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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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multiple towns in west texas. a man who drove the truck on the tarmac on the bay area airport . we learn moore than 30 people are missing after boat caught fire off the southern california coat coast. we have a very latest on this breaking story. it is 6:00 on this monday morning, labor day. let's get a check on the forecast. happy labor day to you, we are looking at pleasant weather across the bay area with that nshine. little bit cooler. here is a live look right now with our treasure island camera around the bay bridge. temperatures as we had through the day, 93 in concord, 91 in livermore, 92 in fairfield. mid 80s in san jose. 70s for san francisco. if you're suffering from allergies, medium-high level,
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that will continue over the next several days. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, medium-high category. talk about what you can expect as we head through the week. that cooldown we are expecting in the latest for hurricane dorian. >> we do have some problems going on with the wide shot of bay area roads. then you get closer, this is a major traffic alert right now. a power pole is down on the westbound side of 24 on oak hill road. all lanes are blocked in that area. what happened was a crane hit a power pole in that area and the pole just landed on the westbound lanes of 24 and a fire started. all lanes close in that area, causing major delays for anybody going in that area. because of the bard improvement project, the eastbound lanes are going to be delayed because a couple of those lanes are delayed as well.
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keep in mind, if you're heading east to the west you want to take note all lanes are being diverted. good thing it is a holiday because not too many people out there on the road. let's take a look at another problem spot, eastbound 80 at mcdonald avenue. offramp is blocked in that area. take a look at the bay bridge, no problems there hardly any cars moving into the east bay into san francisco. mass transit, these are open, bart undergoing some changes. lane closures remain in effect in contra costa county as work continues on that part improvement project. transit agencies are replacing equipment on the tracks between orinda and walnut creek. closing two eastbound lanes of 24. drivers should expect delays of 30 to 40 minutes. bart riders will have to take a bus bridge. lanes will open by 7:00 tomorrow morning . we are following a breaking
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news situation off the coast in southern california, 34 people are in danger. coast guard right now saying they are unaccounted for. they were on a boat that we are hearing, may have caught fire early this morning. coast guard has been heavily involved in a rescue since that point, asking other people with both in the area to help them. this is on santa cruz island. part of an island chain off the ventura county coast, very close to the santa barbara coast. 75 foot boat, 34 people, we are hearing the crew has been recovered but a lot of questions right now. this is a breaking news situation we are going to continue to follow . hurricane dorian remains a category five storm as we take a live look, you can see how the winds are really starting to pick up in that area.
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satellite images show how powerful hurricane dorian really is. right now it is tearing through the early bahamas leaving a trail of destruction. the hurricane made landfall there overnight, instagram shows several boats on land at harbor island. residents of bahamas have been told to shelter in place. they are especially being warned not to venture outdoors while the eye of the hurricane passes overhead. to make matters worse the storm is stalling, mandatory evacuations are happening in low-lying areas along the coast of florida. sheriff deputies are going door to door, warning residents. >> hundred and 80 mile per hour winds, flooded roads, if you call 911 we may not be able to get you. >> 5:00 in the morning we will know if it's going to make its turn, i will stay if it turns.
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>> trying to do all the right thing and help people find solutions to keep them safe. >> states of emergency have been declared in florida, georgia and the carolinas. and noon mandatory evacuations will be for south carolina and georgia. charleston, city hall was boarded up over the weekend. people stocking up on water, food, gas and sandbags. within the last hour airlines have canceled nearly 1000 flights a day because of the storm. that is according to flight tracker flight aware. orlando and fort lauderdale will commercial flights enclosed terminals today. we checked bay area to see if any flights were affected, so far nothing has been canceled. officials say even is dorian veers back out to see the region is still facing days of potentially devastating rains and winds. >> is dorian heads to the south western eastern u.s. have a look at the storm's path. >> we have been watching dorian
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all last week and this weekend it really has taken a little bit of a turn just offshore for that path. still, pounded the bahamas right now as a category five storm. this is a monster of a storm in the enhanced satellite imagery shows that well-defined eye with dorian. the latest f you, category five storm packing massive sustained winds of 165 miles per hour. we have been talking about this storms stalling out, westerly at just one mile per hour. here is the projected path. it still has e florida coast in the kona possibility for landfall. the consensus, just offshore. even still, if it doesn't make direct landfall along the florida coast, we are still talking about life-threatening storm surge and up to 7 feet, torrential rain, flash flooding and hurricane force winds.
