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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  September 4, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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here is a look at our top stories at 5:30. we're learning more about the bay area lives lost in the dive boat tragedy. in the meantime, federal investigators say they are interviewing the crew and owner of the conception. ride share giant lyft is being sued over its handling of sexual assaults involving its drivers. the complaint was filed by 14 rape and sexual assault victims, alleging that lyft failed to take this safety precautions to protect passengers and even said that the company covered up rape allegations. the company said it does not tolerate harassment or violence on its platform. two suspects have been detained in an assault rifle was recovered at anapartment in berkeley. police responded to reports of
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an armed man on martin luther king jr. way. the suspects i do taken have had not been identified. the dive boat tragedy raising concerns about passenger safety, and now a closer look at safety inspections. >> dawn ford is in the harbor to look at the requirements that the boats have to have to assure safety. >> reporter: what exactly are they looking for, the coast guard, in their inspections? if it float on the way and carries seven or more passengers from hire, you must have a certificate of inspection from the coast guard. >> i go the marina here and do safety compliant exams. >> reporter: a marine safety inspector specialist. you need her approval before leaving the dock with passengers. >> safety components, life- saving. we are look at the engine room
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for a few. portable extinguishers. you're talking to the captain and crew, making sure they know how to utilize the equipment on board. >> reporter: pacific pearl is in the harbor today for routine scheduled maintenance. ace modern charter boat with state-of-the-art safety equipment. the pearl is performed every 12 months. >> so an annual inspection. they'll inspect life vests, your life-saving equipment, your fire system. anything that has to do with keeping people safe. >> reporter: the pearl has add automated fire suppression system in the engine room. it is douse the entire engine by a if triggered. another system shuts the engines down. a radio beacon is another automated system that transmits to satellites in the boat is in trouble. the life vast inspected, and this one holds 20 people. >> somebody is installing a new radar system today, too. >> and radar is part of the
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safety system. >> absolutely. >> reporter: most bay area charter boats are well equipped and pass the inspections without issues. >> it may sound a bit ironic, but right now one man is on a hunger strike, and living in a tent outside a fremont city hall to protest against a proposal to build a navigation center in the city. fremont residents say that he has been on his hunger strike now for two days. she against building navigation center force the homeless anywhere in the city, and wants city leaders to improve existing shelters. he is presumably only drinking water during his strike. fremont city council is look a tweet potential sites for the navigation center. a decision on the location could come as early as this month. city offal la mita is making changes to its rent stabilization ordinance to help people who receive government
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assistance. this follow less to experience of a holocaust surviver who has a six 8 voucher, but is being threatened with eviction. although it's not clear yet what is going to happen to him, the changes to the city's ordinance now include just cause protection for sex 8 section 8 holders just like. >> berkeley city college will be the first higher education institution in the east bay to join san francisco bay start-up landed. the company provides half the down payment on a home, up to $10,000 per family. that's in exchange for a portion of any gains or losses once the home is sold again. >> police are investigating a series of nasty freeway crashes today in the bay area.
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one of them deadly. a drive of an suv was killed after colliding with a truck on 101 overnight. it happened near marsh road. you can see crews blocked off a lane as they were working on cleaning up that area. no one else was injured. someone is lucky to be alive after this horrific crash in alameda county. you can see that van on top of an upside down car here. this happened this morning on 880 fremont. that forced all lanes to shut down for about 90 minutes. alcohol chopper 5 caught this massive backup that stretched for miles. 8 cars were involved, and at least two people were taken to the hospital. >> campaign 2020 coverage. presidential candidate kamala harris laid out her ambitious plan to fight climate change, which calls for facing out sales of gas powered cars by 2035 with the goal having a
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clean carbon neutral economy by 2045. harris's campaign estimates her propose logical cost $10 trillion in public and private funding. harris released statement saying climate change is an existential threat to our spiez, and the united states must lead the world with bold action to safeguard our future and protect our planet. tonight joe biden will appear on the late show with stephen colbert. this is the first such appearance by the former vice president since he launched his campaign. biden has appeared on this show twice before. >> tonight on the latest show, former vice president joe biden. the last time he was here, people thought he might announce run for president. will it happen tonight? stay tuned. >> you can watch the colbert show tonight right here after the occurs 5 news at 11:00.
