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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 3, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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t now crews are looking for a dozen people still missing after flames ripped through a tour boat off the southern california coast. why firefighters say conditions contributed to a worst case scenario. and a live look from south florida right now where they are playing the waiting game as dorian's path through the atlantic slows to a crawl. when the monster storm could finally hit. and the warriors new home, the chase center, officially opens up today. the road to the upcoming season for the warriors and how fans will get there. >> looks fantastic out there. good morning. it is tuesday, september 3rd. i'm kenny choi. we want to quickly welcome back gianna, who has been off for the last several months. >> had a baby. i've got two boys at home. thank you for having me back and i look forward to being here and thanks to emily turner for doing a great job. >> she did. >> check in with gianna in just a bit for the roads.
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but right now a look at the forecast. >> here is a live look with our treasure island camera with that gray start to the day, we are looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s. so your micro climate forecast taking you through the afternoon, looking at temps a little bit cooler compared to yesterday, near average, daytime highs for this time of year. breezy for the coast, in the mid-60s, the clouds hanging around for you. eventually we will have that clearing for the bay, breezy, in the upper 60s to low 70s. and for our inland locations upper 80s to low 90s with that sunshine. we will talk about a cooldown as we head through the week and the latest on hurricane dorian coming up. gianna. checking the roadways, we do have a trouble spot as you work your way across the richmond san rafael bridge, not far from the toll plaza, causing slight delays but not causing any delays. left-hand on the center divide westbound near the toll plaza. live look through there, traffic is starting to stack up, especially filling in as
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you approach the scene. so careful as you head through there, give yourself a few extra minutes if you're making that commute between 80 and 101. over towards the san mateo bridge, we did get word of a trouble spot right at the toll plaza here as well, westbound 92 as you get onto the span, looks like some debris was in the roadway blocking at least one lane. no word yet if that's been cleared out of lanes but we are starting to see some brake lights as you head out of hayward into foster city. new details this morning on that deadly boat fire off the coast of santa barbara. at least 25 people are dead, nine others still considered missing. and now we are learning some of the victims could be from santa cruz. the conception charter boat went up in flames around 3:00 a.m. yesterday off the santa barbara coast. >> the vessel fully engulfed now? >> roger and there's no escape hatch for any of the people on board. >> more than 30 passengers were likely asleep below the deck, five crew members narrowly escaped and had to be rescued by another boat. they told rescuers that the
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passengers were celebrating three birthday parties including one for a 17-year-old girl. >> this is probably the worst case scenario you could possibly have to be in a remote location, have a fire that occurs, have limited, if any, firefighting capabilities and then to have all of a sudden a fire that spread very rapidly. >> the passengers were all experienced scuba divers. authorities say the conception boat had an excellent safety record. and we are still waiting for official word on the victims' identities including the students and parents from santa cruz. our emily turner is live in santa cruz this morning where grief counselors will be at pacific collegiate school this morning. emily. >> reporter: yeah, this is pacific collegiate school. it's in santa cruz, not far from the ucsc campus, their first bell rings at 8:15. as you can imagine, this is going to be a somber day, likely for the students who show up as well as their parents. at this point several parents from the school have confirmed that at least two students here
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as well as at least two parents were on board that ship, at least four people now are dead at this point. grief counselors, you said, will be here on scene to talk to students as well as anyone who needs to be talking to a grief counselor. but again, 8:15 this morning is when the first bell rings and we will likely be able to talk to some folks there. but again it's going to be a very somber morning here in santa cruz. reporting live, back to you. >> emily, thank you. now to our storm watch. hurricane dorian downgraded to a category 3. forecasters say the deadly storm is hanging over the bahamas, continuing to pound the same areas. and this video coming into our newsroom showing what it looks like. looks like the middle of an ocean but it's actually just right outside the grand bahama international airport. showing that area completely flooded. take a live look now in florida. you can see the conditions in cocoa beach right now. it getting a lot grayer out there.
