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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  September 2, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. now at 4:30, looking live from the exclusive sales force tower camera looking east at the beautiful sparkling bay bridge on this monday morning. and it's a holiday. it's labor day. morning. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. 4:31. and we are working and warming up again. a warm start. that's right. we're laboring on labor day. thauk for starting the day off with us. and clear skies across the bay area. check out the temperatures right now. big temperature spread. concord, you're at 70 degrees. mid 60s oakland, livermore, san francisco, and san jose. upper 50s in santa rosa. so as we take you through the day, temperatures cooler compared to yesterday and above average for this time of year. plenty of sunshine. 93 in concord after highs yesterday topped out in the
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upper 90s. low 90s livermore, fairfield. upper 70s oakland. low 70s san francisco. and along the coast, the sunshine and upper 60s. a cool down over the next several days. details coming up. and taking a look at the speeds right now. everything is in the green. it is definitely holiday light today on this monday morning. traffic is expected to pick up, though, later this afternoon as people are heading home from their weekends. and we are tracking an accident in the east bay on highway 4. an injury accident. the right lane is blocked in the area and speeds are not affected right now. especially because there's not a lot of traffic out there. and this has been causing issues on 24 eastbound near lafayette station. two left lanes closed. keep that in mind. and the b.a.r.t. stations are closed at orenda and walnut creek and bus shutting service
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is there to help. and 4:32. a live look at florida. you can see in the pictures, the winds picking up and the tree branches swinging back and forth. the state is bracing for hurricane dorian. this morning, it remains a devastating category five storm. >> and as it creams toward the u.s. coastline, we don't know if, where, or when it will make land fall in the state. hilly lane is in daytona beach, florida. >> reporter: hurricane dorian churned across the bahamas overnight as a powerful category five storm. it's one of the strongest atlantic hurricanes every recorded and the stronger ever to make land fall. >> this is the most saddened and worst day of my life to address the bahamian people. >> reporter: the islands likely being hit by life threatening storm surge and winds. the predictability continue to
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surprise forecasters. as it crept toward florida, it's unclear if it will make a direct strike over the u.s. and authorities aren't taking any chances. mandatory evacuation orders posted here in daytona beach and in coastal communities as far away as north carolina. >> the strength of this storm cannot be underestimated. >> reporter: states of emergency have been declared in florida, georgia, and the carolinas. officials say even if dorian veers to sea, the region is still facing days of devastating rain and wind. >> it seems to be one of the biggest hurricanes we've ever seen. and that's a problem. that's a problem. . >> reporter: authorities are getting ready for dorian's aftermath. emergency supplies and power trucks have been positioned to move in once the coast is clear. red cross teams from california are in florida right now to help with hurricane relief efforts. a volunteer spent the night in
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jacksonville waiting to see where dorian decides to go. >> it can be a very stressful situation. a lot of it right now, the problem is that, you know, they're not sure where she's going and where she's going and where she's going to hit. >> she will be helping to open a shelter for evacuees today. stay with us and for continuing coverage of hurricane dorian on air and online. police trying to figure it why a texas man opened fire over the weekend. the gunman was also killed. . >> reporter: hundreds came together at the university of texas sunday night to begin their road to recovery. one day after a man opened fire on residents while driving across multiple towns in west texas. >> in west texas, we have to be tough. the weather is tough. the oil economy is with the
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ups and downs. we've been through a lot. and we will get through this. >> reporter: o december sa mayor spoke of strength and others are trying to piece together what happened. . >> people are dead. people are injured. we'll never get what we want out of this. . >> reporter: seven were killed and more than 20 injured before the shooter. seth ator, was finally gunned down by police outside of a movie theater. he began the shooting spree after getting pulled over for a traffic violation. among the dead, a 29-year-old, a mail carrier whose vehicle was hijacked by the gunman. >> he could have taken the car without having to kill her. >> reporter: a 15-year-old was killed in the parking lot of a car dealership. >> it didn't deserve to happen to her. she was so kind. she was a loving person to everyone. >> reporter: three police officers and a seven month old
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child were among the injured. loved ones grieve and the investigation continues. fbi and atf agents executed a search warrant at what is believed to be the shooter's home in west o december sa. and the fbi confirmed the shooter does not have connections to domestic or international terrorism. no answers on a motive. and breaking news this morning in san jose. i'm at the live news desk following this. a car crashed into several others. you can see, wow, the car just demolished. he was on hills dale avenue. and it is in south san jose. a vehicle split in half. at that driver was injured and may have resurfaced nearby and been arrested. we are waiting for confirmation from police on that. and also want to tell you about a fire that happened. this was in north san jose. the picture tweeted out by the san jose fire department.