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we are watching that situation for the florida coast. even as it moves north up to georgia and carolinas. keeping a close eye on dorian we will have the very latest on our weather here at home . happening today, thousands of kaiser permanente planning a protest just weeks before they planned nationwide protest next month. we are live in oakland with moore. emily? >> reporter: labor day monday, thousands of those employees will not be walking through those doors. instead they will be protesting. we've artie seen folks showing up. this protest, is in order to avoid a bigger, moore far- reaching work stoppage. we have video from a previous future strike, it will look much like this one. today is a show of force in an attempt, urge the healthcare
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giant to abandon unfair labor practices and shift from prioritizing patients in the community instead of profit and enriching top executives. in order to avoid the massive walkout they had planned in november they want the company to come to the bargaining table to meet their demands. number one they want to restore a true worker management partnership. number to ensure safe staffing and compassionate use of technology. build a workforce, deal with major protective shortages of license a new credited staff and finally to protect middle- class wages and benefits that can support families. kaiser understands all this. they have reached out to us. have contracts with 60 unions and remain committed to working together for those who rely on
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us to provide high quality, affordable healthcare and to keep our organization a great place to work. we offer highly competitive salaries and wages while also making healthcare moore accessible and moore affordable. if both parties to return to the negotiating table this strike is set to happen the beginning of october. that is going to affect about 80,000 workers nationwide. making it the biggest strike since the ups strike in 1997. hope they will be able to come to some resolution. we will be her this morning for that rally. starting at 10:00. still no sign of a man at a bazaar incident at the oakland airport. he crashed over a fence and drove right on a tarmac. the driver sped off onto an airport access road and then drove through the gate. he ditched his truck and then ran. deputies believe he jumped into the bay. authorities found rep you look replica airsoft guns and unusual items inside the truck. >> we also find some hoods and masks which is concerning.
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we are trying to piece together what we have that we will step up security in around the gates in the coming days. >> deputies believe the main man may have drowned. he has not been identified but authorities say the truck is registered out of santa cruz county . people are remembering the lives lost in the latest mass shooting over the weekend. seven were killed and moore than 20 injured before the shooter, a 36-year-old man was gone down by police outside of a movie theater. he began the shooting spree after getting pulled over for a traffic violation. among the dead, a 15 year old, she was killed in a parking lot of a car dealership. >> out of everybody,she didn't deserve it. she was so kind. just a loving person to everyone. >> three police officers and a 17-month-old child were among the injured. while loved ones grieved the
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investigation does continue. fbi and agents a search warrant of his home in west odessa. president donald j. trump is backtracking from his call for tougher gun laws. yesterday he insisted universal background checks wouldn't have stopped the tragedy in odessa or the many before. that is a stark reversal from his remarks last month after 31 people were killed and appeared shootings in el paso and in dayton. camera video as alameda academy firefighters intense flames, we will show you moore of their effort . and ominous threat from china , mass protests in hong kong show no signs of easing up . we are attaching a gorgeous sunrise in our tower camera, looking east. plenty of sun as we had through the day. a cool down as we had through the week, details on that, coming up . we are going to go for an
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if you're heading off to work or have the day off, thanks for starting off the day with us. here is a live look with the treasure island camera. looking at the bay bridge, temperatures right now downtown san francisco in the low 60s. talk about a cool down as we had through the week and the latest from hurricane dorian, coming up . a live look from hurricane dorian, this is from florida were there bracing for catastrophic damage from the hurricane over the next few days. power crews from at least 34 states, widespread outages in this storm. trucks from a far away as daytona international speedway. china states news agency