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a lot of clouds in this shot. millions of people across the state have been ordered to evacuate as the storm is expected to slowly approach the coastline in just a matter of hours. for now residents in florida have done all they do to prepare. some have evacuated but others are hunkering down and waiting it out. >> a lot of people left friday, saturday and sunday, so the ones that are sheltering in place, they know the risks and we are all in this together. >> officials now say the storm has claimed five lives and damaged thousands of homes. meantime hurricane watches and warnings are in effect from coastal georgia to the carolinas. now check in with mary for an update on where dorian is heading. >> i want to give you the latest on hurricane dorian as it has weakened just a little bit more. so now maximum sustained winds of 115 miles per hour, category 3 storm. here is the radar on hurricane dorian. you can see the feeder bands pushing into daytona beach so
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looking at maximum sustained winds, again, of 115. movement northwest at 1 mile per hour. stationary over the bahamas, pounding and battering the bahamas and there is the projected path. now, it does have that possibility just offshore so no longer looking at a direct landfall for florida as well as for georgia, but as it rides just parallel to the coast, we are looking at hurricane forced winds, tropical storm forced winds today and for tomorrow. this is futurecast winds and those purple and red colors indicating damaging, destructive winds. so the latest, the absolute worst case scenario for the bahamas, very close to the florida coast today and tomorrow, we are talking 70- mile-per-hour winds or more possible and really the impact will be the storm surge. the water level rise could top seven to 10 feet. we will talk more about our weather back at home coming up in just a bit. i'm anne makovec at the
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live news desk and we are monitoring breaking news out of san jose where it appears that a pedestrian has been hit and killed by a car. this is story road right off of highway 101 and from what we can gather from this scene right now, this happened at around 4:00 this morning. roadways still closed there. this is on some of the side streets so it's not affecting the freeway at this point but police determined that this man was dead after getting reports that somebody was lying there in the lanes on story road. so they blocked it off, made it a crime scene and they have been speaking with witnesses there on scene. this is the intersection of story between knox and felipe avenue. so that is going to be closed for an undetermined amount of time right now as police continue to investigate. we have several calls into them waiting for more confirmed information. back to you. >> thank you. happening today, a milestone moment for san francisco's chase center. the new state-of-the-art sports
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arena is having its ribbon cutting ceremony there this morning ahead of friday's grand opening to the public. michelle griego is live in front of chase center this morning. michelle, you got some blockbuster shows coming up this week. >> reporter: oh, yeah. it's going to be very exciting. as you mentioned, the ribbon cutting ceremony, that is today at 10:30. some bigwigs, governor gavin newsom will be here, also san francisco mayor london breed and then this friday is exciting because metallica collaborating with the san francisco symphony for an epic performance. it will be their first performance here at chase center and the facility's first performance ever. so let's not forget about the dubs, though, it's all about the warriors because this is their new home. their first regular season game at the chase center will be against kawhi leonard, paul george and the clippers on october 24th. golden state will also host their rival, houston rockets, on christmas day. the rockets added russell
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westbrook this off season to team up with former mvp james harden so should be a good match-up. getting to the chase center will be easier. muni has added a new ucsf mission bay platform. it will serve as both inland and outbound trains and expand transit capacity to the arena. it will also allow trains to depart inbound from both sides so that customers have quick access to b.a.r.t. and caltrain and the warriors won't be only big basketball draw at chase center. nope. march madness is actually coming back to san francisco and it hasn't been here since the 1930s. so that is pretty exciting, kenny. >> yeah. it's perfect because you can either watch march madness on cbs here on kpix5 or you can just head to the chase center for some of those ncaa matches. we also hear there's a big unveiling in front of chase center today. >> reporter: yeah. today officials are really excited to unveil this new art installation in front of chase center and it is absolutely
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beautiful. it's called seeing spheres. there are five large silver spheres that could be found outside the east entrance of the arena right behind us. they contain massive mirrors angled to magnify the plaza located in front of them and they were created by renown artist olefer eliason and he's going to join the warriors president and ceo rick welts this morning for the unveiling and we talked to the artist some time ago and he said the thing about seeing spheres, this is what he says, seeing spheres is a public space that contains you and contains multitudes. pretty deep, but, kenny, i guess that's art, right? >> deep thoughts, right? you check out the art and then head into the chase center and you see a different form of art with the warriors inside that brand-new arena. michelle, thank you. we will check back in with you later in the broadcast. it is 6:10. this morning b.a.r.t. continues its effort to eliminate paper tickets from the system. the latest station to go clipper card only and what's
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next. plus a major milestone expected in gilroy this morning as the town tries to move forward after the mass shooting at the garlic festival. and you can see in michelle's live shot at the chase -- at the new chase center, how breezy it is as we start off the day. i'm going to show you the winds coming up in just a bit. futurecast wind gusts and that's the latest from hurricane dorian. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. you are stacked up as you commute into san francisco, plus a new crash along the east shore freeway. your top traffic trouble spots coming up.