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>> join training extra exercises today at the white house, preparing for multiple threat scenarios. the drills in washington d.c. were called capitol shield. officers dress up with fake injuries, act like civilians in need of rescue. >> it brought together people who don't train together day to day, but we do this annual training so that when this happens, we can respond and do so effectively. >> cities across the country conduct similar drills. officials say they became more frequent after the 9-11 attack. the training at the nation's capitol will last three days. >> hong kong is beaking away from an extradition bill that has sparked unrest and calls for democratic reforms. it would have sent criminal suspects to mainland china for
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prosecution. the government has rejected calls for an independent curry into alleged police misconduct in handling the protests. wall street responding positively to easing tensions in hong kong. the dow closing up 237 points. the nasdaq up 102. the s&p 500 closing up 31. a heart stopping crash. two cars complied, flying bright is a home. neighbors explain how things got even crazier from there. >> and hear from the northern california grocery for worker who won the lot and i have then immediately quit her job. what she plans to do with the payout. coming up, the woman who was attacked outside her san francisco home now going after the mayor. her tweet storm. why she said the mayor is not able to keep residents safe.
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take you can down to southern california. that is riverside county. we have a pretty good brush fire right now burning west of the town of murietta. officials say that lightning may have caused this one. already it has burned about 25 acres. you can see the smoke, and the wind pushing this thing. about 130
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fromhe aithe ground. you can see some of the fire retardant dumped there to hold that line toward the western frank. they are acting in a defensive mode right now. not a lot of homes in that area, trying to get a line in and around that fire. but a smoke advise i have in effect for interstate 15. it's blowing toward the east. and some power lines have also come down in that area. that's the latest from the live news desk. back to you. >> all right, ken, thank you. some pretty terrifying video captured. a violent crash in sacramento. two cars colliding before careening right into that home. amazingly, the four people hurt in the crash only suffered minor injuries. >> reporter anna giles tells us this all may have been cause bed adomestic dispute. >> reporter: most of the neighbors who live in this area
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have seen this surveillance video, and they're shock nod one was seriously hurt. this is what everyone woke up to this morning. the front part of this house completely caved in. you can actually still see the tire tracks left behind by the cars that plowed into the home. >> reporter: the video is heart stopping. a driver runs a stop sign, crashing into an suv. people and animals start screaming. a startled neighbor calls for help. vinny's surveillance cameras captured it all. >> when i got over there, there it was just smoke from the airbags, and a bunch of yelling and pandemonium. >> he said that the car that ran the stop sign was being chased by a red camaro. the video shows the camaro pulling up and making a u-turn, that's when the driver of the camaro got out and attacked. >> the driver stopped, got out
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of the car, yanked the other dude into the middle of the street, and socked him up a couple of times. >> yeah, you see them, and they just drove off. >> reporter: police say this crash stems from a domestic dispute that happened in west sacramento. a suspect has been arrested, but police won't say any more to protect the privacy of the victim. we spoke to the man who lives directly to of next to the scene through his ring camera. >> it's sad to think about how people relieve their frustrations. you're frustrate you could shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car. reporter: michael jennings said he lives down the road, and is worried to see this happen for my his home and where his kids go tow school. >> that was craze we though, like as soon as they ran a stop size, bam! two different people, two different situations coming together as one incident. >> reporterthis home is brand-new. and now the owners are dealing with all of this damage.
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>> that was anna giles reporting there. >> novato police need your help finding a suspected thief. a woman and her son were wash walking through a parking lot on redwood boulevard yesterday when a man jumped from behind a truck and herd purse. he may have been picked up by an older model burgundy mazda. a new jersey man was busted inside taylor swift's beach front home last week. richard joseph mccuen broke a glass door to enter the mansion. respectfully, he took off his shoes before entering, and told them that was the poe light thing to do. she was not home at the time, but a witness saw him climbing the wall, and police say he is the third man this summer to attempt to enter the singer's mansion since july. we're hearing from a california woman who quit her job on the spot after learning that she won this weekend's
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super lotto. brandy swift said she went home on her lunch break, and found out her husband bought the ticket at the raylee's where they work, and couldn't believe they had won the $9 million jackpot. >> first of all, you win it, which is fantast bucket it's a sunday, and then it's a holiday. you have to secure the ticket, which we managed to do. >> that was nerve-racking. >> and even though you know you've won it, it's, like, what are you going to do with the known? >> have a lot of plans to make. and now i get to be a mommy, a grandma, and a wife, and be at home. >> ah, the checklist. >> they decided to take annuity checks, and hope that later on in life, they will be taking a lifelong desired trip to ireland. >> there will probably be that trip, and another trip, and another trip. >> for 30 years, right? >> her boss when she weren't to
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quit that day, her boss said, well, you'll lose her health insurance. she quit anyway. 9 million reasons why. she can now afford her own health insurance. >> and his, too. and everybody else who works in the store. the storms have moved out. we'll be watching to see if anything else moves in. but once the sunshine came out. it got kind of toasty in concord. 95 degrees. fourth straight day in the 90s. as soon as you got near the water, you didn't warm up at all. half moon bay, 67, and san francisco only 69 degrees. basically playoff baseball through the entire month of september. a's have to win most of them. let's hope they do. playing the lodge angels tonight. a comfortable night for the game. san francisco 59 tonight. september is a very hot month. not only do we skew warm for the entire month, but our
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extreme highs, the hottest temperature ever in livermore happened in september, 115 degrees. the hottest temperature ever in san francisco happened in september, 106 degrees. and it can get plenty hot in the north and south by a, as well. most of the country begin toes to cool off. the bay area is the exception. sometimes in september we warm up. but we're not this week. we'll stay below average. pollen count stays high, elevated. when you see centers of low pressure off to our west, typically mines we'll have some semblance of a breeze from the ocean. that's not a hot direction of wind for us. so as long as we have all of this happening out here, forget about heat. a ridge of high pressure to our north gives us a cooler trend. if you like the hot weather, not happening anytime soon. tomorrow morning, not that much in the way of cloud cover. central valley gets high, then cloud cover.