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the end is coming for demonstrations that disrupt hong kong and antagonize china. the warning comes after weekend of some of the most violent protests in the past three months. political turmoil. just this morning hong kong police arrested one man in a black jacket at a subway station. hong kong security secretary says the protesters are now showing signs of terror. an investigation is underway in san jose after a fire burned dangerously close to some homes overnight. it broke out in the bushes. firefighters arrived with three engines and moore than two dozen firefighters to knock down the flames. no damage or injuries are reported. >> look through the eyes of alameda county firefighter masses fire spread back in
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june. people inside it already got out thanks to off-duty officer who threw a flowerpot through the window getting their attention. fire spread to house next door before crews got it under control. a month later, still not clear what started this. fortunately no one was hurt . we are still tracking this method highway 24. this is a traffic alert, westbound 24 near oak hill load road. all lanes are blocked because a crane doing work actually hit a power pole. the pole went down in the westbound lanes and then a fire started. all lanes are closed westbound 24, keep that in mind if you're going in that area, traffic is being diverted office central lafayette. that is the westbound side, eastbound side, little bit different. eastbound 24 near lafayette station, two left lanes are
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close in that area. bart stations are also close, orinda, lafayette and walnut creek but there is free bus service. we are tracking some new accidents. this one in san francisco, southbound 280 near san jose avenue. two lanes are blocked in that area. not too far away in daly city, northbound near 280, one minus block. we do have things going on holiday monday. labor day. travel times in the green. looking at your major thoroughfares there. self-pay drive times in the green. that is good for everybody down south. san mateo bridge, not too many bridge out there on the road. looking pretty lovely across the span and the bay bridge toll plaza, you know holiday lights when you don't see many cars at the bay bridge toll plaza. take a look at your mass transit right now. letter a train no service, bark, muni all on sunday schedule because a labor day holiday. keep in mind that traffic alert westbound 24, all lanes blocked, central lafayette, oak
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hill road. beautiful start to the day. a live look at the salesforce tower camera. mount diablo, golden colors in the sky. we are plenty of sunshine as we had through the day. right now concord, we have 68 degrees. definitely a warm start for you after highs yesterday in concord topped out in upper 90s. looking at 63 in oakland, livermore, 63 as well. mid 60s in san francisco, mid 50s cooler in santa rosa. your weather headlines, mainly clear skies this morning, for parts of the bay we're going to see that son and warm afternoon highs average this time of year. little bit cooler compared to yesterday. still about average. we're going to continue on that cool down and feel that
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difference as we had to the week with stronger onshore flow. forecaster the day for the coast, breezy and mild in the upper 60s. bay low to mid 70s with winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. inland locations topping out in the low 90s. it is all because of this ridge of high pressure keeping us high and dry without sunshine and above average temperatures. we are tracking this low pressure system off to the coast in the pacific, that will usher in that stronger marine influence over the next several days. with that we are going to see those temperatures cooling down. future cast, hour by hour, you can see the clear skies, some clouds, fog along the coast, a little bit cooler for tuesday we still have the sunshine. as we had through the day today it will still be a breezy afternoon especially on the coast and parts of the bay.
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again westerly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. allergy sufferers, high levels for today, tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. not a lot of relief there for our pollen count. sunrise at 640, sunset at 737. daytime highs for today. cool down temperatures cooling down almost every single day as we had through the work week. ming up in sports an emotional day, fans pay tribute. a's get back in starting rotation, first started in over a year. oakland runs into trouble as he goes into the pen. all coming up.