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in a matter of hours the jury in the ghost ship trial set to resume deliberations. derrick almena and max harris each charged with manslaughter in the deaths of 36 people inside the warehouse in oakland more than two years ago. last week reconfigured jury met for three days without reaching a verdict after three original jurors were dismissed. today in just a matter of hours, gilroy's christmas hill park will reopen to the public
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for the first time since the mass shooting there. the park has be off limits since a gunman opened fire in late july killing three people as the garlic festival was winding down. the city of gilroy will reopen christmas hill park at 8:00 this morning. a moment of silence will also happen at 10:30 a.m. at a temporary memorial site under a large palm tree. starting this morning, b.a.r.t. riders can no longer buy paper tickets at the powell street station. it's just the latest location to switch over to clipper card only. the embarcadero station and the 19th street station in oakland made the transition last month. downtown berkeley is up next starting on september 24th. let's get a check of traffic. it seems like there's a new accident affecting traffic in the east bay this morning. >> yeah. you know, when something happens on 80, that means everything gets pretty busy for commuters making their way towards the bay bridge. a new crash along the east shore freeway, busy as you work your way towards the bay bridge with metering lights on. traffic stacked up at least to the maze at this point making
6:16 am
all approaches to the bay bridge sluggish. your crash, though, is east of there, obviously, it's as you work your way along 80, not too far from 780, slow and go through vallejo but a couple of cars tangled up and seeing a lot of brake lights as a result, westbound 80 out of fairfield this morning so you will need extra time as you head through there. and again you will see brake lights into vallejo, as well as into berkeley along the east shore freeway. trouble spot on the right-hand side, this is south 880 right at tennyson road, not blocking lanes but busy any way on that nimitz freeway commute south and northbound. southbound starting to see brake lights as you work your way out of hayward especially headed towards the san mateo bridge. earlier trouble spot on the san mateo bridge, debris on the roadway near the toll plaza. looks like they have got that cleared out of lanes. live look at 880, north of there, we are seeing extra volume on that southbound side, still going okay but again brake lights in the hayward northbound, you're looking good here, you're really going to see brake lights as you work
6:17 am
your way towards the macarthur maze. check your forecast with mary. starting off the day with low clouds and areas of fog. even a gray start for our inland locations. live look with our treasure island camera at the bay bridge and you can see the clouds in the sky. temps running in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s once again. so your weather headlines, cloudy morning at the coast, parts of the day and some of our inland locations, highs today will cool down to near average and for tomorrow, tracking some monsoonal moisture from the desert southwest, that will bring in more clouds and the chance for some instability so a slight chance of a shower for tomorrow. here's the reason why. there is that ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest. that's going to usher in monsoonal moisture for tomorrow. for today, we are looking at low pressure system to our west and that's going to bring that onshore flow and that's the reason why it's a gray start this morning. temps a little bit cooler today compared to yesterday and we will continue on that cooldown as we head through the week. so taking you hour by hour on
6:18 am
futurecast, you can see the skies clearing with some clouds along the coast and then for tomorrow morning check it out, you can see that cloud cover pushing in from the south. this is at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, a cloudy start for all of us and we will catch some clearing as we go through the day tomorrow. as we check out our futurecast, wind gusts and you can see it's going to be another breezy day once again. our sunrise at 6:41 and our sunset at 7:36 so daytime highs around where we should be, if not a couple of degrees above average for this time of year. take you out to the south bay, 86 in campbell, 91 for morgan hill, mid-80s in santa clara as well as for san jose and milpitas. low 90s from concord, pleasant hill, fairfield, pittsburgh, antioch and for brentwood. the daytime highs for downtown san francisco upper 60s, mid- 70s in berkley, oakland, upper 70s for alameda, mid-80s for novato, topping out in the upper 80s in cloverdale to windsor. so there we go with that seven- day forecast, temps cooling
6:19 am
down more for wednesday, thursday and friday and especially as we look ahead to the weekend. >> sounds good, mary. thank you. 6:18 now, amid a fierce debate over the nation's gun laws, one bay area city is poised to classify the nra as a terrorist group. we will explain. and you are looking live at the spectacular chase center in san francisco in mission bay. a ribbon cutting ceremony there later this morning. we will check back in with michelle who is out there live. she will have more on season tickets coming up. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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happening to san francisco's board of supervisor will vote on a resolution that would declare the nra as a domestic terror organization. critics have blamed the national rifle association for contributing to the rise in mass shootings in the u.s. saying that the group is the
