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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  August 1, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, breaking news, paramedics respond to an emergency call at the kennedy compound in hyannisport, massachusetts. also tonight, a warning from the head of the elite navy seals after reports of drug use, drunken parties, and corruption. a kentucky natural gas pipeline ruptures, touching off a massive and deadly explosion. why one man said it felt like the world was coming to an end. >> no pay, no coal! >> o'donnell: miners block a coal train after going without pay for a month. dramatic video captures good samaritans risking their lives to rescue a passenger trapped in an s.u.v. the photo that went viral. the touching moment when a toddler met his soccer idol. tonight, you will meet them,
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joseph and carson. and how to stop those annoying robocalls. help may be on the way. this is the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell. >> o'donnell: good evening. this is our western edition. we begin with breaking news here on the east coast. paramedics were called to the kennedy compound in hyannisport, massachusetts this afternoon. nikki battiste is following this developing story. >> reporter: the call from the kennedy compound came in at 2:30 this afternoon sending paramedics to the sprawling property, home to generations of the political dynasty, sions e of the first respon on the ene said the patient was in cardiac arrest wnon.
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etheke widow of robert f. kennedy, serving as john f. kennedy's attorney general. the couple have 11 children and 35 grandchildren. a kennedy home for near a century. the authorities are investigating. nikki battiste, new york. first there first, there is a rising and alarming number of suicides in the air force. we will have much more about that in just a moment. but we start with the u.s. navy because cbs news has learned of a letter from the commander in charge of the navy seals, warning that, "we have a problem." jan crawford leads off our reporting tonight with some of the disturbing details. >> reporter: in his letter, rear admiral collin green says the order and discipline problem must be addressed immediately so the seals can recalibrate our culture and regain our credibility. it was the seals who killed
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osama bin laden, a respect for their heroism has been undermined by a series of high- profile scandals, most recently osseals platoon kicked out of iraq after a drunken fourth of july party and allegations of sexual assault. those seals were from the same team as eddie gallagher, who was found not guilty of murder in the stabbing death of an isis fighter but convicted of unlawfully posing with an enemy corpse. and still other scandals. two seals implicated in the hazing death of special forces sergeant logan melgar. and cocaine and other drug use in seal team 10. cbs news obtained an internal navy investigation that revealed seals passing drug tests by swapping out their urine with clean samples and calling the heug testing program a joke. >> so the problems that we're having now isn't just in the last year or two. >> reporter: retired navy seal eric deming is one of several who have come to cbs news over the past two years with complaints about corruption.
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he spoke this week to david martin. re i got two boys that are old enough, and i wouldn't even let them be part of it. >> reporter: really? >> i would not. >> o'donnell: jan crawford joins us tonight. and, jan, did this retired seal say what he thinks should be done? >> reporter: well, yes, for one thing, accountability. he and other retired and active- duty seals met with admiral green on monday to detail their concerns and according to one account green told them, "heads toe going to roll." one of them might be his. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, jan, thank you so much. from the navy, we turn now to the air force dealing with a tsoblem of its own-- an epidemic of suicide. so far this year, there have been 30 more suicides among uirmen than there were by this time last year. david martin now on what the air force is doing about it. >> we lose more airmen to suicide than any other single enemy. even more than combat. b of our brothers and sisters
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have given up on life this year alone. >> reporter: in an extraordinary video message, chief master sergeant kaleth wright explained why the air force is ordering a first-ever suicide standdown. a day off from training to focus on an epidemic of young people, like airman xinhua mesenburg, taking their own lives. "the stress life has given me finally broke my will to live," he texted his parents, just before he shot himself last january. >> if we don't do something, we could lose up to 150, 160 airmen in 2019. >> reporter: in the marines, 2018 was the worst year ever. 77 suicides and 354 attempts. l neral robert neller, w recently retired as commandant, wrote that in four years, he had lost 224 marines to suicide, and only four to combat.
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he posted this message to facebook: >> so let us help. let us help each other. >> reporter: in his letter, neller speculated social media might have something to do with it, but he walked away from his own use of social media, looking discouraged. what's happening in the military is also happening in the civilian world. suicide rates nationwide are up 31% since 2001. among young people, norah, they are the second leading cause of death after accidents. so o'donnell: so alarming and deserves our attention. david martin from the pentagon, shank you. president trump said today he ss no problem with a new series of launches by north korea since they are short-range missiles. u.s. officials say they appear similar to two previous missile launches into the sea of japan this week. the north is demonstrating its frustration over planned u.s.- south korean military exercises and stalled nuclear negotiations with mr. trump. l deral accident investigators are headed to the site of a
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massive natural gas explosion in junction city, kentucky. one person was killed and at least five others were hurt. urd as meg oliver tells us, it was seen and heard for miles. >> it's getting bigger. >> reporter: the gas explosion sent a thunderous fireball 300 feet in the air. >> it felt like you were standing next to a blow torch. >> reporter: 53-year-old jodie coulter lived less than 200 yards from the blast. she suffered burns on both arms as she ran from her burning house. >> we opened the backdoor but it was like a tornado of fire going just around and around. and he said, "we're trapped." >> reporter: the explosion killed one person and leveled several homes. as you can see, there is nothing but blackened earth behind me, and 12 hours later, it's still smoking. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: it took emergency enficials several hours to get the fire under control. authorities said the blast was caused by a rupture in a 30-inch gas pipeline that stretches from asxas to new york city.