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despite his injury he made up play appearance and it may have been his last. the soon-to-be free agent will
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have surgery this week. giants also unveiling a new addition honoring bruce ahead of his retirement. bottom of the first he hits a two-run shot is trying to hit 20 homers since 2015. san diego blows it wide open, three run shot make it 7-2. the padres beat the giants in this game. oakland a's hoping to take game three in the series against the yankees bottom of the ninth. he ties the game with a solo homer. mike ford finishes with a homer to right with the second straight day, a's lose on a walkoff 5-4 . tennis action at the u.s. open, scary moment for serena williams as she rolled her ankle. she fell to the ground but would continue. in the near court leading five to for showing no signs of favoring that ankle. she comes charging to the net
6:26 am
she wins in straight sets to reach the finals for the 11th straight five at the u.s. open . raiders also picked up a cornerback yesterday. only nfl team to carry four quarterbacks on the roster. comedian and movie star kevin hart remains of the hospital after an awful crash in southern california. how the c edge he says the accident happened ? hurricane dorian is now moving to the east coast. live in daytona beach with moore on powerful storms. cooper!
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♪ help! you know i need someone this is kpix 5 news . >> a live look from florida this morning where there are starting to see the wind and serve pickup as hurricane dorian approaches. when the region will start seeing less threatening condition . a manhunt in santa clara county this morning, who police are looking for in connection with the deadly street racing crash . firefighters are bracing to control f fire at a lumber yard. >> happy labor day, thank you for joining us. happy labor day. let's first get a check of our weather here in the bay area. >> if you are laboring on labor day. here is a live look, with their
6:31 am
treasure island camera. beautiful start to the day. mid 50s currently in many areas. taken you through the day. temperatures a little cooler. 93 degrees in concord through fairfield, upper 70s in oakland, low 70s, upper 60s in pacifica. we are going to cool down as we had through the rest of the week. details of that coming up and the latest of hurricane dorian in just a few minutes . good update on this traffic alert we have been following on this east bay, all lanes were blocked oak hill road near a power pole that went down. now all lanes are open. all lanes open on the westbound
6:32 am
side. that is good. on the eastbound side we are still seeing some delays, he's bound 24 near lafayette station. two left lanes are closed in that area. bart stations also close that orinda, lafayette and walnut creek. bus service will help you out. taking a look at the bay bridge you know what is holiday light when you don't see many cars at the bay bridge there heading into the east bay into san francisco. as we take a live look at lauderdale by the sea the wind is starting to pick up, palm trees swaying back and forth. right now florida is bracing for hurricane dorian. overnight the hurricane, category five made landfall in the bahamas. >> major damage reported to homes and apartment buildings on the islands like this one. forecast is calling these conditions, catastrophic. it is unclear if it will make a direct strike over the u.s. our
6:33 am
correspondent is live in daytona beach with the very latest along the coastline. how is it looking out there right now? >> reporter: it is a bit windy here but otherwise a beautiful day. we really aren't expecting conditions to worsen as a result of hurricane dorian until tomorrow night or into tomorrow. what you do feel here is a heightened sense of anxiety. a few days ago it was unclear what whether this area was going to pack up the storm. seeing those devastated images from the bahamas has been very sobering. people are starting to take the storm seriously. it was a category 51 it barreled into the bahamas. it is the strongest storm we have seen in a while. it is actually the strongest atlantic hurricane ever recorded and the strongest ever to make landfall. national hurricane center says the islands are likely hit by life-threatening storm surge and catastrophic winds.
6:34 am
intensity and unpredictability continue to surprised forecasters. even as a creeps west toward florida it is unclear whether it will make it direct strike over the u.s. authorities aren't taking any chances. mandatory evacuation orders are being postponed in daytona beach and in coastal communities far away as the carolinas. >> if you are in a area that has flooded and prior hurricanes in your giving a voluntary evacuation order, you really need to seriously consider heeding that and evacuating. when the water gets high, there is not a whole lot you can do about that. given the uncertainty of the storm it is better to error on the side of safety. >> reporter: this is one of the strongest atlantic hurricanes ever recorded. the other one that was comparable, that was 1935 on labor day. states of emergency have been declared in florida, georgia, carolinas.