6:23 am
primary obstacle to any new gun legislation. police in west texas say that the gunman in a shooting spree there had been on a downward spiral. 36-year-old seth ator was fired from his job on saturday. federal investigators say the short time before the attack he called the fbi national tip line and then rambled about atrocities that he has faced in his life. the fbi was unable to identify who he was before he launched that deadly attack. these are the seven people who were killed in that attack. 25 other people were injured over the weekend. one of the victims recalls the moment that bullets ripped through his hand, arm and chest. he says that he saw the driver then speed off. >> i saw when the car sped off, oh, the guy shot me. when stuff like this happs, i just say to myself, oh, a shooting again. it becomes a normal thing. >> the governor tweeted that
6:24 am
ator did not undergo a background check for the weapon used in these shootings. in los angeles the dodgers rent taking chances when it comes to fans safety. the ballpark is rolling out some new netting extensions. it ran all the way to the dugout and now extends down the field. last year linda goldblum died after she was hit by a foul ball at dodger stadium and back in june 13-year-old caitlyn salazar was struck by a ball off a bat. live outside the brand-new chase center if san francisco. it's an exciting day. opening day today. a ribbon cutting ceremony will happen later this morning at 10:30. tickets for both entertainment events and of course warriors games are already on sale. as of this morning, two front row tickets for the warriors home opener on october 24th against the clippers are on sale for a whopping $24,000
6:25 am
apiece. very expensive seats. but you can get the nosebleeds. they are a little more affordable. now, to earn the season tiets, fans first have to pay a membership fee. the warriors president releas a video statement saying the team will refund the full amount after 30 years. >> memberships are transferable, members will have access to tickets for public events, to other events other than warriors games at chase center before the general public. >> reporter: essentially it is an interest-free loan to the team and we have learned half of the season ticket memberships will be under $15,000. the other half would be higher. now, today's event is closed to the public. a lot of officials are going to be here including governor gavin newsom and san francisco mayor london breed and of course a lot of warriors executives and that ribbon cutting ceremony starts at 10:30. in san francisco in front of the brand-new chase center, i'm michelle griego. 6:25 right now. in southern california more than a dozen people still missing after a dive boat goes
6:26 am
up in flames. we will have the investigation into the tragedy and hear from a boat owner who saw the entire thing unfold. hurricane dorian is battering the bahamas and inching closer to the east coast. i'm hilary lane in daytona beach with the latest on the monster storm. and you are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. gianna will have your traffic update and your morning commute times when we come back. cooper! did you eat all of your treats?
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a live look from the atlantic coastline this morning where millions of people are under evacuation orders ahead of hurricane dorian. why some are choosing to ignore the warnings. and a ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for today at the new san francisco home of the golden state warriors. we will have details on today's celebration and take a look at the huge effort it took to get to this point. good morning, it is tuesday, september 3rd, i'm kenny choi. thank you for waking up with us. 6:30 on the dot. we want to welcome gianna who has been a busy mom over the last four months. good to have you back. >> glad to be here. >> we have missed you so much. >> thank you. first our tuesday morning forecast, how is it looking out there? >> nice and cool we start off the day thanks to onshore flow. here's a live look at the treasure island camera of that gray cloud action this morning, mid to upper 80s -- mid to upper 50s to low 60s and as we
6:31 am
head through the day inland in the mid to upper 80s to low 90s. so concord you're at 92 for a high, 92 for fairfield, 91 livermore, mid-80s in san jose, mid-70s in oakland. upper 60s in san francisco and mid-60s for pacifica and we will have that clearing eventually as we go through the day except for the coast. we will continue on the cooldown. details on that coming up. busy out on the roadways as your morning drive is in full swing. northbound 101 at shoreline getting word of a new crash there. no word yet if any lanes are blocked. the chp headed out to the scene and an overview here, we are seeing a lot of red on our sensors, especially as you work your way through the altamont pass this morning. stop-and-go conditions westbound coming out of tracy, 41 minutes, that's your drive time working your way from 205 towards 680, the dublin interchange. getting onto 680 from 580, traffic moving okay through there. southbound on 680 itself we are starting to see brake lights into pleasanton. no accidents but slow conditions. check 24 coming up next.
