilroy, he never had any contact with police until yesterday following the shooting . he was shot to death by officers. >> santino legan .
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>> reporter: he graduated from july his goal in 2017. just two years later, police say that he opened fire on a crowd at the garlic festival with a semi automatic rifle. he was 19 years old. police say the federal agents arrived before midnight at this home. the feds were searching his home for evidence in the mass shooting. >> the principal concern at this point is motivation, ideology cool ideological leanings. >> this shows a photo on his instagram account just hours before the shooting. he posted a reference to a white supremacist group. his post refers to quote cords of -- >> we have so many questions. they are not going to be answered. it is really sad.
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>> reporter: a big question for investigators, how did he get his weapon? the owner big mike's guns and ammo's said the rifle was purchased online from his store. he posted on facebook quote we are heartbroken that this could ever happen. the gunman was acting happy and ed foern. police say the gunman purchases gun in nevada legally. the only what he could do that is by living in nevada because it is against the law to cross state lines and bring the weapon into california. that is just one more question for investigators. did he moved to nevada for the express purpose of purchasing this weapon? in gilroy, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> we will be keeping you up-to- date with any and all new developments. and other news tonight, a new twist in the case of two bay area teenagers accused of killing a police officer in
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rome. one suspect says he was acting in self-defense. attorneys made their finer arguments in the ghost warehouse trout. white cal berkeley is being stripped of his title as a top school. it is time for a cool change for the bay area, but not for long. this is all happening when we come back. ♪
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♪ two bay area teenagers accused of killing a police officer in rhtne have their case reviewed by in italian judge. this happened just as the funeral was being held in the officer's hometown at the same church where he was just married six weeks ago. in rhtne, a judge release for details of the investigation. he says that finnegan lee elder, accused of stabbing the officer 11 times, told police that he thought he was being attacked and strangled. but the judge is skeptical of the claims of self-defense because there is no evidence of strangulation. he has made in order that he
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remain in jail. his 19-year-old friend -- i am covering the go ship warehouse trout, today is day one of closing arguments. today the prosecution started the day i showing the jurors the names and photos of all of the victims. the prosecutor said the defendants acted with criminal negligence. that they should have known that any violation of the code, the fire code, is a crime. the defense attorneys representing derick almena and max harris, that theirs was not a code violation and that the fire was intentionally set and they intend to prove in the closing arguments. at the close of the prosecutions losing arguments today, they showed text messages from the victims, the last messages sent out to family members. it was very emotional for those in the audience today. also, some of the jurors. tomorrow it is the differences turned to begin their closing arguments in the morning. in oakland, kpix 5.
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more than 80,000 kaiser permanente workers started to vote today whether to authorize a nationwide strike. in some cases, casting a ballot was difficult. union members posted these photos. instead the polling stations were then set out side. workers are demanding that wages and benefits, kaiser says that they're committed to providing competitive salaries. uber plans to lay off 400 employees from their marketing teams from their 75 offices around the world. the job cuts, as it lost more than $1 billion. a lot of people are feeling the relief today. san francisco is probably used to the cool. but elsewhere.
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>> out in lynden, it is i. >> smoking yesterday. >> we plan to provide more of the same tomorrow. it is august by the time we get to the weekend. this doesn't mean hot in the east bay. it got to 80 degrees. this was a big changes well.'s efforts to manage 64. right now the numbers are still warm in concord. here is how it looks from high atop the west coast, high pressure is gently building and over the next 24 hours or so. the sea breeze it welcome weekends ever so slightly. this is baseball weather as the a's take on the brewers
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tomorrow night at 7:07 pm. as we look at the summing up of the forecast, tonight we have some clouds along the shoreline. inland, it will be clear. cloudy near the coast tomorrow. the inland highs will be near 90 degrees by mid weekend. it will be partly cloudy at the airport tomorrow. if you're headed to seattle, mostly sunny skies at 75 degrees. sunshine in chicago. new york, it will be warm. the forecast for tomorrow, a little bit chillier than average. san jose, just gorgeous at 78. down in the south bay, it will be sunny and temperatures mostly in the 70s tomorrow. a big switch from what we had over the weekend. and a breath of fresh air continues in the east bay. venetia, 72.
