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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  July 31, 2019 3:12am-3:58am PDT

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launch intercontinental ballistic missiles, but, of course, that is something very different today. >> everyone on alert. from beijing, thank you. and we're learning new details tonight about a man described as a disgruntled employee who opened fire at a walmart in south haven, mississippi this morning. the police say 39-year-old martes abram apparently began setting a fire inside the store, sparking chaos. at some point they say he chased the store manager to the parking lot where he shot and killed him. brown was a father of two boys. a second employee was shot to death inside the store. police responded within three minutes, shooting and wounding abram, but not before he shot one of the officers. now, police credit that officer's bulletproof vest with saving his life. abram has no prior criminal record, but had reportedly just been fired. it was a high-tech bank robbery and you may be a victim. a hacker broke into capitalone
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bank and made off with enough personal information to steal the identities of more than 100 million people in the united states and canada. anna werner tells us who did it and what you can do to protect yourself. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured the early-morning raid as armed agents swept into the house of paige thompson, the 33-year-old seattle woman authorities say hacked into capitalone's records. the fbi says thompson stole likely tens of millions of credit card applications from 2005 to this year. applications that held 140,000 social security numbers and approximately 80,000 bank account numbers. the government says she even bragged about it in a direct message to someone on twitter, saying i've basically strapped myself with a bomb vest, droppi dropping capitalone's docs and admitting it. it's just the latest breach. the world's largest, yahoo! hit nearly 3 million accounts over a
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three year period. the breach at equifax affecting some 147 million people. and last year, marriott hotel customers fell victim with u 383 million customer records accessed. advised today that consumers simply freeze their credit to avoid becoming a victim. >> ten minutes to freeze your credit, saving hours and hours of time and potentially thousands of dollars. >> reporter: but consumer protection expert christron financial incentive on financial institutions to ensure they have the proper incentives to make certain they're designing their systems to be resilient to this kind of theft. >> anna joins us tonight with what everyone wants to know. if you're a consumer worried about protecting your information, what do you do? >> reporter: norah, until some of those longer term solutions very well want to choose to ay
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freeze your credit. it's easy and free to do online at all three credit bureaus, but you will have to unfreeze it later if you want to apply, for example, for a new credit card or a loan. >> anna werner, thank you. we now turn to the dramatic testimony today when a top air force general denied sexually assaulting a one-time aide. general john heightson nominated to become vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. david martin reports on why a senator who says she was raped while in the military came to the general's defense. >> army colonel testified in closed session before the senate armed services committee, but had to sit silently in the audience today as general heighten environmentally denied her charges. >> these allegations are false. nothing happened. ever. >> reporter: heather wilson, who was the secretary of the air force at the time, said a criminal investigation found no evidence to substantiate the charge. >> general hyten was falsely
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accused. i accept that it is entirely possible that his accuser is a wounded soldier who believes what she is saying is true. even if it's not. >> reporter: the most powerful voice in the room was former air force pilot, now republican senator, martha mcsally. herself a victim of sexual assault. >> sexual assault happens in the military. it just didn't happen in this case. >> reporter: mcsally stressed she was just not taking the word of a four-star general over that of a lower ranking officer. >> to be clear, this wasn't just a jump ball, not a he said/she said, not a situation where we just couldn't prove what allegedly happened. the full truth was revealed in this process. the truth is th geral hyten is innocent of these charges. >> i felt like i got sandbagged in there. >> reporter: after the hearings she said she has once again been made the victim.
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>> what we saw in there today was -- a political spectacle done at the expense of an innocent victim. >> reporter: senators kirsten gillibrand and elizabeth warren, both of whom have expressed concern on the nomination, did not attend today's hearing because they were preparing for the next round of democratic presidential debates. the chairman of the committee says he has the votes to send hyten's name to the full senate for confirmation. but any senator who does not like the way this case was handled can still put a hold on handled can still put a hold on the nomination. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean!
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we are following a new development tonight in the battle over u.s. border policy. the american civil liberties union told a federal judge the trump administration has taken nearly 1,000 migrant children from their parents at the southern border since the government was ordered to stop the practice more than a year ago. today's court filing included one family we followed in our series, separated and counting. a father was falsely accused of being a gang member and was finally reunited with his two children after 184 days. acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan says separations are "extraordinarily rare." president trump's daughter, ivanka, tweeted her support today for the city of baltimore.