6:32 am
kenny. the storm parked itself over the bahamas killing at least five people and causing catastrophic damage and flooding over the last couple of days. emergency crews will be out assessing the damage today with the storm finally moving out. cbs news correspondent hilary lane joining us live from daytona beach, florida this morning where residents are anxiously watching as dorian now cuts a path of destruction through the caribbean. how is it looking out there where you are today? >> reporter: it's nice right now, but today has been completely unpredictable. we are starting to see the bands from hurricane dorian so we have seen large bursts of rain and wind. also the waves are getting considerably rougher yesterday and today, earlier this morning. there were a number of people on the beach waiting, dunking their feet. but as conditions have intensified, there are fewer people on the beach as well.
6:33 am
>> hillary, we spoke to you around the same time yesterday. are people letting their guard down now that the storm may not hit with quite the intensity that we first expected? >> reporter: i think you have people in two camps. some people -- people are getting desensitized. we have been saying for days the storm is coming, the storm is coming. it was originally supposed to hit the area over the weekend but it's stalling. some people are saying where's the storm? we don't have to leave. but on the other side people are seeing the devastating images from the bahamas. they are watching the news, looking at the radar and seeing the storm approach and they are saying, wow, this is the time we have to get out of the area to stay safe. >> quite scary situation out there in florida for a lot of people there this morning with evacuation orders in effect. hilary lane reporting for us live in daytona beach, florida this morning. thank you for that update. meanwhile on the other coast, the search and rescue effort off the santa barbara coast has turned into a
6:34 am
recovery mission this morning. this comes as we have learned that several people from near the bay area were on board that boat as the fire erupted. as of this morning, at least 25 people are confirmed dead. nine others still missing. and a parent at pacific collegiate school in santa cruz says two students and at least two parents were trapped on board. one boat owner was able to save four staff members on board and then bring them to safety. >> i wish i could have picked all 35 of them up. all of them. i got the space. you know, if they could have gotten in the water, i could have got them out of there. >> we are expected to learn the latest on this investigation at a press conference in just a few hours at 10:00 this morning. and taking a live look at pacific collegiate in santa cruz where grief counselors will be at the school this morning. meantime, none of the victims has officially been identified. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we just got confirmation from police this
6:35 am
was a deadly hit-and-run that occurred here early this morning on story road. a car hit a pedestrian, left him for dead in the middle of story road. this is right at the southbound 101 off-ramp and took off. so police are now trying to find this vehicle, looking for clues as to what kind of vehicle, who this person might have been. this happened at around 4:00 this morning and right when they got there, they blocked off this area as a crime scene. they have been speaking with witnesses, but it was so early, 4:00 a.m. that there weren't a lot of people around. they are going to have to scour the area for any cameras that might help with their investigation. right now story at felipe is going to be closed until 9:00 a.m. also keeping an eye on a structure fire we just heard about in san ramon. this is on canyon village circle. that broke out at around quarter to 6:00. trying to find out more information about that fire right now. back to you.
6:36 am
6:35 right now. today is a big day for san francisco's chase center where in just four hours a ribbon cutting event will be held to mark the big opening to the public on friday. michelle griego is live in front of chase center this morning in mission bay with a special guest out there. good morning. >> reporter: i know. he is our special guest. politico insider phil, woke up early to come out and talk with us this morning. >> i wouldn't want to miss it. >> reporter: i appreciate it. let's talk about this new arena. the warriors announced it in 2012 that this is coming to san francisco and here we are today, only, what, seven years later, opening it up. this is pretty fast. >> amazingly fast. you have to understand that when this was announced, the 49ers were getting up to move down to santa clara and there was a feeling in san francisco, there was a recession on. there was a feeling in san francisco that possibly the city had seen its day. people were talking about the new forces were down in san jose or in other parts of the
6:37 am
area. they grabbed this, mayor ed lee, the board of supervisor, all the politicians signed off before they looked at it and they made a point of getting it done as fast as possible. and it might sound like seven years is a long time but usually seven years in san francisco is before you even break down, let alone open up so record time. >> reporter: and they just broke ground in 2017 and here we go. everyone was concerned about the money, where all the money came from to get this bill. >> it's private money. now, that's a trade-off. you know, we didn't put tax dollars into building the chase center, just like didn't put tax dollars into building the giants ballpark. but as a result of that, they had to come up with this financing and it's not cheap. they sold seat licenses and the seat licenses, there's a question of people out there, the new prices which are going to be a lot higher to pay the mortgage, are they going to keep out some of the old timer fans. >> that's the big question. it's a big controversy because you have a lot of fans very loyal fans that have gone
6:38 am
generations of fans for the warriors, a lot of them living in the east bay. not only do they have to pay the higher prices but now pay for transportation, now parking, it's a lot. >> life is rough. >> in the bay area especially, right? >> yes. they get a fan base more also that can come up from the peninsula now. there's a trail. i think the fans are going to come, but this isn't just about basketball. >> reporter: right. >> it's the chase center. and the warriors were intent not only on buying the owners a basketball team, they wanted an event center. and this is -- there's going to be 200 events here a year. some of those about 80 of those are going to be basketball games but we are also talking concerts and we are talking, you know, family events, but we are also talking about using this as a convention center as well to hook up with the downtown and so this is going to be used much more than just for basketball. this is a whole new addition to the city for tourism, for conventions and all that. >> so this is really big for the city. >> it is.