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concord, 84. for the north bay, 83 for santa rosa. bodega bay, 59 degrees tomorrow. the extended forecast, early morning low clouds will keep us in the 80s inland. as we get to saturday and sunday, the warmer numbers are back in name low 90s. it does not look like the triple digits are on the way, just a little bit of forming. the gilroy garlic festival grounds are still under investigation as the fbi combs the scene for any evidence. how long will it be for visitors and vendors to be able to get back inside to get what they left behind? a man tried to check a missile launcher onto a plane. ♪
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. ♪ here's what you missed if you're just getting him right now. and president trump extending his condolences to the city of gilroy tonight. as family and friends of the shooting victims. >> we grieve for their families. we asked that god will comfort them with his overflowing mercy and grace. we are praying for those who are recovering right now in the hospital. >> governor gavin newsom also waiting on the tragedy.
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as he visited the victims in san jose. >> i mean this is insane. only in america. only in america. you know? here we go again. but we are not giving up. >> chopper five flew over the festival grounds this afternoon. the fbi says that it will be several days before vendors and visitors can get their belongings that they left scattered on the ground as they fled in terror. today president trump signed a bill extending the 9/11 victims compensation fund until 2092. he was joined by first responders, survivors and their families. the many benefits of first responders who got sick from the deadly toxins at ground zero. >> today we come together as one nation to support our september 11 euros to for the families and to renew our internal dow we will never ever forget. >> some argued that they should
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never have taken this long for the extension. tsa agents in baltimore made a startling discovery in one man's luggage. a missile launcher, fortunately it was not active. it turns out the traveler was active military, coming home from kuwait. he made his next light, but he had to leave his souvenir behind. tonight lucas valley road in marin county is back open after a fuel tanker overturned. first responders had to remove the remaining fuel. uc berkeley just had his title stripped as a top public school on the u.s. news & world report list. this is because cal is one of five schools that admitted to misreporting statistics. eus news says that uc berkeley originally reported a higher average alumni giving rate in 2016, 2017, this resulted in the ranking being higher than the should be.
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watching netflix behind the wheel? well, this is the next high- tech feature that elon musk wants to offer tesla drivers. ♪ ♪
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imagine watching your
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favorite netflix show in your car. is >> is long as you're not next to me. elon musk wants to make that a reality pretty soon for tesla owners. he announced on twitter this weekend that the company will soon allow video streaming from services like netflix, youtube ãdrivers could watch videos on their touchscreen display. he added that this could arrive soon as august, but drivers will not be able to watch videos on the go, only when they are part. yeah, right. a close call from patrol officers in alaska. this captures the moment that the cruiser nearly missed hitting the moose and her calf.
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police say that mama moose and her baby are both okay. speaking of luck, one lottery ticket owner in the east bay has a big payday coming their way. the fantasy five ticket was sold yesterday official gas station in any act. the prize just over $161,000. the winning numbers seven 21 24 29 and 38. kevin durant may have left the warriors. >> but his impact on the community lives on. today the recreation park department celebrated the opening of the playground. this multicolored surface for the basketball court was originally funded by kevin durant's charity . the saciar worked with vintage contractors
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to carry out the project. it is now open to the public. it is beautiful. i love this colors. thank you for watching. we will see you right here at 11:00. >> in the meantime, do you want more news and weather? we have the latest updates on what is going on in gilroy. on ♪ ♪ ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? how's everybody? appreciate that. thank y'all very much. thank you very much, folks. yeah, i do. i really do. i appreciate that. thank y'all. yeah. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from los angeles, california, it's the champs. it's the murphy family. and from silicon valley, it's the nguyen family.
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