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she said "i encourage everyone to advance smart policy and/or support organizations that uplift the great people of "charm city." shenued those attackshe err le is anywhe inhe world. >> reporter: today president trump denied his attacks on congressman elijah cummings as anything to do with race, even as he continued to assault the majority black district cummings represents. >> those people are living in hell in baltimore. >> reporter: mr. trump also said he's heard from black americans who are grateful for his comments. >> but if you look at what i've done for african-americans, it's more than almost all presidents. >> reporter: but a new quinnipiac poll out today finds 80% of black voters think the president is racist. and a slim majority of all voters agree. >> we remember every sacred soul -- >> reporter: the president's
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tone changed at a ceremony here in jamestown mashirking 400 yea since the first legislative assembly in america and the arrival of the first enslaved africans. >> have uplifted, inspired, protectend interrupted by a protester. ibrahim samir is a democratic delegate in the state legislature. >> in richamond, the state's legislative black caucus boycotted the president's speech. >> we must never allow anyone to
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cbs news has learned that planned parenthood is filing suit against missouri's n for r human trafficking. planned parenthood's acting president in her first televised interview, she told cbs news reporter kate smith the lawsuit will put every so-called heartbeat ban in five other states into the hands of the courts. and you can see much more of our exclusive interview with alexis mcgill johnson. just go to we'll be right back.
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finally tonight, there have been nonstop showers in kansas city, and they're expecting even more. baby showers for expectant moms. the city is experiencing a mini baby boom and ground zero is children's mercy hospital. >> we're like, man, there's a lot of women pregnant right now. so then we started counting. >> at one time this year, 36 nurses who work in the neonatal intensive care unit were pregnant.ap the usual way. so far there have been 21 deliveries, 19 boys and 2 girls and 15 more to come. every day these nurses help save the lives of critically ill infants, bringing their families immeasurable joy. >> i think being a mom has given me a whole new perspective and
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i really do -- i know what that mom and dad feel like and this baby is their whole world. >> now these moms and moms to be are experiencing that same joy. the angels of mercy hospital delivering the gift of life. >> i'm norah o'donnell in washington. thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow from new york. good night.
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this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the "overnight news." i'm meg oliver. democratic presidential candidates will crowd the stage again tonight for round two of the debates in detroit. there are so many people running the democratic field the debates were split in two. ten candidates faced off tuesday night, another ten will debate later today. four others did not make the cut. the headliners last night, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, vermont senator bernie sanders, south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg, and former texas congressman beto o'rourke. here's some of what they had to say when pressed on key issues like health care, immigration, the economy and their view of president trump. >> right now we have a
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dysfunctional health care system. 87 million uninsured or underinsured. $500,000 -- 500,000 americans every year going bankrupt because of medical bills. 30,000 people dying while the health care industry makes tens of billions of dollars in profit. five minutes away from here, john, is a country, it's called canada. they guarantee health care to every man, woman and child as a human right, they spend half of what we spend, and, by the way, when you end up in a hospital in canada, you come out with no bill at all. health care is a human right, it's not a privilege. i believe that. i will fight for that. >> so, look -- >> jake. >> -- let's be clear about this. we are the democrats. we are not about trying to take away health care from anyone. that's what the republicans are trying to do and we should stop using republican talking points in order to talk with each other
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about how to best provide that health care. >> we don't have to stand up here speculating about whether the public op wbetter -- or a medicare for all environment will be better than the corporate options. we can put it to the test. that's the concept of my medicare for all who want it proposal. that way if people like me are right that the public alternative is going to be not only more comprehensive but more affordable than any of the corporate options around there, we'll see americans walk away from the corporate options into the medicare option and it will become medicare for all without having to kick anybody off of insurance. >> 15 seconds on the clarification. you are willing to raise taxes on middle class americans in order to have universal coverage with the disappearance of insurance premiums, yes or no? >> i think you can buy into. that's the idea of medicare for all who want it. look, this is a distinction without a difference. in this country if you have health coverage -- if you don't have health coverage you're