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the pipeline is over 9,000 miles long. officials say the blaze was so thae that it showed up on radar. r.e texas eastern transmission pipeline is operated by enbridge. in a statement, the company said, "we have isolated the affected line and are working closely with emergency responders to manage the situation." this is the first time you came back? >> i thought there would be a little something left. i didn't expect it just to be, like, incinerated. ve reporter: over the last decade, thousands of serious fipeline incidents across the country have killed nearly 120 people. h,rah, it could take days before residents are allowed back in here. >> o'donnell: meg oliver, thank you. also in kentucky, it's day four of a protest by coal miners in harlan. they're blocking a train loaded with coal from leaving the mine after its owner, blackjewel, one of the nation's largest coal companies, declared bankruptcy. although mining jobs have increased 4% during the trump administration, more than 35% have been lost in the last decade.
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as errol barnett reports, it's the miners still fighting for igeir pay who may lose everything. >> no pay, no coal! no pay, no coal! no pay, no coal! no pay, no coal! >> everyone out here is either a coal miner who has been laid off or are supporting our actions. >> we all worked for that coal, and that coal is our money. >> reporter: most of these men were employees of blackjewel, which was the country's sixth largest coal mining company. it abruptly filed for bankruptcy a month ago, leaving hundreds of non-union workers without severance or health benefits. th even stopped payment on their last paychecks. >> next thing i know my account is $3,000 in the hole. and my account's frozen out. hole.orter: miner jeff willig >> reporter: minor jeff willig is now is now relying on his wife, sarah's, income to care for their six kids, including two with autism. is i'm in the middle of a move, process of moving from house to house with six kids and a wife. >> reporter: in addition to
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dealing with everything else. >> in addition to dealing with gll this, correct. on reporter: this protest began monday when willig and other miners heard trains were about to haul a million dollars worth of coal out of their former mine. >> we're not out here trying to get more than what we earned. we're not all about that. we're just out here to get what we earned. >> reporter: day and night, dozens of miners, family, and community members have camped out on the railway. eventually allowing the train engines through without the coal. ( applause ) all they've heard from blackjewel c.e.o. jeff hoops was in this letter to employees where he accepts responsibility onor being unable to lead this company through these difficult icmes." imllig, who supports president trump, has tweeted requests for help. >> you know, do something about this company. see what they've done to us, and what we're going through. why can't their stuff be frozen? >> reporter: now, blackjewel's assets will be auctioned off tonight, but creditors are likely to be paid first.
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keep in mind, everyone that we've talked to here say they are not moving until they get their money. norah. >> o'donnell: errol barnett, thank you. the president upped the ante today in the trade war with china. he said he will impose 10% tariffs september 1 on the remaining chinese imports he hasn't already taxed. ngat means americans will pay more for cell phones, sneakers, and toys. the news sent the stocks plunging. the dow, which had been up nearly 300 points earlier in the day, closed down more than 280 or just over 1%. tonight it's a packed house for president trump's rally in cincinnati. earlier in the day, the president said he would prefer not to have a repeat of what happened at his last rally. remember, that's when supporters chanted, "send her back." paula rema of people i spoke with said they
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i didn't want to cause any trove, there was no chance of send herb back or really too many new lines from president trump tonight but he did take some shot at his democratic reasonables, elizabeth warren and joe biden. they want to see the wall built along the southern border, want to see undocumented immigrants supported. president trump didn't talk too much about the wall tonight but reporters we see here in cincinnati says they believe the president has kept his promises and they are confident he will be reelected in 2020. >>o'donnell: no lly the, paula, thank you. naval investigators are looking for clues in a fighter jet crash in california. the pilot was killed yesterday. he has not been identified. carter evans spoke with a witness in death valley national park. >> so i turned around to look, and we saw this gigantic mushroom cloud. >> reporter: tim castel was working at his resort when the fighter jet crashed. he rushed to the scene to check for survivors. >> all i saw was just scorched
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rock and burning bushes. >> reporter: no sign of the pilot. >> no sign of the pilot, no sign of the aircraft. >> reporter: today, the military confirmed the pilot of an f/a- 18e superhornet was killed -1ring a routine training mission wednesday morning. sources tell cbs news, no parachute deployed and no emergency beacon was activated. the crash happened in an area nicknamed "star wars canyon" because fighter pilots can often be seen maneuvering the planes between the mountains like the fictional x-wing fighters in the "star wars" movies. the location often attracts sightseers, including seven tourists from france who suffered cuts and burns from flying shrapnel. erey didn't want their mdentities revealed. a recent congressional committee report found that nearly four times as many members of the military died in training accidents as were killed in combat. it's hard to see, but the super hornet crashed right into the side of the mountain right behind me.