6:35 am
even if dorian veers back out to sea, region is still facing days a potentially devastating rain and wind. they are already getting ready for dorian aftermath. power crews are hunkering down, getting ready to work as soon as the coast is clear. there hundred the power truck staked out at the daytona speedway, as we speak. live in daytona beach, heading over to you. >> what is the latest on the evacuation orders in daytona, where you are? >> reporter: right now we know there is a mandatory evacuation here in daytona beginning in just about a half hour. people hear or see me like they're going to heed the warning. we did talk to a gentleman, he said even though either evacuation i am going to stay but this can be a very dangerous storm even though it doesn't directly hit. they are encouraging everyone in the mandatory evacuation areas to leave. >> live in daytona beach latest
6:36 am
on the hurricane. it is still too early to tell who is getting the worst of the storm's effects. you have been tracking the storms for the few days now. >> the latest weather models are showing this storm taken a turn to the north within the next 12 to 20 bar hours. really watching the projected path of hurricane dorian, you can see the satellite imagery of it and the well defined i it is still pounding the bahamas right now as a category five storm. stalled out over the bahamas, check out the movement, westerly adjust one mile per hour. packing maximum sustained winds of 165 miles per hour. there is a kona possibility. florida coastal in that kona possibility for direct landfall. consensus just off shore for that i had the storm. we are still looking even if it doesn't make landfall along the
6:37 am
florida coast, with life- threatening storm surge up to 7 feet. hurricane force winds torrential rains and flash flooding. we are watching dorian very closely. again it does look like in the next 12 to 24 hours, it will take that turn to the north. we will have moore on the weather here at home, coming up. back to you . we have a couple breaking news items we are following right now. a lumberyard fire in vallejo, they just nocks this noun, on sonoma boulevard highway 29. very busy area of town, started burning about four this morning. right across the street there is a car dealership and mcdonald's, very busy area they are cleaning up after they put that fire out. also we just learned some new information on this tragic situation in southern california. a boat with 34 people on board caught fire and we have just confirmed there are numerous fatalities. we don't know how many.
6:38 am
it could be dozens. we know that five people were rescued from this boat. it was a 75 foot dive boat, according to the coast guard. it was parked right there off the coast of ventura and santa barbara counties. the fire broke out at about 430 this morning. the coast guard sent some vessels to try to rescue the 34 people on board. again we know several people have died after being trapped. we are continuing to monitor new information out of southern california . san jose police are trying to track down three people involved in a deadly street racing crash on snell avenue, saturday night. a jeep slammed into a tree, ripping it in half. two people were inside the vehicle and they died. investigators released the photo three men that hopped out
6:39 am
of the bmw, they took a look at the scene and then ran off . police are stepping up sideshow enforcement. they made 10 citations and towed for cars. police and chp were on force on the ground and in the air saturday night. catchiness, driver spinning donuts in the middle of a busy intersection. as soon came to a halt, police towed his car away along with the others. it will be 30 days before the drivers can get them back. please had the majority of the people arrested our site, came from out of town. we are also learning about a huge side show bust on saturday night, making over 70 arrests and towing over 25 vehicles. officers were tipped off on the sideshows learning as many as 100 cars at the summersville town center with the huge crowd of spectators. a team of 20 officer jumped into action and eve had time to break up another sideshow on wilbur avenue .