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for us, minimal smoke clouds, afternoon sunshine. there will a change on friday, as we get more of a push from the ocean. those clouds work their way into the tri-valley. that will be dublin, castro valley, even san jose waking up on friday with clouds. so fog and cloud cover near the water tonight. that's it. temperatures pretty close to average on thursday. and then we cool down even more and the breeze kicks up as we head towards the weekend. san jose 81 tomorrow. your normal high 81 degrees. fremont 77. pacific a brisk 74. pittsburgh 87. 68 for a high in san francisco. similar to today. mill valley 79. oakland 73. napa and sonoma in the low 80s. we cool down saturday and sunday. the well to coolest days. it's not so cold you can't get outside. we're not talking minnesota, but we are talking weather 7 to 10 degrees cooler. mainly the 70s to low 80s
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inland, and 60s along the water.. >> coming up, details on oprah's bay area stop.
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a prison education system is so popular, there are dozens of inmates on a waiting list to enroll. >> we are introduced to is
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founders, this week's jefferson award, iers. share be? >> both wanted to volume tuner in a program that teaching culinary skills. san quentin didn't have one, so they created their own recipes. volunteer chefs teach san quentin prison inmate thousand prepare gourmet meals. the program was found lead to years ago. >> we're trying to teach these men a skill and offer them employment. >> reporter: it's a 15-week curriculum led by volunteer chefs. keith thornton operates the sessions like a professional kitchen? we have guys who are experienced, and literally holding a knife for the first time and dicing a vegetable for the first time. >> reporter: on the menu this day, steak, roasted vegetables,
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and caesar salad from veggie works and whole foods. the program doesn't just cook up food, but also hard work and teamwork. >> the greatest thing we can give these guys is just that, it's the life skills you learn the kitchen. >> i hope we have given them confidence that they feel we can move on. >> reporter: they season quentin cooks with love and care. >> they're really sincere. no matter what we've done, as long as we're willing to work hard and put our best foot forward, we know they're go doing give us an opportunity. >> reporter: students graduate after preparing a special dinner for dozens of gets and they earn a good handler's certificate. they keep track of many of the graduates who are paroled. to their knowledge, none of the program's alumni have ended up back in prison. >> i couldn't be prouder of it. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award area goes to
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amy and lisa. quentin cooks has also served a delegation from norway, and other digny tearies at the prison. >> they're cooking over there. >> you can nominate your local hero for jefferson award on- line. new at 6:00, we're learning the identities of more victims from the bay area and the deadly dive boat fire. how it's affecting the tightknit diving community. plus a sex assault victim coming out of the shadows. and in tc one step closer to getting traffic to float know will a bit smoother on bay area bridges.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. oprah winfrey is bringing her motivationling spirit tour to the bay area. she will be at san francisco's new chase center in february.
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the former talk show host is calling her lifestyle tour oprah's 2020 vision, your life in focus. working with weight watchers, it will offer a full day of wellness conversations. tickets go on sale september 13th. they've been priced out yet. kpix 5 news at 6:00 begins right now. you cannot give me back the life i had. >> now at 6:00, a once nameless victim now demanding to be heard. chanel miller speaking out about the night brock turner allegedly assaulted her. and put your wallet away, the mtc on track to make sure no one will have to stop at a toll boothful again in the bay area. >> we start with a woman going
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public after surviving a high- profile sexual assault at stanford. the victim who has been known as emily dough for years following the attack is now stepping out from the shadows and reclaiming her identity. we are introduced to chanell miller. >> reporter: until now, no one knew her name, but chanell miller has had a lasted impact on this campus. there's a permanent memorial to what happened to her here, plus her case has helped shape policy on this campus and far beyond. >> you don't know me, but you've been inside me. >> reporter: for the first time, chanell miller stepped in front of the cameras, revealing her identity and new details of her ordeal in her memoir entitled know my name. she reads from her victim's statement that had a profound impact on her attacker brock turner and the judge in her case. >> i had to force myself


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