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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 5, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at noon, i-80 is finally back open, hours after a big rig carrying live chickens overturned and caught fire on the freeway. afternoon. i am not quibec . >> and i am -- it started around 3:30 a.m. orleans are back open after about 8 hours.
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jackwas ere for the hours long cleanup. >> reporter: the big rig was carrying about 1000 live chickens, many that died but hundreds survived and it took work crews hours for them to corral them. >> we have never had anything to this level and certainly this is really sad. >> reporter: feathers and truck carnage were scattered all over i-80 westbound a big rig carrying live chickens crashed into the side of this overpass near the san pablo dam road exit removing a cement chung phrma pic the driver only got a few cuts despite the entire cabin body of the truck melting to almost nothing pic the richmond fire department, chp and cost to contact county animal services were on scene . >> we are trying to salvage the birds that are alive that were in these cages and trying to assess them and do what is possible for them to get out of
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here and get them the care they can get. >> reporter: that would prove to be a tough task picked hundreds of birds survived and had to be tracked down and transferred one by one . >> we have a box truck coming to load everything onto that and we will take it back to our shelter and triage what is salvageable. >> reporter: some chickens run up the hill along the freeway while others hopped onto the eastbound side of i-80. chp says the chickens came from pittman farms just outside of fresno i will be returned to them big animal services says the chickens that will be able to be salvaged will continue onto a slaughterhouse picked in san pablo, jackie ward, kpix 5. chp does not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash picked a white sedan was also hit and the drive was hit -- treated for minor injuries. new at noon, federal authorities announce a medicaid fraud crackdown at the center of any home healthcare, the largest area home care provider
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and hospice care as well but the u.s. attorney alleges kickbacks were sent to some 28 individuals including doctors, nurses and two corporations, some in the form of cash payments for referrals and others in the form of luxury gifts. the money involved exceeded $8 million. >> doctors and healthcare professionals sold patients like commodities by placing a financial gauge over the well- being of patients. >> authorities say the lead defendant is ceo amanda singh. 12 individuals named in the indictment were taken into custody say and will appear in court this afternoon. new at noon, a robbery targeting u.p.s. and fedex drivers is busted. the l.a. county district attorney's office charged 12 defendants accused of robbing stores in 31
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throughout central california. in oakland, san leandro and pittsburgh, 6 guns were seized along with of her other evidence and many people were arrested. we will have more coming up on the kpix 5 news at 5:00 and online on right now, caltrans service is recovering after a train hit and killed a person in san francisco. it happened around 6:30 this morning between tunnels two and three near 22nd street. the train was coming from san jose. about 75 passengers were on board and none were injured. the investigation briefly stopped all trains on the line and this is the transit agency's 12th fatality this year. a fire in southern california exploding in size and forcing evacuations in riverside county. it is called the tanaja fire pickett has already burned about 1400 acres. crews are battling the flames
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from the ground and air and it is only about 7% contained. evacuations of hundreds have been forced from their homes. the valley schools have canceled all classes and as of now no cause has been determined. right now, hurricane dorian is lashing the carolina coast leaving hundreds without power. the storm surge pulled this jeep into the atlantic in myrtle beach, south carolina pick out this live wire sparking in charleston. let's take a live look at the north carolina coast where you can get an idea of the rain in that storm surge coming on as the water is coming onshore there. we also want to give you a live picture from myrtle beach, south carolina where you can also see the strong waves
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there. meteorologist, mary lee has been tracking this for some time now and mary, the next 12 hours are crucial >> critical is the next 12 hours with hurricane dorian. we are watching conditions deteriorate with dorian along the carolina coast pic they are dealing with hurricane force winds as we speak. i weather station on the south carolina coast is clocking winds beings -- wind speeds up to 50 miles per hour. the latest stats for you, it is a strong, category 2 storm packing sustained winds of 110 miles per hour at 6 miles south of myrtle beach, south carolina moving north/northeast at 8 miles per hour. there is the projected path. we are watching later today, into early tomorrow morning. due to the path of dorian emma so extremely close to the carolina coast, they are not only dealing with hurricane force winds, dangerous storm surge, heavy rain but also severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. several tornado reports with dorian. cbs reporter, hillary lane shows us the impact dorian has already had on the carolinas.