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paying too much for care and if >>he middlss will noten re b of false choice. some who want to improve the affordable care act at the margins. others who want a medicare for all program that will force people off of private insurance. i have a better path. medicare for america. everyone who is uninsured is enrolled in medicare tomorrow. those who are insufficiently ensured are enrolled in medicare. >> two things. they will be better because medicare for all is comprehensive. it covers all health care needs for senior citizens. it will finally include dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses. >> but you don't know that. you don't know that, bernie. >> second of all. i do know it. i wrote the damn bill. and second of all, second of all, many of our union brothers and siste nobod me now paying hig deduces
3:34 am
co-payments. when we do medicare for all, instead of having the company putting money into health care, they can get decent wageod >> ms. williamson, how do you respond to the criticism from senator warren that you're not willing to fight for medicare for all. >> i don't know if senator warren said is that about me specifically. i add viral very much what senator warren has said and what bernie has said, but i have to say, i'm normally way over there with bernie and elizabeth on this one. i hear the others, and i have some concern about that as well, and i do have concern about what the republicans would say. and that's not just a republican talking point. i have concern that it will be difficult. i have concern that it will make it harder to win and i have concern that it will make it harder to govern. >> you know, think that what we have to do is we have to be an america that is clear about what we want to do with immigration. we need to expand legal immigration. we need to create a path for
3:35 am
citizenship, not just forleho hg here in the farms and for students who have overstayed their visas. we need to fix the crisis at the border. and a big part of how we do that is we do not play into donald trump's hands. >> but -- >> he wants to stir up the crisis at the border because that's his overall message. if there is anything wrong in your life -- >> thank you, senator warren. governor bullock, your response. >> but you are playing into donald trump's hands. the challenge isn't that it's a criminal offense to cross the border. the challenge is that donald trump is president and using this to rip families apart. a sane immigration system needs a sane leader, and we can do that without decriminalizing, providing health care for everyone. >> are senator sanders' proposals going to incentivize
3:36 am
undocumented immigrants to come into this country illegally. >> yes. and right now if you want to come into the country, you should at least ring the doorbell. we have asylum laws. i saw the kids up in grand rapids not far from here. it's shameful what's happening, but donald trump is doing it. even if you decriminalize, which we should not do, ye statutory authority. the president could still use his authority to separate families. so we've got to get rid of donald trump. but you don'tnt the united states. if they're seeking asylum, of course we want to welcome them. we're a strong enough country to be able to welcome them. as far as the health care goes, undocumented people can buy health care, too. i mean, everyone else in america is paying for their health care. i think -- i don't think it's a stretch for us to ask undocumented people in the country to also pay for health care. >> senator sanders, your response. >> well, two things. a sane immigration policy moves the comprehensive immigration reform. it moves to a humane border
3:37 am
policy is policy in which, by the way, we have enough administrative judges so we don't have the incredible backlogs we have right now. but to answer your question, i happen to believe that when i talk about health care as a human right, that applies to all people in this country. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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this is the "cbs overnight news." after tonight's second debate in detroit, the democratic candidates will try to boost their odds in las vegas. most of them will head to nevada for a series of campaign events. it's also where we joined voters for three meals in one day. it is part of a series we will bring you every month until the 2020 presidential election. jericka duncan is back from her nevada road trip to see what voters are concerned about the most. ♪ >> reporter: we began our day at mom's diner. >> thanks for having us. >> reporter: known for the best burgers in town, a serve up a solid breakfast, too. this community about an hour
3:41 am
west of las vegas was left with acres of empty lots after the housing crisis a decade ago, but builders and home buyers are back. >> good morning. >> reporter: most of the customers we met at mom's lean conservative. >> you're very clear about where you stand with your hat. >> reporter: and were happy to tout an improved economy. >> you know, there's more people working in america than have ever been. ♪ ♪ >> i will definitely take some coffee. thank you very much. >> reporter: immigration was another issue that mattered regardless of party. >> i don't go for an open border system at all. >> reporter: this group of church friends included an independent, a republican and a democrat. >> are you guys learning about each other's sort of political views for the first time? >> i guess. >> are there any democrats that you think could sway you to vote for a democrat in 2020? >> usually i vote republican just because i'm a christian, and there's some -- there's some policies as far as abortion and things i just -- i'll never vote for somebody who is, you know,
3:42 am
pro those things. >> who do you like right now? >> i like biden. i used todelawa, what is it abo that right now he's got your vote? >> everything that people don't like about him. biden, to me, is a straight shooter. >> reporter: between communities here in nevada are vast stretches of open land, as you can see. about 85% of this land is owned by the federal government. >> the government controls too much of the land in nevada. way too much. >> reporter: that argument enjoyed bipartisan support at m muddyer grill. a gro of retirees during lunch. >> being retired, i'm concerned about the prices going up and our retirement is staying low social security wise. >> prescription prices are so high, and so i think that's a concern for all seniors.