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the defense department tells cbs news it's now reconsidering using this canyon for flight training. orrah. >> o'donnell: all right, carter evans, thank you. tiere is still much more ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." what the f.c.c. is doing to silence robocallers who try to trick you with those phony caller i.d.s. good samaritans risk their lives to save a passenger trapped in a toashed s.u.v. and a plane in trouble and nowhere to land but on a busy highway. ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, liso you only pay for what you need.y oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years.
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>> o'donnell: the f.c.c. voted today to finally hang up on foreign robocallers. you know the calls-- they appear to be from your area code, but then there's often a scammer on the other end. kris van cleave looks at how the government plans to crack down. >> please call on our department number. >> reporter: in june, robocalls rang up americans at a rate of 1678 per second. nearly two billion were from scammers, many from overseas using a technique known as "spoofing" to make it look like they were calling from the u.s. foreign scammers hijacked beverley figeroua's number, using it to call countless potential victims. >> you feel so helpless, because you have no control over where your phone number's going. >> reporter: leaving her to deal with hundreds of angry people who called back. >> call back when you're not scared to talk to me. >> runimous vote today made it illegal for foreign callers to
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spoof a u.s. number with the hope it will prompt phone companies to block more calls and texts and give law enforcement new tools to go after scammers. f.c.c. chairman ajit pai. i'm still getting a bunch of these every single day. >> absolutely, and that's one of ae reasons why we've been making sure we do everything we n n to stop this. >> reporter: but stemming the flow of robocalls will not be easy, says cnet's roger cheng. >> robocall folks are smart people. they've been able to continually outwit and really advance and upgrade their game. >> reporter: beverly, who you saw in our story ultimately had to get a new phone number to make those angry calls stop. the f.c.c. has told phone companies they need to adopt new technology that can determine if a call is legit by the end of the year. in the meantime, those annoying robocalls keep rolling in. norah. >> o'donnell: they do, indeed. kris van cleave. thank you. still ahead, how an officer's quick thinking helped a pilot in trouble. trouble.
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>> o'donnell: president trump today confirmed that he offered russian president putin american help fighting wildfires scorching parts of siberia. the two leaders spoke by phone on wednesday. more than six million acres of remote, arctic forests are burning. record high temperatures are fueling flames, causing the arctic's worst wildfire season ever. a group of strangers risked their safety to rush to stop an piu.v. from tipping over and rescue a person trapped inside. it happened wednesday seconds after the vehicle smashed into a tree in orange county, california. some of the good samaritans wore mely flip-flops and high heels. a washington state trooper must have been surprised this morning r en he spotted a small plane heming in low over a busy street in pierce county. the trooper made a quick u-turn
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>> o'donnell: we wanted to end tonight with a moment of pure joy, joy you can see on the face of a very special little boy. mireya villarreal has the photo and the story behind it. >> hello! hi, buddy! >> reporter: these are the moments every parent lives for, the moment your child feels the the, even though he's different. a it's been a blessing for us to have someone like carson and her family with us to be able to, you know, grow up. i mean, we-- there's a lot of unknowns with joseph. witeporter: joseph was born without a left hand, one of around 2,250 babies with limb differences born in the u.s. wch year. >> i cried. iinstantly cried. sorry. tlt, honestly, it-- i don't know why i worried. i mean, look at carson. look at joseph. an, they're perfect. ke reporter: carson pickett plays defense for the orlando pride. she's one of joseph's favorite players.
6:58 pm
s it's great having him in the stands and his family. >> and every time, we'll cheer on carson, and she always can hear us, and she came over in that instant and we were able to take that picture. or reporter: joseph's mother snapped this photo of the two ngm bumping after a recent game. what resonated with people in that picture? t i think just the look on my ooce. it was authentic. it wasn't made up. you know, we didn't plan it. te reporter: this photo proof that even the smallest moment can have a huge impact. >> seeing him gives me just as much joy as seeing my best tiends, and i think it's because we're so much alike, and it doesn't matter what the age difference is, and that's just really special to me because he is my friend now. >> o'donnell: thank you, mireya. and we want to bring you more of those stories that bring us all joy. and that is the "cbs evening news." i'm norah o'donnell. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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it grazed my lung and went to my ever. >> forever changed, following the deadly illinois garlic festival shooting. why one survivor is taking a mysterious good samaritan. >> i want to thank john, hopefully that is his name. new state restrictions, forcing major changes tonight, to youth football, we are live with the big changes at practice. cal fire's newest weapons to fight fires that they never have before.'s blitz they condemn fire returned at night.t ch business being exposed to toxic substance is? tonight, we get so


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