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reportera o ss through wilmington, north carolina thursday morning as hurricane dorian moves up the east coast, packing heavy rains and winds over 100 miles per hour. >> definitely see debris flying around in this. >> reporter: a possible twister was also spotted in north myrtle beach, south carolina. in charleston, the rain and winds lighted streets overnight. officials are bracing for even more flooding from a potentially life-threatening storm surge. >> it is too late to evacuate. a number of folks left, a number stayed but they are hunkered down inside and we asked them to remain that way for the rest of the day. today is dorian day. >> reporter: forecasters expect dorian to make landfall in north carolina sometime in the next 24 hours pic >> the latest forecast track is more dire. up to 10 inches or more of rain and coastal areas and 3 to 6 inches in central
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north carolina. many have gone to shelters to ride out the storm . >> people are staying in trailers with trees coming down so it is always safety first. >> reporter: thousands were ordered off the georgia coast but the mayor of tybee island said there was little damage overnight. high tide was lower than predicted. florida was also spared the worst of the storm's wrath with minor flooding and damage. in saint augustine, florida, the cleanup has already begun. hillary lane, cbs news, atlantic beach, florida. in the bahamas, grand bahama and tobacco islands have suffered massive damage after hurricane dorian landed as a category 5 storm. at least 20 people are reported dead in its wake picked the u.n. world food program says up to 70,000 people may be affected. it is sending a tons of food
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and providing satellite equivalent to help first responders. several cruise lines have also pledged their support. we are going to continue to track dorian and its continued threat here in the u.s. on air and online at new theories emerging about the dive boat disaster of southern california. the los angeles times reported a surviving crew member told rescuers he suspects the fire started in the galley where a guest had plugged in cell phones and camera batteries. 33 passengers and 1 crew member were killed when the 75 foot dive boat erupted in flames monday, trapping them in the bottom deck bunks. we are learning 11 of the 34 victims were from the bay area. the latest to be identified is this woman who worked at spiral links in campbell and lived in berkeley. we have also learned two employees of san francisco based software company, brilliant wallboard the conception. they are identified as carrie mclaughlin and christian -- we will have continuing coverage of the investigation online and
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on air. we are getting word there is a verdict in the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. a jury has been deliberating for some weeks now, almost about a month so again, we are getting word that the verdict has been made and we will have more in just a bit. it is going to be reported, the verdict will be announced at 2 pm this afternoon so of course, we are sending a reporter to the courthouse to give you more details. you can always stay updated on air and also online at it appears the oakland raiders have run out of patience with their new star, receiver, with espn reporting antonio brown will be suspended after an argument between brown and general manager, mike mayock. the seven-time pro bowler had already received his 14th $1000 fine yesterday and punishment for missing practice. he took to instagram to air frustrations, brown posting a photo of the letter in all caps, "a tumultuous training camp" and focusing on
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frostbitten feet and an unapproved helmet. a search on wall street this afternoon. the dow was up about 404 points, tech spots one of the biggest winners after the u.s. and china agreed to restart trade talks next month and a dramatic confrontation with a man with a stolen gun wrestling with a california deputy. how she managed to get away alive. a former vice presidential candidate, joe biden defenses verbal gaffes on the campaign trail. why he says they should not affect his overall message.
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kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mancini's sleep world. stevie during our 65% of mattress sale. visit sleep world .com. we have some new video of a
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frightening encounter between a sheriff's deputy and an armed man. we want to warn you it is kind of disturbing to watch. that is san bernardino deputy megan forrester struggling with a man who knocked her to the ground, repeatedly punches her and wrestled away her gun. you can see he has it in his hand. she was able to get up and run but the man fired several shots at her and mrs. officers arrived and opened fire, wounding the man. >> it was a violent attack, struck her multiple times. >> deputy forrester appeared on injuredãas she was loaded into the ambulance. initially, the call was inspired by a woman who needed help with her son. campaign 2020 no now joe
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biden downplaying his slipups with misstatements on stephen colbert . >> in the last few weeks, you've confused you have to with vermont, that bobby kennedy was assassinated in the late 1970s and assured i am not going nuts. follow-up question, are you going nuts? look, the reason i came on the tonight show -- >> joking aside, biden says his verbal gaffes did notaf the substance of his arguments for the presidency. >> it is a different thing to say when you're talking about honoring the bravery or sacrifice or what other people went through and the seof it is absolutely true. the fact that i said that i was vice president him a welcome in