3:43 am
>> what are your thoughts on immigration? >> the biggest problem we have as far as that is concerned, we're not making it so people can come in legally. the paperwork is humongous. >> the one thing that still bothers me is that people still refer to me as a mexican. i'm an american. a kid comes from germany, learns english, nobody asks him, you know, where are you from because there's a stereotype of what an american looks like. >> reporter: southern nevada's considered one of the sunniest places in the country and harvesting that energy has been key to this tribe, the first to build a solar field on native land. reis 2,000-acre field ss the coal plant that once operated here was imploded earlier this month.
3:44 am
>> are you glad this coal plant is gone? >> yes, yes, i'm glad. we're on our way to a new economy. people have to give up on this. >> reporter: vicki simmons is the chairman -- >> maybe these solar projects will do some good and save some lives in the future. >> reporter: the reservation lies about 50 miles north of our final stop, las vegas, nevada's biggest and most diverse city. we stop for dinner at bonita, a mexican restaurant and a local favorite as colorful as anything on the strip. >> hello. how are you? >> reporter: this group of friends were visiting from california. two of them will vote for president for the first time in 2020. >> what issues concern you all the most right now? >> mainly student loans, probably. it's set up in a wear where it kind of screws a person over at the end, you know? ♪ ♪ >> reporter: student debt it a concern for many young voters. >> how are you?
3:45 am
>> reporter: but here, like everywhere we went on this day in nevada, the conversation ultimately turned to immigration, a top issue in this ly0% hispanic. >> i would say right now immigration is, like, one of the biggest issues, right? >> immigration. >> you were shaking your head. >> that's what i was going to say. the border. >> i'm for immigrants. i'm an immigrant. but you have to do it the legal way. >> the voters we met in las vegas were as politically diverse as you could see, just like the city itself. so there's good reason for the state that you'll see nearly all those democratic challengers end up in that state. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust,
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the business is booming and cashing in on billions. according to one estimate, worldwide legal spending on cannibis will hit $16.9 billion this year. by 2022, that figure is expected to almost double to $31.3 billion. now a well-known luxury retailer is letting the wealthy live the high life in a brand-new way. here is jamie wax. >> with recreational pot now legal in 11 states and the district of columbia, it's clear that marijuana has gone
3:49 am
mainstream and so too has pot paraphernalia. once only sold in small low-end smoke shops, you can now buy it in some pretty surprising places, and that includes one of the country's most fashionable department stores. ♪ >> reporter: take a walk inside this boutique and you'll find it isn't your average head shop. barneys new york, one of the mesh's best known luxury retailers, is offering a new kind of indulgence. in their beverly hills store, just off the main floors with their fashion displays is the high end, a specialty shop dedicated to marijuana accessories. and barneys being barneys is no object. take this uniif set from a french company that once made stationary for royalty. it's so exclusive barneys employees only handle it with gloves. >> you've got an $8,000 ally thought out.