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the fire is now out. this is on north 12th street and jackson. and the fire department says they'll remain on scene throughout the early morning hours. and happening today, thousands of kaiser permanente workers planning a protest in oakland just weeks before the planned nationwide protest next month. today's protest will be held at moss wood park at 10:00 a.m. to fight what they call unfair labor practices. following the 30 minerally, workers will mrar to the medical center center on broadway in oakland and dozens are them expected to block an intersection near the facility. kaiser permanente said this in regards to the statement. it reads in part, we may have occasional disagreements, but work through the challenges in the best interest of the members, patients, employees, and the communities we serve. and 4:38. and to the campaign trail. candidate and san francisco
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based tom steyer will attend a labor day picture at snow park in oakland. he and several bay area leaders from four counties will be there. turning to money watch. the u.s. and china imposed new tariffs on each other's imports. marc liverman is in new york city with this morning's money watch report. . >> reporter: the trade war between the u.s. and china escalated again. new 15% tariffs are no now in effect on $112 billion worth of chinese imports. that could lead to higher prices during the holiday shopping season. president trump says trade talks are on for this month. stocks in asia were mixed. the u.s. markets are closed today for the labor day holiday. on friday, the dow rose 41. the nasdaq fell 10.
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d the s&p rose one point. and american airlines is delaying the return of the 737 max jets for the third time. they have been grounded since march after the two deadly accidents abroad. american is cancelling 140 flights per day through december 3rd. united delayed flights through december 19th. and that's the cbs money watch report. for more, head to cbsmoneywatch dwom. i'm marc liverman. and a live look at the oakland airport. a man rammed his truck through a fence and on the tar hack over the weekend. authorities looking for the driver. the bizarre incident played out yesterday when a deputy tried to pull over a chevrolet pickup truck. the driver sped off on to an airport access road and drove rights through the gates. he ditched the truck and ran. deputies believe he ended up jumping in the bay. authorities found unusual items
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inside the truck, including replica air soft guns. >> we also found hoods and masks and things concerning in there as well. we're trying to piece together what we have and we will step up security in and around the gates in the coming days. >> deputies believe the suspect could have drowned. he has not been identified. the truck is registered out of santa cruz county. the fbi was called to investigate. and six people safe after rescued off the coast in santa cruz county. crews say they fell in the water after the boat capsized near davenport yesterday morning. none of the people who fell were wearing life jackets. they were treated for hypothermia and doing okay this morning. and two vallejo police officers credited with saiing a drowning man.. >> the man suffered a medical issue and became unresponsive.