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one case i was vice president elect that in the other case i was a senator. i'm not sure that is relevant but i don't, you know, i don't get wrong things like, you know, we should lock kids up in cages at the border. >> biden will be one of 10 candidates at the next democratic debate on september 12 in houston. time for a check on our weather forecast back here is merely. what's going on? >> we are watching the skies cleared this afternoon. temperatures much cooler competitor yesterday at this time. here's a live look on the salesforce tower cam looking life. you can see. here's a look at highs. the temperatures and then i will get to the highs. 63 in oakland, 73, livermore, 61, san francisco, upper 60s were san jose and santa rosa. 24 hour temperature change, in napa. er for many locations l fairfield, 14 degrees cooler,
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13 degrees cooler in livermore, 9 degrees cooler in san jose and 7 degrees cooler in hayward picked it is all because of that stronger onshore flow kicking and for us of the low pressure system ushering in that marine influence. that is why it is cool today and will continue on the cooling trend as we head through the rest of the work week into the weekend. we have another storm right behind it so just a very active weather pattern here in the pacific and with that, we will continue to see temperatures seasonal if not low average for this time of year for the next several days. hour by hour, you can see clear skies for tomorrow morning, waking up to areas of fog once again, temperatures cooler tomorrow and much cooler for the weekend. our sunset is at 7:33 and sunrise at 6:43. check out the daytime highs. we are looking at temperatures right around 87 in concord, livermore, fairfield, 81, san jose, 73 in oakland and 68 for
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santa rosa. check out the cool down for the rest of the weekend into the weekend. saturday and sunday the coolest day of the week. inland, low to mid 80s, great saturday and sunday. to mid 60s for the coast. here's a look ahead to next week. temperatures seasonal for this time of year. right around where we should be, feeling good out there . >> yeah and close to the weekend so we feel really good . >> oh, yeah, for sure. still ahead, creating a recipe for success for some bay area inmates. the program sparking big interest in cooking. a reminder, if you have a consumer problem question, you can email us consumer watch at or call the hotline, 888-5-helps-u. we will be right back.
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one prison education program is so popular that dozens are on the waiting list . >> sharon chin introduces us to this week's award winners. >> reporter: volunteer chefs teach san quentin prison inmates how to prepare gourmet meals. lisa dombrowski and lainey mr. founded the program, quentin cook's three years ago . >> we are teaching a skill and
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offering them employment. >> reporter: lisa, a former chef and lainey, a wholesale bakery owner developed a curriculum led by volunteer chefs. it has todd dozens of men and helped them find jobs once paroled. hugh thornton operates sessions like a professional kitchen . >> we always have guys with experience and guys who are legally holding a knife for the first time and dicing a vegetable for the first time. >> reporter: they learn to make everything from scratch . >> on this day, steak, roasted vegetables and surprise supplies , they don't just cook up food but hard work and teamwork . >> the greatest thing we can give these guys is just that. it is the life skills you learn in the kitchen. >> i like to think that maybe we have given them confidence, that they feel like we can move on . >> i think it is really -- >> reporter: jesse says lisa and lainey's season quentin cook's with love and care .
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>> they are sincere. no matter what we have done, as little long as we are able to work out, they will give us a best opportunity for >> reporter: students graduate after preparing a special dinner for dozens of guests and earn a food handlers certificate from the marin county health department. lisa and lainey keep track of the graduates who have paroled. to their knowledge, none of the programs' alumni have ended up back in prison . >> i couldn't be more proud of it. >> reporter: from building culinary skills and confidence through quentin cook's, this week's jeffeaward in the bay area those two lainey mel netzer and lisa dombrowski. >> you can nominate your own local history hero for a jefferson award at
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bottom making sure is nice and small. orange color all the way around and a slight give to the touch. when you bring them home, always on the counter, never on your refrigerator. navel oranges, the number one consumed orange in the u.s. for a reason. easy to peel, no seeds and great for you. i tony kelso, your fresh grocer. we continue to follow breaking news. a verdict reached in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. it will be announced at 2:00 this afternoon. we have a crew with the courthouse right now and we will have updates for you on and on the news at 5:00 . >> and that is going to do it for us here at kpix 5 news at noon. have a great afternoon.
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♪ >> so, how am i doing, doc? >> what he's really asking is, "when can i get out of here?" >> anxious to leave us now, are you? >> well, nobody likes being locked up a hospital for days on end. >> point taken. >> so, i'm good to go? >> is my son being released today? >> all right, let's not get ahead of ourselves here, all right? yes, thomas has made excellent progress, but there are risks associated with being released too soon, which is why we're monitoring you, running and re-running tests. let us all keep in mind that you're lucky to be alive at all. >> so, um, if i promise to take it easy, then will you give me the "all clear"? >> hmm, is he always this persistent? >> i'll answer that. yes, i am this persistent, but i'm also a little impatient.


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