3:50 am
you get a solid gold rolling tray. also, you get a gold temper which you use for rolling, which has the shape of the queen scepter. >> reporter: matt is creative director at barny's. >> you know, we started with 15. we're down to four of these. >> reporter: he says the national expansion of pot legalization finally reached a tipping point for the company. >> you could see there was -- you could smell marijuana in the store. and you could tell that the customers were engaging with it. >> could you have imagined that barny's would have an area dedicated to cannibis? >> no, i think the voice that i've been able to develop within this country has allowed for this opportunity to come up because our brand is based on addressing cultural shifts. >> reporter: with far more experience in fashion accessories than the kind used for smoking pot, barny's needed a ce the product line. they found one in bebo, an l.a.-based luxury vendor known
3:51 am
for their celebrity m be the first specialty department store to do it in what i think is a very relevant way because what retail needs right now is relevance. >> reporter: leslie is from toby, a consumer and cultural think tank. >> relevance is sort of where the consumer and culture meet. and the legalization of marijuana is a cultural moment. and it syncs up really beautiful with where the consumers' interests and instincts are right now. >> reporter: barny's may be the first major retail to open a cannibis lifestyle shop but other smaller venues are already catering to the luxury market, including higher standards with outlets in new york and atlanta. >> we felt there was a real need for this type of store because as legalization changes across the country, the traditional consumer is shifting. >> reporter: eric hammond is general manager of higher standards. >> there are recreational uses and recreational markets, and all of these types of consumers
3:52 am
come to expect a aspects of their life and this should be no different. >> reporter: jessica is a stylist who created rogue pack, a luxury marijuana carrying case. >> i was seeing toiletry bags, i was seeing pencil cases, shoe boxes, all kinds of just sort of unsophisticated ways to hold their ritual. i did some investigation and then ended up designing something because i really didn't find anything that i thought was, you know, sort of beautiful. >> reporter: like barny's, higher standards found collaborators like top home product designer jonathan adler to create a sign of accessories like coasters and ash trays. >> one of the amazing pieces is the weed grinder. it's $1,400 retail. >> reporter: if you think about it, luxury products like these dedicated to enjoying intoxicants aren't really all that new. >> is this the same thing as
3:53 am
barny's selling beautiful cut >>1,000%? especially the culture in los angeles. i think people are shifting away from a fine wine into a fine strain of cannibis. >> this is the new wine? >> you know, there are so many -- we did a huge explorational survey on the category, there e somal-- there really is an ever-evolving kind of language behind this. >> reporter: the team at barny's was also cautious, spending almost a year exploring what this new kind of smoke shop would look like and how it would be positioned for its target audience. >> the first place we had to start was really understanding the legalities and understanding what is permissible. what is the message, what is the language of that? >> what do you see the future of this? how big is this going to get? >> the more it's accepted and destigmatized, the more invasion i think we'll see in this category. >> the price point at barny's
3:54 am
ranges from $20 for 24 karat rolling papers to $20,000 for the gift set we showed you. they're scheduled to open a second location of the high end in their flagship store this summer. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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we end with this special bond of a little girl and her duck. let's just say their relationship is going swimmingly. steve hartman is on the road. >> reporter: a lot of kids go to the park to see ducks, but brow freeport, maine takes her duck to see the park. as we first reported a few years ago, snowflake goes into the pond and then returns when called. because snowflake truly believes that kylie is his mother. and the duck is not alone in this delusion. >> i'm his mom. >> but you're not really his mom. >> yep, i'm his mom. >> how did you first find out? >> that he was a duck? >> no, that -- >> reporter: kylie is unbearably cute. and since i never did recover to ask that question again, let me just tell you that kylie first noticed snowflake's attachment
3:58 am
the day the browns brought him home. >> look, look, look, he follows her. >> reporter: for whatever reason the duck imprinted on kylie and just had to be by her side no matter what the hour. when snowflake refused to stay in the backyard, kylie's parents, ashley and mike, say they had no choice but to give him a diaper and make him a house duck. >> he goes everywhere ducks are allowed and almost everywhere they're not allowed. i don't know if you've ever had a 2-year-old or 4-year-old that wouldn't leave he without its blanky. >> anxiety. >> she would not leave home without her duck. and at that point, nothing's negotiable. >> reporter: know flake goes to the beach in summer and sledding in winter. he's been to soccer practice, gone on sleep overs. he even went trick or treater adds olaf, the snowman from "frozen." and over time because they both sierely bieve theyelong together, snowflake and kylie have formed a bond that most of
3:59 am
us will never know. >> it's special that i know that's the type of person she's going to be. >> reporter: since we first told this story in 2016, kylie has gotten even more motherly. she taught snowflake how to read, or at least not to eat the words. she also taught him the value of community service. signing him up to be a therapy duck. and, of course, she knows just what to do whenever her little one nehelp falalling aslp. kylie really is going to make a great mom some day. mostly because she always has been. >> you know, some day you're going to grow up and go to college. >> what? >> reporter: steve hartman, on the road in freeport, maine. >> that is the "overnight news" for this wednesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with u a little later for "the morning news" and "cbs this morning."
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, july 31st, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." divided democrats. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren defend medicare for all during last night's democratic debate. how the moderate candidates fought back. setting off alarms. north korea reportedly fires two more ballistic missiles this morning, its second weapons test in less than a week. oh. garrett goes in there punching. this is not a good scene at all. >> and fists fly in a bench-clearing brawl.


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