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the police officers got the call and rushed there. they saw the man in the pool and he wasn't moving. without saying a word, the officers jumped into action to save his life. >> the and i'm taking off my gear and he's swimming toward him. i jump him. my partner grabs the upper body and i grab the legs. we raise him up and lay him on his back. i'm glad he can homefully see his kids again. >> the two officers were able to keep the man alive until the paramedics showed up and rushed him to the hospital. he is in critical condition. and time is 4:42. new pictures of a devastating crash involving kevin hart. the investigation underway and who the chp says is responsible. and taking a live look outside. this is of the eastern span of the bay bridge from treasure
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. in fire watch, several firefighters hurt battling a wild fire near montd ray. the fire is burning 66 acres in lockwood. it broke out yesterday and the fire is not contained at all. firefighters say they were able to stop forward progress on the
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flames. several firefighters treated for nonlife threatening burns and injuries. the cause is under investigation. and police in san jose looking for three people who fled the scene of a street racing crash. they lost control of the jeep and slammed in a tree. the force of the impact ripped the jeep in two and killed the two men inside. these are photos of three men who took a look at the scene and took off. and in southern california, actor kevin hart and his friend recovering from major back injuries after a crash. new tmz pictures showing the aftermath. hart's friend was behind the wheel of the vintage car and lost control. the car slammed through the fence and rolled down the embankment. he got out and went home to get
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help. firefighters cut the roof off the car to get the driver and another passenger out. and officers ramped up patrols over the holiday and on saturday, they issued ten citations and towed four cars. police and the chp caught a driver spins doughnuts in the middle of an intersection and they towed the car and three others. drivers have to wait 30 days to get the cars back. the majority of people arrested or cited came from out of town. and a huge side show bust in contra costa county that same night. they arrested more than 70 people and towed two dozen cars. they got a tip as many as 100 cars were there with a huge crowd of spectators. and police were also able to break up another side show. and you know what show we like? the weather show.
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>> i love guys. we are warm e. concord, 70 degrees. east bay, upper 90s yesterday. and we'll come down a little bit. more comfortable today and we'll continue on o cool down through the week. first, a live look with the sales force tower camera. and this is looking west. and you can see some patchy fog rolling in. that shallow marine layer. oakland, livermore, san francisco, san jose, mid 60s. santa rosa, a little bit cooler in the upper 50s. the forecast taking you through the day for the coast, breezy and mild in the upper 60s for the bay and low to mid 70s with sunshine and breezy. and inland in the low 90s. warm to hot conditions. but not as hot compared to yesterday. here's the satellite and radar. the high pressure over the four corners region will keep us dry. we're tracking the low pressure
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system to the west to start to usher in the cooler air. a little bit for today. through the week with the low pressure system ushering in the stronger on shore flow, the temperatures will be cooler. taking you hour by hour on futurecast, enjoy the sunshine on this labor day. for tomorrow morning, you can see the low clouds, areas of fog along the coast and parts of the bay and the sun for tomorrow in the afternoon. and temperatures cooler for tuesday. talking about dorian. check out this hurricane. you can really see the eye of dorian there as it moves as a category five storm over the bahamas. now, the latest on the track of this, it will still stay at strong category five, category four storm. and at this point, that cone of possibility does still have it over the florida coast. but the consensus is just off the coast. so we'll be watching that closely. even if it doesn't make land
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fall along the florida coast, we're still talking about storm surge up to seven feet. hurricane force winds and a lot of rain, up to about a foot of rainfall with the storm system. watching dorian closely for you. back at home, looking at 72 in san francisco. 69 oakland. 93 in concord. 91 livermore. mid 80s san jose. and the seven-day forecast. temperatures cooling down as we head through the week, especially by the end of the workweek into the weekend. back to you. and you know it's a holiday when you're looking at the map and everything is in the green. that is good news. what's not good is this accident on highway 4. it's not causing any major delays in the area. speeds slowing down just a bit. but this is westbound highway 4. the right lane is blocked. keep that in mind. and another accident eastbound 80 at mcdonald avenue.