6:39 am
and it's also -- you know, it's symbolic. san francisco has a couple of iconic buildings. fisherman's wharf was the days when san francisco was the gold rush and a blue collar working town. the transamerica tower, that was the symbol of san francisco as a financial center for the west coast. and during the '70s and '80s that's what it was. the salesforce tower and this is the symbol of the new tech and the whole city moving from that part further south. this is the new park center of san francisco because it's not just the chase center that's gone up in the last seven years. it's about every building around here has gone up in the last couple of years. this used to be railway yards and you can't find anything, a spare parking place down here anymore. >> reporter: but you know what's cool is looking at it and looking at some of the buildings surrounding it, it doesn't stand out too much. it looks like it flows. >> it's not towering, not any bigger the other buildings. it's sitting in there among all those buildings.
6:40 am
what we don't have in front of us usually if we were at some other arena would be a parking lot, a very good parking lot and instead we have got one street between us and them. it will be interesting to get people in and out of here. >> reporter: this friday so exciting, metallica and the san francisco symphony collaborating together. it's been 20 years since they have been doing this collaboration. have you ever heard the two mixed? >> no, i haven't. that was over in berkeley. this is going to be a rematch of that and then going to have a whole string of other shows that are going to be rolling through here before the season opens. so what we are going to have is sort of the entertainment opening of the chase center and then the basketball. i think we are going to have ribbon cutting coming up. >> reporter: the ribbon cutting ceremony today at 10:30, governor gavin newsom will be here and san francisco mayor london breed. thank you so much for coming and waking up this morning. >> all right. >> reporter: we will get you coffee too. kenny, back to you. >> stay warm. >> thank you. it looks stunning out there. time now 6:40. tesla is going vegan. we will explain what's behind
6:41 am
the new announcement from the electric car maker. and the stock market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. as we take a look at the board, it is down more than 280 points. we will get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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good tuesday morning to you. here is a live look with our treasure island camera. you can see the low clouds and fog as we start off the day. obscuring the tops of the building in downtown san francisco. right now in san francisco, it is in the upper 50s right now, all thanks to onshore flow, tracking that for you with a low pressure system just offshore to our west, i'll show you that in just a few minutes. >> thank you. today is a big day, of course, for sports fans and entertainment lovers. a ribbon cutting ceremony at the brand-new chase center ahead of the big opening on friday night. michelle griego has been live in front of the venue all morning. we hear that you've got another special guest with you right
6:45 am
now. >> reporter: i have a very special treat for you because this is warriors superfan lloyd canamore who came all the way from the east bay out here to join us this morning to talk about your favorite team, the warriors. obviously all of your warriors gear on d your rings that you wear every single day, right? >> yes, i have to wear the rings because i'm the king, i'm the goat. >> the greatest of all time fan. and you proved it because you even painted your house blue and gold. >> that's my locker room. i come t and come out in warrior mode every day, every day, chanting the warriors. >> reporter: you have been a warriors fan for 40 years now. what drew you to the team? >> well, i guess i live in oakland and then i'm a warrior, it's in my heart. i got tofollow the home team. i worked there when i was younger. >> reporter: you were 17 and you were a snack vendor.