6:40 am
this is the scene of a crash involving comedian kevin hart. these pictures are from tmz showing this blue car, crushed. the crash happened just before 1 am yesterday. chp says his friend was driving his vehicle. the crash happened when black lost control slammed through a fence and then down the embankment. a female passenger was also inside the vehicle. fortunately everyone is expected to be okay . as the bay area homelessness crisis deepens, san francisco housing advocate renewed her big push her tiny homes. she has proposed transforming a public parking lot in the tenderloin into a stewardship village. involving five conestoga heights, 70 foot square foot covered wagon. the village would have toilet, shower, community garden, the truck and even a dog park. >> if you're living on the site
6:41 am
you get a sleeping cabin that is to code for state emergency shelters and giving 10 hours a week of stewardship. we expect everyone to be a team player and consider their impact and be part of the solution. >> the housing activist who ran for san francisco mayor in 2017 plans to spend this week on a small shack on the grounds of the parking lot . new tariffs are on into effect on the trade war in u.s. and china continues to escalate. we take a look at some of the products that could cost moore for american consumers . one california relief worker is going the extra mile to help those affected by hurricane dorian as a barrels toward the southeastern u.s . i live look at the city of san francisco skyline on this monday morning, labor day. we will be right back. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day. a live look lauderdale by
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the sea where they are bracing for catastrophic damage from hurricane dorian over the next few days. red cross teams from california are in florida right now to help with hurricane relief efforts. a volunteer from lot i spent the night in a hotel in jacksonville. she is waiting to see where dorian decides to go. >> is going to be a very stressful situation. a lot of it right now, the problem is, they are not sure where it is going or where it is going to hit. >> she will be helping to open a shelter for evacuees, starting today . millions of americans will see higher prices with new tariffs in effect, 50% applies to $112 billion worth of chinese goods ranging from smart watches, tv, shoes, diapers and
6:46 am
sporting goods as well as meat and dairy products. china impose new tariffs on $75 billion of u.s. imports. federal trade the fish and has voted to find google to settle a complaint how it treats information from children on youtube. according to politico, they examined how youtube collects data from personalized ads. the report goes to the justice department for review . today is the final day bart riders will be able to buy a paper ticket at the palace street station to encourage riders to use clipper cards. the embarcadero station recently got rid of paper tickets. later this month, the downtown berkeley station is also set to convert to clipper card only . nightly closures will be in effect for major east bay interchange. 680 and highway four interchange will be closed in both directions for 13 nights
6:47 am
this month as crews work in the area to improve safety and reduce congestion. on 24 and highway four is you just mention they are both looking pretty good, highway 24 luckily it is a holiday so not too many cars out there. this is good news. all lanes were blocked at some point this morning, westbound 24 because of powerful power poles downed in that lane. all lanes are now open. back to normal that is good news. that traffic alert canceled as of now. on the eastbound side little different because of the bart work because lafayette station two of the left lanes are close in that section. they've been closed all weekend long and today. bart station close as well, a free bus service will help you out today. travel times, everything in the
6:48 am
green so that is good. southbay drive times, everything in the green as well. maybe a lot of people just staying home and watching here. golden gate bridge, not too many cars on that span, looking lovely. you can see that flag just going. look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is looking good on this monday morning. here is a look at your mass transit. no services because of the holiday. all on a sunday schedule. that's a look at your traffic. beautiful start to the day, this is our tower camera looking east. right over mount diablo. you can see that patchy fog right over the bay but mainly clear skies. conquered at 68 degrees right now after topping out in the upper 90s yesterday. we are looking at 63 degrees oakland, mid 60s in san jose
6:49 am
mid 50s in santa rosa. whether headlines mainly clear skies, fog along the coast and parts of the bay. we will hit that's son as we had to the afternoon. warm temperatures above average for this time of year. a little cooler compared to yesterday but still above average as we continue a cooldown as we head through the week. you will feel that difference with that stronger onshore flow. satellite and radar, ridge of high pressure over the four corners region. with it, above average temperatures. we are tracking this low pressure system just off to the coast and that is going to usher in that marine influence for us as we head through the week. that's why the temperatures will be cooling down. future cast, you can see that sunshine as we head through the afternoon. while clouds in area fog around the coast we start to cool things down a little bit moore
6:50 am
and continue that cooldown through the work week . wind gusts is good to be another breezy afternoon. winds pick up into the afternoon and evening. allergy sufferers, polity medium high levels not just to david through the week tuesday, wednesday and thursday. ragweed, as we take you through the day come in the afternoon, looking at 93 for a high in concord. 91 in livermore, mid 80s in san francisco, upper 70s looking at low 70s in san francisco upper 70s in pacifica, mid 80s in redwood city. fremont, mountain view, 7-day forecast, what you can expect, temperatures will cooldown as we head to the week. really kicking in for us. little bit cooler tomorrow. degree of to low 90s for tomorrow. low 70s for the bay, upper 60s
6:51 am
for the coast. continue that cooldown for wednesday. 90 inland. mid 60s for the coast, cooler for thursday as we go through the rest of the work week. temperatures will be back down to where we should be by this time of year. still plenty of sunshine over the next several days . we have pictures coming in this tragic fire off the coast of ventura county. santa cruz island, santa barbara county. a dive boat caught fire. these are the pictures i was referring to. multiple people have died on board this boat. we know there were 34 people on that boat. we have not gotten a number people have been killed confirmed yet. fire broke out around 330 this morning. part of the channel islands.