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the off ramp is blocked and an ambulance has been called out to the scene there. and this is what we need to tell you about. especially today. this could cause a lot of issues. b.a.r.t. track work, eastbound 24 near lafayette station. two left lanes closed and causing major delays. not right now, but later, it will hurt you. b.a.r.t. stations closed here. and there is free bus service, though. that's good. here looking at the travel times on the mainly roads, everything in the green. and taking a look at the san mateo bridge, not many cars crossing the span. it is looking pretty good. look at that. the bay bridge toll plaza not bad at all. mass transit schedule, ace train, no service because of the holiday. b.a.r.t., muni, and cal train running on a sunday schedule. and 4:50. and the pope like you've never imagined. and new music is on the way from
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kanye west. >> and we have the eye on entertain. report. . >> reporter: jude law is back as the pope and strutting down the beach in a speedo. it's a continuation of the series the young pope. it ended with the character in a coma, making way for john to join the cast as new pope. no word on when the series will air on hbo. who do you think i am? someone who has never left the village? >> downton abby fans will be happy in newest sneak peek of the film. set in 1927, the story continues the saga of the family and its interactions with the servants as they prepare for a visit from king george the fifth and queen mary. it arrives in u.s. theaters september 20th.
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kanye west regularly performs sunday services, but usually only for the kardashians, jenners, and close friends. now he's sharing the music with everyone in a new album. kim kardashian let it slip that the album has a september 27th release date. that's the eye an entertainment. coming up in sports, an emotional day as fans pay tribute. plus, the a's get the ace back in the starting rotation. and oakland running into trouble as they go to the pen. that's all coming up. and let's take a quick peek outside. you are looking live at maneta international airport in an jose. 65 degrees in san jose.
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. good morning. here's a live look with the sales force tower camera looking east of the bay bridge under mainly clear skies. temperatures right now 70 degrees in concord. mid 60s oakland, livermore, and san jose. and cooler in santa rosa in the upper 50s. and let's check out the winds. breezy at sfo. and we are tracking a truck fire on the east bay and oakland. southbound 880 at 66th avenue. the onramp is blocked. keep that in mind going in that area. and also, this downed power pole in the north bay northbound 101. the right lane is blocked. this happened yesterday. nothing new. but again, the right lane is blocked in the area. not effecting speeds. not a lot of cars on the road.
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and despite the elbow injury, he made an appearance as a giant and received a standing ovation. the soon to be free agent will have tommy johns surgery this week. the giants unveiling a new addition to the left field wall ahead of the retirement. bottom of the first, pilar hits a shot to left. he's the first giant to reach 20 homers since crawford in 2015. and game tied at 2. san diego blows it up and 7-2. the padres beat the giants. and the a's hoping to take game three and the series against the yankees. bottom of the ninth. gardener ties the game with a solo homer and ford finishes it with a homer to right. the a's lose on a walkoff 5-4. and tennis action. scarily moment for serena williams. she rolled the ankle coming to the net.
4:57 am
she fell to the ground but continued. second set, leading 5-4 and showing now signs of favoring the ankle. they charges to the net and unloads for the winner. she wins in straight sets to reach the quarter finals for the 11th strait time at the u.s. open. and the raiders picked up a quarterback yesterday. oakland is the only nfl team to carry four quarterbacks on the roster. time right now, 4:57. and coming up in the next half hour, hurricane dorian ravages in bahamas and takes aim at the florida coast. we have live updates. and on this loib day monday, thousands of kaiser permanente workers will be walking out on the job. i'll tell you why just ahead. wiy trash bags? c'mon.
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. saddened and worst day of my life to address the bahamian people. >> overnight, category five hurricane dorian rolls over the bahamas leaving homes under water and debris scattered. this morning, the destruction. and right now,he hurricane is churning off the coast of florida. dorian, the questions this morning, will it make landfall and where? and this car ripped into pieces and others scattered around an intersection. what happened? and it is monday, september 2nd. labor day. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. and let's get do mary lee to talk about the holiday forecast. hey, there. >> hey. good monday morning to you. happy labor day. we are looking at mainly clear skies to start the day with the patchy fog along the coast and parts of the bay. here is a beautiful live look with the roof cam of the ferry building there. and now let's show you t


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