6:46 am
>> as a vendor. >> reporter: in the rick bary days? >> yes. rick barry and i played at the game. i was 17 playing at the courts, having a good time. >> reporter: and you call yourself a warrior because you've been through some hard times. you lost your son years ago and three months later you lose your brother and then you lost a couple of your other brothers two years after that. >> yes. >> reporter: then when the warriors were in the championships with toronto, your daughter is in the hospital. >> yes. >> reporter: in a coma. >> that was tough. that was tough. warriors -- [ audio difficulty ] >> got to be strong because the warriors, a team, my daughter is in the hospital, i tell her, you got to be strong, you're a warrior and i'm a warrior so we are going to weight this
6:47 am
disease that you got. and now she defeat it and now she is walking and talking better than she was. >> reporter: she is out of the hospital now so that is good. i am happy for that. the house is very popular in the neighborhood. you have your neighbor here too, your brother here. it's a big family event. >> yes. >> reporter: every time somebody who drives by your neighborhood, they honk. >> yeah, they honk away every time. they say warrior, warrior, hey, hey, hey, i'm number 1, i'm a goat. >> reporter: and a music video was actually shot at lloyd's house too, which was awesome. steph curry showed up there with rapper bizzle so it's a popular place. >> that's great. come to my house. that was a dream come true. the biggest dream. the warriors, they got to come get me so i can come to the chase center, me, my mom and my
6:48 am
brother, we need some tickets. we have to be there, you know. >> reporter: i know. >> i'm the goat, i guess i deserve it i'm lloyd canamore. back to you. >> we love his passion and his loyalty. this morning trade worries hitting the market and what new tariffs may mean for apple joining us now. jason brooks has more. >> reporter: the u.s. and china slapping new tariffs on each other as promised, u.s. placing 15% tariffs on a wide range of chinese imports including wearable devices, clothing and other goods and china putting five and 10% tariffs on a range of u.s. imports including crude oil, soybeans and things like toothpaste. the apple watch is a wearable. also smart speaker systems and systems such as the apple home pod are included. now, the iphone does not get hit with tariffs until the
6:49 am
middle of december. so apple has got a little bit more time but its stock is down 1% on this and overall pressure on the stock market from the new tariffs. let's go to the big board, see how we are doing so far this morning as the dow heads significantly lower, down over 260 points, nasdaq down 42 points, s&p losing 18 points in the early going. kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio this morning, thank you. tesla is going vegan. the company has announced the interior of the model three is now 100% leather-free. for years animal rights activists and groups have been urging the automaker to get rid of its cars of animal derived material. tesla vowed that the upcoming model y will be fully vegan when it debuts next year. 6:49 right now. a new crash on 101 slowing down some traffic. >> it is. it's causing big delays along 101 if you're commuting alone the peninsula this morning, it's right past shoreline, we are getting word of actually two separate accidents here. one was blocking the two middle lanes. you can see on our maps a lot
6:50 am
of red there, traffic backed up to lawrence expressway in sunnyvale so very busy as you head through there. definitely want to stick with 280 working your way towards the peninsula this morning out of the south bay. so 50 minutes your drive time from hillier untilsfo. south of there we are seeing brake lights as well, north 101 working your way from the 286, 80 connector, that's where traffic starts to fill in this morning. there is a service street problem, police activity on story road, not far from that area. it is not affecting the mainlines of the freeway, though, but just be advised if you commute through service streets in that area, you might see some delays and closures. north 101,on to -- in the yellow on 85. seeing brake lights along guadalupe parkway northbound, busy ride, 11 minutes from 85 towards 101. north of there if you're traveling along 101 near sfo getting word of a crash there. it is over to the right side of
6:51 am
the roadway. quick check of highway 24 here, keeping a close eye on this. we have been dealing with a lot of construction over the weekend. we are seeing brake lights westbound 24 coming out of walnut creek connecting over onto 24, you're going to see brake lights again as you head into orinda, busy right there. 680 also slow and go through walnut creek and pleasant hill. mary. we are taking you live outside to the new chase center. our michelle griego has been there all morning long, celebrating the ribbon cutting ceremony, take place a little bit later this morning but a beautiful morning, looking at cloudy skies, breezy conditions, nice and cool and your taste center facts. we are looking at the chase center project covering a total of 11 acres, environmentally friendly on traffic for lead gold certification, that's the national certification for green building and by the way, did you know, it's constructed regionally sourced, recycled materials. here is a live look with our sutro cam and you can see the
6:52 am