6:52 am
coast guard, when they got the distress call. initially told people with boats around the area, help them with the rescue. they were able to get five people off safely. those of appear to be crewmembers. others aboard a sort of dive trip. we continue to follow this for you. special report just after our broadcast at 7:00 this morning. back to you. rather than going to work on this labor day monday. thousands of kaiser permanente workers walking out i will tell you why and what they want, just ahead . cataclysmic destruction and the bahamas. becomes one of the strongest storms ever observed in the atlantic. plus former defense secretary and two deals live your interview since resigning.
6:53 am
his use on isis and potential plan to lead afghanistan methyl coming up. ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
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we are in oakland on this labor day monday. thousands of kaiser permanente will not be walking into those stores, instead be protesting. this is all part to avoid a bigger work stoppage. what they are trying to avoid. today show of force, to urge the healthcare giant to abandon unfair labor practice. they say today effort urge them back to the stable to bargain. they can avoid a massive walkout. several demands, one of them is to restore a worker management partnership. they also want to ensure safe staffing and compassion elect technology.
6:57 am
shortages license accredited staff as well as protecting middle-class jobs and wages and benefits. meanwhile, their statements, they disagree, kaiser permanente has contracted with 60 units and remain committed for those working together for those who rely on us quality help there. we offer highly competitive salaries and wages while also making healthcare moore acceptable. protests will be 1:50 pm today. fire burning off the channel islands in southern california. multiple people have died aboard a dive boat that was near santa cruz island. right off the coast of ventura and santa barbara counties. breaking at about 330 this morning.
6:58 am
they were 34 people on board. five people were rescued. looks like dozens of people may have been killed in this fire. we don't have a confirmation on that number yet. heavily involved trying to rescue some of those people earlier this morning. cbs news is going to have a special report coming up right after this launch. time for look at this morning's top stories. nearly 1000 flights as hurricane dorian barreled across the east coast. category five hurricane. sustained wind speeds measured at 100 and 85 miles per hour making it the strongest atlantic hurricane ever, sure. still unclear if the storm will make landfall or if it will veer out to sea. today at noon, mandatory
6:59 am
evacuations will begin for some coastal areas in south carolina and georgia . a man opened fire seemingly at random while driving across multiple towns in west texas. the gun men killed seven people and injured several others. no word yet on about it . bart were coming on all weekend, going on through today. near yossi it station, two left lanes close. also close free bus service will help everyone out. we are tracking this accident, southbound 280 near john daly boulevard. multiple lanes in that area, chp really slowing down. here is a live look in san jose mid 60s. upper 60s in concord livermore san francisco as well as oakland. little bit cooler compared to yesterday but still above average.
7:00 am
cooling down as we had through the week. we will have the very latest on that boat fire off the california coast as we come back. good morning to our viewers in breaking news. more than 30 people are stranded or missing. the latest on the rescue efforts at the scene in a cbs news special report. dorian destruction. the most powerful atlantic storm to make landfall in the bahamas devastates the islands and edges ever closer to florida. hundreds of miles of coastal areas are being evacuated. we'll bring you the latest on dorian's predicted path. west texas shooting rampage. police search for a motive after a gunman goes on aha


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