low clouds and area of fog on our sutro cam looking east, temps in the mid to upper 50s, to the low 60s. a cloudy start along the coast, parts of the bay and some of our inland locations as well. the gray start, breezy conditions looking at five to 15-mile-per-hour winds generally out of the west and that will continue as we head through the afternoon all thanks to onshore flow. highs today will cool down to near average and for tomorrow some changes tracking some monsoonal moisture for tomorrow that will bring more clouds and some instability so there is a slight, slight chance of a shower for tomorrow. here's the reason why in satellite and radar view and that ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest and that will usher in that monsoonal moisture for tomorrow, bringing more clouds all across the bay area. for today, that low pressure system will usher in onshore flow for us and with it temps cooler compared to yesterday and we will inuentwith that cooldown as we head through the next several days. so taking you hour by hour on futurecast, you can see the
6:53 am
skies clearing with the clouds hanging around, along the coast, for tomorrow morning, watch the clouds move in, this is on futurecast at 6:00 a.m., so a cloudy start due to that monsoonal moisture and we should have some clearing, though as we go through the day tomorrow, temps will be a little bit cooler still. daytime highs for today, looking at near average to maybe a couple of degrees above average for this time of year. taking you out to the south bay, mid-80s, santa clara as well as for san jose, low 90s in morgan hill, mid-80s in campbell, low 90s from pleasant hill, concord, fairfield, pittsburg, antioch as well as for you in brentwood, also for livermore, pleasanton. upper 60s in san francisco, mid- 70s for berkeley, oakland, alameda, upper 70s in san leandro and mid-80s for novato, 89 for windsor. seven-day forecast with that cooldown as we head through the week, again, more clouds for tomorrow, temps cooling down through the workweek and into the weekend. >> sounds good, thank you. 6:53. a major milestone expected in gilroy this morning as the town tries to move forward after the
6:54 am
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welcome back. 6:57. time for a look at this morning's top stories. hurricane dorian still hovering over the bahamas, category 3 hurricane. the storm is battering the islands at least five are dead and thousands of palms damaged. hurricane watchs and warnings in effect from florida to south carolina. just one hour the city of gilroy will reopen christmas hill park for the first time since a mass shooting there. silence will happen at 10:30 this morning at a temporary memorial site. starting today you won't be able to buy a paper ticket at the powell street station in san francisco. customers will still be able to use and reload tickets there for now. and the jury in the ghost ship trial is set to resume deliberations this morning.
6:58 am
the defendants derrick almena and max harris charged with the deaths of 36 people in the warehouse fire in oakland in december of 2016. at least 25 people are dead, nine others still missing in the deadly boat fire off the coast of santa barbara and now we are learning some victims could be from santa cruz. seeing delays including the main 880 as well as 580 and the east shore freeway. drive times really busy off the east shore freeway, 35 minutes, see a lot of brake lights as well through the altamont pass and slow and go conditions along highway 4 through antioch. golden gate bridge seeing extra volume on the southbound side but overall a decent ride out of marin county, 19 minute drive time to go from the richmond san rafael bridge, 580, south 101 into san francisco. >> and you can see on jana's live traffic camera, cloudy and foggy start to the day, we are going to have clearing as we
6:59 am
head through the afternoon, except for the coast, daytime highs a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. 92 in concord, 85 in san jose, 76 in oakland, 69 for san francisco and there we go with that seven-day forecast, cloudier for tomorrow, temps a little bit cooler still and we will continue with that cooldown with stronger onshore flow kicking in as we head through the rest of the workweek and into the weekend. saturday and sunday look to be the coolest days of the week. >> mary, thank you. sounds good. we want to take another live look at the brand-new chase center in san francisco this morning where a big celebration is planned for today. a host of bay area dignitaries and team executives will be on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony, also get a look at the brand-new art installation outside which will be unveiled in about two hours. stay with kpix5 throughout the day for coverage of today's festivities and what to expect in the coming days in the weekends and months ahead. and we want to give gianna a warm welcome back. she does everything, fantastic
7:00 am
mother, does traffic reports. >> glad here. thank you for watching this morning. your next local update is at 7:26 and cbs this morning is coming up right now. iotti. good morning to our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." unrelenting wrath. hurricane dorian keeps pounding the bahamas, killing at least five people, while 25 million people in the u.s. brace for the monster storm's approach later today. norah o'donnell is in cocoa beach. >> reporter: more than 5 million people are ordered to evacuate as we start to feel dorian's fewer higher in florida. we'll show you the latest storm track as emergency declarations spread across thehe coast. hurricane hunters. we take you on a flight inside dorian with air force crews who have the dangerous duty of measuring its


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